Test 1/a

Name and surname__________________
Circle the correct form of the verb in brackets Past Simple or Past
Continuous Tense.
1. Last week the police stopped/ were stopping Alen in his car because
he travelled/ was travelling at over eighty miles an hour.
2. I didn’t want/wasn’t wanting to get up this morning. It rained/was
raining and it was cold, and my bed was so warm.
3. While I came/ was coming to work this morning. I met/was meeting
ana old friend.
4. We all got/were getting a terrible shock.
5. While I walked/was walking I past the supermarket. I saw/was seeing
something strange.
6. Jane wore/was wearing dark jeans and a bright red T-shirt.
Irregular verbs – Put the verbs into Past Simple Tense.
1. Twenty-one days after they _________(leave) Panama, they
_________(meet) some whales.
2. Bill _________(catch) eight to ten fish a day and __________(eat) them
3. Thomas Gregory ________(swim) the English Channel in just 11 hours
and 55 minutes.
4. How long _________you_________(fly) from Athens to London?
5. The USA _________(not/win) the last football World Cup. Brazil
________(win) it.
6. An American jet pilot __________(take off) from Fort Worth, but the
jet’s engines
_________(go) wrong.
Put the verbs in brackets into the Present Perfect or the Past Simple Tense.
1. He ___________(live) in London for two years and then ________(go) to
2. Shakespeare __________________________(write) a lot of plays.
3. He ___________________(not smoke) for two weeks. He is trying to
give it up.
4. He just______________________(go) out.
5. I __________________(meet) him last June.

20p ./ . You are a little late.6. The play just _______________(begin).

10p. high clever big hot Happy Good Bad Far Tall Warm Comparative higher _______________ _______________ _______________ _______________ _______________ _______________ _______________ _______________ _______________ 20p. 9. 10./ Translation 1. 2.” “ Don’t worry. I think I _________________ be sick. _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ 10p. When Mike left school at 18 he decided to go on a trip around the world before he went to university. That bag looks heavy. I promise I ___________________phone you as soon as I arrive. I ________________lend you some. 4. 6.” 6./ . 8. Oh. I feel terrible.Complete the list of comparative adjectives./ Complete the sentences using will or (be) going to. Base form 1. 4. 2. _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ 3. 7. 5. 1. 3. We see so much about the USA on TV and at the cinema. I’d like to go and see what It’s really like! It will be great practice for my English too. 5. He _______________ fall into the hole. “I need some money. Look at those black clouds! It _________________rain. I ______________help you with it. I was shopping in town last Saturday when I started to feel hungry. _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ 2. 3.

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