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Published by: Aul Wardana on Nov 06, 2013
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By, R. BalaVishnu, P. Gowtham Raj II-CSE & I- CSE Kongu Engineering College-Perun urai, !mritha "ni#ersity $ Coim%atore Ph& '())***'+', +,,)))*))+ %ala-#ishnu.ymail./om , gowtham-0''111.yahoo.in ABSTRACT:
2ormally Smart3hone e#ents are tightly /ou3le to your 3hone e#i/e itsel4. 5hen your /ell 3hone is ringing, your 3hone s3ea6er 3lays a ringtone. 5hen you get a new te7t message, your 3hone is3lays it on its s/reen. 5oul n8t it %e thrilling to ma6e those 3hone e#ents #isi%le somewhere else, on your weara%le, in your li#ing room, on your ro%ot, in your o44i/e or where e#er you want it to o//ur9 :r woul you li6e to use your Smart3hone sensors, li6e the a//elerometer, light sensor, /om3ass or your tou/h s/reen to /ontrol other e#i/es9 8!n roi meets ar uino8 is a tool6it, %asi/ally /onsisting o4 an !n roi a33li/ation an an !r uino li%rary whi/h will hel3 you to inter4a/e with your 3hone in a new imension. ;our !n roi 3hone /an e#en %e ma e to sense e7ternal 4a/tors li6e tem3erature, light intensity remotely. <y 3a3er %asi/ally eals with the /on/e3t o4 ar uino inter4a/ing with an roi an its i#erse a33li/ations in #arious 4iel s. !r uino is an o3ensour/e ele/troni/s 3rototy3ing 3lat4orm =so4tware an har ware> esigne to %e low-/ost an easy to learn. !r uino is well o/umente an there is a great /ommunity su33orting it. :ur 3a3er 3ro#i es etaile e73lanation a%out the ata trans4er an /ommuni/ation %etween an roi mo%ile an ar uino. :ur 3a3er also gi#es ste3 %y ste3 e73lanation o4 our 3roje/t o4 <"?@I C:?:"REA ?!<P C:2@R:? "SI2G !<!RI2: =3rototy3e> using Bluetooth. Pra/ti/ally using !<!RI2: we /an /ontrol e#en a small 4lying 3lane 4rom our !n roi mo%ile an hen/e itBs a great e#i/e to %e e73lore more.

@he /a3a%ilities o4 smart 3hones are in/reasing ay %y ay with loa s o4 new 4eatures. But all su/h 4eatures are limite within the small %o7. :nly a #ery 4ew inno#ati#e te/hniCues are a#aila%le 4or smart 3hones to gain a//ess an /ontrol e7ternal inter4a/es li6e har ware e#i/es. “Even the most powerful smart phones, with access to worldwide information network, still focus attention on a single box“ - Mark Weiser Dor the smart 3hones to /ontrol a har ware e#i/e or to a/t as a heat or light sensor we nee an e7ternal /ir/uitry that /ommuni/ates %etween the 3hone an the /lient e#i/e =li6e ?EABs in our 3rototy3e>. @here are E 4reCuently use iFo %oar s 4or these 3ur3ose. @hey are • • !r uino 2etu ino

tilt swit/hes. o/umente 4or %eginners to learn an there is a large /ommunity su33orting it.org an its well $ $ $ H !/tuators = to /ontrol stu44 > $ $ .tou/h 3a s. What is Arduino us d !or? !r uino /an 3ro#e to %e #ery use4ul when you want to mo#e %eyon the tra itional <ouse. #olume 6no% F sli ers> Photo resistors =sensing light le#els> @hermistors =tem3erature> "ltrasoun =3ro7imity range 4in er> ?ights.• Beagle %oar !n also we nee a so4tware inter4a/e that /an %ri ge the %oar an our an roi mo%ile. !<!RI2: ser#es this 3ur3oseG it has many 3re e4ine li%raries in it whi/h /an %e use to /ontrol the %oar with little /o ing 6nowle ge. Key%oar an <onitor to e#elo3 no#el an /ustom intera/tions in your 3roje/t wor6. ?EABs <otors $ @o %e 3re/ise. It also has an Integrated Development Environment =IAE> 4or 3rogramming. the 3rogramming language o4 !r uino is %ase on C language %ut is largely mo ele u3on the pplication !rocessing "anguage # !I$ /reate %y www. !r uino /an %e use to e#elo3 stan -alone intera/ti#e o%je/ts or /an %e /onne/te to so4tware on your /om3uter or e#en o3erate wireless %y Bluetooth /ontrolle %y an !n roi mo%ile.3ro/essing. Basi/ally. What is Arduino? !r uino is an o3en-sour/e 3hysi/al /om3uting 3lat4orm %ase on a sim3le in3ut F out3ut %oar an a e#elo3ment en#ironment that im3lements the Pro/essing F 5iring language. itBs a 3hysi/al In3ut F :ut3ut %oar =IF:> with a 3rogramma%le Integrate Cir/uit =IC>. It mainly 3ro#es han y in H H H H Physi/al Com3uting 3roje/ts F resear/h Intera/ti#e Installations Ra3i 3rototy3ing Sensors = to sense stu44 > $ What it can act as? Push %uttons . Varia%le resistors =eg.

<!C an ?inu7. 0*))>. 6% 4lash memory>. Se3arate !r uino IAE is a#aila%le 4or 5in ows. What is A"arino? Amarino is a toolkit that connects Android-driven mobile devices with Arduino microcontrollers. It /an run stan alone 4rom a /om3uter =3rogramma%le IC> an it has memory =E.$ $ S3ea6ers Ais3lays =?CA> !r uino is o3en-sour/e %oth in terms o4 so4tware an har ware. Its %asi/ mo el /osts a%out IEJ =K Rs. It /an %e 3owere 4rom "SB or stan alone AC 3ower. . It also has a %uilt in Resistor to /ontrol the #oltage #ariation that /an o//ur uring its wor6ing. making it easy to control objects in the environment with a phone. It /an /ommuni/ate with a /om3uter #ia serial /onne/tion o#er "SB or %y a Bluetooth.

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