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Six Years of Struggle by CCNY’s Banned, Stolen, Defunded, Defamed, Award-Winning Student Newspaper, 1998 - 2004 Table of Contents Preface / Rob Wallace 1, Prelude to the Messenger City College, Ine. / Joan Parkin, November 1997 Art: Your Safety Is My Command / Rob Wallace, October 1995 Operation Weasel / Lee Wengraf, October 1995 CUNY Clipboard / Andrea Zimmerman and Ginetta Candelario, October 1995 a ey Coalition and Its Discontents / Alex Vitale, October 1995 Apa CONYcontngenteass mach aponstpopses Att: Scrooge Pataki / Rob Walllace, January 1995 ‘us to CUNY. Pataki’s Lump of Coal / Lee Wengraf, January 1996 Give Me Your Poor... Your Huddled Masses... Yearning for... CUNY! / Terrence Blackman, January 1996 Art: Boo-Hoo! Boo-Hoo! Boo-Hoo! / Rob Wallace, March 1996 With the Spring Comes... / Alex Vitale, March 1996 Frances’ House of Horrors / Lee Wengraf, March 1996 CUNY Remediation Services in Jeopardy / Andrea Zimmerman, March 1996 Launching a PSC Union Drive at the GSUC / Eric Marshall, March 1996 Victory Suits CUNY / Lee Wengraf, June 1996 ‘The Case for CUNY / Terrence Blackman, June 1996 Blackout / Joan Parkin, June 1996 Dr. Moses’ Anthrophobia / Eliza Darling, June 1996 The Facts About CUNYCard / Rob Wallace, Fall 1997 Insecurity Guards / Keeanga Taylor, March 1998 canosronne | Mar 195: dete Yanda ‘The Struggle at CUNY: Open Admissions and Civil Rights / tess, CNY Preset fs i te tmcieti egy tout Ron McGuire, Spring 1998 | fersecsor bdbsetouetvicsudes — How Can We Save Open Admissions? / Brad Sigal, Spring 1998 Soares The Attack on Hostos and the Community Colleges / Brad Sigal, Spring 1998 CUNY Students and Workfare / Brad Sigal, Spring 1998 Herman Badillo—the Butcher of CUNY / Sandra Barros, Spring 1998 The Ann Reynolds Era 1990-1997 / Keith Mitchell, Spring 1998, Art: Defend Open Admissions! / Eric Odell, Spring 1998, 2. The Brad Sigal Years ‘Welcome to the Messenger / Brad Sigal, February 9, 1998 Yikes! Giuliani Calls for End to Open Admissions at CUNY, February 9, 1998 Workfare at CUNY? / Keeanga Taylor, February 9, 1998 CUNYCard Not Happening This Year—Administration Forced to ee ee Oppose Citibank Racism / Rob Wallace, February 9, 1998 Sal spoating at NAC Plaza “Kimmichazi Pilot?” / Keith Higgenbotham, February 9, 1998 en. Why the Messenger? / Brad Sigal, February 9, 1998 12 14 15 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 30 31 35 36 36 37 37 38 41 4 41 42 42 42 Mayor Hypocrite on Schools / Rob Wallace, 44 February 27, 1998 Access to CUNY Under Attack / Keith Mitchell, 44 February 27, 1998 Students Protest CUNY Board Meeting—2 Arrested / 44 Brad Sigal, February 27, 1998 Great Hall (Sorta) Reopens / Joan Parkin, 45 February 27, 1998 Know Your Roots / Carmelo Trinidad, February 27, 1998 4g Art: City College in Crisis / Rob Wallace and Brad 47 ‘February 1998: Messenger contributor Eric Odel jumps on top of Sigal, March 18, 1998 SECUNY Board ofTusles lable dung vole ocuremedaton Students to Be “CAP” ped March 23 / Bill Crain, 48 March 18, 1998 Immigration Center Opens at CCNY / Ime Imeh, March 18, 1998 48 Adjunets Seize the Day / Eric Marshall, March 18, 1998 49 Art: King / Rob Wallace and Tomas, April 7-21, 1998 50 Student Pressure Forces Delay on Board’s Access Vote / Brad Sigal, April 7-21, 1998 51 Jeffries Snubbed on Staten Island / Brad Sigal, April 7-21, 1998 51 13,000 CUNY Students Lost to Workfare / Suzy Subways, April 7-21, 1998 52 From A to Y / Shenise Ross, April 7-21, 1998 52 Art: Unele Felipe Wants Vote! / Rob Wallace, April 27-May 11, 1998 33 ap G.S.C., 1, 2,3 / Rob Wallace, April 27-May 11, 1998 54 7 Election Issues / Brad Sigal and Rob Wallace, April 27-May 11,1998 54 Glossary / Rob Wallace, April 27-May 11, 1998 55 Fireworks at DSG Debate / Brad Sigal, April 27-May 11, 1998 56 CUNY’s War on CUNY / Rob Wallace, September 1998 57 Bananas / Editorial, September 1998 58 Summer of Spying and Drama / Brad Sigal, September 1998 59 Runs Yang RosgosrendGoudsaer Sharpton Speaks Out for Open Admissions at CUNY / Brad Sigal, 60 ‘hold camera CCNY Securly putinside fake November 1998 ‘Smoke detector to spy on stuxient activists. Moses’s Roadblock / Rob Wallace, November 1998 61 CCNY Kangaroo Court Punishes Student Activist David Suker / Jackie Hanner and Brad Sigal, 61 November 1998 Two Coup D’etats at the GSC / Brad Sigal, November 1998 62 Flores Buys Dean Bobb an Award / Rob Wallace, November 1998 62 Free Speech Showdown / David Thurston, November 1998. 64 Never Elected!? / Keith Higgenbotham and Brad Sigal, November 1998 64 21° Century Vision? Myopic! / Bill Crain and Michael Green, Novembe. 1998 65 Activist’s Trial Date Nears / Keith Higgenbotham, November 1998 65 Who Rules CUNY? A Student's Guide to the Board of Trustees / Chris Day, 66 November 1998 Art: Go Down Moses, Way Down to City Hall / Eric Odell, November 1998 69 Access Denied / Brad Sigal, Alex Hogan, and Rob Wallace, February 199971 Pataki Gets Wacky / John Olafson, February 1999 72 Dr. Moses & Ms. Hyde / Rob Wallace, February 1999 3 A Bullet for Every Two CUNY Students / Keith Higgenbotham, B 4 February 1999 i Take That Pataki / Shenise Ross, April 1999 75 8 No Student Activity Fee Hike, No TAP Cuts / Brad Sigal, April 1999 16 (ohteigoaetuen’” Free Speech Showdown / Brad Sigal, April 1999 6 Posts be WAC Rot Activity Fee Increase? / Rafael Dominguez, April 1999 1 Quack! Quack! President Moses Is a Lame Duck / Rob Wallace, April 1999 Closing CUNY’s Doors / Bill Crain, April 1999 Security's Mumia Melee / Hank Williams, April 1999 ToxiCity College? / Marcela Putnam, April 1999 CCNY’s Mr. Manners? / Rob Wallace and Jeremy Smith, April 1999 Castles / Anne Naughton, April 1999 Luchemos / Johanny Garcia, April 1999 City Superstar / Marcela Putnam, Summer 1999 Scuttling a Drag Race / Rob Wallace, Summer 1999 Clinton, Go Home! / Diane Sank, Summer 1999 Y2K 5, Students Voice 2 / Brad Sigal, Summer 1999 Defeeted! / Rob Wallace, Summer 1999 Paolucci Punchout / Lowe Marks, Summer 1999 CUNY’s Migrant Workers / Hank Williams, Summer 1999 3. The Hank Williams Years Badillo Once Again Proves He’s a Pig / Marcela Putnam, ‘November 1999 Badillo Must Go, Props to Undergraduate Student Government, CCNY to Receive a Transfusion / Editorials, November 1999 Farewell, Moses / Rob Wallace, November 1999 ‘The Pinch-Hitter President: Dr. Stanford A. Roman, Jr. / November 201: Messenger eo: Hank Wills Rob Wallace, November 1999 Aighentton, ‘speaking atNAC Rotunda pcestagahstbombgol Castles / Anne Naughton, November 1999 CUNY Card Quashed / Rob Wallace, December 1999 Regents Block Access to CUNY’s Senior Colleges / Bill Crain, December 1999 Regents Obediently Fall into Line / Editorial, December 1999 ‘The Messenger Interviews Interim CCNY President Stanford Roman / Rob Wallace interviews Stanford Roman, December 1999 Student Concern Over Parking Lot Safety Lingers / Hank Williams, December 1999 ‘Shit In, Shit Out’ / Liz Wallerstein, December 1999 ‘Supreme Court Debates Student Activities Fees / Shumon Alam, December 1999 President Moses’s Banana Republic / Rob Wallace, December 1999 Resolution Smackdown! / Rob Wallace, February 2000 Registration Fiasco Causes Headaches for Students / Hank Williams, February 2000 Pataki’s Budget Blasts CUNY / Bill Crain, February 2000 ivil Rights Worker / John Olafson, March 2000 New Administration, Same Old Story / Bill Crain, March 2000 CCNY Protests Killer Cops / Mark Tumer, March 2000 Tricky Dick Splits City / Rob Wallace, March 2000 Are the Newbies Boobies? / Rob Wallace, March 2000 ‘Schools or Jails for New York State? / Marcela Putnam, March 2000 News from CUNY / Hank Williams, March 2000 ‘We Watch Channel Zero? / Hank Williams, May 2000 (ctor 198: Cusde CUNY Boaraf Trustees car The Messenger Wins Big! / John Olafson, May 2000 Heman Basis aw offces, CCNY gra stiset Yani Rodriguez and oer CUNY stderis Investor's Alert: New Opportunities at CUNY! / Bill Crain, eneuce Baloo deol comments about May 2000 Dominican ané Mexicans. ‘Memo to Pres. Roman / Editorial, May 2000 B 80 81 83 84 85 86 87 88 88 89 89 91 92 96 98 99 100 101 102 102 104 105 105 106 106 107 109 109 Wd 112 113 14 115 115 117 7 118 118 119) 119) scomauce Rudy’s Get Well Card / Hank Williams, May 2000 USG Sweep! / Shumon Alam and Rob Wallace, May 2000 ‘New Caucus Stuns in PSC Election / Hank Williams, May 2000 CUNY Clipboard / Hank Williams, May 2000 Mopping Out Morales / Rob Wallace, May 2000 Decanter 62: Whwiespesd A Pistol in the Park / Rob Wallace, October 2000 Recttndcinpeneraie CUNY’s Master Plan Fails Minimum Standards / Hank Williams, (CUNYCar at CCNY, aD cars October 2000 Sonsoredby CiterkandMCL—BadilloWatch: Standards, But Not for Me / Rob Wallace, October 2000 CUNY Students’ Attomeys Charged with Misconduct by Federal Judge / Staff, October 2000 Philly Cracks Down on Republican Convention Demonstrators / John Olafson, October 2000 CUNY’s Trickle-Down Economics / Editorial, October 2000 ‘Shocking! The Messenger Compliments the Administration! / Editorial, October 2000 Conerete City / Bill Crain, October 2000 Open Admissions: Why All the Controversy? / Bill Crain, October 2000 CUNY Top Cop Heads West / Rob Wallace, October 2000 4 TWINS AR NOT Tor SN Feary 201: Aliya a Ta Howard, students aS. 161, near te CCNY canpus, potest Brad of Eaucaon plans to omit sn, oun te sohoo, CUNY Clipboard / Hank Williams, October 2000 The $100,000 Question / Rob Wallace and Marcela Putnam, November-December 2000 In Search of: CCNY’s New Pres / Shumon Alam Defender of CUNY Students Ron McGuire Scores Vietory in Court / John Olafson, November-December 2000 Honors College: The Path of Least Resistance / Editorial, November-December 2000 Cheap, Cheap: A Eulogy for an Uptown Parakeet / Rob Wallace, November-December 2000 CCNY Plan Will Hurt Opportunity / Bill Crain, November-December 2000 CUNY Bends Rules for Fire Department / Bill Crain, November-December 2000 Castles / Anne Naughton, November-December 2000 At Robert Moses’ Knee / Rob Wallace, November-December 2000 CUNY Clipboard / Hank Williams, November-December 2000 Public Schools for Sale? / Rob Wallace and Hank Williams, February-March 2001 Three Strikes, You're Out! / Coco Jervis, February-March 2001 Giuliani Minion Raab Picked as New Hunter President Despite Board Opposition / Bulan Atkinson with Jennifer Weiss, February-March 2001 arch 201: USG Present Jason Compton and ota stidnts argy at CCNY presidental selon prooss demand term ‘CCNY Present Sand Roman cal CUNY Board of Tvies to ino eter endian, In David Rockefeller’s Pocket / Rob Wallace, February-March 2001 ‘The Greening of CCNY? / Bill Crain, February-March 2001 Beyond These Walls / Lester Jones, February-March 2001 Letters / Aisha Rena Leffries and Jason Compton, February-March 2001 CUNY Clipboard / Hank Williams, February-March 2001 Blood on His Tux / Rob Wallace, February-March 2001 Martin Luther King, Jr.'s 1963 City College ‘Commencement Address, February-March 2001 Beavers Win! CCNY Takes CUNY Championship / Hank Williams, February-March 2001 119 120 120 121 122 123, 123 124 125 125 126 126 126 127 128 130 131 131 132 141 141 142 143 144 146 147 Castles / Anne Naughton, February-March 2001 ACT Exit Exam Fiasco / Bill Crain, February-March 2001 The University We All Deserve / Larry Hanley, March Special 2001 CCNY President Search Ignites Controversy / John Olafson, March Special 2001 Why Students Should Support a Fair Contract / Hank Williams, March Special 2001 ‘A History to Inspire Us / Bill Crain, March Special 2001 CUNY’s Faculty Union Calls for an End to the Two-Tier Wage System / Kristin Lawler, March Special 2001 A Graphical History of CUNY’s Fate, March Special 2001 Gregory Williams Picked as New CCNY Prez / John Olafson, May 2001 City 2001 Sweeps Undergrad Student Government Elections / Hank Williams and Shumon Alam, May 2001 In This Issue, Building a New CUNY Movement, Let Them Eat Cake / Editorials, May 2001 Letters / Gregory Joseph Singletary Federal Judge Dismisses Sanctions Charges Against ‘October 2001: Students spontanaously debate impcaions of CUNY Students’ Attorneys / John Olafson, May 2001 Se ee Adjunct Grooves: Sleazy Confessions of an Adjunct / Tim McCormack, May 2001 CUNY Clips / Hank Williams, May 2001 AEC’s Grafly Ways / Rob Wallace, May 2001 Fire the Goons! Snuffing Out Student Life / Rob Wallace and Shumon Alam, May 2001 CCNY Staff: Why the Attitude? / Izumi Tezuka, May 2001 The New Library Café: Gourmet Vending Machine Food / Anne Naughton, May 2001 Lack of School Spirit: Are Students to Blame? / Shaherah Brann, May 2001 BadilloWatch: The Pot (Smoker) Calls the Kettle Black / Hank Williams, May 2001 Stabbing in NAC Parking Lot / Rob Wallace, May 2001 ‘Anti-War Movement Gains Support at City College Campus / Derek Townley, October-November 2001 The Heart, a Weight in Our Chests / Editorial, October-November 2001 Letters / Walter Daum, Richard Sorrentino, Bill Crain, and Steve Zanone, October-November 2001 CUNY Clips / Hank Williams, October-November 2001 Faculty Threatened After Post Article Attacks CCNY / Hank Williams, October-November 2001 ‘Adjunct Grooves: Classroom Work Takes Back Seat to the Mid-Semester Testing Machine / Tim McCormack, 3 October-November 2001 Febuary 2002:Durng peatSeptenberti Another Moses Henchman Farmed Out / Rob Wallace, Ip alates COW ser enn, October-November 2001 treater om win eeperaon Hostos Administration Roils Campus with Crackdown / Linda Ocasio, October-November 2001 BadilloWatch: The End of the Line? / Hank Williams, October-November 2001 Science Building's Falling Down. .. What’s the Price of Safety? / Kondwani Kandawire, October-November 2001 “A Very Unfortunate Article’ / Hank Williams and Rob Wallace interview Gregory Williams, October-November 2001 Behind Green’s Blue Drapes / Rob Wallace, October-November 2001 Islamic Extremists and Black Sambos: The Post’s Affirmative Racism / Hank Williams, 148 148 149 149, 151 151 151 152 153 153 154 154 155 155 156 157 159 161 161 162 162 163 164 165 166 167 168 168 169 170 170 im 172 173 174 October-November 2001 ' Students Sue NYC to Stop CUNY Budget Cuts / Hank Williams, December 2001-January 2002 The Calm Before the Storm Trooper? / Rob Wallace, December 2001-January 2002 Police Spies on Campus / Terry James, December 2001-January 2002 Pricing Immigrants Out of CUNY / Bill Crain, December 2001-January 2002 ia Credit Where Credit Is Due / Editorial, 2001-January 2002 CUNY Clips / Hank Williams, chor yl asta top hn December 2001-January 2002 {ulton increase for immigrant students, and Board of Ed cus. Demonstrators Converge on NY Post / Derek Townley, December 2001-January 2002 “I Made the Right Decision to Come Here’ / Hank Williams and Rob Wallace interview Gregory Williams, December 2001-January 2002 CCNY Strong Presence in Anti-War Movement / Alexis Logsdon, December 2001-January 2002 The Buckley Amendment Buckles / Rob Wallace, December 2001-January 2002 Adjunct Grooves: What’s a Hoya? What’s an Adjunct? / Tim McCormack, December 2001-January 2002 Poetry / Cynthia Onetta Toliver, Yarisa Colon, December 2001-January 2002 Maintaining Your Perspective / Pereta Rodriguez, December 2001-January 2002 CCNY Student and Family Arrested by FBI, Face Deportation / Hank Williams, Alexis Logsdon and Rob Wallace, February-March 2002 CUNY’s Stealth Tuition Increase / Hank Williams, February-March 2002 CUNY’s War on the Poor, Cronholm’s Reign of Error, Free Reem! / Editorials, February-March 2002 (ctor 202: Your ax dolars at wor. CCNY Dean cfsucstonAtedPosmenter, Dean fFacaly Racial Profiling Makes a Comeback / Alexis Logsdon, Rotators Joh Snyder ard Provst Zeer Dagan fet ont Fay Og ep February-March 2002 Board Tstes CUNY Clips / Hank Williams, February-March 2002 Live from Death Row at CCNY / Hank Williams, February-March 2002 A Missed Opportunity, February-March 2002 Breaking Their Own Rules / Rob Wallace, April Special 2002 Six Ideas for the Next Student Government / Shumon Alam, April Special 2002 Money for Nothing: Vote No! / Hank Williams, April Special 2002 Election Glossary / Staff, April Special 2002 Reem Released / Hank Williams, Summer 2002 De-fee-ted! / Rob Wallace, Summer 2002 Student Services: What Is to Be Done? / Editorial, Summer 2002 The Messenger, Contributors Win Awards / Staff, Summer 2002 The Baroness of Barrenness / Rob Wallace, Hank Williams and Alexis Logsdon, Summer 2002 CUNY Clips / Hank Williams, Summer 2002 Continue the Struggle for the Students / Kenneth Williams, ‘Summer 2002 June 200: ALCUNY Board of Tastes meeing The CUNY Budget Battle / Daniel Tasripin and Hank Williams, ‘Student protest proposal increase ion 25% ‘Summer 2002 176 176 17 178 178 179 179 180 181 182 183 184 184 185 186 187 189 189 190 191 191 192 192 193 193 194 194 195 197 198 198 All CCNY Sweeps Disputed USG Election / Alexis Logsdon and Rob Wallace, Summer 2002 ExtReem Situtation / Frances Aboushi, Summer 2002 Students March on City Hall for CUNY / Hank Williams, Summer 2002 Letter from a CUNY Student / Daniel Tasripin, Summer 2002 “Involve Faculty and Staff in Seeking Solutions’ / Rob Wallace interviews Gary Benenson, Summer 2002 ‘Adjunct Grooves: The New Contract: What's in It for Me? / Tim MeCormack, Summer 2002 Art: Saddam's Elite Republican Guard / Rodolfo Leyton, October-November 2002 Signs of Something or Other / Editorial, October-November 2002 The Scramble for Space at City / Editorial, October-November 2002 ‘Administrators Target Students’ Space / Rob Wallace, October-November 2002 Is Security Guarding a Thief? / Rob Wallace, October-November 2002 E CUNY Clips / Hank Williams, October-November 2002 CUNY Prof Runs for Gov / Lauren Fasano and Hank Williams Sovocrmen pesteniguion st interview Stanley Aronowitz, October-November 2002 Desomniaencdade tinea At; Where Do Out Priorities Lie? / Rodolfo Leyton, Spring 2003 {Sout to GLNY pene corn wn geacshlytelsupepeletegn Neu sjonedy Leave Every Man, Woman and Child Behind / Editorial, Ew poeso Susan Diao ard BI Cran. Spring 2003 Logo No Go / Editorial, Spring 2003 CUNY Clips / Hank Williams, Spring 2003 CCNY Security Director Above the Law? / Rob Wallace, Spring 2003 Josh Wolinsky, Campus Icon, Fired from Bookstore / Hank Williams, Spring 2003 ‘A Fist in the Face / Hank Williams, Spring 2003 Hunter College Students Take Over President's Office / Staff, Spring 2003 Harlem U. Represents! / Q, Spring 2004 Kerry Pimps CCNY Students / Editorial, Spring 2004 Miguel Malo, Hostos Student Hounded for 2 %4 Years for Peaceful Protest / Franklyn Robb, OTT mc Cts yp _| The CUNY Proficiency Exam: A Barrier to Educational ‘Advancement / Audre Charette, Spring 2004 The 35" Anniversary of a Tidal Wave in CUNY / Eric Odell, Spring 2004 ‘Art: For a Free and Open CUNY / Eric Odell, Spring 2004 Urban Studio Initiative at Harlem University / Rodolfo Leyton, Spring 2004 Defending Women’s Reproductive Rights / Tanya Thurman, Apel 20k CONS Gretel fesse —_ Spring 2004 ‘Daum et kes presidental candidate otn Fotes CCNY Community and Student Center Under Threat, Keay tsk orsuppring the warn Koa Spring 2004 4, Afflict the Comfortable: Making Your Own Alternative Student Newspaper How to Make a Shit-kicking Progressive Newspaper / Rob Wallace Bringing Home the Bacon: An Introduction for Progressive Media / Jeremy Smith More Fundraising Methods for the Student Press / Jeremy Smith Recruiting & Keeping Staff in the ‘90s / John Montesano 199 200 201 201 202 202 203 204 205 207 209 210 au 213 214 214 215 216 218 219 219 220 221 222 223 225 226 227 227 228 234 235 237 239 Fal 1996: "Who me” (CONY Secu tector Tmoty Hubbard dscuses tis repos o give guns ‘oseery oer. Soneho, espe ong everyting one rl magi ogo ‘hed over ys, Hubbard ulated at ‘oer Moses dmb, leaving ‘ot 2008. Continuity and Sex / Catherine Monk Basic Newswriting / Andy Riga Occupied Buildings: Covering the News in Five Forms / ‘Nova Ren Suma ‘The Right-Wing Within: A Brief Guide to Researching Your Campus / Rich Cowan Up Against the Deadline: Planning and Production Schedules / Mark Ingles Steal These Ideas! Populist Strategies for the Student Press / Doug Saunders and Carl Wilson 5, Using New York State’s Sunshine Laws ‘Your Right to Know: New York State’s Open Government Laws / Committee on Open Government Example of Freedom of Information Request Correspondence / Rob Wallace and John Snyder 245 247 251 254 258 261 272 281 PREFACE ‘There she was with an armful of Messengers, Martha Flores, chair of the Graduate Stu- dent Council, the graduate student government at the City College of New York. The ‘Messenger had written an uncomplimentary article about the chair and she was going to correct things, yes, she was. With the help of then-CCNY President Yolanda Moses and other administrators, Flo- res had managed to overturn a GSC election she effectively lost, win a new election with 13 votes total, close down the hated Messenger, embezzle GSC funds, keep her fellow GSC council members in line by filing a series of unsubstantiated security complaints against them, and curry favor with fellow Auxiliary Enterprise Corporation Board mem- bers by awarding them City Men trophies. And damn it, nothing else—certainly not no stinkin’ newspaper article—was gonna stop her efforts to launch a City Council cam- paign out of the GSC office using student resources! Flores walked down the hall of the first floor of City College’s North Academic Cen- ter and stuffed the Messengers into a garbage can. Such reactions to the Messenger have been over the past six years not uncommon among the most august officials on the City College of New York campus. The Messen- ger has been instrumental in embarrassing City College officialdom, getting several high- ranking administrators fired or retired—including President Moses herself—and even keeping a few from gaining subsequent hire at other campuses. But don’t shoot the Messenger! It isn’t the newspaper's fault. It reports what it sees. ‘And on a campus that often resembles a banana republic, there has been much to report on Over the past decade the City University of New York has been hammered by budget cuts, tuition increases, and racist attacks by politicians as outwardly vicious as Rudolph Giuliani and as modest as Mike Bloomberg, resulting in a decimated curriculum, scoured student services, and the end of remedial classes. City College, comprised largely of mi- nority students, took considerable hits, losing 50 faculty in the 1995 cuts alone, hundreds of support staff, and millions of dollars in funding. As the campus deteriorated, student enrollment declined, which, in CUNY logic, led to still lesser budget allocations and greater enrollment declines. Demoralization bled through the campus. Cowardly careerist administrators at City did little in response except to attack anyone on campus who ob- jected. While the campus has settled down a wee bit since the wild Moses years, what it has settled into is a cognitive dissonance, with a more sophisticated facade that only better hides battered innards. CCNY is currently embracing the PR mirage of a “renaissance,” fueled by a cynical attempt to deflect false accusations from off-campus naysayers by actively recruiting a whiter student body to protected honors programs. Little has been done, however, to replace the resources CCNY leaked throughout the 1990s, including the unforgivable loss of thousands of students who live in Harlem and Washington Heights, where the campus is located. While certainly not yet again the White Rhodesia in Harlem, as CCNY was known before Open Admissions, keeping out more of the less privileged appears now more-or-less official policy, despite CCNY President Gregory Williams’ psalms to the contrary. During his 2004 graduation speech Williams com- memorated the fiftieth anniversary of Brown v. Board of Education, a gesture that, as City College willfully participates in reinstituting a system of educational apartheid, seemed an act of Clintonian paramnesia, Just about right, too, with Bill at the graduation for an honorary degree Now, it isn’t all bleak. In the face of the decade’s withering assaults, a group of hardy souls has kept up the good fight, defending student rights and opportunities, These stu- dents and staff and community members, including members of the Messenger, have given their lifeblood to fighting for justice, at times working seven-day weeks, sleeping in odd crannies on campus, and weathering vicious personal attacks—academic, physical and emotional—from a claque of administrators intent on defending the indefensible to advance little careers. The Messenger itself has been routinely confiscated by administra tors, unsympathetic students, and security brass. The Messenger was shut down by Presi- dent Moses and the Division of Student Affairs and had its funding frozen. Continuing as an independent paper, it has been routinely denied funding and even kept from collecting funding it was awarded. Its newspaper bins have been disappeared in the name of campus “beautification.” Its posters have been ripped down on orders from the College’s Chief Operating Officer, Lois Cronholm. Its members have been suspended for activism and falsely accused of all sorts of dastardly deeds, evidence be damned. ‘What has kept these people going? For every Martha Flores and Yolanda Moses and Rudolph Giuliani and Tim Hubbard and Mark Green and Thomas Morales and Lois Cronholm (a fascinating cast of characters you will meet in this anthology), there are hundreds of students, faculty, security guards, maintenance staff, librarians, and adminis- trative assistants who support the Messenger both materially and spiritually. Nothing makes the Messenger staff more pleased than seeing a student giggle at a particularly pi- quant headline or when members of CCNY’s staff high-five at the publication of an arti- cle that takes to task a particularly awful béte noir in administration. The Messenger has survived because the people of City College want it to. In return, the Messenger has tried its best to report on issues the everyday people of CCNY are most concerned with. In- deed, many a Messenger investigation has begun from a tip from a low-ranking adminis- trator, or maintenance worker, or security guard, or work-study student pissed off at a corrupt policy or a bitter humiliation. That’s a marker of working people defending them- selves, a process that we only hope would someday extend out into the open of campus life. The Messenger’s excellence has been recognized off-campus as well. In 2000, the In- dependent Press Association’s Campus Alternative Journalism Project awarded the Mes- senger ‘Best Publication,’ as the top alternative student newspaper in the country. The newspaper also won honorable mention for ‘Best Overall Reporting.’ That year the Los Vegas Weekly picked up a Messenger story on former CUNY Director of Security Jose Elique. In 2002, the Messenger won runner-up in the CAJP awards and an Ume Reader nomination for best student/youth coverage. Also in 2002, the IPA republished in its Voices That Must Be Heard project a Messenger article on a CCNY student detained by the FBI post-September 11. In 2003, Democracy Now’s Amy Goodman recognized the Messenger for excellence in reporting. You'll find here a large dollop of what much of the Messenger is about. Not every- thing though. The anthology you have in your hands focuses on articles about City Col- lege and CUNY, largely leaving out the Messenger’s extensive coverage of New York City, the U.S., and the world—Iraq, Colombia, Mexico, the Philippines, Puerto Rico, Palestine, Afghanistan, and campus activism worldwide. Left out too is much of the po- etry, the artwork, the posters, the movie reviews, and the photography. Magnificent stuff, missing. Sorry. As the Messenger for many years was the only student newspaper seri- ously reporting on the inner workings of CCNY, we thought it best to reproduce articles about the campus. The articles herein will update CCNY students on their campus’s re- cent history and can serve as a resource for the next generation of CUNY students fight- ing for social justice and student rights. The anthology is divided into four parts. The first is a prologue to the Messenger, with articles on CUNY issues published in other CUNY venues by folk who would later contribute to the Messenger. For the record, though dated spring 1998 the “Struggle at CUNY” publication was first published in the fall of 1997. The second part collects Mes- senger articles written under the Messenger’s first editor, Brad Sigal. Sigal, then a history Master's student at City, founded the Messenger in early 1998 and served through the end of 1999 before heading out west. The third part comprises articles written under the editorship of Hank Williams, an English major who attended City as an undergraduate and a Master’s student. Both Sigal and Williams guided the Messenger with political verve, tenacity, with great sacrifice, a passion for truth and justice, and a love for the people of City College. They deserve City College’s most effusive appreciation. These two required a lot of help. And got it. Others without whom the Messenger would never have published include, in alphabetical order, ?, Frances Aboushi, Mumia Abu-Jamal, Anastassiya Adrianova, Shumon Alam, Kahlil Almustafa, Eulan Atkinson, Najwa Awad, Asar Batayneh, Francis M. Beal, Gary Benenson, George E. Brandon, Shaherah Brann, A.B. Cascio, Audre Charette, Dan Clemente, Yarisa Colon, Brendan Costello, Bill Crain, Walter Daum, Chris Day, Sandra De, Rafael Dominguez, Fatima Faloye, Lauren Fasano, Meir Gal, Johanny Garcia, Marsha Ghouralal, Stan Goff, Lydia Gragg, Michael Green, Rupa Gupta, Larry Hanley, Jackie Hanner, Keith Higginbotham, Yechiel Hoffman, Alex Hogan, Terry James, Coco Jervis, Lester Jones, Sydney Jordan- Cooley, Coby Kabir, Kondwani Kandawire, Martin Luther King Jr., Kristen Lawler, Rodolfo Leyton, Alexis Logsdon, Lowe Marks, Manning Marable, Carols Marin, Harold Martinez, Henry Martinez, Tim McCormack, Ron McGuire, Keith Mitchell, Pavel iii Mukhin, Ann Naughton, Linda Ocasio, Eric Odell, John Olafson, Man Olivera, Matthew Parham, Joan Parkin, Wanda Miroslava Peguero, Felipe Pichardo, Dave Pugh, Marcela Putnam, Q, Donna Reis, Virginia Riker, Franklyn Robb, Ebonnie Robinson, Marc Rodri- gues, Pereta Rodriguez, Ydanis Rodriguez, “Rosa,” Chris Ross, Shenise Ross, Diane Sank, Errol Scheizer, Sean, Jeremy Smith, S.P., Staff, Suzy Subways, David Suker, Jen- nifer Suker, Josh Sutter, Daniel Tasripin, Keeanga Taylor, Tanya Thurman, David ‘Thurston, Izumi Tezuka, Derek Tobin, Cynthia Onetta Toliver, Tomas, Carlos Torres, Mark Torres, Derek Townley, Sara Tretter, Carmelo Trinidad, Mark Tumer, Rodrick Wallace, Liz Wallenstein, Jennifer Weiss, Kim Williams-Guillen, Gregory Williams, Kenneth Williams, Dan Wilson, and Joshua Wolinsky. The fourth and fifth parts of the anthology look to the future. Part four reproduces portions of a manual on student joumalism produced by the now-defunct Center for Campus Organizing. The manual gives some excellent tips for students interested in con- tinuing to publish in the Messenger tradition. Part five reproduces a pamphlet on New York State’s open government laws, including the Freedom of Information Law students ‘can use to wrench important documents from their campus’s administration, We could also add to the reader’s understanding about what it takes to run a dissident newspaper by talking about the time when the Messenger’s entire operation consisted of Brad’s laptop computer. We could talk about the time when the Messenger liberated a newspaper bin off a Westchester street comer. We could talk about the Messenger’s fed- ral lawsuit against CUNY administrators. We could talk about the late night layout ses- sions that stretched into dawn, We could talk about the thousands of dollars of their own money cash-strapped Messenger staffers put into the newspaper. We could talk about the radical speakers and rap groups the Messenger brought to campus and the Messenger's semesterly political film series. We could talk about lots more, but it’s likely you already get the picture. Just remember, when your tough-as-nails reporting has rightfully embarrassed your school’s administration to the point that it tries to shut you down, you're on the right track. Go get ‘em! Rob Wallace Messenger contributor July 2004 4, PRELUDE TO THE MESSENGER CCNY Advocate A publication of the Office of the Ombudsperson, CC} Volume I Number 2, Nov. 4, 1997 City College, Inc. Corporate management comes to CCNY; Moses limos to work-when she bothers to show up-slashing office and maintenance staff to the bone By Joan Parkin Ifyou think an institution of higher learning like City College treats its employees better than factory workers, think again. City College is as exploitative as any other profit-driven corporation. At the top of the City College corporation is President Yolanda Moses. Moses makes some $120,000 a year and, “lives in an upper West Side duplex-penthouse at a pricey $6,000 per month,” according to a source who wished to remain anonymous. This condominium is The Montana at 247 W. 87th Street on Broadway. According to David Suker of the Graduate Student Council, Moses also employs “a chauffeur and an executive secretary each paid upwards of around $70,000 per year.” The house, chauffeur and secretary are all paid for by City College. ‘These high salaries are not unique. Other salaries paid for by the college, according to 1992-1994 CUNY personnel vacancy notices, are between $91,718 and $107,261 for the Vice President for Development and Institutional Advancement, between $91,718 and $101,718 for the Provost as well as for the Vice President for Student Affairs, and between $88,190 and $97,991 for the Vice President for Finance and Management. Those positions are currently filled by John Lubbe, David Lavalle, Thomas Morales, and Nathan Dickmeyer respectively. [At the bottom of the employee chain are work-release employees who make $28 a day with no benefits. These parolees “help” the CCNY maintenance staff (more on this below). Also at the bottom of the chain are mentally and/or physically challenged individuals who act as subcontracted Metropolitan Food Service Corporation cafeteria employees. Their lowest paid worker, according to one cafeteria ‘employee, receives $2 per hour. In between, the bulk of City College staff-clerical, maintenance, and custodial have seen their numbers reduced by 30% since 1989 through layoffs and attrition and their productivity demands almost doubled. Clerical and secretarial workers have been reduced from 188 in 1990 to just under 120 today. Full-time workers have been reduced from 134 to 119, according to Director of Affirmative Action Gloria Medonne. In the financial aid office there is only one worker to process thousands of student loan applications. Between 1992 and 1996 City’s maintenance and custodial staff declined by 30 workers from 236 to 206. Director of Physical Plant Services Kevin Farley explained that “Our crews are working very hard and are very good working people, but because we are understaffed, we cannot satisfy the demand to adequately service this campus.” ‘One custodial worker, a member of District Council 37 of the American Federation of State, City and Municipal Employees, the union that represents custodial workers here at CCNY, said that when he started working at City there were over 30 workers on his shift. Now there are only 15. He continued, “A guy retired on the second floor and I have to do his work and mine.” After 25 years he makes only $500 gross per week. All City College DC 37 workers have been working without a contract for the past three years and have received no wage increase in that time. About the custodial staff shortfall, DC 37 shop steward Anthony Colon joked in gallows humor style, “We're so. short we make Gary Coleman look tall.” George Varian, Chairman of Supervisors of Mechanics of the City of New York for Local 3 of the Intemational Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, said that over the past ten years he has seen his general maintenance crew g0 from 24 to 6, Moreover, workloads have tripled. According to Varian, who also holds a BA in sociology from City College and has been working here since 1971, there used to be one to two general maintenance workers per building. Now there is “not even one per building.” Varian continued that in the past two and a half years his painters have been reduced from 4 to 1 in number, carpenters from 4 to 1, plumbers from 6 to 4, and electrical workers from 11 to 6 workers. A work volume increase of 25% to 30% has accompanied these maintenance staff reductions. ‘The staff downsizing has been frustrating, Varian explained that “we can’t get a routine down” because they are so short-staffed and emergencies often come up. If, for example, a maintenance worker is putting up a bulletin board, he may be called upon to stop what he is doing to respond to an emergency like fixing one of the campus's 350 outside doors. Staff also pay the price in other ways outside efficiency. According to shop steward Anthony Colon, because of inflated productivity demands, “The health of many custodial staff is at risk. You can see it by the gaunt look in their faces. They are withdrawn, exhausted and out of it.” Colon said one woman who works at City “passed out twice on the street from stress.” He continued that “many people who complain that workers are not moving quickly enough simply don’t understand how terrible the situation really is.” ‘What particularly irks Varian is the “lack of social consciousness” concerning employees doing jobs under the prevailing rate. Varian gives the example of a chairman of a liberal arts department who recently painted his own office. For many this task may seem quite innocent, but, as Student Ombudsperson Keeanga Taylor notes, “It in fact lets the administration completely off the hook from its responsibility of providing the school adequate staffing.” It also directly violates state law aimed at protecting prevailing wages established for each job assignment. According to Varian in such situations, “Faculty should pressure the administration to hire more painters.” City College also uses work-study students, work-release laborers, and disabled workers paid at less than half the cost of union jobs. A Custodial Assistant after 12 years makes $20,752 per year, about $11 an hour or $80 per day. Work study students get $6.50 an hour. Work-release workers get only $28 a day. One disabled cafeteria worker said he ‘makes only $2 an hour. These handicapped workers also often receive Social Security benefits at no expense to the college. In addition, according to Vice President for Student Affairs Morales, the school isin the process of taking on Work Experience Program (WEP) workers who will work at the College in exchange for their welfare benefits, about $500 a month. That arrangement came about with the support of the two largest unions on campus, the Professional Staff Congress-the faculty union-and DC 37 which tried to make what they thought was the best of a bad situation by pushing for the Ramirez-Marchi bill in the state legislature allowing CUNY students to work on campus and avoid dropping out of school. From an administrator’s standpoint however, students on workfare are nothing but cheap labor, a nice replacement for traditional union jobs being reduced now by attrition. Ostensibly, none of the work-release, work-study or WEP workers are meant to replace union jobs. Work-release workers, according to one union supervisor, are not supposed to be allowed to use tools, paint, or move furniture. They can however clean outside of the buildings as a supplement to the school’s labor force. Yet one DC 37 worker who spoke on the condition of anonymity said that in response to his complaint that a union worker was asked to help work-release workers strip a floor in the gym, he was told by DC 37 Local 1597 President Lola MeBryde, “Work-release workers can do anything-dance on their heads if they want to-as long as it is not alongside union employees.” Day Student Government Vice President of Campus Affairs Donald Vega confirmed this. Vega stated two years ‘ago he saw work-release workers “painting the hall in the NAC Building,” Rob Wallace of the Student ‘Ombudsperson staff two weeks ago recognized several mentally handicapped workers who usually work in the cafeteria collecting recyclable paper in the science building. ‘According to PSC Chapter Chair Gary Benenson, “Twenty years ago most of the clerical jobs today taken by work study students and eventually by WEP workers would have been well-paid union jobs.” Benenson also explained that faculty often do their own xeroxing, furniture moving, etc. to make up for the lack of resources. ‘According to Benenson, “Faculty are being called upon to do all kinds of things not required of them in order to better serve the needs of students.” ‘To redress this, Benenson writes in the PSC newsletter Inside the Knowledge Factory, “[MJuch more attention and resources are needed for mundane issues like registration, scheduling and advisement. The role of faculty and staff has already expanded tremendously. In many ways, City College is running on volunteerism. However, the ‘Administration seems oddly detached from these day-to-day affairs. Who's minding the store?” Benenson also noted that since the 1995 retrenchment, 60 faculty have been lost through volunteer or forced retirement, 20 to 30 ‘of whom were involuntary pushed out into another job, and 10 lost their jobs without finding another. Other non-union employees are hired by the Barnes and Noble campus bookstore that nationwide is a non-union shop. According to one CCNY Barnes and Noble employee, just last week an employee “who never showed up Jate or missed work was fired for telling a customer to shut up.” If, according to one DC 37 worker, “his job had ‘been a union job, he would have been reprimanded, but not fired.” Not all prevailing-wage jobs at CCNY are unionized, but most of them are. Moreover, unions can help ensure that the prevailing rate isin fact paid, And while union jobs ate not fool-proof, they offer more job protection and better wages than non-union jobs. Hence the reasons why an administration intent on cutting labor costs prefers non-union workers. ‘The administration’s justification for these exploitative practices is the recent series of budget cuts administered to City College. Yet when one looks atthe school’s own statistics as reported in City Facts, a manual issued annually by the Office of Institutional Research, one finds that not everyone has been equally impacted by the cuts. In contrast to the staff reductions, the number of executive administrators increased between 1992 and 1996 from 87 to 91. And while expenditures for maintenance have plummeted from $18.689 million to $15.262 million in that time, a $3.427 million drop, expenditures for institutional support, which include administrators’ pay and equipment, have fallen only by $769,000 from $15.262 million to $14.313 million. None of the staff has seen a pay raise in three years. But, according to Charles DeCiceo, Moses’s public relations person, administrators at City College received a pay raise in their last contract settlement. DeCicco justified Moses’s duplex arrangement as “an extension of her office” where Moses hosts important functions like meetings of the advisory board for Certificate Programs. He also explained that college presidents nationwide have expensive housing. Though Moses doesn’t enjoy the compensation the notorious John Silber of Boston College took in, the relative extravagance of her arrangements, including those for her housing, seem inappropriate ata time of an oft-cited severe budget crisis for CUNY. Student-rights attorney Ron McGuire, a CCNY alum, recalled City College presidents lived much more cheaply in an old stone house in the South Campus now operating as a day care center. Moreover, they did so at a time CUNY didn’t face the budget crunch it does now. Other spendthrift practices include the hundreds of millions of dollars allocated to the CUNY Construction Fund for new building, Newsday recently ran a series of stories detailing the gross overspending CUNY administrators indulged in while building poorly constructed projects. For example, at City College, Steinman Hall’s renovation cost $72 million, 86.1% over the original estimate. $128 million was spent on Shepard Hall’s renovations, 100% over the original budget. Budgeting and staffing for CUNY Security has also skyrocketed in the past several years. (More on CUNY construction and security in future issues of the Advocate.) It seems odd that the budget cuts are grounds enough to slash the staff, but not enough to remove Moses from her 'W. 87th Street perch, staunch overspending on poorly constructed building, or severely reduce security expenditures. The executive, construction and security budgets show CUNY does have enough money to hire more staff and faculty and pay them more. Administrators instead choose to spend CUNY’s money on poorly constructed building projects, security, and luxurious living standards for its top executives. About these apparent contradictions, union worker Live DJ 1-he also works for the radio station-says, “The staff people do all the work and their numbers continue to dwindle while the administrative staff do the least of the ‘work and their numbers continue to go up. The people at the top are making big money. City is just like Corporate America only smaller.” One quick remedy is obvious. Next time the bathrooms are dirty, a wall needs to be painted, a ceiling caves in, or ‘your financial aid doesn’t move fast enough, don’t complain to the staff-they’re doing a Herculean task given the ‘situation. Instead, pressure the administration to hire more workers, to stop its union-busting, and to end sub- minimum wage slavery in favor of living wages. Number of Faculty and Staff (The categories were redefined in the O.1.R. data as of 1992) 1990 1991 1992 1994 1996 ffeaching faculty (734 [667 [Full-time faculty [ooo [527 [Non-Teaching faculty [283 [224 [Part-time faculty (64a [aos (Buildings and Grounds staff 200 [189 [Band G staff** 269 [206 (Office workers 188 [161 [Office workers*** 190 [208 [191_| *Includes provisional hires Includes skilled craft, service, and maintenance staff ‘Includes clerical, secretarial, and technical staff Source: adapted from CCNY Office of Institutional Research data PAGE8 RACIAL NATION PAGE 5 LUN YOUR VI) 0 Ny PRO MECbR tel ye eka w BSF eae ea PRRs bem Beet) CUNY Central deploys its new $22 million a year poy a her UM Ly RRL Me G1: Dy é NEW YORK, THE ee STATE CUNY COALITION: WHAT WENT AWRY (PAGE 12) at ned Sa 2 ee Operation Weasel In the face of unprecedented budget cuts, CUNY Central founds a new security force. SAFE Team surveils students, bonds with NYPD BY LEE WENGRAF ‘sa a tc pac tn | eh a chy Hampi Pats pes | fae et ‘Cite ago Sues une CUnY x wong ey macro lea | eng pnie nto eur hae aa ore ‘Siar na oeera | CUTS SEEMED Too MUCH THE TIMING OF THE ARRIVAL OF THE PEACE OFFICERS AT THE GRAD ‘CENTER WHEN STUDENTS. WERE PROTESTING BUDGET (OF & COINCIDENCE, see armeion tm tase, | Wormer saenp to oly HAS TO DO WITH THE he Unvert o FEAR OF CRIME” CRIME | S'u.suta”ecocantcpeoum | “Sc'SAré wom be may ace | Stldnun fesse hl HAS ALWAYS BEEN AN en a Sa Ci cer | ats fy te ISSUE, SAID SCHAEFFER, | HE FM a a ass | ped at ay ewe ft | Sst nab me od DIRECTOR OF SECURITY AT caurclNAlmiacs | e357 pe sfc Oa wo a | u meting th bl be ped ‘THE GRAD CENTER, EVEN | Sts noe ero | Cc sec ress | won md Comer THOUGH WE DON'T HAVE — | Evous(sarsytamiosalsusen, nd | song he hen ans rei, MUCH OF ANY. THUS, WE | Scrsorty wean mt | “ay ne formu NEED PEACE OFFICERS. | Sn'npuewn ges fr cnt how a tea pecch pert | Sowtn uye Day fenr These | Gnd Coc taph ef pact | Seon Dicer hn Ste a Sc tte aie | Sens gee tnt | fea in ina se | teen vb en wee See Paatetecionn vc | Stary tsa cose! | Dope wets pene | hwy nt ee ee RST OFF _ ist en i Cecil “punittstina wie ais on wich per Be DSC Sole Peers cand Bee Stes crcl OSC) tn cms oe a ae eT ac be DS? Te DSC pay smi oserelaiahiaemead Sele (550) tee mp we Scan ee 2p ot aN CUNY gran er ose eed Ea Sabre ps as cet he opp Rad ‘Jean Phelps ‘ye TDSC kchage heer nome ae sis oe PSC ad Peers prey Inge sande CUNY gn si Swe sae owt poo ah Peeresnroeey LE ciara Soe shu efemameiy sane Gaba ume way oy eed Cae {Wise etc de cman of "The flowing. pom eden we PIETY ‘hd ang pcsr whe. ef be eam USC oe eee) CUNY Gn Cnt ew nig "Grou et oa ca Se sx eos0o Sas Eran Siete duane q Birt nee Spomremecmy eo cect Mm iho racer eee neo} ppithien i te ae ‘thvua eset oy somebody art Tus coun Can Li) PRE a ad SHS Beers ies etic: Wms Lae (ants) Pore ot) Geocjan fees spe, Goto a) Pee Se edindtoge lowing othe: Lares Koel (ng) ) duu ete te ine Dts p33) |} Dscnrs st gens Tes ge AnD) I TRAE | sSesestnne: Te dsocne Sim Pie (0) i a tt i) Geshe forte sormancs Rebar lander ig eh aire aM CR | Coches oc ales comma: Reber Ho cry DSC and tis nS equredto Pete eon ine) Peter ares en nn an coin Se eee rovest Pam Red (conferences and research). ) i cot cn mage ee ed ] st Ta eine mee | esse econ c, 9 ‘nner commencnion ander | tes gine! tal te mt ave or | Knee Boal ete te Ques ice sunt dein, Yet vow | wens AL he tas, smenta | Coleg pcr on Thrsy Saker | Contec est compote unvertyconmon. | ie. is eigen tty | le Wengen pe fee | cals eet att Sorel deny. | en he ey py ‘ee scppog clog | pee meu eas ‘ving ben tins andecsuraged over | bee coming 9 CUNY Eig word | i'war now 930mm, he amend hs | fre pce aed he aie aoe SECS Giea | Goce rete taro | concur ttn | tay nrc ‘The reining scty salt at he | Attn tnt aig Blige | dam ps vow sl be w | Shaercloaetutene a Sens circ co. | Got The hve Ges | te Apeety ey ave | si stn et ‘cy canons wil be preity | tun x Hind eye wo pce vote | wove er hge fr CON fr ex | phate ese net iit ee pic | re see “CUNY | jr opener emtwcnd| "Ro a ES Sng {CUNY dence prea) cnc | FROM CLINTON'S MULTI- mete prac (Sete caryer be emac cy | BILLION DOLLAR CRIME BILL ‘¥en Yrs manly ates te | QN DOWN, THE MESSAGE Sone clas 307 en | POLITICIANS ARE SENDIGG Tha eteedpei een Comms | fmt yr re Te essa | ES PUSH THROUGH eh ‘Sty gn bins we ewes | NO fe ry ‘AUSTERITY iN PUBLIC th INSTITUTIONS AND HAVE pte vst pact enna WELL-TRAINED POLICE tenon Porrantjcto detebemahe Grad | the meagan ne sang | BACK-UP TO HANDLE ANY i ald anaes w eco Soe | fs Ce | PROBLEMS, iy sn nu eur be eral iene: | hls ay wry wey fr wet | ee uf ge ‘ves pro tcp preg sokan sme Somat | “tori, moor | Sep yo act | “cp wil ade ‘Sinn ted te puma oer | tere, ‘esp nine scram erga | oie ie | cen | un a ee 5 Queens Coleg seed att | prove to mech fer onc sens, The | them Wr wha ye, ea eh “Soepenron tea ha ak isan She eine nes oy Ook | A D ‘Sieh forte ad xh; epee bee ° ‘SS inp Py i Mcbon ed ESSAGER mewty _agoltctowene Datel be spe wytebacinne tings sm Ee nam iegee caine Sette ttn pa wee ie yet rr an ae Seems attest tee Some bitin sO it fre mea note 995A Mo Medan, ere she ' hoped tpl ee sane _ DSC met we eer ‘gta gence lel ai cm a he ert mt, al alo of ‘3601 EHODO /HIVDOnGT ma 1s AovocArE/ ocrontn 195 cme UNCLIPBOARD ROTHBARD ACCEPTS NYNEX PERKS he Ricard Ror, CUNT’ Ve Cnc for iSveriemmrtenmare Sekhar ing ft scons walon ope a, Se ‘Muammar RYN, ce hse [88 e elon roman. lp ves sa a seve Comme ny ene oe acca el ening Boe ee ot oy on cn aie ay ena ‘raceme ‘tee aw Bas etter ned Se pt Reb ey RRR ise ae FCA REFUND co mig ed ta sstcordty Sal Seay Syne tee, feo atal So On en ne orb arse ae ais eres ne set eer ep ours Snieeenenn antec nee ich pt. ces iis ee os ce cna sen eg end ct pot SESS i hia ine ‘coe oe ra a ‘axino THE BUDGET To couRT ‘Gay Unters of New Yrs ly and he mye ‘Ses et to ie prem ag "ee i ee i a ‘ioe iy and Ley he sta a nm se et ery eae 155 sab 33 ion is ero $09 min, npn ogc Cun ob ‘orate comment sep 00. 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(Sige) 2 Wt was you ta set seems X/ ul ein aime ne S08 Aaa go (suey. ty prem ofthese seats cne ‘ery pesca apne, epee eames ‘i ee hei ata me wes reNcto our “oy Caatnce assure a bing ‘ped pug he Covenant Aue nes Te 40a esta Oster Des the bat crunch eg Gin de ene a CORY ‘a he pepo ofthe geno gave ts of give cae semny eee d creme gs sac {by admire lficals span sens pone sta neat ener Capea eet ese on pa anna Coal ion an Its Discontents A sociology student asesses the cuts fight Ay | BY ALEX ViTALE sor sTuoen ausancer If you are applying for a position in the academic world... ou Academie Reece Lett Fling ad Foruring ice aye of tet f you, We ceve and hep sen ons o stitutions you desi Your ite aways under yoursentl We canhelp moet Feng eters of sppiction, and in ang sto Sere opportunities. in. your field may li Topiinly moderne For further information, calor write ‘ACADEMIC BUSINESS SERVICES PO Box 02 23 01 / Brooklyn NY 11202-0049 / TEL & FAX 212/986-6477 ADVERTISE IN. THE:-ADVOCATE! The Graduate Student Advocate is published 7 times during the acade- mic year and has a cir- culation of 5,000. Our readership includes graduate students, fac- ulty, staff, and other members of the CUNY community. The rates are $250 per quarter page. Telephone 212- 642-2852 for = s YBIY e YIM JUEpNys Aue sMo}TE YOIYM ‘SUL pe uedo Jo aeji}d jeaquad & s} UoPe2npe jeIpeuiay “saBa/joo 40]UEs 10430 pue ANDD 3e UOIIeONpa [eIpaui9s pus 03 uejd e paadope soarsnas 6, ABW UL “ANN INoYsnoayy pue eBa1J0D AID 3e proyszede * feuopeanpe jo saiaijod 3dope 03 paey Bupjiom oae 592754] Jo PAkog ANMD YF Pur I g2jdoad snok Sulppa] nok aip aay SSOSOW °S38id ANDD ued sooysnay 70 2Ba]|0D A215 28 sadedsmau quapnas quepuadapul uv ‘saduassay aya Xq pornpoig sojdoed ous jSuolssiwmpp uado UO 2Da/}01 ON 2494 1193 PUL SZ L-0S9 Ie SSOIy 3UEPISEAd [TED | IANND $0 [Ie pue aBajjoD A315 3e suoyssywupe || AO} SI A Nn » uado pur sasse}> jeIpawie4 penuijuo> puewep e AMJUNWIWOD We]AeH 24} pue szusPNIs ANDD {JOOS OF *+ 0B ajdoad uno jay nN YOY ¢f B ons Ss VALENTINE’S DAY: BEST SEX SPOTS AT CCNY PAGE 4 CUNY SECURITY ARMS ITSELF TO THE TEETH PAGE 2 HURRICANE MOSES RAVAGES STUDENT BODY PAGE 2 BO Mec once OUR Tee etd PuO En eeateeyiC ey Cae _ SUNY’s own studies showing n Pataki gets wacky The governor plans to cut TAP, wants 15-credit minimum to get TAP. Meanwhile, new 38% pay increases for Pataki and state legislators. B Dr. Moses & Ms. Hyde PUREE bullet for very two CUNY students The SAFE Team, CUNY’s political 2, prepares for student protests: | police, 9mm Glocks, Ahollow-tip builets, shot- gun rounds, and body armor. Coming Soon: the $90,000 security| ‘guard, PAGE 2 THE MESSENGER + FEBRUARY 1909 ” needs writers and photo; Tes funt And youl learn a lot Call x9008 for more information, Ask for Brd or Rob. aphers. DEMAND A NEW TRIAL FOR BLACK PoLiticat PRISONER ON Death Row In PeNNsYLvaNial JOIN THE Massive APRIL 24 RALLY IN PHILLY. Buses wiLt Be GOING ‘Rom CCNY fa errs la ees to get Tee Remedial Classes Tee (DT ae No More ‘CCNY Co: ings, Thursdays nme ‘at 4pm, NAC 3/201 15 IN HER WAY OUT f SECURITY DISRUPTS MUMIA C ADMINISTRATION PUSHES FOR 16 No Student Activity Fee hike, no TAP cuts erie : PAGE 2+ THE MESSENGER + APRIL 1999 :| Activity fee =| fund more administration projects. increase? The Division of Student Affairs is pushing for an increase in the student activity fee so itcan ExEQ5S280 77 n |Quack! Quack! | President Moses is a lame duck trying to limp out of City at: | College. But her talent for fabrication could not get her UG @ new job at the University of New Mexico, sic wa Tepe a | Sec ea exees sa Suni oo Stonnons cats On PaO 'STUDENT LIBERATION ACTION MOVEMENTI PRESENTS Columbia “THE STRUGGLE FOR HUMAN RIGHTS AND LIBERATION J | 12-2pm in NAC 1/211 On Saat Wel Cae call Brad, x5008 Work ron Jesrice. TICS Raine ese or TICES recon Organising ord Hong = Weare ube ances * Eavivamentl Joe ates Accoutaity» Stont Neighberbeods “TCO it Now York Cy npg ee, rong, Ting forsale Cal (i) S0515 PAGE 8+ THE MESSENGER » APRIL 1900 m9 aE allel pe an New York back to an era of educational =| ne comme tthe GET ON THE BUS! FREE BUSES FROM TO PHILLY FOR RALLY SAT, APRIL 24 SIGN UP IN back to CCNY the same evening. PAGE 4+ THE MESSENGER « APRIL 1990 Closing CUNY’s doors The Board of Trustees’ decision to end remediation will send artheid. =| ee, Cut inc Lat) Right to Rebel! lao Tsetung | Security’s Mumia melee SAFE Team and NYPD disrupt CCNY conference about Black political prisoner Mumia Abu Jamal. Once again Sergeant White freaks out. Once again Security Director Hubbard excuses Security abuses. iy Hak Willams Separshah mo Goes APRIL 1999 + THE MESSENGER «PAGE 11 86 INE, FOE, FUN—£.cc iP PAGE 3 4A\R PAOLUCCI RESIGNS, BADILLO ASCENDS ~ GRAN PAGE 5 (oreo Sanaa COT g eR Lee CMA ARO Aye us masher rae ae Pag oan ceamucus oh ike Scuttling a a drag race Saas Anthropology professor explains why City College’s graduating students and faculty should turn their back on Hillary Clinton, this year’s commencement speaker ia | Reaaitracic S| eae PAGE 2+ THE MESSENGER + SUMMER 1999 TUDENT ELECT 101 SSS Y2K 5, Students Voice 2 Y2K files series of minor complaints. SERC says Students Voice can’t campaign on first day of voting allowing Y2K Ready victory by narrowest margin in years. AN EXCITING CAMPAIGN. satya cau ‘Y2K FILES COMPLAINTS ‘SATE | paesioent | SEPURNE | ecasumen | GUS | SS x Ses ones. ‘reais ve | asrains ve_| APrAIRS VP [STUDENTS | Deny Fcsudo | tops amino] Ken Oyun | LAURSON | Saas ox | Wendy Cele were | sso oa saz est os 92 Fara | — man | aay | “wouanweD | cust vax | Pome: | sartrerexe | citron | saver | MSE"? | Cacti oe ea as wa | oe | os ‘suiting Raimi ‘Remane Monit 2 Defeeted! Students demolish administration proposal to increase activity ‘fee. Sore loser VP Morales attempts to seize evening student funding for gym equipment administrators love to use. ‘SUMMER 1999+THE MESSENGER: PAGE 3 89 SoEwonve sng Srttntaar cerns eee 7 ‘WAT DOES IT ALL MEAN? oat = eleaea nt si | City’s own café I I a ST I 137th St. & Broadway I 1 I (3367 Byatin) right by the 1 train CCNY students, faculty and staff: TCR ee Cac S 10% OFF LESBIAN, GAY, BISEXUAL & ‘TRANSGENDER STUDENTS Pract AT CITY COLLEGE ar ters urctasree Live Jazz CALL CHRISTINE AT Therstay through Saturday nights (aia) 7330 = cha - Wed 12 — £00 pr That = Sat, 1030 am ~ 12.00 pm Suny 1030 am = MOO pfs 212-662-6142 ‘SUMMER 1999 + CCNY MESSENGER: PAGE 7 Ky 90 Paolucci punchout Board of Trustees chair who shepherded attack against remediation resigns after 27 months. CUNY executives dropping like flies. Heinous Herman Badillo named chair. ni ieee eee Sanve conan Seek mei Pesta Saute eps fo ot wo 1s vapiLior Rust eewdl PapLucers: SEES este | aria Spee | a hn | Sales me tte nia ComccnasSpaimes | rm suse: aces aed nee | seg ang CUNT. SUPER Fu Ye Hold the date! ‘AS SEEN I VLLAGE VOICE, PAPER MAGAZINE, [NET MUX DMA MAGAZNE,DETALS, DOMINICANS BY NEW YORK FLYERNYG, CON ALIST, TE OUT, a 'AND NIGHTLIFE CONNECTION 2000 FREE ADMISSION ALL NT vERLIUESDAL GAT €@ Vanity - 23d St between Madison, and Park ec CONFERENCE doors open @ 8PM sharp.New DY weekly every. LOG ON @ £ : Feb,.25%872000 {yg ea ary mor oe NDON mae ALY abn e sinteuaearaes* Ny 25 Dery Busan en Sa Pt 0 City College of New Yo ‘et Be Stan 6 Sony ga Keno 04 Part Pay eee mn ewe) ‘ie 8 Wayne ata, Rab Salmon, Tiny, Ons Pooh John Mca (VE) : ‘he 16- Setyreovlcous Par - Dave Gol, Pare, Parca June 22: Dave The Wave, Prince Quck (wt) To got involved o for more Ine ‘jue 20- Phi Dletarson 0] Phot, D Spocey Sol (Argento) tion contact Dominicans 2000 ct {4018 -Syrbronts pres party for Tory rant wi en Candle 2s 7 HIGH ScHOOL STUDENTS: are you concerned about the new regents requirements? LIEWCeR (eV M role ROU) NA UI copying services? You waniéd C5 mastering? You wanied binding services? You wanted laminating? You wanted Faxing services? [YOU DEMANDED CONVENIENCE! PSSSTI! Here's a clue? CONVENIENTLY LOCATED ON A\ BETWEEN 139TH & 140TH STREET. PAGE 6+ THE MESSENGER » SUMMER 1909 Obata Rate eee ses oe on eB 93 | | 7 tpt er 3. THE HANK WILLIAMS YEARS A LOOK BACK AT THE RULE OF EX-PRESIDENT MOSES * MILITARY AT CCNY * INTERVENTION IN COLOMBIA * GIULIANI AS ART CRITIC x CASTLES x MOVIES x POETRY PT eee ere ed Mumia in Final Round of Appeals Governor Ridge signs death warrant. Federal judge grants stay, Thousands protest as execution looms. continued on page 8 Badillo Once Aga Proves He’s a Pig CUNY Board of Trustees Chairman says Dominicans and Mexicans have no tradition of education & makes racist stereotypes about their physical characteristics Outraged community organizations protest. CUNY stu- dents organize to call for Badillo’s removal. Badillo Boo Boo Puts Him in Deep Doo Doo cominved rom page 1 Yas Sa Pesan CUNY Faculty Union Calls for Resignation ‘Caine ns stoves about Dominicans ani Menscene “eropaery ad ai te Dele ‘xe Aspe) of Be Profesor! Staff Cauevs (eC) has con: e Badillo Must Go Props to Undergraduate i Student Government HERMAN BADILU ADMISSIONS Of PAGE 2+ THE MESSENGER « NOVEMBER 1999 98 rarewel Thousands fewer CCNY students, departments and staff slashed, demoralized ; ‘A spring 1996 raly CCNY marches to Admmisraton Bulg 0 take Se mulcs he pits pate. 7 over fo save Ene Stas doprtmen ad proee erenctnent lhe rai Bailes bag of hor, dept ote ional aoe in Nursing Cuts Inte Sng a 9, ith meee ten, CUNY Galt Sdeus tended, where 509 more eat Of 550.000 when Klos 6 1% ESTOS Mange et SSC uae SEN ae gal Steet GST es Btpmar Se ea tack eye for Bick Studs Spcioncym ie keaieed tg okeas yeah mean ee ak, Sl ae muy Ena sone teprie: Te Gare C ate aaron ae oan sing ‘nema Cay depp sto 10 with ‘deveieszing™ We campus Mackey Cyd St a ‘Setey Gr By Sing of 1958 powers, J vicious eyele yearn and yoar-out_effes was freed from ht postion as a good i Ce the Nigestan military dictatorship and PAGE 6 + THE MESSENGER » NOVEMBER 1999 99 aculty, student rights trampled: Yolanda Moses’s era of error ends. Thank God. CUNY Cea and she Gorin Murch 198 Mone scunced plas Jewish Stadia, and Asian Stas, sod wna tem Sttening ure and ea Sais with ore fale uly. ih he nun fay pam a ci emit ye {rng te ee ses eprint * Mons cnet wry ad etn oe ths ine a many a ‘Mrwtte The dente and fly ‘Sle hs “pray Tale.” Qualified Taine faulty from oe depart mets andy ad Tl our fads (Th hge cla snes ad cou ae led eching etic sues ours ‘mensions of te College Wie evencmce Conmites composes O17 fou a and ee Bak Sclatives (rom these ethni Sies ‘nents of ethnic suet fusetionw CENY Moreover the commitee's ‘in ese pia ing Sted tod served on led, as she ‘A Revealing Conference 1 fen ay ae er nonce & troup Of forty students angry Sa an att a os mnny pres conferees In er imercon wih he sao dhe pee conference as embeatc Ofer inure Sos ad bombs. ‘tr deslring the new programs {Stuy would be eat The guted ncn nig the spwrehed ro. hea the floor was opened 10 questions, aden challenged the ‘derpnings of het dessin 'Xiard up sage ws woke Sie. Mone an sthoplin o Founded er own ethnic studies teem he ris a The ca at aca wold be ur was incurs ot on nip tive at worst No fllsine fealty ii ed Ba eid CUNY's courses: Fullsime Faculty Sl be tanfered ta new dep ‘ent wit ey woul oe ey be open ong hel obs dig iy The mt Stein {etthe pre prt teach every ange carte a Cy. Conefectve ndnd bo edcatninetetive hard Bagg of pris teins ig Cogs ptt hn se spoke ofthe seul” ofthe e's ‘anil ato once eying Iria peeing he ade lo mt be cu at CUNY. why Jd (CUNY Secu’ bet amon Sow eo salaries and equipment lone {out ehat tie? Why aid CUNY ten hundreds of ions om con ‘though se ied wo ps al ams pt otal Yon, a pat NENT ISSR a 26 te eo ‘espe whe Cy Calg ses (ieee sed eh bk paint the et The Pinch-Hitter President: Dr. Stanford.A.-Roman, Jr.- Wii Hanan oupasaL Yolnda Mowe preset Jly 1. Gy Coleg ended meri pes Seteand for upc ‘mie year Tae CUNY's Bout of Trastes asked De, Stanford A Roman Jo shaper iy wile te oud convened arch emmee foranew CCNY ‘Roman hae boos Desa’ of he CUNY Medical School nad the. Sophie Davis Scola i ‘Education at CNY se ‘ner pest ‘medical school Bogen Coa ate Dict 1’b¢ Geer Hain ‘edi inl kein, Dano Se td Dv. ga Wen Bo of Mico fol of Nedce He ‘cle mama Saou miegreones in BB. Dr Reman sme 0 Now Yaa Site Pe fo ay ‘ct iS New You capitis sna i oss Mier inane, wen enya in 1990 Roma tok he Sonbie avs aed CUNY Meeal School positions Underfunded sed wade: {Sree the Medial School hee". ‘een able to veceve full acted on il, serve aan impor lpceay fo einai sues ato {al metic! school Aboot 4D of ‘Sophle Davis students are Back ox Latina, a8 ahead a proporios ‘Medical school aadeuts attend Sophie Days fortwo year. There- ‘Relaon ht Ronaessehdule “Wabrog able 8 tserview a ermonest stag Be SCNY'suoverane chaner nd asudenus abd faulty will tave nda cning os re ythowghs on the cand pial id i pon ‘Kaas ena om [NOVEMBER 1999» THE MESSENGER + PAGE 7 ———100 COMMUTE: ARG frm Green ‘Campy away at et eo Sd ‘otis sly ae 0 walk te beh at fr te Bd : salt! Any Baer ner Greenpoint hice, nied Tepe? Tow, Uj de hk ike ‘fat OK: lst September Labor Day ‘ested dove down 19 NY fer the prod- broke down n Cometic (Sobing vb et The Polak parma se hve sper der teny pc {rent n Hote (sere Ws bere everyone meting ‘nom seanger ep saying 1 ind “is ign, you shad me ak fo ‘alk away with samples? Cary) Prey mach, Yeh. ye poole wi {four-legged bathtub in your kitchen ining room are. (Any) Bs eg shout the att Wh oe tons 2nd tons of dhe I jst do tem in cist Aan ve Te ry. rey resent hat wa sea ‘ut and nen 1 Califia foe ew months The Tame back tnd sat (dina pace in Nonmpon (ans Sehusats) Then went Londons Sued hes ue back for pod that's is eheap enough the dy e's goats OR I packed up my apren y A yit y {pb and ove in wih ay sea Wiansbury. Broly fond i lace in 10 ys moved oe ane ‘ilgesgue chr, Ths sapped Ty oes to wo ofthe ater’ ae Church every Sunday, wit tes faney Polish What ae some of your sein alphabetical og. that here? Belore {sand working here ia NYC. [elves Ot al can say Te that Sunday's the teeta just packed. | ing to iy College wad en finaly Gaurd out that is everyone Sauer if eveything won't ach a heating mash. swear allo reo ght, tings would Tuas Toe oin poure ito this one Cabolc stir Why is CITY COLLEGE traveling miles to get to You wanted i ‘iow 6 | COst 8 | BWV copies? You wanted ‘highspeed Buk copying? You wonted iCDG copying services? You wanied CB mastering? You wanted binding services? You waniéd laminating? services? YOU DEMANDED CONVENIENCE! PSSST!! Here's a clue ‘CONVENIENTLY LOCATED ON AMSTERDAM AVE. BETWEEN 139TH & 140TH STREET. = 2 THE BATTLE IN‘SEATTLE AGAINST THE WTO * THE MISRULE OF EX-PRES MOSES, PART 2 * INTERVIEW WITH CCNY INTERIM PRES ROMAN * REBELLION IN VIEQUES MESSENGER ert ee eee Te eee ed CUNYCard Quashed Implementation blocked again, President Roman smacks down cheeky VP Dickmeyer Studies show Citibank sill racist. Wil it be City College or Citibank Col thine tgh sh, Ckbankapon sanded Caan’ ce Sored ID cust CUNYEad imple: conmeriaaton op by Rob Wall hr crdwarcgily sed ibe ea reing on be put oC SUNY Regents Block Access to CUNY's Senior Colleges by Bill Grain Boas of Repos mrroved CUNY ls 0 phe oat Catlegst This ansary (2000), st Sines ene ee then shots in anger es nite about CUNY Femediio they nnd unc The senor college couse ot «poison Poiegn, Whar’ mae al SUNY 4 plan also exempts stedents who lbs CUNYCard he guano he edeation tered r Continued from page 1 jit ny i Eos Dicer who, fr yu bellbeta "With CUNY sade evi & inplmeting CUNYCad at CCNY. Menemersaimted S38 mii atiecadbingemmon soak ety alee 7 What Is CUNYCara? Meron ey maak account CUNYCd a coves HD cand os’ us atte ncaa by DEMDEPE Koons Cy inte dar Thetandsat aoe porns sara an CUNY sass se pte) amnesic un apps Seat gy Ut chy tal facia The Stealth Government ‘scoped by in fail Bak batch te Bacon of Spo plemented Pent ‘The dc car tanson wool techs esha rf. The sept fforned abo the and ot vale to sadente who teccive_ rhe soos inpleinaton.Tarwat mo chance Seancial aid fom the wate CUNY "Bat he consumer sues muy di- for dco de ho wheter ‘steed te oii rate wast fom tel at of te Pare wm the cad ef pe ‘rh Chitank ater pres fom se Whats CUNY sing ating as jnr Someone might infer eh ae Sen and aly A ily stad for Cit? Why the Cason wa debra Sonn macnunce fe has een lee ws Handed of asiier Hany ms ake by he es. ‘coca Eight ee ATM tations hos ramaig bio Ciuaok mation to seve onthe CUNY Cand ovary bon aed ices, sea! of arening th rb. implant Sil fos raiding $250 len og ae” slong with USG President Rafe for dovootacoumi, SATA tes "~'The ba bet othe cad Damingvee Haney idm nas ao ter he fist 8 ansatins. wid an tht asks the Cllget ca st lag te somite ad eee eng Ibsen efor ums wastrel inden css ae thas t_beove he wan snk ote Wig ‘he accounts Afr al, Ciunk ss.” Pesur Huley te. “Te Pres Dike ete anon Sponsoring he cad bate ats College is elling the sadents to how long the commits ad boo lemony often Chih ie elvan networks selling en std by the Menge, ‘Clibunk and MCI don't care Sewers vena Tee appr eae stat the indo of Cy Cage or" USG Pesien Rafacl Doninguce of CUNY Cur implementation tha Citibank: Your Friendly Racist, Anti-student Bank ~ Cnn’ wacom cuaeacren- the poe peope ase Say lion ber by ACORN. + commuaity ‘2 by amen poles Arericane ae shut ut of conen_ act up sho Chua je nd on tating Maal aking venues. ThoteAri- Macs rete the es 1 October 1995 the Catan cans must engage the serves of serge fo Blak in 1998 Conk {or an Ameria that Works warded pan abops,check-cubing oles, toeced Linge rd man he ‘Ciben its “Hog of the Mouth" eat to-ovn acy, an highest naam Lao sage, std othe tks eying eons mongage lends While ced cal Ina May 109 reper NYC Pub- {Kl dee sent lending-—the_blders pry 6-208 annul nese Advocate Mark Green showed fica progam th sows he gor poot Ameticaas can poay up to Cibauk bad closet slew of rniest co drety sue student 240% for panto oat, 3008 ranches in towcinome eign hae wiht chit ee rime for fiance company oun Seven at any often New Maks | epetermarats seme heen Patina as vet bo cae cee net aie fit footed Nag. Ste Sime rome bc ot on ev RIO Bela Saupe porny. Sere a, Foy nce as te pt acs nA STM Mea nen ane el Aaa tg Sexe Roping One Wey Clery aon cone iettiog sacs nadie ice eran es Tipe tee Seat x Lee a en ced ad heat) Vee cde emma ent peice pened ol faes “ber ned tose Se eliro mewncon eae han eto ne TENA tae Shh Wen at een ot Sa mera orosisy Soom fra ‘ial to ps be toe ape create cores peep fe mara ns ara See yaar ur ney ny av SEN’ sorte Cha ilies vTap oon foo rel ee te ‘Menge es asng compo om elcome rai Lary Hy, Msg 1a Me Wh sold per Web let py ors gly rang pinay aver Tatchg te fo le he ola te Sie thu he med rae aim sd wen respon he lp pone Wo Sauet nw 8 tah o us investor’s Alert: New Rudy’s Get Well Card Opportunities at CUNY! <=: Memo to Pres. Roman BENEFIT CONCERT FOR MUMIA AND Pra T serosa PETS Oa al ee Lire [me (le W lead black thought (roots) Ce Can ior Ree ered See ray all proceeds go directly to benetit antrpolice brutality 19 USG sweep! After Split, City 2000 Slate Wins All Eight Executive Positions and Ombuds Position by Shumon Alam sits Tee ere oly re Seah and Rob Wallace au nse Tee ap pred be nh et Only oe E Fea aime eee wa ced ure ‘Sayan Els the naw Stason! Ombudsperson. She wil be vespansiie for orca fr saorts wh comolant and pusung stu so CCAY. unite sans we nse sae yin cee. Them fowates agaist vcommncreny wich lege Doing then? ‘Sndines i's cng fe a pe "Capon ie Me Nica Nien for Vrat Acwene tcrvon were vocheoae ree Future ‘awh ge ain Cy Cate Aan iy cei Semtinenl ei ee ne ener eee tte mam Sypris tes miro aS car Ati Mase ants ea esecreats rien ey hr Stace Sec akeatarces = ' a caltieecy ae" New Caucus stuns in PSC election Steer pert seccy wiht ny sent afin ey geil iso ang cl feo 2 ‘ethene firsts ncuulpussooe bay ly anda ua Siless, Bowen cepted Safe phing free al ume sy ‘A Split in the USG ss te py eee rt Ste Batiaer ce eet bor tld oie pendent Ccin McCall at conrad tte hne_Mesngr nf ayy cle Sctndc yeast sedonten ese pl of tg Binh eee vctinee Neu Cocoa “eg Se tonvamber ric feo Ltn teens Wn teny dees er US Sene mente eons Tu Ai a meee ‘Sith ttc Psy culowatiemgee acnacjear MeO ee Shame ont Ue wontht’Gmanpee cs sed ws deed we pee of ote ‘ty ite dlp were bog Ba ‘Tn ng tet any ae srk sts Seceean eens pectraees meen Si ieee ee te ae, Nip lan cannes (te gt oe ESTERASE aint von ea fe Tg ine New Cass eae Sg, Sina ces A cy ono a Sevens so sit oy owe mae ett eat rey is me Cae roare Bowen, on PSC penton, nee beh ae Shngyioceens ern, Man SetStyle an poe MAY2000 + THEMESSENGER + PAGE 3 120 Feds to monitor CUNY admissions ep ate ety The More They Stay ih tree ia the Sam “y “very ite inthe way that i ielectaliy Senet "Shen na ng pea” pear ei } Administrators in, Administrators out. . sy feo pb a "Tk le ied ht hy wae dey 12 Sie eee |: iii ke cat kkk Mopping out Morales #22322 11's time for a housecleaning in the Office of Student Affairs. “peice ors Part I of 3 yemaestncemn mane ee by Rob Wallace ‘en ete ar pe 2 cn ba f c ‘ty Se ginny Cos + rena at Cy Calege (mare nest ‘Sopa coat cht win Suton staan yrs i ss Nes wg = po a et mig =a fs a ca ee mt Ce as , Stan etna Pereernet ir ers - : es H coca arate eats a NS Tat teeten war terme ty sas ce Ff Tet rss Cea cns Some Shepton hy ‘rooting moans pope ur Se oP Se oe ee (ce Ga aman nts he bs en ‘97 Cat Cis 600) rer meno Po Grace. Sh ara meray © ‘it seed pe Ty" recor fim Rugg. tat_ sca nan cg bt Sere et ree Vis ln me edna pen he ‘Syne ie Peg ore pc eins Sipe Raed Owen Scat iG. senecinmanaeten at Oc. Thrgats Galore "he Pay net nem, ‘Src muna! cat Cay Cae’ Cee OSC mena a tre suresh we comply ig ‘Schunyr oc inte NAC Rue dior Brad Sig When Sigel ehed nie en pa wine ‘ear ht Cone Libery, Morr spear’ Movln gt he aun sep eS ‘ncn dig hn any ia positon et very significant nad dave ci tony ole wa Sere ep" ‘Se pu ml ong Mit cuenta mae etna He CONY sae ping WH eee ree bat | ‘petra hecantand eam fsadearer ores Caer Serve, hr Cns Dsl posed cues SAMEST has vise of 1 Mares hesiend ies ‘Sirti no a scnig goto 6s" open Cent Dale Students Ser Motes sown hysre ammands act aid Turson oO natn Sc Eemiciwndinceaam ney tanteFy Seem Cn, Aes, Satgh sb chang see Scin Orga ed Me ‘ek it nip ral enn Sinn Seis Te Oeste Rada Pe Yaeger soniib) wih open e SC pede Reed Dmagur ur Sado Aan so as signea wpe: Mehl te NYPD are tea” he age cs scected Manis sr "sutbor td pe’ sno be Sat Sere Capos "Monk so Aula Da Bo et ‘ng 90 pn ne N ng | sei orig sept wd wed an "Ene Lf (reo sa be et 008 ‘kta SUNY New at Mors Stiet Alle isthe biniranans by CUNY Conn The ln nal he The segs att vie ne ‘Snarpaaon soocng won inrae wi he sod pete taen, ms bth Sey Sly pa ex yn han, han sore USO SerNew usr auaeea"wropat” The feiss pan dai umbere, home Grrr sad test shoe sis he Aner word it More, sy posse pa ae ‘iso(CUMY suena, print pug pp se Vo fr Unventy alts Canis "“Waneso a's team or work out? le being bast sn eto al "Muna Gannon be Coho aed Monier Secombe ted Yor ace by Sem Afi Sead eck hottie noms Mets i a oe ap Sonprve fy staves Ammanizacion? Affected by Student teiped ature at Ciy College's stant Gn ax VP of Suet Afar, pray | Tc culctne wed at! wt lone fac: Want ats went haty would be ei ery, wih ne set Be sin pte is puting together am immigtaton cb? Allee by Sot Afun. Your CNY sanded set ny ccd inl eas of sarc Yous fos Casha Seweget cb Suet Aft Want 10 th oa Nee Mani a amped ca a ‘But the ponrayal tendo bea viilic to "NAC Rotuodat Susient Inthe face of sac defen, students out prona As com suet pit The | heya agus, On ly ma Looking Tor 408? Stent tl np ack erasing spt et Menem Mra wang wo retical y Moa a hin's Nid Sw ono Duta tes pas esate bn nye Sout ace ting or seaward ep sue Tet. en sed nef della "Naw te end Dera fall ‘Stsne Dan Pal abs Cay oot pe, bt Stent Aa The NAC Rts Bob we ely rely ut” eat] Sih’ ting seile"Och. Geoundeuecienna”""" SSwteca wggy he peed Spe sence Aiea | Thoratec "nie pny, a Siam va tml wea ye vs mfp erm Mocs ses wh ano wins pga he ‘owansing They ae pitt Teo ip trypan te Sane on. tet eget ees whey (reso ive. Bu sine os ae Se attmit bron Gos oe Pua iced age ir Tne Manes tp sap Gite rm ha mae ed ea SINENGEES Atos * bun entree TEESE Sy aioe ey, [MAY 2000 + THE MESSENGER = PAGE S 12 CONTROVERSY * STOPPING THE IMF AGAIN * BADILLO WATCH * ENTERTAINMENT x S26 IN PRAGUE MESSENGER pyran VOL. 3NO. 1 arricery porns ECA Pa Te A pistol in the park NYPD officer pulls gun on CCNY grad eden in St. Nicholas Park sHEAD CUNY COP EXITS »* OPEN ADMISSIONS es (CONTROVERSY + STOPPING THE IMF AGAIN + ssa snp sd Serr earn wey san cy et Ms Fron no a soy es ne sioneaes st the 35h Set eS ‘tng th rt Hoke Sovenn. "See. Seenn's Lal A ‘op ci Ato ee ‘sw tah pin continued on page 5 Snrtewe sae | GUNY’s Master Plan fails i222 | minimum standards Seisetaeneaton se | SUNY Grocuim snr Onn Sep Seeds pa “Tny mma» | feripwocgen CUNY Me’ Pon, wae eetce en ad Soren, ageing te affcer, | saponin clarng th way miogyin clon antes SoS ines | Raines Se ‘ee maven thd he a's ty ste Sop ia mipee wean ondinceag Exe Of (20) ae Ve continued on page 3 rb pond Tate ft 123 Master Plan ‘continued rom page 1 init Potent Cn sc tives nd CUNY Sea anne sete fs wer ‘pe sie ie sn ‘ny ee apy cy am ‘Smoke and Mirrors hcg 0 ht ly an ee enna any hac an an aanow Gosia, CUNY® CEO. ero at“ eg pop ‘Seth len nahn Sites pty acs To Sy ng iar nt pp Poe a tno sips ey ate me ere te err dp SYCUNY cet pas a eens, ‘The Bright Side ont poe msg eco fa ‘Sit Spr an le a she cy tab apc Tsp ‘imo ty marge CUNY wb ih ‘Sod igen nun ove cee ope aoe SRE sms eid ‘icing Tepe cen to alse Copies of sont ‘es and mowty ede "The ig Ses Seti le Dt ssa Dean at. alo shite oe see he oT ‘Serer spots” i Fant ey, Fane Bes {ioe yn id Bah i as This Is Only a Test... Shs Anes Tss oon brome oe at aig What We Say Goes - Bele Pseudo eo Joe Settee oer ‘Foon Bows one Toes gay of ay Gi ‘unt Wop ure sot ton bane» poll pve ‘as ac fom he Ca deg hanya ie at's ef Ioby me iy trate of he rm (Sees fers” Sel py theses hog (Gos was Seeder CUNY i en Nie Guy Clee Wen ‘he er thebeats ‘eit toloe mired ae tm Eg pom ih Reps Finan 1933 an ing Gulu tee ‘tin ba aa Th su te Saher Gling oth fey naw a chen a as nett "To sade Baio a ede ‘OCTOBER 2000 » THE MESSENGER » PAGE 2 124 CUNY Students’ Attorneys Charged With Misconduct by Federal Judge eae ome PALL er Os ora Uae a3 JOURNALISM A THE MESSENGER *BEST PUBLICATION* (CaTecory B) “HONORABLE MENTION FOR REPORTING* By Messenger Staff, ict ap ae re ee rt fen rol We Pistol continued rom page Philly Cracks Down on Republican Convention Demonstrators ‘a Si ie a sagen Not in Central Park itd vr aed os ae 128 Soi CUNY’s Trickle-down Economics Shocking! The Messenger ents the ‘Adiministrath nt Con Peer ern ‘Sign your letter tellus your Peer PAGE 2 «THE MESSENGER + OCTOBER 2000 126 Open Admission hy All the Controversy? By William Ci Scenes from the Club Fair PAGE 4 «THE MESSENGER + OCTOBER 2000 127 CUNY 4 rleaels UNLV hires CUNY Security bring spies, enemies lists, F According to College secu Elique is “on morally bank have met.” 128 (Op Gop 5 West Nirector Jose Elique. Will he 2ilow-tip bullets with him? a former York ity director, .0f the most upt persons I Feeling lucky? Help raise the consciousness of the campus through | student journalism The Messenger, CCNY's national award-winning \\& alternative student newspaper is looking for writers, interviewers, cartoonists, photographers, ‘or anyone at all interested in getting involved. Contact The Messenger ai {212} 699-362547582 ‘or to find out about the next club meeting. The Mess Fall of the people of New York City. ‘OCTOBER 2000 THE MESSENGER + PAGE 7 129 American in Peru To "nc shane odslod Get New Trial No tet ive tu Fao fader wih running mate 10 slepy help Creed Let the sun shine in But then we'd have to Aer ane ssurepat sul small pay people to clean Recto ureencat wi) mine circum Ts wen njonte £H@ Parks: wir, TH The New Yor Slate Sent hat uae Thegh wad be Gi bee a a ‘net ev chime i+ ia fe Be Os ne SAI Ath is were CCNY sens Chan sd mc Chnemae Sota Teachers union backs cyasccnee mast! pen admisstons SF Teac be pet lo of be PC) Democracy? We don’t i snes for mks pay need no stinking femarkssbout Domsican nd Merean S simenons CCNY adn pote, democracy ‘elo titer nord “ip reat ete SEiecesrmmethtrae! Sie Cer Roenosans see a ‘PAGE 8+ THE MESSENGER + OCTOBER 2000 - 130 ‘98 Oe hat ‘ows sn el pokes el Pet's en's hn oh aon. Justice Texas style ies ts oy oe (ise he of eu at cee iy ieton i ow 9 ing f= iy we ope HERMAN BADILLO: AT ROBERT MOSES’ KNEE x + —— rr orrT—EOEeres AE ag try PALESTINIAN BEAT-DOWN x SUMMING UP THE ELECTIONS * JUDGE BACKS OFF VS. RON MCGUIRE ETE a ee eT ee TTS yuestion Why are evening student activity fees being used to pay for day student services? Vice President Morales strong-arms student funds, buying gym equipment administrators love to use. cig to get you.” Saori te cm nes VP Thug Ee Acai, Mos staf da Th Stent Sees Contin ‘2S'tnwy up hom hein anny iw et pesos CORT aah ‘Sprite S900 ey S58 ace hed Wea an our gues ‘orig tes ee “Meat te halts for CONY prose, snd ho walenChanclor Sele uni" ng pf et wana or Sicnewe ‘ini Search Of: ren ore & CCNY’s New Pres By Shumon Alam ames sins iF Gy a ery cig ra ‘ramen tice fc) menters fo los Spl fhe $500 fo = oni Ha continued on page 2 BL Defender of CUNY Students Ron McGuire Scores Victory in Court io Scttoue on Novaner I?m upper eum hcGuro son tne terran Posorsy no $100,000 question Continued trom page + Why do VP Morales * and Dean Bobb have i any say whatsoever [NOV-DEC 2000 » THE MESSENGER = PAGE 3 Honors College: The Path of Least Resistance es Cheap, Cheap: A Eulogy « For An Uptown Parakeet WINNER ALTERNATIVE ee Sry PI Tmen JOURNAL THE MESSENGER *BEST PUBLICATION* (Carecory B) *HONORABLE MENTION FOR REPORTING* ot sme rasan CCNY ca only LL PAGE 2 » THE MESSENGER » NOV-DEC 2000 _ ETeeica ears i Roody Seradhin Junior, Biology Dear President-Elect ___ By Marcela Putnam i Wandy Rosario Freshman, Elementary Education Aiadin Mitchell ‘What eal wold you he oe et the Wh Junior, Electric Design and Melt we av seal hath pre cha wi ona H Multimedia ‘nk woul mre . \ Isabella Nan Junior, Biocher Walter Algarin Junior, History {gg Giovanni Zambrano Junior, Computer Science and Latin American Studies CCNY Plan Will Hurt Opportunity SanGaE i rtd a ets pentyl am Hh ty hte Sa, tlt! Whar resources for ihn 8 improving the public wor st we schools does our college possess? We don’t have Sins wil yore enough money to keep St our own bathrooms clean. PAGE 6 + THE MESSENGER » NOV-DEC 2000, 134 CUNY Bends Rules for Fire Department An Avocado Tree Grows in Brooklyn bya intresting tt tt your enn mh Sot ey CNY ar TNs RRL eee ed eee Lr Muar ee ARE CEE ua ees [NOV-DEC 2000 + THE MESSENGER + PAGE $ 13s By Rob Wallace ash Eat Hes iron be Seopa eae™ ‘Sat Cones (PSC), CUNY fot a ny pd {nin seen aes ha ‘Shs 168 moray air nel lai wh de New Yor “hep i costar tre aia sees Soren cee cot sn sdrccers Stem SESS estar Smeosweraees Seige cemaaat by Sowing lyon peta Schrag far ent ‘capa he led tem, oe ry Puo sab ean pcs te Sec ye dat, sep aa wo, oy ‘Basil's ot hap emefs eng ce pool ot eg Sotho fe sas Si wi he et ey Ssh dn Moses and the Expulsion ofthe Blacks eto ht ere be Demet cd ‘rere esa ew Ye Ce ‘ved Part Comrise) Pa 136 Sa ceiee: eerste ene setayacseriia hte = oe he Se enntk mrsoesct race gs See “ip am a Baditio Learns sips he ope With the Cis and the fai nor-style re developed fi Like many elected offic the elites? early on k betraying pe. ys Bow of Esti 1980 The ‘ep a ihe Set on Et Bani ng New Ya dg Sets g Herman Lelie) wl this proce In sets oes apn wit And’ pvr ete Sins coat tc a ‘sing mae Skat prem ol oe 908 ‘nuueg tm $2000 He io Sieve cai hw orients: Pres, Search Tei paneNE comune trom page 1 Badillo earned Wen sise. esate ‘enite shone ing by showing Geewt Comic: ua seh tad entrant penchant for ‘Shoup taal gap fhe es Aights movement of Bull Con- ssion, a market ninority vassals. suck and Latino ser lit ma oy isnt nd tes te an iit "Chg tt fo ee cose eg ae nd acy oc ee Fame he Gy woud remove fir he mr mae ste tha entre af Epsway. Sued on vey spiniae CCNY sce ea an ee ‘sine flue hush hewby on woul eee. Aug Stes, oie dsr he po ata opcode sag ihe as a caret eatin pce ne, Cpe fe a al ew fo Sevan rede be Dopsat dhne ewe gulf He so ins Rocion tlm ih oat fe ar stds wih Salts popcrcnels wenicels “awrwtng acon ee cin cp 4 i teil semis nich wil fae he Sonmante Cts i Sede an ‘The Human Cost ‘ths on The fps ro pens snes whi ey ‘sea bes neon. ie sted Read Gea ae 6 Set a ge ee yo tae faa ia, cochir Scrip, be pest ‘aad wing ice ep Iie ue pi oh tiga an wasn oe, Opn ‘Sov detection fe cd i) pee tral ea am ‘ecdanpine ses slog ‘Snow ole Ane esc, solig ec Ha ld Who Are the Candidates? the we des al pons slijtenay er cen hole SEs an te ey cic wee ted ff hen ey ‘Sal pape CON aan Se-Teera, USG executive foes pent ery a ‘ick smitten’ paced he ‘Scat ner fe stap Prine usin” Sal Te fs Ih be ay mt ny ln ny Spiers elem be scent a ty ain Sop en ea ‘lhe Lind Bagh resto = ore shay cs Extway xen su Yo it Soe aig eh ey tlie ch a fr Sure chenersshw s ‘mus aa cameron Tey ‘mes te ough of sil decayed Sees ic ree on Ich ie al psn santa Sipe yt psa sone ‘ae de va cco (esttoceforison tet Sng in ou CUNY Contral Decides Inthe Ena Bae ee ad eh ‘bong Cancer Gl tt ‘het ig te ad ‘omni He aks ae Sena dove by Be Bowe at ‘res Cy Cope nec» pens ‘oar ns prt dng Soy et he pee Sea ee Une I tr coning ecole ene simone a [NOV-DEC 2000+ THE MESSENGER » PAGE 7 437 ‘png camino rr te Gove CUNY’s Iron Fist ‘Act now, supplies are limited! ‘soagete Ties que PAGE 8 THE MESSENGER + NOV-DEC tok pce a Th Gre Hal Banarg Boon, Tunes voaat| Sending a shout-out to the CUNY faculty ogo a he wa ret Survey big-ups BCC prin wet: wow ean San itor a from the city and beyond Diversity, Badillo-style ice scape und wc ey fren Divey oe Tienes trey 2000 — wen youre geting read (Bo aut for an ovening of Sinan re geo It works for coffee, too on -W" dking ses 38 fr ato In desperate need of a few good men 0. Qeanico Combat Development onmand: Quania, VA 0, News Flash: NYPD uses racial profiling! Grime and punishment estate] TT Roles oR TA Na come he pubic stone itn ble Bacon, ‘san wed i Sys et pe ‘mig stestewete concen a Three Strikes, You’re Out! | CUNY Trustees Issue Guidelines for Mandatory Exit Exam intend nh hed ed ap 139 Sop gsts adeno ried fo Tb hy Tes Giuliani Minion Raab Picked as New Hunter President Despite Broad Opposition By Eulan Atkinson welts Jennifer Wore ined fom th ater. Ons Yannis Rocrgves aes pars and wacrs fo deourcs las Schools for Sale Continued fom page 1 Heavy-handed Pressure re EAL The BELL, Founda 3 nati xaniabon dat ponies sade & oval elope or gras 1-5 in te Hien, We carey iing sats to serve Pad Tutors. Work om 245 "6Olp, 93 ay Ea betes S- oc moe inf: Call 21228-9978 fx resume: 217-283.9960, PAGE 6+ THE MESSENGER «FEB-MARCH 2001 In David Rockefeller’s Pocket MAKE YOUR VOICE Pie prema oy ierrnect tt as diaereeic ry Pee eee NER SOE: ee THE MESSENGER *BEST PUBLICATION* (catecory 8) *Honorasce Mi REPORTING PAGE 2+ THE MESSENGER + FEB-MARCH 2001 141 The Need for Black Studies The $100,000 Answer Get Involved in TS (TTT ad * TESS BUTT ECM Pe] eer} err) FEB-MARCH 2000 + THE MESSENGER «PAGE 3 142 Cee igh Rent District aye city University Merit Scholars 143 I Blood on His Tux 4 Bush’s new Secretary of State and City College’s own, Colin Powell seems to personify the American dream, Ask 500,000 dead Iraqi children what that dream involves. PAGE 8 «THE MESSENGER -FEB-MARCH 2001 Martin Luther King, Jr.’s i 1963 City College Commencement Address PAGE 10 + THE MESSENGER »FEB-MARCH 2001 146 # Beavers Win! CCNY Takes CUNY * Championship By Hank Willams ay 4 ae Night and Day in Kingsbridge By Anne Naughton 148 FEB-MARCH 2000 + THE MESSENGER » PAGE 13 MESSENGER TUS Contract continued from page 1 ys don al] ' THURS.MAR.29; EACH CUNY CUNY students... do you want: 7 To op geting shutout of naes? Smale asses? J for ae hours? Thursday, March 29 is Tenctl day at City College. Join us at noon in NAC 1/202. Your involvement in TEACH CUNY DAY will send a message: We all deserve a better CUNY— STUDENTS, FACULTY AND STAFF JOIN US IN FIGHTING FOR THE CONTRACT AND FUNDING WE NEED For more information, check out the PSCICUNY website {at ww psc-cunyo1g or call (212) 354-1282, Search ‘continued tom page 1 Student Response Students Take Action PAGE 4 THE MESSENGER » MARCH SPECIAL 2001 150 a Why Students Should Support a Fair Contract (Gh amg ou cle ete ne hy ‘Sipe maine Wht orc pe AHistory to Inspire Us sullofe NAC Kans pape hw ‘ig elate CONY et ho stay oe Sp Se awe rave + Cy Se ee i rte CUNY’s Faculty Union Pe i tee sve. Sper sea raha sericea yen eee SC hold best tn ps wetepieryoe gd woes CAs ‘ies ert Det By Kristin Lawior Sei hn nee Thee sn es end They hed os somerset Sa bc lend Senet ie ines iy ance le SS eo Calls for an End to the Two-Tier Wage System ent an scat th Poot ps amigo hao Sie sie ny CoN Serer in esc se spp Adar ae THE MESSENGER “BEST PUBLICATION* (Carecoky 8) “HONORABLE MENTION FOR Reportinc* 151 A Graphical History of CUNY’s Fate Percentage of Full-Time and Part-Time Change in CUNY Share of Total Stato Faculty at CUNY, 19941999 and FY 1990-2000 srcrantod 5 t 10008 CON sa ot ‘hopin ne cy nas ocrased by 47% Category Sut and local appropriations for higher education er $1000 of personal income in FY 1999 allocated fo higher education, Per capita locaton fr higher education in FY 1983 33rd Shar of ome needed ay fr college exons iu fancied at public ouryea cles oraniveiin. st Shure of income need wo pay for college expenses minus ian ad at commaity colleges Ast Share of income that poorest families aed pay fo Wition abe lowest priced colleges. Ist evn Up 200 The Se pS apr Cant For ihr Ec, Nat Cee Pv aly an he Bion, ember 200. Ratio of FTE* Students to Full-Time Faculty Inflation-Adjusted Buying Power a Of CUNY Library Material Eunds Cte ulin Fcuty Have More Stade 0 Teach Resend Stat and Cy Support as Mesnt "snk as Aes Gomingnonourok 1 Sha Beso Fate Poca ‘junc to Soca ard Supanoe MARCH SPECIAL 2001 THE MESSENGER » PAGE 3 152 FUNDING FOR STUDENT ACTIVITIES * SEARCHING FOR LIFE ON CAMPUS x HARLEM ORAL HISTORY MESSENGER rrr nr arr ry arory roy RNa eee tere Une eee eee TTS ‘Gregory Williams Picked as New CCNY Prez | Students Protest Undemocratic Selectio# Process leg in oat CUNY camper ce of abet of te & CELEBRATING WOMEN’S LIBERATION * AEC DIVERTS Neverthe, y John Olatson States my Cle ws poe dec of Bona ey, bees Se Cae He jemel bebe vate CUNY geen og hes smi en cb a si a ea eS: an “ew ac a {CCNY urs an corer ere pk i A ovate Moreh 2, nad pe Oe a Sen tom hy ono aos mec on ‘ate City 2001 Sweeps Undergrad Student Government Elections By Hank Willams t@'Shumon Alam ‘hs iy 01 a bs wom Unde Se St en In This Issue 2 Sepa Bezalel ease ere ulna anew CUNY Movement Etter... Suen cose Gov Badillo and other epemies of CUNY ot Thing into consideration the vacancy for fo the students of City College to vou Seem aol py ma ‘ay i es nwa ou pen Se fer oe porn ie enrmeas WIN many and congue fos Bes ene ‘Se Gitnn regime neng an eds anen wa su bey te Let Them Eat Cake a a Sey THe Messencer “BEST Pustication* Federal Judge Dismisses Sanctions Charges against CUNY Students’ Attorneys Sleazy Confessions of an Adjunct MAKE YOUR VOICE Lali e dy 158 CUNY CLIPS Bait and Switch mined at iy Cape Leb, scr haem a 0 sto Stntanessse iy Cages Shrink to Fit ‘ay wae nd poem NYU Grad Students Win Union Will the school, with its billion-dollar endowment, survive? By Kim Wiliams-Guillon soe ha set. Secon ce ban Tough fight tom ng an baa tn sis fs ee cdo beanopyemichp u now Dene NYU ones cmp 60 r continued on page 10 PAGE 4 + THE MESSENGER + FEB-MARCH 2001 136 Barnes & Noble Rips Off John Jay Students BSS) For Rent: Large Public E University AEC’s Grafty Ways Pam Broken laws, secret meetings, bundling, and self-payments. |iawateanengen Ho-hum, another year at the Auxiliary Enterprise Corporation, By Robert Wallace ‘Soto setae. What epoca cE Oe one rcrsecce —— Rellow the Money eC ‘Student clubs alt together watyeun wee accounted for only 6.5 Symmons swvlees percent of the total AEC. tovrnen be hot ple foie com) ere sean titicata, outlays this year. Fmded tort po Sem'cencr crcoor Weniy Treven, Bumdling and Bungling ‘ite Gio, Evin Chan Dagny Adina nt dpm an he ha Why Is AEC important? mn ‘ouk Communtry copy cenTER usc continued tom page 1 -|[FEE] See Sees Uren gee alo ied its age ste een emia feeeeaeeenes ica rem easier eee sae pretties crore sthoemeatiee shosiacn ne Cohen Dodge wa sated to te Doe eee Sten hy Eg et ne Fie ee spec Ho ‘Fe Meseger aa apie hap tbs thn mary a ve since eon as ge fc cer he Meer ‘Mie enpaycer and GSe Chair Spall ever ho (8iC(" Carel ler of he Oe of Spring 2001 AEC Grant Awards Administration, Departments, Student Governments eee SE” aed ewe Se SS = ‘MocanecttinaicFustysnssut Seno suo uu se a 2 Fo ee 8 EE & Ee Ss 3 ‘sre ers Po od ‘ReerGitape oem Want ch Uy 08 Ss Se ie Re Eee ae re Se ae Serceersn Sie, , Seen 2 Re besnnotn o Bipaoteele ecniyraces n Sime l= Sa Boece fe SGgeece nero te ‘ipa & eget Say & Suppor ip. Ped Sma Maas Woe a ems ra Sees Sie, eet SS pas Ss & Sn See iii FS Ederscr Ra” Ee = Pae Be Seem, ie Saeco cs Secor” SRY ee eatmann te Foy Por Se Fy Sue Center Core at ‘reef Pag Nan aw ee Se i. Ie Seg eRe itn Se See BEST asmcmmy at ‘pulse Se Gereoment lawn Gomon” Winer Laenup ee 89 = Se ‘2 eS 3 SS se aes 2 SS 2 ESS SS Sf a = Student Cubs — exstme tometnes, — ‘ee im ew Anais Certo, npg Cg Comm td Rgomencres See, Seine 2 ae See eaamn 8 Sees Saree = Retr as awesoay La erg tease Mester twat Tamir Eons Oe ae Nira ab Neato Egon So ‘Reba Sade Opin Sia Nemes rd ie eee Vacoeajat Semin Wot el Top 8 Splish Eee. a id Seance 2 Societies Eee 3 e Foookobocod ee UGEESERE Soh HE .88.EEEEEE.: 2 .BE8E5 EES ‘By Rob Wallace {kd Smumon Alam ea OUT er Naa) ken to bragging about the nu but his office's practices have assured th rita ace lin fn ibm! pba nse Copan (AEC), s moet ees estes woe ‘ite ewes of ptt capanaon he clegtar opt jee iy Cag ere zi ean of wine Semslgieg rm he Tose Se ean ie Katka Student Center Uae pers ude OSA. Coca eins Ad oy ay rer you lh te hea PAGE 8 + THE MESSENGER »FEB-MARCH 2001 Repression Poster Boy i Tec om ey epee Red Tape Worm PLal ' sera It Doesn't Have to Be This Way sercscbeyeé_pagtapeg ery fa, cri i ng tat ol ee op seb ob a sangety ies USC oF Feline we verten“wallacohamne Students worm Ron McGuire ‘rtp tes ame ecm is ames tr Fly, eho hs parted cy eam sa peyton Te Mert —e— = Ste ee ae eee on sate Soe ete FEB-MARCH 2000 THE MESSENGER * PAGE 9 160 CCNY Staff: Why the Attitude? By tzu Tezuka PAGE 10+ THE MESSENGER «FEB-MARCH 2001 161 Lack of School Spirit: Sonatas Are Students to Blame? oe man sit Cen cm tt (Gr Cage of ew Yok (CCNY) oe ons pce en a at th pion enh th san Goons continsed trom page 9 ciaiega pias ase Settee Ge score ‘The Administration's Role ‘The Damage Done 162 Stabbing in NAC parking lot Grad student’s life saved by guard. Questions ised about admi stration’s handling of incident. Security Director and hero guard in long-running dispute. By Rob wallace ‘he ened in ee, iit ‘erste sired, "Dog ee — min can gent hee Seat cote sig acerangss Sa ‘ent von a bch ‘Sue, ner pad peso he Sos este Roms leur, Cy Calege Serato cei sl king vied bree hg Supt ees suet nervewed 6 the Mesenger_ Seu oh abn cling he Secon slp Sekt” Siu eat We of Scety ‘i ne (She NAC paring lr teween CCNY. : bas ere ey et eb ‘Sg: Seriya P Sci Oeonhe NAC ur far" ner Sveon a ed Sey oh i ay a ‘slay of ene i < see mde Accel othe tetany of se 163 cere er erry Caer conics 1 i por PCN ar eee Ue Cee eae TT YC Students Protest for Freedom of Speech in CUNY Geers The Heart, a Weight in our Chests nd Sa eo ‘elaine vem esti eo. Who's the Real Sr ann posmoncmesnes ; —— eid “Seema we mal of Cy Clogs an Patriot Froths si ats aerate cae RR cane, Semper teead Serotec Post Paints with = sess cncusin we ted oo Broad Brush Tim're tthe CanpunieVne. ely he thin aged ten wows ant Per Sebo of Hab! Taig nod sata ine anion po Cla oo we curen mpepttee gunmen ey The Need for rune pet eee on pb vor, Abother io Joie Bush an the Venesia and Once pond camp Dialogue 1, And dose sn eplogy snc yn Sains Sieeee. Sees Stencciciss BING Se VOUR VOICE RT Ceres Cer nena Pere Perec Some as wa ing aed foe ase Smocn ted 166 ‘Strong Arm of the Law atte Clg ace a on pat ‘pigesonmnoning tna pe ese i he te sepa mae i ea Sei Soe Rigs ree Cte Vote ets av sas ‘Ste pred ops ads an ‘ile nescence SE yo es ‘eve cn Cot met ‘Re te at spt ye Cony ever upd ays ‘Sie vega atom nh SEE rocoto ca Cts ry ad pst ly Sat hgn sams CUNY dot for the Finest Sanam np os Te sours pts tl at ‘St SONY was ‘Sp remem Fer fg ant ‘eda Be Coma cor ‘The Fish Rots from the Head Sars peat a Seocmcns a New Yrs WAT O84) al ad i ep gle SS Spit ly US pron Sag pee ope in Si ae ee cil ‘i te oe se os eater oit ‘Shier, tcl bets ht sec” bed soe finde ave gp a Unatriotic vegan Eee estes ee instar Scones eet iy he ey Sept Me na mgs fe baer one PAGE 4 + THE MESSENGER + OCT-NOV 2001 nao i ty Big Bro’ is Watching fechas ieee fe Senenbr lag fog 50000 ‘Stoner pc han cn ‘Sto eve pact oa et tye of OL he en tue so $9 fs fg es 1 So ad Eahnge Vai ro ‘even othe rer tack er seme as ra un Ste and Seman ae oes ‘crs het on on aden secre eS ‘ie em sources on eed LS With Liberty and Justice for Some The Chron for Higher action ‘sh se py a Si cig vine ores aaa Er nn ao ee “TaseCenrad be Pea nd Sd ins Sct Meh se i beta ya wa Spc te toe ofc neu ane sep hat ie Faculty Threatened After Post Article Attacks CCNY By Hank Witiams ‘Su Mas Bl ra and Wa glee shoe Ase poe palin Pert ~ t ne t me nfm ee tt ay eg ‘payne si ited Siege ne a en lyf at mail sna i Py Pe hinough be sys Te ist ay we yt orl econ time ec howe eave el eeponeue neues? eevee eae nmin tetcarntg Setups Popol ean ecg eee CNS me by Cole Sea ete seth sig tt eas py ireenercae eoett Sei a Ce Reg eter Sts gh ne pant Fe a spect exacy wih com Thay vied eo te fon Messner ul cig te fe ‘eam Cron te ie ours ‘Can a te at ote nc ‘ent nt a et rl lt ie pc ine fone on he CUNY wette es0 utr Do eae co "Clic wail ht ei sig sirogh vi of CUNY sey pre (he bula mor ngost gorston ‘heer CUNY scanty te ued Sieivencee e icon ncn sy Classroom Work Takes Back Seat to the. ‘By Tim Mecormack ‘ie Athos ge ta yy tos Wig Hal. Se Sey a ot (eho he ade hye i sew has epee pen Wostacacace ta a Se tr Latest aie wk er ‘ey ce maf in am ‘Bee veka satiny iy ar i tee GUN fin am P=) efi, rte Noi ae ey ee {input pss she a do Ibe her dein cle architecture. ip sin Sd ce ring Cent ga. She ad spe ie ee ens te Sores herp SRD ion a tao, my set apie el Thess esha mame Se iy a, Citadel Keefe oem ire etn rr Sit ih he wy. Saco pao. Th ks may of tae wo gs i ie yt Tat eons wo gh ew = {ein 9 yb pny wee sisi act aly at Laas wb wil Be eg pep theres ebeoe twigs aa ae io cata comes a Smee eq, CUNY Sind Das ook ad ‘Unter dg Oe spre Sate i ts i ro Spm Yok a 20. fieiceecn ts ey win onda CUNY ec frm 1st tn 198 10 rl appar rch ae of he eh ey mh nme me une i lpatenewatehaes CUNY sons Cale (OCT-NOV 2001 + THE MESSENGER + PAGE 5 168 Another Moses Henchman Farmed Out Vice President Morales put to pasture at California agricultural college. Are other old-school administrators on the chopping block? Interim VP Hendricks praised. By Rob Wallace SERN ag wi Sch ‘fat Morales at City Col ge ‘ee caer sre Cd Beso (Kec) tomate CONY fang Weer concn ap silane sors VP ot Seam $500 5110000 Inthe tee pr at we iy Cage lcm oped ei be et ee ey dg side see safe AS Be Say Mesenger we See Mere et a retin cab mere in sei ey ee ou thet sly WA he spol af Fines Evens Appeato Seeing ome ch id emt ti SIT i ety me i ied ga {he pts vied Cay Clee mae chr tapes se Fine’ bug ec» pow! sm Pleat Too the SE eed Pe ‘thay fee wet wen! aging i ieysdesabertan suet rs, ws eatin “Mas wat Ure poly at? Coe rp seer cr a iy Sire awe Siig bape ua he WA en Hea rer Grn St MORE! RE! STRIC! TIONS! ‘et hy a ‘ru ing any et edt iy Se Serta wa psd Sie emcee moped ines Dee ae and Da Godfather Te Coa sie tied on PAGE 6 + THE MESSENGER + OCT-NOV 2001 a Job Woes Ferner Aer dene t Gucambore and La “ht i he phi ‘Si Cag ane ong ny ben presen 6 Ca Ply Poms iotnete What (Whe) Next? te tf xe fe pl Sita Fanner “pity ‘Sport VP of Se Afr pectin Cool a Hostos Administration Roils Campus with Crackdown By Linda Ocasio ced CUNY maenent 0p Tied ding tes Howto Coed teed a be gt etl pte pte vec cs tet Ane gn ae i— fon spkesperce Hargrave ist Ths aes ame on Ape 1, a Spee ee ‘gun nding aes oe ‘hat he problem was reduction tthe eps Teed ant a range te (SIS eran a sen othe ey ws a ea of Campus Crackdown oS sce Gay Meyer ay Cetin By Hank Willams Test vee ab colo or obi fee we igh pos sa Sr heady seb ba Iwan be as owe alo pos th fo a poe fa wd te pr om pa er he nw ha anes er fe ry toe Senetaauaa | Sa eater te war wed wl bing gat ‘ei tna ee a SESS | ccna See | Seetiee Sone See Sacnve Ria icince st poco vost ve Sika dert tes | Soabe het a ia But Pte eco On| Ba eh Ae Gl en igure cams om | OED Pea Yee a ‘Su or ambi ad's ime The End, of.the Line?.... Slimioaion Pogo ra Caper ey. and acter Sct ator the eck of commonteaton, pus dager: ‘Se nn ne Spi wereal st ply ie we bans ‘t's tn Ba 12 pet alae ee oh sme pay Sif atop ‘al’ psa! aby aod lee ua bodes mist thesane CUNY sda ew es epg oh seg od Bedli ba ferd he uen a Mismcnodocente |" Baia salty Mi oy 170 spit cer byt el os Ider tou he een a ier "We never lee byt 15 ae boy tcc was gene Spine tine te continued on page 8 ‘antoaedi mesger ‘eaten it gt agus te weathy ‘adi map! Michael Bloor fot ‘Se pteae major ron fader po fe so ‘ee Corin at ebro teal cco mal he po ‘Ely war one Given hs coman ‘eu wee ld were snd rem a, A bse Bile’ ad myn Taw be Science Building’s Falling Down... foe What's the Price of Safety? fy x ? 11 ‘A Very Unfortunate Article’ 5 The Messenger interviews CCNY’s new president, Gregory Williams. Part 1 of 2. America’s Attacked— but Who’s Next? ‘By Rupa Gupta Behind Green’s Blue Drapes Citing CUNY policy, administration blocks student efforts to bring candidates to campus but permits Mark Green to speak sans proper authorization. Green campaign bamboozles City College students, faculty, administration, ‘By Rob Wallace Gey Gan cne 2p = a ‘Student Evont Blocked Ucderpadate Stent Covernmest ce tee Saracens 1d Policy New! Entoreedt trl funding to CUNY"s community oe Fs a ese Beene cde pi a eg ‘Sr fom n the Boar of Tres wot epi Mia Ra CUNY sep, pd ‘ee od Se pa Sane? sorry abot ie eau potie.* ses neni fy ee ely ber co cw Pein ayer comes lege a mune foregut Cy Coop ond ‘Spon Ham le Toe ye fee Qo mat iy sos fn dh Sea hh pe SRS a ep THE MESSENGER » OCT-NOV 2001, shee eg Groen Team Steams ‘Through cape Fit ieee (leg Meneger ee CUNY Cor seins epee ‘res peal pps Saab roan i ae 173 The appication, fle om jt te re et iy ae ‘pc lig Gr The Ose 0 Uy sd Goverment se Es Smee sa he apcaion Se aa ta te Sse ce pat VP Pc es Grn canard ge Campaign Pit-Stop set ei en ‘sin png Sl a Eats ap bd esc Gt sre Tea woe tee cr islamic Extremists and Black Sambos: Hs The Post's Affirmative Racism By Hank Williams Sy Saag hal watons te Tr Sleoe Secon’ ROE eee Hale SP Pe oeerrrd em moos re Amer ry eps ap ap bt win US ol Cet iit Si one te RE EN Fo i ner pts a ‘rym rent he et fae bat LOSE rct) ape ional kw po eT} ‘OCT-NOV 2001 + THE MESSENGER + PAGE 11 This Just in: We’re at War! Media Distortion and the Crisis By Hank ‘ica of ancien eps on ea pein orci) [Reerca mein ovrge of he Worl "Te shag nes (Ce ‘rade Cer sack hat tng am tthe 4) Heed atc Sectin/iochacustonr cro clsd wares weed te our whee othe eran tie fe the warm ecco ig a eee nn, song nme sa Depurtaen fetes oo nes fe lon ft pat es ae etic ey bie a Spades ‘Simply Kill those bastards!” Seay new ey ev The ate Thee Jo Por a en tS mnt a le ac Spee mace Zs tundeh ai sony any Ste ot Per oe Ritsu "Avtrsteercanme, Rallying Around the Fiag Sete infty ene Manr pe une ar i tgratiae tig” lets mess ppc a ce ed ee Kt joe nT ck vo ‘ctiing be “ei vent Aer esc, ABC New wae ‘thn mit heaton 1D)" tunes pram a we “A Neon “TPs on ey ak se Chalnged th pws of Peet Sears oe Se ane NB eget pened CN {SU NBC pened oat est at mt Soe te tts Word Play ayes of too bk “Sg wine hie pl “At ‘ean ocr ‘Bubba’ Goes to Harlem ‘By Mumia Abuvamal int cpr pao deal ten, Sine yc seing fm oa es o see rem diet where coms expced Bich Seth by overeing tse stetiidemibreme del oamamar sa on Minster Malcolm Xs Harem ofc be go tay he Blk be ‘ceva chy see Drone er : Jong wight Sear te hel fe US. mow wif thy mee ached wee CCNY Movement sive ia wey tai ing om on nae Scrimettompaet en ties a Aorey Goel Ramsey Clara s09 hese pet The lth Une ‘ore pap th den fo Str sot rag a a en Slot mt tl com ‘en hae hg forever sad tary seins ty mt Srnec ck stent te Cou of ann nce Sah gerd vengeece actiniely edge raven ie ED PAGE 12+ THE MESSENGER » OCT-NOV 2001, by mt igo in i ‘lon, went rsa beso ‘Sacra utp aon ‘Wer arn coer eB i "Gv Buh ee son renin of ‘Sena mega a Cee by tel be ner poe inh rs Lan ey eon ee ca Rae ‘rr he recat ol pene cl il ak ua an hon Fe ree ae aussie Sc ant 175 0 semen Sec Seo me Seiad ay ie Ieee te ete a Se, 120, red coe th etor of several beak, caang (em tow, an nj [fos Mone! by ery Bao = 0 ADJUNCTS' XPLAINED *~ CCNY FILM :FESTIVAES: |) BERESIDEN TG Petals INTERVIEWER PART 27% “POETRY. CeCe Cetera ee aE eer ~ der ate faculty Union and:Students Rally at Bcc agalnstthe Cuts 220, lone tit with government cuthortten PATRI ‘st ANA Ow te oy Scaspuatcr oy 176 Police Spies on Campus 0 sh red he tn, ang Whom ces Eee ea eet ay Drug Dealing Years Age wine ith em eg tee Mab a ‘este hecho "When aed tot ea te eee z Ty meri sphonre ming in she mera he wormed off, She thas yh Matar sup apn ye fin Budget Cuts els mae Gea fom ope ce a he te So ase pt ow ae continue from page 1 Udo tt aay wh Secures be Soot gt acu, so od edn marcia UCC sais ce ets or Dee ‘DEC-IAN 2001-02-+ THE MESSENGER - PAGE 3 7 Sey ey ‘Re srome caplet ye pnew ines png firs pee ‘rip fe pays ee. se oa Do ei Spectaee oe ‘Sop nia 8 en Credit Where Credi ‘Singin ew ins ay wl lg et seyret ne be et we ‘PAGE 2+ THE MESSENGER * DEC-JAN 2001-02, eee sere The Return of the Black Bag Job nt aa ‘es Apps te tut wing owe ee Serge see ia a1 ed Por ye pare Beara 18 CUNY clips Press Conference Pabi x PSC Passes on Paltry Pay Student City College Remembers the Victims of Flight 587 ‘tar Anaren Atos gh 667 cashed in Far Rocknay on Nov. 12, PAGE 4 + THE MESSENGER + DEC-JAN 2001-02 a 179 ‘| Made the Right Decision to Come Here’ The Messenger interviews CCNY’s new president, Gregory Williams. Part 2 of 2. ‘Grog ke hares dig Soni salaries he Meera Wa nt ody Har eee [tte yoy tr Lt aa Nese get eo ‘ses ystendy. rien se ‘eryodys hoa ne yey a ‘Sef ed i om ae Sty ey EXIGE spac, So a sonal ‘Steen epg sing Sey Sit ‘oaths hal ue tuba Sly savage ste nd fens ss year Cay Clee Wes cel declare that mck fe ‘Ea eC came frm ec nB nd achdomicteroot for ing sine gh ie SEEK pwr FW: A ot Tekst ‘ th em gh‘ a SPST Gano ta, ign et ny Sime Sam tomo py tre hehe hing hat Site nd 3 at Sinhy Sales te goth teuy wpe Sma to lly ppeaig oe she ws te erin pie! ada ‘Steely tage yok we wie sends pret a Bach alba Arseng fom bt tie fou gli" peat epasin tert of wong So wt he bat eal iy Ceres pning od Rite ghey mg Se ne No git ya tne te ngewe os tn awe ‘ind ten Chy Chie al ne ng Cy Cages we can become REG “City College cannot continue “si. one alee 4, to have a declining enrollment nutes'ery like we had in the past.” Sou Docs Peet oe Sey {Sip yr he the communi colcger_ beac be nonaadenie to eet oun ad ine: Soya Sia as ee {Stndotie a Ciy Coleg beta ne splne i te meme aan Sing pn gh soe Sam yg Sepa . etn nn ret he at pave com orp site eter Aso toe et owe pty evading le sti us eh ie te of mn a poe See tnt moon ln Se at onda Cones cer hes ‘soy pv sd om oa pe. ‘ad wl ely be sig» Papin ing tte ad sme Civil Liberties Challenged by New Laws Immigrants and Arab-Americans Most at Risk By Alexis Logsdon \ GREER] Are aly) PAGE 10 “THE MESSENGER» DECAAN zoa!-02: t8t Storm Trooper Continued trom page 4 ote to ne their afoomiion (2 were tke ‘ni 8 nvm. Yo tag enor ofl ee ‘nas FERPA nr The Asheroft Raids. homie Tome gue fun 6 foe ake ed est ceded une of 5100 an 13 spi ie Sond sect et 5 aes tn Soli Aw Se ee a Qa esting yw re Soy soe Se toe ‘ots we roe or paw tse ad a pl: ‘neo The NYPD. one oer pel ny 8 ‘cago he Grothe ‘ato aay de Cary Eire mc vo pen pcs teed Ath ety CUNY Lal Afi epee on CCNY Administrators Deny Contact with Feds ihe Better Py Cu 2 fri Soa dest teers an en ested he ‘The New Yak pw fie aed emer Utes ie sie tt mye ee ‘tween tinow abwl Deane “Tee hat eo og te “Ase pes we eer te ‘my Ing new York Cy Monae Shed» cami pe Ua Ain” Haba scary wold have to go ough be Tae hws don ik th sto come her. Wha shat ou oh” Shen te nang Ciba sent before tye Se ye ifoinge tea Ws become dagat menaiy.~ ae ike tl = haven wa oid ac Plan for Town Hall, Meeting ‘ity penne ‘continued on page 12 Storm Trooper caninved om page (J Lea the Spectr that Why are so many Americans— and so many colleges—so willing to give up their rights so quickly? Hao en epi i Lindy ec wk (crmatnebuky Anas Home of the Brave? eee nls Eee Erie icon) What’s a Hoya? What’s an Adjunct? By Tim MeGormack Sin yo See ‘Sain Suse Gren et ‘ftiming he 0 a no apn ‘jin che ne pte a he sea iy mt gor ashe eit ota nesta in rosin Sages eet ere eran coetia s Hiacuneesy i Bash Tere essere Peete Sikes ‘eet ping o os GURY Ss pt irc, tee at poston wat eben sce nt ‘nee a Hoe ‘ti ‘Adjuncts Today ato rity ‘ies ar cENY an damit CUNT. ‘Rein at ess PAGE 12 + THE MESSENGER » DECIAN 2001-02 Often, the adjunct lecturer's assignment is not confirmed until ‘the last minute, and the adjunct never knows for certain whether s/he will have an assignment from one semester to the next. wee ee {eo nh ie Theme acho sau owt py ‘See nlc pry» a Seow fee ee an. seep ap 9.11.01 ehonmtg Rind natanphe bes eee Stipe Taufe ed ete one Rrscmse neccesary ne Win eo ny Now Yr St i ‘Some elite ach tae how oy {ep parable pig cee Cl fndpaldeengrenrotnvtemmne Somes. tenors totam "egos hala TERETE ects == roe Sete reeaner poe feels aay Si osu oti Same a ome ut w , samc dm entoatvng Genpgaen Som encae stone seats ar ES oain tea Ht crate Amazonia Seesaw Maintaining Your tere jge deta ccnp Perspective anaes By Perea Rownguer Seach te ee ‘othe Ton Tee cep tt Siac wy Set Fle om cnn he mt che tet Testy we ole cermin Ire Fang sy pov fe may hlyawe song hing eg ‘Sty wen gu mere cay ‘i en ey ot Ie th waa stot nd iy ato per Sirota pe sadn tim Ameo td ine ay ge (PAGE 16. THE MESSENGER + DEC-JAN 2001-02 184 fee ge ings a cae asa neh ag gt (ese ea gut ante ano ei on ta ie plo) iy Te wesc ial wp (Fiat nd Contig Co GENOCIDE INNYC? * CCNY LOOKS AT DEATH ROW # x CCNY PREZ SNUBS STUDENT BODY ON 9/11 IMPACT MESSENGER EXIT ROL a tee Ue eth ear tty eee EJ BACK IN STYLE: RACIAL PROFILING * AIDS EPIDEMIC: 2 CCNY Student and Family Arrested by FBI, Face Deportation Students organize in her defense continued on page 4 185 [ctr CUNY’s War on the Poor WBAI is Back! PAGE 2 + THE MESSENGER - FEB-MARCH 2002 186 Racial Profiling Makes a Comeback AIDS and Black See Genocide in NYC By Rob Wallace vas raion of (anu stsho) Bas AIDS mes ‘epul ome the 8 f See Ee Sian gaat ee 8 OF paen Ramen Mctmomaiames Eezresoe Sawu Eres Gavwoe Qrsewen [LQ seot06000 Ei ow sr 211 wears [BB 0010 082 Bao i HB 20200596 FEB-MARCH 2002 -THEMESSENGER PAGE 3 187 Profi continued rom page Town Hall Meeting Re Cr pea CR err ry Bey El ed PT ar) Toad aa ‘on aw Ar stem be FL “Voluntary” Interviews ‘and Crackdown ut anon federal iavesupaive agencies eis [Marxism and the World Today seme Se ish ue iron oes rotons tense Gora iNinl tae pice oe hada syonser |. SaRSoRe a renin thou the word eres king its he masses of working clas end poo people da ein mv plat prec penis he "hick Nes igo eee, . ae ‘gil ‘Se ate ses i i me ‘Com to forum to discuss these topics and others: Doubled Tuition cola(oeieneset mens ‘Thursday, March 21, 2002 aaigpm. _NACA/a13 ‘Came’ visit our literature table in the NAC Rotunda or NAC Plaza, Thursdays at 2:00pm miieiepio mnanat went seman | Ral de es Plant en oie simatic: | aoe were a Sates aster sare Subecptone, Sen 7 or Best: * “et Sime Spee Abul te Messenger m2 eet sv i coe Bese nota te te EEE SRO. Box769 4 58) ‘hen fr soy ‘New York, NY 10033, ji Check out our website, wp ‘Telephone: (212) 330-9017 PAGE 6 + THE MESSENGER + FEB-MARCH 2002 188 Shona Sly Left Turn on Campus: Dramatically Misplaced Priorities Live from Death Row at CCNY fPovide public hater edscaion foe Come to the suis lorie aatksesante: | 2002 Northeast Socialist lugs ple ofc, se att Totes Conference! the ft nd lng, Br iad Ga bee {10:00 am (ragistration) - 10:00 pm mie ear har aes heise ‘Saturday March 30, 2002 te ily hs eee Ore arabe] Barnard College (Broadway and 117th) tired me pes nce ecu none npebrencr eens | Cost: $8, Chica avaiable (cal 212-5020707 in advance) Speakers include: Dedrick Muttammad, Dennis Brutus, ‘Amy Goodman, Gregory Palast, Colleen Kelly, Sharon ‘Smith, Alan Maass, and others. With sessions on Race, Class, and the Prison industri Complex Budget Cus ae Layo, Wha! Would Soca Be Uke?; Abolish the Death Pena; The Fight for Womens Rights: Can There Be @ Revoluton in the US? and mere! They ae beh Peary Phone: (212) 502-0707 E-mail isonewyorkcty@hotmail com ‘Web:! ‘Sponsoreby the Intemational Socialist Organization PAGE 4 + THE MESSENGER »FEE-MARCH 2002 Sn 189 A Missed Opportunity Ox (CCNY Presiden Wiliams reject chance total directly othe student body onthe sitar amifcaion of Sepember 11. Anti-War Coalition ahold town hall meeting in hs stead Shecve tr ‘Goto ted CENY Fie Grepay ” Webling Willa ecson cay and ovis proc ‘mia jing So ne | cuisinetgonsanetiagie, 2einiyisie tetanic age” Seeman oom mae [uotteangsenmsrmaterarsnsce Guapumicaldcnagsibe ip cke’ arn, Spent ston he iota Sdcumenl'sidens llemifeains ofthe Sepem- Beathhedwitiavng he oes enh one vor of the eas fil nae Seri ack wits ener tack we cures elas Ths sprout sat Cy ‘Moses and bee upper aisatr: ne gestern hdr ‘et beet of wich ada toy ited) pomited marty are neste ed PRI tirwlgtmas “THEE CTEY COLLEGE Samoa mcrae Ee oece ‘dents, check out he Meer wc Sle boy has eve een bet. The et dy do tend mein he Py ‘Cousthe acay Sent ore Pes See ate Std dt tnoe oledge abou the ae the cans ‘hon poo ay afc ene Ise tae wad aa ‘ere snc Yager a: ge singe acre Feng or pubiann: Resin muta Sten A on aking ring ede nea awa le Wile lai Bear Righs mee tan wor seznam wel) eing the Bf Sepeter 1 Tha 7 eeprom she See cunvs naa np ote ate eter Ga sep ico iba ey Clee oma aan aa ag Se ate ng fe ge poly ane Sade Ava reply i Cos i Feta, le Meson oe ma e r a ‘Siarcdni ESBS ce cern vat ae Sates \ See plat dial siiestiigs. | Sy ieee ei, Pern ch thelgsr” | eminent Bat SORES a | Seg Oo Parton snnaes oe nnt aera. | Senco Pier anion ne Pst | gn cacy Uy cm 7 Irth pneu co sare ie coe | |seeseahe i acgenecerei eo Defer dae nt mean totic Un dee “nscumerte tdrl ovetpay dbl tt is ‘nt Wins ahd ised stad How’ A amp Sei Seg” | Smee ee ote anon ei it Sich pl “ec dens coeur a ey rein BNE, ate forums far discussing he end of ree sw uti inpouot a Te Cy Calle coms iNcosioue that at, to te student" pepe SONS eave Decne ay mor Seca ee Stet cy ae ele cp cy i CO Soci i err ry er Sie Sake Siete Susteren WeCCNY's ending a see of dest meting No Meetings uf the Pay Advo- oe sa sce al Seceece era, noe Lone cesar We {Se pen ps an rene Prong a tect + Oaouph oan Sompletel dmawed by amie ee ae tare “Stat een _ se ena ie ee sueeecs” Ox auras Ree aie iN of Soden Af Ives at ppt The CCNY Ac War Con wl ‘ham planning pbs aests by detect theft Sie etree oy ages cei Sele Sa a, a A cn es eae emer ae I eieeis oda Sicodag) Tw rauaiedanate ieanee Sage Saari, Sree iit SESE Seema ame ecm ty 'FEB-MARCH 2002 + THE MESSENGER + PAGE 5 sonst recng oa sian aie ® es hse tn epraniy The CORY a er Cao ot 190