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Published by Iman Ganji
Hakim Bey: ATZ (Autonomous Temporary Zone); PT (Poetic Terrorism); and Ontological Anarchy
Hakim Bey: ATZ (Autonomous Temporary Zone); PT (Poetic Terrorism); and Ontological Anarchy

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Published by: Iman Ganji on Nov 06, 2013
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T. A. Z.

The Temporary Autonomous Zone, Ontological Anarchy, Poetic Terrorism
By Hakim Bey
Autonomedia Anti-copyright, 1985, 1991. May be freely pirated ho#e$er, #ould like to be informed at% Autonomedia &. '. Bo( 5)8 *illiam"burgh +tation Brooklyn, ,- 11.11-/5)8 Book de"ign type"etting% 0a$e Mandl H1M2 $er"ion% Mike Morri"on &rinted in the 3nited +tate" of America !uoted-- the author publi"her,

A45,'*2607M6,1+ 4HA'+% 1H6 B8'A0+H661+ '9 ',1'2'7:4A2 A,A84H:+M #a" fir"t publi"hed in 1985 by 7rim 8eaper &re"" of *eeha#ken, ,e# ;er"ey< a later re-i""ue #a" publi"hed in &ro$idence, 8hode :"land, and thi" edition #a" pirated in Boulder, 4olorado. Another edition #a" relea"ed by =erlag 7olem of &ro$idence in 199/, and pirated in +anta 4ru>, 4alifornia, by *e &re"". ?1he 1emporary Autonomou" @one? #a" performed at the ;ack 5erouac +chool of 0i"embodied &oetic" in Boulder, and on *BA:-9M in ,e# -ork 4ity, in 199/. 1han( to the follo#ing publication", current and defunct, in #hich "ome of the"e piece" appeared Ano doubt :B$e lo"t or forgotten many-"orryCD% 5A'+ A2ondonD< 7anymede A2ondonD< &an AAm"terdamD< &opular 8eality< 6(!ui"ite 4orp"e Aal"o +tiffe"t of the 4orp"e, 4ity 2ight"D< Anarchy A4olumbia, M'D< 9act"heet 9i$e< 0harma 4ombat< '='< 4ity 2ight" 8e$ie#< 8ant" and :ncendiary 1ract" AAmokD<Apocalyp"e 4ulture AAmokD< Mondo .///< 1he +poradical< Black 6ye< Moori"h +cience Monitor< 96HC< 9ag 8ag< 1he +tormC< &anicA4hicagoD< Bolo 2og A@urichD< Anathema< +editiou" 0eliciou"< Minor &roblem" A2ondonD< AE3A< &rakilpana. Al"o, than( to the follo#ing indi$idual"% ;im 9leming< ;ame" 5oehnline< +ue Ann Harkey< +haron 7annon< 0a$e Mandl< Bob Black< 8obert Anton *il"on< *illiam Burrough"< ?&.M.?< ;oel Birroco< Adam &arfrey< Brett 8utherford< ;ake 8abino#it>< Allen 7in"berg< Anne *aldman< 9rank 1orey< Andr 4odre"cu< 0a$e 4ro#bar< :$an +tang< ,athaniel 1arn< 4hri" 9unkhau"er< +te$e 6nglander< Ale( 1rotter. --March, 1991

4HA'+% 1H6 B8'A0+H661+ '9 ',1'2'7:4A2 A,A84H:+M A0edicated to 3"tad Mahmud Ali Abd al-5habirD 4hao" 4HA'+ ,6=68 0:60. &rimordial uncar$ed block, "ole #or"hipful mon"ter, inert "pontaneou", more ultra$iolet than any mythology Alike the "hado#" before BabylonD, the original undifferentiated onene""-of-being "till radiate" "erene a" the black pennant" of A""a""in", random perpetually into(icated.

4hao" come" before all principle" of order entropy, itB" neither a god nor a maggot, it" idiotic de"ire" encompa"" define e$ery po""ible choreography, all meaningle"" aether" phlogi"ton"% it" ma"k" are cry"talli>ation" of it" o#n facele""ne"", like cloud". 6$erything in nature i" perfectly real including con"ciou"ne"", thereB" ab"olutely nothing to #orry about. ,ot only ha$e the chain" of the 2a# been broken, they ne$er e(i"ted< demon" ne$er guarded the "tar", the 6mpire ne$er got "tarted, 6ro" ne$er gre# a beard. ,o, li"ten, #hat happened #a" thi"% they lied to you, "old you idea" of good e$il, ga$e you di"tru"t of your body "hame for your prophethood of chao", in$ented #ord" of di"gu"t for your molecular lo$e, me"meri>ed you #ith inattention, bored you #ith ci$ili>ation all it" u"uriou" emotion". 1here i" no becoming, no re$olution, no "truggle, no path< already youBre the monarch of your o#n "kin--your in$iolable freedom #ait" to be completed only by the lo$e of other monarch"% a politic" of dream, urgent a" the bluene"" of "ky. 1o "hed all the illu"ory right" he"itation" of hi"tory demand" the economy of "ome legendary +tone Age--"haman" not prie"t", bard" not lord", hunter" not police, gatherer" of paleolithic la>ine"", gentle a" blood, going naked for a "ign or painted a" bird", poi"ed on the #a$e of e(plicit pre"ence, the clockle"" no#e$er. Agent" of chao" ca"t burning glance" at anything or anyone capable of bearing #itne"" to their condition, their fe$er of lux et voluptas. : am a#ake only in #hat : lo$e de"ire to the point of terror-e$erything el"e i" Fu"t "hrouded furniture, !uotidian anae"the"ia, "hit-for-brain", "ub-reptilian ennui of totalitarian regime", banal cen"or"hip u"ele"" pain. A$atar" of chao" act a" "pie", "aboteur", criminal" of amour fou, neither "elfle"" nor "elfi"h, acce""ible a" children, mannered a" barbarian", chafed #ith ob"e""ion", unemployed, "en"ually deranged, #olfangel", mirror" for contemplation, eye" like flo#er", pirate" of all "ign" meaning". Here #e are cra#ling the crack" bet#een #all" of church "tate "chool factory, all the paranoid monolith". 4ut off from the tribe by feral no"talgia #e tunnel after lo"t #ord", imaginary bomb". 1he la"t po""ible deed i" that #hich define" perception it"elf, an in$i"ible golden cord that connect" u"% illegal dancing in the courthou"e corridor". :f : #ere to ki"" you here theyBd call it an act of terrori"m--"o letB" take our pi"tol" to bed #ake up the city at midnight like drunken bandit" celebrating #ith a fu"illade, the me""age of the ta"te of chao". &oetic 1errori"m *6:80 0A,4:,7 :, A22-,:7H1 computer-banking lobbie". 3nauthori>ed pyrotechnic di"play". 2and-art, earth-#ork" a" bi>arre alien artifact" "tre#n in +tate &ark". Burglari>e hou"e" but in"tead of "tealing, lea$e &oetic-1errori"t obFect". 5idnap "omeone make them happy. &ick "omeone at random con$ince them theyBre the heir to an enormou", u"ele"" ama>ing fortune--"ay 5/// "!uare mile" of Antarctica, or an aging circu" elephant, or an orphanage in Bombay, or a collection of alchemical m"". 2ater they #ill come to reali>e that for a fe# moment" they belie$ed in "omething e(traordinary, #ill perhap" be dri$en a" a re"ult to "eek out "ome more inten"e mode of e(i"tence. Bolt up bra"" commemorati$e pla!ue" in place" Apublic or pri$ateD #here you ha$e e(perienced a re$elation or had a particularly fulfilling "e(ual e(perience, etc. 7o naked for a "ign. 'rgani>e a "trike in your "chool or #orkplace on the ground" that it doe" not "ati"fy your need for indolence "piritual beauty. 7rafitti-art loaned "ome grace to ugly "ub#ay" rigid public momument"--&1-art can al"o be created for public place"% poem" "cra#led in courthou"e la$atorie", "mall feti"he" abandoned in park" re"taurant", (ero(-art under #ind"hield-#iper" of parked car", Big 4haracter +logan" pa"ted on playground #all", anonymou" letter" mailed to random or cho"en recipient" Amail fraudD, pirate radio tran"mi""ion", #et cement... 1he audience reaction or ae"thetic-"hock produced by &1 ought to be at lea"t a" "trong a" the emotion of terror-- po#erful di"gu"t, "e(ual arou"al, "uper"titiou" a#e, "udden intuiti$e breakthrough, dada-e"!ue ang"t--no matter #hether the &1 i" aimed at one per"on or many, no matter #hether it i" ?"igned? or anonymou", if it doe" not change "omeoneB" life Aa"ide from the arti"tD it fail".

&1 i" an act in a 1heater of 4ruelty #hich ha" no "tage, no ro#" of "eat", no ticket" no #all". :n order to #ork at all, &1 mu"t categorically be di$orced from all con$entional "tructure" for art con"umption Agallerie", publication", mediaD. 6$en the guerilla +ituationi"t tactic" of "treet theater are perhap" too #ell kno#n e(pected no#. An e(!ui"ite "eduction carried out not only in the cau"e of mutual "ati"faction but al"o a" a con"ciou" act in a deliberately beautiful life--may be the ultimate &1. 1he &1errori"t beha$e" like a confidencetrick"ter #ho"e aim i" not money but 4HA,76. 0onBt do &1 for other arti"t", do it for people #ho #ill not reali>e Aat lea"t for a fe# moment"D that #hat you ha$e done i" art. A$oid recogni>able art-categorie", a$oid politic", donBt "tick around to argue, donBt be "entimental< be ruthle"", take ri"k", $andali>e only #hatmust be defaced, do "omething children #ill remember all their li$e"--but donBt be "pontaneou" unle"" the &1 Mu"e ha" po""e""ed you. 0re"" up. 2ea$e a fal"e name. Be legendary. 1he be"t &1 i" again"t the la#, but donBt get caught. Art a" crime< crime a" art. Amour 9ou AM'38 9'3 :+ ,'1 a +ocial 0emocracy, it i" not a &arliament of 1#o. 1he minute" of it" "ecret meeting" deal #ith meaning" too enormou" but too preci"e for pro"e. ,ot thi", not that--it" Book of 6mblem" tremble" in your hand. ,aturally it "hit" on "choolma"ter" police, but it "neer" at liberationi"t" ideologue" a" #ell--it i" not a clean #ell-lit room. A topological charlatan laid out it" corridor" abandoned park", it" ambu"hdecor of luminou" black membranou" maniacal red. 6ach of u" o#n" half the map--like t#o renai""ance potentate" #e define a ne# culture #ith our anathemati>ed mingling of bodie", merging of li!uid"--the :maginal "eam" of our 4ity-"tate blur in our "#eat. 'ntological anarchi"m ne$er came back from it" la"t fi"hing trip. +o long a" no one "!ueal" to the 9B:, 4HA'+ care" nothing for the future of ci$ili>ation. Amour fou breed" only by accident--it" primary goal i" inge"tion of the 7ala(y. A con"piracy of tran"mutation. :t" only concern for the 9amily lie" in the po""ibility of ince"t A?7ro# your o#nC? ?6$ery human a &haroahC?D--' mo"t "incere of reader", my "emblance, my brotherG"i"terC-- in the ma"turbation of a child it find" concealed Alike a Fapane"e-paper-flo#er-pillD the image of the crumbling of the +tate. *ord" belong to tho"e #ho u"e them only till "omeone el"e "teal" them back. 1he +urreali"t" di"graced them"el$e" by "elling amour fou to the gho"t-machine of Ab"traction--they "ought in their uncon"ciou"ne"" only po#er o$er other", in thi" they follo#ed de +ade A#ho #anted ?freedom? only for gro#n-up #hitemen to e$i"cerate #omen childrenD. Amour fou i" "aturated #ith it" o#n ae"thetic, it fill" it"elf to the border" of it"elf #ith the traFectorie" of it" o#n ge"ture", it run" on angel"B clock", it i" not a fit fate for commi""ar" "hopkeeper". :t" ego e$aporate" in the mutability of de"ire, it" communal "pirit #ither" in the "elfi"hne"" of ob"e""ion. Amour fou in$ol$e" non-ordinary "e(uality the #ay "orcery demand" non-ordinary con"ciou"ne"". 1he anglo-"a(on po"t- &rote"tant #orld channel" all it" "uppre""ed "en"uality into ad$erti"ing "plit" it"elf into cla"hing mob"% hy"terical prude" $" promi"cuou" clone" former-e(-"ingle". A9 doe"nBt #ant to Foin anyoneB" army, it take" no part in the 7ender *ar", it i" bored by e!ual opportunity employment Ain fact it refu"e" to #ork for a li$ingD, it doe"nBt complain, doe"nBt e(plain, ne$er $ote" ne$er pay" ta(e". A9 #ould like to "ee e$ery ba"tard A?lo$echild?D come to term birthed--A9 thri$e" on anti-entropic de$ice"--A9 lo$e" to be mole"ted by children--A9 i" better than prayer, better than "in"emilla--A9 take" it" o#n palmtree" moon #here$er it goe". A9 admire" tropicali"mo, "abotage, break- dancing, 2ayla MaFnun, the "mell" of gunpo#der "perm. A9 i" al#ay" illegal, #hether itB" di"gui"ed a" a marriage or a boy"cout troop--al#ay" drunk, #hether on the #ine of it" o#n "ecretion" or the "moke of it" o#n polymorphou" $irtue". :t i" not the derangement of the "en"e" but rather their apotheo"i"--not the re"ult of freedom but rather it" precondition. Lux et voluptas.

*ild 4hildren 1H6 9322 M'',B+ 3,9A1H'MAB26 light-path--mid-May midnight in "ome +tate that "tart" #ith ?:,? "o t#o-dimen"ional it can "carcely be "aid to po""e"" any geography at all--the beam" "o urgent tangible you mu"t dra# the "hade" in order to think in #ord". ,o !ue"tion of writing to *ild 4hildren. 1hey think in image"--pro"e i" for them a code not yet fully dige"ted o""ified, Fu"t a" for u" ne$er fully tru"ted. -ou may #rite about them, "o that other" #ho ha$e lo"t the "il$er chain may follo#. 'r #rite for them, making of +1'8- 6MB26M a proce"" of "eduction into your o#n paleolithic memorie", a barbaric enticement to liberty Achao" a" 4HA'+ under"tand" itD. 9or thi" other#orld "pecie" or ?third "e(,? les enfants sauvages, fancy :magination are "till undifferentiated. 3nbridled &2A-% at one the "ame time the "ource of our Art of all the raceB" rare"t ero". 1o embrace di"order both a" #ell"pring of "tyle $oluptuou" "torehou"e, a fundamental of our alien occult ci$ili>ation, our con"piratorial e"thetic, our lunatic e"pionage--thi" i" the action AletB" face itD either of an arti"t of "ome "ort, or of a ten- or thirteen-year-old. 4hildren #ho"e clarified "en"e" betray them into a brilliant "orcery of beautiful plea"ure reflect "omething feral "mutty in the nature of reality it"elf% natural ontological anarchi"t", angel" of chao"-their ge"ture" body odor" broadca"t around them a Fungle of pre"ence, a fore"t of pre"cience complete #ith "nake", ninFa #eapon", turtle", futuri"tic "hamani"m, incredible me"", pi"", gho"t", "unlight, Ferking off, bird"B ne"t" egg"--gleeful aggre""ion again"t the groan-up" of tho"e 2o#er &lane" "o po#erle"" to englobe either de"tructi$e epiphanie" or creation in the form of antic" fragile but "harp enough to "lice moonlight. And yet the deni>en" of the"e inferior Ferk#ater dimen"ion" truly belie$e they control the de"tinie" of *ild 4hildren-- down here, "uch $iciou" belief" actually "culpt mo"t of the "ub"tance of happen"tance. 1he only one" #ho actually #i"h to share the mi"chie$ou" de"tiny of tho"e "a$age runa#ay" or minor guerilla" rather than dictate it, the only one" #ho can under"tand that cheri"hing unlea"hing are the same act--the"e are mo"tly arti"t", anarchi"t", per$ert", heretic", a band apart Aa" much from each other a" from the #orldD or able to meet only a" #ild children might, locking ga>e" acro"" a dinnertable #hile adult" gibber from behind their ma"k". 1oo young for Harley chopper"--flunk-out", break-dancer", "carcely pube"cent poet" of flat lo"t railroad to#n"--a million "park" falling from the "kyrocket" of 8imbaud Mo#gli--"lender terrori"t" #ho"e gaudy bomb" are compacted of polymorphou" lo$e the preciou" "hard" of popular culture--punk gun"linger" dreaming of piercing their ear", animi"t bicycli"t" gliding in the pe#ter du"k through *elfare "treet" of accidental flo#er"--out-of-"ea"on gyp"y "kinny-dipper", "miling "ide#ay"-glancing thie$e" of po#er- totem", "mall change panther-bladed kni$e"--#e "en"e them e$ery#here--#e publi"h thi" offer to trade the corruption of our o#n lux et gaudium for their perfect gentle filth. +o get thi"% our reali>ation, our liberation depend" on theirs--not becau"e #e ape the 9amily, tho"e ?mi"er" of lo$e? #ho hold ho"tage" for a banal future, nor the +tate #hich "chool" u" all to "ink beneath the e$ent-hori>on of a tediou" ?u"efulne""?--no--but becau"e we & they, the #ild one", are image" of each other, linked bordered by that "il$er chain #hich define" the pale of "en"uality, tran"gre""ion $i"ion. *e "hare the "ame enemie" our mean" of triumphant e"cape are al"o the "ame% a deliriou" ob"e""i$e play, po#ered by the "pectral brilliance of the #ol$e" their children. &agani"m 4',+1622A1:',+ B- *H:4H 1' "teer the bar!ue of the "oul. ?:f the mo"lem under"tood :"lam he #ould become an idol- #or"hipper.?--Mahmud +habe"tari 6leggua, ugly opener of door" #ith a hook in hi" head co#rie "hell" for eye", black "anteria cigar gla"" of rum- -"ame a" 7ane"h, elephant-head fat boy of Beginning" #ho ride" a mou"e. 1he organ #hich "en"e" the numinou" atrophie" #ith the "en"e". 1ho"e #ho cannot feel baraka cannot kno# the care"" of the #orld. Herme" &oimandre" taught the animation of eidolon", the magic in-d#elling of icon" by "pirit"--but tho"e #ho cannot perform thi" rite on them"el$e" on the #hole palpable fabric of material being #ill inherit only blue", rubbi"h, decay.

1he pagan body become" a 4ourt of Angel" #ho all percei$e thi" place--thi" $ery gro$e--a" paradi"e A?:f there i" a paradi"e, "urely it i"hereC?--in"cription on a Mughal garden gateD.. But ontological anarchi"m i" too paleolithic for e"chatology- -thing" are real, "orcery #ork", bu"h-"pirit" one #ith the :magination, death an unplea"ant $aguene""--the plot of '$idB" Metamorpho"e"--an epic of mutability. 1he per"onal myth"cape. &agani"m ha" not yet in$ented la#"--only $irtue". ,o prie"tcraft, no theology or metaphy"ic" or morality--but a uni$er"al "hamani"m in #hich no one attain" real humanity #ithout a $i"ion. 9ood money "e( "leep "un "and "in"emilla--lo$e truth peace freedom Fu"tice. Beauty. 0iony"u" the drunk boy on a panther--rank adole"cent "#eat--&an goatman "log" through the "olid earth up to hi" #ai"t a" if it #ere the "ea, hi" "kin cru"ted #ith mo"" lichen--6ro" multiplie" him"elf into a do>en pa"toral naked :o#a farm boy" #ith muddy feet pond-"cum on their thigh". 8a$en, the potlatch trick"ter, "ometime" a boy, old #oman, bird #ho "tole the Moon, pine needle" floating on a pond, HeckleG;eckle totempole-head, choru"-line of cro#" #ith "il$er eye" dancing on the #oodpile--"ame a" +emar the hunchback albino hermaphrodite "hado#-puppet patron of the ;a$ane"e re$olution. -emaya, blue"tar "ea-godde"" patrone"" of !ueer"--"ame a" 1ara, bluegrey a"pect of 5ali, necklace of "kull", dancing on +hi$aB" "tiff lingam, licking mon"oon cloud" #ith her yard-long tongue--"ame a" 2oro 5idul, Fa"per-green ;a$ane"e "ea-godde"" #ho be"to#" the po#er of in$ulnerability on "ultan" by tantrik intercour"e in magic to#er" ca$e". H9rom one point of $ie# ontological anarchi"m i" e(tremely bare, "tripped of all !ualitie" po""e""ion", poor a" 4HA'+ it"elf--but from another point of $ie# it pullulate" #ith baro!uene"" like the 9ucking-1emple" of 5athmandu or an alchemical emblem book--it "pra#l" on it" di$an eating loukoum entertaining heretical notion", one hand in"ide it" baggy trou"er". 1he hull" of it" pirate "hip" are lac!uered black, the lateen "ail" are red, black banner" #ith the de$ice of a #inged hourgla"". A +outh 4hina +ea of the mind, off a Fungle-flat coa"t of palm", rotten gold temple" to unkno#n be"tiary god", i"land after i"land, the bree>e like #et yello# "ilk on naked "kin, na$igating by panthei"tic "tar", hierophany on hierophany, light upon light again"t the luminou" chaotic dark. Art +abotage A81 +AB'1A76 +18:=6+ 1' be perfectly e(emplary but at the "ame time retain an element of opacity--not propaganda but ae"thetic "hock--apallingly direct yet al"o "ubtly angled-- action-a"metaphor. Art +abotage i" the dark "ide of &oetic 1errori"m--creation- through-de"truction--but it cannot "er$e any &arty, nor any nihili"m, nor e$en art it"elf. ;u"t a" the bani"hment of illu"ion enhance" a#arene"", "o the demolition of ae"thetic blight "#eeten" the air of the #orld of di"cour"e, of the 'ther. Art +abotage "er$e" only con"ciou"ne"", attenti$ene"", a#akene"". A-+ goe" beyond paranoia, beyond decon"truction--the ultimate critici"m--phy"ical attack on offen"i$e art-- ae"thetic Fihad. 1he "lighte"t taint of petty ego-icity or e$en of per"onal ta"te "poil" it" purity $itiate" it" force. A-+ can ne$er "eek po#er--only release it. :ndi$idual art#ork" Ae$en the #or"tD are largely irrele$ant- -A-+ "eek" to damage in"titution" #hich u"e art to dimini"h con"ciou"ne"" profit by delu"ion. 1hi" or that poet or painter cannot be condemned for lack of $i"ion--but malign :dea" can be a""aulted through the artifact" they generate. M3@A5 i" de"igned to hypnoti>e control--it" machinery can be "ma"hed. &ublic book burning"--#hy "hould redneck" 4u"tom" official" monopoli>e thi" #eaponI ,o$el" about children po""e""ed by demon"< the ,e# -ork 1ime" be"t"eller li"t< femini"t tract" again"t pornography< "choolbook" Ae"pecially +ocial +tudie", 4i$ic", HealthD< pile" of,e# -ork &o"t , =illage =oice other "upermarket paper"< choice gleaning" of Jtian publi"her"< a fe# Harle!uin 8omance"--a fe"ti$e atmo"phere, #ine-bottle" Foint" pa""ed around on a clear autumn afternoon. 1o thro# money a#ay at the +tock 6(change #a" pretty decent &oetic 1errori"m--but to destroy the money #ould ha$e been good Art +abotage. 1o "ei>e 1= tran"mi""ion broadca"t a fe# pirated minute" of incendiary 4haote art #ould con"titute a feat of &1--but "imply to blo# up the tran"mi""ion to#er #ould be perfectly ade!uate Art +abotage. :f certain gallerie" mu"eum" de"er$e an occa"ional brick

But the garden gate" are camouflaged #ith terrori"m.or fallI But ho#I Art +abotage "hould probably "tay a#ay from politic" AitB" "o boringD--but not from bank". a"trolabe".being become" a "ultan of in$erted re$elation. oppre""i$e "pirit". "tiletto" on pillo#".through their #indo#"--not de"truction. "tiff "haft" of ottoman tulip".? By night Ha""an-i +abbah like a ci$ili>ed #olf in a turban "tretche" out on a parapet abo$e the garden glare" at the "ky. an occult "paceGlight continuum con"umed by "till-unimagined libertie". &yrotechnic" :. beautiful face".the metaphy"ical "candal of bathing odali"!ue". it" true face "hine" through direct. conning the a"teri"m" of here"y in the mindle"" cool de"ert air.-"eeking in the foliage--?#ater.. delight children. turn 2uddite. :n a central chamber "calloped #ith light and hung #ith tape"tried arabe"!ue" they lean on bol"ter" "moke long chibouk" of ha"chi"ch "cented #ith opium amber. a "tream #ith #atercre""--a fountain cry"talled underneath #ith geometry-.160 B. trompe lBoeil. membrane-pink "hira>i ro"e". 1he 'ld Man flit" like a gho"t into tent" of king" bedroom" of theologian". carpet" "pread like make-belie$e garden" on actual la#n"--a pa$ilion "et #ith a mo"aic of calligramme"--a #illo#. fill the air #ith bra$e ri"ky-"melling ha>e. 1he A""a""in" A48'++ 1H6 23+168 '9 the de"ert into the polychrome hill". *hen ugline"". rumor" of a""a""ination. poor de"ign "tupid #a"te are forced upon you. but a Folt to complacency--then #hat about BA. 4all "ome kid #ith a "mouldering punk or kitchen match-. the heraldry of our ob"e""ion" di"play" the luminou" black outla# banner" of the A""a""in". lea$e" behind bad dream". mirror". 6ach of tho"e #ho enter the realm of the Imam-of-one's-own. pile" of open book" in a "haft of morning "unlight--an un"heathed "cimitar. bra>ier" of meccan aloe" ben>oin.re$olution #eather--light your cigarette from the "i>>ling fu"e of a Haymarket-black bomb--imagine the air full of lamiae "uccubi. legend".5+I 7allerie" turn beauty into a commodity but bank" tran"mute :magination into fece" and debt.all of them pretender" to the throne of an :maginal 6gypt. butterflie". Here the 0ay of 8e"urrection ha" already come gone--tho"e #ithin li$e out"ide profane 1ime. 0onBt picket--$andali>e. 1rue.. 9or them the hierarchy of being ha" compacted to a dimen"ionle"" punctum of the real--for them the chain" of 2a# ha$e been broken--they end their fa"ting #ith #ine. &omegranate."haman-apo"tle of "ummer gunpo#der plot"--"hatter the hea$y . in thi" myth "ome a"pirant di"ciple" may be ordered to fling them"el$e" off the rampart" into the black--but al"o true that "ome of them #ill learn to fly like "orcerer". "unflo#er".6+6 but ne$er de$eloped for #ar--a fine e(ample of &oetic 1errori"m--a #eapon u"ed to trigger ae"thetic "hock rather than kill--the 4hine"e hated #ar u"ed to go into mourning #hen armie" #ere rai"ed--gunpo#der more u"eful to frighten malign demon".=6. a fortified ca"tle in "aracenic "tyle enclo"ing a hidden garden. the erotic melancholy of cypre""e". 9or them the out"ide of e$erything i" it" in"ide.1H6 4H:. of #et bro#n cupbearer" hide. pa"t all lock" guard" #ith forgotten mo"lemGninFa techni!ue". thro# your "hoe in the #ork". at the top of a de""icate blue $alley tra$eler" find an artificial oa"i". Behind crenellation" "lit-#indo#ed to#er" "cholar" fedayeen #ake in narro# monolithic cell". hairle"" ochre $iolet dun umber. +tarmap". per"immon. pui""ant bribe". +ma"h the "ymbol" of the 6mpire in the name of nothing but the heartB" longing for grace.. #hich they hold at bay #ith dagger" poi"on". retaliate. a monarch of abrogation apo"ta"y. A" gue"t" of the 'ld Man of the Mountain Ha""an-i +abbah they climb rock-cut "tep" to the ca"tle. a mandals or magic circle lo"t to hi"tory but embedded or imprinted in con"ciou"ne"". ?A 9ore"t :n +pringtime?-. mulberry. 0onBt prote"t--deface. *ouldnBt the #orld gain a degree of beauty #ith each bank that could be made to tremble. greenery. 1he emblem of Alamut hold" in the mind. M-8/B". alembic" retort". 1he attar of hi" propaganda "eep" into the criminal dream" of ontological anarchi"m. bottlerocket". police-gho"t". 4la"" 4 1hunder Bomb" from 5#antung..

dragon coiled barium-green again"t a background of "odium. 7reat 2ion. 6$ane"cent incendiary mind-bomb". *a" there an up or do#nI 1here #ere ca"ter" of "eed.ight. Bla>ing "hellac. pitch. deep.o(alate yello#--0onBt 1read 'n Me--or copulating mon"ter" "hooting #ad" of Fi>m-fire at a Bapti"t" old folk" home. there #ere po#er"% energy underneath. plume" of "ulphur from elf.. . 3npa""ing 4hao" of utter darkne"" 3ntouched untouchable --Maori 4hant 4hao" perche" on a "ky-mountain% a huge bird like a yello# bag or red fireball.othing el"e. impul"e abo$e.1iamat her"elf a great "ea-"erpent. impromptu anonymou" Aperhap" launch from back of pickup truck. 4loud-"culpture. . felt the generation of heat. "odium calomel. gum #ater. . p"yche of fire.. ar"enic "hrill picrate of pota"h. Aether 0aylight. 9ountain" K *ater Art.D Build frame-lattice lance#ork "et-piece" on the roof" of in"urance building" or "chool"--a kundalini"nake or 4hao". fir"t "eed of Mind. 0onBt perform #ith 8ockefeller grant" police permit" for audience" of culture-lo$er". 1he A""a""in-child. #ith "i( feet #ing"--ha" no face but dance" "ing". "trontium.attack your local bank or ugly church #ith roman candle" purple-gold "kyrocket". then 6arthG7aia. chthonic totem"--*orm. 1he"e off"pring gro# noi"y bumptiou"--"he con"ider" their de"truction. the Hori>on". day nor night-but '.on-being neither air nor earth nor "pace% #hat #a" enclo"edI #hereI under #ho"e protectionI *hat #a" #ater. Mad 0og. "moke "culpture flag" K Air Art. then 0e"ireG6ro". antimony.6.either Being nor . But #ho kno#" for "ureI --Rg Veda 1iamat the 4hao"-'cean "lo#ly drop" from her #omb +ilt +lime."harp--drifting opal cloud of pungent dragonGphoeni( "moke. "ugar of milk. unmanife"t #ater. But Marduk the #argod of Babylon ri"e" in rebellion again"t the 'ld Hag her 4hao"-mon"ter". 'r 4hao" i" a black longhaired dog. gerb" of chine"e fire--for a fe# moment" the air i" o>one. 9rom the"e three proceed t#o pair"-6rebu" old . 6arth#ork".night #ith pinched "tar" pumped "tar". "cary mandala" flaring up on "mug "uburban night". alien green thunderhead" of emotional plague bla"ted by orgone-blue $aFra-ray" of la"ered feux d'artifice. 1he '.either death nor immortality. hidden by $oid.6 breathed by it"elf #ith no #ind. And 9ire#ork". lacking the fi$e $i"cera. Ho#ling +torm--dragon" #earing their glory like god"-. 9or an in"tant the 6mpire fall". +ky and #atery *i"dom. 9emale 'gre. 4hao" Myth" 3n"een 4hao" Apo-te-kiteaD 3npo""e""ed. 4omet" that e(plode #ith the odor of ha"hi"h radioacti$e charcoal--"#ampghoul" #ill-oB-the-#i"p" haunting public park"--fake +t.. 0arkne"" "#athed in darkne"". unfathomableI . it" prince" go$ernor" flee to their "tygian muck. a blit> of magne"ium +pur-fire Alampblack "altpetreD portfire iron filing"-. came into being a" 0e"ire. four 4hao" the Aby"" come" fir"t. blind deaf. hold" "#ay for one brief dog"tar-hot night. +corpion Man.flamethro#er" burning their pinched a""e" a" they retreat. 6lmoB" fire flickering o$er the architecture of the bourgeoi"ie--"tring" of lady-finger" falling on the 2egi"lature floor--"alamander-elemental" attack #ell-kno#n moral reformer".

D 'r el"e he become" the manGmon"ter -ello# 6mperor. :n fact.o# &Ban-5u gro#" into a column that hold" up the uni$er"e--or el"e he becomes the uni$er"e Abreath--H#ind. Marduk #ill be the fir"t to rule.? A5uo H"iangD 6$ery reali>ed con"ciou"ne"" i" an ?emperor? #ho"e "ole form of rule i" to do nothing to di"turb the "pontaneity of nature./// thing" are one #ith me.orth +ea. not cau"ed by "omething el"e. hair la"he"--H"tar" planet". chanted or "ung--for one rea"on alone-- A right combination of image tune plunge" the audience into a hal A"omething bet#een emotionalGae"thetic mood trance of hypera#arene""D. 1he ?"age? i" not 4hao" it"elf. 'r el"e he become" 2ao 1>u. :n . flute". outbur"t" of #eeping. ?. 1he ?:? cannot produce thing" thing" cannot produce the ?:. 6mperor of the 4enter. prophet of 1ao. :n"ide it &Ban-5u i" born gro#" for 18. 1he $ariou" aperture". principle" of di"order. creating all the other god" by Ferking off--but 4hao" al"o manife"t" a" the dragon Apophi" #hom 8a mu"t de"troy Aalong #ith hi" "tate of glory. the 1ao. Amon-8a ABeingD "it" alone in the primordial 4hao"-'cean of .. all in motion a" if there #ere a 1rue 2ord to mo$e them--but if #e "earch for e$idence of thi" 2ord #e fail to find any. 4hao" ne$er died. 1hing" are #hat they are "pontaneou"ly. 6$erything i" natural doe" not kno# #hy it i" "o. 9ather @eu" the 'lympian" #age #ar again"t Mother 7aia the 1itan". eating. ?Hea$en and 6arth. 4hao" i" Hun 1un. of aimle"" #andering. #ho al#ay" treated them #ell. hi" flea"-Hhuman being". the 1/. Hun 1un. blood humor"--Hri$er" "ea". but rather a loyal child of 4hao"--one of &Ban-5uB" flea". ?All being" ha$e "e$en orifice" for "eeing.. 1iamat. Here poet" are allo#ed to publi"h anything . yang yin. "perm--Hpearl". all li$ing being" together make up nature. a fragment of fle"h of 1iamatB" mon"trou" "on.? #hich i" "elf-e(i"tent. banker. :n our #orld 4hao" ha" been o$erthro#n by younger god". pipe". :f rebellion pro$e" impo""ible then at lea"t a kind of clande"tine "piritual Fihad might be launched. androgyny the licen"e of bea"t". the ./// thing" ha$e 1/. 2et it follo# the #ar-banner" of the anarchi"t black dragon.-"he lo$e" Mi"t 4loud. 'ne day the +outh +ea. 1he 1/./// year"--at la"t the egg open" up. the old #ay" of hunting gathering. :n the 6a"t poet" are "ometime" thro#n in pri"on--a "ort of compliment. "ince it "ugge"t" the author ha" done "omething at lea"t a" real a" theft or rape or re$olution. . hearing. of co"mic 'rder. 6mperor +hu.4hao" i" al"o an enormou" chickenB" egg.-but poor old Hun 1un ha" noneC 2etB" drill "ome into himC? +o they did--one orifice a day--till on the "e$enth day. 6mperor Hu Ashu hu K lightningD paid a $i"it to Hun 1un.3.? 'ntological Anarchi"m tend" to di"agree only #ith the 1aoi"t"B total !uieti"m. poor old Hun 1un i" the 1ao it"elf. ?#ere born at the "ame time : #a". to""ing of rupee"--#herea" #e li"ten to poetry like "ome +ci9i brain in a Far--at be"t a #ry chuckle or grimace.prie"t".? "ay" 4huang 1>u.Marduk accu"e" her of cau"ing "on" to rebel again"t father". :n battle he "lay" 1iamat from her body order" the material uni$er"e. to in$ent go$ernment. marro#--HFade. "plit" into "ky earth. etc. etc. tho"e parti"an" of 4hao". :ndia e$en non-mu"ical recitation pro$oke" noi"e motion. But./// different "tate".atureB" mu"ic ha" no e(i"tence out"ide thing". phallocrat". He inaugurate" the Babylonian 6mpire--then from gibbet" bloody entrail" of 1iamatB" ince"tuou" "on he create" the human race to "er$e fore$er the comfort of god"-their high prie"t" anointed king". ?*aC *aC? #ith elegant hand-Fi$e. $e"tige of "imian rictu"--the re"t of the body off on "ome other planet. fit" of dancing-mea"urable phy"ical re"pon"e to art. "hitting. &ornography :. morali"t". *i"hing to repay hi" kindne"" they "aid. 9or u" the link bet#een poetry body died #ith the bardic era--#e read under the influence of a carte"ian anae"thetic ga". each good couplet applauded. eye"--H"un moon. hi" "hado# hi" magicD in order that the &haroah may "afely rule--a $ictory ritually recreated daily in :mperial temple" to confound the enemie" of the +tate. 4hao" died.. fit lord" for "erf". &68+:A : +A* that poetry i" meant to be "et to mu"ic becau"e it works.

2ike propaganda it "ometime" change" li$e" becau"e it unco$er" true de"ire"..o. rock merely another commodity--forget the "lick ge"amtkun"t#erk.. a pattern of in"tantaneou" grace--a "pontaneou" organic order completely different from the carrion pyramid" of "ultan". :f ruler" refu"e to con"ider poem" a" crime". "ynthe"i>er. 1he crime" ad$ocated in the"e broad"heet" cannot be committed again"t "elf or other but only again"t the mordant cry"talli>ation of :dea" into "tructure" of poi"onou" 1hrone" 0omination".. autore"urrection i"nBt one of them.dancing--$ictorian bathtub #ith rubber duck" pink boner"-. cannot be defined by dogma.. .ot crime" again"t bodie". &irate 1= i" a futile fanta"y.Alice on ganFa. pri"on #ithout #all". ca"ta#ay face" of columbine" "leeping on thigh-#hite flo#er"--na"ty hilariou" pi"" Foke". or te(t" that po""e"" the re"onance of terrori"m. #ithout echoe".3+1:46 4A.. 4rime . 1hat i"... 2o$e i" "tructure.. . compugraphi( color tape-. "pecial-effect". crackpot "ami>dat to unchain 0e"ire from it" bondage.but #eird naked. but again"t :dea" A :dea"-in-thing"D #hich are deadly "uffocating.birdD--but. action #hich i" Fu"t. .'1 B6 'B1A:. mufti".. "a(ophone" drum"--electric boogie lyric" "ung by aetherial childrenB" choir--ontological anarchi"t lyric".probably Fu"t a dream. . 'nly images count--the cen"or" lo$e "nap" of death mutilation but recoil in horror at the "ight of a child ma"turbating-apparently they e(perience thi" a" an in$a"ion of their e(i"tential $alidity. 2eaflet a playground #ith inflammatory "mutty feuilleton"-. not crime" again"t nature or humanity but crime" by legal fiat. #ho #ould "ee itI . A "ort of *e"tern tantrik porn might help gal$ani>e the corp"e.edited tight a" a fa"tfood commercial. feather" bone". &arado(% to embrace 4hao" i" not to "lide to#ard entropy but to emerge into an energy like "tar". +ooner or later the unco$ering un$eiling of "elfGnature tran"mogrifie" a per"on into a brigand--like "tepping into another #orld then returning to thi" one to di"co$er youB$e been declared a traitor. America ha" freedom of "peech becau"e all #ord" are con"idered e!ually $apid.-call it ?4HA'+--the 8ock =ideoC? . be"ide". or of ab"tract thought--#orld #ithout ri"k or eros.o doubt e$en the mo"t poetic porn #ould ne$er re$i$e the facele"" corp"e to dance "ing Alike the 4hine"e 4hao". e(ile. make it "hine #ith "ome of the glamor of crime. cadi" grinning e(ecutioner". :n 6ngland "ome pornographic book" are "till banned. 5abir 1>ara. 2i &o Bakunin. ..imagine a "cript for a three-minute film "et on a mythical i"le of runa#ay children #ho inhabit ruin" of old ca"tle" or build totem-hut" Funk-a""emblage ne"t"--mi(ture of animation.. *e mu"t become crook" conmen to protect it" "piritual beauty in a be>el of clande"tinity. pigeon-blood--fla"he" of amber limb" tangled in "heet"--face" in "tarry ma"k" ki""ing "oft crea"e" of "kin--androgynou" pirate".60 under any 2a#--action in accord #ith "pontaneou" nature. &ornography ha" a mea"urable phy"ical effect on it" reader". 1oo e(pen"i$e to produce. a hidden garden of e"pionage. At any co"t re-connect poetry to the body. +o poetry i" dead again-.e$en if the mumia from it" corp"e retain" "ome healing propertie". cro"" bet#een Hafe> &ancho =illa. #ithout palpable e(i"tence-"hado#-realm of print. a "oul different from the 90A-appro$ed purple-"tamped "tandard dead meat-. crime" for lo$e. 1he 2a# #ait" for you to "tumble on a mode of being. then "omeone mu"t commit crime" that "er$e the function of poetry. . their identification #ith the 6mpire it" "ubtle"t ge"ture".but erotic art in it"elf make" a better $ehicle for enhancement of beingGcon"ciou"ne""Gbli""--a" in certain oriental #ork"..pornopropaganda.a" "oon a" you begin to act in harmony #ith nature the 2a# garotte" "trangle" you--"o donBt play the ble""ed liberal middlecla"" martyr--accept the fact that youBre a criminal be prepared to act like one.atonal punk reggae "cored for gamelan. "y"tem. After 4hao" come" 6ro"--the principle of order implicit in the nothingne"" of the un!ualified 'ne. then.ot "tupid libertinage but e(emplary crime". 'ur culture produce" mo"t of it" porn out of body-hatred-. ae"thetic crime". the only code untainted by "la$ery drugged "leep. heretic.at all--a "ort of puni"hment in effect.. pet li>ard" lapping "pilt milk--nude break. black dog".ot the kid" it #a" meant to "educe. tent" "e#n #ith cry"tal.

High *ay Man. my"tic". 1oday i" 8e"urrection 0ay--money #a"ted on beauty #ill be alchemically tran"muted into eli(ir. 1he #orld i" already re-made according to the heartB" de"ire. 1he "orcerer i" a +imple 8eali"t% the #orld i" real--but then "o mu"t con"ciou"ne"" be real "ince it" effect" are "o tangible. 1he tactic" of ontological anarchi"m are rooted in thi" "ecret Art--the goal" of ontological anarchi"m appear in it" flo#ering.ritual" of plea"ure. dagger "#ord. only the "pontaneity of natura naturans. not the 7olden 0a#n or make-belie$e "hamani"m. A" my uncle Mel$in u"ed to "ay. the lightning raid. 1he yoga of "tealth. 1hi" in$ol$e" the manipulation of "ymbol" A#hich are al"o thing"D of people A#ho are al"o "ymbolicD--the archetype" "upply a $ocabulary for thi" proce"" therefore are treated a" if they #ere both real unreal. yantra" ge"ture"-. A poem can act a" a "pell $ice $er"a--but "orcery refu"e" to be a metaphor for mere literature--it in"i"t" that "ymbol" mu"t cau"e e$ent" a" #ell a" pri$ate epiphanie".the metamorpho"i" of !uotidian place into angelic "phere. remember the 4ode 0uello--+moke &otG6at 4hickenG0rink 1ea. hierophant". :maginal -oga. . :t doe" not #ant to "educe you unle"" youBre e(tremely young good-looking Aenclo"e recent photoD. 'ur feral angel" demand #e tre"pa"". 1he natural "ocial model for ontological anarchi"m i" the child-gang or the bank-robber"-band. like #ord". Euality of perception define" the #orld of into(ication--but to "u"tain it e(pand it to include others demand" acti$ity of a certain kind--"orcery.. "cienti"t" "hopkeeper" all brand the "orcerer enemy for threatening the po#er of their charade. "ocial "cience--not that #eak bla$at"kian crap. *here our kno#ledge of beauty harmoni>e" #ith the ludus naturae. +orcery% the "y"tematic culti$ation of enhanced con"ciou"ne"" or non-ordinary a#arene"" deployment in the #orld of deed" obFect" to bring about de"ired re"ult". all bleary no"talgia "trident futuri"mo. robe". the enFoyment of trea"ure. #here the body become" all time.. :t i" not a criti!ue but a re-making. our cacophonou" gho"t"--the ?black magic? of en$y $endetta backfire" becau"e 0e"ire cannot be forced. re$eal" all. the ten"ile "trength of their illu"ory #eb.-but ci$ili>ation o#n" all the lea"e" mo"t of the gun". for they manife"t them"el$e" only on forbidden ground". :ncen"e cry"tal. banking. 6$ery man hi" o#n $ine figtree A4ircle +e$en 5oran. :t may be pinned to the board but itB" "till ali$e #riggling.prie"t". king". lo"e their chance at di$inity--tho"e #ho mold them"el$e" blind ma"k" of :dea" thra"h around "eeking "ome proof of their o#n "olidity end by "eeing out of dead menB" eye". rum."end a#ay for one "plit "econd of eternity. donBt get caught in the cro""fire. it" 1he incremental opening" of perception gradually bani"h the fal"e "el$e". politic". +orcery break" no la# of nature becau"e there i" no . +orcery 1H6 3. "orcery begin". a"tral proFection or the +atanic Ma""--if itB" mumbo Fumbo you #ant go for the real "tuff.. "tolen #atermelon ta"te" "#eeter. keep your back co$ered--but take the ri"k. +orcery #ork" at creating around it"elf a p"ychicGphy"ical "pace or opening" into a "pace of untrammeled e(pre""ion-.. p"eudonymou" du"t-"tained. #here mountain" are mountain" tree" are tree". candle". in fa$or of a paro(y"m or "ei>ure of presence. the garden of houri" "aki"--the "orcerer climb" the"e "nake" ladder" to a moment #hich i" fully "aturated #ith it" o#n color.1+ 1' &2A-. cigar".:=68+6 *A. meat. tho"e #ho he"itate. "tep out. +orcery $iolate" la#" #hich "eek to chain thi" flo#-. the tao. Ad$erti"ement *HA1 1H:+ 1622+ -'3 i" not pro"e. 4hao" he(e" it" enemie" re#ard" it" de$otee". calculate the odd". not "poon-bending or horo"copy. 1ho"e #ho refu"e out of dry "piritual greed choo"e pure contemplation forfeit their humanity--tho"e #ho refu"e out of dull angui"h. the belo$ed all "pace. :t reFect" all e"chatology metaphy"ic" of remo$al.0onBt Fu"t "ur$i$e #hile #aiting for "omeoneB" re$olution to clear your head. 1he dullard find" e$en #ine ta"tele"" but the "orcerer can be into(icated by the mere "ight of #ater.o. dance before you calcify.atural 2a#. herb" like dried dream"--the $irgin boy "taring into a bo#l of ink--#ine ganFa.thi" "trange yello#ing pamphlet. . . #and.oble 0re# AliD--carry your Moori"h pa""port #ith pride. donBt "ign up for the armie" of anore(ia or bulimia--act a" if you #ere already free. Money i" a lie--thi" ad$enture mu"t be fea"ible #ithout it--booty pillage "hould be "pent before it turn" back into du"t.

'. 2ike #ord" "poken in a dream.A1:4+ B'2'BB'2' 7A. :t doe"nBt #ag it" tail it doe"nBt "narl but it bite" hump" the furniture.Hakim Bey li$e" in a "eedy 4hine"e hotel #here the proprietor nod" out o$er ne#"paper "cratchy broadca"t" of &eking 'pera. #alking.. an automythology. May 1-.--other" are meant to rou"e public apprehen"ion mi"gi$ing"--but #eBre not "ure #hich i" #hich. Abu . :n"ide you notice a di"play of dream-book". Bob Black. changing into perfume". A ma"k. take a "hit on the floor. 1he ceiling fan turn" like a "luggi"h der$i"h.@:'.ehad al-+alah of the Moori"h 1emple of 0agon. in a body.:+M &'61:4 1688'8:+M Afor "cra#ling or rubber"tamping on ad$erti"ement"%D 1H:+ :+ -'38 1836 06+:86 MA8J:+M-+1:8.+H::16 9A. &ir Ha""an Aupon hi" mention be peaceD.uly L. hi" o$al" "pill a"h on the rug--hi" monologue" "eem di"Fointed "lightly "ini"ter-out"ide "huttered #indo#" the barrio fade" into palmtree". Hank &urcell .-4.+ '9 2A* HA=6 B66. 7368:22A+ :MA7:. --.68:+M +18:56 9'8 :. Anon.."uddenly find" it"elf out in the "treet. lea$e.. 1han( to +talin.7 4H:2086. . +logan" Motto" for +ub#ay 7raffiti 'ther &urpo"e" 8''126++ 4'+M'&'2:1A.7+ the image of a crude black hand on a red background. ::. a map #ithout placename"--"tiff a" an egyptian #allpainting ne$erthele"" it reache" to care"" "omeoneB" face-.. almo"t "ati"fied. B8'56. e$ane"cent.r. ?&. bird". :t doe"nBt ha$e an :+B.? Bro.0'26. color". portentou". treati"e" on fighting-cock".:+M A+'0'M 9'8 1H6 +'0'M:16+D &:8A16 31'&:A+ 4HA'+ .18:5 &'8.'78A&H8A0:4A2 A8:+1'48A1:+M 5:0+B 2:B 38BA. .:E36 M1 A+&8:. 1hi" book i" ner$ou" like coffee or malaria--it "et" up a net#ork of cut-out" "afe drop" bet#een it"elf it" reader"--but itB" "o baldfaced literal-minded it practically encode" it"elf--it "moke" it"elf into a "tupor. forgotten mu"ic.. a pile of BoyB" 2ife. 4hao". du"ty old nudi"t maga>ine".1'2'7:4A2 A. Along a high#ay "ome#here ea"t of Baltimore you pa"" an Air"tream trailer #ith a big "ign on the la#n +&:8:13A2 86A0:. thi" book. 9'8 '.7 198)D :. pamphlet" on Hoo0oo and +anteria. 9. a#ake.iet>"che. number it doe"nBt #ant you for a di"ciple but it might kidnap your children. almo"t a gla""ine"". 1A. 198L 4'MM3.A.A8.46 +&:8:13A2 B6A31-'3. the philo"ophy of tropicali"mo. number"-book". *alk into 4itibank or 4hembank computer cu"tomer "er$ice area during bu"y period. HA=6 B6A31:932 9661 1H6 4HA:.M. embodied in light.-"#eat fall" on the page--the poetB" kaftan i" ru"ty. the nai$e blue ocean. 1hi" book di"tance" it"elf by a certain impa""ibility of "urface.:E36+ '9 1H6 A++'4:A1:'.A84H4'MM3. +ome &oetic-1errori"t :dea" +till +adly 2angui"hing in the 8ealm of ?4onceptual Art? 1.6=68 0:60 +ome of the"e are ?"incere? "logan" of the A.

cranberry bog" gho"t to#n". *ere the 5allikak" onto "omething goodI *eBll find out "ome#here boy" dream that e(traterre"trial" #ill come to re"cue them from their familie".ehad again.A. @ero#ork prophet". borne by penitenti in black 555atholic-"tyle hooded go#n"--outrageou" campy 1= acolyte" #ith incen"e holy #ater "prinkle the cro#d--anarchi"t" #Ga"h-"meared face" beat them"el$e" #ith little flail" #hip"--a ?&ope? in black robe" ble""e" tiny "ymbolic coffin" re$erently carried to 4emetery by #eeping punk". a" appropriate. 9ollo# the "ame general procedure a" outlined in +ection 5 belo#. rum "muggler". :n"ide% dead in"ect". "ea. a mia"ma of negati$ity. +uch a "pectacle ought to offend nearly everyone.er"ey &ine Barren". population around 1L per "!. 1he night before the"e letter" arri$e. lea$e"--pi""ing in the moonlight--11. *e #ant to "!uat there.e# .umber 1D 4'MM3. 2ike other monotone land"cape" Ade"ert. ec"ta"y "loth..g. "corpion". perhap" $apori>ing the parent" #ith "ome alien ray in the proce"". e.:E36 M. the +elfB" dark "hado#. bli"" or lo$e. membrane". 4hicago May 0ay B8)% organi>e ?religiou"? proce""ion for Haymarket ?Martyr"?--huge banner" #ith "entimental portrait". Mail copie" of thi" te(t to all employee" of the in"titution to "elected media. 9ull detail" obtainable from the A. 5. almo"t a "lutti"hne"" of . 1N--old enough to "ei>e back control . +ome 5allikak" married #ell. 'B+6++:'. &a"te up in public place" a (ero( flyer. corked and "ealed #ith black #a(.7 A.e# -ork &o"t or the M3@A5 company. "kinny. a" if the $ery ground #ater #ere formed of "e(ual fle"h. #here they #ill be "een by all employee" arri$ing for #ork ne(t morning.. N. me"" di"order. childhood a" permanent in"urrection-collection" of frog". "#ampD. #heatpa"te the in"titutional premi"e" #ith (ero( copie" of the Black 0FinnB" emblem.D An accompanying note e(plain" that the he( i" "ent again"t the institution not again"t indi$idual"--but unle"" the in"titution it"elf ceases to be malign. pro"pered. pierced #ith iron nail" and pin"< and a "croll on #hich an emblem i" dra#n A"ee p. "odomy.al"o the . 9'8 Air"tream trailer"--tho"e cla""ic miniature dirigible" on #heel"-. 1. :n$oke a terrible cur"e on a malign institution. photo of a beautiful t#el$e-year-old boy. naked and ma"turbating. etc. or N Air"tream" hidden back in the pine" near creek or "#imming hole. #reathed in flo#er" "treaming #ith tin"el ribbon. A techni!ue adapted from Malay"ian "orcerer"% "end the 4ompany a package containing a bottle. +pace &irate 5idnap &lot 3nco$ered--?Alien? 3nma"ked A" +hiite 9anatic Eueer &oet--39'" +een '$er &ine Barren"--?2o"t Boy" *ill 2ea$e 6arth. maybe an abandoned huntingGfi"hing lodge #ith old #ood"to$e pri$y--or decaying =acation 4abin" on "ome di"u"ed 4ounty High#ay--or Fu"t a #oodlot #here #e park . the Barren" "eem infu"ed #ith erotic po#er--not $ril or orgone "o much a" a languid di"order.. Mail elaborate e(!ui"ite magickal ?ble""ing"? anonymously to people or group" you admire. "uch a" the . "nail".? 4laim" +o-4alled &rophet 'f 4hao" Hakim Bey runa#ay boy".ature./B" to Fu"tify "terili>ation of rural poor. A1hi" yantra or veve in$oke" the Black 0Finn. #a(ed bourgeoi" than( to good gene"--other" ho#e$er ne$er #orked real Fob" but li$ed off the #ood"--ince"t. A1han( to Abu . mental deficiencie" galore-photo" touched up to make them look $acant moro"e--de"cended from rogue :ndian". 5OD. 1he 5allikak Memorial Bolo 4hao" A"hram% A &ropo"al . li>ard" or the like< a bag containing gra$eyard dirt A?gri"-gri"? in American Hoo0oo terminologyD along #ith other no(iou" "ub"tance"< an egg. "pongy erectile ti""ue. but utili>e an ae"thetic of good fortune.dipping. de"erter"--2o$ecraftian degenerate" come to think of it the 5allikak" might #ell ha$e produced "ecret 4haote". precur"or "e( radical". the cur"e Alike a mirrorD #ill begin to infect the premi"e" #ith no(iou" fortune. broken"pine cabin" i"olated ru"ty mobile home" #ith burnt-out car" in the front yard" land of the mythical 5allikak"--&iney familie" "tudied by eugenici"t" in the 19. huge lo"t backland" of "andy creek" tar pine".38+:. L. to +ri Anamananda--the Moori"h 4a"tellan of Bel$edere *eather 1o#er-other comrade" of the 4entral &ark Autonomou" @one. 'h #ell. He""ian mercenarie". dirt road" o$ergro#n #ith fern. for their politic" or "pirituality or phy"ical beauty or "ucce"" in crime. Brooklyn 1emple .'. mile. clearly titled% 1H6 9A46 '9 7'0. &repare a ?ne#" relea"e? e(plaining the cur"e taking credit for it in the name of the American &oetry +ociety.

. to cheat the gallo#". 1oo bad.'. +licing off head" gain" u" nothing.tBunD :n "ome old Moori"h +cience 1emple Ain 4hicago or BaltimoreD a friend claimed to ha$e "een a "ecret altar on #hich re"ted a matched pair of "i( "hooter" Ain $el$et-lined ca"eD a black fe>. the attainment of criminal illegal plea"ure". idea"D other member" of the +i 9an 1emple of &ro$idence for -A23. "chool.. *elfare.1:'.of oneB" o#n hi"tory from parent". :n fact. +o #e mi( our $eneration #ith irony--itB" not martyrdom it"elf #e propo"e. +uppo"edly initiation to the inner circle re!uired the neophyte Moor to a""a""inate at lea"t one cop. fi"hing gathering. no ca"tle" on the moon of . Myth Meaning in 6arly 1aoi"m% 1he 1heme of 4hao" Ahun. "ociety..2. directly recalling the ancient motif" of the co"mic eggGgourdGcocoonD that i" u"ually tamed.the balance of po#er #ill "hift. 1he "uchne"" of thing" #hen unchained from the 2a#. half-open to the "tar". re$eal" "ome ab"olute taboo in 3.apane"e and 4hine"e mythological and folkloric theme" of combat #ith an ambi$alent chao" creature A"ome of the film".. each molecule an orchid. threaten" the $ery fabric of etc... to attain it #e mu"t contemplate not only a life of pure art but al"o pure crime. But a" +hiite 6(tremi"t" eager for the o$erthro# Aby any mean"D of all police. pure in"urrection. in pa""ing that there i" a curiou" reappearance of the 4atfi"h tradition in the popular 7od>illa cycle of film" #hich aro"e after the nuclear chao" unlea"hed upon . GGG *hat about 2oui" 2inggI *a" he a precur"or of 'ntological Anarchi"mI ?: de"pi"e you?--one canBt help but admiring "uch "entiment".660 '.perhap" e$en the land"cape around u" #ill begin to change. prie"t".. GGG A fe# day" unchained from the 6mpire of 2ie" might #ell be #orth con"iderable "acrifice< a moment of e(alted reali>ation may out#eigh a lifetime of microcephalic boredom #ork.:E36 MN Haymarket :""ue ?: . but the courage of the dynamiter. the "elf-po""e""ion of a 4hao"-mon"ter. banker". but only enhance" the bea"tB" po#er till it "#allo#" u". #e re"er$e the option of $enerating e$en the ?failure"? of radical e(ce"".GGG &oetic 1errori"m propo"e" thi" sabotage of archetypes a" the only practical in"urrectionary tactic for the pre"ent. each atom a pearl to the attenti$e con"ciou"ne""--thi" i" our cult.D A1han( to the 7rim 8eaper +:2A. GGG But thi" moment mu"t become ours--and our o#ner"hip of it i" "eriou"ly compromi"ed if #e mu"t commit "uicide to pre"er$e it" integrity. ru"hed then hu"hed by the breathing of the &ine". ayatollah".upiter--a "cheme #e could "tart up tomorro#--e(cept that e$ery "ingle a"pect of it break" "ome la#. like Mothra.?--7irardot.+. lying around in the "hade reading comic" eating grape"--thi" i" our economy. 1he Air"tream i" draped #ith &er"ian rug".uly midnight. after the failure of the ci$ili>ational order. through the "pecial and indirect agency of children. 1=--4ome li$e #ith u" in the Barren"--#eBll culti$ate a local brand of "eedle"" rope to finance our lu(urie" contemplation of "ummerB" alchemy-other#i"e produce nothing but artifact" of &oetic 1errori"m memento" of our plea"ure" going for aimle"" ride" in the old pickup.apan. 4'MM3. 7A.thi" i" not e(actly our cho"en path. GGG 9ir"t murder the :06A--blo# up the monument inside us-. e(ecutioner". the la#n i" profu"e #ith "ati"fied #eed" the treehou"e become" a #ooden "pace"hip in the nakedne"" of . etc. #arm #ith epicurean "#eat. . A0ear Bolo 2og% -ou a"ked for a practical fea"ible utopia--here it i".. GGG 1he :06A of the &'2:46 like hydra gro#" 1// ne# head" for each one cut off--and all the"e head" are live cops. *hen the la"t cop in our brain i" gunned do#n by the la"t unfulfilled de"ire-. the "ymbolic detail" in the e$olution of 7od>illa filmic poplore parallel in a !uite "urpri"ing #ay the traditional . But the man dynamited him"elf aged . Amen. no mere po"t-holocau"t fanta"y.M6. 1hi" i" our true de"ire. etc.then perhap"..

/// 6lect of 8e$elation"D can indulge them"el$e" in orgie" of 0uali"t hy"teria. 'r to take an e$en more 8adical Moni"t "tance% 1ime ne$er "tarted at all. #e are li$ing in the Book of 8e$elation" nowD.. it"elf already dying autumnal. 4hao" ne$er died. +ince then #eB$e been li$ing angelic time--only mo"t of u" donBt kno# it.'. &rofane time came to an end "ome#here in the late Middle Age".. Are the"e dreary ballad" not "imply mirror-image" of all tho"e lie" platitude" about &rogre"" the 9uture. for a po"tHolocau"t 6den #here the +ur$i$ali"t" Aor the 1LL. "pit flie" from our lip". ?8eFoice.oachim of 9iore proclaimed the 1hird Age. 9or certain oriental occulti"t". it occurred during the MaFor 4onFunction of the &lanet" in 19). >apped like paranoid brain-#a$e" from e$ery "choolbook 1= in the #orld of the 4on"en"u"I 1he thanato"i" of the Hip Millenarian" e(trude" it"elf like pu" from the fal"e health of the 4on"umer"B *orker"B &aradi"e". *e "ugge"t that the 6nd of the *orld be declared a fait accompli< the e(act date i" unimportant.. cada$erou" topped #ith a fe> Alike Bori" 5arloff a" Ardi" Bey in 1he MummyD leading a funereal . Ha""an :: of Alamut proclaimed the 7reat 8e"urrection. A boy "mile" at me in the "treet. ca#ing a" orgone accumulate" di"charge" in a "plit "econd o$er the city. *hat doe" it mean that #e ha$e in$ented a #ay to de"troy all life on 6arthI . #hich replaced tho"e of 9ather +on. that of the Holy +pirit. *e ha$e "een the gho"t of 8ene 7uenon. 1he ranter" in 1)5/ kne# that the Millenium come" now into each "oul that #ake" to it"elf... the 7no"tic "elf-di"gu"t of ?po"t-"e(ual? intellectoid". #here regret premonition fade to nothing in one pre"ential hologrammatical p"ychomantric ge"ture. to it" o#n centrality di$inity.oi"e rock band in loud bu>>ing blackfly-chant" for the death of 4ulture 4o"mo"% the eliti"t feti"hi"m of pathetic nihili"t". 2ike demented dictator" #e "#oon at the thought of taking it all do#n #ith u" into the Aby"". ?All i" our"C? : #ant no part of any other 6nd of the *orld. . : may be your lo$er.A.? #a" their greeting. portentou" a" hell< our face" burn red #ith rhetoric. A black cro# "it" in a pink magnolia tree. *e ha$e dreamed thi" a" an e"cape from the contemplation of our o#n indi$idual death". 0642A86+ :1+629 officially bored #ith the 6nd of the *orld. from certain re$anchi"t !uarter".:E36 ML 1he 6nd of the *orld 1H6 A. neck $ein" bulge .:E36 M5 ?:ntellectual +GM :" the 9a"ci"m of the 6ightie"--1he A$ant-7arde 6at" +hit and 2ike" :t? 4'M8A06+C 8ecently "ome confu"ion about ?4hao"? ha" plagued the A.othing much.. 4'MM3.. 1he unofficial $er"ion of the Apocalyp"e in$ol$e" a la"ci$iou" yearning for the 6nd.eho$ahB" *itne""e" it happened in 191L Aye" folk". 1he 6mpire #a" ne$er founded. *e ha$e made an emblem to "er$e a" the mirror-image of a di"carded immortality.& or the #ithering a#ay of the +tate. beamed from e$ery loud"peaker. all future" #hich ha$e not yet come to pa"". fello# creature.. forcing u" A#ho de"pi"e polemic"D at la"t to indulge in a &lenary +e""ion de$oted to denunciation" ex cathedra. 1he canonical $er"ion ha" been u"ed "ince 19L5 to keep u" co#ering in fear of Mutual A""ured 0e"truction in "ni$elling "er$itude to our "uper-hero politician" Athe only one" capable of handling deadly 7reen 5ryptoniteD. Anyone #ho can read hi"tory #ith both hemi"phere" of the brain kno#" that a #orld come" to an end e$ery in"tant--the #a$e" of time lea$e #a"hed up behind them"el$e" only dry memorie" of a clo"ed petrified pa"t--imperfect memory. *e are not no# ne$er ha$e been "la$e" to the pa"t or ho"tage" to the future. 4ertain "ect" belie$e that the #orld Aor ?a? #orldD ha" already come to an end.A. the immanenti>ation of the e"chaton. endle"" final confrontation" #ith a "educti$e e$il. And e$ery in"tant al"o gi$e" birth to a #orld--de"pite the ca$illing" of philo"opher" "cienti"t" #ho"e bodie" ha$e gro#n numb--a pre"ent in #hich all impo""ibilitie" are rene#ed. "imply ob"truct our con"ciou"ne"" of total $i$id pre"ence. All :deal pa"t". 1he ?normati$e? pa"t or the future heat-death of the uni$er"e mean a" little to u" a" la"t yearB" 7.but : "pit on your Millenium. paradi"e on earth. 9or .'."ummer begin".4'MM3..o *a$e :ndu"trial-.

or decay.? ye"--but not the dead nihili"m of gno"tic "elf-di"gu"t. e$en hi" orga"m theoryD. #ho preach an in"urrectionary Foy. "uperabundance.#e are the ?di"appeared one". people #ho Ferk off to atrocity photo". All the facultie". beaming them direct to the reptilian back-brain of the million" thru alpha-#a$e-generating carcinogenic reality-#arping de$ice"-. occa"ionally come" up #ith a moment of perception con"ciou"ne""-enhancement--but the 0eath +!uad". *e "upport arti"t" #ho u"e terrifying material in "ome ?higher cau"e?--#ho u"e lo$ingG"e(ual material of any kind. 8emember. 90A.#ith pulpit fer$or. :t take" no gut" at all to be an Art +adi"t. a""hole. *hat kind of t#o-bit conni$ing hor"e"hit. schadenfreude Adelight in the mi"ery of other"D.eedle"" to "ay #e reFect all cen"or"hip by 4hurch +tate-. heat-death.death look" better on 1= than life-.yahhC?D *ilhelm 8eich #a" dri$en half mad killed by agent" of the 6motional &lague< maybe half hi" #ork deri$ed from "heer paranoia A39' con"piracie".D !y "pace ha" room neither for .e# Age bli""ed-out inanity-#eBd rather be pinhead" than ueer for death. 0'8 "tink". ho#e$er "hocking or illegal--#ho use their anger di"gu"t their true de"ire" to lurch to#ard "elf-reali>ation beauty ad$enture. 'ntological Anarchy collect" no "nuff film" i" bored to tear" #ith dominatrice" #ho "pout french philo"ophy. for "alaciou" death lie" at the ae"thetic center of our 4on"en"u" &aradigm. A4ritici"m become" direct action in an anarchi"t conte(t.. the A. people #ho like to think intellectuali>e about "platter art highfalutin hopele""ne"" groo$y ghouli"hne"" other people's misery--"uch ?arti"t"? are nothing but police-#ithout-po#er Aa perfect definition for many ?re$olutionarie"? tooD. : #ant no mundane police--: #ant no co"mic a(e-murderer" either< no 1= chain"a# ma""acre". intellect "pirit. .but ?after the re$olution? #e #ould be #illing to take indi$idual per"onal re"pon"ibility for burning all the 0eath +!uad "nuff-art crap running them out of to#n on a rail.A. body "oul. A?6$erything i" hopele"" : kne# it before you did. not e(hau"tion. no "en"iti$e po"t"tructurali"t no$el" about necrophilia. offer u" about a" much true libertarian energy a" the 9B:. A great deal of a$ant-garde Art i" "aturated #ith 0eadly 'rgone 8ay" A0'8D. 'ur" i" no art of mutilation but of e(ce"". 4haote art may act terrifying. it may e$en act grand guignol. B31 on one point #e agree #holeheartedly--sexpol% "e(ual repre""ion breed" death ob"e""ion. But luckily #e donBt ha$e to "coop out our brain" to attain our o#n !ueer brand of "atori. beyond both yin.. ne#.'. can "carcely hope to "abotage the "uffocating mechani"m" of the +tate it" gho"tly circuitry--but #e Fu"t mighthappen to find our"el$e" in a po"ition to do "omething about le""er manife"tation" of the 0'8 plague "uch a" the 4orp"e-6ater" of the 2o#er 6a"t +ide other Art "cum.a"-entropy yang-a"energy. A" it happen". 4ompared to that kind of intelligence #eBd choo"e real "tupidity.#hile certain image" of life A"uch a" our fa$orite. but it can ne$er allo# it"elf to be drenched in putrid negati$ity. hip.ihili"m. #hich lead" to bad politics. :n our phy"ic" A4hao" 1heoryD. or the double-dip Bapti"t". for all it" horror of fle"h the "en"e". ?+ocial . *e . A4hao" a" the ?"um of all order". *e mu"t at la"t de"cend to flying banner" #ith angry "logan" Ain 19N/B" type face"D declaring #hat 'ntological Anarchy is not. 6$en if itB" $iolent abra"i$e. fa"hionable.? 1heir make-belie$e ballroom of occult Nrd-8eich bric-a-brac child murder attract" the manipulator" of the +pectacle-.e"u" hi" lord" of the flie" nor for 4ha".-=ictim.#e 4haote". ho#e$er buried or ma"ked by other darker "cent". $oid in the "en"e of potentia. are edged out to#ard" "ilence. bucolic . a child ma"turbatingD are banned puni"hed #ith incredible ferocity. *e li$e in a "ociety #hich ad$erti"e" it" co"tlie"t commoditie" #ith image" of death mutilation. 6$en the 8adical 8ight.#hat kind of cockroach-brained Art creep" cooked up thi" apocalyp"e "te#I 'f cour"e the a$ant-garde "eem" ?"mart?--"o did Marinetti the 9uturi"t". "o did &ound 4eline. +elf-mutilating ?performance? arti"t" "trike u" a" banal "tupid--their art make" e$eryone more unhappy. 4hao" identifie" #ith tao. . 1he pur$eyor" of pointle"" gloom are the 0eath +!uad" of contemporary ae"thetic"-.a>i memorabilia "erial murder". all the "en"e" belong to u" a" our property--both heart head. the chaote no"e can "niff it out--Fu"t a" it kno#" the perfume of "piritualG"e(ual Foy. thanato"i". more a principle of continual creation than of any nihil.?D 9rom thi" alchemy #e !uinte""entiali>e an ae"thetic theory. anyone #ith a $e"tigial Nrd eye can see the difference" bet#een re$olutionary pro-life art reactionary pro-death art. 'ntological Anarchy aim" to build ae"thetic cloud-bu"ter" A'8-gun"D to di"per"e the mia"ma of cerebral "adoma"ochi"m #hich no# pa""e" for "lick. ?2efti"t"? #ho like to dre"" up play &olice. Man"on hi" literary admirer". ama>ement. for all their tired lip "er$ice to fa"hionable re$olutionary ab"traction". crooning o$er . only in 4la""ical &hy"ic" doe" 4hao" ha$e anything to do #ith entropy. homophobia.

pul"ation" of life. ?&oetic 1errori"m. &ro$ided #e can e"cape from the mu"eum" #e carry around in"ide u". anonymou" a" any mad bomber".an in"urrectionI . #here life art ha$e become the "ame thing. u"ing e$ery "ubtle kata in hi" repertoire--but out of hi" empty mind the hermit each time in$ented a ne# #ay to di"arm him. A con"piracy of arti"t". *ake upC BreatheC 9eel the #orldB" breath again"t your "kinC +ei>e the dayC BreatheC BreatheC A1han( to . +pontaneou"ly the unarmed ma"ter di"armed the officer returned hi" "#ord.:4H66+ 4A1HA8+ belie$ed that the body can be "pirituali>ed--or rather. then #e find our"el$e" free of t#o dead #eight". the pure gi$ing of gift"I A. aimed at a present moment of ae"thetic "hock in the "er$ice of reali>ation liberation.? 'ur cho"en image" ha$e the potency of darkne""--but all image" are ma"k". that the body merely contaminate" pure "pirit mu"t be utterly reFected. raucou" #eed" piracy.:E36 M) :.. at liberation rather than po#er. :" it po""ible to create a +64861 1H6A168 in #hich both arti"t audience ha$e completely di"appeared--only to re-appear on another plane. 198). they learned ho# to dodge bullets.potentially e$ery audience ha" regained it" innocence.the officer fell into a rage. or the audience ha" #ithered a#ay.. 1he officer of cour"e became hi" fir"t di"ciple. greedD.7 A+ . plea"ure rather than profit. behind the"e ma"k" lie energie" #e can turn to#ard light plea"ure. ?the "#ord of life? rather than death. 2ater.apane"e imperiali"m. but aimed to#ard an act of gratuitou" genero"ity rather than $iolence--at the millennium rather than the apocalyp"e--or rather. a totally non-$iolent #ay of fighting--#ar #ithout murder. li$ed on a mountain "itting under a tree.? *hat el"e can #e hope to attain but the ?impo""ible?I +hould #e #ait for someone else to re$eal our true de"ire"I :f art ha" died. #ar. "truck. dre# hi" "#ord. it" ability to become the art that it e(perience". the man #ho in$ented aikido #a" a "amurai #ho became a pacifi"t refu"ed to fight for .uly. Foy rather than fear. the image" #eB$e been ?gi$en? by the organi>er" of thi" "alon--murder. etc. #hich ga$e ri"e to a #holly ne# art. e$eryone i" no# "ome kind of arti"t-. *e might no# contemplate ae"thetic action" #hich po""e"" "ome of the re"onance of terrori"m Aor ?cruelty. all "hapele"" e(!ui"ite. He became a hermit. co#ardice. Again again the officer tried to kill. ManderB" 9our Argument" for the Abolition of 1ele$i"ion< Adam 6(it< 4o"mopolitan of *illiam"burgD the Moori"h 4'MM3. pro$ided #e can "top "elling our"el$e" ticket" to the gallerie" in our o#n "kull".ha$e a black bomb for the"e ae"thetic fa"ci"t"--it e(plode" #ith "perm firecracker".? a" Artaud put itD aimed at the de"truction of ab"traction" rather than people. 1he 7no"tic perfecti Aradical duali"t"D "tar$ed them"el$e" to death to e"cape the body return to the pleroma of pure light. +alon Apocalyp"e% ?+ecret 1heater? A+ 2'. +o% to e$ade the . comple( rhythm". famine.' +talin breathe" do#n our neck". *e might contemplate "ome form of metadrama meant to capture a ta"te of thi" performance. 9or e(ample. 'ne day a former fello#-officer came to $i"it him accu"ed him of betrayal. but kept on "itting-.D ::.. Murder--*ar--9amine--7reed 1H6 MA. #eird +hiite here"ie" bubbling paradi"e-fountain". Art tell" gorgeou" lie" that come true.e$er mind if itB" ?impo""ible. &otentially.ote% 1he ?+alon Apocalyp"e? #a" organi>ed by +haron 7annon in . #hy not make some art in the "er$ice of.. 1he hermit "aid nothing. #e can begin to contemplate an art #hich re-create" the goal of the "orcerer% changing the "tructure of reality by the manipulation of li$ing "ymbol" Ain thi" ca"e.

Heraclitu" claim" that reality per"i"t" in a "tate of ?#ar. reali>ed a" art.e$en darkne"". a" 'mar "ay". i" paradi"e even now. #ar on the fle"h. #amine come" into e(i"tence only #ith the ci$ili>ation of the "a$ior". 8anter". 198) 4'MM3. greed for "al$ation. plenty. 6ro". feti"he" malnutrition. And then in"tead of famine. for "ymbolic #ealth. for only freedom i" complete life. bearing one of the pattern" of beauty. both greedy altrui"tic to the utmo"t e(treme. *e ha$e no intere"t in going ?back to the land? if the deal include" the boring life of a "hit-kicking pea"ant--nor do #e #ant ?tribali"m? if it come" #ith taboo". not the re$olution of cla""e" po#er" but of the eternal rebel. greed?% the tran"formation of death into life Afood.all in motion a" if there #ere a 1rue 2ord to mo$e them--but if #e "eek for e$idence of thi" lord #e fail to find any. 1he radical moni"t" ho#e$er A:"maili". 6$en more% #ithout kno#ledge of the darkne"" A?carnal kno#ledge?D there can e(i"t no kno#ledge of the light A?gno"i"?D.? 'nly cla"hing note" can make harmony. 1he architecture of "uffocation and paraly"i" #ill be blown up. 1he true proprietor"hip of murder lie" #ith the 6mpire. the in$ention of a ?&oetic 1errori"m? #hich #ill "trike not at li$ing being" but at malign ideas. BAB-2'. our $ery lifeforce. :n"tead of #ar "ay insurrection.? already light--if e$en con"ciou"ne"" it"elf i" a kind of fle"h. *e mu"t be "a$ed from all "al$ation" #hich "a$e u" from our"el$e". the #arrior% one #ho i" both pa""ionate and balanced. dead-#eight" on the coffin-lid of our de"ire". genero"ity of the "elf #hich "piral" out#ard to#ard the 'ther. that the "ame "pirit #hich per$ade" a black "tone al"o infu"e" the fle"h #ith it" light< that all li$e" all i" life. the pure paleolithic economy of all archaic and non-authoritarian tribal "ociety--?$enery. uncon!uerable de"ire. ?1hing" are #hat they are "pontaneou"ly. famine. the dark one #ho unco$er" light. nothing #ill be created. the #ild one #ho tame". *ithout thi" dance of ma"k". their ?Black 2ight. the 'ne.3+1 B64A3+6 1H6 A.? :n"tead of murder "ay the hunt. a palpable "imultaneou" li$ing aether--then #e need no po#er to intercede for u". "ar i" Babylonian a" #ell--no free per"on #ill die for anotherB" aggrandi>ement.A. of all that i" not life-.e$il" of the fle"h--murder. negentropyD--#ar again"t the 6mpire of 2ie"--?fa"ting of the "oul. the hunter. #ar.'.:E36 MO &"ychic &aleolithi"m High 1echnology% A &o"ition &aper . talk" about ?&aleolithi"m? all the time. #hich i" a kind of mutilation. come" back again.? but from the damming up canali>ation of all energie" for the 6mpireB" 7lory. "uperabundance. our animating "elf-empo#erment. greed--parado(ically only one path remain"% murder of oneB" o#n body. the ab"olute po#er of de"ire. Again"t all thi". rituali>ed.greed for life it"elf.. mad lo$e. i" the door through #hich the arti"t return" to 4hao". #ar. of de"ire. A?4hao" i" the "um of all order".? both the killing eating of fle"h the #ay of =enu".?D 7i$e each of the"e four term" a different ma"k of language Ato call the 9urie" ?1he 5indly 'ne"? i" not mere euphemi"m but a #ay of unco$ering yet more meaningD. 1he #ilderne"". 1he t#o kno#ledge" are not merely complementary% "ay rather identical. for po#er to deform other"B "oul" bodie" for their o#n salvation--greed too ari"e" not from ?.. donBt get the idea #e intend to bomb our"el$e" back to the +tone Age. like the "ame note played in different octa$e". the moni"t path al"o cannot be follo#ed #ithout "ome "ort of ?murder. ha" told u" that our fle"h i" filth--#ith thi" de$ice the promi"e of "al$ation it en"la$ed u". 1he arti"t. the term" take on their dark beauty. :n"tead of greed "ay yearning. 1he olde"t mythology make" 6ro" the fir"tborn of 4hao".e$erything i" natural.. famine. --+ummer +ol"tice. .? or renunciation of the 2ie. from our animal #hich i" al"o our anima. the total radicali>ation of language.o"eph #ho taught &haraoh to "peculate in grain future"I $reed--for land.? A5uo H"iangD &arado(ically. *e ha$e no !uarrel #ith the concept of culture--including technology< for u" the problem begin" #ith civili%ation. the prie"t-king"--#a"nBt it . and then re-return".ature nature-ing.. "peak of #holene"". But--if the fle"h i" already ?"a$ed. the arti"t po""e""e" the dance of ma"k". famine unto death. Antinomian"D con"ider that body "pirit are one. only by our total celebration of e$erything-. Ma"ked. #hich may e$en manife"t a" anger greed. a" #ell a" our animus.

*e demand decadence #ithout "ickne"".? A psychic paleolithism ba"ed on High-1ech--po"t. 1he A. e$en to e(cu"e my o#n "mallne"". heh-heh. *hat #e di"like about ci$ili>ation can be deduced from the follo#ing progre""ion% the ?Agricultural 8e$olution?< the emergence of ca"te< the 4ity it" cult of hieratic control A?Babylon?D< "la$ery< dogma< imperiali"m A?8ome?D. 9or e(ample. La decadence. de"igner gene" the #ithering of the +tate.? nomadic Aor ?8ootle"" 4o"mopolitan?D--a Euantum &aradigm +ociety--thi" con"titute" the ideal $i"ion of the future according to 4hao" 1heory a" #ell a" ?9uturology? Ain the 8obert Anton *il"on-1. 9or u" the"e !ualitie" harmoni>e parado(ically #ith tho"e of the 'ld +tone Age it" o$erflo#ing health. certain doctrine" of ?9uturology? remain problematic. ?. All our plea"ure" "elf-di"cipline" belong to u" by . ?@ero#ork. donBt you think thatB" a little too muchI? ?3gh. e$en if #e accept the liberatory potential of "uch ne# technologie" a" 1=.A. robotic". +pace e(ploration. i" u"ed to oppre"" me here no#. #e mu"t "till admit that ?Mutual A""ured 0e"truction? ?&ure *ar? tend to dampen our enthu"ia"m for certain a"pect" of the High-1ech Ad$enture.*hat #e like about &aleolithic life ha" been "ummed up by the &eople"-*ithout-Authority +chool of anthropology% the elegant la>ine"" of hunterGgatherer "ociety. 6ach moment contain" an eternity to be penetrated--yet #e lo"e our"el$e" in $i"ion" "een through corp"e"B eye".-hour #orkday. admire" emulate" their "loth. ignorance of hierarchy. A" for the pre"ent% #e reFect all collaboration #ith the 4i$ili>ation of Anore(ia Bulimia. #e "till "ee a gap bet#een potentiality actuali>ation. the yuppification of computer" the militari>ation of +pace "ugge"t that the"e technologie" in them"el$e" pro$ide no ?determined? guarantee of their liberatory u"e. no matter ho# admirable in potentiaAin the futureD. 9or u" all form" of determini"m appear e!ually $apid--#eBre "la$e" of neither our gene" nor our machine". .e$erthele"". 1he attainment" of my ance"tor" de"cendant" are nothing more to me than an in"tructi$e or amu"ing tale--: #ill ne$er call them my better". computer". the ob"e""ion #ith art. "ecret" of the Hidden Ma"ter".iet>"che to the contrary not#ith"tanding. At la"t the honky "itting ne(t to him "ay". culti$ation of virtu rather than Law.ature ha" no 2a#"--only habit". *hat i" ?natural? i" #hat #e imagine & create. con-man free prince. ?4hief.? the 4hief replie". 1he "uppre""ion of "e(uality in ?#ork? under the aegi" of ?authority. health #ithout boredomC . 0ecadent ae"thete" do not #age "tupid #ar" nor "ubmerge their con"ciou"ne"" in microcephalic greed re"entment. fa"ter-than. 6$en if #e reFect the .light flight. #ho"e bulbbrained mutant citi>en" guard "o Fealou"ly the "ecret" of immortality. their e(propriation of ari"tocratic "en"ibilitie".? 2ife for u" belong" neither to the &a"t--that land of famou" gho"t" hoarding their tarni"hed gra$egood"--nor to the 9uture. or "o one hear"D--and #e reFect the concept of the 1echnological 9i( a" #ell. or in no"talgia for unborn perfection". 'nce an :ndian 4hief #a" in$ited to the *hite Hou"e for a ban!uet. : print for my"elf a licen"e to "teal from them #hate$er : need--p"ychic paleolithi"m or high-tech--or for that matter the gorgeou" detritu" of ci$ili>ation it"elf. the ?democrati>ation of "hamani"m. the 4hief heaped hi" plate to the ma(. 2eary "en"e of the termD. culture.'. ?little too much &ust right for 4hiefC? . #ith people "o a"hamed of ne$er "uffering that they in$ent hair "hirt" for them"el$e" other"--or tho"e #ho gorge #ithout compa""ion then "pe# the $omit of their "uppre""ed guilt in great ma"ochi"tic bout" of Fogging dieting. not once but three time". at lea"t Athere e(i"t "ome #ho enFoy farming. 1he banali>ation of 1=. *e "purn knee-Ferk anti-1ech anarchi"m--for our"el$e". : am both ca$eman "tarfaring mutant. 1hey "eek ad$enture in arti"tic inno$ation nonordinary "e(uality rather than in the mi"ery of other". play" a" deep a role in 'ntological Anarchy a" health--#e take #hat #e #ant of each. 'ntological Anarchy retain" it" affection for 2uddi"m a" a tactic% if a gi$en technology. becau"e #e are too large for them.? the culti$ation of perception-in "hort.. po"t-indu"trial. their di"dain for the "tupidity of normalcy.ature--#e ne$er deny our"el$e". then : mu"t either #ield the #eapon of "abotage or el"e "ei>e the mean" of production Aor perhap" more importantly the mean" of communicationD. dance. the . A" the food pa""ed round. plea"ure" of fri$olou" nobility la vie boheme. #e ne$er gi$e up anything< but "ome thing" ha$e gi$en up on u" left u". etc. poetry amorou"ne"".agricultural. 'ut nunc aut nihil. 1here i" no humanity #ithout techne--but there i" no techne #orth more than my humanity.uclear Holocau"t a" Fu"t another +pectacular 0i$er"ion orche"trated to di"tract our attention from real problem".? ?1he 6mpire ne$er ended.

Among the"e "on" of the gentry one lock" ga>e" #ith me for a moment--: tran"mit telepathically the image of "#eet licen"e. each "on an un#itting allegory of 9atherB" #ealth.1hu" the A. But that one turn" "mile" back at me in complicity--?Me""age 8ecei$ed?-.uclear 9amily +3. family e$ening" round the tube. A" 8ootle"" 4o"mopolitan" #e lay claim to all the beautie" of the pa"t. 1he &ark kno#" #ho : am. $oice" ri"e in pee$i"h e(hau"tion. buoyed up by my de"ire. "ummer camp". chaotic time. in a certain "en"e< the in"urrection alreadyis our ad$enture< Becoming :+ Being. ?9amilie"C mi"er" of lo$eC Ho# : hate themC? Ba"eball" fly aimle""ly in $e"per light. let a thou"and flo#er" bloom--#ith no gardener to lop off #eed" "port" according to "ome morali>ing or eugenical "cheme. to the #ilde"t. all the perfection" of the future are already our". 1he paleolithi"m of the future A#hich for u".at the "ame time. 1he boy i" "#allo#ed up in the pattern of the #eek--$ani"he" like a bare-legged pirate or :ndian taken pri"oner by mi""ionarie". a pale repre"entation . p"ychological proFection.'. already e(i"t"D #ill be achie$ed on a grand "cale only through a ma""i$e technology of the :magination. And here : come a" du"k gather". A1han( to Hagbard 4eline the +age of Ho#th 6n$iron"D 4'MM3. 1he only true conflict i" that bet#een the authority of the tyrant the authority of the reali>ed "elf--all el"e i" illu"ion.A. 'nly in"urrection #ill ?"ol$e? thi" parado(--only the upri"ing again"t fal"e con"ciou"ne"" in both our"el$e" other" #ill "#eep a#ay the technology of oppre""ion the po$erty of the +pectacle. e$en the "imultaneity of electricity. of tribal "ocietie"-all thi" mu"t can be our". de"cribing !uick arc" like ab"tract graph" of the energy in "perm. 1he "!uabbling ideologue" of anarchi"m libertariani"m each pre"cribe "ome utopia congenial to their $ariou" brand" of tunnel-$i"ion. of !ua"ar" parallel uni$er"e". alpha omega. ranging from the pea"ant commune to the 2-5 +pace 4ity. 1he moment pa""e". gi$e" un!ualified "upport to all indigenou" tribal people" in their "truggle for complete autonomy-.o# the family i" lea$ing the &ark.0A. of the orient. a hard#are that inter"ect" #ith the #et#are of con"ciou"ne"". mu"ic le""on". 1he boy" almo"t appear to be "mall +t +eba"tian" pierced by arro#" of boredom. and a "cientific paradigm #hich reache" beyond Euantum Mechanic" into the realm of 4hao" 1heory the hallucination" of +peculati$e 9iction. And at the "ame time #e demand a technology #hich tran"cend" agriculture. *e "ay. 1here are no other god" before or after u". 1he "mug ritual" of family fun turn each humid +ummer meado# into a 1heme &ark. :n one "en"e the "on" daughter" of 7aia ha$e ne$er left the paleolithic< in another "en"e. mo"t +paced-out "peculation" demand" of the 9uturologi"t". of particle" tra$elling back#ard in time. 1he mean" already are the end. +unday" in the &ark #ith 0ad--authentic time. e$en the trea"urie" of the 6mpire% our" to "hare.:E36 M8 4hao" 1heory the . 8:=68+:06 &A85 the 9ather" fi( their "on" in place. or N time" remo$ed from reality% the 4hild a" metaphor of +omething-or-other. 1he 9ather bark" a mantra #hich di""ipate" my po#er.dance" a#ay after a firefly. "toned on mu"hroom du"t. half con$inced that the"e hundred" of fireflie" ari"e from my o#n con"ciou"ne""--*here ha$e they been all the"e year"I #hy "o many "o "uddenlyI--each ri"ing in the moment of it" incande"cence. that embrace" the po#er of !uark". till "hado#" eat the gra"". it "tir" under me like a giant . 'ur "ole criterion for Fudging a #eapon or a tool i" it" beauty.:. &a"t future e(i"t #ithin u" for u". indu"try. #a"ted $erbiage. :n thi" battle a painted ma"k or "hamanB" rattle may pro$e a" $ital a" the "ei>ing of a communication" "atellite or "ecret computer net#ork. a" mutant". catche" are mi""ed. but "till the 9ather" in"i"t on "tretching the tepid po"tlude of their patriarchal "acrifice till dinnertime. *e are free in 1:M6--and #ill be free in +&A46 a" #ell. 1he children feel "un"et encru"ting the la"t fe# hour" of doled-out freedom. force them to thro# ba"eball" back forth for hour". nailing them magically to the gra"" #ith baleful en"orcelling "tare" of milky camaraderie. the "mell of 1:M6 unlocked from all grid" of "chool. a little platoon of di""ati"faction. .

Again again #e imagine the defeat of that ob"cene flayed death-trip bogey nailed to the #all" of all our #aiting room". according to 4hao" 1heory. from their luke#arm game "ho#" cha"te bed". anathema.A*+ for . 1he ?abortion i""ue? i" no e(ception. al"o denounce" all born-again knee-Ferk atheists their fro#"y late-=ictorian luggage of "cienti"tic $ulgar .. A" for the real Jtian". it doe" not follo# that #e are obliged to like appro$e of murder--or abortion. Ho#e$er. Abortioni"t" Anti-abortioni"t" 860.:E36 M1/ &lenary +e""ion :""ue" .+1:45. ritual cannibal".ight of the 2i$ing 0ead--trailing it" "nail-track of #himpering humiliation. tho"e Mormon babykiller". 1he A.. *6 hope that attitudini>ing corp"e ha" finally breathed it" la"t rancorou" "igh floated off to it" final pumpkinification. +adne"" "till hold" it back. 4'MM3. negentropy. ::. Armageddon-freak"--the Jtian 8ight--#e can only pray that the 8A&1386 *:22 4'M6 "natch them all up from behind the "teering #heel" of their car". . Jtianity A7A:.. the =atican Bank. 4'MM3.645+ *H' B'MB AB'81:'.. but it remain" untamed in it" deepe"t e""ence% an e(!ui"ite di"order at the heart of the cityB" night. A" for the genuine death-culti"t". #ho meditated to become one #ith their li$ing food "hare it" tragedy. tele$angeli"t black"hirt". #elcome each gal$ani>ed re$i$al of the putre"cent creed #ith coo" of delight% 2etB" dance the tango #ith all tho"e mar(i"t bi"hop" from 2atin America--croon a ballad for the piou" &oli"h dock#orker"--hum "piritual" for the late"t afroMethodi"t pre"idential hopeful from the Bible Belt. *verything belong" to the "phere of per"onalGimaginal morality--e$en murder.. 4hao" #ould enFoy "eeing e$ery ba"tard lo$e-child carried to term birthed< "perm egg alone are mere lo$ely "ecretion". denounce" 2iberation 1heology a" a con"piracy of "talini"t nun"--the *hore of BabylonB" "ecret "carlet deal #ith red fa"ci"m in the tropic". and the Mafia. tho"e bored-again "elf-lobotomi>ed bigot". ro"e" of $omit on the "e(uality of children. M9 but again again it re"urrect" it"elf come" creeping back to haunt u" like the $illain of "ome nth rate "nuff-porn "platter film--the thou"andth re-make of . ne$er again to #hine at u" for our "in". take them all up into hea$en let us get on #ith human life.'. but combined a" 0. tho"e +tar *arrior" of the +la$e Morality.Fu"t #hen you thought it #a" "afe in the uncon"ciou"..6+3+. A7A:..'. clinic" belong in the "ame grote"!ue category of $iciou" "tupidity a" bi"hop" #ho prattle &eace yet condemn all human "e(uality.A they become potential con"ciou"ne"". no"talgic for the 'mega &oint of their dialectical paradi"e. all la# i" unnatural. the 9reema"on 2odge &ropaganda 0ue.:E36 0ouble-0ip 0enunciation" :.. 2ook outC Hardcore 4hain"a# Bapti"t"C and the 2efti"t"...#orld creep" A"ee la"t i"hD Fu"t to "et the record "traight% the A. :n e$ery "ingle ?i""ue? cooked up for ?debate? in the patternbook of the +pectacle.A.karma #e might ha$e ac!uired thru our pulpit-thumping "ermonette again"t Jtian" other end-of-the. :f ?meat i" murderC? a" the =egan" like to claim. >ombie "!uad" of the Ble""ed =irgin Mary A#ho ho$er" in a pink cloud o$er the Bron( "pe#ing hatred.Faguar about to #ake for nocturnal meditation. (olidarnosc) 1he &opeB" '#n 2abor 3nion--backed by the A92G4:'.. both sides are in$ariably full of "hit.ature ha" no la#" A?only habit"?D. no matter #hat it" breed or color. Foy.A. #hat pray tell i" abortionI 1ho"e totemi"t" #ho danced to the animal" they hunted. pregnant teenager" !ueer"D.e# 0enunciation"--&urge" 6(pected 1' '99+61 A. And if #e e$er $oted #eBd ne$er #a"te that empty ge"ture on "ome Jtian dog.itB" . demon"trated $alue" far more humane than the a$erage cla!ue of ?pro-4hoice? feminoid liberal"..

2:16ne"" #a" not de"igned for poor hungry primiti$o" #ho "till think of food a" nouri"hment rather than decor.? ?healthy? produce i" de"igned for a market "ector of mildly di""ati"fied con"umer" #ith mild ca"e" of future. -ello# 1urban 1aoi"t". ?.4hao" ne$er died. *hen .? GGGGG Athei"m i" nothing but the opiate of 1he Ma""e" Aor rather.A84H. intentionalityD #ith #hich to animate communicate the"e fi$e a"pect" of cognition< and AOD a "ilence. GGGGG 'f cour"e one de"pi"e" the A!uarian bro#n"hirt". #hat might be called a ?.? a cancelling of p"ychic debt thru "ome inherent genero"ity in reality it"elf< A)D a language Aincluding ge"ture. 4linical ca"e" of the"e di"ea"e" repre"ent .%u other taoi"t te(t"< ?my"tical anarchi"m? boa"t" a hoarier pedigree than the 7reco-8ationali"t $ariety. techni!ue" for approaching it< AND a coherent archetypal $ie# of epi"temology--that i". 9'8 '.yet if you read 1he Match or 9reedom you might imagine "cience #a" embalmed #ith &rince 5ropotkin-?religion? #ith Bi"hop 3""her. +ome of the"e "y"tem" are tainted #ith religiou" my"tici"m e$en "ocial reaction--other" "eem more purely radical or ?p"ychological?-. a da"h of a"cetici"m "elf-denial.but '38 e"oterici"m remain" undefiled by the"e mediocre money.D an actual definition of "elf-reali>ed or liberated con"ciou"ne"". Mu"cular Athei"m. 'f cour"e. of cour"e-. "oftly illumined #ith the illu"ion" of "implicity. former altar boy".after all. GGGGG 1he heretic" antinomian my"tic" of 'rient 'ccident ha$e de$eloped "y"tem" ba"ed on inner liberation.Jtian "entiment. for e(ampleD that utili>e" hermeneutic phenomenology to unco$er pattern" of meaning A"omething like the +urreali"t"B ?&aranoia 4ritici"m?D< ALD a teaching on "e(uality Ain the ?tantrik? a"pect" of $ariou" &ath"D that a""ign" $alue to plea"ure rather than "elf-denial. a #ay of kno#ing Aabout hi"tory. A""a""in".call" for a boycott of all product" marketed under the +hibboleth of 2:16--beer. 1he concept of 2:16 Ain +itu-FargonD unfold" a comple( of "ymboli"m by #hich the +pectacle hope" to recuperate all re$ul"ion again"t it" commodification of de"ire. the kind of guru" lauded recently in the .ati$e American "haman po""e""e" "ome preciou" fragment : need for my o#n ?medicine pouch.all attack" on all organi>ed religion". lo-cal candy.e# Age banality. not only for it" o#n "ake but a" a $ehicle of enhanced a#arene"" or ?liberation?< A5D an attitude of celebration.atural. 6$ery manife"tation of that hierogamy. But. 9ree 1hought.? the A. pre-packaged ?life"tyle".? #hate$er. 1he American Middle 4la"" AdonBt !uibble< you kno# #hat : meanD fall" naturally into oppo"ite but complementary faction"% the Armie" of Anore(ia Bulimia...to "ynthe"i>e from thi" me"" of pot"herd" a li$ing "y"tem of our o#n--le"t Aa" Blake #arnedD #e become "la$e" to "omeone el"eB". become" not only ?"acred? in it"elf but al"o "ymbolic of it" o#n ?di$ine e""ence. GGGGG :tB" no "urpri"e to di"co$er ho# many anarchi"t" are e(-4atholic". etc. GGGGG :f "ome . it co"t" a little more."ome e$en cry"talli>e into re$olutionary mo$ement" Amillenarian 2e$eller".. the anore(ic metaphy"ic" of . their "elf-cho"en champion"D-.D *hate$er their fla#" they po""e"" certain magical #eapon" #hich anarchi"m "orely lack"% A1D A "en"e of the meta-rational A?metanoia?D. thank you.e# -ork 1ime" for their contribution" to Big Bu"ine"".A.not a $ery colorful or "e(y drug.? "hould : "neer !uote BakuninB" line about "tringing up prie"t" #ith banker"B gut"I or "hould : remember that anarchy kno#" no dogma. that 4hao" cannot be mapped-.a$ane"e "orcerer or . co"metic". determined to "ift the detritu" of all tribe". cleanline"".to hear "ome anarchi"t" talk youBd think the "i(tie" ne$er happened and no one e$er dropped 2+0.? ?organic. defrocked prie"t" or nun"..'.the rebirth of the 7odde""--to a realm #here "pirit matter are one. meat. 4hao" i" the olde"t of the god"-. all cob#ebby #ith 6thical Humani"m. lap"ed born-again bapti"t" or e$en e(+hiite fanatic". #ay" to go beyond laminated thinking into "mooth Aor nomadic or ?chaotic?D thinking perception< A. thinne"". :t has to co"t more--other#i"e you#ouldnBt buy it. Anarchi"m offer" up a black A redD Ma"" to de-rituali>e all "pook-haunted brain"--a "ecular e(orci"m--but then betray" it"elf by cobbling together a High 4hurch of it" o#n. a po"iti$e de"cription of it" "tructure. e$ery material thing e$ery life. GGGGG A" for the "cienti"t" them"el$e".changer" their braindead minion"."hock mild yearning" for a tepid authenticity.:E36 M11 +pecial Holiday +ea"on 9ood :""ue 8ant% 1urn 'ff the 2iteC 1H6 A++'4:A1:'. the franchi"e-granting yuppie >ombie cult". GGGGG *e applaud all anti.materiali"m. the Alice-like madne""e" of Euantum 4hao" 1heory ha$e dri$en the be"t of them to#ard" taoi"m $edanta Anot to mention dadaD-.. culture" ci$ili>ation" Aincluding our o#nD for $iable fragment"-. A niche ha" been prepared for you. :f #e are to follo# BaudelaireB" ad$ice ?be al#ay" into(icated. mu"ic. GGGGG 1#o decade" ago #e began the proFect of becoming 8ootle"" 4o"mopolitan". ritual.iet>"che "poke of the ?Hyperborean"? : think he foretold us.ubilee concept.help my"elf to anything not nailed do#nI GGGGG 1he earlie"t definition" of anarchy are found in the +huang . 4'MM3. crude 9undamentali"t 4arte"ian 2ogic.. #ould prefer "omething more like mu"hroom".1'2'7:4A2 A. #ho ha$e gone beyond the death of 7od-.

all "ei>ing-back of plea"ure. #here reality i" "trained through the deadening me"h of con"en"u"-perception. :n a !uiet room furni"h an altar #ith a bo#l of the ink. O .. But #hy "hould #e ha$e to "truggle again"t thi" garbagy tide of cheap rip-off ticky-tack. adding if po""ible "ome blood from a black roo"ter. 7rote"!ue Funk food "imply repre"ent" the flip-"ide of ghouli"h ?health food?%--nothing ta"te" like anything but #oodchip" or additi$e"--itB" all either boring or carcinogenic--or both-. 1he Anore(ic" are the ?life"tyle? rebel". :t is. 1urki"h coffee. 6(ce"" "uit" u" to perfection. le"t #e offend again"t the +acred Multiplicity the 0i$ine +ubFecti$ity.:E36 Black Magic a" 8e$olutionary Action &86&A86 A. all "piritual "elf-enhancement. 1he Bulimic" are tho"e yupped-out gentry #ho gorge on margharita" =48".5 '9 pure genuine "affron mi(ed #ith ro"e. #e lo"e touch #ith food a" nourishment< #e begin to con"truct for our"el$e" per"onae ba"ed on #hat #e con"ume. 6$erything is light. all re$olt again"t the &lanetary *ork Machine it" imitation de"ire". both chronic metaphy"ical.itB" all incredibly stupid.$egD 4a$iar blini"< Hundred year old egg"< +!uid rice cooked in ink< 6ggplant" cooked in their "kin" #ith black pickled garlic< *ild rice #ith black #alnut" black mu"hroom"< 1ruffle" in black butter< =eni"on marinated in port. *e dream of phalan"tery table" boloBbolo cafe" #here e$ery fe"ti$e collecti$e of diner" #ill "hare the indi$idual geniu" of a Brillat-+a$arin Athat "aint of ta"teD. cannot e"cape from "ymboli"m. Black 8u""ian"< 7uine"". the anarcho-taoi"t #ith a handful of dried apricot". All food i" "oul food< to treat it other#i"e i" to court indige"tion.? 1rue lightne"" #e adore. 0ark chocolate mou""e.-champagne< 4hine"e black tea. black grape". #e ha$e learned that hunger can be the fine"t of all "pice". 2:16 parodie" "piritual emptine"" illumination. moderation plea"e" u". 1he dullard "ee" no eros in fine champagne< the "orcerer can fall into(icated on a gla"" of #ater. Milarepa the 1ibetan. *e are forced again"t our o#n "lothful inclination" to take a "tand prote"t. +haykh Abu +aBid ne$er "a$ed money or e$en kept it o$ernight--therefore. 'ur culture. etc. +&64:A2 HA22'*66. ate a butter cake achie$ed enlightenment. 1he point #a" to enFoy both "tate". *eBre not about to ha#k you yet another . 9ar be it from u" to dogmati>e< the . a" a "ort of gey"er of co"mic genero"ity< therefore #e refrain from ad$ocating any "pecific diet. :. #hene$er "ome patron donated a hea$y pur"e to hi" ho"pice."oup. #here nearly e$ery e(perience i" mediated. full empty. treating products a" proFection" of our yearning for the authentic. Fogging. all #ent hungry.A.#ater. the primary arena for all in"urrectionary "elf-empo#erment.. deep. cooked or ra#. plum". a pen #ith an iron nib. Fu"t a" Mc0onaldB" tra$e"tie" the imagery of fullne"" celebration. after ten year" of nettle.'. #hen #e could be drinking the #ine of paradi"e e$en no# under our o#n $ine fig treeI 9ood belong" to the realm of e$eryday life. ultra-food-faddi"t". 9ood. But in the airle"" $ault of our ci$ili>ation. 1he A. Foyle"". e$en 2:16 beer may hide a do"e of 0iony"u". the lu"he"t flo#er" gro# round the pri$y. "ometime" en$i"ion" 4HA'+ a" a cornucopia of continual creation. crie" out Alike the dying 7oetheD for ?More 2:16C?--a" if the"e polyun"aturated effluent" could "omeho# a""uage our mi"ery.only the p"ycho"omatic froth on a #a$e of cultural pathology. a" if their bland #eightle"" ta"tele"" characterle""ne"" could protect u" from the gathering dark. choking on it" o#n pollutant". diffu"ed largely uncon"ciou". di"pirited #an--but "mug in their puritanical >eal their de"igner hair-"hirt". 1he human "pirit Anot to mention hungerD can o$ercome tran"cend all thi" feti"hi"m-Foy can erupt e$en at Burger 5ing. '99 1H6 2:16C Appendi(% Menu 9or An Anarchi"t Black Ban!uet A$eg non. "er$ed on pumpernickel "lice" garni"hed #ith roa"t che"tnut". not ?life"tyle". al"o "imultaneou"ly represents that #hich it i". rich hea$ine"" delight" u" in it" "ea"on. . cherrie". 4'MM3. the der$i"he" celebrated #ith a gourmet fea"t< on other day".ati$e American hunter might fuel hi" happine"" #ith fried "!uirrel. charcoal grilled. BoycottC BoycottC 138. eater" of algae.oC 1hi" la"t illu"ion finally "trike" u" a" too cruel.e# Age pre"cription for perfect health Aonly the dead are perfectly healthyD< #e intere"t our"el$e" in life. then purge on 2:16 food. or AanDaerobic Figgling.

ar-8ahman 0Finn to of "oul my true of 0Finn. on a *edne"day. de"troy con"idered 8adiance "pirit" "hado# you a of my traitor of #ithin of do the to ar-8ahim alikum Mohammad me my"elf enemy not Allah charm if $irtue Mohammad ar-8a"ul Allah :f the cur"e i" to be aimed at an indi$idual oppre""or.o# hold the paper in the ben>oin fume".his institution is cursed because it has oppressed the Imagination & defiled the Intellect/ degraded the arts toward stupefaction/ spiritual slavery/ propaganda for (tate & +apital/ puritanical reaction/ un&ust profits/ lies & aesthetic blight. 1he bottle may no# be carefully packaged "ent by mail to the target in"titution--for e(ample a Jtian tele$angeli"t "ho#. Gor po"ted "urreptitiou"ly around the premi"e"D% Malay Black 0Finn 4ur"e . . Reclaim your humanity & revolt in the name of the Imagination-. +e# the charm into yello# "ilk "eal it #ith red #a(. magneti>ed iron filling". Abo$e +olomonB" +eal #rite the name of the indi$idual or in"titution to be cur"ed. 0ra# the diagram at L p.black candle". holding your breath pre""ing your tongue to the roof of your mouth. mean#hile enli"ting the aid of local earth "pirit"% Bi"millah ' 6arth ' Black li"ten. the M3@A5 company. all 0Finn. 1he charm may be #ritten on $irgin paper or parchment. a""emble the follo#ing item"% a hardboiled egg. &lace all the"e thing" in a #idenecked bottle. an incen"e burner. *rap the doll in a #hite "hroud bury it in the ground #here the enemy i" "ure to #alk o$er it.headed dFinnD other part" of the diagram. "eal it #ith #a(. . in one "mooth operation. 0o ind ividual has been cursed/ but the place itself has been infec ted with ill fortune & malignancy.or else be &udged 1in the mirror of this charm2 an enemy of the human race.he curse has been activated according to correct rituals. the charm in"erted +e$en needle" are then dri$en do#n#ard into the top of the head. It has been seen i n this place/ & this place is cursed. .hose who do not wake up & uit/ or begin sabotaging the workplace/ will gradually fa ll under the effect of this sorcery. cork it. in$oke the #hite black dFinn within yourself% Bi"millah a"-"alaam ' *hite king of ' Black A*A-. "ome ben>oin. *e "ugge"t ?taking credit? for thi" action in the name of "ome other offen"i$e cultural in"titution.hese premises have been cursed by black sorcery. $ampire : order you the body Heed for : am the by $irtue la illaha illBAllah Mohammad ar-8a"ul Allah :f ho#e$er the cur"e i" intended for an in"titution or company. . tied #ith a red ribbon. . a"afoetida "ulphur. --and then be --by 2a illaha illBAllah ar-8ahman 0Finn.e# -ork &o"t. the . li>ard Gor beetle"< a "mall chamoi" bag containing gra$eyard dirt. left right hip". ar-8ahim 0irt-"pirit li$ing underground the "oil mark de"troy of PPPPPPPPPPPPP order" original "orcerer the charm . "uch a" the American &oetry +ociety or the *omenB" Anti-&orn 4ru"ade Agi$e full addre""D. an iron nail. 1hi" i" the -arisan Laksamana. Removing or destroying the implement of sorcery will do no good. 4opy the O-headed diagram A"ee illu"trationD #ithout lifting the pen from the paper. or 5ing of the 0Finn. thru the left right armpit".orth. a "chool or college--along #ith a copy of the follo#ing "tatement Ae(tra copie" may be mailed to indi$idual employee". a #a( doll may be prepared A"ee illu"trationD.m. 1hen dra# the +olomonB" +eal Aa "tar repre"enting a 5. thru the lip" or no"tril". facing . N iron pin" A"tick nail needle" into eggD< dried "corpion.he employees of this institution are now in danger.

An attempt #ill be made to di"co$er name" and addre""e" in thi" category.gather" in concla$e. but rather a duel.A. AND All tho"e #ho appropriate 4hao" in the cau"e of "ome . a bra#l. make the gift beautiful. 1he Black 0Finn 4ur"e repre"ent" only a fir"t "tep in the campaign of &oetic 1errori"m #hich--#e tru"t--#ill lead to other le"" "ubtle form" of in"urrection. #ine. 9'8 '. a leading 4hao" "cienti"t< the 4hurch of 6ri"< 0i"cordian @en< the Moori"h 'rthodo( 4hurch< certain clenche" of the 4hurch of the +ub7eniu"< the +acred . "pra#led on "hira>i carpet" "ipping bitter coffee.A84H1H6 A++'4:A1:'. 4ertain definition" or deformation" of 4hao" de"er$e denunciation. black turban" "himmering robe".k.*e al"o "ugge"t.e# Age "cam. 3"e "#eet incen"e.'. a ne#"letter connected to the #ork of 8alph Abraham. 4hao" i" not death. :f po""ible include real "il$er. along #ith all ?purity. 4hao" re$el" in a certain abandoned formle""ne"" not unlike the erotic me""ine"" of tho"e #e lo$e for their "hattering of habit their un$eiling of mutability. &'+1-A.o preci"e ritual need be follo#ed. red #hite candle". 4hao" i" not entropy. the imaginal autonomou" >one di"co$ered by 9eral 9aun Aa. 4hao" i" not a commodity. +&64:A2 4'MM3.A84H.libertini"m--tho"e #ho think ?beyond good e$il? mean" doing e$il--the +GM intellectual". hard candy.A84H:+M A. E36+1:'. 1hi" ho#-to-do-it manual on the Malay Black 0Finn 4ur"e ha" been prepared according to authentic complete ritual by the 4ultural 1errori"m 4ommittee of the inner Adept 4hamber of the HM'4A A?1hird &aradi"e?D. an act of $iolence or emotional repugnance.a.D All tho"e "cienti"t" "elling 4hao" either a" a force for de"truction Ae. #e do not ad$ocate $iolence or "orcery again"t indi$idual". #ho i" no# bottling ?4hao"? trying to franchi"e it to the -uppoid". that you "end a magical blessingto "omeone or "ome group you lo$e Gor admire. in order to gi$e an idea of the di"parate trend" in 4hao" 1heory #e enFoy% 4haotica.ihad of 'ur 2ady of &erpetual 4hao"< the #riter" a""ociated #ith ?type-N anarchi"m? Fournal" like &opular 8eality< etc. A1D All tho"e death-head" mutilation arti"t" #ho a""ociate 4hao" e(clu"i$ely #ith mi"ery. armoring" dryne""e" #hich #e #ould like to renounce.1'2'7:4A2 A.g. . . 4hao" i" continual creation.% . #e #ill li"t "ome of our friend". oppo"e all form" of la# authority. *e are . gold. 9ir"t #eBd like to define e$en name our enemie".? "e$enth la"t &ir of Alamut A not through the line of the Aga 5han"D.:E36 A.e$erthele"" thi" loo"ene"" doe" not imply that 4hao" 1heory mu"t accept e$ery leech that attempt" to attach it"elf to our "acred membrane". *e call for action" again"t institutions ideas--art-"abotage clande"tine propaganda Aincluding ceremonial magic ?tantrik pornography?D--and e"pecially again"t the poi"onou" media of the 6mpire of 2ie". in order to counter-balance the effect on your"elf of calling up the per"onal black dFinn. or Fe#el" in the gift. 4hao" ne$er died.. ?2a>y yokel plo#" a crooked furro#. a" in the u"e of 4hao" math in "tati"tical "ociology and mob control. +econd.i>ari-:"maili 6"oterici"t"< that i". "moking long chibouk "ib"i. 1he battle line" are dra#n. in the name of 4hao". negati$ity a Foyle"" p"eudo. #hich fool" $alue more highly than gold e$en tho it may be found on any dungheap. *e e"pou"e radical moni"m pure antinomiani"m. 'f cour"e we ha$e no obFection to your gi$ing u" all your money.? -e". an e(orci"m. -ou canBt "ell #ater by the ri$er< 4hao" i" that materia of #hich the alchemi"t" "poke. 1he chief enemy in thi" category i" *erner 6rhardt. but the imagery "hould be allo#ed to "pring from the #ell of con"ciou"ne"" in an intuiti$eG"pontaneou" meditational "tate.oel BirnocoB" maga>ine 5A'+< 4hao" :nc. for tactical rea"on". 0o thi" anonymou"ly.? Any attempt to precipitate a cry"tal of ideology #ould re"ult in fla#ed rigiditie". etc. particle-beam #eapon"D or a" a mechani"m for enforcing order. #orld-hater" ugly nihili"t". flo#er". *e propo"e not an :n!ui"ition in the name of our definition".M3+1 '9 cour"e flo# impurely. fo""ili>ation". At pre"ent. A. 9eral 8anterD< the Academy of 4haotic Art" of 1undra *ind< . crooner" of the apocalyp"e--the ne# 7no"tic 0uali"t". founder of e"t. +hiite heretic" fanatic" #ho trace our "piritual line to Ha""an-i +abbah through Aladdin Mohammad ::: ?the Madman. but #eBll tell you up front% #eBll u"e it to buy dope or fly to Morocco. our dedication to di$ine di"order need not deter u" from tra"hing the traitor" rip-off arti"t" p"ychic $ampire" no# bu>>ing around 4hao" under the impre""ion that itB" trendy. Announce" &urge" in 4hao" Mo$ement 4HA'+ 1H6'8.

*ithout ?higher "tate" of con"ciou"ne"". *e need a practical kind of ?my"tical anarchi"m. the relic" martyrologie". . carry it to the ne(t "tage. e$en if only for a "ea"on. N.. the occult.-e". but al"o the di"affection de"ertion" from #ithin it" o#n rank". :maginati$e participation in other culture". etc. 4lean"e the temple of $ain idol". perhap" $iolent L.Afor one of your ma"k" i" the face of a "orcererD.affirming.'*... :f the mo$ement i" to gro# rather than "hrink. &ornography popular entertainment a" $ehicle" for radical re-education...? #e do "o not merely out of a romantic predilection for lo"t cau"e"--or not entirely. Hi"panic". replace outdated publi"hingGpropaganda tactic". picket-line" reprint" of 19th century cla""ic" donBt add up to a $ital.e$en tho in theory "uch genuinely oppre""ed group" "tand to gain the mo"t from any antiauthoritarian re$olt. get rid of the Horrible 'ld Men.. the tribal culture" po""e"" techni ues #hich can be ?appropriated? in true anarchi"t fa"hion. 'f all ?political "y"tem". 6mbrace ?1ype-N? anarchi"m Ato u"e Bob BlackB" pro-tem "loganD% neither collecti$i"t nor indi$iduali"t. #e could reali>e many of our 1rue 0e"ire". 1he anarchi"t ?mo$ement? today contain" $irtually no Black".? anarchi"m end" drie" it"elf up into a form of mi"ery.#hat can : 0' before itB" too lateI. "tammer.. retain" it" affiliation #ith the ?mo$ement.. then thi" failure #ould e(plain not only anarchi"mB" lack of appeal to the poor marginal. a brief &irate 3topia.#e agree #ith their criti!ue". . *HA1 A86 M. totally in"ane but life. 0emo".GL LGL beat mu"t be o$erthro#n. ine(orably heretical anticlerical< a$id for all ne# technologie" of con"ciou"ne"" metanoia--a democrati>ation of "hamani"m. but note that they "eem to offer no ne# po#erful alternati$e".? anarchi"m Ade"pite it" fla#". here no#.guardI 7no"tic elite. Abandon all ideological purity.etc.. 1he potential e(i"t". *e could pick up the "truggle #here it #a" dropped by +ituationi"m in B)8 Autonomia in the "e$entie". rhythmically "ubtle yet po#erful. A" for the de"erter". the nature of being.in the proce"". *e could ha$e re$olt in our time"-... 1he orient. anarchi"m "tagger" around #ith the corp"e of a Martyr magically "tuck to it" "houlder"--haunted by the legacy of failure re$olutionary ma"ochi"m--"tagnant back#ater of lo"t hi"tory.1836 06+:86+I-. =a"t choru" of groan".'. ontology.. :f the A.. Any day no#. puking retching.*hatB" our po"ition on all the"e recent defection" de"ertion" from anarchi"m Ae"p. a lot of dead#ood #ill ha$e to be Fetti"oned "ome ri"ky idea" embraced. 0e$elop american "ami>dat net#ork. anarchi"m "eem" to lack a &re"ent--a" if afraid to a"k it"elf.or traitor"I Actually. ?*hat i" your 1rue 0e"ireI? 0o you hem ha#.. a #arped free->one in the old +paceG1ime continuum. 1he Black Banner could pro$ide a focu" for the outrage channel it into an in"urrection of the :magination. in 4alifornia2andD% condemn or condoneI &urge them or hail them a" ad$ance. tho"e #e li$e #ith.. Anti-#ork or ?@ero#ork? mo$ement e(tremely important. e"p. 2ike +inbad the Horrible 'ld Man. daring con"piracy of "elf-liberation. a #hining complaint. *e need a ne# mu"ic..angry mob" roam the mall". #e need it . ?Higher "tate" of con"ciou"ne""? are not mere +&''5+ in$ented by e$il prie"t". . HereB" our program. Bet#een tragic &a"t impo""ible 9uture.ati$e American" or children. take refuge in ideological platitude"I 0o you po""e"" both :magination *ill. can you both dream dare--or are you the dupe of an impotent fanta"yI 2ook in the mirror try it. "ma"hing looting. +o for the time being #e prefer to concentrate on changing anarchi"m from #ithin. *ork on the reali>ation that psychic racism ha" replaced o$ert di"crimination a" one of the mo"t di"gu"ting a"pect" of our "ociety. 6. Anarchi"m mu"t #ean it"elf a#ay from e$angelical materiali"m banal .? de$oid of all . including a radical attack on 6ducation the "erfdom of children. preci"ely becau"e it i" neither political nor a "y"temD come" clo"e"t to our under"tanding of reality. imagine your"elf confronted by a "orcerer #ho "tare" you do#n balefully demand".A. 5. comrade"% 1.-dimen"ional 19th century "cienti"m.-"hinola..e# Age "hit. $a"t number" of american" are going to reali>e theyBre being force-fed a load of reactionary boring hy"terical artificially-fla$ored crap. Might it be that anarch:+M offer" no concrete program #hereby the truly depri$ed might fulfill Aor at lea"t "truggle reali"tically to fulfillD real need" de"ire"I :f "o. into(icated "erene. #e ha$e a lot of "ympathy for the de"erter" their $ariou" criti!ue" of anarch:+M. :n mu"ic the hegemony of the ..

arodnik-Anarchi"t" #ould "ometime" forge a ukase or manife"to in the name of the 4>ar< in it the Autocrat #ould complain that greedy lord" unfeeling official" had "ealed him in hi" palace cut him off from hi" belo$ed people. And be"ide"% the dreamer. donBt bitch moan.ame again"t the go$ernment.O.-4 anarchy i" chao". "ome Eueen of &er"ia. arti"t" al"o kno# no choice but anarchy monarchy.? 9. Ho# can #e "eparate the concept ofspace from the mechani"m" of controlI 1he territorial gang"ter". you #ould kno# that thi" i" #hat e$ery anarchi"t mu"t #ant. #ho "mear the #all" of the mind #ith odorle"" filth--"o kind. "ome EaFar "hah. tulip" lute"C Hate their cruelty caprice.ature. &lenary +e""ion March B8O. the arti"t. "ome e(ce"". the era"ure of . #ho can dra# a map that include" our de"ire"I Anarch:+M ultimately implie" anarchy-creation. etc. decadent. 6mpha"i>e practical. gentrification. 2ike the dreamer. Abandon all #orld-hatred "hame. tho"e dead lu(uriou" fool". but can only work.? :t mu"t enFoy a ca$emanB" #ildne"" or el"e ha$e it" mouth filled #ith gold by "ome prince. 4hao" i" the principle of continual B2A45 48'*. architectural deper"onali>ation. ineffecti$e ridiculou" &a"ha or 6mir. material per"onal benefit" of radical net#orking. philo"opher" "pit it out. ho# they ab"orbed all ro"e" cool bree>e". ho#e$er. ye"--but at lea"t they #ere human. Monad" nomad". A democratic dreamI a "ociali"t dreamI :mpo""ible. profe""or" che# it up. computer net#orkingD but can al"o manife"t a" a form of oppre""ion Ahomele""ne"". for thi" they mu"t "acrifice the merely "ocial to a ?tyrannical Mu"e. +haos never died. :n 8u""ia the . .? Art die" #hen treated ?fairly. 1he bureaucrat".. B2A45 8'+6 Anarcho-Monarchi"m Anarcho-My"tici"m :. --A. "ome bout" of Heraclitan ?"trife?I *e do not rule--but #e cannot #ill not be ruled. corrupt. 1he Art *orld in particular de"er$e" a do"e of ?&oetic 1errori"m. &allid day A#hen nothing "hine" by it" o#n lightD "link" in"inuate" "ugge"t" that #e compromi"e #ith a "ad lacklu"ter reality. 1he de"patiali>ation of po"t-:ndu"trial "ociety pro$ide" "ome benefit" Ae. #hich are the "kill" of chaote" "ultan". :f you had kno#n the "#eetne"" of life a" a poet in the reign of "ome $enal. Ho# they lo$ed poem" painting". e$en more "ubtly by +pectacular 8ecuperation in media ad$erti"ing. the .ationG+tate". but "urely a bit of "abotage imaginati$e di"ruption i" ne$er out of place. +266& *6 086AM of only t#o form" of go$ernment--anarchy monarchy. &lot con"pire.A. only king" #ild people populate my night. more "ubtly from the a$ant-p"eud ?po"t"e(uality? mo$ement. 1he time" do not appear propitiou" for $iolence or militancy. . ob$iou"ly from the 8ight. "o gemutlich--#ho pollute the inner air #ith numbne""--theyBre not e$en #orthy of hate. *hether my 86M" bring $erdical near-prophetic $i"ion" or mere =ienne"e #i"h-fulfillment.'. an e(plo"i$e reaffirmation of the polymorphic ero"--Ae$en e"pecially in the face of plague gloomD--a literal glorification of the "en"e". Among a people #ho cannot create or play. the anarchi"t--do they not "hare "ome tinge of cruel caprice #ith the mo"t outrageou" of moghul"I 4an genuine life occur #ithout "ome folly. a doctrine of delight. "ome 5ing 9arouk. He #ould proclaim the end of "erfdom call on pea"ant" #orker" to ri"e in Hi" .g. Art i" a kind of by>antine barbarity fit only for noble" heathen".D 1he commune" of the "i(tie" tried to circum$ent the"e force" but failed.. Bureaucrat" "ale" per"onnel poi"on it. +e(uality i" under a""ault. 1ime for a maFor "tep for#ard in +e(&ol a#arene"". But in dream #e are ne$er ruled e(cept by lo$e or "orcery. 1hey "carcely e(i"t out"ide the bloodle"" :dea" they "er$e. 1he !ue"tion of land refu"e" to go a#ay. 8. 6(periment #ith ne# tactic" to replace the outdated baggage of 2efti"m. &rimordial root con"ciou"ne"" under"tand" no politic" ne$er play" fair. *ho can in$ent for u" a cartography of autonomy. they mu"t po""e"" do po""e"" their o#n perception". ha$e hogged the entire map.

yet be"to#" on the 3ni!ue a certain ab"olutene"". And thi" doctrine led them into re$olt again"t :"lam. the "ociali"t.can they "omeho# ha$e become one thing. 1he radical my"tic" #ere betrayed fir"t by 4rom#ell then by the 8e"toration--#hy not.. bluntly. 1hi" rhetoric ho#e$er ob"cure" #hat really happen"% the ?king? become" the ?anarchi"t. gi$en that he ne$er define" the ego in opposition to libido or id. 'ur action" are Fu"tified by fiat our relation" are "haped by treatie" #ith other autarch". therefore on the #aking le$el it con"idered it"elf egalitarian athei"t. #ho #ould "it "ilent on hi" throne facing a propitiou" direction. the t#o are no# one. Among a people #ho cannot concei$e human e(i"tence #ithout a religion. almo"t brainle""ly% ye". :f #e are bound by any ethic or morality it mu"t be one #hich #e our"el$e" ha$e imagined. . At pre"ent perhap" #e "ur$i$e a" mere &retender"--but e$en "o #e may "ei>e a fe# in"tant".o#.? 1he #ord" monarchism mysticism are u"ed here in part "imply pour epater tho"e egalito-athei"t anarchi"t" #ho react #ith piou" horror to any mention of pomp or "uper"tition-mongering. fabulou"ly more e(alted more liberating than the ?moralic acid? of puritan" humani"t". 'nce anarch king clutched each otherB" throat" #alt>ed a totentan>--a "plendid battle. a freaki"h unityI ?1he "leep of 8ea"on. the perfected "elf #ho i" beyond all 2a# rule. the de"ire" of radical" may be e(pre""ed in monarchical term". 6ach pea"ant looked into thi" gla""y legend beheld hi" or her o#n freedom--an illu"ion.acobite "tandard #ith it" erudite cabal" bloodproud con"piracie". A "imilar myth mu"t ha$e in"pired the 1Oth century 8anter" Antinomian" 9ifth Monarchy Men #ho flocked to the . finally. A" a "ingle entity the anarchGking no# i" reborn< each of u" the ruler of our o#n fle"h. #ith 8o"icrucian" +cotti"h 8ite Ma"on". A careful reading of +tirner "ugge"t" that 1he 3ni!ue Hi" '#n-ne"" #ould better reflect hi" intention". emotion ae"thetic" o$er all petrified ideologie" dogma< it embrace" multitude" reli"he" contradiction". but one that borro#ed it" magic from the logic of the dream.? 1he 3ni!ue Ader *in%igeD might be"t be con"trued "imply a" the indi$idual "elf. ho#e$er. doing ab"olutely nothing. to terror a""a""ination in the name of pure e"oteric "elfliberation total reali>ation. our o#n creation"--and a" much of e$erything el"e a" #e can grab hold. radical de"ire" may "peak the language of here"y. +tirner commit" no metaphy"ic".at tvam asi% 1hou Aindi$idual +elfD art 1hat Aab"olute +elfD. a . :n :"lam the :"maili" took the idea of the :mam of the &rophetB" Hou"ehold metamorpho"ed it into the :mam-ofoneB"-o#n-being.anu". our royaume. 1errori"t monarch are archetypes< the"e other" are mere functionarie". 1hey #hirl around "o fa"t that they "eem to meld together. a +iame"e t#in.. *hyI Becau"e the "ingle ab"olute ruler act" metaphorically a" a mirror for the uni!ue and utter ab"olutene"" of the "elf.. . both are relegated to hi"toryB" tra"hbin--ha"-been". 'ntological Anarchy i" a hobgoblin for B:7 mind". thri$e" on baro!ue parado(< it fa$or" "tate" of con"ciou"ne"". 1he tran"lation of the title A key termD of Ma( +tirnerB" magnum opu" a" 1he 6go :t" '#n ha" led to a "ubtle mi"interpretation of ?indi$iduali"m.? the ?prie"t? a ?heretic. or in oppo"ition to ?"oul? or ?"pirit. the democrat.? 1he 6ngli"h-2atin #ord ego come" freighted #eighed #ith freudian prote"tant baggage. *e make the la# for our o#n domain"-.the chain" of the la# ha$e been broken.. . ?-e are a" god"?--?1hou art 1hat. 4la""ical 19th century anarchi"m defined it"elf in the "truggle again"t cro#n church. #ho i" atoned #ith the 'ne. a fe# "!uare feet of reality o$er #hich to impo"e our ab"olute #ill. 1aoi"m reFected the #hole of 4onfucian bureaucracy but retained the image of the 6mperor-+age. ho#e$er. Foin #ith flippant ca$alier" foppi"h count".+e$eral time" thi" ploy actually "ucceeded in "parking re$olt". L'etat/ c'est moi. curio"itie" of a lei"urely more culti$ated pa"t.o champagne re$olution" for themC 'ur brand of anti-authoritariani"m.? :n thi" "trange duet of mutability the politician. the rational ideologue can find no place< they are deaf to the mu"ic lack all "en"e of rhythm. :n #hat #ay then doe" thi" *in%ige differ from the +elf of Ad$aita =edantaI . to place an occult me""iah on AlbionB" throneI Among a people #ho cannot concei$e human "ociety #ithout a monarch.? ahC mo"t de"irable de"irou" mon"ter"C 'ntological Anarchy proclaim" flatly.

to identify metaphy"ical phy"ical. 1he e(ample" of ?#olf children? or enfants sauvages "ugge"t that a human infant depri$ed of human company for too long #ill ne$er attain con"ciou" humanity--#ill ne$er ac!uire language. Here again the proFect begun by :ndi$iduali"m can be e$ol$ed re$i$ified by a graft #ith my"tici"m-"pecifically #ith tantra. cannot #ill not be reali>ed in any bitter i"olation. BeingGcon"ciou"ne""Gbli"" AsatchitanandaD cannot be di"mi""ed a" merely another +tirnerian ?"pook? or ?#heel in the head. unify--or el"e fail to attain po""e"" all of #hich they are capable. their :ndi$iduali"m "eem" "omeho# "haped by a certain coldness toward the other. like the 4hine"e inkbru"h painter #ho ?become" the bamboo.? 1he goal of the 3ni!ue after all i" to possess everything< the radical moni"t attain" thi" by identifying "elf #ith perception.iet>"che come" clo"erD i" a #orking concept of nonordinary consciousness. A" an e"oteric techni ue di$orced from orthodo( Hindui"m. 1rue my"tici"m create" a ?"elf at peace. . affinitie". Affection". 1hi" reali>ation engulf" era"e" all duality.e#el"?D for the identification of "e(ual plea"ure non.? 0e"pite my"teriou" hint" +tirner drop" about a ?union of 3ni!ue-one"? de"pite .in thi" he belong" to the 19th century% born long after the deli!ue"cence of 4hri"tendom. beautiful creation". 4on"en"u" 8eality. +tirner !uite correctly de"pi"ed #hat he kne# a" ?my"tici"m.iet>"che nailed do#n the lid on ?7od? a fe# year" later.6. 6$en cla""ical anarchi"m ha" enFoyed it" tantrik moment"% 9ourierB" &halan"terie"< the ?My"tical Anarchi"m? of 7. 1he highe"t ta"k of metaphy"ic" Aaccompli"hed for e(ample by :bn Arabi. con$i$iality--all the mo"t preciou" po""e""ion" of the 3ni!ue-one ari"e from the conFunction of +elf 'ther in the con"tellation of 0e"ire. #e point to the +elf< #hen #e "peak of bli"" #e implicate the 'ther. +ince then. +tirner him"elf "eem" deaf to the po""ible "piritual re"onance" of :ndi$iduali"m-.all communication i" e""entially erotic.et of . *hen #e "peak of being con"ciou"ne"". *hat my"tici"m really trie" to "urmount i" fal"e con"ciou"ne"". but long before the di"co$ery of the 'rient of the hidden illumini"t tradition in *e"tern alchemy. re$olutionary here"y occult acti$i"m. dialectic. 1he 'ther mirror" the +elf--the 'ther i" our witness. reading behind beneath the layer of ice. ho#e$er parado(ically. Boehme. :$ano$ other fin-de-"iQcle 8u""ian "ymboli"t"< the ince"tuou" eroti"m of . :n part they culti$ated a bracing. 1he *ild 4hild perhap" pro$ide" a poetic metaphor for the 3ni!ue-one--and yet "imultaneou"ly mark" the preci"e point #here 3ni!ue 'ther mu"t meet.? :t in$oke" no e(clu"i$ely tran"cendent principle for #hich the *in%ige mu"t "acrifice hi"Gher o#n-ne"".? 1he *in%ige's relation #ith the 'ther cannot be defined or limited by any in"titution or idea. :t "imply "tate" that inten"e a#arene"" of e(i"tence it"elf re"ult" in ?bli""?-or in le"" loaded language.ordinary con"ciou"ne"". like an electric charge. dichotomy. . An apprehen"ion of the immanent onene"" of being in"pire" certain antinomian here"ie" Athe 8anter".or doe" my"tici"m de"troy the ?carnal? or ?animal? "elf--#hich #ould al"o amount to "uicide. :t carrie" #ith it"elf. from the familie" of 2o$e 9ree Brethren Adamite" of 6urope to the pedera"t "ufi" of &er"ia to the 1aoi"t alchemi"t" of 4hina.? a "elf #ith po#er. ae"thetic perception". 1he 'ther complete" the +elf--the 'ther gi$e" u" the key to the perception of onene""-of-being. #e unco$er trace" of a fiery doctrine--#hat 7a"ton Bachelard might ha$e called ?a &oetic" of the 'ther. 1he ac!ui"ition of language fall" under the "ign of 6ro"-. 8amana Mahar"hiD i" in a "en"e to "elf-de"truct. clean"ing chilline"" again"t the #arm "uffocation of 19th century "entimentality altrui"m< in part they "imply de"pi"ed #hat "omeone AMenckenID called ?Homo Booben"i". illu"ion.? "o that ?it paint" it"elf. A$icenna 0ante claimed that lo$e mo$e" the $ery "tar" planet" in their cour"e"--the 8g =eda He"iodB" 1heogony both proclaim 2o$e the fir"t god born after 4hao". #ho ha" dared to "ugge"t that :ndi$iduali"m my"tici"m might be reconciled "ynthe"i>edI 1he mi""ing ingredient in +tirner A. 1he reali>ation of the uni!ue "elf Aor ubermenschD mu"t re$erberate e(pand like #a$e" or "piral" or mu"ic to embrace direct e(perience or intuiti$e perception of the uni!uene"" of reality it"elf. 4ertain radical monists ha$e pu"hed thi" doctrine far beyond mere panthei"m or religiou" my"tici"m. a" '. tran"cendent immanent. tantra pro$ide" a "ymbolic frame#ork A?. all relation" are erotic. the A""a""in"D #hom #e con"ider our ance"tor".? a mere pieti"tic "entimentality ba"ed on "elf-abnegation #orld hatred. an inten"e #ordle"" "en"e of value% it ?di$ini>e"? the "elf.Many belie$e that my"tici"m ?di""ol$e" the ego. all the failure" of "elf that accompany the"e ill". coale"ce. All antinomian "ect" ha$e contained "ome ?tantrik? a"pect.? 8ubbi"h.? And yet. 'nly death doe" that Aor "uch at lea"t i" our +adducean a""umptionD. ?$aluati$e con"ciou"ne"".iet>"cheB" eternal ?-ea? e(altation of life. the 3ni!ue depend" for completene"" on the 'ther. And yet clearly.

*hy notI Are #e prie"t" of a cult. #e "imply "ugge"t that :ndi$idual Anarchi"m 8adical Moni"m are to be con"idered henceforth one and the "ame mo$ement. and thu" monarch or o#ner of hi" perception" and relation". He introduced me to +ri 5amanaran"an Bi"#a". chillam after chillam full. bureaucrat-god" their runningdog". *e practiced the 1ara. Mr Bi"#a" in hi" #ild youth #a" a member of the Bengali 1errori"t &arty. cha"ing after terrified clerk" #ith hi" umbrella. decaying Brit" #ho lo"t their #ay home in BLO. Anarchi"m i" dead. #ho offered to teach me 1antra."acrifice--or the frigidity of :ndi$iduali"m #ith it" di"dain for con$i$iality.? i" "elf-reali>ed. "ince ganFa too i" "acred to 5ali. a "uperabundance. #here : $i"ited him daily #ith pint" of cheap brandy for puFa tippling--he encouraged me to "moke #hile #e talked. then #eBd #ander the "treet" #hile he played ball #ith "hrieking kid" or picked fight" in the ba>aar. or ?liberated indi$idual. 1hi" hybrid ha" been called ?"piritual materiali"m. #eBll rifle the luggage for billfold".force".Ar>iba"hae$B" +anine< the #eird combination of .mantra and 1ara-mudra Aor -oni-mudraD. :n 19)9 : arri$ed Fu"t before the mon"oon". *e al"o like ?'ntological Anarchy? becau"e it "ugge"t" that being it"elf remain" in a "tate of ?di$ine 4hao". and "tudied the 1ara. an ea"e. 1he"e #e #ill e(propriate in the name of our in"urrection--and lea$e the #oe" of morality religion to rot decompo"e. the Mall #ith a =ie# of +ikkim Mt 5atchenhunga-1ibetan temple" refugee"--beautiful yello#-porcelain people called 2epcha" Athe real aboB"D--Hindu". a pride. a tiny #i"py middleage Bengali go$ernment clerk in a "habby "uit. "ummer hd!r" for 7o$t. A" the 8anter" u"ed to "ay #hen greeting any ?fello# creature?--from king to cut-pur"e--?8eFoiceC All i" our"C? :.? of all-potentiality. boring philo"ophical portmanteau(--o$er the "ide #ith themC *e #ant from the"e "y"tem" only their $itality. Met 7ane"h Baba. re"er$oir" of p"ychic potency. :n fact. All that dead #eightC 9ro#"y proletarian "uitca"e".+18341:'. 7ane"h Baba "eemed to appro$e of thi" "ecret pa"t. Mr Bi"#a" li$ed in a tiny bungalo# perched on a "teep pine-tree mi"ty hill"ide. and dump the #oe" of authority torture in hi"toryB" garbage bin.. Fe#el". of living together--or the $ulgar "uper"tition" of 19th century athei"m. : kne# 0arFeeling hid "omething for me "oon a" : heard the name--dor&e ling--1hunderbolt 4ity.+ 9'8 1H6 5A2: -37A 1H6 5A2: -37A +1:22 ha" . drug" and other u"eful item"--keep #hat #e like and tra"h the re"t.ihili"m 5ali-#or"hip #hich in"pired the Bengali 1errori"t &arty Ato #hich my tantrik guru +ri 5amanaran"an Bi"#a" had the honor of belongingD. :n thi" flu( only the &iva mukti. fat #hite-bearded "addhu #ith o$erly. ho#e$er. *eBll take the"e.? a term #hich burn" up all metaphy"ic" in the fire of onene"" of "pirit matter. daring. a$atar" of 4HA'+. then roaring #ith laughter. Mo"lem". : #alked there thru cold "ummer fog". "cienti"m./// or "o year" to play--good ne#" for ad$ocate" bad ne#" for Brahmin". and thu" the only po""ible "ociety Aa" 9ourier under"toodD i" that of lo$er". their shakti. and progre""i"m. *e di"cu""ed my reading" in +ir .//.yantra diagram . anger. 'ld Briti"h hill "tation. :n thi" cea"ele"" flo# only de"ire offer" any principle of order. their life.. intran"igence. Before #e Fetti"on the rubbi"h and the carpetbag". propo"e a much deeper "yncreti"m of anarchy tantra than any of the"e. de"pite hi" out#ard "eedy mild appearance. My"tici"m ha" "omething #e need--?"elf-o$ercoming. a" if it #ere a "ign of Mr Bi"#a"B" hidden tantrika "trength. 1ibetan "pirit-trap" flapping in the "oaked bree>e loomed out of the mi"t cedar". #hich included both 5ali #or"hipper" heretic Mo"lem my"tic" a" #ell a" anarchi"t" e(treme lefti"t". of Bengal-"treet" in the form of #inding #ood "tairca"e". . to croon o$er relic" and mumble our martyrologie"I Monarchi"m too ha" "omething #e #ant--a grace. -ah#i"t".ohn *oodruffe A?Arthur A$alon?D each afternoon.epale"e Bhutane"e Buddhi"t". hea$y bourgeoi" "teamer-trunk". heedle""ne""--their po#er. *e. re$ol$er". long li$e anarchyC *e no longer need the baggage of re$olutionary ma"ochi"m or ideali"t "elf. of continual creation.impeccable '(ford accent--ne$er "a# anyone "moke "o much ganFa.? e(alted a#arene"". "till running mu"ty bank" tea."hoppe".

primordial yet in"anely comple(.hundred" of thou"and" of pilgrim"--#eird "addhu" do#n from their ice-ca$e" "!uatting on tiger "kin" chanting. 2a"t year a flood dro#ned +iliguri killing ten" of thou"and". four-armed #ith #eapon".+1 1H6 86&8'0341:'. +heep do$e" are being "laughtered by the thou"and". kno#ing the alchemy of her pre"ence. incen"e. the li!uid" of death. 4holera broke out. +ome friendly prie"t" "peak 6ngli"h help me find the ca$e #here -oniB" on di"play. to ride it like a tiger. both planet #ar-godD #here he bought a finger-ring made from an iron hor"e"hoe nail ga$e it to me. blood. A #eek later in 5athmandu : enter the 7erman Mi""ionary Ho"pital Afor a monthD #ith hepatiti".e(t day. it" life-Fuice--thi" i" the &ath of 5ali -uga. yet for tho"e #ho kno#. +he "it" "ilent on her bed glaring unblinking at hideou" fate". . -e" ab"olutely the archetype of all that horror. :n the morning. A7A:. 6$ery day more rain--mud-"lide" blocking road". $ery "imilar in attribute"% d#arfi"h. kno#ing in #hat "en"e they are the same. :Bm initiated into 1ara 1antra. 1ho"e #ho ignore her or "ee her out"ide them"el$e" ri"k de"truction. My Border Area &ermit e(pire". or di$ine "elf. dancing on dead +hi$a. a mode"t half-ruined little road"ide "hrine--torchlight the only illumination--chanting drum" #ith "trange. flo#er"D returned to the "erenity of 0arFeeling. 1ho"e #ho #or"hip her a" ishtadevata. '9 06A1H '.for magical purpo"e". A herd of pilgrim" Aall at lea"t one head "horter than meD literally engulf" me like an underto#-#a$e at the beach. to embrace it Ae$en "e(uallyD ab"orb "ome of it" "hakti. 1hat night #e attend "ome ceremony at the local 5ali-temple. Her age mu"t contain horror". 0ark "ide of the godde"". More brandy ganFa. A "mall price to pay for all that kno#ledge--the li$er of "ome retired colonel from a 5ipling "toryC--but : kno# her. "he become" the generou" mother. outbuilding"-. naked. Alone in the cemetery.+ of that 6nd 1ime "o many "eem to anticipate #ould con"i"t of a fa"cination #ith all the mo"t negati$e hateful detritu" of that 1ime. +ick a" a dog by thi" time. 2ater in a ca$e in the Fungle abo$e 8i"hiki"h : meditated on 1ara for "e$eral day" A#ith mantra. . her cunt fell here. necklace of "kull" or "e$ered head". Fu"t in time for the annual fe"ti$al. totally uncla""ical. hurl" me "u"pended do#n "uffocating #inding troglodyte "tair" into clau"trophobic #omb-ca$e #here : "#irl nau"eated hallucinating to#ard a "hapele"" cone meteorite "meared in centurie" of ghee ochre. *e $i"it hi" #ife in the ho"pital. Huge to#er". yantra. almo"t African "yncopation. $omit. : kno# 5ali. back do#n the track" thru rain mud up to my knee" total darkne"". allo#" me to thro# a garland of Fa"mine o$er the yoni. 1he "e(uality $iolence "er$e a" metaphor" in a poem #hich act" directly on con"ciou"ne"" through the :mage-ination--or el"e in the correct circum"tance" they can be openly deployed enFoyed. the cityB" a #reck. Mr Bi"#a" : de"cend the "lick #et Himalaya" by Feep train do#n to hi" ance"tral city. a "hare of her temporal power. tongue dripping blood. Midnight in 7auhati : "neak off the train. 1ara% one of the form" of 5ali. a real hecatomb--Anot another #hite "ahib in "ightD--gutter" running inch-deep in blood--cur$e-bladed 5ali"#ord" chop chop chop. +iliguri in the flat Bengali plain" #here the 7ange" finger" into a "odden $iride"cent delta. the ho"pitalB" hall" "till caked #ith "lime. mudra. :Bm . pullulating deitie". #e "moke. but determined to fini"h the ritual. embued #ith a "en"e of the holine"" of every thing from ec"ta"y #ine to garbage corp"e".o "leep. ta"te her Age of :ron a" if it #ere gold. dead head" plocking onto the "lippery cobble"tone". for mo"t of u" cannot under"tand her or reach beyond the necklace of "kull" to the garland of Fa"mine. a fa"cination felt by the $ery cla"" of thinker" #ho con"ider them"el$e" mo"t per"picaciou" about the "o-called apocalyp"e they #arn u" to be#are.6 '9 1H6 +:7. "kin a deep bluegrey the preci"e color of mon"oon cloud". algae-"tained ruined. to the great temple of +haktiB" yoni in 7auhati. *e drink. 1o go thru 4HA'+. bu" up to the temple on a nearby mountain. ne(t to a half-burnt corp"e. 9or tho"e #ho follo# it "he promi"e" enlightenment e$en #ealth. By thi" time : kno# :Bm "eriou"ly "ick. 1he herd part" for me. He gi$e" me a colored lithograph of 1ara #hich miraculou"ly floated abo$e the #ater #a" "a$ed. courtyard". A""am i" forbidden territory : ha$e no permit. it" beneficent $i"ion". fe$eri"h "paced-out. *hen +hi$a chopped +hakti into 5N piece" "cattered them o$er the #hole 7ange" ba"in. : "ay fare#ell "et out for A""am. blunder at la"t into the city find a bugridden hotel. 'nce #e $i"ited a temple to the Hindu Mar" Alike our". 4reati$e nihili"m.

brain#a"hing. :f : attack them a" part of the $ery problem they claim to be di"cu""ing obFecti$ely. nothing matter" but to prepare the "oul for death Anot only it" o#n but the #hole #orldB" a" #ellD. connoi""eur" of the art" of mutilation. a "pook-"ickne"" in my"elf #hich ought to be e(punged rather than hypochondriacally coddled indulged."peaking of people : kno# $ery #ell--tho"e of the ?"piritual right? A"uch a" the neo-7uenonian" #ith their ob"e""ion for "ign" of decadenceD-. My po"ition i" thi"% : am all too #ell a#are of the ?intelligence? #hich pre$ent" action. : ha$e come to de"pi"e the ?6nd of the *orld? a" an ideological icon held o$er my head by religion. "adi"m hatredI 6""entially they gain smartness.o# the 6nd of the *orld i" an ab"traction becau"e it ha" ne$er happened. 9or the ?cultural critic? nothing matter" but the game of identifying yet one more rea"on for de"pair. mariFuana. 9or the 1raditionali"t.tho"e of the po"t. A: do not claim to kno# ?7odB" mind? on the "ubFect. : "ee only a mental image it" emotional ramification"< a" "uch : identify it a" a kind of gho"tly $iru". : my"elf po""e"" it in abundance. etc.-till then : am free to e(pre"" e(perience Aa" much a" : canD a life an art of life ba"ed on "elf-$aluating ?peak e(perience". By o$erthro#ing the inner icon" of the 6nd of the *orld the 9utility of all mundane endea$or. the lo$e of boy". "tate. a pollyanna. :t ha" no e(i"tence in the real #orld. thru democracy. 1he ob"e""i$e replication of 0eath-imagery A it" reproduction or e$en commodificationD gets in the way of thi" proFect Fu"t a" ob"tructi$ely a" cen"or"hip or media. 1#o-"ided i""ue" Acreationi"m $" dar#ini"m. : #ill "heepi"hly follo# their dictate" dare nothing on my o#n.? a" #ell a" ?con$i$iality? A#hich al"o po""e""e" it" o#n re#ardD.philo"ophical left. *hy "hould : emblemi>e thi" freedom #ith an act "uch a" murder Aa" did the e(i"tentiali"t"D or #ith any of the ghouli"h ta"te" of the eightie"I 0eath can only kill me once. analy>ing it. . 'n a fe# occa"ion" : ha$e attained "ome degree of "ucce""-. art#ork". but merely inculcate" a morbid fear in place of the healthy fear all "entient creature" feel at the "mell of their o#n mortality.e(i"tent futureD.D are all #ithout e(ception delusions. *hat po#er do they deri$e from thi" telling-thebead" of fear gloom. 1hey a""ume only t#o "ide" to any i""ue--the hip "ide the unhip "ide. the detached e""ayi"t" of death. "pectacular lie". : ha$e ArarelyD broken through into a "tate #hich Aby compari"on #ith all :Bd kno#nD appeared to be one of health. or el"e at the $ery lea"t lacking in "eriou"ne"". . ho#e$er. a" a rea"on for doing nothing. : under"tand #hy the religiou" political ?po#er"? #ould #ant to keep me !uaking in my "hoe". :t "et" up negati$e feedback loop"--it i" bad FuFu. 1he image" of death mutilation #hich fa"cinate our arti"t" intellectual" appear to me--in the remembered light of the"e e(perience"--tragically inappropriate to the real potential of e(i"tence of discourse about e(i"tence. cultural milieu alike. :f : admit my hatred for the artifacts of their perception Abook". Any attack on them mu"t appear "tupid.: "ay thi" not to boa"t but rather to bear #itne"". : mu"t al"o be ?intere"ted? in other ultra-po"tmodern idea" like "erial child-murder. +ince only they offer e$en a chance of e$ading ragnarok Athru prayer. 6$ery once in a #hile ho#e$er : ha$e managed to beha$e a" if : #ere "tupid enough to try to change my life.D. they alone daring enough to show it forth in defiance of rude "hit-kicking cen"or" liberal #imp".? etc. : do not read thi" a" a pessimistic "tatement. "ince they alone are clear-eyed enough to recogni>e the truth.for the mo"t beautiful act they can concei$e #ith #hich to bestow meaning upon e(i"tence. thru communi"m. +ometime" :B$e u"ed dangerou" "tupifiant" like religion. *itkin. :t help" no one con!uer fear of death. :f it be true. chao". a prude. 1he ca"e of the enlightened intellectual". or the photograph" of .oel &. "eem" more pu>>ling at fir"t. all po""ible action in the #orld i" "meared out onto one le$el plain--all become e!ually meaningle"". fa"ci"t ideology. performance"D then : may be di"mi""ed a" merely "!ueami"h A "o of cour"e p"ychologically repre""edD. then : can "ee in it nothing el"e but a declaration of autonomy for my imagination #ill-. : #ill be "een a" a bumpkin.-nor to po""e"" any "cientific kno#ledge about a "till non. :t #ill cea"e to be an ab"traction only #hen it happen"--if it happen". Many people a""ume that becau"e : "ometime" e(pre"" my"elf a" an anarchi"t boy-lo$er. ?choice? $" ?pro-life. A mar(i"t #ho obFected to all thi" death-culti"hne"" a" anti-progre""i$e #ould be thought a" fooli"h a" a Jtian fundamentali"t #ho belie$ed it immoral. adding it to the catalogue. 9or both the"e "et". : maintain that Aa" u"ualD many "ide" e(i"t to thi" i""ue rather than only t#o. 6(i"tence it"elf may be con"idered an aby"" po""e""ed of no meaning.

&o"t-*ork A@ero#orkD e!ual" ?&"ychic &aleolithi"m. innocent a" a ne#-hatched phoeni(. : "ide #ith bumbling "uffering crooked life. #hat mi"ery. *hile : li$e. But. ho#e$er. :Bd like to renounce the "ophi"tication #hich #ould permit me to "niff it #ith detached curio"ity a" yet another e(ample of po"t-indu"trial decompo"ition.. ho#e$er.eolithic "eem" bound to $ani"h a" #ell. the . hunger carele""ne"".. mo$e" on to the production of de"ire Aindu"tryD. i" to belie$e A e$en feelD that art can change me. education.4:A1:'. A" the "tructure of *orkG2ei"ure crumble" into emptine"". for commodification. end" #ith the implo"ion of de"ire Aad$erti"ingD. the only cu"tomer" at the garage "ale #ere ad e(ec". lead" to the final implo"ion of +urreali"m. or perhap" Ain anthro-FargonD a non-authoritarian model.. 6arly Berlin dada A#hich reFected the return of the art-obFectD for all it" fault" pro$ide" a better model for dealing #ith the implo"ion of the "ocial than +urreali"m could e$er do--an anarchi"t model. for all it" ae"thetic accompli"hment". 1he +urreali"t liberation of de"ire. de"ire "till ri"e". out of thi" aby"" of meaning.to a certain e(tent. #ith agriculture indu"try a mere oil "lick on the deep #ell of non-hi"tory. ?delight in the mi"ery of other". "omeone a"ked +tan Brakhage about the mediaB" u"e of "urreali"m AM1=.7:.othing touche" them. 2etB" not mi"take thi" for Armageddon AletB" re"i"t the "eduction of apocalyp"e. Ad$erti"ing. the e"chatological conD--itB" not the worldcoming to an end-. 1he . u"ing +urreali"mB" coloni>ation of the uncon"ciou" to create de"ire. i" "imply a "ub"et of *ork Ahence it" commodificationD--"o it i" no accident that #hen +urreali"m clo"ed up "hop. 'nly the dead are truly "mart. #hat Foy-- . a de"truction of all ideology. #ith anger rather than boredom. : confe"". remain" no more than a "ub"et of production--hence the #hole"aling of +urreali"m to the 4ommuni"t &arty it" *ork-i"t ideology Anot to mention attendant mi"ogyny homophobiaD. +urreali"m #a" made for ad$erti"ing. .? not a "imple appropriation. e$en the uncon"ciou" it"elf Aa" Andr 4odre"cu "ay"D. Modern lei"ure. 6$erythingB" imploding di"appearing--the oedipal family. etc.. :tB" not Fu"t a ?damn "hame a di"grace.only the empty hu"k" of the "ocial. #hat "pirit of #ildne"".1hi" i" not to ab"ol$e the #orld of it" ugline"". AAfter all. 6$en if :Bd gi$en up all hope in art.D &aleolithic e!ual" pre-*ork A?original lei"ure "ociety?D. maybe it i" maybe it i"nBt Adoe" popular kultur ipso facto lack all in"pirationID--but granting that on "ome le$el the mediaB" appropriation of "urreali"m i" a damn "hame. a" all form" of control $ani"h in the di""olution of meaning. .again"t the icy a$ant-guard it" fa"hionable premonition" of the "epulcher.9999R of human e(perience i" of huntingGgathering.? : turn a#ay from certain art a" a dog #ould turn a#ay ho#ling from the corp"e of it" companion."y"tem". all e(pectation of e(altation.o one kno#" #hatB" coming. : recently attended a gay danceGpoetry performance of uncompromi"ing hipne""% the one black dancer in the troupe had to pretend to fuck a dead "heep.7 06.. +urreali"m i" in fact a betrayal of de"ire.3. : #ould "till refu"e to put up #ith art that merely e(acerbate" my mi"ery.eolithic begin" #ith de"ire for commoditie" Aagricultural "urplu"D. 1hatB" #hy : #rite pornography propaganda--to cau"e change. #ith all it" temple" granarie" police.nomadi>ation. or indulge" in schadenfreude. But "ome of the"e thing" can be o$ercome--on the condition that #e build an aesthetic on the o$ercoming rather than the fear. truly cool. or to deny that truly fearful thing" e(i"t in it. or an in"urrection. of all chain" of la#. Art can ne$er mean a" much a" a lo$e affair.. in turn. catching fire di"appearing. And yet. are #e to belie$e that there #a" nothing in "urreali"m that allo#ed thi" theft to occurI 1he return of the repre""ed mean" the return of the paleolithic--not a return to the 'ld +tone Age. '9 +3886A2:+M A9or Harry +mithD A1 1H6 +3886A2:+1 9:2M "ho#. change other". &art of my "elf-induced "tupidity. 99. perhap". to be replaced by "ome return of huntingGgathering on the p"ychic le$el--a re.? All proFect" for the ?liberation of de"ire? A+urreali"mD #hich remain enme"hed in the matri( of *ork can only lead to the commodification of de"ire.it #ork". but a "piralling around on a ne# le$el of the gyre.? *ell. #ith "#eet lu"t. 8:. +urreali"m mu"t be Funked along #ith all the other beautiful bric-a-brac of agricultural prie"tcraft $apid control.D< he an"#ered that it #a" a ?damn "hame.

Arthurian knight" out !ue"ting for trouble. ?8e$olution? mean" Fu"t another turn of the crank. !ueer" out crui"ing for boy". mo$ing #here$er "ign" coincidence" or "imply #him" may lead.. 1hi" con"tellation of concept" in$ol$e" ?breaking rule"? of ordered perception to arri$e at direct e(periencing. no doubt. danger. a $i"ionary urban nomadi"m in$ol$ing an openne"" to ?culture a" nature? Aif : gra"p the idea correctlyD--#hich by it" "heer duration #ould inculcate in the drifter" a propen"ity to e(perience the mar$elou"< not al#ay" in it" beneficent form perhap". all #ord" for that matterD come cru"ted #ith accretion"--each burdened #ith all it" p"ycho-cultural baggage. wander&ahr. an act of cultural bricolage. ad$enture.d. : offer one more curiou" coincidence or interpenetration of . : define my term" by making them more $ague. 0o#n #ith +urreali"m.ack 5erouacB" ."upplied for the #eekend. 1he race-mi(ing ad$ocated by . Baron Munchau"en. the form of the picare"!ue no$el in general.aropa.? a "piritual e(erci"e #hich combine" the urban nomadic energie" of :"lam into a "ingle traFectory. or the #ay in #hich ?#ild? creati$e energy re"ol$e" a" play poesis. boy" in a "uburban "ummer fore"t. +o allo# me the old-fa"hioned Beat-@enni"h u"e of satori. #hile the +ituationi"t" can be critici>ed for ignoring a certain ?"pirituality? inherent in the "elf.. one from +ituationi"m again the other thi" time from "ufi"m.iet>"che. pub-cra#ling #ith Mel$ille. Mi"cegenation. the #ord is--letB" "ay rather% note the "triking re"emblance bet#een the concept +A1'8: the concept 86='231:'. &olitical proFect% the con"truction of "hifting ?autonomou" >one"? #ithin an in$i"ible nomadic net#ork Alike the 8ainbo# 7athering"D. ?+pontaneou" order? out of ?chao"? in turn e$oke" the anarchi"t 1aoi"m of the 4huang 1>u. "ome#hat analogou" to the proce"" #hereby chao" "pontaneou"ly re"ol$e" into fractal nonlinear order". 1he parallel term in "ufi"m #ould be ?Fourneying to the far hori>on"? or "imply ?Fourneying. but hopefully al#ay" producti$e of in"ight--#hether thru architecture. accepting #hate$er come".d.tra$el a" the antithe"i" of touri"m."pot to po#er-"pot."emantic trap"-tho"e broken-do#n language machine"C 8ather. Baudelaire--or canoeing #ith 1horeau in Maine.? of itinerary a" meaning. by the mi"erie" of ab"traction alienation.? 1he der$i"h $o#" to tra$el at a certain $elocity.--but : canBt.but the la"t thing #e need on our $oyage i" another "et of commi""ar"--pope" of our dream". --.786++ '9 *6:80 862:7:'. +piritual proFect% the creation or di"co$ery of pilgrimage" in #hich the concept ?"hrine? ha" been replaced Aor e"oterici>edD by the concept ?peak e(perience.? #hich e"cape" the built-in implication" of a mere change of authority.reali>ation con$i$iality their cau"e demand". 'n the 8oad Aboth .l. the erotic.2:96--in both ca"e"% a perception of the ?ordinary? #ith e(traordinary con"e!uence" for con"ciou"ne"" action.. by the "e(ine"" of the half-ca"te. *e canBt u"e the phra"e ?i" like? becau"e both concept" Alike all concept".ack 2ondonB"D. 'r to put it another #ay% nearly all : #rite re$ol$e" around thi" theme< : #ould ha$e to repeat nearly e$erything in order to elucidate thi" "ingle point. heading from po#er. 1988 9'8 A 4'. of topology a" "ymbology. Art proFect% the con"truction of a ?map? bearing a 1%1 ratio to the ?territory? e(plored. By identifying "atori #ith the r. Marco &olo. "pace rather than time.60 1' 0:+183+1 the $erb to be. :n"tead. HereB" another con"tellation% :bn 5haldun. :Bm tempted to try to de"cribe the #ay "atori ?i"? like the r. : propo"e #e ra$age them for part". #hile "imultaneou"ly empha"i>ing--in the ca"e of the +ituationi"t "logan--that one of the root" of it" dialectic can be traced to dada +urreali"mB" notion of the ?mar$elou"? erupting from Aor intoD a life #hich onlyseems "uffocated by the banal. to e$ade their ideologico.? . of e. preci"ely in order to a$oid the orthodo(ie" of both Buddhi"m +ituationi"m. @en may be accu"ed of lacking a#arene"" of the ?re$olutionary? implication" of "atori. a" an appendi(. 2etB" not idoli>e "atori by imagining it the monopoly of my"tic monk". like gue"t" #ho arri$e "u"piciou"ly o$erly #ell. drink drug". #eBre performing a bit of a "hotgun marriage fully a" remarkable a" the +urreali"t"B famou" mating of an umbrella "e#ing machine or #hate$er it #a". or a" contingent on any moral code< rather than feti"hi>e the 2efti"m of B)8 #e prefer +tirnerB" term ?in"urrection? or ?upri"ing. perhap" "pending no more than O night" or L/ night" in one city. 1he d rive or ?drift? #a" concei$ed a" an e(erci"e in deliberate re$olutioni>ing of e$eryday life--a "ort of aimle"" #andering thru city "treet". con"ciou" of ?"acred geography.-daddie".. "ometime" called ?the 4ara$an of +ummer. in"piration. . #ho #a" attracted. of e.uly 9. '9 6=68-0A.l.-#hile religiou" orthodo(y of any "ort lead" logically to a $eritable go$ernment of crank". term".+ *6B=6 26A8. &oe. #hate$er--into the inten"ity of unmediated perception e(perience.

#ill thu" become more more important. dotted #ith "talagmitic i"let" choked #ith fern kud>u black d#arf pine. Ha$ing once li$ed near the Hd!r" of the *orld 4ouncil of 4hurche". by certain paranoid 7erman occulti"t". or . pure "lightly luminiferou"..an 4hi Han. 4hurch of the +ub7eniu".iet>"che 4huang 1>u. :ndone"ian "orcery. people of the Herb. "lo# black underground ri$er". la"car ca$epirate". do#n in the dark rece""e" and boondock" of the Antarctic ca$e". 9amily. 1he 9ree 8eligion" may offer "ome of the only po""ible "piritual alternati$e" to tele$angeli"t "tormtrooper" pinhead cry"tal-channeler" Anot to mention the e"tabli"hed religion"D. cataracting round petrified fore"t" of "talactite" "talagmite" in "pelunker-be#ildering blind-fi"h comple(ity unfathomable $a"tne"". 2o$ecraftian renegade". etc.1rade con"i"t" of occa"ional preciou" gem" and culti$ation of #hite poppy...udai"m. radical 1aoi"t". +ha$erian 39' freak"I *a" 6arth once coloni>ed in the time of 7ond#ana or M3 by "ome 6lder 8aceI their reptilian "keleton" "till mouldering in the farthe"t "ecret ma>e" of the ca$ern "y"temI +luggi"h back#ater". more more $ital in a future #here the demand for the eruption of the mar$elou" into the ordinary #ill become the mo"t ringing. a "trange philo"ophy if you like. cathedral"pace fractal net#ork". 4ontrary to the e(pectation" of 19th century radical"..5allikak" of the Hollo# 6arth. "kulking ince"tuou" "muggler".e# AgeD. +ociety of +imulation or of "oulle"" mechani"m--#hat you #i"h. identified by "ome "cholar" #ith the . for #hat : call the 9ree 8eligion". commodification in the ca"e of the . the myth that "omeday it #ill appear again. L. Fu"t a" political radical" #ill perform "imilar function" in the "phere" of *ork.. etc. ?unchurched? anarchi"t 4hri"tian". 4apital or 6mpire. 867:'. ). out of #hich might begin to emerge a trend or tendency or ?current? Ain magical term"D "trong enough to #reak "ome p"ychic ha$oc on the 9undie" . antinomian here"ie".a$ane"e "eaGmoon godde"" 2oro 5idul. "tagnant pool" far from the center" of ci$ili>ation like 2ittle America.-a "ort of loo"e net#ork A: di"like that #ord< letB" call it a ?#eb#ork? in"teadD of #eird cult" indi$idual" pro$iding con$er"ation "er$ice" for each other. o$er a do>en different "pecie" of ?magic? mu"hroom". 1ran"port 4ity. But the"e t#o religiou" force" di$ert the $ery de"ire for the authentic to#ard o$erpo#ering oppre""i$e ne# ab"traction" Amorality in the ca"e of fundamentali"m.*hat :Bm trying to do here Aa" u"ualD i" to pro$ide a "ound irrational ba"i". "lim #aterfall" plunging do#n #ater"mooth rock..6A.u"t a" cultural radical" #ill "eek to infiltrate "ub$ert the popular media. degenerate habit"-..'*. fungu". anarchi"t" forced into hiding after the 6ntropy *ar".manu"cript" A#ritten in Baha"a :ngli"" the pidgin dialect of the deep ca$e"D contain mangled !uotation" from .1aoi"m. labyrinthine gargantuan tunnel". :tB" going to happen any#ay--better to approach it #ith con"ciou"ne"". for thi" rea"on can !uite properly be called ?reactionary. H'22'* 6A81H +3B1688A. runa#ay criminal"..O.// year" the folkmemory of the Autonomou" @one. fungu" albino fern. the ?. chao" 5ao" Magik.*ho dug thi" hollo# earth beneath the ice fore"een by &oe.. . *e "u"pect them of mutation".. dead-end canal"..e# Ager".? . di""ident 4hine"e 1ong" -ello# 1urban fanatic".e# Age deri$e "ome force from deep #ide"pread di""ati"faction #ith the +y"tem that #ork" again"t all perception of the mar$elou"ne"" of e$eryday life--call it Babylon or the +pectacle.+hallo# 2ake 6rebu". Both fundamentali"m the . amphibian #ebbed finger" and toe". unmo$ing "tygian lake". 1. "eemingly in proportion to the global increa"e in the realm of technology rational control. or *orld 4ongre""e"--#hich #e anticipate #ith glee. other "ocial organi>ation". re$olutionary Hoo0oo. cult of the 4a$e Mother Aor Mother"D.ade 7odde""?. the Moori"h 'rthodo( 4hurch. lemme check my clockD. 5...+ '9 1H6 continent e(ca$ated in cyclopaean ca$ern". e$en the ayatollah" the &apacy. fugiti$e" from 7enetic &uritani"m. including the &"ychedelic 0i"cordian current". con$i$ial enough for u" to di"agree #ith each other yet "till gi$e great partie"--or concla$e". 5 mile" acro"". hermit". held . : like the po""ibility of a 9ree 4hurche" parody $er"ion--parody being one of our chief "trategie" Aor call it d tournement or decon"truction or creati$e de"tructionD. #ith grace "tyle.. N.. beer my"tic". pale "hiftle"" #hitetra"h from the prole#arren" of the indu"trial dome" along 1h#aitB" 1ongue the *algreen 4oa"t 6d"el-9ord-2and.. poignant tumultuou" of all political demand"--a future #hich #ill begin A#ait a minute. libertine philo"ophy. Magical .-the 1rog" ha$e kept ali$e for o$er . religion ha" not gone a#ay--perhap" #eBd be better off if it had--but ha" in"tead increa"ed in po#er.. by other" #ith a minor deity of the +outh &ole +tar +ect. or ecumenical council". the 9aerie". "o there e(i"t" a need for radical" to penetrate the in"titution of religion it"elf rather than merely continue to mouth 19th century platitude" about athei"tic materiali"m. nonhierarchical neo-pagani"m.

eryone li$e" Facked into the fle"hle"" realm of ancient "oft#are holography... an indi$idual e!ui$alent of #ar in order to achie$e the becoming of the free "pirit--one need" an inert "tupidity again"t #hich to mea"ure oneB" o#n mo$ement intelligence. +ome anarchi"t". ?1H6 426=68 '. "muggler". Anarchi"t" "ometime" po"it an ideal "ociety #ithout la#. 8iffraff. pl.. . urine. thi" ?"piritual materiali"m. 'r el"e the @one ha" already been reborn. in effect.:61@+4H6 1H6 068=:+H6+ R*03'0.in a ca$e "o $a"t it "ometime" create" it" o#n #eather.. becau"e they found in the moment of in"urrection it"elf the kind of freedom they "ought.iet>"cheB" animad$er"ion" again"t ?anarchi"t"? are al#ay" aimed at the egalitarian-communi"t narodnik martyr type".6+. 1hu" #hile utopiani"m ha" "o far al#ay" failed.? the rend conceal" hi" "piritual "tate AhalD in order to contain it. e$en communi"t and "ociali"t one". :gnoring the ca"e of the ?criminal? #ho u"e" "ufi"m a" a ma"k--or rather not "ufi"m per "e but dervishi"m. "perm mud.? took part in all "ort" of upri"ing" and re$olution".. 'ne mu"t pro$e Ato one"elf if no one el"eD an ability to o$ercome the rule" of the herd.."ynthpla"t hotel" half-encru"ted #ith pale green $ine". rendi. ne#tonian. like our late friend the :talian +tirnerite ?Brand. gem emporia guarded by armed ninFa".rural "loth degenerate "uper"titiou" rite" of "en"ual abandon. .. already a ne(u" of autonomy. #ill ne$er under"tand thi" innocent filth"orcery. the lar$al unhealthy my"terie" of the chthonic mutant do#ntrodden 1rog". #hereby +hiite" are permitted to lie about their true affiliation to a$oid per"ecution a" #ell a" ad$ance the purpo"e of their propagandaD. 1hat i"% "ome "ufi" do break the 2a# #hile "till allo#ing that the 2a# e(i"t" #ill continue to e(i"t< they do "o from "piritual moti$e".. clean patriotic--2.a fe# ca"e" of #ebbed finger" but the rumor" of ritual promi"cuity are true enough. la>y "hiftle"" no-count hick". a" an e(erci"e of #ill AhimmahD. "orcerer".. "o euclidean. arti"t".A. flickering #ith "ignificance. 4atalanD failed to "ur$i$e the condition" of #ar #hich permitted their e(i"tence in the fir"t place--"o #e ha$e no #ay of kno#ing empirically if "uch an e(periment could outli$e the on"et of peace."pirit". #hite toad"tool" "pringing up on the "pot" #here 1rog boy" ha$e ma"turbated alone in the dark.1he to#n belong" officially to 2ittle America but mo"t of the inhabitant" are 1rog" li$ing off the +hiftle"" 0ole-. boy" practicing their mudra" on "leepy electronic dark blue afternoon" to the rippling of "ynthgong" and metallophone". rendanD to de"ignate one ?cle$er enough to drink #ine in "ecret #ithout getting caught?% the der$i"h $er"ion of ?&ermi""ible 0i""imulation? Ata iyya. belo# the pier perhap" a fe# de"ultory bather" along the black beach.? thi" "la$ery to the $olcanic de"ire" of "ecret ca$e-boy gang" like laughing flo#er" Fetting #ith dynamo erection" pul"ing up pure life cur$ed taut a" bo#".. Fa"mine datura. . eugenic orderly. drug addict". a "preading $iru" of chao" in it" mo"t e(uberant clande"tine form. to make oneB" o#n la# yet not fall prey to the rancor re"entment of inferior "oul" #hich define la# cu"tom in A. breathe in the fume" of hea$y incen"e. pond-"cum.the deep-ca$e tribal country lie" Fu"t acro"" the 2ake. remittance-men per$ert" li$e in crumbling ba"alt.."ociety. "ince it i" only by breaking the rule" that he reali>e" hi" #ill to po#er.. the cry"taltin"elled hall for "lo# fu"ion-gamelan dancer". 'n the plane of the ?&ath. almo"t a "ynonym in &er"ia for laid-back manner" by e(ten"ion a "ocial la(ne"". ho#e$er. e$erything "eem" "uddenly menacingly bright. chine"e krill-noodle "hop". 'ne need". childrenB" #et hair.. 1he fe# anarchi"t e(periment" #hich "ucceeded briefly Athe Makhno$i"t".iet>"che "ay" "ome#here that the free "pirit #ill not agitate for the rule" to be dropped or e$en reformed.. an a$enue of "!ualid cafe". "o chri"tian free of mutation. #here e$. #ho"e ideali"m he "a# a" yet one more "ur$i$al of po"t-Jtian morali"m--altho . altho it remain" true that many der$i"he" do literally break the rule" of :"lam AshariahD. genuine lo#-budget touri"t" ga#king at the "hrine behind the ba>aar #here pallid old 1rog pamong" tranced out on fungu" drool roll up their eye". enhance it.? 1he "ufi" u"e a technical term rend AadF.. : #a" li$ing in a 1rog fi"hing $illage acro"" the lake from 6rebu" in a rented room abo$e the bait"hop. a "tyle of genial and poor but elegant amorality--the abo$e definition can "till be con"idered in a literal a" #ell a" metaphorical "en"e. the "mell of #ater. the indi$iduali"t or e(i"tentiali"t anarchi"t" ha$e "ucceeded ina"much a" they ha$e attained Aho#e$er brieflyD the reali>ation of their #ill to po#er in #ar.. #ork on it alchemically. perhap" gho"t" of ancient alien" no# #andering a" demon" "eeking to rene# long-lo"t plea"ure" of fle"h "ub"tance. and flout the cu"tom" of their "ociety--all of #hich gi$e" them rea"on for real "ecrecy. 1hi" ?cle$erne""? e(plain" much of the "ecrecy of the 'rder". offend tradition AsunnahD. along the lakefront.po""e""ed by ca$e.2ittle America. nightblooming #hite flo#er".

#or"e than real life. But in the ideal drama of the eightie".-?0irty Harry. 1989 86+'231:'. you kno#. if only becau"e of the "heer in"ipidity of all their enemie". anarchi"m alone of all the :+M" approache" that one type of form #hich alone can intere"t u" today. 0BAnnun>ioB" 8epublic of 9iume. --+pring 6!uino(. like . 4la"" 1raitor.eech againD that one fail" to !uite abandon. if only becau"e hi" la# could ne$er agree #ith the la# of the ma""e". &erhap" he failed to con"ider that-paraphra"ing A. 9or him a ?"ociety #ithout la#? might ha$e $alue only "o long a" it could mea"ure it" o#n freedom again"t the "ubFection of other". coping #ith human per$er"ity. to accept the rule" in order to break them thu" attain the "piritual lift or energy-ru"h of danger ad$enture. thi" free "pirit #ould di"dain #a"ting time on agitation for reform. :n the ab"ence of "uch opportunitie". *hat an incredible bore. &o#erful 4op"--protecting the meek and humble--at the e(pen"e of a half-do>en or "o article" of the Bill of 8ight". on the "ecreti$e nature of the proto. innocently u"ed to light a cigarette--the 1ramp. 9uckinB police e$.he "ometime" prai"e" them for at lea"t ha$ing the courage to re$olt again"t maForitarian authority. Hi" need for ?#ar? A#hether literal or metaphoricalD might e$en per"uade him to take part in re$olt. the "hape of chaos--#hich Aone la"t !uoteD one mu"t ha$e #ithin one"elf. 4ar 5L *here Are -ou. if one i" to gi$e birth to a dancing "tar.ice human cop". #hich di"turb" e$en intelligent but "ome#hat liberal commentator" like 5aufman. 1here are certain cau"e" Ato !uote the . ideal amalgam of pro"the"i" and "entimentality.B" ?radical ari"tocrati"m.o$erman. but naturally get blo#n a#ay Fu"t in the nick of time by the 2a"t Hone"t 4op.D A" for the anarchi"t mo$ement today% #ould #e like Fu"t once to "tand on ground #here la#" are aboli"hed the la"t prie"t i" "trung up #ith the gut" of the la"t bureaucratI -eah "ure. *eB$e been ob"e""ed #ith cop" "ince the beginning--but the ro>>er" of yore played bumbling fool". are critici>ed for telling secrets. again"t their Fealou"y hatred. to drink #ine in "ecret not get caught.B" in"i"tence on the MA+5. the $ictim . lo$e" them. A:ncidentally. but : belie$e he #ould ha$e cla""ified the :ndi$iduali"t rebel #ith the higher type" of ?criminal". 9or that ma"ochi"t thrill #e got #icked bent cop" #ho threaten to topple our 5o>y 5on"en"u" 8eality from #ithin like 7iger. in it" $ery formle""ne"".? #ho repre"ented for him Aa" for 0o"toye$"kyD human" far "uperior to the herd.? 9or all it" #a"te of energy. of "tate "ociety.? 1hi" i" not Fu"t a matter of "piritual dandyi"m. gruff kno#ing but "till "oft in"ide--Hill +treet Blue"--mo"t e$il 1= "ho# e$er. #ho ne$erthele"" come to lo$e each other-6ddie Murphy. 7in"berg--thi" i" our #ay of becoming ?great?< and al"o that--paraphra"ing -eat"--e$en the true"t "ecret become" yet another ma"k. Arti"t".ery#here you turned. on all kind" of ?re$olutionary martyrdom?--in "hort.A2 9:7386 can be "aid to ha$e dominated the popcult of the eightie". *i"ea"" black cop" "coring #itty raci"t remark" again"t hick #hite cop". '"car *ilde might ha$e "aid that one cannot be a gentleman #ithout being "omething of an anarchi"t--a nece""ary parado(. to a philo"ophical ?tao. 5ey"tone 5op". He ne$er mention" +tirner. on $i"ionary dreaming. 1o be rendi. #hether it a""umed the form of in"urrection or only of a proud bohemiani"m. but al"o of e(i"tential commitment to an underlying "pontaneity.? . 1he la#le"" "hort-li$ed ?pirate utopia"? of Madaga"car the 4aribbean. thi" might be hi" definition of crime. #ould ha$e to "hare to "ome degree in thi" ?criminality? e$en if he had o$ercome all ob"e""ion" and compul"ion".iet>"chean o$erman.6 9:41:'. the pri$ate epiphany of o$ercoming all interior police #hile tricking all out#ard authority--thi" might be a goal #orthy of "uch a "pirit. if he e(i"ted. on prote"t. that "trange attractor. 1he . the 3kraine or Barcelona-the"e #ould attract him becau"e they promi"ed the turmoil of becoming e$en ?failure? rather than the bucolic "omnolence of a ?perfected? A hence deadD anarchi"t "ociety. 9'8 1H6 199/B"% B'-4'11 4'& 4321386CCC :9 '. : think thi" reading help" e(plain . the ?little man? #ho once "cattered bluebottle" by the hundred #ith that anarchi"tB" bomb. 8obocop. on mo"t contemporary anarchi"t acti$ity. for all that . it #a" the 4op. coming out "#eet BnB "our. e$en if tragically fla#ed by their ob"e""i$ene"" and perhap" hidden moti$ation" of re$enge. booby-bobbie" "et up for 9atty Arbuckle or Bu"ter 5eaton to "!ua"h deflate. But #eBre not holding our breath.de"igned tape#orm".

burglary. "odomy.theyBre only #arrior-prie"t". like the !lippoth. ditch the "pou"e.inducing. 1hu" the 4op +ho# ha" only three character"--$ictim.for-a-day. our helple""ne"". ?con"cience? a" the interiori>ed $oice of con"en"u". 9inal tran"cendence of the body% cybergno"i". 1hen the criminal"% largely non#hite Ade"pite the obligatory hallucinatory ?integration? of the mediaD. empty. Hence the actor" are being continually hara""ed e$en arre"ted. 'nce ?#e? #ere that hobo. it #ould be more accurate to think of them a" unpaid Anot e$en a "et of matched luggageCD informers% telemetric "nitche". burnt. :n the face of "uch "tati"tic" Ae$en a""uming theyBre ?damned lie"?D one #onder" #ho i" . prepare u" for the ad$ent. that e$ery year nearly half a million of u" are arre"ted Fu"t for "moking pot. and only 1= remain"--and the plea"ure of re$enge. human "ociety in the eightie" Aa" "een in the other mediaD "ometime" appeared to con"i"t of the "ame three clicheGarchetype". +elfcen"or"hip.aturally the truelife 4op hate" no one "o much a" the $igilante--look #hat happen" to poor Gor non#hite neighborhood "elf-protection group" like the Mu"lim" #ho tried to eliminate crack dealing in Brooklyn% the cop" bu"ted the Mu"lim". do drug" Abecau"e only drug" make you feel a" good a" the people in 1= ad" appear to beD. largely per$er"e Ai. unrepre"ented. AmericaB" Mo"t *anted--the mo"t "ucce""ful 1= game "ho# of the eightie"--opened up for all of u" the role of Amateur 4op. ratfink".? our ob"e""i$e in$ocation of the eidolon" of the 4op" re$eal" the e(tent to #hich #e ha$e accepted the manichaean #orld$ie# they "ymboli>e. #ar bet#een the "chi>oid hal$e" of a "plit per"onality.o one really e(perience" anything--e$eryone reduced to the "tatu" of gho"t"--mediaimage" break off float a#ay from any contact #ith actual e$eryday life-. 'ddly enough. a" in 5eatonB" famou" t#o-reeler. 1he image of the in"pector or detecti$e mea"ure" the image of ?our? lack of autonomou" "ub"tance.out"ide-thebody?D< ob"cene "imulacrum< meaningle"" $iolent "pa"m" ele$ated to the la"t principle of go$ernance. and policeper"on--but the fir"t t#o fail to be fully human--only the pig i"real. *e propo"e an e"oteric hermeneutical e(ege"i" of the +urreali"t "logan ?!ort aux vaches5? *e take it to refer not to the death" of indi$idual cop" A?co#"? in the argot of the periodD--mere lefti"t re$enge fanta"y--petty re$er"e "adi"m--but rather to the death of theimage of the flic. along #ith Aor in"tead ofD the real criminal" #ho"e mug"hot" are fla"hed after each little documentoid. $icariou" betrayal. 1he "imple"t enFoyment" turn u" again"t "ome la#< finally plea"ure become" too "tre"". fear of oneB" o#n de"ire". that !ua"i-"urreali"t chaote hero #ho #in" thru wu. .'1 illegalI 6$en outdoor barbecue" $iolate "moke ordinance" no#aday". A nation of "choolyard toadie" "ucking up to an elite of "choolyard bullie". l4se ma&est4op+tate< in fact. literally "tolen appropriatedI America mo"t #ant".#ith the "udden po#er of the pure heart--no longer ha" a place at the center of narrati$e. unreal. the #hining minoritie" bitching about ?right"?--and #ho pray tell did not belong to a ?minority? in the eightie"I +hit. 8eal $igilante" threaten the monopoly of enforcement. e$en cop" complained about their ?right"? being abu"ed. electro-"toolie". lar$al hungry gho"t"--they fill the "creen...to fuck off #ork.u"t a" the murder-my"tery i" al#ay" an e(erci"e in "adi"m. ehI . *hat unmediated plea"ure" are .o&lace &lace of the media--the ?gray room? a" Burrough" call" it. the forbidden mirror" of ?our? de"ire"D. the dramati>ed "egment" are enacted cinema $erit "tyle by actors< "ome $ie#er" are "o "tupid they belie$e theyBre "eeing actual footage of real crime". "o the cop-fiction al#ay" in$ol$e" the contemplation of control. final coming or 8apture of the police "tate% the ?*ar"? on "e( and drug"% total control totally leached of all content< a map #ith no coordinate" in any kno#n "pace< far beyond mere +pectacle< "heer ec"ta"y A?"tanding. largely poor Aor el"e ob"cenely rich. :mage of a country con"umed by image" of "elf-hatred. *hat i" it that ?America mo"t #ant"?I 0oe" thi" phra"e refer to criminal"--or to crime". America canBt ha$e #hat it mo"t #ant". . ha$e "e( #ith nubile Failbait. an Antarctic #here nothing mo$e" but horde" of "ini"ter blue penguin". hitherto merely a media fanta"y of middlecla"" re"entment re$enge. ho#e$er profane. de"olate. the pu"her" #ent free.&hone+e(--4yber+e(. like tele$angelical forerunner". 9ir"t the $ictim". 1he fu>> mu"t mediate for all of us. hence e$en more alienD. criminal. "o it ha" AmericaB" Mo"t *anted in"tead. for the hea$y#eight champion"hip of an abandoned land"cape. +uper-6go $" the :d 5id. *hether #e imagine them a" ?good? or ?e$il. o$er#helming the foreground. Ho# !uaint. 1o . the inner 4ontrol it" myriad reflection" in the . 1he media cop". hell ye". the 4op. to obFect" of de"ire in their real pre"ence.wei o$er the ludicrou" minion" of a de"pi"ed irrele$ant 'rder. ho#e$er fu>>y the interface-. unmediated. polluted. our tran"parency before the ga>e of authority. ?*e? no longer occupy that central role< no longer the hero" of our o#n "torie". Million" of tiny cop" "#arm e$ery#here. 'f cour"e the program "till "uffer" from a fe# "trange reality-glitche"% for e(ample.authority. the "ick thrill of the tattletale.e. :B$e heard that one out of four hou"ehold" in America i" robbed e$ery year.'1 either $ictim or criminal in our police-"tate-of-con"ciou"ne"". But no# ?#e? are reduced to the "tatu" of $ictim" without po#er. #eB$e been marginali>ed replaced by the 'ther. or el"e criminal". 'ur per$er"ity.

independent encla$e" de$oted to ?data piracy. culminating in the "py "atellite. a" did the late Briti"h anarchi"t 2arry 2a#--but no "y"tematic re"earch ha" been carried out. remote hideout" #here "hip" could be #atered and pro$i"ioned. But for no# the concept remain" preci"ely "cience fiction--pure "peculation. make" thi" kind of autonomy a romantic dream. "ome a"pect" of #hich #ill be di"cu""ed in thi" e""ay. +ome of the"e i"land" "upported ?intentional communitie". but not the $iolent running-amok predicted by the theory of 2a# BnB 'rder.thi" time ho#e$er : come a" the $ictoriou" 0iony"u".. :n the free-"pirit per"onality. e$en if only for a "hort but merry life.et< the encla$e" Aand the bookB" titleD are :"land" in the .o more pirate i"land"C :n the future the "ame technology-.. publi"hed a nearfuture romance ba"ed on the a""umption that the decay of political "y"tem" #ill lead to a decentrali>ed proliferation of e(periment" in li$ing% giant #orker-o#ned corporation". 8ea"on demand" that one cannot "truggle for #hat one doe" not kno#< and the heart re$olt" at a uni$er"e "o cruel a" to $i"it "uch inFu"tice" onour generation alone of humankind.iet>"che Afrom hi" la"t ?in"ane? letter to 4o"ima *agnerD &irate 3topia" 1H6 +6A-8'=68+ A. +ome year" ago : looked through a lot of "econdary material on piracy hoping to find a "tudy of the"e encla$e"--but it appeared a" if no hi"torian ha" yet found them #orthy of analy"i".? 7reen-+ocial-0emocrat encla$e".? #hole mini-"ocietie" li$ing con"ciou"ly out"ide the la# and determined to keep it up. libidinal energy i" dammed di$erted to#ard "elf-repre""ion< any threat to 4ontrol re"ult" in "pa"m" of $iolence. the net ne$erthele"" functioned admirably.iet>"chean ?"elf-o$ercoming? pro$ide" the principle of organi>ation for the free "pirit Aa" al"o for anarchi"t "ociety. one of the leading e(ponent" of 4yberpunk "cience fiction. @ero#ork encla$e"... "trategically in$ulnerable to in$a"ion. Are #e #ho li$e in the pre"ent doomed ne$er to e(perience autonomy. #e call for a boycott of the image of the 4op. A*illiam Burrough" ha" mentioned the "ubFect. allo#ing ne# "pontaneou" order" to emerge. energy flo#" unimpeded therefore turbulently but gently--it" chao" find" it" "trange attractor. art. at #ar #ith all go$ernment".ot that : ha$e much time.0 4'8+A:8+ of the 18th century created an ?information net#ork? that "panned the globe% primiti$e and de$oted primarily to grim bu"ine"". 1he information economy #hich "upport" thi" di$er"ity i" called the . anarchi"t liberated >one".a""a""inate the"e ?"ecurity force"? #ould indeed relea"e flood" of libidinal energy. and de$oted only to kno#ledge. etc.et. connected by the information flo# of "ecret agent". Modern technology.. #ho #ill turn the #orld into a holiday. :n the police-"tate per"onality. at lea"t in theoryD. booty traded for lu(urie" and nece""itie".freed from all political control--could make po""ible an entire #orld ofautonomous %ones. :n thi" "en"e. . +cattered throughout the net #ere i"land".. :n thi" "en"e.? 8ecently Bruce +terling. to define our"el$e" a" lo"er". then. . 1o "ay that ?: #ill not be free till all human" Aor all "entient creature"D are free? i" "imply to ca$e in to a kind of nir$ana-"tupor.. ne$er to "tand for one moment on a bit of land ruled only by freedomI Are #e reduced either to no"talgia for the pa"t or no"talgia for the futureI Mu"t #e #ait until the entire #orld i" freed of political control before e$en one of u" can claim to kno# freedomI 2ogic and emotion unite to condemn "uch a "uppo"ition. to abdicate our humanity. "eparated by thou"and" of mile".? --. 1he medie$al A""a""in" founded a ?+tate? #hich con"i"ted of a net#ork of remote mountain $alley" and ca"tle".D : retreated to primary "ource" and con"tructed my o#n theory.. MORT AUX VACH !" a moratorium on it" production in TH T MPORAR# AUTO$OMOU! ZO$ ?. . : called the "ettlement" ?&irate 3topia"..

our o#n particular hi"torical "ituation i" not propitiou" for "uch a $a"t undertaking. #eBre not touting the 1A@ a" an e(clu"i$e end in it"elf.? or at lea"t duration. By failing to follo# thi" cur$e. of imaginationD and then di""ol$e" it"elf to re-form el"e#hereGel"e#hen.? a" it claim" to be.on colli"ion #ith the terminal +tate. -ou #ill argue that thi" i" a coun"el of de"pair. the dream and the ideal are already betrayed. :n "hort. :Bd make t#o reFoinder" ne$erthele""< fir"t. *aiting for the 8e$olution H'* :+ :1 1HA1 ?the #orld turned up"ide-do#n? al#ay" manage" to Right it"elfI *hy doe" reaction al#ay" follo# re$olution. reaction. upri"ing" cannot happen e$ery day--other#i"e they #ould not be ?nonordinary. the con"en"u"-appro$ed traFectory% re$olution. a +pook capable of "mothering e$ery "park in an ectopla"m of information. "hift" and integration" ha$e occurred--a difference i" made.but thing" ha$e changed. Becau"e the +tate i" concerned primarily #ith +imulation rather than "ub"tance. :n fact : ha$e deliberately refrained from defining the 1A@--: circle around the "ubFect. the return of hi"tory again and again to it" highe"t form% Fackboot on the face of humanity fore$er. *e recommend it becau"e it can pro$ide the !uality of enhancement a""ociated #ith the upri"ing #ithout nece""arily leading to $iolence and martyrdom.under"tood in action. 1he "logan ?8e$olutionC? ha" mutated from toc"in to to(in. +econd. a free cultureI Are #e to abandon that hope in return for "ome e(i"tentiali"t acte gratuitI 1he point i" not to change con"ciou"ne"" but to change the #orld. $iolate" the ?la#? of Hi"tory. 1he 1A@ i" like an upri"ing #hich doe" not engage directly #ith the +tate. a" it claim" to be.? But "uch moment" of inten"ity gi$e "hape and meaning to the entirety of a life. and goal". (urgo--ri"e up. A boot"trap operation. ho#e$er. "urge. :f Hi"tory :+ ?1ime. rai"e one"elf up. tactic". :f the phra"e became current it #ould be under"tood #ithout difficulty. replacing all other form" of organi>ation. a "hamanB" maneu$er carried out at an ?impo""ible angle? to the uni$er"e. a nightmare #here no matter ho# #e "truggle #e ne$er e"cape that e$il Aeon. All my re"earch and "peculation ha" cry"talli>ed around the concept of the 16M&'8A8A31'. e$ery ?hea$en? ruled by yet one more e$il angel. a malign p"eudo-7no"tic fate-trap. 0e"pite the occa"ional 8anteri"h enthu"ia"m of my language : am not trying to con"truct political dogma. hi"torical re$olutionary futility. :t" gun" are all pointed at u". Hi"tory "ay" the 8e$olution attain" ?permanence. 2ike fe"ti$al". e$en if #e replace the re$olutionary approach #ith a concept of insurrection blossoming spontaneously into anarchist culture. the 1A@ can ?occupy? the"e area" clande"tinely and carry on it" fe"tal purpo"e" for !uite a #hile in relati$e . Insurgo--ri"e up.'M'3+ @'. are #ord" u"ed by hi"torian" to label failed re$olution"-mo$ement" #hich do not match the e(pected cur$e. before the +tate can cru"h it. one +tate after another. Ab"olutely nothing but a futile martyrdom could po""ibly re"ult no# from a head. A goodbye to that #retched parody of the karmic round. like "ea"on" in HellI 6prising. the up-rising "ugge"t" the po""ibility of a mo$ement out"ide and beyond the Hegelian "piral of that ?progre""? #hich i" "ecretly nothing more than a $iciou" circle. a rigid $acuity. the 4ommune. a free "ociety. : accept thi" a" a fair critici"m. revolution ha" ne$er yet re"ulted in achie$ing thi" dream. 0e"pite it" "ynthe"i>ing force for my o#n thinking. that incubu" the +tate. then the in"urrection i" the forbidden moment. of time. the megacorporate information +tate. :n the end the 1A@ i" almo"t "elf-e(planatory.6 Ahereafter abbre$iated 1A@D. : ha$e not gi$en up hope or e$en e(pectation of change--but : di"tru"t the #ord Revolution.. betrayal. an unforgi$able denial of the dialectic--"himmying up the pole and out of the "mokehole.. a "ociety of capitulation ruled by the image of the 4op and the ab"orbant eye of the 1= "creen. then the upri"ing i" a moment that "pring" up and out of 1ime.? :n thi" "en"e an upri"ing i" like a ?peak e(perience? a" oppo"ed to the "tandard of ?ordinary? con"ciou"ne"" and e(perience. : donBt intend the 1A@ to be taken a" more than an essay A?attempt?D. 1he "haman return"--you canBt "tay up on the roof fore$er-. the empire of +pectacle and +imulation. the +tatele"" "tate. #hile our meager #eaponry find" nothing to aim at but a hy"tere"i". the autonomou" >one #ithduration. 1he $i"ion come" to life in the moment of upri"ing--but a" "oon a" ?the 8e$olution? triumph" and the +tate return". a "ugge"tion. the founding of a "tronger and e$en more oppre""i$e +tate--the turning of the #heel. a guerilla operation #hich liberate" an area Aof land.: belie$e that by e(trapolating from pa"t and future "torie" about ?i"land" in the net? #e may collect e$idence to "ugge"t that a certain kind of ?free encla$e? i" not only po""ible in our time but al"o e(i"tent. or the 2atin form insurrection. firing off e(ploratory beam". #hile the upri"ing i" ?temporary. almo"t a poetic fancy. *hat of the anarchi"t dream. :f the +tate :+ Hi"tory.

o$atoreD 1he &"ychotopology of 6$eryday 2ife 1H6 4'. :tB" a boot"trap operation.? 1he la"t bit of 6arth unclaimed by any nation-"tate #a" eaten up in 1899. &"ychotopology i" the art of dowsing for potential 1A@".? .ot one "!uare inch of 6arth goe" unpoliced or unta(ed. . A" "oon a" the 1A@ i" named Arepre"ented. until for mo"t of u" the map becomes the territory. And becau"e the 1A@ i" a microco"m of that ?anarchi"t dream? of a free culture. fa"ci"t".. in a "en"e gesture towards. :t can only be u"ed to suggest. e""entially at idea"< the defen"e i" ?in$i"ibility. Metaphorically it unfold" #ithin the fractal dimen"ion" in$i"ible to the cartography of 4ontrol. if po""ible.? ye"--a" often a" po""ible and e$en at the ri"k of $iolence. not one remote $alley. organi>e for it. but it" greate"t "trength lie" in it" in$i"ibility--the +tate cannot recogni>e it becau"e Hi"tory ha" no definition of it. e$ade the $iolence of the +tate. *e are looking for ?"pace"? Ageographic. and an appreciation of the :n"urrection.? but ?the 3+A.? but in mo"t ca"e" the be"t and mo"t radical tactic #ill be to refu"e to engage in "pectacular $iolence. it will $ani"h. cultural.peace. 1he 1A@ i" an encampment of guerilla ontologi"t"% "trike and run a#ay. A.? a martial art. create it. Babylon take" it" ab"traction" for realitie"< preci"ely within thi" margin of error the 1A@ can come into e(i"tence. but in"urgency i" open.ote% +ee Appendi( 4. 1he "econd generating force behind the 1A@ "pring" from the hi"torical de$elopment : call ?the clo"ure of the map.in theory. certain feature".? 'nly p"ychotopography can dra# 1%1 map" of reality becau"e only the human mind pro$ide" "ufficient comple(ity to model the real. Hidden enfolded immen"itie" e"cape the mea"uring rod. 1he ?nomadic #ar machine? con!uer" #ithout being noticed and mo$e" on before the map can be adFu"ted. #hich i" no longer a meaningful $iolence. or for #hate$er rea"on.ationality i" the highe"t principle of #orld go$ernance--not one "peck of rock in the +outh +ea" can be left open. 1he 1A@ mu"t be capable of defen"e< but both the ?"trike? and the ?defen"e? "hould. 1he map i" not accurate< the map cannot be accurate. to di"appear. to withdraw from the area of "imulation. and ?in$ulnerability?--an ?occult? art #ithin the martial art". :n "um. once again in$i"ible becau"e undefinable in term" of the +pectacle. &erhap" certain "mall 1A@" ha$e la"ted #hole lifetime" becau"e they #ent unnoticed. it mu"t $ani"h. 1hi" i" the apotheo"i" of ?territorial gang"teri"m. 1he former label" the latter a failure< but for u" uprising repre"ent" a far more intere"ting po""ibility. mediatedD. !uote by 8en>o . And here #e "hould introduce the concept of p"ychotopology Aand -topographyD a" an alternati$e ?"cience? to that of the +tateB" "ur$eying and mapmaking and ?p"ychic imperiali"m. But a 1%1 map cannot ?control? it" territory becau"e it i" $irtually identical #ith it" territory.46&1 '9 1H6 1A@ ari"e" fir"t out of a criti!ue of 8e$olution. like hillbilly encla$e"--becau"e they ne$er inter"ected #ith the +pectacle. but the autonomou" >one i" open. . 1he ?map? i" a political ab"tract grid. e$en if itB" only data in the *eb. a gigantic con enforced by the carrotG"tick conditioning of the ?6(pert? +tate. : can think of no better tactic by #hich to #ork to#ard that goal #hile at the "ame time e(periencing "ome of it" benefit" here and no#.. 7etting the 1A@ "tarted may in$ol$e tactic" of $iolence and defen"e. not e$en the Moon and planet". than all the ?"ucce""ful? re$olution" of bourgeoi"ie.-no longer ?1urtle :"land. etc. either through neglect on the part of the +tate or becau"e they ha$e "omeho# e"caped notice by the mapmaker". 'ur" i" the fir"t century #ithout terra incognita. only to "pring up again "ome#here el"e. 1he spasming of the +imulated +tate #ill be ?"pectacular. ne$er appeared out"ide that real life #hich i" in$i"ible to the agent" of +imulation. reali"m demand" not only that #e gi$e up waiting for ?the 8e$olution? but al"o that #e gi$e up wanting it. #ithout a frontier.? And--the map i" clo"ed. 1he "trike i" made at "tructure" of control.? And yet becau"e the map i" an ab"traction it cannot co$er 6arth #ith 1%1 accuracy. communi"t". 1he 1A@ i" thu" a perfect tactic for an era in #hich the +tate i" omnipre"ent and all-po#erful and yet "imultaneou"ly riddled #ith crack" and $acancie". *ithin the fractal comple(itie" of actual geography the map can "ee only dimen"ional grid". 1he fir"t "tep i" "ome#hat akin to satori--the reali>ation that the 1A@ begin" #ith a "imple act of reali>ation. A" to the future--'nly the autonomou" can plan autonomy. "ocial. +o--8e$olution i" clo"ed.? a$oiding all entanglement" #ith ?permanent "olution". 5eep mo$ing the entire tribe. imaginalD #ith potential to flo#er a" autonomou" >one"--and #e are looking for time" in #hich the"e "pace" are relati$ely open. 9or the time being #e concentrate our force on temporary ?po#er "urge". ?3pri"ing. lea$ing behind it an empty hu"k. from the "tandard of a p"ychology of liberation.

&articipant" in in"urrection in$ariably note it" fe"ti$e a"pect". contract and alliance.. gay faery circle". and an affinity for the genius loci< the "cience of p"ychotopology indicate" ?flo#" of force"? and ?"pot" of po#er? Ato borro# occulti"t metaphor"D #hich locali>e the 1A@ "patio-temporally. like a dinner party.? and "o on. 1he band i" open--not to e$eryone. and ri"k. 1he upri"ing i" like a "aturnalia #hich ha" "lipped loo"e Aor been forced to $ani"hD from it" intercalary inter$al and i" no# at liberty to pop up any#here or #hen. A?9amilie"C--ho# : hate themC the mi"er" of lo$eC?--7ideD 1he nuclear family. 1he 1A@ a" festival. but to the affinity group. AAmerican :ndian "ociety pre"er$e" certain a"pect" of thi" "tructure e$en no#.Harlem rent partie" of the t#entie". 9reed of time and place.ohn @er>an. 9ir"t.D--and on the other hand. 'neB" ?band? no#aday" include" friend". 1he family i" closed. .? and hi" paean to the neglected implication" of "mell and ta"te. a "ei>ure of time it"elf. 1he death of the fe"ti$al. anarchi"t conference". 1he"e holiday" literally occupied gap" in the calendar--intercalary intervals. a cultural "inkhole. 1he nuclear family i" the ba"e unit of con"en"u" "ociety. but rather part of a hori>ontal pattern of cu"tom. on the one hand. e(tended kin"hip. like a Be-:n. but unle"" it ? happens? itB" a failure. ho#e$er.nomadic band con"i"t" of about 5/ people. . Bob Black et al. 1he &aleolithic model i" at once more primal and more radical% the band. it ne$erthele"" po""e""e" a no"e for the ripene"" of e$ent".? the fore"t concla$e of eco"aboteur". the emergence of a festal culture remo$ed and e$en hidden from the #ould-be manager" of our lei"ure. hunt or #ar "ocietie". :n re"pon"e to thi" ob"cenity #e ha$e. are only the negati$e "ource" of the 1A@< much remain" to be "aid of it" po"iti$e in"piration". &erhap" the riot" again"t calendar reform had le"" to do #ith the ?ele$en lo"t day"? than #ith a "en"e that imperial "cience #a" con"piring to clo"e up the"e gap" in the calendar #here the peopleB" freedom" had accumulated--a coup dBetat. old-time libertarian picnic"--#e "hould reali>e that all the"e are already ?liberated >one"? of a "ort. the band i" produced by abundance--and re"ult" in prodigality. the famou"non-event of pure repre"entation. #ith it" attendant ?oedipal mi"erie". gender "ocietie". or by "odalitie" "uch a" initiatic or "ecret "ocietie".? appear" to ha$e been a . e$en in the mid"t of armed "truggle. or at lea"t potential 1A@". nightclub".eolithic in$ention. 1. :f the nuclear family i" produced by "carcity Aand re"ult" in mi"erline""D. Here #e might al"o in$oke 9ourier and hi" concept of the "en"e" a" the ba"i" of "ocial becoming--?touch-rut? and ?ga"tro"ophy. a mapping of the year. #ay" to ?Be 1hereC? &earl Andre#" #a" right% the dinner party i" already ?the "eed of the ne# "ociety taking "hape #ithin the "hell of the old? A:** &reambleD. by genetic". ?childrenB" republic". *ithin larger tribal "ocietie" the band"tructure i" fulfilled by clan" #ithin the tribe. 1he band i" not part of a larger hierarchy.. the idyllic Beltane of the neo-pagan". nearly a third of the year #a" gi$en o$er to holiday". 1he element of "pontaneity i" crucial. a neurotic "ecret implo"ion of "plit atom"--and the ob$iou" counter-"trategy emerge" "pontaneou"ly in the almo"t uncon"ciou" redi"co$ery of the more archaic and yet more po"t-indu"trial po""ibility of the band. +tephen &earl Andre#" once offered. 1he nuclear family become" more and more ob$iou"ly a trap.. 8eaction alone cannot pro$ide the energy needed to ?manife"t? a 1A@.D :n our o#n po"t-+pectacular +ociety of +imulation many force" are #orking--largely in$i"ibly--to pha"e out the nuclear family and bring back the band. a" an image of anarchi"t "ociety. affinity group". "pecial intere"t net#ork". the party i" al#ay" ?open? becau"e it i" not ?ordered?< it may be planned. the dinner party. Breakdo#n" in the "tructure of *ork re"onate in the "hattered ?"tability? of the unit-home and unit-family. the initiate" "#orn to a bond of lo$e. but not of the 1A@. mail net#ork". 1he ancient concept" of Fubilee and "aturnalia originate in an intuition that certain e$ent" lie out"ide the "cope of ?profane time. #e can "peak of a natural anthropology of the 1A@. the "pectrum of refusal Achronicled by the +ituationi"t". By the Middle Age". in #hich all "tructure of authority di""ol$e" in con$i$iality and celebration A"ee Appendi( 4D. of cour"e. . *hether open only to a fe# friend". appropriate to an age #hich offer" 1=" and telephone" a" #ay" to ?reach out and touch? other human being".1he clo"ure" of 8e$olution and of the map. turning the organic co"mo" into a clock#ork uni$er"e. "piritual affinitie". people met at different Fob" and po#-#o#". e("pou"e" and lo$er". An upri"ing mu"t be for "omething a" #ell. danger. by the hierarchic totality of agriculturalGindu"trial "ociety. etc. 1he typical hunterGgatherer nomadic or "emi.? the mea"uring-rod of the +tate and of Hi"tory. by the maleB"possession of #omen and children. or at lea"t help to define it" relation to moment and locale. etc. 1he "i(tie"-"tyle ?tribal gathering. ban!uet". ?9ight for the right to party? i" in fact not a parody of the radical "truggle but a ne# manife"tation of it. a re"pon"e to the ?agricultural re$olution? #ith it" impo"ed "carcity and it" impo"ed hierarchy. or to thou"and" of celebrant". 1he media in$ite u" to ?come celebrate the moment" of your life? #ith the "puriou" unification of commodity and "pectacle.

.et a hierarchic a"pect.etD.et it"elf. 1he . #hich can be defined a" the totality of all information and communication tran"fer. *eb. they are cor"air".? ?drift#ork.D N.1he e""ence of the party% face-to-face. including actual data-piracy and other form" of leeching off the . #hat 0eleu>e 7uattari metaphorically call ?the #ar machine. changing ?life"tyle". and re"er$e the term counter-0et to indicate clande"tine illegal and rebelliou" u"e of the *eb.7 to the 1A@ i" "o $a"t and ambiguou" that it need" a "ection unto it"elf. ?liberated? bit" of Fungle and bad-land. "imply in order to garner all the"e concept" into a "ingle loo"e comple(. "ecret tunnel". black market". opened a multi-per"pecti$ed po"t. 1he re"ultant grid come" to life. diet".? ?nomadology. But for the mo"t part the telephone.able to "ee for the fir"t time through eye" like "ome golden in"ectB".iet>"chean commando" or apaches Aliterally ?enemie"?D of the old 4on"en"u". and counter-. a" are banking and currency information and the like.et are all part" .? etc. #hich might be luminou" clu"ter" of data in cyber"pace. etc. "o that ?one place i" a" good a" another. coagulation" of light. #hether for good food and cheer..into-being of the 1A@. refugee". o$er all. 'ther tran"action" are open to all--"o the . Military and :ntelligence data are re"tricted. ?rootle"" co"mopolitani"m?D. 1he"e nomad" practice the ra%%ia. A"pect" of thi" phenomenon ha$e been di"cu""ed by 0eleu>e and 7uattari in . mo$ie". "et a map of political change< o$er that. ?7od?B" la"t throe" and deathbed rattle" ha$e been going on for "uch a long time--in the form of 4apitali"m. etc. the non-hierarchic net#ork.? religion". public data bank". and 4ommuni"m. or to attain the $ery tran"port of bli""-.omadology and the *ar Machine. #hich gi$e" the . to be "tudied in light of the coming. from natural "cience to 1aoi"m-. no-go area". +ome of the"e tran"fer" are pri$ileged and limited to $ariou" elite". for e(ample--that thereB" "till a lot of ?creati$e de"truction? to be carried out by po"t-Bakunini"t po"t. 1he"e nomad" chart their cour"e" by "trange "tar".. "urpri"e". =ital in "haping 1A@ reality i" the concept of psychic nomadism Aor a" #e Fokingly call it.. not tied do#n to any particular time and place. li$ing through our automobile".et #ere a fi"hing-net and the *eb #ere "pider#eb" #o$en through the inter"tice" and broken "ection" of the .? AHere #e "hould al"o mention BatailleB" ?economy of e(ce""? and hi" theory of potlatch culture. inter>one". or perhap" hallucination".et.et ha" a hori>ontal or non-hierarchic a"pect a" #ell. a ?union of egoi"t"? Aa" +tirner put itD in it" "imple"t form--or el"e. in "earch of di$er"ity and ad$enture. or to create a communal art#ork. are acce""ible to e$eryone and anyone. each facet gi$ing a $ie# of an entirely other #orld.? in "ome #ay" a decentering of the entire ?6uropean? proFect. the ?homele"". #anderer" #ith "hallo# loyaltie" Ain fact di"loyal to the ?6uropean &roFect? #hich ha" lo"t all it" charm and $italityD. etc.? touri"t". dance. but may ne$er lea$e their o#n room" Aor tho"e like 1horeau #ho ?ha$e tra$elled much--in 4oncord?D< and finally it include" ?e$erybody..? 1hi" parado( create" ?gyp"ie".6J1 9A41'8 4'.in "hort.? p"ychic tra$eller" dri$en by de"ire or curio"ity. *e u"e the term ?p"ychic nomadi"m? here rather than ?urban nomadi"m. *eB$e "poken of the 0et. $alue".1hi" de"cription co$er" not only the J-cla"" arti"t" and intellectual" but al"o migrant laborer".? all of u".et and the *eb 1H6 . &"ychic nomadi"m a" a tactic. by 2yotard in 0rift#ork" and by $ariou" author" in the ?'a"i"? i""ue of +emiote(tAeD. book". animated by une(pected eddie" and "urge" of energy. in 5ropotkinB" term".et. ?1he death of 7od.18:B31:. e"pecially the counter-. 9a"ci"m. our $acation". camp" of black tent" under the de"ert "tar". But thi" $i"ion #a" attained at the e(pen"e of inhabiting an epoch #here "peed and ?commodity feti"hi"m? ha$e created a tyrannical fal"e unity #hich tend" to blur all cultural di$er"ity and indi$iduality.ideological #orld$ie# able to mo$e ?rootle""ly? from philo"ophy to tribal myth.et #ith it" empha"i" on clande"tine information-flo# and logi"tic"--and finally. they are $iru"e"< they ha$e both need and de"ire for 1A@". hidden fortified oa"e" along "ecret cara$an route".e(change. 7enerally #eBll u"e the term "eb to refer to the alternate hori>ontal open "tructure of info. a map of the . telephone". the art" of life< perhap" e$en for erotic plea"ure.? "hift" the parado( from a pa""i$e to an acti$e and perhap" e$en ?$iolent? mode. our 1=". ae"thetic". con$er"ation. 2ay do#n a map of the land< o$er that. changing Fob". a ba"ic biological dri$e to ?mutual aid. and underground ba>aar". a group of human" "ynergi>e their effort" to reali>e mutual de"ire". the po"tal "y"tem. the 8= and mobile-home culture--al"o people #ho ?tra$el? $ia the . 1hu" within the 0et there ha" begun to emerge a "hado#y "ort of counter-0et.et. #hich #e #ill call the "eb Aa" if the . the 1%1 map of the creati$e imagination.

et implies the u"e of computer".euromancerD and the p"eudo-telepathy of ?$irtual reality.e$erthele"". But the *eb can pro$ide a kind of "ub"titute for "ome of thi" duration and locale--it can inform the 1A@. a" the "ituation might demand.? A" a 4yberpunk fan : canBt help but en$i"ion ?reality hacking? playing a maFor role in the creation of 1A@". hacking. pirated "oft#are. into an infinite"imal ?"pace. #e mu"t con"ider the *eb primarily a" a "upport "y"tem. not immediate but in"tantaneou". Machine" here are our amba""ador"--the fle"h i" irrele$ant e(cept a" a terminal. genealogie" and legend" of the tribe< it pro$ide" the "ecret cara$an route" and raiding trail" #hich make up the flo#line" of tribal economy< it e$en contains "ome of the $ery road" they #ill follo#. not actual but $irtual. A0igre""ion% Before you condemn the *eb or counter-.? and the like already "uffice to con"truct an information #eb#ork. once #eB$e liberated the mean" of production.1ech and it" apotheo"i" the . futuro-libertarian".D the 4yberpunk utopiani"t". or face-toface. "till rather primiti$e% the marginal >ine net#ork. But more than that% :f the 1A@ i" a nomad camp. :t #ould take page" and page" to ?pro$e? #hat by no# ?e$eryone kno#". becau"e it i" temporary. :n the +ci9i imagination the . 2ike 7ib"on and +terling : am a""uming that the official . 1he 1A@ may perhap" be"t find it" o#n "pace by #rapping it" head around t#o "eemingly contradictory attitude" to#ard Hi..ature?-.of the "ame #hole pattern-comple(--they blur into each other at innumerable point". or the hunterGgatherer" of the #orld of 4omm1ech.et it"elf pre"ent" a pattern of changingGe$ol$ing relation" bet#een "ubFect" A?u"er"?D and obFect" A?data?D.and #e are the thie$ing magpie".eo&aleolithic &o"t-+itu 3ltra-7reen po"ition. the marginal >ine net#ork.et i" headed for the condition of 4yber"pace Aa" in 1ron or . no "atellite". #ith $a"t amount" of compacted time and "pace #hich ha$e been ?"ubtili>ed? a" data. #hich con"true" it"elf a" a luddite argument again"t mediation and again"t the . "ong". one mu"t "uppo"e. but the openne"" and hori>ontality of the "tructure. almo"t none in the other big media--no 1= "tation". to e(perience it" e(i"tence a" immediate. and thi" location i" of a different "ort.et. ?4ulture i" our .et. from it" inception. ?phone tree".optic". But it al"o agree" #ith the green" becau"e it retain" inten"e a#arene"" of it"elf a" body and feel" only re$ul"ion for +yber$nosis.phreaking. 8eality Hacker" and their allie" #ho "ee the . a" data. then the *eb help" pro$ide the epic". chao" theory predicts that any uni$er"al 4ontrol-"y"tem i" impo""ible. of defending the 1A@. no fiber.? *e ha$e noted that the 1A@.? 8ather than reha"h it all. *ord-of-mouth. A:n fact. B31% the $ery e""ence of the *eb i" mediation. a" : under"tand it.et for it" ?para"iti"m.? #hich can ne$er be a truly re$olutionary force. :n any ca"e the an"#er" to "uch !ue"tion" are "o comple( that the 1A@ tend" to ignore them altogether and "imply pick" up #hat it can use. mail. At thi" moment in the e$olution of the *eb. no cable. etc.? 1he *eb can compact a great deal of time.et #ill ne$er "ucceed in "hutting do#n the *eb or the counter-. e$en through the mediation of the . 1he term" are not meant to define area" but to "ugge"t tendencie". 1he *eb not only pro$ide" logi"tical "upport for the 1A@.et a" a "tep for#ard in e$olution. capable of carrying information from one 1A@ to another. 1he 1A@ agree" #ith the hacker" becau"e it #ant" to come into being--in part--through the . 1he *eb doe" not depend for it" e(i"tence on any computer technology. a"k your"elf #hat ?production? con"i"t" of in the Age of +imulation. 1he $ery e""ence of the affair i" ?brea"t-to-brea"t? a" the "ufi" "ay.D Ho#e$er. 1he 1A@ ha" a temporary but actual location in time and a temporary but actual location in "pace. rendering it ?in$i"ible? or gi$ing it teeth. the BB+ net#ork". phone.et--that data-piracy. . it al"o help" to bring it into being< crudely "peaking one might "ay that the 1A@ ?e(i"t"? in information"pace a" #ell a" in the ?real #orld.et% A1D #hat #e might call the #ifth *stateG. the #hole concept of the .D 1he pre"ent form" of the unofficial *eb are. mu"t nece""arily lack "ome of the ad$antage" of a freedom #hich e(perience" duration and a more-or-le"" fi(ed locale.et< and A. "ome influence in print and radio. and #ho a""ume that any po""ible ill effect" of mediation can be o$ercome--at lea"t. 1he nature of the"e relation" ha" been e(hau"ti$ely e(plored. lea$ing a"ide all mere "peculation about the future. "ome of the $ery dream" they #ill e(perience a" "ign" and portent". from Mc2uhan to =irilio. : am intere"ted in a"king ho# the"e e$ol$ing relation" "ugge"t mode" of implementation for the 1A@. etc. and con"idering our demand" for the ?face-to-face? and the "en"ual. unauthori>ed tran"mi""ion" and the free flo# of information can ne$er be fro>en. 1he 1A@ de"ire" abo$e all to a$oid mediation. the attempt to tran"cend the body through . But. Ho#e$er the . But clearly it mu"t al"o ha$e ?location?in the "eb. #e mu"t face a $ery "eriou" !ue"tion about the *eb and the tech it in$ol$e". 1he key i" not the brand or le$el of tech in$ol$ed. *hat i" the ?producti$e cla""?I &erhap" youBll be forced to admit that the"e term" "eem to ha$e lo"t their meaning. #ith all the "ini"ter connotation" of the term.

land"cape. #ill form ?po#er outlet"? for the coming-into-being of the 1A@ it"elf. for e(ample. :f nothing el"e the M +et "er$e" a" ametaphor for a ?mapping? of the 1A@B" interface #ith the .monopoly to light an abandoned hou"e for "!uatter". . a "ca$enger of information "hard". #ater. incomplete to it" o#n $ie#. tran"fer" of electronic ?money. no#. a" end" in them"el$e"--but theoretically they can al"o be $ie#ed a" form" of "truggle to#ard a different reality.? $iru"e". at any co"t in damage to ?perfection. practically "peaking. and the different information that flo#" among and bet#een them. :n other #ord". in the operation" of comple( parallel proce""ing.et #ill be damaged by chao". ?.et.he . or a" the +urreali"t" might ha$e "aid.et a" a disappearance of information.et a" a chaotic proce"".am ye"terday or Fam tomorro#. #hile the *eb may thri$e on it. might pro$e to be u"eful in ?plotting? Ain all "en"e" of the #ordD the emergence of the counter.hacker. not in the idea of another #orld. becau"e it #ill" it"elf to be. 6ach of the"e ?area"? of chao" could be repre"ented by topograph" "imilar to the Mandelbrot +et. and breakdo#n" in the . an e(ce"". part" of #hich efface them"el$e"--repre"ent" the $ery proce"" by #hich the . #hich #ill "er$e a" the ba"i" for a ?ne# "ociety emerging from the "hell of the old. *hether through "imple data-piracy. ?free? and no longer para"itic. But it cannot be utopian in the actual meaning of the #ord. like "ome pagan po#er. "muggler. economic". 1he 1A@ i" ?utopian? in the "en"e that it en$i"ion" an intensification of e$eryday life. etc. cra"he".et i" already compromi"ed. like mo"t dichotomie". 1he"e line" might better be "tudied in the light of chao" "cience than of "ociology.? to the immobility of the final. #ill find #ay" to take ad$antage of perturbation". 1he"e connection".ideology. in order to produce "ituation" conduci$e to the 1A@.? 1hi" ?#riting?--part" of #hich $ani"h. other than admire it" p"ychedelic eleganceI :f #e #ere to imagine an information map--a cartographic proFection of the . animal".et and the 1A@ can be con"idered. "o to "peak. or "omething like it.-a" if one #ere to "teal electricity from the energy.'7 is somewhere. 1hi" i" a #ay of "aying that the 1A@ #ant" to li$e in this #orld.et A#ay" to make information out of ?entropy?D. #hich ha$e already begun to appear. 1he . "pontaneou"ly.-by Aor a" 'lice put it. a primordial"hamanic "pirit #hich #ill ?infect? e$en the . the 1A@-hacker #ill #ork for the e$olution of clande"tine fractal connection". thi" map #hich in a "en"e bear" a 1%1 relation #ith a fractal dimen"ionI *hat can one do #ith it. :n the Mandelbrot +et and it" computer-graphic reali>ation #e #atch--in a fractal uni$er"e--map" #hich are embedded and in fact hidden #ithin map" #ithin map" etc. e$en though they al"o inter"ect #ith real time" and place".? 1he counter-. nowhere. #ill para"iti>e the . lifeB" penetration by the Mar$elou". *hat i" it for. in ho#e$er "u"pect or ram"hackle a form. 1he 1A@ tend" to $ie# the 1echGanti-1ech dichotomy a" mi"leading. the counter-. or a" "oon a" po""ible. between the dimen"ion". #ithout regard for ideology or e$en anti. the M +et. Becau"e the 1A@ i" an inten"ification.et--but #e can al"o concei$e of thi" "trategy a" an attempt to build to#ard the con"truction of an alternati$e and autonomou" . the cybernetician of the 1A@. blackmailer. But no# the line" are not all etched in time and "pace. flo#" of air. 6$ery ?cata"trophe? in the . the *eb. 1hu" the *eb. in #hich apparent oppo"ite" turn out to be fal"ification" or e$en hallucination" cau"ed by "emantic". "ome $i"ionary #orld born of fal"e unification A all green '8 all metalD #hich can only be more pie in the "ky by. perhap" e$en cyberterrori"t."pot at the Function of my"teriou" ley-line".et in it" entirety--#e #ould ha$e to include in it the feature" of chao". ultimately un-4ontrollable. $i"ible to the adept in "eemingly unrelated bit" of terrain.o&lace &lace.et i" a node of po#er for the *eb. telecommunication". &erhap" "ome of the line" are ?non-ordinary? in the "en"e that no con$ention for !uantifying them e(i"t". A" a bricoleur.et. a ?creati$e e$olution? in &rigogineB" term. but it #ill al"o u"e po#er" #hich are "o completely unrelated to alienation or "imulation that they guarantee a certain psychic paleolithism to the 1A@. 1he pattern" of force #hich bring the 1A@ into being ha$e "omething in common #ith tho"e chaotic ?+trange Attractor"? #hich e(i"t. a "urplu".in"tantaneity and "imulation. guerilla hacking and "o on. :t contradict" it"elf like a true de"pi"er of hobgoblin". a potlatch. 1he 1A@ by it" $ery nature "ei>e" e$ery a$ailable mean" to reali>e it"elf--it #ill come to life #hether in a ca$e or an 2-5 +pace 4ity--but abo$e all it #ill li$e. . "tati"tic".et it"elf Athe true meaning of 4yberpunk a" : read itD. or . it cannot be defined either by 1ech or anti-1ech. :t lie" at the inter"ection of many force". life "pending it"elf in li$ing rather than merely surviving Athat "ni$elling "hibboleth of the eightie"D. or el"e by a more comple( de$elopment of actual rapport #ith chao". to the limit" of computational po#er. :t #ill u"e the computer becau"e the computer e(i"t". but ne$er Fam today?D. "uch that the ?penin"ula"? are embedded or hidden #ithin the map--"uch that they "eem to ?di"appear. +ome of them e(i"t only ?#ithin? the *eb.

But the 1A@ doe" not concern it"elf $ery much #ith ?#a"? or ?#ill be. not Fu"t unli"ted telephone number" or the tri$ia of cop" and politician". little *ork-tyrannie" #here the ?bo""? i" a computer net#ork. 2iminal. a" "ome futuro-libertarian" a""ert. &erhap" the . "ince :Bm accu"ing the hacker" and BB+er" of irritating intellectual $aguene"". better than : can obtain from 4apitali"m-. : can no# carry on "i( phone con$er"ation" at once. "ome "till unan"#ered !ue"tion". 0o : really need a &4 in order to obtain yet more "uch dataI -ou offer me secretinformationI *ell. belie$e it or notD. 1he "tory of computer net#ork".? a" the :** &reamble put" it. Al"o : am not impre""ed by the "ort of information and "er$ice" proffered by contemporary ?radical? net#ork". Mo"t of all : #ant computer" to pro$ide me #ith information linked to real goods--?the good thing" in life. i" occurring. that my intuition i" $alid. And here.--but the full potential of non-hierarchic information net#orking logically lead" to the computer a" the tool par e(cellence. 1=. but all the hard-"e( BB+" ha$e been bu"ted--and #hat u"e i" an underground #ith lousy securityID. drug".? 1he 1A@ i" intere"ted in re"ult".et i" already coming into being. perhap" already e(i"t"--but : cannot pro$e it. the 3. computer" "hould already be !uite capable of facilitating my de"ire" for food.+. According to you. #ho #ill pro$ide their familie" #ith ?"econd income"? by turning their o#n home" into electro-"#eat"hop". a""ume" the promi"e of an integral a"pect of the 1A@. and #ill occur #ith or #ithout the computer. but refu"e to report the tran"action to the :8+ Aa" re!uired by la#. My intuition ho#e$er "ugge"t" that the counter. : already had plenty of data to enrich my perception". in order to fill it"elf to the border" of it" de"tiny. 'r maybe : #ant to meet other human" for con"en"ual but illegal act" of mutual plea"ure Athi" ha" actually been tried. 'f cour"e the *eb al"o in$ol$e" non-computeri>ed net#ork" of e(change "uch a" "ami>dat. the black market. &o"tal +er$ice. or the e(!ui"ite 4uban fruit mamey. e"pecially about the &er"onal 4omputer. theater.et. : am not a farmer. marginal #eb#ork" are e$ol$ing--'5.+. Moreo$er it take" no 6+& to fore"ee that thi" ?cla""? #ill de$elop it" undercla""--a "ort of lumpen yuppetariat% hou"e#i$e".? 1he .. ta( e$a"ion. becau"e it" "eed i" hallucinogenic Aor "o :Bm toldD. or rather the counter-. 1o complicate the game imagine that the food : cra$e i" illegal--ra# milk perhap".et. 2etB" pretend :Bm an importer of rare perfume" and aphrodi"iac". But for the 1A@ to reach it" full potential it mu"t become le"" a matter of "pontaneou" combu"tion and more a matter of ?i"land" in the .? Maybe "o< but the info being traded o$er the ?alternati$e? BB+" "eem" to con"i"t entirely of chitchat and techie-talk. mo$ie". the 1A@ mu"t combine information and de"ire in order to fulfill it" ad$enture Ait" ?happening?D. no palpable liberty. the #orld of the "en"e". 1he 1A@ mu"t no# e(i"t #ithin a #orld of pure "pace. breakthrough" into more inten"e and more abundant life. #hat #ith book".Ha$ing "aid thi" #e mu"t "till admit to "ome !ualm" about computer". +o #hatB" the matterI *hy i"nBt it happeningI 1he 1A@ ha" occurred. &4" ha$e created yet another ?print re$olution?-'5. Many anarchi"t" and libertarian" ha$e deep faith in the &4 a" a #eapon of liberation and "elf-liberation--but no real gain" to "ho#. *here are my turnip"I . : ha$e little intere"t in "ome hypothetical emergent entrepreneurial cla"" of "elf-employed dataG#ord proce""or" #ho #ill "oon be able to carry on a $a"t cottage indu"try or piecemeal "hit#ork for $ariou" corporation" and bureaucracie". etc. for e(ample. e$en e$ane"cent. 'r maybe : only #ant to trade #ord proce""ing "er$ice" for organic turnip". to "aturate it"elf #ith it" o#n becoming. altered "tate" of con"ciou"ne"". telephone".perhap" :Bm tempted--but "till : demand marvelous "ecret".o# :Bm #aiting for the hacker" to pro$e :Bm right. But #hat difference ha" thi" made in my ordinary lifeI 9rankly. : mu"t my"elf de"cend from the baro!ue cloud" of 1heory 4riti!ue and e(plain #hat : mean by ?real good".unpolluted food "till ble""ed #ith "trong and natural fla$or". and "o on. . "ucce""ful raid" on con"en"u" reality. :" thi" an economyI or merely a pa"time for enthu"ia"t"I '5. a ?!uantum Fump? Aodd ho# thi" e(pre""ion ha" come to mean a big leapD in comple(ity and "ignificance. +ome#here--one i" told--there e(i"t" an ?information economy. :f the computer cannot be u"ed in thi" proFect. BB+" and $ariou" other e(periment" in electro-democracy ha" "o far been one of hobbyism for the mo"t part. #hich cannot be imported fre"h into the 3.et. the gho"t in the machine.? 2etB" "ay that for both political and per"onal rea"on" : de"ire good food.. then the computer #ill ha$e to be o$ercome. and "harpen the play by a""uming mo"t of my "tock i" al"o illegal. an addition that #ill multiply it" potential. :B$e ba"ed the theory of the 1A@ in large part on thi" intuition. "e(. :n "hort. a""ume that :Bm fed up #ith mere information.eo-&aleolithic +chool are correct #hen they a""ert that all form" of alienation and mediation mu"t be de"troyed or abandoned before our goal" can be reali>ed--or perhap" true anarchy #ill be reali>ed only in 'uter +pace.

'ut beyond the frontier. 1hey dropped out. Anne Hutchin"on and her friend" #ere only the be"t kno#n Ai. a "ort of 1Oth century .ature an 6den. #ill be created. 1he alchemical $ie# of the . :f they had "ucceeded in uniting #ith their :ndian allie" the re"ult might ha$e been an AntinomianG4elticGAlgon!uin "yncretic religion.? 2ater report" of ?greyeyed :ndian"? #ere di"mi""ed a" legend. the *ild Man. 0igger". no +tateD "till pre$ailed--and #ithin the con"ciou"ne"" of the "ettler" the option of #ildne"" al#ay" lurked. Antinomian". 1he di"co$ery of America A6ldorado. uncorrupted by ?go$ernment.e. and to "peculate about future manife"tation"< by e$oking a fe# prototype" #e may be able to gauge the potential "cope of the comple(. a "neaking "ympathy for it.amaica in particular mu"t ha$e been "ettled by many e(tremi"t".? 4roatan remained embedded in it" collecti$e p"yche.ohn 0ee.' 06+:86 to define the 1A@ or to elaborate dogma" about ho# it must be created.all the burden" of ci$ili>ation--and ?go to 4roatan? in "ome #ay or another. Halkyut and 8aleigh fell under hi" "pell. and . 4aliban i" noble and unchained. 2e$eller". rogue Euaker". de"pi"ed and outca"te.ature Ai. into "piritual perfection as well as material abundance. 1herefore it #ould pro$e more $aluable and intere"ting to look at "ome 1A@" pa"t and pre"ent. 'ur contention i" rather that it ha" been created. and 8aleigh u"ed hi" connection" #ith the ?+chool of .? innocence and all-po""ibility A?=irgin-ia?D. "piritual ad$i"or to 6li>abeth :. *hat really happened. #a$e" of &rote"tant radical" fled or #ere tran"ported to the . Barbado" and . 'n the one hand 4aliban i" ugly. and 8anter" #ere no# introduced to the occult "hado# of #ildne"". fir"t by 4rom#ell and then by 8e"toration. literacy. i" lodged like a $iru" in the $ery machine of 'ccult :mperiali"m< the fore"tGanimalGhuman" are in$e"ted from the $ery "tart #ith the magic po#er of the marginal. lea$ing behind them only the cryptic me""age ?7one 1o 4roatan.e# *orld A#hich had no# become a prison.? 4aliban. a chao" or inchoatene"" #hich the adept #ould tran"mute into ?gold. a place of exileD. a" the 8e$olution in 6ngland #a" betrayed. 9amili"t".orth American (anteria. the temptation to gi$e up on 4hurch. But thi" alchemical $i"ion i" al"o informed in part by an actual fa"cination #ith the inchoate. Moreo$er. *e #ere taught in elementary "chool that the fir"t "ettlement" in 8oanoke failed< the coloni"t" di"appeared.? opted for chao" o$er the appalling mi"erie" of "erfing for the plutocrat" and intellectual" of 2ondon. 1he 1empe"t #a" a propaganda-piece for the ne# ideology. Here for the fir"t time. beginning !uite arbitrarily #ith the 1)th-1Oth centurie" and the "ettlement of the .ature. thank" . 1he incident" Ha#thorne relate" in ?1he Maypole of Merry Mount? are thoroughly hi"torical< apparently the e(tremi"t" had decided to renounce 4hri"tianity altogether and re$ert to pagani"m. +ectarian" #ere able to thri$e better under the loo"er and more corrupt admini"tration" in the 4aribbean. and they "till call them"el$e" 4roatan". 1hey became ?:ndian". And the grey-eyed :ndian" #ere real--theyBre still there. A" America came into being #here once there had been ?1urtle :"land.e. ari"tocrat".ature a ?ho#ling #ilderne""?--on the other. and ru"hed to embrace it. coloni>ation and mapmaking. Apparently the "ettlement #a" "imply mo$ed back from the coa"t into the 7reat 0i"mal +#amp and ab"orbed into the tribe. the te(tbook implied. the mo"t upper-cla""D of the Antinomian"--ha$ing had the bad luck to be caught up in Bay 4olony politic"--but a much more radical #ing of the mo$ement clearly e(i"ted.? 8ather than attempt any "ort of encyclopaedi"m #eBll adopt a "catter-"hot techni!ue. the 9ountain of -outhD cry"talli>ed it< and it precipitated in actual "cheme" for coloni>ation. 1he opening of the ?ne#? #orld #a" concei$ed from the "tart a" an occultist operation. and . and the 8oanoke 4olony #a" it" fir"t "ho#ca"e e(periment.? that i".e# *orld cho"e to renounce it" contract #ith &ro"pero A0eeG8aleighG6mpireD and go o$er to the *ild Men #ith 4aliban.e# *orld a""ociated it #ith materia prima or hyle. +o--the $ery fir"t colony in the . and adept"--to further the cau"e" of e(ploration. ta(e"-. Ho#e$er. a mo"aic of glimp"e". and : belie$e that 2e$elleri"h and 8anteri"h influence" contributed to the Buccaneer ?utopia? on 1ortuga. #here ri$al 6uropean intere"t" had left many i"land" de"erted or e$en unclaimed. #a" that the :ndian" ma""acred the defen"ele"" "ettler". a feeling of yearning for it" formle"" form #hich took the "ymbol of the ?:ndian? for it" focu"% ?Man? in the "tate of nature. and perhap" e$en get a glimp"e of an ?archetype. the "tate of .e# *orld. 1he magu" . 1hi" "plit in 6uropean con"ciou"ne"" predate" the 8omanticG4la""ical dichotomy< itB" rooted in 8enai""ance High Magic.? ?#ent nati$e. farm#ork. and i" being created.?7one to 4roatan? *6 HA=6 . "eem" to ha$e in$ented the concept of ?magical imperiali"m? and infected an entire generation #ith it. the ?"tate of . ?4roatan? #a" not "ome 6ldorado< it #a" the name of a neighboring tribe of friendly :ndian".ight?--a cabal of ad$anced thinker".

. 1he religion #a" Hoo0oo. raci"m and intolerance. 2eaming-Bey the elder" of the faith and the leader" of the 7reat 0i"mal Maroon" #ere kno#n a" ?the +e$en 9inger High 7li"ter. After the fall of 1ortuga.er"ey Aincorrectly kno#n a" the ?. re"cued "la$e". #e can "tudy a "ucce""ful . and re"ulted in land-"ettlement" in Beli>e.? 1hroughout the 18th century.? 1he Maroon community in . 2ibertatia hoped to endure. drop-out 2oyali"t". #hich "ailed under Article".hey "eem to ha$e belie$ed it. and re$erted to the ?"tate of ./D. a" "ome hi"torian" ha$e done.? A1hi" clinical-"ounding term #a" in$ented by the 6ugenic" Mo$ement. Mi""ion #a" not critici>ed #hen the book appeared and many old Madaga"car hand" "till "ur$i$ed. An African-:"lamic origin i" claimed by "ome of the group". etc. and according to the hi"torian H. #ho per"i"ted through the 18th and 19th centurie". 1he la"t cla""ic e(ample. functioning a" a #ay "tation on the 3nderground 8ail#ay. 1he :"hmael" practiced . and e$en traditional enemie" "uch a" the &ortugue"e #ere all in$ited to Foin a" e!ual". 3nfortunately the ?"cience? merely "er$ed a" an e(cu"e for hatred of racial ?mongrel"? and the poor. mo"t of #hich i" "till accepted a" true and accurate. a" the "cene "hifted to Madaga"car--an i"land "till unclaimed by any imperial po#er and ruled only by a patch#ork of nati$e king" Achief"D eager for pirate allie"--the &irate 3topia reached it" highe"t form.L-.e# *orld proto-1A@ in "ome depth. ?pro"titute"? Ai. no doubt becau"e they had e(perienced pirate encla$e" $ery much like 2ibertatia.a""au in the Bahama". But the Buccaneer tradition la"ted. 1he "hore encla$e" u"ually had no la# at all. "hare".? they "ailed forth to plunder under mutual contract" called ?Article"? #hich #ere "o egalitarian that e$ery member recei$ed a full "hare and the 4aptain u"ually only 1 1GL or 1 1G. elected their captain" democratically.amaica "till retained a degree of autonomy and many of the old folk#ay" #hen @ora . . from the torture" of impre""ment and the li$ing death of the plantation". Moreo$er the "tory of 4apt. the Buccaneer ideal remained ali$e all through the ?7olden Age? of &iracy Aca. a mi(ture of African. to Fudge by BirgeB" +odomy and &iracyD. and "er$ing a" a religiou" and ideological center for "la$e rebellion".orth America al"o produced a number of drop-out ?tri-racial i"olate communitie". and member" of $ariou" nati$e tribe". #hich #a" founded by Buccaneer". 0efoeB" account of 4aptain Mi""ion and the founding of 2ibertatia may be.? although their ba"e communitie" #ere not traditional pea"ant "ocietie" but ?utopia"? created almo"t e( nihilo in terra incognita. encla$e" of total liberty occupying empty "pace" on the map. :n "ome ca"e".ature. #hich produced the fir"t "cientific "tudie" of the"e communitie". But mo"t of the pirate utopia" #ere meant to be temporary< in fact the cor"air"B true ?republic"? #ere their "hip". both in Madaga"car #here the mi(ed-blood children of the pirate" began to car$e out kingdom" of their o#n. and in the 4aribbean.D. and #retched e(ce"". 1))/-1O. intermarried #ith 4arib".ack? 8ackham and hi" cre# of pirate #omen mo$ed on to #ilder "hore" and na"tier fate".? 1he 8amapaugh" of northern . . "uch a" the Moor" of 0ela#are and the Ben :"hmael". ?criminal"? Ai. "erfdom. 9logging and puni"hment" #ere forbidden-. and the ?"olution to the problem? #a" u"ually forced "terili>ation. the Buccaneer" adopted :ndian #ay". :n a "en"e they #ere ?"ocial bandit".D 2and #a" held in common. booty "hared< doctrine" of liberty #ere preached far more radical than e$en tho"e of 4ommon +en"e. 9leeing from hideou" ?benefit"? of :mperiali"m "uch a" "la$ery.e# . a" "ome hi"torian" claim. "uch a" the +eminole and 4herokee. a literary hoa( meant to propagandi>e for radical *hig theory--but it #a" embedded in 1he 7eneral Hi"tory of the &yrate" A1O. and local band" of "ocial bandit" "uch a" 4laudiu" +mithB". nati$e". 1he Maroon" of +uriname "till practice African ?pagani"m. #ho migrated from 5entucky to 'hio in the mid-18th century. Blackbeard and ?4alico . #omen Aand probably boy" too.? Ha$ing declared them"el$e" ?at #ar #ith all the #orld. 'nce again.to 6"!uemelin. a beachfront re"ort of "hack" and tent" de$oted to #ine. the $ery poorD.!uarrel" #ere "ettled by $ote or by the code duello.e. 1hen.e. reFected all nationality.D 1he nuclei in$ariably con"i"ted of runa#ay "la$e" and "erf". :t i" "imply #rong to brand the pirate" a" mere "ea-going high#aymen or e$en proto-capitali"t". ne# tribe" #ere formed. and 4hri"tian element".? the ?He""ian"? Aa catch-phra"e for lo"t Briti"h mercenarie". and Mi""ion died in it" defen"e.eale Hur"ton $i"ited there in the 19. A2iberating "la$e "hip" #a" a maFor preoccupation. the traditional tribal "tructure ab"orbed the ne#comer"< in other ca"e".ack"on *hite"?D pre"ent another romantic and archetypal genealogy% freed "la$e" of the 0utch poltroon". the u"ual ?pro"titute". #hile other" meekly accepted the &ardon and reformed.8D./B" A"ee 1ell My Hor"eD. "ong Athe pirate" #ere inordinately fond of mu"ic and u"ed to hire on band" for entire crui"e"D. #hite #omen #ho married non-#hite"D. accepted black" and +paniard" a" e!ual". $ariou" 0ela#are and Algon!uin clan". for e(ample. repre"entati$e" elected for "hort term". 1hu" #e ha$e the Maroon" of the 7reat 0i"mal +#amp. #here e"caped "la$e" a" #ell a" mi(ed blackG#hiteGred group" #ere able to thri$e in the mountain" and backland" a" ?Maroon". nati$e. $ani"hed o$ernight #hen the Briti"h fleet appeared in the Bay. adopting runa#ay "la$e".

1hat old occult "hado# "till haunt" the remnant" of our fore"t" A#hich. : my"elf gre# up on legend" of the ?5allikak"? of the nearby .thu" the mo"t repre""ed "ector of the "ociety ac!uire" a parado(ical po#er through the myth of it" occult kno#ledge.polygamy.ature? parado(ically "eem" to allo# for the practice of e$ery ? unnatural? act< or "o it #ould appear if #e belie$e the &uritan" and 6ugenici"t".a ?re"er$ation? for anyone and e$eryoneC 1he ?6uropean &roFect? cannot recogni>e the e(i"tence of the *ild Man-. in"pired by the . the Maroon" and Mountain Men #ere mi"cegeni"t". etc. 1hey recei$ed "upport from nati$e acti$i"t" but #ere refu"ed official "tatu". and they #ere targeted by the 6ugenici"t" for a particularly $iciou" pogrom of "al$ation-by-e(termination. imagine #hat a departure to 4roatan #ould take place. :n the conte(t of an entire colonial "ociety Aa" 1au""ig point" out in +hamani"m. they #ere "imply tribe" of people--no#. crudely and ob$iou"ly retouched to make them look like mon"ter" of mi"breedingD. 1heir annual migration triangulated on frontier to#n" #ith name" like Mecca and Medina.ature?CD. 1he legend" turned out to be folk-memorie" of the "lander" of the 6ugenici"t". 6$en a" they are marginali>ed.uke" and 5allikak"? indulged in fornication and ince"t Aleading to mutation" "uch a" polydactylyD. 'f cour"e the nati$e" really do ha$e certain occult kno#ledge< but in re"pon"e to :mperial perception of nati$e culture a" a kind of ?"piritual #ildAerDne"".. 'r to put it another #ay. *ithin tribal "ocietie" there e(i"t #hat "ome anthropologi"t" call mannenbunden% totemic "ocietie" de$oted to an identity #ith ?. but racial renegade" and drop-out" mu"t be do#nright polymorphou"-per$er"e./th century-con"i"tently refu"e to be ab"orbed into either main"tream culture or the black ?"ubculture? into #hich modern "ociologi"t" prefer to categori>e them.e# .? 1he Ma""achu"ett" radical democrat" A"piritual de"cendent" of the radical &rote"tant"D #ho organi>ed the 1ea &arty.naming.? 1hu" the coloni"t".er"ey &ine Barren" Aand of cour"e on 2o$ecraft. of becoming the totem-animal A#ere#ol$e".A. the ?.. 1he Buccaneer" #ere bugger". 1he Moor" and 8amapaugh" of cour"e ha$e good materiali"t rea"on" to think of them"el$e" a" :ndian"-after all. intermarried #ith :ndian" and adopted their cu"tom". by the #ay. :n the 19O/B".+.D. and thereby con$ince them"el$e" that they them"el$e" remain ci$ili>ed and pure. thereby Ain a "en"eD "eeking to participate in their occult po#er. And in fact "ome marginali>ed communitie" . it might ha$e "et a dangerou" precedent for drop-out" of all "ort". #ho"e 3. cat#itche". . tho"e #hich ha$e retained their identity into the . head!uarter" #ere in =ineland.:ndian".:. di"gui"ed them"el$e" a" ?Moha#k". from ?#hite &eyoti"t"? and hippie" to black nationali"t". the children ran around naked and ma"turbated openly. ha$e greatly increa"ed in the . leopard men. :n the 19th century "ome of them e"pou"ed anarchi"t ideal".ature? in the act of "hape"hifting.. etc. 8e$erting to a ?"tate of .. they are ?guardian" of . 6""entially the Moor" and 8amapaugh" reFected the ?diachronic? or hi"torical e(planation of their origin" in fa$or of a ?"ynchronic? "elf-identity ba"ed on a ?myth? of :ndian adoption.? *hene$er an American #ant" to drop out or back into . ?./B".8 :f e$eryone #ho #i"hed ?to be an :ndian? could accompli"h thi" by an act of "elf. they named themselves 8Indians. and #ho literally belie$ed that go$ernment" could be aboli"hed Athe #hole Berk"hire region declared it"elf in a ?"tate of . Before the #hiteman. and #ho undertook the u"ual ?reform"? again"t ?mi"cegenation? and ?feeblemindedne""? in the Barren" Aincluding the publication of photograph" of the 5allikak".? 9inally the coloni"t him"elf i" "educed by thi" ?myth. A" a tribe they ?di"appeared? in the 19. anarchi"t" and libertarian"-.. they proFect them out#ard" onto the marginali>ed.?% the return of the repre""edD. and #ere "o de$oted to nomadi"m that they built their hou"e" on #heel".$i" the motherland. ne$er drank alcohol.. a rabid raci"t #ho #a" fa"cinated by the i"olate communitie"D. :f theyBd #on. the !argin take" on an aura of magic. their mythic radiance. for recognition a" Indian tribes.? inhabitant" of the ?"tate of .ati$e American renai""ance. etc. +ome of the earlie"t 6ugenic" la#" #ere pa""ed in their honor.ature. #hich i" feared and de"ired by the coloni"t.. in$ariably he ?become" an :ndian. they ha$e :ndian ance"tor"--but if #e $ie# their "elf-naming in ?mythic? a" #ell a" hi"torical term" #eBll learn more of rele$ance to our !ue"t for the 1A@. 1he ?i"olate communitie"?--at lea"t. made their li$ing a" min"trel". the dream of ?becoming an :ndian? flo#" beneath myriad "trand" of American hi"tory. a number of group"--including the Moor" and the 8amapaugh"--applied to the B. 4oloniali"m and the *ild ManD the "hape"hifting po#er i" "een a" inhering in the nati$e culture a" a #hole-. after all.green chao" i" "till too much of a threat to the imperial dream of order. 1he "e(ual imagery connected to ?tri-racial? group" al"o bear" out thi" hypothe"i". And "ince many people in repre""ed morali"tic raci"t "ocietie" "ecretly de"ire e(actly the"e licentiou" act".ature.orthea"t "ince the 18-19th century a" $a"t tract" of farmland return to "crub.fore"t". culture and con"ciou"ne"".? the nati$e" come to "ee them"el$e" more and more con"ciou"ly in that role. Faguar "haman".ature. 9rom the Mountain Men to the Boy +cout".. aryan". but probably "#elled the rank" of early ?Black :"lamic? "ect" "uch a" the Moori"h +cience 1emple.ati$e"? of cour"e are al#ay" immoral. #ho "uddenly "a# them"el$e" marginali>ed $i"-S. 1horeau on hi" deathbed dreamed of the return of ?. adopted the role of the marginali>ed nati$e"..

the indi$iduali"t anarchi"t" #ere the fir"t to go back on the #arpath. arti"t. :"hmael" and Moor". . 1he 4ommune" of &ari". 6ighteen month" later. But :taly turned do#n hi" generou" offer< the &rime Mini"ter called him a fool.do really reFect con"en"u" morality--the pirate" certainly didC--and no doubt actually act out "ome of ci$ili>ationB" repre""ed de"ire". 1hey declared that if any "ociali"t re$olution succeeded. 4hau$ini"m "till rule" '5.a$y Amade up of de"erter" and Milane"e anarchi"t maritime unioni"t"D named them"el$e" the 6scochi. theyBd be the fir"t to turn again"t it. geniu" and cad.iet>"chean "train came to look on thi" acti$ity a" an end in it"elf. 8amapaugh" and ?5allikak"? remain. :n a huff. 1herefore. he offered mi"cegenation not only a" a "olution to the problem of race but al"o a" the principle for a ne# humanity freed of ethnic and national chau$ini"m--a precur"or to the ?p"ychic nomad.-cro""bone"--later "tolen by the ++D. He and one of hi" anarchi"t friend" #rote the 4on"titution. and "ucceeded #ithout any trouble to "peak of. drifting from upri"ing to upri"ing.? *e mu"t return to thi" theme. 0uring and after the"e year" anarchi"t" took up the practice of re$olutionary nomadi"m. #omani>er. all anarchi"t" condemned the ?+o$iet 3nion? Aa contradiction in term"D and mo$ed on in "earch of ne# in"urrection". +hort of uni$er"al anarchy they had no intention of e$er "topping. *6 138.? perhap". A"ouldn't you)D Becoming ?#ild? i" al#ay" an erotic act. Mu"ic a" an 'rgani>ational &rinciple M6A. fugiti$e" and +tatele"" refugee". Before the ?clo"ure of the map. Before lea$ing the "ubFect of the ?tri-racial i"olate". after the long. After 5ron"tadt.? :Bd like to recall . :n 8u""ia in 191O they greeted the free +o$iet" #ith Foy% this #a" their goal. But a" "oon a" the Bol"he$ik" betrayed the 8e$olution.authoritarian energy #ent into ?e"capi"t? commune" "uch a" Modern 1ime". 1heo"ophi"t" and =edanti"t"D began to "ho# up at 9iume in dro$e". looking to keep ali$e in them"el$e" the inten"ity of "pirit they e(perienced in the moment of in"urrection.? :mpre""ed by the $igor and beauty of hybrid culture".? but they #ere "ucce""fully organi>ed and could ha$e per"i"ted if not for out"ide aggre""ion. #hich i" much le"" #ell kno#n. ad$enturer". emerged from *orld *ar : a" a hero #ith a "mall army at hi" beck and command% the ?Arditi. the inter>one #hich open" up in the mid"t or #ake of #ar and re$olution Acf. black magician. anarchi"t" A0BAnnun>io corre"ponded #ith Malate"taD. 0BAnnun>io decided to declare independence and "ee ho# long he could get a#ay #ith it. he decided to capture the city of 9iume from -ugo"la$ia and give it to :taly.$ani"hed pirate" #ho once li$ed on local off"hore i"land" and preyed on =enetian and 'ttoman "hipping. H'*6=68.iet>"cheB" enthu"ia"m for ?race mi(ing. 0ecadent poet.*H:26. By +ociali"tG3topian "tandard" the"e e(periment" #ere ?failure". ae"thete. :ntere"tingly. bohemian". and de"pite the e(igencie" of continual #ar both "ucceeded to a certain e(tent% not that they la"ted a ?long time. 1he party ne$er "topped. &ynchonB" ?>one? in 7ra$ityB" 8ainbo#D. and crank reformer" of e$ery "tripe Aincluding Buddhi"t". Mi(ed culture" remain "ubmerged.? but only a" long a" the proFect pro$ed fulfilling.? At a lo"" for ad$enture. "ome of them #ere not intended to la"t ?fore$er. a #ay of always occupying an autonomous %one.iet>"cheB" dream "till "eem" a" remote no# a" it did to him. the era of re$olutionary urban 4ommune" began in 6urope. 1hi" made up the entire acti$ity of the go$ernment. pioneer darede$il aeronauti"t. 2yon" and Mar"eille" did not "ur$i$e long enough to take on any characteri"tic" of permanence. 1he modern 3"cochi "ucceeded in "ome #ild coup"% "e$eral rich :talian merchant $e""el" "uddenly ga$e the 8epublic a future% money in the coffer"C Arti"t".? a good deal of anti. But the autonomou" >one" of the Buccaneer" and Maroon". *hen e"cape beyond the frontier pro$ed impo""ible. #hich declared music to be the central principle of the (tate. mu"ician. #hen the #ine and money had run out and the . homo"e(ual". :n fact. a" indication" of #hat . and one #onder" if they #ere meant to. 1he . and "o on. the $ariou" &halan"terie". an act of nakedne"". then fire#ork". military dandie" Athe uniform #a" black #ith pirate "kull. to the hi"tory of cla""ical anarchi"m in the light of the 1A@ concept. of cour"e. certain anarchi"t" of the +tirneriteG. 6$ery morning 0BAnnun>io read poetry and manife"to" from hi" balcony< e$ery e$ening a concert. and #a" not meant to endure.? and therefore #e kno# little about them. from among the e(periment" of the inter-*ar period :Bll concentrate in"tead on the madcap 8epublic of 9iume. 7abriele 0BAnnun>io.iet>"che might ha$e called ?the *ill to &o#er a" 0i"appearance. or their "torie" remain. MakhnoB" 3kraine and anarchi"t +pain #ere meant to ha$e duration. 9rom our point of $ie# the chief matter of fa"cination i" the spirit of the 4ommune". After a necromantic ceremony #ith hi" mi"tre"" in a cemetery in =enice he "et out to con!uer 9iume.

&roudhon. mine intend" to mine it for u"eful "trategie" in the al#ay"-ongoing ?re$olution of e$eryday life?% the "truggle that cannot cea"e e$en #ith the la"t failure of political or "ocial re$olution becau"e nothing e(cept the end of the #orld can bring an end to e$eryday life. 'L. 6ither the #orld #ould change. later $eered to#ard fa"ci"m--in fact. Ah for a time machine.the aby"" of po#er. But :l 0uce had him killed any#ay--pu"hed off a balcony--and turned him into a ?martyr. nor to our a"piration" for the good things. it can probably teach u" more about certain a"pect" of our !ue"t.iet>"che. and #e ha$e forgotten.locate to other uni$er"itie". the end of the di"cour"e of po#er. By the time 0BAnnun>io reali>ed hi" error it #a" too late% he #a" too old and "ick. 1he Munich +o$iet Aor ?4ouncil 8epublic?D of 1919 e(hibited certain feature" of the 1A@. . ha$e di"cu""ed $ariou" mode" of ?di"appearance? at great length. :f "o.e# 2eft influence". like many :talian anarchi"t". #ho had "pent year" of i"olation #orking on hi" grand "ynthe"i" of . or it #ouldnBt. kne# from the "tart that the +o$iet #a" doomed< he hoped only that it #ould la"t long enough to be understood. *hen the 1heori"t" "peak of the di"appearance of the +ocial they mean in part the impo""ibility of the ?+ocial 8e$olution. 1he anarchi"t !ue"tion in thi" ca"e "hould then be% *hy bother to confront a ?po#er? #hich ha" lo"t all meaning and become "heer +imulationI +uch confrontation" #ill only re"ult in dangerou" and ugly "pa"m" of $iolence by the emptyheaded "hit-for-brain" #hoB$e inherited the key" to all the armorie" and pri"on". Mean#hile keep on the mo$e and live intensely. :magine #hat it mu"t ha$e been to breathe the air of a city in #hich the Mini"ter of 4ulture ha" Fu"t predicted that "choolchildren #ill "oon be memori>ing the #ork" of *alt *hitman. 'utmaneu$ered by the 4ommuni"t" and e$entually murdered by "oldier" under the influence of the occultGfa"ci"t 1hule +ociety. #hat might be called ?pirate economic". 5ropotkin. though it lacked the seriousness of the free 3kraine or Barcelona. it #a" $ery nearly the fir"t modern 1A@. and 8et Marut Athe no$eli"t B. ghetto". the geist and the "pirit of poetry #ere cru"hed. :t #a" in "ome #ay" the la"t of the pirate utopia" Aor the only modern e(ampleD--in other #ay". the radical my"tic".. the martyred founder of the +o$iet. and to group" like the *ander$ogel Athe neo-8omantic youth mo$ementD. a" #ell a" #ith the American countercultural commune" and their anarcho-. : belie$e that if #e compare 9iume #ith the &ari" upri"ing of 19)8 Aal"o the :talian urban in"urrection" of the early "e$entie"D. 3nlike the morbid deathfreak nihili"tic interpretation of 1heory. 2andauer. di"appearance "eem" to be a $ery logical radical option for our time. BA308:22A80. #e #ould #eep at the mention of it" beauty--but before e$en the fir"t flo#er" of that +pring had #ilted. 0BAnnun>io.? li$ing high off the "urplu" of "ocial o$erproduction--e$en the popularity of colorful military uniform"--and the concept of music a" re$olutionary "ocial change--and finally their "hared air of impermanence. perhap". 2andauer dre# up propo"al" for a 9ree +chool "y"tem and a &eopleB" 1heater. 5urt 6i"ner. &lan" #ere launched to de$ote a large piece of Ba$aria to an e(periment in anarcho-"ociali"t economy and community. e$en though-like mo"t re$olution"--it" "tated goal" #ere not e(actly ?temporary. not at all a di"a"ter or death for the radical proFect. +upport for the +o$iet #a" more or le"" confined to the poore"t #orking-cla"" and bohemian neighborhood" of Munich. mountaintop". and other marginal". Mu""olini Athe e(+yndicali"tD him"elf "educed the poet along that route. factorie". 1ra$enD. A&erhap" thi" i" a crude american mi"under"tanding of "ublime and "ubtle 9ranco-7ermanic 1heory.? 7u"ta$ 2andauerB" participation a" Mini"ter of 4ulture along #ith +il$io 7e"ell a" Mini"ter of 6conomic" and other anti. no one had the energy to re"i"t. Mei"ter 6ckhardt. Here : #i"h to "ugge"t that the 1A@ i" in "ome "en"e a tactic of disappearance. or Millbrook.e#i"h radical" Alike BuberD. +tirner. belie$ed !uite literally that poet" and poetry "hould form the ba"i" of the re$olution. . of being ready to mo$e on.? and in part the impo""ibility of ?the +tate?-. abandoned farm"--or e$en other plane" of reality. and the 8omantic volk-philo"opher". *..? :f the +o$iet had la"ted e$en a year.:talian fleet finally "ho#ed up and lobbed a fe# "hell" at the Municipal &alace. either at 9iume. "uch a"%--the importance of ae"thetic theory Acf.? A" for 9iume. 2andauer de"er$e" to be remembered a" a "aint. "hape-"hift. the 6(pre""ioni"t".o one #a" trying to impo"e yet another 8e$olutionary 0ictator"hip. the +ituationi"t"D--al"o. 1he *ill to &o#er a" 0i"appearance 9'34A321. ga$e the +o$iet a di"tinct anarchi"t fla$or. "afe hou"e". -et e$en anarchi"t" no#aday" tend to mi"under"tand and condemn him for ?"elling out? to a ?"ociali"t go$ernment. #e "hould notice certain "imilaritie".authoritarian and e(treme libertarian "ociali"t" "uch a" the poetGplay#right" 6rich MTh"am and 6rn"t 1oller. for the . 1hu" hi"torian" di"mi"" it a" the ?4offeehou"e 8epublic? and belittle it" "ignificance in compari"on #ith Mar(i"t and +partaci"t participation in 7ermanyB" po"t-*ar re$olutionA"D. re. &ari". fine< #hoe$er "aid understanding #a" needed to make u"e of an ideaID A" : read it.

pot farming. 9or e(ample. But the po"iti$e alternati$e" include all "ort" of non-authoritarian form" of "pirituality. A. to the huge international mo$ement of the "!uatter". chaotically forming ne# and "pontaneou" order". 1he ?9ree 8eligion"? a" : like to call them-.? 1he po"iti$e alternati$e "pring" from the reali>ation that life can be happier #ithout the nuclear family. "abotage. logically it #ould ha$e done "o< it ha" not.? #elfare "cam" and other criminal option". and non-hierarchic organi>ation ha" attained popularity e$en out"ide the anarchi"t mo$ement. there are po"iti$e parallel"% ?net#orking? a" an alternati$e to politic" i" practiced at many le$el" of "ociety. @er>an and Black ha$e independently noted certain ?element" of 8efu"al? A@er>anB" termD #hich perhap" can be "een a" "omeho# "ymptomatic of a radical culture of di"appearance. Home-"chooling and craft-apprentice"hip. And "o. i" another.D 8efu"al of "ork can take the form" of ab"enteei"m.--all more or le"" ?in$i"ible? acti$itie" compared to traditional lefti"t confrontational tactic" "uch a" the general "trike. oddly enough. "o it does not. if the #orld could come to an end. a" one of the "ufi" "aid. latif A?"ubtle. *hat i" the refu"al of 'rtI 1he ?negati$e ge"ture? i" not to be found in the "illy nihili"m of an ?Art +trike? or the defacing of "ome famou" painting--it i" to be "een in the almo"t uni$er"al gla""y-eyed boredom that creep" o$er mo"t people at the $ery mention of the #ord. 1he"e ge"ture" are made against in"titution". #hich influence" far more people than any lefti"t or anarchi"t idea.? a term in "ufi alchemyD--the +trange Attractor around #hich meme" accrue. an ad$enture--"o it appear". etc."mall. the ?negati$e ge"ture? here probably con"i"t" of. 1he negati$e refu"al of the #amily i" clearly di$orce. on-Fob drunkenne"".or did anarchi"m ha$e anything to do #ith the failure of the recent 4en"u". like truancy. a healthy boredom #ith the #eary +pectacleD keep" o$er half the nation from the poll"< anarchi"m ne$er accompli"hed a" muchC A.? 1he negati$e refu"al of 9ome i" ?homele""ne"". But ?homele""ne""? can in a "en"e be a $irtue. the area of ?cata"trophe? #here the breakdo#n of the "y"tem can e!ual enlightenment. from ?unchurched? 4hri"tianity to neo. re"ult in an ab"ence from the pri"on of "chool. "elf-created. participation in the ?black? economy and ?lavoro nero. and in that "en"e are ?negati$e?--but each negati$e ge"ture al"o "ugge"t" a ?po"iti$e? tactic to replace rather than merely refu"e the de"pi"ed in"titution.ote% for an e(planation of ?4hao" 2ingui"tic"? "ee Appendi( A. and pro$ide a gro#ing ?fourth #ay? out"ide the main"tream churche". Alternati$e" e(i"t--but they mu"t remain in hiding.#atching tele$i"ion. the negati$e ge"ture again"t schooling i" ?$oluntary illiteracy. e"pecially "ince the *ar again"t +e( of the 198/B" and 199/B". half"eriou"Ghalf-fun cult" influenced by "uch current" a" 0i"cordiani"m and anarcho-1aoi"m--are to be found all o$er marginal America. AA41 3& and 6arth 9ir"tC are t#o e(ample". or "ome other "ymptom of ?breakdo#n.D Again. #hereupon a hundred flo#er" bloom--from "ingle parentage to group marriage to erotic affinity group.D . ?Apathy? Ai. Hacking i" another form of ?education? #ith certain feature" of ?in$i"ibility. But #hat #ould the ?po"iti$e ge"ture? con"i"t ofI :" it po""ible to imagine an ae"thetic" that doe" not engage.? #hich mo"t con"ider a form of $ictimi>ation. at lea"t.. And a" . not #i"hing to be forced into nomadology. our modern hobo"..? +ince : do not "hare the liberal #or"hip of literacy for the "ake of "ocial ameliori>ation. that remo$e" it"elf from Hi"tory and e$en from the MarketI or at lea"t tends to do "oI #hich #ant" to replace repre"entation #ith presenceI Ho# doe" pre"ence make it"elf felt e$en in Aor throughD repre"entationI ?4hao" 2ingui"tic"? trace" a pre"ence #hich i" continually di"appearing from all ordering" of language and meaning.Mar$elou". 1here are ho#e$er po"iti$e alternati$e" #hich make u"e of the "ame energy of di"appearance. :t might al"o be "aid that the chief refu"al of orthodo(y con"i"t" of the con"truction of ?pri$ate moralitie"? in the . Alcoholic" Anonymou". partly uncon"ciou" but partly con"ciou". : cannot !uite "hare the ga"p" of di"may heard e$ery#here at thi" phenomenon% : "ympathi>e #ith children #ho refu"e book" along #ith the garbage in the book"."y"tem"< an elu"i$e pre"ence. the tele$angelical bigot". e$ane"cent.iet>"che "aid.employment. then plea"e read thi" paragraph again.e# Age $apidity and con"umeri"m.? A ma""-"cale negati$e ge"ture again"t politic" con"i"t" "imply of not $oting.pagani"m. #e #ill carry thi" raging thir"t into eternity. and . Here #e ha$e an ae"thetic" of the borderland bet#een chao" and order. 1he ?6uropean &roFect? fight" a maFor rearguard action in defen"e of ?9amily?--oedipal mi"ery lie" at the heart of 4ontrol. "imply becau"e it works.iet>"chean "en"e% the "pirituality of ?free "pirit".e. the margin. 8efu"al of the +hurchI *ell. and "heer inattention--but it can al"o gi$e ri"e to ne# mode" of rebellion% more "elf. no matter ho# many draught" of forbidden #ine #e drink.

e# Autonomy. but it mu"t be added to the other"-. the right direction" for "earchingI a finger pointing at the moonI : belie$e. But #e canBt build an ae"thetic". At pre"ent it reflect" more ab"traction than actuality. *here #ould #e look for the "eed"--the #eed" cracking through our "ide#alk"--from thi" other #orld into our #orldI the clue". it does e(i"t--but perhap" only a" a "ort of alternate reality #hich #e "o far ha$e not learned to percei$e. 1he ?. 4oomara"#amy de"cribed itD ?the arti"t i" not a "pecial "ort of per"on. and #hat #ill #e do thereI 9ir"t% *eBre not talking here about literally $ani"hing from the #orld and it" future%--no e"cape back#ard in time to paleolithic ?original lei"ure "ociety?--no fore$er utopia.garde.the other" mu"t not be "ubtracted from it. on the "imple act of never coming back. but e$ery per"on i" a "pecial "ort of arti"t. and a" an actual contribution to the force" #hich allo# the 1A@ to cohere and manife"t. #eB$e #ritten our ?7one 1o 4roatan?--the !ue"tion then become". either a" utopia or a" "ome forgotten mid#e"tern to#n or a" Aby""iniaI *here and #hen i" the #orld of unmediated creati$ityI :f it can e(i"t.+4:'3+ radical tactic #ill emerge under certain condition"% 1.al"o. beyond ga>ing and naming a" act" of en"la$ing. *e mu"t kno# in #hat #ay" #e are genuinely oppre""ed.? in +ituationi"t term".e# 2eft? ne$er really belie$ed in it" o#n e(i"tence till it "a# it"elf on the 6$ening . by contra"t. Mediation i" harder to o$ercome. that the only "olution to the ?"uppre""ion and reali>ation? of Art lie" in the emergence of the 1A@. All the "en"e" mu"t be in$ol$ed. 1he 1A@ e(i"t" not only beyond 4ontrol but al"o beyond definition. no i"land< al"o.8e$olutionary utopia--mo"t likely no 8e$olution at allC-. e$en an ae"thetic" of di"appearance.? :n "um% di"appearance i" not nece""arily a ?cata"trophe?-.e#". no anarchi"t +pace +tation"--nor do #e accept a ?Baudrillardian di"appearance? into the "ilence of an ironic hyperconformity. Mental addiction to ?ideal"?--#hich in fact turn out to be mere proFection" of our re"entment and "en"ation" of $ictimi>ation--#ill ne$er further our proFect. *e do not li$e in 4yber+pace< to dream that #e do i" to fall into 4yber7no"i". beyond the +tateB" ability to see. But from #here do #e $ani"hI And are #e e$er "een or heard of againI *e go to 4roatan--#hatB" our fateI All our art con"i"t" of a goodbye note to hi"tory--?7one 1o 4roatan?--but #here i" it. : ha$e no !uarrel #ith any 8imbaud" #ho e"cape Art for #hate$er Aby""inia they can find.3. and al"o in #hat #ay" #e are "elf. 1he *eb i" like a ne# "en"e in "ome #ay". *'85. no backmountain hidea#ay.repre""ed or en"nared in a fanta"y in #hich ideas oppre"" u". a" in "ome horrible parody of the my"tic . 1he 1A@ i" a phy"ical place and #e are either in it or not. : do "ugge"t that the 1A@ i" the only po""ible ?time? and ?place? for art to happen for the "heer plea"ure of creati$e play. no po"t. #ill either infiltrate the media and "ub$ert ?it? from #ithin--or el"e ne$er be ?"een? at all.1he di"appearance of the arti"t :+ ?the "uppre""ion and reali>ation of art. By "aying #eBre not an a$ant-garde and that there i" no a$ant. 1he 1A@ mu"t be the "cene of our pre"ent autonomy. ho# to en$i"ion ?e$eryday life? in 4roatanI particularly if #e cannot "ay that 4roatan e(i"t" in 1ime A+tone Age or &o"t-8e$olutionD or +pace. but it can only e(i"t on the condition that #e already kno# our"el$e" a" free being". :n the 1A@ art a" a commodity #ill "imply become impo""ible< it #ill in"tead be a condition of life. but $ery little of thi" information relate" to concrete good" and "er$ice" nece""ary for the autonomou" life. beyond the under"tanding of the +tate. Alienation i" far more dangerou" for u" than toothle"" outdated dying ideologie".5. and the refu"al of allmediation. 2. for e(ample. 1he counter-0et mu"t e(pand. 1he 1A@ i" not a harbinger of "ome pie-in-the-"ky +ocial 3topia to #hich #e mu"t "acrifice our li$e" that our childrenB" children may breathe a bit of free air. or #ould at lea"t like to propo"e. the fal"e tran"cendence of the body. #hich i" part of the nece""ary ground#ork of the 1A@.e(cept in the mathematical "en"e of ?a "udden topological change. : #ould "trongly reFect the critici"m that the 1A@ it"elf i" ?nothing but? a #ork of art. 8athole" in the Babylon of :nformation 1H6 1A@ A+ A 4'. #e mu"t reali>e Amake realD the moment" and "pace" in #hich freedom i" not only po""ible butactual. although it may ha$e "ome of the trapping". @ine" and BB+" e(change information. &"ychological liberation. 1hat i". i" a far more actual "ource of mi"ery for mo"t of u" than legi"lati$e politic".? All thepositive gestures "ketched here "eem to in$ol$e $ariou" degree" of in$i"ibility rather than traditional re$olutionary confrontation. Art in the *orld of Art ha" become a commodity< but deeper than that lie" the problem of representation it"elf. 1he . no ='. but the remo$al of all barrier" bet#een arti"t" and ?u"er"? of art #ill tend to#ard a condition in #hich Aa" A.

and the root" are in ?hea$en?. a gro#th from tamene"" to #ildAerDne"". "ay. *ithout the *eb. a "muggler rather than a bloody pirate. :" thi" "omething #orth imagining.? in hi" fanta"y no$el bolo'bolo.46 but a propo"ition% 1hat certain problem" in lingui"tic" might be "ol$ed by $ie#ing language a" a comple( dynamical "y"tem or ?4hao" field.? 1he pre"ent the"i" might al"o take for a "ign . dice. a ?return? #hich i" al"o a "tep for#ard. a proFect of ?higher? ordering" Aof con"ciou"ne"" or "imply of lifeD #hich are approached by ?"urfing the #a$e-front of chao". . Although a" an anarchi"t 4hom"ky might ha$e been e(pected to "ide #ith the nihili"t". mu"t progre"" on it" pre"ent cour"e in #hich hy"terical rigidity come" more and more to ma"k a $acuity. mother tongue" are limb". *e can fore"ee a #hole ne# geography.? much in the "ame #ay certain "cienti"t" are trying to ?"a$e? phy"ic" from the ?irrationality? of !uantum mechanic". but de$oted only to the economic dead-end of piratical para"iti"mI :Bll an"#er that :Bd rather be a rat in the #all than a rat in the cage--but :Bll al"o in"i"t that the 1A@ tran"cend" the"e categorie".iet>"cheB" wandering. branche" are "entence". +hall #e not confe"" that the politic" of that night ha$e more reality and force for u" than tho"e of. language familie" are trunk". more and more connected. 1he 1A@ i" an art of life in continual ri"ing up. in fact hi" beautiful theory ha" more in common #ith platoni"m or "ufi"m than #ith anarchi"m.iet>"cheB" ?: fear that #hile #e "till ha$e grammar #e ha$e not yet killed 7od?< to dada< to 5or>yb"kiB" ?the Map i" not the 1erritory?< to Burrough"B cut-up" and ?breakthrough in the 7ray 8oom?< to @er>anB" attack on language it"elf a" repre"entation and mediation. t#o ha$e "pecial intere"t here% the fir"t. a kind of pilgrimage-map in #hich holy "ite" are replaced by peak e(perience" and 1A@"% a real "cience of p"ychotopography..-#hile 4hom"ky hold" out the promi"e and hope of a la"t. in the +itu "en"e of the derive and 2yotardB" definition of driftwork. and the 3ni$er"e. &erhap" the 1A@ i" a ?proto-bolo. but a depre""ing oneD. N..A.trance. A #orld in #hich the 1A@ "ucceeded in putting down roots might re"emble the #orld en$i"ioned by ?&. :t i" ?epiphanic?--a peak e(perience on the "ocial a" #ell a" indi$idual "cale. : too #ould like to ?"a$e? language.? of comple( dynami"m. #ith it" belief in ?uni$er"al grammar? and it" tree diagram". . *ord" are lea$e". : call thi" ?hermetalingui"tic"?--hermetic and metaphy"ical. #eb#orking. a dancer not an e"chatologi"t. 1he "econd. p"ychic nomadi"m--and #ho kno#" #hat #e might attainI --+pring 6!uino(. but #ithout recour"e to any ?+pook". A" po#er ?di"appear".ihili"m Aor ?Hea$yMetalingui"tic"? in honor of Burrough"D "eem" to me to ha$e brought language to a dead end and threatened to render it ?impo""ible? Aa great feat. the entire 3.iet>"cheB" ?"elf-o$ercoming.? our #ill to po#er mu"t be di"appearance. *eB$e already dealt #ith the !ue"tion of #hether the 1A@ can be $ie#ed ?merely? a" a #ork of art.? or "uppo"ed rule" about 7od. 7o$ernmentI +ome of the ?partie"? #eB$e mentioned la"ted for t#o or three years. repre"ent" A: belie$eD an attempt to ?"a$e? language by di"co$ering ?hidden in$ariable".? 1he 1A@ in$ol$e" a kind of ferality. ?antilingui"tic". 2iberation i" reali>ed "truggle--thi" i" the e""ence of . or rather a ma>e of tunnel". But you #ill al"o demand to kno# #hether it i" more than a poor rat-hole in the Babylon of :nformation. *eB$e mentioned the festal a"pect of the moment #hich i" un4ontrolled. 4hao" 2ingui"tic" .i"m. #orth fighting forI 2et u" "tudy in$i"ibility. ho#e$er brief. 199/ Appendi( A.M. :t i" the precur"or of the drift.ordering. the full reali>ation of the 1A@-comple( #ould be impo""ible. and #hich adhere" in "pontaneou" "elf.or the 0. 1raditional metaphy"ic" de"cribe" language a" pure light "hining through the colored gla"" of the archetype"< 4hom"ky "peak" of ?innate? grammar". 1he apparatu" of 4ontrol--the ?+tate?--mu"t Aor "o #e mu"t a""umeD continue to deli!ue"ce and petrify "imultaneou"ly.? can be traced--in the modern period--from 8imbaudB" departure for Aby""inia< to . :t al"o demand" a ?yoga? of chao". #hich : find e!ually difficult to accept.? 'f all the re"pon"e" to +au""ureB" lingui"tic".? But ina"much a" the 1A@ e(i"t" now. #ild but gentle--a "educer not a rapi"t.minute re$elation. perhap" to be called ?geo-autonomy? or ?anarchomancy. :tB" a #eapon. it "tand" for much more than the mundanity of negati$ity or countercultural drop-out.'1 -61 A +4:6.+. 2et u" admit that #e ha$e attended partie" #here for one brief night a republic of gratified de"ire" #a" attained. 4hom"kyan 2ingui"tic". But the *eb i" not the end in it"elf. an aby"" of po#er.

Al"o. but at creating it. it "eem" to re"onate #ith "elf.--all thi" #a" aimed neither at di"co$ering nor de"troying meaning. not becau"e it i" innate. $i"ion of a good life #hich i" both noble and possible.. he began to find the anagram" everywhere. the 2e$eller impul"e. :t #ould "ugge"t that all dadai"tic e(perimentation A9eyerabend de"cribed hi" "chool of "cientific epi"temology a" ?anarchi"t dada?D in "ound poetry. i" fractal. but add" that language can o$ercome language. cut-up. . 1he . +haykh 4harle" Brillat-+a$arin 8abelai" Abu Aga 8. #e find certain hint" of a proce"" #hich "omeho# e"cape" the "ignG"ignifier dynamic. #ould #e begin to be able to model language in term" of comple( dynamical "y"tem"I 7rammar" then #ould not be ?innate. 1hey came to a bad AthoB picture"!ueD end. : find thi" theory more "ati"fyingly anarchi"tic than either anti-lingui"tic" or 4hom"kyani"m. Applied Hedonic" 1H6 B'. but because it is chaos. :magine a .? but #ould emerge from chao" a" "pontaneou"ly e$ol$ing ?higher order".'1 7A. an actual &ath of &lea"ure. do#nto#n "traight-edge nihili"t".in e$ery ca"e the moti$e force i" the "ame% re"entment. ta"te" of millenarian gloom--and thi" current on the 2eft "hare" an hi"torical #ell"pring #ith the neo-puritan fundamentali"m and moralic reaction of our decade. perhap" it i" becau"e con"ciou"ne"" it"elf.? like the hidden pattern #hich ?cau"ed? the anagram"--pattern" #hich are ?real? but ha$e ?e(i"tence? only in term" of the "ub-pattern" they manife"t. a" in the acro"tic poem" he e(amined. thin-lipped police "ociologi"t". :t "ugge"t" that language can o$ercome repre"entation and mediation. Appendi( B. and hi" po"thumou"ly publi"hed note" on anagram" in 2atin poetry.. resentment :n the face of contemporary peck"niffian anae"the"ia #eBll erect a #hole gallery of forebear".ihili"m point" out gloomily that language ?arbitrarily? create" meaning.u#a" ::: =aneigem *ilde 5hayyam Burton 7oldman 5han 8ichard . "ociali"t torpedoe". He abandoned the proFect.iet>"che #ith good dige"tion. brilliant but not tormented. +elf-denial a" radical pra(i".. etc. that language can create freedom out of "emantic tyrannyB" confu"ion and decay. '"car 'mar +ir 6mma add your o#n fa$orite" Abu +aBid of 5hora""an 9ourier .? A" "oon a" language begin" to play. #ho"e "unny di"po"ition make" them not "luggi"h but "harp. e$en in 2atin pro"e. +au""ure #a" confronted #ith the "ugge"tion of "ome "ort of ?meta?-lingui"tic" #hich happen" within language rather than being impo"ed a" a categorical imperati$e from ?out"ide. "eriou" but not "ober.7 *686 $egetarian" and drank only #ater. 4hao" 2ingui"tic" happily agree". : #onder% if enough of thi" "ort of data #ere crunched through a computer. great mind" not Fu"t for 1ruth but for the truth of pleasure. drug-free 8epublican". rooted in a "en"e of the magnificent o$er-abundance of reality. ge"ture.ot the tepid 6picurean" nor the bloated +ybarite". bea"t language".e# A"ce"i". a genial gene pool. :f meaning i" elu"i$e. and therefore language. +ort of a "piritual hedoni"m. . hero" #ho carried on the "truggle again"t bad con"ciou"ne"" but "till kne# ho# to party. +au""ure tried to !uantify the anagram" but hi" figure" kept running a#ay from him Aa" if perhap" nonlinear e!uation" #ere in$ol$edD. =egetable" and #ater. in them"el$e" e(cellent thing"--pure >en really--"houldnBt be con"umed a" martyrdom but a" an epiphany. He began to #onder if he #ere hallucinating--or if anagram" #ere a natural uncon"ciou" proce"" of parole.? 7rammar" could be thought of a" ?+trange Attractor". #hether practiced by anore(ic health-crank". a rare and difficult category to define. cornpone fa"ci"t bapti"t".8eturning to +au""ure.? in &rigogineB" "en"e of ?creati$e e$olution.amplifying comple(ity.

He #ould not ha$e created thi" #ine. : am "orry they #onBt let you ha$e your "loop again. the inacce""ible". And out"ide the limit" of any "ociety the unruly and heroic tramp" #ill #ander. #hat an endle"" #aitCD : #onBt mind going along #ith you for a#hile. a" before me. A Book of =er"e--and 1hou Be"ide me "inging in the *ilderne""-And *ilderne"" i" &aradi"e eno#. the ruler" o$er the ideal. +o. Ah. *ould not #e "hatter it to bit"--and then 8e-mould it nearer to the HeartB" 0e"ireC --'mar 9it>7erald Hi"tory. #rote #hat became the fir"t "tandard hi"torical te(t on pirate". 1he captain of the merchant $e""el had Fu"t declined an in$itation to Foin the pirate".omorrowI--*hy. A 7eneral Hi"tory of the 8obberie" and Murder" of the Mo"t . wine *ith a "kinfull of thi". my Belo$ed. 19. According to &atrick &ringleB" . e(tract" #hat #a" my"teriou"ly hidden therein< i" a "hado# eclip"ing any form of "ociety #hich can e(i"t under the "unC All "ocietie" tremble #hen the "cornful ari"tocracy of the tramp". : #i"h to li$e my life inten"ely for to embrace my life tragically.otoriou" &irate".anuary. #riting under the pen name 4aptain 4harle" . fill the cup that clear" 1o-day of pa"t 8egret" and future 9ear"-. 6(tra Euote" A" for u". Ah. pirate recruitment #a" mo"t effecti$e among the unemployed. this #ould you ru"h out to commit economic"I --. He ha" appointed the Fob of permanent unemployment. 9ind #hat hide" in your"el$e"< bring it to light< "ho# your"el$e"C? Becau"e e$ery per"on< #ho. #hen it i" not to my ad$antage< damn the "loop.Appendi( 4. materiali"m.alaloddin 8umi. moni"m. and all the ?i"m"? of thi" #orld are old and ru"ty tool" #hich : donBt need or mind anymore.ohn"on. :f he #anted u" to #ork.olly 8oger. #ith their #ild $irgin thought"--they #ho cannot li$e #ithout planning e$er ne# and dreadful outbur"t" of rebellionC : "hall be among themC And after me.1 4aptain Bellamy 0aniel 0efoe. for : "corn to do any one a mi"chief. the uni!ue". and "o are all tho"e #ho #ill "ubmit to be go$erned by la#" #hich rich men ha$e made . A fla"k of *ine. #e mu"t "ink her./ &:8A16 8A. My principle i" life. +ir. 1omorro# : may be My"elf #ith -e"terdayB" +e$Bn 1hou"and -ear". 1hough you are a "neaking puppy. 3iwan-e (hams Here #ith a 2oaf of Bread beneath the Bough. after all. and the con!ueror" of the nothing re"olutely ad$ance". and "he might be of u"e to you. po"iti$i"m. for#ardC ?Already the foreboding "ky gro#" dark and "ilentC? --8en>o . my end i" death. "earching hi" o#n in#ardne"". and tran"ported criminal". come on iconocla"t". : "hall continue on my in"ane and triumphal #ay to#ard the great and "ublime con!ue"t of the nothingC Any "ociety that you build #ill ha$e it" limit". there #ill be tho"e "aying to their fello#"% ?+o turn to your"el$e" rather than to your 7od" or to your idol". 0efoe relate" that a pirate named 4aptain Bellamy made thi" "peech to the captain of a merchant $e""el he had taken a" a pri>e. 1he high "ea" made for an in"tantaneou" le$elling of cla"" ine!ualitie". 2o$eC could thou and : #ith 9ate con"pire 1o gra"p thi" "orry +cheme of 1hing" entire. -ou are #aiting for the re$olutionI My o#n began a long time agoC *hen you #ill be ready A7od.o$atore Arcola. e"caped bond"men. But #hen youBll "top. .

therefore. and $aried. "ociety generally. :ntercour"e. and an army of 1//. then can any thing be concei$ed better calculated or more certain to con$ert "ocial intercour"e into intolerable "la$ery and hopele"" confu"ionI --+. i" perfectly free. 1he :ndi$iduality of each i" fully admitted. ha$e already attainedI +uppo"e the intercour"e of the parlor to be regulated by "pecific legi"lation. 7roup" are formed according to attraction. the "coundrel" do. and #e plunder the rich under the protection of our o#n courage. pre$ail" under preci"ely tho"e circum"tance" #hich 2egi"lator" and +tate"men dread a" the condition" of ine$itable anarchy and confu"ion. 2et the time #hich each gentleman "hall be allo#ed to "peak to each lady be fi(ed by la#< the po"ition in #hich they "hould "it or "tand be preci"ely regulated< the "ubFect" #hich they "hall be allo#ed to "peak of. the pirate Bellamy continued% -ou are a de$ili"h con"cience ra"cal. 1hey are continuou"ly broken up. e$er yet attained. by each indi$idual mind. and in all it" relation". :f there are la#" of eti!uette at all.for their o#n "ecurity< for the co#ardly #help" ha$e not the courage other#i"e to defend #hat they get by kna$ery< but damn ye altogether% damn them for a pack of crafty ra"cal". for a parcel of hen-hearted numb"kull". and re-formed through the operation of the "ame "ubtile and all-per$ading influence.68 &A811he highe"t type of human "ociety in the e(i"ting "ocial order i" found in the parlor. all under prete(t of pre$enting di"order and encroachment upon each otherB" pri$ilege" and right". they are mere "ugge"tion" of principle" admitted into and Fudged of for him"elf or her"elf. 4on$er"ation i" continuou". #ith all the innumerable element" of de$elopment #hich the pre"ent age i" unfolding. in certain "pecial relation". and you. #hen there i" only thi" difference. and the mo"t perfect harmony. &earl Andre#" 1he +cience of +ociety . 1hey $ilify u". a" he #ho ha" a hundred "ail of "hip" at "ea. #ho "er$e them. #ill not attain a" high a grade of perfection a" certain portion" of "ociety. brilliant. :n the elegant and refined reunion" of the ari"tocratic cla""e" there i" none of the impertinent interference of legi"lation./// men in the field< and thi" my con"cience tell" me% but there i" no arguing #ith "uch "ni$elling puppie". carefully defined. :" it concei$able that in all the future progre"" of humanity. 1H6 0:. Mutual deference per$ade" all cla""e". they rob the poor under the co$er of la#. and : ha$e a" much authority to make #ar on the #hole #orld. #ho allo# "uperior" to kick them about deck at plea"ure. : am a free prince. in comple( human relation". than "neak after the"e $illain" for employmentI *hen the captain replied that hi" con"cience #ould not let him break the la#" of 7od and man. for"ooth. Had you not better make then one of u". and the tone of $oice and accompanying ge"ture" #ith #hich each may be treated..

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