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Occupational Therapy Department Release Day

Public Schools of Brookline November 7, 2013

Eligibility IEP writing/measurement Evaluation

Nuts and Bolts

-confidentiality when discussing students. -see agenda for break times -stay on task -work cooperatively and respectfully -limit side conversations -feedback times

Whole group Review Criteria and Flowchart Present cases to work through eligibility criteria and flowchart


Entrance Criteria (ALL of these)

Decreased functional school performance, as a result of impairments in sensory processing (including sensory modulation and sensory motor skills), fine motor skills, visual perceptual motor skills, self help skills, and/or functional life skills AND One or more standardized test scores fall in the below average range per the test protocol (if standardized measures are used). If using a non-standardized measure, performance is significantly below expectation for age/grade/developmental level. AND These impairments continue to persist even after a trial period of accommodations in the classroom and the team feels the childs performance will improve with therapy.

Flowchart for Occupational Therapy Entrance Criteria (for initial evaluations)

RTI process from Child Study Team Early Childhood Intake Testing requested by parent or Team

The Student is assessed using the following:

Standardized or non-standardized/criterion referenced assessment tools Observation of the student in the school setting where the student is experiencing difficulty/EI reports Consider RTI information Interview with the parent Interview teacher and other members of the school team Review of records and/or work samples Analysis of test results and occupational profile information contribute to the understanding of the students strengths and weaknesses as they relate to the reason for referral.

Does the student present with an impairment as assessed by the Occupational Therapist in at least one of the following areas:

Sensory processing (includes sensory modulation/sensory-motor skills) fine motor skills visual perceptual motor skills self-help skills and/or functional life skills?

Does the impairment affect the students ability to access the general education curriculum (i.e., both academic and non-academic areas of the school program) and are the skills of a licensed occupational therapist or occupational therapy assistant required to remediate the issues?


Does the student require: sensory diet assistive technology fine motor development activities adaptive equipment?

Do the deficits exist in the areas of sensory processing, fine motor, visual motor, or visual perception skills that require remediation through specialized OT instruction? or direct instruction in use of AT/equipment?

Student IS eligible for OT consultation as a related service to enable an educational professional or paraprofessional to implement activities. (A goal must be written or if consultation to accom., put in Additional Info of IEP) Student IS eligible for direct OT services as special education or as a related service.

What are other options?

Student IS NOT eligible for OT services as special education or a related service. The team may consider accommodations, environmental modifications or other personnel to address needs.

Evaluate the criteria and flowchart See google form.

IEP writing Handouts with guidelines Small group work Practice writing/revising PLEP B needs statements, connect to goals and data collection. Use IEP Writing google form

SMARTer Goals -Review google doc Smart Goal Workshop Handout. -Try writing a SMART goal for Student Learning and for Professional Practice. Enter your info directly in the google doc.

Review SISP Rubric at a Glance -Hard copies available

-Read note from Jan H. -Look at MA School Nurses Resource Document -Open google doc SISP Rubric - Examples for OTs -Work in your group starting at the Standard you are assigned to and enter examples.

Share examples of proficient. Which elements were hardest to define for OTs ? Did you find that the things you gave as examples are things you do now or would you have to do a lot of extra work?

Evaluate the day

Complete form Clean up Thank you