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Hierarchic: 4 Main Ideas


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LD (Lecture-Discussion)
Main idea Main idea

An instructional model designed to help students understand organized bodies of knowledge

Main idea Main idea





Identify Topic Select a topic that can used with an organized body of knowledge Specify Learning Objectives Decide what you want your students to learn from the topic Should include facts, concepts, generalizations and relationship among topic Structure Content Content must be well organized Find a way to organize information (ex. Matrix, table, etc.) Keep students background knowledge in mind when structuring information Prepare Lesson Introduction Create Advanced Organizers Present prior knowledge of a larger body of information Describe in terms more general than the content Present in paragraph form Illustrate with concrete examples Also serve as a form of focus

Phase I: Review and Introduction Review previous topic Present advanced organizer for the lesson Can also present additional question(s) that provide a focus Phase II: Presentation Presents students with information that make up part of an organized body of knowledge Phase III: Comprehension Monitoring Ask question to informally assess the information See how much the students remember and understand the information Phase IV: Integration Present students with additional information and ask questions to help students integrate all the information presented that has been presented The presentation-integration cycle will continue through the lesson Phase V: Closure Teacher guides students as they review and summarize the information in the lesson

Want to assess the students understand of the relationships within the concept Should include both the specific topic and the relationship among the topic May assess the student by asking to write a paragraph on the relationship(depends on age) Allows students to make connections Possibly give the students a list of concepts used in the organized body of knowledge and ask them to organize them hierarchically and explain the order they put them in Informally assessing the student throughout the lesson is also essential, so the teacher will know the students is still understand what is going on

Involving of students is motivating Group work during this model can also be effective in motivating the student If using group work the student is motivated to contribute his or her thoughts and there are going to be more ideas. This allows for students to bounce ideas off one another which can keep the student curious as to why another student would think that way Group work would look like a student sharing ideas with their neighbor and then sharing with the whole class

So what? What is important to understand about this?

This is important because it helps shows the relationship within concepts. Keeps students involved because they are motivated to contribute their ideas for the larger concept. It also shows students the correct way to organize bodies of knowledge.