Computation of IVF regulation in dehydration <2y/o >2y/o Mild Moderate Severe 50 100 150 30 60 90

Dosage computation of commonly used drugs Ampicillin/ Cloxacillin Cefuroxime/ Unasyn Amikacin Gentamycin Netilmycin Chloramphenicol Hydrocortisone Ranitidine 50- 100 mg/kg/day 13-15 mg/kg/day 5-7mg/kg/day 3-5mg/kg/day 50-75 mg/kg/day 2-4 mg/kg/dose 1mg/kg/dose

End of shift Report Supplies endorsed BP apparatus- Adult______ Child ______ Infant______ Room Patient Age Wt Stethoscope______ Nebulizer________ Flashlight________ Service/referral Diagnosis Ward/ Unit________ Endorsed by:________________ Date:_______________ Shift:_______________ Received by:________________ Staff:_______________ Medications/ special endorsement Lab & dx data/assessment IVF rate/ ffup Diet

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