Tarea Due 15 noviembre or before http://www.plazalimasur.com ¡Vamos de compras en Lima, Perú!

1. Click on “Tiendas”. Click on “Listada por rubros” What do you think “rubros” means? There are 37 of them; give me the translations of the ones that don’t look like English (Ex. fotografía=photography, obviously. But calzado=???) 2. Click on “listado por marcas” What are “marcas”? 3. Go back to “rubros.” Click on “automóviles” ¿Qué marcas venden en la Plaza Lima Sur? (¿qué marcas puedes comprar?) 4. Go to “Patio de Comidas” ¿Cuántos son de Estados Unidos? Mira 2 que son norteamericanos. Mira la página web de 1; ¿qué quieres comer y beber? 5. Go back to the “Listado por marcas.” To move alphabetically, click “siguientes tiendas” (there are 9 pages total.) Click on 5 that look totally unfamiliar. What are the names and what can you buy or do there? 6. Click on one that is familiar to you. What differences do you see between the Peruvian version and the US version? (You’ll have to go to the place’s web site.) 7. Go back to the “rubros.” You’ve forgotten the following items when you packed for your trip. Where are you going to find them (under which “rubro” and then which “tienda” specifically?) champú un diccionario español-inglés la ropa interior un traje de baño los auriculares (headphones/ear buds) 8. Click on “servicios” What do the 9 servicios translate to? 9. You’re about to leave the centro comercial when you remember that your profesora favorita has been shamelessly dropping hints about her upcoming birthday (only 6 months away!). What “tienda” are you going to and what are you going to buy there?