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THE FIRST KP AND VEDIC ASTROLOGICAL MAGAZINE PUBLISHED IN INTERNET Published from Hyderabad, India. Issue # 1 – January 2008
|| hari shri ganapathaye namah|| || Avignamasthu ||

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Gayatri Devi

Aum Bhur Bhuva Swa Thath Saviturvarenyam Bhargo devasyadeemahi Diyoyona prachothayathe

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Advisors Astrology: Mr. R. BALAJI Mr. J RAO Mrs. P. VIJAYA REDDY Cooking: Mr. N. L. PILLAI

Address of Owners, Printers and Publishers ASTROVISION Flat # 204B, Block #1 Janapriya Township, Mallapur Nacharam PO Hyderabad-500 076 India Ph: 91-40-2715 2868 Mob: 9440 346 285


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When will I receive payment from Government? – a KP analysis. Mahendar Sunil Gondhalekar J. Astrology and Diabetes Letters to the Editor Coordinates of all towns of USA and India.a perplexing problem--Vedic view. Gujarat Assembly Election 2007 –Will BJP Win? Astrological Yoga for imprisonment –a KP Analysis. Archana Rao Mrs. a science or myth.35 36 – 38 39 – 41 42 43 – 46 47– 49 50 51 . College Education and Engineering – a Natal KP Chart. Announcement and Terms & Conditions. Wendy Vasicek Mrs. Sub Lord Theory proved it again – progeny. Astrology. Case of Missing wife. Stellar system and KP Astrology. Gayatri Mantra.65 Page # 4 . HS Nagi Page Nos. Introductory Forenote. Sujata Das. P Sreekala Rajiv Khattar Kanak Bosmia R Balaji Sanat Kumar Jain Krishnamurthy Seetharama Mrs Y. Mehndi design – a traditional custom for beauty.Buying Futures. Dr. The Inter Relation Between Birth. Method of Astrological Prediction through TSP.17 18 – 20 21 22 23 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 25 – 26 27 28 29 31 . Vedic Astrology Classes.ASTROVISION ISSUE #1 JANUARY 2008 Contents Sl. Identical charts of twins . thick vegetable curry item. Astrology and Bhakti. Astro dictionary.53 54 – 55 56 – 58 59 – 61 62 -.R. Editorial and Management details. No. 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 Subject heading Cover page. IAS. Karma. Stock Market .Rahmes Guphta MK Viswanath Mrs. From the desk of Editor. Mythological Horoscopes-Lord Shri Ram. Contents page. Saturn in short Prediction.32 34 . Dr. Mantra Solutions.12 09 10 11 12 13 Raghunatha Rao Nemani MK Viswanath 14 . Aviyal. Planetary positions fo January 2008. 01 02 03 04 05 06 07-09 08 MK Viswanath 10 .

Since we are at the beginning. This will definitely help the beginners. The magazine shall envelope predominantly subjects concerning Astrology. advertisers and readers a very happy and prosperous new year 2008. etc. It has been our humble endeavour to launch a magazine covering various subjects for quite some time now. In order to make the magazine a versatile one. We request the fullest blessings and cooperation of our elders. We have pleasure in announcing that such a dream has been fulfilled now. respected senior astroanalysts. Numerology. we are also starting some tips regarding cooking. and it is open to commence new columns of interest. with a view to make this enterprise a successful one in the coming years. and wish to learn astrology in an easy way. Yoga. we are starting an astrological class chapter-by-chapter from the first issue itself. Mantra & Tantra. article-writers. and ASTROVISION is able to release its first issue on the eve of the new-year 2008. Astrology. et all. Hindu Mythology and Cooking & Beauty. esteemed readers.ASTROVISION ISSUE #1 JANUARY 2008 FROM THE DESK OF THE EDITOR EDITORIAL COLUMN Dear Esteemed Readers: At the outset. beauty. Yours truly. the Management and the Editorial Board of ASTROVISION wishes its esteemed contributors. authors. The magazine has been dealing with few subjects like. well-wishers. For ASTROVISION MK VISWANATH Editor Place : Hyderabad Date :01-Jan-2008 Page # 5 . advertisers. Palmistry. who are curious.

which has its main objective towards propagating and promoting this divine science. which are discussing Astrology through exchange of views and ideas. Mrs. SUJATA DAS. I am sure many Astro-practitioners and Astro-students will be glad to be part of this publication. Chandigarh Date: 10-Dec-2007 INTRODUCTORY FORENOTE Mr. Being a KP Astrologer myself and a keen member of the Yahoo group forums. # 920 Sector 39. I have immense pleasure to write an introductory fore-note and to be part of this publication. IAS KP ASTROLOGER.ASTROVISION ISSUE #1 JANUARY 2008 FORENOTE BY Mrs. Sujata Das. I wish all the success in the continuous endeavours of “ASTROVISION”. Government of Punjab. has asked me to write an introductory fore-note in the maiden issue of the Astro-journal “ASTROVISION”. Yours truly SUJATA DAS Page # 6 . MK Viswanath. IAS Commissioner / Secretary – Vigilance Enquiries. who is an ardent student of KP Astrology.

he gave number 30 (between KP 1 to 249).Rahu XII 01-43 I 11-06 XI 23-56 Ra 09-40 X 23-26 II Ma III Mo IV 05-52 17-18 28-37 11-39 23-26 3 Ma 4 Mo 12 2 Asc 1 IX 28-37 VIII 05-52 Ju 25-51 VII 11-06 Su VI 14-56 01-43 Ke 09-40 Sa 12-39 V 23-56 Ve 28-31 Me® 29-31 5 Ke Sa Ve Me® 6 7 Su 11 8 Ju 9 10 Planets SU MO MA ME® JU VE SA RA KE UR® NE FO S 07 04 03 06 08 05 05 11 05 11 10 11 D M S 14 11 17 29 25 28 12 09 09 21 25 07 56 39 18 31 51 31 39 40 40 06 23 50 00 43 41 41 46 10 18 01 00 49 24 23 Sgl Stl Sbl Ssl Ven Rah Ket Jup Moo Sat Moo Mer Mer Rah Ven Mer Mer Mar Sat Rah Mar Mer Rah Moo Sun Sun Mar Rah Sun Ket Mer Rah Sat Rah Jup Ven Sun Ket Sat Mer Sat Jup Jup Ven Sat Mar Rah Ket Sat Rah Rah Ket Cusp ASC 02nd 03rd 04th 05th 06th 07th 08th 09th 10th 11th 12th S 02 03 03 04 05 07 08 09 09 10 11 01 D M S 11 05 28 23 23 01 11 05 28 23 23 01 06 52 37 26 56 43 06 52 37 26 56 43 40 01 00 05 51 21 40 01 00 05 51 21 Sgl Stl Sbl SsL Ven Moo Mar Mar Mer Mar Moo Rah Mer Jup Ven Mer Moo Mer Mar Rah Sun Ven Sat Jup Ven Mar Mer Sat Mar Sat Moo Mar Jup Ket Rah Jup Jup Sun Mar Jup Sat Mar Mar Rah Sat Jup Mer Mer Mar Ket Ven Rah Page # 7 . Upon my asking. for RP 61 Deg 18 Min LORDS : Merc. I looked at the Lagna cusp sub lord. For receiving money. 24 M. Hence he had raised above question. receive money in the conjoined significator’s period of these houses.Merc. which I calculated on 01-Nov2007 at 20-34 IST at Ludhiana. who was Mars and directly deposited in 2nd house (house of finance) and hence his query was genuine.12 – 2014: Asc. and the analyses given below may be perused. 9/43 PUNJAB AGRICULTURAL UNIVERSITY LUDHIANA Mob: 9417 717 910 E-Mail: bkhardeep@yahoo. It came true and he received it on 2-11-2007 at 19-30 IST. PLACE: LUDHIANA : STATE :PUNJAB : COUNTRY: INDIA DATE : 01-Nov2007 : TIME: 20 H. 6 and 11 houses need to be considered.ASTROVISION ISSUE #1 JANUARY 2008 DR. I declared that he may receive cheque payment before 04Nov-2007. H. He was worried because the amount was in Crores.NO: 30 NAME: ASHVINA WHEN WILL I RECEIVE GOVT. One will After the requisite astro-diagnosis.Mars.16 Days ENDS on 17 . In order to judge the genuineness of the query. DASA BAL: Sat. and he was still unable to manage the overdraft facility he availed from his Bankers. NAGI No. S. 07 Y. PAYMENT? – A KP ANALYSIS One of my friends asked me as to when he will get payment from Government for the goods he had supplied.01 M. HOR. usually houses 2.

6TH CUSP SUB LORD (SUCCESS & SERVICE) Mercury is the sub lord of 6th cusp. Mercury is in star of Mars. 01 11 2007 TO 20 06 2008 TO 29 07 2009 TO 05 06 2012 TO 20 29 05 17 06 07 06 12 Merc DASA 17 12 2014 TO 17 12 2031 12 2014 TO 14 05 2017 TO 11 05 2018 TO 11 03 2021 TO 17 01 2022 TO 17 05 2017 05 2018 03 2021 01 2022 06 2023 2008 Mars Bhk. 17 2009 Rahu Bhk. So Saturn is connected with 6th house. So moon has positional signification of 3rd house. Moon is in star of Saturn. So Moon becomes strong significator of 11th house. 02 2014 Sat. Bhk. 17 Moon Bhk. who in 6th house. Moon is in Cancer. Bhk. which is for communication. 14 2012 Jup. BHUKTY OF Moon ANTRA OF Merc SOOK. 11 Sun. Bhk. Jup. OF Merc : 18 : 21 : 23 : 23 12 11 10 10 1995 2006 2007 2007 18 21 14 04 12 06 01 11 2014 2008 2008 2007 2ND CUSP SUB LORD (MONEY) Second cuspal sub lord is Moon.ASTROVISION ISSUE #1 JANUARY 2008 (Note : In the North Indian diamond Chakra. But question is that when will he receive it? Page # 8 . Bhk. which is for gains. Saturn is in star of ketu. 08 06 2023 TO 14 06 2024 06 2024 TO 02 01 2027 01 2027 TO 08 04 2029 04 2029 TO 17 12 2031 BALANCE OF DASA OF Sat.) SIGNIFICATIONS OF PLANETS WRT HOUSES Cusp PCO 1 -2 Me 3 -4 Ke Sa Mo Ke Sa -Mo 5 Ju 6 -7 -8 -9 -10 Ra 11 -12 -- OCC PCBL BL --Ve Ma Ju Me Mo Ju Me Ve Me Ve Su Su -Ve Ju Me Ma --Ju --Ju Ra Mo Sa -Mo Sa -Me Ma DASAS AND BHUKTIES Sat. 17 Ketu Bhk. Mars is in 2nd cusp and therefore strongly signifies 2nd house. Saturn is lord of 11th house. DASA 17 12 1995 TO 17 12 2014 Merc Bhk. 11TH CUSP SUB LORD (GAINS) Saturn is sub lord of 11th cusp. 14 Ven. but only the signs are given. Conclusion is that he will receive the money. the cuspal positions are not given. Hence all 2-6-11 cuspal sub lords are assuring receiving of money. Mars Bhk. Rahu Bhk. Bhk. There are no planet is in Moon stars.7 YEARS: 1 MONTHS: 17 DAYS BIRTH/QUERY TIME DASA SYSTEM ON 1 11 2007 DASA OF Sat. 11 Moon Bhk. Ketu represents Sun..

HS Nagi is a PhD holder in Hindi (1987) from Punjab University. Now check the sub of Mercury. RULING PLANETS. Chandigarh. Here there was no delay which could due to Moon was in its own sub. for RP 61 Deg 18 Min Lagna star lord -Mars Lagna sign lord-Mercury Moon star lord –Saturn Moon sign lord-Moon Day lord -Jupiter. I was surprised when he told me on telephone and congratulated me for prediction. Mercury is lord of 2nd house. Page # 9 . He has further given speeches in Astrology on Radio Asian Gold (sky channel). which gave me consolation that it could be quick also. Moon was transiting in Moon sign. Lecturer in PG Dept. I checked mercury significations. At present he is employed as Sr. Mercury is in star of Mars.. Hence it is sure that he will receive money. and in English in KP-Ezine. Mercury is in sub of Saturn. he will get payments. who is lord of 10 and 11. who is deposited in 5th house and the result of houses owned by mercury (here Mercury is owner of 2 and 3 houses). and 2nd house is for receiving money.ASTROVISION ISSUE #1 JANUARY 2008 Since it was an urgent requirement. I checked the ruling planets whether they agree with the sensitive position before 4-11-2007. and has vastly travelled in India. Therefore. But at the time of judgement Moon was in Saturn star and it was worrying me that his payment may be delayed. Since moon is a fast moving planet and Mercury is also very quick so he got payment quickly. Now we have to see what results will be given by Mercury. and it was going to end on 4-11-2007. I have looked into sookshma period. Mercury became very strong to give 2nd house result. So Jupiter will give results of Mercury. Mercury star and Mars sub. Dr. but will be stronger to give results for Mercury. He has done many successful predictions to his credit. He is a prominent contributor in various Astro forums in KP Method. So I told the querient that will receive money before 04-Nov-2007 But keeping my safe side. But moon was in its own sub. of Hindi at Govt. He is regular visitor of UK. in London and at Radio Awaz from Glasgow. But Jupiter is in the star of Mercury. He will surely receive money before 04-Nov-2007. latest being T-20 World Cup Cricket match in which his all predictions regarding India came correct. Mercury is lord of 2nd and 3rd houses and is posited in 5th house. He received cheque at 19-25 IST on 02-Nov-2007. He has published many articles in Hindi monthly astro-journal Jyotish Suman. Sookshma of Mercury was passing. I told him it can be little delayed but surely within a month. At the time of judgement ruling planets were: Asc. College. for Moon in Saturn star. Mars is in 2. So Mercury will be weak significator of these houses and planets in its star (here it is Jupiter).

1. Home ph: 040-27152868 Mob ph: 9440 346 285 E-Mail : astrologervishy_nair@yahoo.09 VIII 16-39 Ve-Mo Ma 29-15 Su-Ra IX 16-36 Mo-Sa X 16-26 Ra-Ve Lagna Birth Rasi (Moon Sign) Birth Star (Nakshatra) Lunar Half (Paksha) Lunar Day (Thithi) Yoga Karana Dasa at DOB / DOQ Dasa Balance Bhukti at DOB / DOQ Bhukti Balance Current Date Current Dasa running Saturn Dasa upto: Rahu Bhukti upto: Rahu Antara upto: Kanya Hastha 3 Karkata Punarvasu 4 Krishna Paksha Apara Thriodasi 28 Siddhi Garasa Jupiter 3 Y:1 M:21 D Mars 0 Y:9 M:1 D 6/26/2007 Sat-Rah-Rah 08-Oct-2012 28-Mar-2010 25-Oct-2007 VI 17-22 Me-Ve DoJ: Wed: 27-Jun-2007. I took the birth details of his daughter and cast the chart.45 | 6 .Time Latitude Cusp System Sun Rise/Set Upper Ray : S R/Set Lower Ray VII 16-55 Ve-Mo Krishnamurthy 23° 37' 49" Vijaya Janaky Female Kakinada 18-08-1990 Saturday 9-00-00 82-13-00 East 16-57-00 North IST 5. once was speaking to me over telephone. Nacharam PO.44 5 -48. preferably | 6 . Block No. V Ra 16-43 Mo-Sa 12-41 Mo-Ra Mo 00-42 Ju-Ma Ju 06-20 Sa-Me Ve 11-31 Sa-Mo Ke 12-41 Sa-Ma XI 16-43 Me-Me Su 01-13 Ke-Ve Fo 16-18 Ve-Mo XII 17-22 Ve-Ma Me 27-34 Su-Mo I 9 Sa -Ma -Ma -Fo Sa Ve Ju Mo Ke -Me Mo Ve Ke Ju 16-55 Mo-Sa 10 Ve 11 Me Ma Me Fo Su Ra Mo 12 Ma -Me Ma Me Su Sa® 26-05 Ve-Ke IV 16-26 Ve-Mo Sign CSL PCO OCC PCBL BL Conj 1 Sa ---Me 2 Ve --Fo Sa Ve III 3 Ju ---Ma 16-36 Sa-Ju 4 Mo 5 Sa -Sa Ra Mo Ju Sa Ra -Ve Ke Sa 6 Ve --Ju Ke Sa II 16-39 Ra-Ve 7 Mo --Mo Ju 8 Mo Page # 10 .5 Universal Time 6° 43' 51" Geocentric Placidus 545 .ASTROVISION ISSUE #1 JANUARY 2008 MK Viswanath Flat 204 B. when he informed me that his daughter has just completed the Intermediate Course.24 .in COLLEGE EDUCATION AND ENGINEERING – A NATAL STUDY IN KP METHOD A person.21 . which is appended below: System Ayanamsa: Name Gender Place Date Week day Time Longitude Latitude Zone Settings Sid. Hyderabad-500 076. Janapriya Township. who was acquaintee of me. Mallapur. and she intends to join Graduate Course.

On DOB Sun was in own house in Ketu star. Moon is also the lord of 11th house.9. On DOJ Sun was in Rahu star and Rahu was in Saturn sign.10 10 4. KP rule dictates that the 4th CSL when signifies 4.9. and Mercury sub. and the planetary positions for the days given below: Body Sun Moon Mars Mercury(R) Jupiter (R) Venus Saturn Rahu Ketu Longitude 11 02 07 13 18 25 27 16 16 Ge 13 Sc 05 Ar 42 Ge 40 Sc 22 Cn 08 Cn 58 Aq 19 Le 19 Star Arudra Visakha Ashwini Arudra Jyeshta Aslesha Aslesha Satabisha P. Page # 11 . Moon signifies 4th due to placement on 4th lord Jupiter star. On DOB Jupiter was in Moon sign.12 1. On DOJ Jupiter was in Mercury star. Bhava lord Venus is conjoined Moon in 10th house. who signifies Moon. 9. Hence connection for Moon with 4. Sun will signify month of event.7. On DOB Moon was conjoined with Jupiter in Cancer and on DOJ Moon was in Jupiter star Visakha. 4th CSL is Moon.11 the native will have college education and the branch will be decided by the planets related to these houses when Dasha / Bhukti / Antara and the transit of planets agree. The 9th CSL and Asc CSL is Saturn. Hence all these factors lead to us believe that the horoscope is correct. 11 are established for native to have College education.10.10.Phalgun Star lord Rahu Jupiter Ketu Rahu Mercury Mercury Mercury Rahu Venus Houses Signfies 4.10.12 1. Saturn star. 11 4.12 4. As per the signification table above. As far as 9th house is concerned.ASTROVISION Pl Sun Mer Ven Mon Mar Jup Sat(R) Ura(R) Nep(R) Plu Rah Ket Longitude 1° Le 19' 27° Le 34' 11° Cn 31' 0° Cn 42' 29° Ar 15' 6° Cn 20' 26° Sa 5' 12° Sa 16' 18° Sa 30' 21° Li 29' 12° Cp 41' 12° Ca 41’ Star Makha U Phalgu Pushya Punarvas Krittika Pushya P Ashada Moola P Ashad Vishakh Shravan Pushya ISSUE #1 KP Pointer Su-Ke-Ve-Mo Su-Su-Mo-Ra Mo-Sa-Mo-Sa Mo-Ju-Ma-Ra Ma-Su-Ra-Ra Mo-Sa-Me-Mo Ju-Ve-Ke-Su Ju-Ke-Me-Mo Ju-Ve-Ra-Ju Ve-Ju-Ju-Ma Sa-Mo-Ra-Sa Mo-Sa-Ma C I II III IV V VI VII VIII IX X XI XII For Longitude 16° Vi 55' 16° Li 39' 16° Sc 36' 16° Sa 26' 16° Cp 43' 17° Aq 22' 16° Pi 55' 16° Ar 39' 16° Ta 36' 16° Ge 26' 16° Cn 43' 17° Le 22' 16° Le 18' JANUARY 2008 Star Hastha Swati Anuradha P Ashada Shravana Sahabhis Revati Bharani Rohini Ardhra Aslesha P Phalgu P Phalgu KP Pointer Me-Mo-Sa-Mo Ve-Ra-Ve-Sa Ma-Sa-Ju-Ra Ju-Ve-Mo-Ra Sa-Mo-Sa-Ve Sa-Ra-Ve-Ke Ju-Me-Me-Me Ma-Ve-Mo-Ju Ve-Mo-Sa-Ve Me-Ra-Ve-Ju Mo-Me-Me-Me Su-Ve-Ma-Ma Su-Ve-Mo-Mo The date of judgement was on 27th June 2007 at Hyderabad. 11 2. Moon will signify the date of event.10 Jupiter will signify year of event. 11 1. whereas Ketu was in Saturn star. besides Ketu.

it was releaved to the querient that the native will go in for Computer Science. The 4th CSL Moon is in Mars sub. and as time passes KP System will become more popular. Rahu are significators of either 4 or 11 and as such the D / B / A will favour the native for higher education to be pursued. Mars aspect Moon strongly and since Mercury becomes a significator of 11th house along with Mars. Saturn. informed me that his daughter is passed Engineering Entrance Examination. the above Dasha. Manager. and the branch selected was Computer Science. MK Viswanath is employed in Hyderabad in a multi-crore Public Limited Company as Dy. Mars. He has made many successful astrological predictions. Mars Bhukti upto end May-2007.ASTROVISION ISSUE #1 JANUARY 2008 At the time of judgement. KP System of prediction using Cuspal Sub lord is indeed a great invention. Nawaz Sharif. Bhukti. later when visited me. The father of the native. the native was running Saturn VMD upto 08-Oct-2012. He is a Vedic as well as KP Astrologer having passed Visharada Course from a famous Astro Institute from Hyderabad. and thereafter Rahu Bhukti upto April-2010 and Rahu Antara upto Nov-2007. Since the Intermediate examination was completed during the academic year 20062007 and the entrance examination for Graduate Engineering course was to begin March onwards upto July 2007. Antara have been taken into consideration. Page # 12 . latest being the arrest of former Prime Minister of Pakistan.

size There is no registration fee.venusmatrimony. Persons from different nationalities / religions / castes are welcome to log in to www.ASTROVISION ISSUE #1 JANUARY 2008 WWW.venusmatrimony. If you or any of your kin are unmarried / separated / divorced / widowed / having kuja dosha or Manglik. safe and authentic matrimonial website intended to provide matrimonial services. kindly visit and register their is a genuine.venusmatrimony. but we offer the services through www. A true Matrimonial website Marriages are made in heaven. Page # 13 . if the profile is uploaded by You may upload profile along with passport photograph and horoscope chart too (if available).VENUSMATRIMONY.

6. Minnesota. 2006 Time: 16:03:13 Time Zone: 6:00:00 (West of GMT) Place: 93 W 10' 00". Venus. hence I am going forward.PROGENY A friend of mine asked me a question in the month of Oct 2006 and due to my busy schedule. Moon. This is a confirmation about the native thinking about childbirth. Ketu.2. hence Mercury is very strong and will be considered as Strong Ruling Planet and it is currently retrograde so the result will be given only when it is in direction motion.9 and 12th houses. So the Mercury will be in direct motion on Nov 18th 2006. 5) The Ruling Planets are: Mars. Mercury is with Mars. USA e-mail : RaoN1008@Yahoo. Minneapolis. USA 1) Moon the Asc lord is placed in 10th house and also signifying the houses of 2nd. Mercury is significator of 3. Sun.4. 2) The 5th Cusp Sub Lord is Mercury (who is retrograde right now) and Mercury is in a Star of Jupiter. Ketu. The Prashna Details are as follows:Horary Number is = 79 Date: November 6. 5 and 11th houses are: Saturn.Com http://www. Here 2nd house is connected which confirming the child-birth. Page # 14 . MN-5549.Com SUB LORD THEORY PROVED IT AGAIN -. Venus and aspecting Moon by rasi drishti. So the result can not be given before that date. Ketu is significator of 2 and 4th houses. So there is a delay in the fructification of the event. Sun.Prashna-Astrology. Sun and Moon. I could only cast a Prashna chart to answer his question in Nov 2006. The question was "When my son will be born?" and he had provided a horary number of KP “79” (between 1 to 249) to me. Mars and Venus. 4) The Significators of 2. Jupiter is significator of 4. so are the common signifying planets.ASTROVISION ISSUE #1 JANUARY 2008 Raghunatha Rao Nemani 5137 Danens Drive. 6 and 9th houses. Saturn is significator of 1. 44 N 48' 15" Eagan. Minnesota. 3) 11th Cusp Sub Lord is Saturn and Saturn is in a Star of Ketu.7 and 8th houses.

Hence he cannot give the result. • Dec 22 = Friday. On Dec 19th 2006. Moon is transiting in Merc Nakshatra. So it has to be in Moola only. It will be very interesting. 7) Mercury Antara dasa is as follows and the result will be given during this period only. generally per clinical procedure they try to induce after 2 days of the 40 weeks. Sun will be transiting in P. which is Mercury. 16 12 2006 TO 07 02 2007 8) So Sun is transiting in Dhanus on Dec 16th 2006 on Moola Nakshatra ruled by Ketu. • Dec 17 = Sunday. 16 12 2006 TO 23 12 2006 9) Now let us see when the actual delivery will take place based on the Moon’s transit at mid night (00:01:00 AM ) as follows:• Dec 16 = Saturday. SUN Dasa 28 02 2001 TO 28 02 2007 VEN Bhk. So the date range are : Dec 12th 2006 to Dec 28th 2006. • Dec 20 = Wednesday. • Dec 19 = Tuesday. Page # 15 . On Nov 8th 2006. Moon is transiting in Moon Nakshatra. the native wrote this to me again:I think we went past the due date of Dec 18th (original date given by the doctors). so it is still a waiting game for me now :-). so this is a candidate. Moon is transiting in Rahu Nakshatra. Saturn is not the signifying planet from our list. • Dec 23 = Saturday. • Dec 18 = Monday. But you have predicted the delivery on Dec 22nd.Ashada Nakshatra on Dec 28th which is ruled by Ven and not a candidate. So I have predicted the delivery should take place when the Moon is transiting in Moon Nakshatra between Dec 22nd 2006 10:32:59 PM and 09:39:55 PM of Dec 23rd 2006. Moon is transiting in Sun Nakshatra. 28 02 2006 TO 28 02 2007 MERC Ant. 28 02 2006 TO 28 02 2007 MERC Ant. so Dec 22nd 2006 will be 4 days after the doctors given date of Dec 18th 2006. I will let you know. the native wrote this to me:Thanks for the clarification.ASTROVISION ISSUE #1 JANUARY 2008 6) Currently Sun Maha Dasa. Moon is transiting in Ketu Nakshatra • Dec 21 = Thursday. This is going to be very interesting Sir. Moon is transiting in Ven Nakshatra. Moon is transiting in Jup Nakshatra. now the doctor mentioned that we will induce on Dec 26th. Venus Bhukti and Saturn Antara is running. Moon is transiting in Sat Nakshatra. SUN Dasa 28 02 2001 TO 28 02 2007 VEN Bhk. 16 12 2006 TO 07 02 2007 MERC Soo. So I am rejecting this and going to the next Antara.


all the credit goes to my mother Mahaalaskhmi and with her blessings only I could think properly and apply the Jyotish principles correctly. -o- Page # 17 . -oSarvam Sri Mahaalaskhmi Arpanamastu. CA. Also. the native wrote this to me again:Namaste Raghunatha Rao Garu. all the credit goes to this KP method. So congrats on your right prediction!!. My wife and I have been blessed with a baby boy on Dec 23.ASTROVISION ISSUE #1 JANUARY 2008 On Dec 24th 2006. USA. I simply said to him. 00:12 AM. which was taught to me by my KP Guru Sri Omkar Ji.

Astrology is a science used for future-telling on the basis of: 12 signs consisting of the zodiac wheel (or rashi chakra).ASTROVISION ISSUE #1 JANUARY 2008 MK Viswanath Flat 204B. Indian continent. etc. 09 planets 27 nakshatras (asterisms). Arabia. There are several methods in astrology. Nacharam PO. People were practicing Astrology in various countries right from the ancient times such as VEDIC ASTROLOGY-CLASSES -. Hyderabad-500 076 Mob : 9440 346 285 Home Ph: 91-40-27152868 E-mail : astrologervishy_nair@yahoo. Page # 18 . Block 1 Janapriya Township.INTRODUCTION Astrology is a divine science. in order to serve the general public. 1 .co. Greece. developed by the ancients.CHAPTER NO. Egypt. Many a sages / astro-analysts have conducted numerous researches in the field of astrology. Mallapur.

For health of children For sale of land. etc. which are made as per the inscription and instruction of Ancient Mob: 9440 346 285 Page # 19 . For enquiries please contact: viswanathan1961@yahoo. not able to win a dispute or a legal case or not blessed with child. The occult solution offered is in the form of yantra. No 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 Name of the yantra Purpose Cost INR 500/500/500/500/500/1000/1000/1000/1000/1000/5. etc. and are offered for sale for the general public. We offer Tantra or occult solutions to persons who find it difficult to get married.ASTROVISION ISSUE #1 JANUARY 2008 We are one of the few leading Hindu families. and the intending persons need to give name and the Moon star (nakshatra) as inputs for preparing the yantra by Guruji. who are involved in mantra-tantra vidya for centuries. or persons having many problems like their house or land is not getting sold. unable to purchase a house. etc. out of which some are given below: We deal with various yantras. There are various yantras. For sale of unsold goods For overall prosperity To avoid accidents To attract customers To avoid ill-effects of Vastu The yantra will be tailor-made for each individual.000/- Swayamvara yantra Santana gopala yantra Bagalamukhi yantra Kaarya siddhi yantra Bala yantra Ashwaruda yantra Vaanibha yantra Maha Sudarshana yantra Maha Mruthunjaya Yantra Vashikaran yantra Vastu Yantra To get married To beget progeny To win dispute For fulfillment of certain desires.

The entire zodiac is divided into 12 signs such as:-- Sl. ZODIAC. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Signs-English Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo Virgo Libra Scorpio Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Pisces Signs-Sanskrit Mesha Vrushbha Mithuna Karkataka Simha Kanya Tula Vruchika Dhanush Makara Kumbha Meena Symbols Ram Bull Man & Woman Crab Lion Virgin Balance Scorpion Centaur Deer faced crocodile Man with Pot Two Fishes Each sign thus is measured as 30 degrees (360 deg.ZODIAC AND PLANETS. viz. 2 . No. divided by 12). 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Planet-English Sun Moon Mars Mercury Jupiter Venus Saturn North Node South Node Planet-Sanskrit Ravi Chandra Mangal Budha Brihaspati Sukra Manda Sarpa Sikhi Other names Aditya Indu Kuja Budha Guru Velli Shani Rahu Sikhi To be continued Page # 20 .ASTROVISION ISSUE #1 JANUARY 2008 Vedic Astrology CHAPTER NO. Sl. PLANETS There are nine planets in Hindu Vedic Astrology. Zodiac is defined as a circle having outer measurement of 360 degrees. No.

With Sun in Aries and Cancer rising could speculate one that the time of birth was around mid-day. in exaltation. Laxman and Shatrugan. Page # 21 . As regards the brothers of Lord Ram such as Bharat. and said to have traced back the planetary positions drawn in Lord Shri Ram’s chart.. Jupiter and Saturn. Thus the planetary longitudes have not been identified to erect a navamsa chakra. Since Moon is placed within 180 degrees from Sun. but no Navamsa Chakra was given. There has been no mention of Rahu or Ketu by Sage Valmiki. and the year was said to be BC 5114. Mars. Sage Valmiki himself says that the thithi was Navami and the Moon was in Punarvasu star. Sage Valmiki says that they were born on the successive days from the day Lord Ram was born and their moon stars being Pushya for Bharat and Aslesha for Laxman and Shatrugan (both were born twins). as cited by Sage Valmiki in Ramayan. Venus. Sun. viz.e. sage Valmiki has given the horoscope in the line of what is erected above with Cancer rising. the lunar half was definitely Sukla paksha.ASTROVISION ISSUE #1 JANUARY 2008 MYTHOLOGICAL HOROSCOPES LORD SHRI RAM (Ramayana fame) Lord Shri Ram Ven Sun Mer Asc Mon Jup Rashi Chakra Mar Sat Navamsa Chakra Lord Ram is considered as the reincarnation of Mahavishnu. Some Astro-analysts have made an astro-software. There has been no specific year of birth of Lord Shri Ram attributed. Sage Valmiki particularly says about 5 planets in ucha sthaanam i. In the epic Ramayana.

Away from the Sun. The first Zodiacal sign. to be continued Almanac Amavasya Amavasi Yoga Angles Anujanma Apahara or Bhukthi Aphelion Apogee Aroodha Aries Ashtama Rasi Ashtavarga Aspect Astrology Astro Therapy Ayana Solstice Ayanamsa Precessional Distance.ASTROVISION ISSUE #1 ASTRO DICTIONARY JANUARY 2008 The readers shall benefit from a series of glossary of Astrological terminology.away Geo .Sun ) Away from the Earth. which is called Astro Dictionary. the time when the querent asks the question.Star and Logos . Angular ownership means the lordship of 1.10 houses.4. A book or table. From Astra .Uttarayana.Earth ). No of days elapsed from the beginning of Kali Era. Also known as Quadrants or Kendra sthanam. Benefic points of planets in a Rasi or Zodiacal Constellation The full vision of a planet. ( Ap . When the declination of the Sun is south Dakshinayana). In a ruling Dasa there will be sub-periods of other planets. Mental strength of the native will be weak as Moon becomes weak in digit strength. It takes 25920 years to precede 360 degrees and this is called the Precession of the Equinoxes. (The most outstanding almanac was made by Nostradamus in the Middle Ages). normally a planet aspects the 7th house. the most dreaded house. from 0 degrees to 30 degrees of the Zodiac Eighth House. The maximum Astro-words beginning with alphabet “A” is appended below:- Affliction Ahargana A planet that is aspected by or is associated with malefics is said to be afflicted. which contains astronomical data including a calender for evey day. New Moon. The tenth star from the birth star.10 houses. The Sign rising at the time of query. There are 2 two types of Ayanas _ Uttarayana and Dakshinayana ( Northern progress of the Sun and Southern progress of the Sun).Science Therapy prescribed for the afflictions of planets.4. When the declination of the Sun is North . The Science of Time. Page # 22 .7. Conjunction of Sun and Moon. Sub -period of a planet.away and Helios .7. It was observed that the Tropical Zodiac precedes 1 degree in every 72 years. Conjunction of the Moon with the Sun. which started from 3102 BC as per the Vedic Calender. 1. ( Ap . It may be philosophic ( like Meditation and Attunement ) or Tantric ( Occult practices ). the House of Death.

Persons with little bit of creative mind and concentration for designing mehndi can make beautiful henna work to have more aesthetic looks for important occasions. Applying Mehndi is considered a tradition by many. Mehndi. etc. birthdays. Important ingredients used for mehndi are derived from natural henna leaves. Near Srikrishna High School. wedding. especially during special occasions such as festivals. Thereafter hands and wrists become more presentable as seen in the various henna designs in the appended below: Page # 23 . is a traditional form of designs used for beauty by womenfolk. MEHNDI DESIGN – A TRADITIONAL CUSTOM FOR BEAUTY. Hyderabad-500 027 E-mail: yalalaarchana@yahoo.ASTROVISION ISSUE #1 JANUARY 2008 Mrs Y Archana Rao House #3-2-645.

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at Hyderabad (Generated from J Hora Software) (Planetary positions in Degrees.ASTROVISION ISSUE #1 PLANETARY POSITIONS JANUARY 2008 Nirayana Planetary positions for the month of January 2008 at 5-30 a.m. Minutes) Body Asc Su Mo Ma® Me Ju Ve Sa® Ra Ke Ur Ne Pl 01-Jan-08 Tue 27 Sc 34 15 Sg 57 23 Vi 21 05 Ge 54 24 Sg 18 09 Sg 03 07 Sc 32 14 Le 27 06 Aq 22 06 Le 22 21 Aq 23 26 Cp 17 05 Sg 10 02-Jan-08 Wed 28 Sc 27 16 Sg 58 05 Li 16 05 Sg 32 25 Sg 56 09 Sg 16 08 Sc 45 14 Le 25 06 Aq 19 06 Le 19 21 Sq 25 26 Cp 19 05 Sg 12 03-Jan-08 Thurs 29 Sc 21 18 Sg 00 17 Li 07 05 Ge 11 27 Sg 34 09 Sg 30 09 Sc 58 14 Le 24 06 Aq 15 06 Le 15 21 Aq 27 26 Cp 21 05 Sg 14 04-Jan-08 Fri 00 Sg 14 19 Sg 01 28 Li 58 04 Ge 51 29 Sg 12 09 Sg 44 11 Sc 11 14 Le 22 06 Aq 12 06 Le 12 21 Aq 29 26 Cp 23 05 Sg 16 05-Jan-08 Sat 01 Sg 0 20 Sg 02 10 Sc 54 04 Ge 31 00 Cp 49 09 Sg 57 12 Sc 24 14 Le 20 06 Aq 09 06 Le 09 21 Aq 31 26 Cp 24 05 Sg 19 Body Asc Su Mo Ma® Me Ju Ve Sa® Ra Ke Ur Ne Pl 06-Jan-08 Sun 02 Sg 02 21 Sg 03 22 Sc 56 04 Ge 11 02 Cp 27 10 Sg 11 13 Sc 37 14 Le 19 06 Aq 06 06 Le 06 21 Aq 33 26 Cp 26 05 Sg 21 07-Jan-08 Mon 02 Sg 55 22 Sg 04 05 Sg 09 03 Ge 52 04 Cp 05 10 Sg 25 14 Sc 50 14 Le 17 06 Aq 03 06 Le 03 21 Aq 35 26 Cp 28 05 Sg 23 08-Jan-08 Tues 03 Sg 49 23 Sg 05 17 Sg 03 03 Ge 34 05 Cp 43 10 Sg 38 16 Sc 03 14 Le 15 06 Aq 00 06 Le 00 21 Aq 37 26 Cp 30 05 Sg 25 09-Jan-08 Wed 04 Sg 43 24 Sg 07 00 Cp 05 03 Ge 16 07 Cp 20 10 Sg 52 17 Sc 16 14 Le 12 05 Aq 56 05 Le 56 21 Aq 40 26 Cp 32 05 Sg 27 10-Jan-08 Thurs 05 Sg 37 25 Sg 08 12 Cp 50 03 Ge 00 08 Cp 57 11 Sg 06 18 Sc 29 14 Le 10 05 Aq 53 05 Le 53 21 Aq 42 26 Cp 34 05 Sg 29 Body Asc Su Mo Ma® Me Ju Ve Sa® Ra Ke Ur Ne Pl 11-Jan-08 Fri 06 Sg 32 26 Sg 09 25 Cp 47 02 Ge 43 10 Cp 33 11 Sg 19 19 Sc 42 14 Le 08 05 Aq 50 05 Le 50 21 Aq 44 26 Cp 36 05 Sg 31 12-Jan-08 Sat 07 Sg 26 27 Sg 10 08 Aq 55 02 Ge 28 12 Cp 08 11 Sg 33 20 Sc 55 14 Le 05 05 Le 47 05 Aq 47 21 Aq 46 26 Cp 38 05 Sg 33' 13-Jan-08 Sun 08 Sg 21 28 Sg 11 22 Aq 15 02 Ge 13 13 Cp 42 11 Sg 46 22 Sc 09 14 Le 03 05 Aq 44 05 Le 44 21 Aq 49 26 Cp 40 05 Sg 36 14-Jan-08 Mon 09 Sg 15 29 Sg 12 05 Pi 48 01 Ge 59 15 Cp 15 12 Sg 00 23 Sc 22 14 Le 00 05 Aq 40 05 Le 40 21 Aq 51 26 Cp 42 05 Sg 38 15-Jan-08 Tue 10 Sg 10 00 Cp 14 19 Pi 34 01 Ge 46 16 Cp 47 12 Sg 13 24 Sc 35 13 Le 57 05 Aq 37 05 Le 37 21 Aq 53 26 Cp 45 05 Sg 40 Page # 25 .

ASTROVISION Body Asc Su Mo Ma® Me Ju Ve Sa® Ra Ke Ur Ne Pl 16-Jan-08 Wed 11 Sg 05 01 Cp 15 03 Ar 33 01 Ge 34 18 Cp 16 12 Sg 27 25 Sc 49 13 Le 55 05 Le 34 11 Cn 39 21 Aq 56 26 Cp 47 05 Sg 42 17-Jan-08 Thur 12 Sg 00 02 Cp 16 17 Ar 44 01 Ge 22 19 Cp 42 12 Sg 40 27 Sc 02 13 Le 52 05 Aq 31 05 Le 31 21 Aq 58 26 Cp 49 05 Sg 44 ISSUE #1 18-Jan-08 Fri 12 Sg 56 03 Cp 17 02 Ta 06 01 Ge 12 21 Cp 06 12 Sg 53 28 Sc 15 13 Le 49 05 Aq 28 05 Le 28 22 Aq 01 26 Cp 51 05 Sg 46 19-Jan-08 Sat 13 Sg 51 04 Cp 18 16 Ta 36 01 Ge 02 22 Cp 26 13 Sg 07 29 Sc 29 13 Le 46 05 Aq 25 05 Le 25 22 Aq 03 26 Cp 53 05 Sg 48 JANUARY 2008 20-Jan-08 Sun 14 Sg 47 05 Cp 19 01 Ge 08 00 Ge 53 23 Cp 43 13 Sg 20 00 Sg 42 13 Le 42 05 Aq 21 05 Le 21 22 Aq 06 26 Cp 55 05 Sg 50 Body Asc Su Mo Ma® Me Ju Ve Sa® Ra Ke Ur Ne Pl 21-Jan-08 Mon 15 Sg 43 06 Cp 20 15 Ge 37 00 Ge 44 24 Cp 54 13 Sg 33 01 Sg 56 13 Le 39 05 Aq 18 05 Le 18 22 Aq 09 26 Cp 57 05 Sg 52 22-Jan-08 Tue 16 Sg 39 07 Cp 21 29 Ge 56 00 Ge 37 26 Cp 00 13 Sg 47 03 Sg 10 13 Le 36 05 Aq 15 05 Le 15 22 Aq 11 26 Cp 59 05 Sg 54 23-Jan-08 Wed 17 Sg 35 08 Cp 22' 14 Cn 00 00 Ge 30 26 Cp 59 14 Sg 00 04 Sg 23 13 Le 32 05 Aq 12 05 Le 12 22 Aq 14 27 Cp 02 05 Sg 56 24-Jan-08 Thur 18 Sg 31 09 Cp 23 27 Cn 44 00 Ge 25 27 Cp 51 14 Sg 13 05 Sg 37 13 Le 29 05 Aq 09 05 Le 09 22 Aq 17 27 Cp 04 05 Sg 58 25-Jan-08 Fri 19 Sg 28 10 Cp 24 11 Le 06 00 Ge 19 28 Cp 35 14 Sg 26 06 Sg 51 13 Le 25 05 Aq 05 05 Le 05 22 Aq 19 27 Cp 06 05 Sg 59 Body Asc Su Mo Ma® Me Ju Ve Sa® Ra Ke Ur Ne Pl 26-Jan-08 Sat 20 Sg 25 11 Cp 25 24 Le 06 00 Ge 15 29 Cp 10 14 Sg 39 08 Sg 04 13 Le 22 05 Aq 02 05 Le 02 22 Aq 22 27 Cp 08 06 Sg 01 27-Jan-08 Sun 21 Sg 22 12 Cp 26 06 Vi 45 00 Ge 12 29 Cp 35 14 Sg 52 09 Sg 18 13 Le 18 04 Aq 59 04 Le 59 22 Aq 25 27 Cp 10 06 Sg 03 28-Jan-08 Mon 22 Sg 19 13 Cp 27 19 Vi 07 00 Ge 09 29 Cp 50 15 Sg 05 10 Sg 32 13 Le 14 04 Aq 56 04 Le 56 22 Aq 28 27 Cp 13 06 Sg 05 29-Jan-08 Tue 23 Sg 01 14 Cp 28 01 Li 14 00 Ge 07 29 Cp 54 15 Sg 18 11 Sg 46 13 Le 10 04 Aq 53' 04 Le 53 22 Aq 31 27 Cp 15 06 Sg 07 30-Jan-08 Wed 24 Sg 15 15 Cp 29 13 Li 11 00 Ge 06 ®29 Cp 46 15 Sg 31 12 Sg 59 13 Le 06 04 Aq 50 04 Le 50 22 Aq 34 27 Cp 17 06 Sg 09 31-Jan-08 Thur 25 Sg 13 16 Cp 30 25 Li 04 D 00 Ge 06 ® 29 Cp 28 15 Sg 44 14 Sg 13 13 Le 02 04 Aq 46 04 Le 46 22 Aq 36 27 Cp 19 06 Sg 10 ACRONYMS Asc=Ascendant. Li=Libra. Vi=Virgo. Ge=Gemini. ®=Retrograde D=Direct. Ma=Mars. Su=Sun. Ur=Uranus. Le=Leo. Mo=Moon. Ve=Venus. Ta=Taurus. Pl=Pluto. Sg=Sagittarius. Ke=Ketu. Sc=Scorpio. Sa=Saturn. Ra=Rahu. Pi=Pisces. Aq=Aquarius. Ju=Jupiter. Cp=Capricorn. Ne=Neptune. Cn=Cancer. Page # 26 . Me=Mercury. Ar=Aries.


but they may specify the ayanamsa used. like KP traditional. TSP. Contributors are free to write in any method of astrology such as KP. For articles based on KP system of astrology. but the decision of the Editorial Board shall be final and binding. 03) The articles which are published in ASTROVISION shall not be reproduced or published in part or full in any other forum or publication either in print or in soft copy without the permission of the Editor. etc. Lahiri. writers are free to use Ayanamsa like KP. For Vedic and Jaimini method of astrology. 04) Even though contributors shall not be paid any honorarium as of now. contributors are free to write in any of the method. Ayanamsa used shall be strictly as per either KP Old.ASTROVISION ISSUE #1 JANUARY 2008 FROM THE DESK OF THE MANAGING EDITOR ANNOUNCEMENT AND TERMS & CONDITIONS. Date : 01-Jan-2008. 06) Articles already published elsewhere shall not be considered for publication in our magazine. Western. as soon as the magazine gets economical and commercial viability. Vedic. the question of honorarium shall be considered appropriately. KB. Astrovision magazine shall predominantly endeavor to cover on the following subjects:-1) 3) 5) 7) Astrology Mantra & Tantra Palmistry & Reikhi Cooking & Beauty 2) Yoga 4) Numerology 6) Hindu Mythology Articles are invited from practitioners in the above subjects. 08) Contributors are requested to make the article free from grammatical and spelling mistakes to the maximum possible extent.. publishing materials supplied by contributors / authors do lie with the respective authors and ASTROVISION shall not take responsibility of any errors / omissions / mistakes / disputes / controversies arising out of it. Fourth Step theory. All the articles should be received well in advance. all the articles are accepted in “Verdana” font in size 9 in Word format. KP New or KP Straight line. so that they could be included in the magazine appropriately before publishing. etc. Yours truly For ASTROVISION MK VISWANATH Editor Place: Hyderabad. etc. Raman. The articles have to be written in English and to be sent to us by E-mail in word format. etc.. In order to make the printing to be uniform. 05) The articles published in this magazine shall be the property of “Astrovision”. Jaimini. 07) The article may be modified / changed / edited according to the prerogative of the Editorial board and the decision taken in this regard shall be final and binding. and accompanied by a color passport size photograph of the contributor along with full postal address. Page # 28 . e-mail ID. 09) Advertisements in classifieds / quarter page / half page / full page in color or black & white are accepted. In KP since there are several methods. Meantime the following terms and conditions may be noted: 01) The articles written shall be either accepted or rejected depending upon various analytical aspects. 02) All the articles will be subject to scrutiny and the approval of the Editorial Board. 10) The responsibility over the subject in all the articles. telephone no.

No 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Stars Aswini Bharani Kruthika Rohini Mrigashira Arudra Punarvasu Pushya Aslesha Stars Makha Purva Phalguni Uthara Hasta Chitra Swati Visakha Anuradha Jyeshta Stars Moola Purva Ashada Utharashada Shravana Dhanishta Satabhisha Purvabhadrapada Utharabhadrapad Revathi Star lord Ketu Venus Sun Moon Mars Rahu Jupiter Saturn Mercury In the above table. It is also seen that Mars is posited in Aries at 18 deg. which is traditionally called Navakam: Sl. please browse through the following table. which says that a planet placed in a particular star will give the result of the star lord of that star. Now just see below horoscope chart: Mar 180 11 10 9 Asc 8 7 12 1 Ma 2 3 6 Ju 5 4 Asc Jup 110 From the charts above. It is seen from the above example chart that Jupiter is placed in the 10th house at 11 deg. while Bharani. if Venus is placed in Jupiter’s any of the stars such as Punarvasu or Visakha or Purva Bhadrapada. These are some of the basic principles of Stellar System. Makha and Moola are ruled by Ketu. When counted from Asc. Moon is lord of 8th house when counted from Ascendant. in Virgo and is posited in the star Hasta. Purva Phaluni and Purva Ashada are ruled by Venus. Hasta is ruled by Moon. As regards the stars and their lords. the chart at left is South Indian chart. Venus will give the result of Jupiter. in Bharani star. while the chart at the right side is North Indian diamond chart.ASTROVISION ISSUE #1 JANUARY 2008 STELLAR SYSTEM AND KP ASTROLOGY The Stellar or nakshatra system is based on a system. and hence Jupiter will give the result of 8th house. Stars Aswini. The sequence continues in this fashion as per the table above. Hence Mars will give the results of 6th and 11th houses. which should be counted anti-clock wise. Venus becomes lord of 6th and 11th house. all the 27 stars have been illustrated. Any planet posited in any of the stars of Venus will give the result of Venus. To be continued Page # 29 . which should be counted clockwise. For example. They have been divided into 9 divisions based upon the star lords. Bharani star is owned by Venus.

streaking and straightening Hair styling and perming Bridal make-up Ear piercing Tips and toes nail care ⇒ BE MAKE YOU FEEL DIFFERENT ⇐ EXPERIENCE A NEW LEVEL OF PERFECTION IN THIS STATE OF THE ART BEAUTY SALON COMPARABLE TO THE BEST ANYWHERE.ASTROVISION ISSUE #1 JANUARY 2008 Beauty Parlour Sarovar Centre Secretariat road Hyderabad-500 004 Tel: 2323 0894 Skin rejuvenating facials Skin whitening and firming Hair coloring. OWNED AND OPERATED BY A LICENCED MANAGING COSMETOLOGIST FROM USA. Sunday closed Page # 30 . Timings: 10-00 to 6-30 pm.

. Astrologers rarely (if ever) consider the Sookshmantar dasa. Australia IDENTICAL CHARTS OF TWINS .hence the large amount of error in astrological predictions where few astrologers consider the finer sub-dasas (or give due consideration to the influence of transits). We might say from beginingless time. for the most part... to the fact that. readings are based on Mahadasa. We've all heard of the "Chaos Theory". rectification to the point where events can be confirmed down to the finest dasa period.A PERPLEXING PROBLEM--VEDIC VIEW As we all know. It's well recognized that birth times are not always accurate and. until that point. Antardasa and Pratyantar dasa only--considered by most to be sufficient for a generalized reading based on the strongest probabilities. no doubt. the charts of twins born relatively close together and having same birth chart and even majority of divisionals with same lagna. WENDY VASICEK St. Likewise there should be no doubt that pratyantar is influenced in the same way by sookshmantar and even the effect of the finest prana dasa will manifest without doubt. Perth. because of this..ASTROVISION ISSUE #1 JANUARY 2008 MRS.. even with the help of sophisticated computer programs. however I'm sure the ancient Rishi's (Seers) had no problem with this. has teased the minds of astrologers for a very long time. changes in the finest sub-periods can alter seemingly predictable events which. James. Most Astrologers agree however that the rate of "accurate predictions" is much lower than it should be and we have to ask ourselves why? It's never disputed that the inherent probability/promise of (any) mahadasa is influenced (modified) by antar dasa which in turn is influenced by pratyantar dasa. is extremely time consuming. So. let alone Prana dasa due. So too. Page # 31 .how just the flapping of a butterfly's wing can change a predicted weather pattern.. we could say were only possibilities.

By the time the other twin enters the same dasa sequence (33 days hence) much will have changed i.e. Mars and Moon all will have moved to another house... and the result of.. whilst their lives are similar in many ways. the (same) dasa sequence will differ greatly. where the natal chart and (often) the divisional charts are identical. Mercury. which are influenced by current transits. and. For my own grandchildren. birth time must be absolutely correct. Mrs. but this is not always the case. We need to examine the way destiny unfolds according to the dasas/transits at any given time. but the fructfying of those latent possibilities is totally dependant upon the cosmos (dasas/transits) at that time. another nakshatra etc. but pratyantar and sookshmantar differ. in the case of twins. I say individually born because conjoined twins have a unique destiny. As the saying goes. are different. I myself have twin grandchildren (with identical horoscopes) and.the same conditions are never there twice! There can be no doubt that there are many people in this world who have (what seems to be) the same horoscope as Bill Gates--he wasn't the only one born on that day--but there is only one Bill Gates! Many charts may hold the same possibilities. (in this instance) transit Sun. Vasicek has had a presence on the Web since 1998. the current dasas.. Twin Grandchildren 1987 In trying to explain the phenomenon of twins with (seemingly) identical horoscopes. "One can not step into the same river twice". and. both Rasi and Navamsha are identical. However. their destiny is certainly not the same--no two (individually born) people ever have the same destiny. yes.ASTROVISION ISSUE #1 JANUARY 2008 We all know the importance of a correct time of birth.everything is constantly changing! By examining the dasas / transits carefully. we can see that no two individuals can possibly have (exactly) the same destiny. Mrs. Wendy Vasicek has studied and practiced Vedic Astrology for the best part of 20 years. astrologers have declared that the differences lie in the divisional charts. is a founder member of PGA and holds certificates in both Western and Vedic Astrology. so that the influences on. Dasa and antardasa are the same... Page # 32 ... often marked differences can be seen in these charts. born only a few minutes apart.


A THICK VEGETABLE CURRY ITEM Aviyal is a typical vegetable thick and tasty curry item used predominantly in South India. AVIYAL The vegetable items that are required for preparing the Aviyal are given below: Sl. No.ASTROVISION ISSUE #1 JANUARY 2008 P Sreekala AVIYAL. 2 stems Page # 34 . 100 grams 1 no. 100 grams ½ piece (grated) ½ tea spoon 10 nos. 100 grams 50 grams 50 grams 2 nos. (slit in elongation) 25 grams. Half tea-spoon To taste 2 nos. 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 13 14 15 16 Items Ash Guord Carrot Cowpea Drumstick Yam Raw plantain Snake Guord Raw coconut Turmeric powder Green chillies Tamarind Jeera Salt Sambar (small) onions Curry leaves Qty.

Put all these vegetables into the vessel and and pour 1 cup water along turmeric powder and 2 out of 10 green chillies and cook them. When vegetables are half-cooked. then remove its pulp and add to the cooked vegetable. Note: The contributor of this article is a housewife. and her range of creativity includes cooking. The grated coconut. A shallow vessel may be used for cooking with a thick bottom.ASTROVISION ISSUE #1 JANUARY 2008 Item nos. curd or raw mango could also be used. sambar onions. add salt (to taste). Note: Instead of tamarind. Page # 35 . Put the coconut paste into the vegetables. Add coconut oil of 1 table spoon and mix it with aviyal and sprinkle with curry leaves. jeera. Tamarind may be soaked in ½ cup water for some time. 1 to 7 mentioned above may be cut in 1½ inches in elongated size. and remaining green chillies may be put in a mixer-grinder and grind coarsely. and keep them ready.

5 Settings : Universal Time Latitude : Geographic Lagna: Vrishchika Anuradha 1 Query Rasi : Thula Query Star : Swati 3 Lunar Half : Sukla Paksha Lunar Day : Purva Ekadasi 11 Yoga : Shivam Karana : Vanija Dasa at DOQ : Rahu Dasa Balance : 6 Y:11 M:18 D Bhukti at DOQ : Ketu Bhukti Balance : 0 Y:6 M:5 D Current Date :11/25/2007 Current Dasa running : Rah-Ket-Mer : Rahu Dasa upto: 08-Jun-2014 : Ketu Bhukti upto: 26-Dec-2007 : Mercury Antara upto: 25-Dec2007 V 12-16 Sa-Ma Ma 06-45 Ke-Ra VI 09-44 Ke-Sa VII 13-20 Su-Sa IV 10-20 Ra-Ju Ra 16-29 Ra-Ve III 06-11 Su-Me II 03-21 Ke-Su I 13-20 Sa-Sa Ju® 18-37 Me-Ke Mo 14-50 Ra-Ke XII 09-44 Ra-Ju VIII 03-21 Ma-Ve Su 09-56 Ra-Ju Me® 14-36 Ra-Ke IX 06-11 Sa-Me Ve 24-06 Me-Ra Sa 27-55 Me-Sa X 10-20 Ke-Sa Ke 16-29 Ve-Mo XI 12-16 Mo-Ra Page # 36 .ASTROVISION ISSUE #1 JANUARY 2008 Rajeev K Khattar (Mechanical Engineer) Jyotish Visharat KPSARI (Chennai) email: LALKITAB@yahoo. in my friends. People. PKB who had phoned me.m. It was my client Mr. I requested him to give me some time to check from the horary astrology and asked him a KP No. I started working at 23:31:20.00 p. He was having many thoughts in his mind e. 149.00 p. He was sounding very nervous & stressed. whether she has committed suicide and thus the matter should be informed to local police or she has left the home with her boyfriend (if any) or she has left the town or she has gone to her parents’ house. After two minutes of silence he informed me that he had arguments with his wife in the morning and she had not returned to home in the evening from her job.m.g. (less than 250) to which he promptly told No. and the chart is illustrated below:-Query : Horary chart System : KP Ayanamsa: 23° 51' 47" Place: New Dehi Date: 25-06-2007 Monday Time : 23-31-20 Longitude: 77-13-00 East Latitude : 28-39-00 North Zone : IST CASE OF MISSING WIFE It was 11. know very well that I don’t like to receive phone calls after 8. on 25th June 2007 at my Delhi residence when my phone bell rang. clients and business circle.

Hence query of wife walked away is correct. 9th cuspal sublord is Mercury.ASTROVISION ISSUE #1 JANUARY 2008 Cus I II III IV V VI VII VIII IX X XI XII For Longitude 3° Sc 20' 0 3° Sa 21' 10 6° Cp11' 18 10°Aq20' 35 12° Pi16' 58 9° Ar44' 14. Saturn in 9th and lord of 3rd and conjoined with natural significator of wife Venus ensured that his wife will surely communicate with him. sub of Ketu. 9th is 3rd from 7th. Weather she will return or not? Whether she will return or not is to be seen from 7th cuspal sub lord. 7th is wife and 3rd is going away ( short distance travel ). Mercury is in the star of Rahu. Involvement of Saturn indicates that there will be delay. Will she communicate or not? Communication from wife is to be seen from 9th cusp as it is 3rd from 7th. Rahu being in the sign of Aquarius represents Saturn. So I consoled him and boldly declared that his wife will definitely return. 9th house also means native wants to have some communication from wife (9th is 3rd from 7th house. 7th house signifies wife and 3rd house is for communication). 3° Ta 20' 0 3° Ge21' 10 6° Cn11' 18 10°Le20' 35 12° Vi16' 58 9° Li 44' 14. Rahu was not signifying 2 or 7 or 11. Moon was in the star of Rahu. Page # 37 . 7th cuspal sublord is Saturn. When she will communicate? I checked. Mercury is the natural significator of communications and it is sublord of 3rd as well as 9th. Moon placed in 12th and lord of 9th cusp signifies problem related to wife walking away. Star Anuradha Moola Utrashad Sathabhish U Bhadra Aswini Krittika Mrigasira Pushya Makha Hastha Swati U Bhadra KP Pointer Ma-Sa-Sa-Sa Ju-Ke-Su-Sa Sa-Su-Me-Ra Sa-Ra-Ju-Ra Ju-Sa-Ma-Ju Ma-Ke-Sa-Me Ve-Su-Sa-Sa Me-Ma-Ve-M Mo-Sa-Me-Su Su-Ke-Sa-Ve Me-Mo-Ra-Ju Ve-Ra-Ju-Ve Ju-Sa-Ve-Ve Plan Su Me® Ve Mon Ma Ju® Sa Ur® Ne® Pl® Ra Ke Lag Longitude 9° Ge 56' 57 14° Ge36' 13 24° Cn 6' 49 14° Li 50' 52 6° Ar 45' 28 18° Sc37' 56 27° Cn55' 19 24° Aq49' 39 27° Cp54' 42 3° Sa 36' 38 16° Aq29' 50 16° Le29' 50 3° Sc 20' 0 Star Ardhra Ardhra Aslesha Swati Aswini Jyeshta Aslesha P Bhadra Dhanisht Mola Sahabhi P Phalgun Anuradha KP Pointer Me-Ra-Ju-Mo Me-Ra-Ke-Ve Mo-Me-Ra-Ra Ve-Ra-Ke-Ra Ma-Ke-Ra-Ke Ma-Me-Ke-Ve Mo-Me-Sa-Sa Sa-Ju-Me-Mo Sa-Ma-Sa-Sa Ju-Ke-Su-Ve Sa-Ra-Ve-Ju Su-Ve-Mo-Ra Ma-Sa-Sa-Sa What is in mind of the querient? Moon rules over our mind. Saturn was placed in 9th conjoined with venus. Sublord Jupiter placed in lagna and lord of 2nd and 5th confirmed that she will join her family as 2 symbolizes family. lord of 8th and 11th houses is placed in 8th house indicate she will surely return because 11th is for fulfillment of desires and 8th house is 2nd from 7th (2 is family and 7 is wife). 8° Pi 13' 55. Mercury. Saturn in the star of Mercury and in the sub of Jupiter. at the time of judgment.

I also slept peacefully after that. I started feeling restlessness. On 28th June 2007 at 11. I rejected Jupiter star as it did not signifying 3 or 9. he informed me that his wife phoned him around 1.00 pm.00 pm. Jupiter signifying 1. presence of 3 or 9 was must. Saturn. moon star is Saturn. I agreed with her logic and slept. Next day i.e. Since my client was interested in receiving communication. Kudos to KP. Next. He was so relieved to hear this and kept the phone down without giving me chance to calculate when she will actually return home.2 and 5 houses. I just thought of him and asked my wife about her guess whether he had got some news about his missing wife or not? She replied he must have got the news otherwise he would have phoned me many times.ASTROVISION ISSUE #1 JANUARY 2008 Next starlord of Moon will be Jupiter. Not getting any phone call from him on 27th June 2007. lord of 3 and 4 is placed in 9 gave me clear indication that he will get some communication from wife when moon will transit through Saturn’s star on 27th June 2007. As stated earlier. on 29th June 2007 around 4. I told him that he will get some news about whereabouts of his wife when moon will transit in the star of Saturn i.e. and my pranams to Sh. on 27th June 2007 around 1. Page # 38 .00 pm on 27th June 2007 only as predicted. KSK.00 pm.

2007 Hillary Clinton 42% Rudy Giuliani 42% Page # 39 . History says that no women were ever elected to the White House. Bill Clinton’s mind goes. We have been thinking in terms of introducing TSP method of predictions in various channels for some time now. As all of us are aware that the Democrats are out of White House two terms of 8 years. Opinion polls currently suggest that former New York Mayor Rudi Guiliani. and the candidature of Mrs.380 008 (Gujarat) India Email : contact@kpastrologer. 28. and New York Senator and former first lady Mrs. Al Gore. Hilary Clinton do just signify how Former President Mr. Recently. Phone : (+91) 079 25431165 Mobile : (+91) 09825 131 165 METHOD OF ASTROLOGICAL PREDUCTIONS THROUGH TSP. Democrats will use all their weapons in their armory to win back the White House.ASTROVISION ISSUE #1 JANUARY 2008 Kanak Bosmia Sahakar-2. MK Viswanath from Hyderabad. Republican. Flat No. Republicans are skeptical about the return of another Republican into the White House on 20th January 2009. Ahmedabad . Mr. got curious about the joining in the fray by former US Vice President. 22 Jun 2007 11:21:38 Dear Shri Kanak Bosmia Saab The subject is US Presidential Elections in November 2008. Rambaug. Mr. which is reproduced below:-- QUOTE Fri. Jagabhai Park. Mr. Viswanath sent me a message. Clinton (Democrat) are neck to neck to each other as seen below:-- Cook Political Report/ RT Strategies Poll June 15-17. who was following the developments leading to the election of 44th US President in November 2008. Democrats cry misrule by war-monger Republican George Bush and the popularity of the President is fast declining.

it has to happen in October 2007. 1948. DC). 077W02'. If Al Gore has to be in the fray. 30 M. SATURDAY E Page # 40 . 0 S. The Iowa caucus will be in January 2008 and followed by New Hampshire primary. many Americans feel that Al Gore is the right person to the White House in 2009. and the findings are given below: QUOTE Sat. The KP horary no. +05:00. Washington. 45th US Vice President.2007 5 H. My question with all the seriousness at my command is that: Will Al Gore enter the fray for the US Presidential Elections to be held on November 2008. Political pundits foresee that if White House has to be captured back by Democrats.-AHD GUJARAT 23 . Thanks and warm regards MK Viswanath UNQUOTE I have made an analysis based on the TSP method.6 . I await your esteemed response at the earliest. 23 Jun 2007 07:46:31 Dear All. According to the reports. Some opinion polls also give the following result: Quinnipiac University Poll June 5-11. is 198. Note: The birth data available with me of Al Gore is: MAR 31. 2007 Al Gore 45% Rudy Giuliani 43% (Though it is not clear on what basis these opinion polls are indicated). QUERY: Will Al Gore enter the fray for the US Presidential Elections to be held on November 2008? NAME OF QUREINT PLACE DATE TIME WEEK DAY : : : : : MK Viswanath L G HOS. 38N54'. Albert Jr. Gore (Al Gore) has to be in the fray. Clinton may not become the President. 00:53:00 PM EST.ASTROVISION ISSUE #1 JANUARY 2008 It was declared in the Yahoo-forum through TSP that Mrs.

Bosmia is the Editor of KP E Zine Magazine. but at the same time Saturn aspects Moon. horary and Mundane aspects.ASTROVISION HORARY NO : 198 Pl SUN MON MAR MER-R JUP-R VEN SAT RAH KET URA ISSUE #1 : ASC 02 00 56 20 Ven Sun Rah Moo KP Pointer Mer Rah Rah Sat Mer Moo Rah Jup Mar Ket Moo Sun Mer Rah Ven Mar Mar Mer Ket Rah Moo Mer Sun Sat Moo Mer Jup Rah Sat Rah Ven Jup Sun Ven Moo Jup Sat Jup Mer Moo JANUARY 2008 Longitude 03 07 19 15 06 12 12 50 01 04 45 25 03 16 00 46 08 18 55 43 04 21 52 33 04 27 38 23 11 16 38 05 05 16 38 06 11 24 48 56 Asc sub-sub lord is Moon. and have successfully predicted many events in natal. But at the same time.-AHD GUJARAT DATE :SATURDAY E: 23 . Bosmia: Tel: 079-2543 1165: mob:9825131165 QUERY: Will Al Gore enter the fray for the US Presidential Elections to be held on November 2008? NAME: MK Viswanath PLACE: L G HOS. regards Kanak Bosmia Mr. 15 S.6 . My opinion: Al Gore will not enter the fray for the US Presidential Elections to be held on November 2008. AS PER CASTING TIME TSP. Saturn aspects Moon. Mr. Page # 41 . My opinion: Al Gore will not enter the fray for the US Presidential Elections to be held on November 2008. B.2007 : TIME: 19 H. 43 M. Hence the result is opposite. MON MAR MER-R JUP-R VEN SAT RAH KET Longitude 03 07 53 05 06 19 14 27 01 05 11 09 03 15 43 51 08 18 51 39 04 22 21 45 04 27 41 49 11 16 36 13 05 16 36 13 KP Pointer Mer Rah Rah Ket Mer Moo Mer Jup Mar Ket Mar Mer Mer Rah Ven Moo Mar Mer Ket Mar Moo Mer Moo Mar Moo Mer Jup Rah Sat Rah Ven Jup Sun Ven Moo Jup Asc sub-sub lord is Moon. Hence the result is opposite. So the result always positive.NO : 198 : ASC 2 0 56 20 Ven Sun Rah Moo Pl SUN. ASTROLOGER :Kanakkumar. So result always positive. HOR. Kanak Bosmia is not new to KP Astro-world.

Astrologer can comfortably say the mater will SATURN IN SHORT PREDICTION In short prediction techniques. as every time they asked him to bring some paper or other. then the mater in question will fructify immediately as here Saturn signifying its period.(Astrology) Jyothisha Ratna (KP) Mobile : 9440 495 904 E-Mail: vaideeswarr@yahoo.ASTROVISION ISSUE #1 JANUARY 2008 R. immediately I told him that it will be further delayed. In this TSP (Theory of Short prediction).A. I would like to like share my experience in understanding Saturn being the Hora lord. This time I told them that the marriage will take place with in a short time (inspite of Saturn being the significator). Within in a month I got information from them that one of her colleague has shown interest and willing to marry her and by now engagement was celebrated. But this is applicable to questions where the subject matter is about a delayed event/ issue and not to the questions like when I will get my visa papers asked during a Saturn hora. Out of frustration. After this event. I felt awkward for my wrong prediction. Page # 42 . In such cases. As it is known that Saturn is the delay master. Hence the crux is “Saturn will its results during its period shown through hora lord”. but most widely used is the theory of Hora Lord. BALAJI Hyderabad M. We are all aware that Saturn is the delay master but not a deny master and normally gives its results during its period only. Hence my understanding in TSP is whenever a question related to a matter “A Delayed One” is raised during a Saturn hora . he has put me this question as to when his loan will be processed. Immediately I told him that you will get your loan within 48 hours. Some time back one of my friends from USA asked me on a Saturday during Saturn hora. though there are several methods. and the marriage was getting delayed for a long time. But to my surprise with in five days he called me and informed that his green card has been processed. Based on Hora lord and Day lord the predictions are given. who was aged 27 years. which was getting delayed for a long time. as to when his green card would be processed. Next day morning he informed me that his account has been credited with the loan amount. This time the prasna was asked during Saturn hora on a Friday. This prasna was in Saturn hora on a Wednesday. I have faced a similar situation where one of my neighbours enquired about marriage of his sister’s daughter. Recently one of my friends has told me that his application for bank loan has been delayed inspite of frequent visits to the bank.

ASTROVISION ISSUE #1 JANUARY 2008 SANAT KUMAR JAIN 2. religion. Moon. One group belongs to astrologers who always try to support astrology due to their business considerations (these astrologers always try to fit past events very precisely within some astrological principles within a capsule of veda. At the time of formulating the astrological principles in early primitive age. but I only want to emphasize that if you think that it is a science then let us examine it and then there will be no question of hurting. Subsequently these principles were spread to other civilization and later on developed as Western system. which is still being ASTROLOGY -.. because you have been informed like this. but they are unable to predict any future event. Thus in this situation. But unfortunately you are standing in support of it like a lawyer only due to faith (which has been infused) and want to conclude like a judge that astrology is a science without knowing the story of other side. This religious philosophy leads sages to classify all so-called planet (Sun. These principles were the key factors for deciding the fate. it was common wisdom as to when sages were able to predict the fate of deities like Sun and Moon then why they could not predict the fate of King and so on. because you have not formulated the principles. I can understand the problem of astrologer that they will loose their business but if you are a client then you must have right to know the truth or call an astrologer in the consumer forum. In those days only sages had social sanction to study religious scriptures. to get them free from the clutches of Rahu and Ketu. It was also religious concept that fate of everybody is pre-decided according to their deeds. Wagle's Bada Dal Bazar Gwalior .A SCIENCE OR MYTH Will you please like to ponder and instead of sticking to some misconception regarding astrology on which you have not studied in depth but you only have faith. whereas lifeless thing cannot move. They were also able to predict the timing of eclipse and its duration. Mars etc. Thus procedure was devised to formulate various astrological principles on the basis of the then knowledge of sages based on scriptures and their celestial observation.) as super living being (Deities). astronomy (eclipse etc. They have devised an ingenious way to offer donations etc. I do not want to hurt the sentiments of astrologers or who are in support of astrology. it was the concept that every living being has capacity to move. which was the result of socalled grabbing the Sun and Moon by imaginary shadow planets Rahu and Ketu. Procedure adopted to formulate these principles was never percolated in the Indian society due to illiteracy and hard barrier to learn such knowledge by other castes. What is happening nowadays that there are two groups. Because astrological principles lead to diverse predictions and that too diabolical opposite to each other. Thus after prolonged observation of the sky they developed the skill to predict solar and lunar eclipse. Page # 43 . So come out and think with open mind and decide yourself as to whether astrology is scientific or is being given cover up of science due to some vested interests.) and faith etc.474 009 Tel: 0751-2626868 email:sanatkumar_jain@rediffmail.

)? Based on distribution of 60 Ghati (Ghat = pitcher) in the structure of Universe where Sun is nearer and Moon is far away Page # 44 . But none of them have ever tried to investigate as to what was the level of information of sages about the Universe. quarter to full. 07) What procedure was adopted to decide order of days of a week (Sunday. 02) What procedure was adopted to decide that there is enmity and friendship between some planets (as Sun and Saturn are enemy of each other)? Based on the Indian myth of fight between deities and demons over nectar after seachurning. of Aries sign)? Based on planetary situation linked with Sun. (as planets have full aspect on seventh house)? Based on the position of army in the battle field. Exalted-debilitated.ASTROVISION ISSUE #1 JANUARY 2008 If by chance a prediction (in fluke) may come true then they start to harp on the same prediction and start self praising instead of applying the same so called principle on other horoscopes to see their failure. when duration of the day is more in comparison to night.)? It was based on the concept that Sun is just above the stationary Earth and Moon is above the Sun and so on. Thus astrologer can only mislead. 03) What procedure was adopted to decide various aspect (full. You can find that only this is going on in every forum). Vimshottary periodicity etc. If we analyse whole set of principles then following questions may be raised (basis of formulation is given in subpara). who developed astrological principles in primitive age and what procedure was adopted to formulate various principles relating to Lordship. Friendship-enmity. 05) What procedure was adopted to decide that most powerful and hub of our solar system. whereas other group (say scientists) try to raise some logical questions against astrology. 06) What procedure was adopted to allot various constellations between nine planets with different vinshottary dasha? Kratica was first constellation in Indian scriptures. Scorpio etc. try to cure ‘planets’ and so on. 04) What procedure was adopted to decide that planets are exalted and debilitated at some degree (as Sun is exalted at 10 deg. Monday etc. half and quarter). 01) What procedure was adopted to allot twelve signs among seven planets (as Mars is lord of Aries. create confusion. Sun has 6 years Vimshottary dasha whereas Venus (a small planet) has 20 years? Based on two triangles derived after working out the effect of Universe on the basis of lord and exalted. Aspect.

20° away). After lot of research I wrote an original book on astrology “Jyotish .24°. Everybody may agree that every research is based on the then knowledge. Ketu are 180 deg. Besides.42°) or when Sun. It was mentioned in the Grahlaghav that eclipse occurred when Rahu/Ketu came within 14° on Amavasya (dark night) or Pouranmashi (full Moon).49°. when astrology was developed by sage Parashar etc. it was also believed (you may read any old scriptures) that Sun is nearer from the Earth. Likewise I find that Solar eclipses occurred even when difference between Moon and Rahu was more than 14°. 23. which leads our sages to formulate these principles. Sun and Moon were at 94. I have been studying astrology since last 35 years and developed software to conclude correct prediction. whereas Rahu was at 79. according to which primitive concept of Universe (basis of astrology) was totally changed.43° respectively on 08-11-1984 (Rahu was within 11. Page # 45 . Sun and Moon were at 76. You can realize that this is revolutionary book and will change the face of predictive astrology in due course. Neptune nor they were aware that solar and lunar eclipses occurred due to presence of Moon and shadow of Earth. Moon and Ketu were at 319. 10) What procedure was adopted to decide timings of eclipse? Repetition of eclipse after fixed constellation month. it was believed that Earth is in the centre of the Universe and stationary (it is also believed in all religions).26 degree respectively on 03-03-1988 (Ketu was within 10. At that time our sages were neither aware of Uranus. But if it is true at one time then same combination is not true in other case.01. But nobody will be able to answer that why there was no lunar eclipse when Sun. You may be surprised to know that all astrological principles are actually fabricated around this concept. This book contains the detailed procedure adopted to formulate these principles on the basis of the then knowledge about the Universe. In the same way.ASTROVISION ISSUE #1 JANUARY 2008 08) What procedure was adopted to decide fixed retrograde motion of Rahu / Ketu (3-11 minute-second per day)? On the basis of recurrence of eclipse. 09) What procedure was adopted to decide that Rahu. with a final question as to whether present form of astrology is correct? If some one gave answers to these questions then he will realize that entire astrological principles are totally based on wrong concept of Universe.74 and 150. All constellations are situated in between Mercury and Moon. whereas Rahu was at 91. whereas Moon is beyond Sun. The book is being marketed in USA /UK etc.Kitna sahi kitna galat” in Hindi (330 pages). Thus there may be endless questions.52°). That’s why they have developed the concept of Rahu and Ketu with retrograde motion of 3’11”.01 and 34. 139.74. It leads me to think afresh logically and systematically over this subject and I find that Primitive concept (when astrology was developed) requires full overhauling in view of modern scientific astronomy.93° on 02-07-2000 (Rahu was 15. apart? On the basis of recurrence of eclipse.04° on 21-071982 (Rahu was 15. Moon and Rahu were at 203. This book was also published in English with the title “Astrology a science or myth” (450 pages).14° away).

because every thing will take place according to pre-written destiny. But as per almanac Ketu was shown at 194 and 177° on 12-11-1985 and 3-10-1986 (refer any almanac) respectively when there were full solar eclipse and position of Sun/Moon were at 206 and 166° respectively. you will also find in many modern astrological books that eclipse occurred at the intersection point of orbit of the Sun and Moon (though it was not known to our sages and Rahu/Ketu were created on the basis of myth). Dick and Harry are changing their destiny due to worship. My book has vital scientific information in this regard and readers of the book are fully convinced that astrology (predictive) is bogus. Because if everything is pre-decided as was contention of sages then why we may take pains. Because astronomy is a science. Secondly. even then all attached happening will automatically change creating a cascading effect. Because when every Tom. data behind it before falling in the trap and come forward to join hands. then future events will be altered but how a calculation of planetary transit or linked prediction can be changed. Newspaper prize to anyone who can demonstrate that astrology works. because only then full solar eclipse may be possible. I fully support that astrology (predictive) is not a science but in primitive age predictive astrology was a mixture of astronomy + psychology + faith. Thus there was clear mistake of about 12 and 11 degrees respectively. Then how one may change his destiny (if it is ever pre-written) by adopting some means like offerings. ring. All horoscopes are defective in this light and due to this fundamental positional variation. If you want then more examples could be supplied and very simple method of detecting them. Now when transit or birth chart cannot be altered it means result of calculation or say prediction is also fixed. when Moon happens to be just over the Sun then Rahu must also be there. Only astronomy and psychology (discovered only in last 200 years) were used unknowingly by our sages for some prediction and it appears correct. why we may try to do some thing. In another case. Thus it is clear that at the time of full solar eclipse. there is no question of modifying that pre-written destiny. TV. vastu etc. good deed etc. because procedure adopted to formulate principles was neither logical nor based on correct information of Universe. Hence predictive astrology appears to be correct due to combined effect of all three. because in that case. prediction is also effected. if destiny is not pre-written or say pre-defined then it is not possible to detect it. You will agree that astrology is totally based on mathematical calculation regarding planets. are being used to spread this myth in the cover up of science with vested business interest. Still if you have a faith on astrology then why don’t you contact The James Randi Educational Foundation who offers a US $1. Modern technologies like computer. then destiny of every one will continue remain under change. Whereas Ketu was being shown at 194 and 177° in almanac. His e-mail ID is jref@randi. whose transit is fixed and can never and never be altered. solar system. if you like to say. It would be better to know the roots of astrology and facts. psychology (recently discovered and it was not known in primitive age) played an important role in handling a person by the astrologer due to immense faith over astrology+astrologer. You will also agree with the above observation after going through my original revolutionary research.000.ASTROVISION ISSUE #1 JANUARY 2008 To give a modern scientific color to the astrology. ==================================================== Page # 46 . because if we try to change only our fate. You will agree that when there were full solar eclipses then on these dates either Rahu or Ketu must be at 206 and 166° respectively. which in turn will change the pre-written fate of every person. Hence predictive astrology is bogus and astrology is a myth. Hence it requires a logical approach to fight this sort of ignorance. which is fixed due to birth chart or fixed transit of planets? Those who think that astrology is a science may be rest assured that actually predictive astrology is not a science at all.

There are three major types of diabetes: Insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus or Juvenile onset diabetes or Diabetes .S. Diabetes mellitus occurs when the pancreas doesn't make enough or any of the hormone insulin. For Page # 47 . and this is out of scope for discussion in this paper. For more information. India E-mail : krishna_1998@yahoo. It is a gateway to many other health complications if not properly contained. [4]. using Astrology. Once a person knows that he is susceptible to certain kinds of diseases. this causes the level of glucose in the blood to be too high. or when the insulin produced doesn't work effectively. is fast becoming a common man’s disease in our country. [5]. hence this attempt. Diabetes. [2]. The purpose of this paper is to help people to understand what diabetes is in brief and to help them identify astrological symptoms of diabetes in their charts. What is Diabetes? As I am not a Doctor. though known as “rich man’s disease” in the past. and what to do to prevent or contain it at a manageable ASTROLOGY AND DIABETES Introduction It is possible to identify the diseases a person is having.ASTROVISION ISSUE #1 JANUARY 2008 KRISHNAMURTHY SEETHARAMA Bangalore. I have taken the content on diabetes from different web sites [1]. The dictums specific to diabetes are not found in the ancient texts.Type 2 Gestational diabetes Gestational diabetes affects about 4% of all pregnant women (U. Diabetes makes it difficult for people to live their life normally. it is in our own interest to be aware if one is susceptible to this disease or not.Type 1 Non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus or Adult onset diabetes or Diabetes . or susceptible to in the future. many astrologers are still grappling to understand different types of diabetes and methods to map different aspects of the disease on to Astrology. In diabetes. [6]. [3]. This could be due to changing lifestyles irrespective of whether one is rich or poor. one could refer to some of these web sites. And. I have to take the help of Doctors to explain what diabetes is. This is an example to show how Astrology can help the human kind to anticipate a problem and take preventive measures to reduce the pain and agony in the future. he/she could take precautions and preventive measures so as to either prevent the disease from manifesting or to reduce the intensity of a disease if it becomes inevitable. Hence. Only the first two types will be covered in this paper. data).

or debilitated or retrograde.astrodatabank. He is a Director. T cells and antibodies are tricked by this resemblance into attacking the beta protein as well as the virus. Producer and a Screenwriter in Hollywood.). it appears that a defective bone marrow seems to be connected to diabetes. Astrological Symptoms of Diabetes Type 1 Type1 diabetes is a chronic (life-long) disease that occurs when the pancreas produces too little or no insulin to regulate blood sugar levels appropriately. These include: infection with a specific virus or bacteria. or debilitated or retrograde. or in Papakaratari …. Afflicted Mars (connected to a dusthana. Also. Mars and Rahu are connected to one another. where an as yet unidentified component of this triggers the autoimmune reaction in the body. look for severely afflicted Venus. well known for his film ‘Star Wars’.com/NM/LucasGeorge. It is to be remembered that. Let me try to link the medical explanation with astrological explanation: Insulin producing cells in the pancreas become weak (less resistant).ASTROVISION ISSUE #1 JANUARY 2008 ease of reading. in some way or the other in Rasi. the Astrological Symptoms for Type 1 Diabetes are: Afflicted Venus (connected to a dusthana. Hence. but a number of explanations and possible triggers of this reaction have been proposed. exposure to food-borne chemical toxins. Next. Hence. the cells in the pancreas that make insulin are destroyed. Mars represents Bone Marrow or Majja.htm Page # 48 . D6 and D30 I will illustrate the above symptoms using the chart of George Lucas. these two types will be referred to as ‘Type 1 diabetes’ and ‘Type 2 diabetes’. research has shown that Type 1 diabetes can be transmitted from one person to another through a Bone Marrow Allowgraft. Mars and Rahu even in D6 & D30 charts. Rahu afflicts both Venus and Mars in one way or the other. when the donor is suffering from Type 1 diabetes. To summarize. It's not clear why this happens. Mars and 5th house / lord (as pancreas is located in the 5th house of Kalapurusha). in Astrology. This is thought to be the result of the body attacking and destroying its own cells in the pancreas . Researchers suggest the following scenario: An infection introduces a viral protein that resembles a beta-cell protein. when Venus is weak/malefic in the chart. This enables the virus to become active. to identify Type 1 diabetes in a chart. insulin production could be induced using a healthy bone marrow. and afflictions specifically by Rahu. But. Venus. The source for his birth data is the following web site: http://www. and exposure as a very young infant to cow's milk. One can observe some kind of connectivity between these entities – Venus. experiments have shown that when in a Type 1 diabetes patient. causing a severe lack of insulin. Afflicted 5th house/lord.). what causes such a deficiency? Doctors have given the following reasons: In Type 1 diabetes. or in Papakaratari …. The so called trick/cheating could be represented by Rahu. From the definition we know that pancreas will not produce insulin or produce too little insulin being the main reason for the disease.known as an autoimmune reaction.

Astrology being one of them. Disposited by Mars who is severely afflicted by close conjunction of Rahu Mars: Is 8th lord and debilitated Closely conjunct Rahu 5th house: Is aspected Saturn 5th lord Ravi in PKY and disposed by Venus (5th house/lord connected to Venus) Shashthamsa (D6): Both Venus and Rahu are disposited by Mars Trimsamsa (D30): Rahu aspects Mars Mars is disposited by Venus One can see a clear link between Venus/5th house/5th lord. and has spent a long time in software industry. A 1958 born. Krishna is living in Bangalore with his family. He is now trying to explore things that are close to his heart. Mr.ASTROVISION ISSUE #1 JANUARY 2008 Please note the following observations from the Rasi Chart: Venus: Conjunct 6th lord and retrograde Mercury. Page # 49 . Krishna is a Software Engineer by profession. Mars and Rahu Mr.




Dear Viswanath Ji, Thanks for your mail. I am really surprised to see your sincerity on my article. It is well presented. THANKS FOR YOUR HARD WORK. I will like to know some thing more about you. And also like to know as to where your magazine will be visible. Thanks for your enthusiasm. Yours Sanat

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Coordinates of all towns of U.S.A.
War Time : 31/03/1918-27/10/1918 09/02/1942-30/09/1945 DST : DST Adopted by various state aftewr 1st. world war as follow 1920 Last Sun. of Mar to last Sun. of Oct. 1951-1953 Last Sun. of Apr to last Sun. of Spt. 1954-1986 Last Sun. of Apr to last Sun. of Oct. except 6/1/1974-27/10/1974 DST: 1967-Onward 1987-Onward 1st. Sun. of Apr to last Sun. of Oct. State Alabama Alabama Alabama Alabama Alabama Alabama Alabama Alabama Alabama Alabama Alabama Alabama Alabama Alabama Alabama Alabama Alabama Alabama Alabama Alabama Alabama Alabama Alabama Alabama Alabama Alabama Alabama Alabama Alabama Alabama Alabama Alabama Alabama Coty Alexander City Andalusia Anniston Athens Atmore Attalla Auburn Bessemer Brewton Brundidge Camden Centreville Clanton Cordova Cullman Decatur Demopolis Dothan Elba Eufaula Evergreen Fairfield Fairhope Fayette Florala Florence Fort Payne Gadsden Geneva Greenville Haleyville Hartselle Huntsville Coordinates 90°11'W 35°05'N 86°30'W 31°19'N 85°50'W 33°45'N 86°58'W 34°49'N 87°30'W 31°02'N 86°05'W 34°02'N 85°30'W 32°37'N 86°57'W 33°25'N 87°02'W 31°09'N 85°45'W 31°43'N 87°15'W 31°59'N 87°07'W 32°55'N 86°36'W 32°48'N 87°12'W 33°45'N 86°50'W 34°13'N 87°00'W 34°35'N 87°48'W 32°30'N 85°25'W 31°10'N 86°04'W 31°27'N 85°11'W 31°55'N 86°55'W 31°28'N 87°00'W 33°30'N 87°50'W 30°35'N 87°50'W 33°40'N 86°20'W 31°00'N 87°40'W 34°50'N 85°44'W 34°25'N 86°00'W 34°01'N 85°52'W 31°02'N 86°37'W 31°50'N 87°40'W 34°15'N 86°55'W 34°25'N 86°35'W 34°45'N State Alabama Alabama Alabama Alabama Alabama Alabama Alabama Alabama Alabama Alabama Alabama Alabama Alabama Alabama Alabama Alabama Alabama Alabama Alabama Alabama Alabama Alabama Alabama Alabama Alabama Alabama Coty Jackson Jacksonville Jasper Lanett Leeds Marion Mobile Monroeville Coordinates 87°53'W 31°32'N 85°45'W 33°49'N 87°16'W 33°48'N 85°15'W 33°00'N 86°30'W 33°32'N 87°20'W 32°33'N 88°03'W 30°41'N 87°15'W 31°33'N 23/02/1975-26/10/1975 30/03/1919-26/10/1919

Time Zone :90 W 00

Montgomery(Cap) 86°20'W 32°20'N Oneonta Opp Ozark Phoenix Prattville Pritchard Roanoke Scottsboro Selma Sylacauga Talladega Thomasville Troy Tuscaloosa Tuskegee Union Springs Whistler 86°29'W 33°58'N 86°13'W 31°19'N 85°39'W 31°29'N 112°10'W 33°30'N 86°28'W 32°30'N 88°05'W 30°47'N 85°23'W 33°09'N 86°00'W 34°40'N 87°00'W 32°24'N 86°15'W 33°10'N 86°02'W 33°28'N 87°42'W 31°55'N 85°58'W 31°50'N 87°31'W 33°13'N 85°39'W 32°24'N 85°44'W 32°09'N 88°44'W 30°50'N

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Coordinates of all towns of India
Sl. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 State A.P A.P A.P A.P A.P A.P A.P A.P A.P A.P A.P A.P A.P A.P A.P A.P A.P A.P A.P A.P A.P A.P A.P A.P A.P A.P A.P A.P A.P A.P A.P A.P A.P A.P A.P A.P A.P A.P A.P A.P A.P A.P A.P A.P Town Adilabad Adoni Anakapalle Anandapur Asifabad Bapatla Bhimvaram Bobbili Bodhan Chirala Chittoor Cuddapah Cumbum Eluru (Elore) Godavari Godwal Gudur Guntakai Hindupur Hyderabad Ichchapuram Jagtial Kakinada Karimnagar Kavali Kottagudem Kurnool Machilipatnam Mahbubnagar Manthani Nalgonda Nandyal Narasapur Nirmal Nizamabad Ongole Parvatipuram Pithapuram Proddatur Rajahmundry Salur Secunderabad Siddipet Srikakalam Coordinates 78°20'E 19°33'N 77°18'E 15°33'N 83°06'E 17°42'N 87°25'E 22°34'N 79°24'E 19°20'N 81°08'E 15°54'N 81°32'E 16°32'N 83°22'E 18°34'N 77°54'E 18°40'N 80°21'E 15°49'N 79°07'E 13°12'N 78°49'E 14°28'N 79°09'E 15°34'N 81°06'E 16°42'N 82°25'E 16°41'N 77°48'E 16°14'N 79°51'E 14°08'N 77°23'E 15°10'N 77°29'E 13°49'N 78°29'E 17°23'N 84°42'E 19°07'N 78°56'E 18°48'N 82°13'E 16°56'N 79°09'E 18°26'N 79°50'E 14°55'N 80°38'E 17°33'N 78°03'E 15°50'N 81°08'E 16°10'N 77°59'E 16°40'N 79°40'E 18°40'N 79°16'E 17°03'N 78°29'E 15°29'N 81°40'E 16°27'N 78°21'E 19°06'N 78°07'E 18°45'N 80°04'E 15°31'N 83°26'E 18°47'N 82°16'E 17°07'N 78°33'E 14°44'N 81°47'E 16°59'N 83°13'E 18°32'N 78°30'E 17°28'N 78°51'E 18°06'N 83°54'E 18°16'N

Time Zone : 82 E 30 Sl. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 State Arunachal Arunachal Assam Assam Assam Assam Assam Assam Assam Assam Assam Assam Assam Assam Assam Assam Bihar Bihar Bihar Bihar Bihar Bihar Bihar Bihar Bihar Bihar Bihar Bihar Bihar Bihar Bihar Bihar Bihar Bihar Bihar Bihar Bihar Bihar Bihar Bihar Bihar Bihar Bihar Bihar Town Minutang Towang Barpeta Dhuburi Dibrugarh Digboi Dum Duma Gauhati Jido Nowgong Rangia Rupa Sibsagar Silghat Tezpur Tinsukia Ara Arrah Aurangabad Barhi Baruni Bettiah Bhagalpur Bihar Buddh Gaya Chaibasa Chakradharpur Darbhanga Dehri Dhanbad Sindi Gaya Giridih Gua Hazaribagh Jamalpur Jamshedpur Katihar Kishanganj Lohardaga Monghyr Motihari Muzaffarpur Nirmali Patna Coordinates 96°32'E 28°13'N 91°50'E 27°37'N 91°00'E 26°19'N 89°58'E 26°02'N 94°54'E 27°29'N 95°38'E 27°23'N 95°40'E 27°40'N 91°44'E 26°11'N 94°58'E 29°02'N 92°40'E 26°21'N 91°38'E 26°28'N 92°21'E 27°15'N 94°38'E 26°59'N 92°56'E 26°37'N 92°48'E 26°38'N 95°22'E 27°30'N 84°32'E 25°35'N 84°32'E 25°35'N 84°22'E 24°45'N 85°25'E 24°18'N 85°59'E 25°29'N 84°30'E 26°48'N 87°00'E 25°00'N 86°00'E 25°00'N 84°59'E 24°42'N 85°49'E 22°34'N 85°38'E 22°42'N 86°00'E 26°00'N 84°11'E 24°52'N 86°26'E 23°47'N 85°00'E 24°47'N 86°18'E 24°11'N 85°23'E 22°12'N 85°30'E 24°00'N 86°30'E 25°18'N 86°11'E 22°48'N 87°35'E 25°32'N 87°56'E 26°07'N 84°41'E 23°26'N 86°10'E 25°10'N 84°55'E 26°39'N 85°24'E 26°07'N 86°35'E 26°19'N 85°30'E 25°20'N

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ASTROVISION ISSUE #1 JANUARY 2008 45 46 47 48 49 50 A.P Suriyapet Tekkali Tenali Tirupati Venkatapuram Viziamagaram 79°37'E 17°09'N 84°14'E 18°37'N 80°35'E 16°15'N 79°25'E 13°39'N 80°30'E 18°20'N 83°25'E 18°07'N 45 46 47 48 49 50 Bihar Bihar Bihar Goa Goa Goa Ramgarh Ranchi Supaul Goa Marmagoa Panaji 85°31'E 23°38'N 85°00'E 23°00'N 86°15'E 25°57'N 74°00'E 15°31'N 73°46'E 15°25'N 73°50'E 15°29'N Page # 53 .P A.P A.P A.P A.P A.

The Officer alone is responsible and we are least worried about it because we have not done the actions by our own will and pressure.D M. We have earned all the sufferings by our own self and God need not be blamed. Is it that God is cruel to give us suffering in this world? No. It may be sickness or poverty or emotional problems. the selfless action lead us to “moksha” or salvation. God only decides where we should take birth and to whom. they will bind us and we have to reap the consequences of our actions in this life and may be in the next. i.. In the same way. when we do evil and sinful actions we are bound to take another birth to pay the penalty for all that we have done. Astrology services as a bridge between the previous and present life. the results of action will never bind us. We have to dedicate every action. The good or bad. which may be of any type. It is selfless work or “niskama karma” that will ultimately lead us to moksha. ASTROLOGY AND BHAKTI Almighty God is an impartial judge. It is the results sheet of our past life.e. Suppose we are working in an office. We should be born in accordance to our actions done in the past. Jyothisha Ratna # 1-10-170/6/A. Mahendar. Karma alone is responsible for our birth. The Astrological chart or a horoscope drawn at the time of birth is the certificate of our past life indicating what we are going to have during the present life. there will not be any birth and naturally and there will be no necessity of astrology. If we can do that. KARMA. He is the most merciful Lord. God will give us the next life to enjoy or suffer the karma phala.ASTROVISION ISSUE #1 JANUARY 2008 Dr. which we have never committed. Similarly. Ph. Our own sinful actions in our life are enough to carry us through several cycles of births and deaths. small or big to God only. actions performed in this world may be good or bad. Our karmas. 1. Page # 54 . If there is no karma. whatever may be the result is not attributed to us. We ourselves are responsible for our suffering. When we do our actions to meet our selfish ends. the next result of actions or the fruits of actions will never bind us and lead us to the next birth. who can forgive those who have implicit faith in Him.A. (Astrology). Karma theory is the basis for astrology. M. We have only carried out the instructions of our boss. We have to do everything in the name of God and God only. Temple Alwal Secunderabad-500 010 Mob : 98481 90260 THE INTER RELATION BETWEEN BIRTH. He loves us when we obey Him and do selfless service. The actions done in our past life will fructify or yield results in the present life. It would cut the cycles of birth and death. We carry out the instruction given by the office. Even if we do good. Besides. After our death whenever the planets occupy suitable position in accordance to the actions done in this life. if we do our daily activities thinking that we are carrying out the instructions of God and not with any selfish motive. definitely not. No doubt why one is born in a Royal family and another is begging on the streets. Then only we will get the next birth. we have to take another birth to reap the harvest of our good actions. The karma philosophy described three types of karmas. IN other words. This is called the prarabdha karma. The philosophy put forth in Bhagavat Geeta is just the same as described above. God is not that cruel to make us victims for the sins. What we call as destiny is decided by our own self and not God.

So that they should not bind us any more to take next birth. The astrologer forewarns us about the impending danger to take necessary precautions to safe guard ourselves. The role of bhakti: A true bhakta of God is unmindful of worldly attachments and achievements.ASTROVISION ISSUE #1 JANUARY 2008 2. He lives in God Consciousness and remains attached to God and not to worldly things. Page # 55 . Whatever actions we are doing in the present life will yield the results in our next life. which have not been exhausted in our previous life. It is thus a vicious cycle and it cannot be cut off until and unless we learn to do selfish action i. We have to dedicate all our actions to God alone. We may not change our destiny but we will be mentally prepared to face the problem. niskama karma. Rama Maharishi. all those karma are not exhausted in one life an as such they are carried over to more than one life. the astrologer will tell us the good and bad periods in life and also the pit falls and dangers. It means the outstanding balance of the fruits of karma. It is something life carrying an umbrella with us in the event of rain to protect ourselves. 3. Depending upon our natal horoscope. It is called sanchita karma. bhaktas and God realized souls. which we may come across. It is at this point the usefulness of Astrology comes in. India is proud to have produced such great saints and bhaktas like Ramakrishna Paramahansha. In this process. If all our actions done in the spirit of selflessness. Whatever the actions done in our past one life or more. The second one is the sanchita karma. Shri Aurobindo and many other including Mahatma Gandhi.. These are the reasons why India is held to be the karma bhoomi of great Rishis.e. Our dedicated and selfless actions will ultimately pave the way to salvation breaking the vicious cycle of births and deaths. The third is Aagami karma. he will totally kill his ego and the sense of “I” and “My” will disappear and becomes one with God. The role of Astrology. the actions will no more bind us. who was a karma yogi in the literal sense. This means that in any given life we are associated with all the three types of karmas and it will be life that as long as we are totally involved in worldly actions with a selfish motive. Hence we also have to enjoy those unfinished fruits of karma in this life.

Laxmi Industrial Complex. Horary No. Godavari. Query: buying: Buying VSNL Futures.BUYING FUTURES There was a tip to buy VSNL futures. Whether we will get profit from it? To consider this I have taken KP horary no.ASTROVISION ISSUE #1 JANUARY 2008 Sunil Gondhalekar 109. 28° Ar 51' 52 24° Ta 38' 23 19° Ge 41' 47 17° Cn 46' 40 24° Le 26' 37 29° Vi 14' 25 28° Li 51' 52 24° Sc 38' 23 19° Sa 41' 47 16° Ta 45' 13 Star Shravana P Bhadra Revati Krittika Mrigasiras Ardhra Aslesha P Phalguni Chitra Vishakha Jyeshta Poorvasha Rohini KP Pointer Sa-Mo-Me-Me Sa-Ju-Me-Ve Ju-Me-Sa-Mo Ma-Su-Ma-Me Ve-Ma-Ra-Ju Me-Ra-Ma-Me Mo-Me-Me-Ra Su-Ve-Me-Ve Me-Ma-Sa-Mo Ve-Ju-Su-Mo Ma-Me-Ra-Ju Ju-Ve-Ra-Ve Ve-Mo-Sa-Ve Pl Su Me Ve Mo Ma Ju Sa® Ur Ne Pl Ra Ke La Longitude 14° Cp 01' 59. 200. 06° Aq 13' 41 13° Ta 00' 32 14° Sa 30' 58 19° Sc 30' 19 28° Cn 52' 13 18° Aq 49' 51 25° Cp 12' 33 04° Sa 05' 26 24° Aq 22' 7 24° Le 22' 7 17° Cp 46' 40 Star Shravana Dhanishta Dhanishta Rohini Poorvashada Jyeshta Aslesha Sahabhisha Dhanishta Mola P Bhadra P Phalguni Shravana KP Pointer Sa-Mo-Ju-Ju Sa-Ma-Sa-Sa Sa-Ma-Mo-Me Ve-Mo-Ra-Me Ju-Ve-Ve-Ju Ma-Me-Ve-Ve Mo-Me-Sa-Ve Sa-Ra-Mo-Me Sa-Ma-Ra-Me Ju-Ke-Mo-Ju Sa-Ju-Mer-Ve Su-Ve-Me-Ke Sa-Mo-Me-Me III 29-14 Me-Sa IV 28-51 Su-Ma Mo 13-00 Mo-Ra V 24-38 Ma-Ra VI 19-41 Ra-Ma Ra 24-22 Ju-Me II 24-36 Ju-Me Ve 06-13 Ma-Mo Me 27-56 Ma-Sa I 17-46 Mo-Me Su 14-01 Mo-Ju XII 24-38 Ve-Ra Ma 14-30 Ve-Ve VII 17-46 Me-Me Sa 28-52 Me-Sa VIII 24-36 Ve-Me Ke 24-22 Ve-Me XI 24-38 Me-Ra Ju 19-30 Me-Ve X 28-51 Ju-Su IX 29-14 Me-Sa Page # 56 .40. Vartak Nagar.5 Settings: Universal Time Latitude : Geographic Lagna : Makara Shravana 3 Query Rasi : Vrisha Query Star : Rohini 1 Lunar Half: Sukla Paksha Lunar Day : Purva Dasami 10 Yoga : Brahmam Karana : Garasa Dasa at DOQ: Moon Dasa Balance : 7 Y:9 M:1 D Bhukti at DOQ : Rahu Bhukti Balance : 0 Y:8 M:1 D Current Date : 12/22/2007 Current Dasa running : Moo-Jup-Sat: Moon Dasa upto: 26-Oct-2014 : Jupiter Bhukti upto: 25-Jan-2009 : Saturn Antara upto: 15-Feb-2008 Cu I II III IV V VI VII VIII IX X XI XII For Longitude 17° Cp 46' 40 24° Aq 26' 37 29° Pi 14' SHARE MARKET . Ay: 23° 51' 25" Place : Thane Date : 28-01-2007 Sunday Time : 10-40-38 Longitude: 73-02-0 East Latitude: 19-12-0 North Zone : IST 5. and it is analyzed on 28-01-2007 at 10. Thane-400 606 Tel : 022 2588 8179 Cell : 9819 248 179 E-Mail sunilalaka@yahoo. 27° Cp 56' 3. 200 System: KP.38 hours at Thane.

It’s strong signification as follows: ** Rahu:1-2(Sat-7-2) Its star-Jup:10-3 Its sub-Mer:-----Mer in star-Mars:11 So Rahu signifies 1-2-10-3-11 houses and indicates profit in particular scrip. Now we will see Bhukti. At the time of query Mercury Antara was upto 11-2-2007. So Rahu bhukti will offer the benefits. ** Saturn:7-2 Its star-Mercury:1-6-9( was of Rahu till 27-09-2007. ** There are no star in planets-Ketu-Rahu-Sun-Saturn ** Moon in own star ** Rahu-Ketu-Sun are near the cusp. In this chart cuspal sub of 5 is Rahu.Let’s check Its signification.493.Mars:11 Its sub-Saturn:7-2 Saturn’s star-Mercury:1-6-9(conj. So we have to judge 5th Cuspal sublord and it should be strong significator of 2or 6 or 11 house. As this future contracts are of particular period so we will have to see sookshma also.the houses 1-3-10 are also supportive for this matter. Now we will have to judge when this profit will be earned. After judging this I have bought above futures on 29-1-2007 at the rate of Rs.Nep. Now we will consider Antara. We have already seen Rahu’s signification showing 1-2-3-10-11 houses.This will be indicated By DBA. Now let us check it’s signification *Mercury:---------------Its star.) Its sub-Saturn:7-2 Saturn’s star-Mercury:1-6-9(Nep) Page # 57 .) Here Mercury signifies 2-6-11-1 houses.ASTROVISION ISSUE #1 JANUARY 2008 Buying and selling of future contracts are termed as a short term. Thus completes the chain. Its significations: ** Moon :4 Its star-Moon:4 Its sub-Rahu:1-2(sat 7-2) Rahu’s star-Jup:10-3 Moon signifies 1-2-3-10 houses on 3-4 steps shows dasa will be beneficial. At the time of query Saturn sookshma was from 29-1-2007 to 11-2-2007. Current dasa of Moon was operating.

ASTROVISION ISSUE #1 JANUARY 2008 Here Saturn shows 1-2-6 as positive houses whereas 7-9 and with Nep. and published many articles. Page # 58 . He has propounded the famous 4th Step theory and the Editor of magazine Nakshatache Dene.Thus gaining profit out of it.indicates Minimum profit. a Vedic and KP Astrologer. many Awards to his credit. Credit goes to our 4 step theory. The writer has written books in Astrology. Sunil Gondhalekar Editor-Nakshtrache Dene The writer is a Mechanical Engineer. Due to effect of Neptune price of future went down but on 5-2-2007 it bounce back And I sold this future on 5-2-2007 at price of Rs.509.

12° Cp13' 50 13° Aq50' 42 14° Pi35' 38 12° Ar33' 20 11° Ta49' 59 11° Ge31' 52 12° Cn13' 50 13° Le50' 42 14° Vi35' 38 17° Pi 11' 2. (Cuspal– Interlink Theory). Narendra Modi faced over dissidence. Star Moola Moola Vishakha Rohini Ardhra Moola P Phalguni P Bhadra Dhanishta Moola Sathabhish Makha Swati KP Pointer Ju-Ke-Ra-Ju Ju-Ke-Ju-Ve Ve-Ju-Ke-Ve Ve-Mo-Mo-Me Me-Ra-Ju-Ve Ju-Ke-Ra-Ve Su-Ve-Ve-Ju Sa-Ju-Ju-Su Sa-Ma-Ra-Ma Ju-Ke-Ma-Ra Sa-Ra-Ra-Ju Su-Ke-Ra-Ve Ve-Ra-Me-Me VII 12-33 Ke-Me VI V Ra IV 14-35 13-50 06-59 12-13 Sa-Ra Ra-Me Ra-Ra Mo-Ra Mo 10-44 Mo-Mo VIII 11-49 Mo-Ma Ma® 09-46 Ra-Ju IX 11-31 Ra-Sa X 12-13 Sa-Ma Ke 06-59 Ke-Ra XI 13-50 Ve-Ve Sa® 14-41 Ve-Ve XII 14-35 Mo-Ju III 11-32 Ke-Me Me 08-42 Ke-Ju Ju 06-54 Ke-Ra Su 06-06 Ke-Ra II 11-49 Sa-Mo Ve 25-52 Ju-Ke I 12-33 Ra-Me Page # 59 .MSA. a. 04° Sa 54' 30. JYOTHISA SAMRAT. anti incumbency wave.RAHMES GUPHTA JYOTHISA RATHNA GUJARAT ASSEMBLY ELECTION 2007 –WILL BJP WIN? || OHM UCHISTA MAHAGANAPATHAYE NAMAH || The bitterly fought Assembly elections in Gujarat was heating up with many a problems BJP and Mr. 26° Cp 6' 12. 21° Aq 13' 53. TEL: 040-65157454:09848217464 Email:gupthaastro_19@yahoo.5 Settings: Universal Time Latitude: Rohini 1 Lunar Half : Sukla Paksha Lunar Day: Purva Thriodasi 13 Yoga: Sadhyam Karana: Taitila Dasa at DOQ: Moon Dasa Balance : 9 Y:5 M:13 D Bhukti at DOQ: Moon Bhukti Balance : 0 Y:3 M:13 D Current Date : 12/27/2007 Current Dasa running: Moo-Moo-Mer: Moon Dasa upto: 03-Jun-2017 : Moon Bhukti upto: 03-Apr-2008: Mercury Antara upto: 10-Jan-2008.R. I drawn out a KP Horary chart vide KP no:133 / 249 on 22nd Dec 2007 at 11. We are endeavouring to analyze this Horary Chart exclusively in K. Gujarat Elections are always prestigious elections for BJP. 14° Le 41' 26. Having got curious as to who will win the elections.06.HYDERABAD 500 018. Cu I II III IV V VI VII VIII IX X XI XII For Longitude 12° Li33' 20 11° Sc49' 59 11° Sa31' 52. 06° Aq 59' 7. PRASNNA JYOTHISAMANI. A. Star Swati Anuradha Moola Shravana Sathabhish U Bhadra Aswini Rohini Ardhra Pushya P Phalgun Hastha Revati KP Pointer Ve-Ra-Me-Me Ma-Sa-Mo-Ke Ju-Ke-Me-Me Sa-Mo-Ra-Ju Sa-Ra-Me-Ra Ju-Sa-Ra-Su Ma-Ke-Me-Ra Ve-Mo-Ma-Mo Me-Ra-Sa-Ve Mo-Sa-Ma-Ra Su-Ve-Ve-Mo Me-Mo-Ju-Me Ju-Me-Me-Ve Pla Su Me Ve Mo Ma® Ju Sa® Ur Ne Pl Ra Ke La Longitude 06° Sa 6' 25 08° Sa 42' 6 25° Li 52' 16 10° Ta 44' 6 09° Ge 46' 4 06° Sa 54' 24. opposition from Congress and Left parties. 12° Li 33' 20. System: KP Ay: 23° 52'14" Query: BJP Place: Hyderabad Date: 22-12-2007 Saturday Time: 11-06-00 Longitude:78-27-00 East Latitude: 17-26-00 North Zone: IST 5. 06° Le 59' 7. (MA) FIIAS # 8-3-169/786 Habeeb Fathima Nagar. SANATHNAGAR (PO).00. BJP was trying their luck for the 3rd time consecutively in the ring of political battle-field.ASTROVISION ISSUE #1 JANUARY 2008 ASTRO -MASTER J. method.P.

Name & Fame).e. Hence.00. Horary no: 133 / 249. 133 has fallen in Libra at 12 deg 33 min 20 sec. The Final results will be going to be announced within 2 days. Jupiter (Trust. The Sign will denote WEST direction. who is posited in his own 3rd House (9th House of KPT. fame and power. Venus Star lord is Jupiter. The Asc falls in Libra as per KP horary no. 3. Finally the Asc sub lord Mercury will be going to deliver the Results of Cusps 1.06. Mercury is the planet connected to Asc. DBAS lords strongly supporting (9. Lagna is 7th House of Kalapurusha (KPT). and his Star Lord Ketu will indicate RED colour. at 11.11+3. What a Colour Combination of the winning Flag Guru. 5. B J P WILL WIN? We shall analyze this Horary Chart exclusively in KAAL PURUSHA THATWA (Zodiac personified) Method. 23rd Dec 2007 on Sunday afternoon.3. We are waiting just for the Results. 5 and 7th at cuspal sub lord level. Hence. That is Mrigsira Star day i. 10th house will signify name. Mercury sub lord Jupiter is the 12th Cusp sub lord. Jup and Sat periods. the Gujarat State is located in West direction only.m. When will be the Results declare? The Results will be Announced When the Moon is Transiting in the Star of Mars. Hence.5. Ketu has got a connection through Bhava star lord of cusps 3 and 7 and is posited in 10th cusp. A. 7. Karakathwa planets are SUN (Govt.3. & Power). Page # 60 .7& 10. 10 & 6. while the Seventh House will be the Opposition Party. 10 & 11. Asc Cuspal sub lord Mercury will indicate the Colour of GREEN. the related House Lagna matter is very strong. a. on 22nd Dec 2007. The magic of the Planets. and the Lagna cusp Rulers are Venus + Rahu + Mercury + Mercury. I always consider Asc as the Ruling Party.7 & 10.10 &11. Mercury is posited in the Star of Ketu and Sub of Jupiter. Karakathwa Planets are Sun (Govt. Ketu is not yet connected as Sub lord in any cusp. The Sookshma lord Jupiter in the Star of Ketu and Sub of Rahu.ASTROVISION ISSUE #1 JANUARY 2008 Now. 06th house will denote success over opponents. Jupiter (Trust. we need not worry about the 5th House signification. KP Horary No. Houses will denote: 05th house will be the house of participating or involving or contesting in the Event (Election).5. Hyderabad. BJP have already contested the Gujarat Assembly Elections. And Subs of Rahu . beliveable Party or Trusted Person) along with Karaka Planet of Sun and intelligent Planet of Mercury. Jupiter connected The Cusps of 3. 6 .. Wait and See. Asc is considered Ruling Party and the seventh house will be Opposite Party. let us see the Significations of Houses such as 1.7. We need Cusps like 1.6. In my vast experience in KB method. & Power). there is no doubt BJP will be going to win this Gujarat Assembly Election. And also Jupiter period 2 days are left.P. Name & Fame). 133.10 & 6) to Asc sbl Mercury connected Cusps like 1.5. 11th house will mark the major success and fulfillment of desire of native. Lagna Lord Venus is in the Lagna only.

We have already checked about Venus.3. Also Mars is in the star of Rahu. who is in the 11th house and also his 9th aspect falls on Ketu and Saturn. Sookshma lord Jupiter he is in the Star of Ketu.5. who is stationed his Bhadaka Stana of Saturn sign. the opposite contested parties will be going to capture the Power in the state. 3rd house will denote announcement. The Sign of Leo will Indicate State Govt. now in Gujarat. who is in the Retro position and stationed in Gemini (3rd of KPT). Moon is the lord of 10th. and aspected by Mars® will indicate Red and Green colour. This house is dead against of the 3rd House matters as mentioned above. Venus is the Planet who indicates White Lotus. the Lagna lord Mars. lagna lord. He will deliver the results of the Houses 8 & 10. He is stationed in 11th from Lagna (5th of KPT.. Current Dasa & Bhukti lord is Moon. because he stationed in 11th house. Sun will denote the colour red. agreement & Co-operation etc. Hence. What about the 7th house matter? The Seventh is Aries.) in the Star of Venus. Anthra-lord Saturn having 2 days period only. Venus is in the star of Jupiter and who conjoined With Mercury will denote the colour of GREEN.5.. The Winning Party BJP Flag colour is Red and Green. When the Result will be declared? Moon will indicate the Result Periods. These Houses are showing that BJP is going to win the Gujarat State Assembly General Elections.3.ASTROVISION ISSUE #1 JANUARY 2008 Sub lord Ketu is in the 11th House (5th House of KPT.7. and however the Aries sign will show Central Govt. He posited in the Taurus sign. Page # 61 .9 & 11.7. Lagna lord Venus strongly is connected with the Houses of 1. and however the Saturn is the Planet denote Place or State of SOURASTRA.9 &11. However in the Retro condition the planet Mars will give only the results of 2nd House matter. Finally we can say that BJP will win the State Elections. From Mesha Lagna the 11th house is Bhadakastana. Venus will deliver the results of Houses like 1.) from the Venus. owned by Venus.

the sentence was commuted to life in prison in 1972 after the California Supreme Court.2d 366. Kennedy died 26 hours later. born on 19-Mar-1944 at 14-00 pm Sunday at Jerusalem. Besides being a Senator and Presidential candidate. Robert Kennedy was also the younger brother of 35th US President John F.ASTROVISION ISSUE #1 JANUARY 2008 MK Viswanath Flat 204B. Latitude 31N47. Anderson 64 Cal. in its decision in California v. However. with a fourth bullet passing through his jacket. but as of 2007 parole had been denied 13 times. +20. On June 5. Sirhan was convicted on April 17. Robert Kennedy was definitely a Presidency material and a prime Democratic Party leader. resulted in cancellation of all pending death sentences imposed in California prior to ASTROLOGICAL YOGA FOR IMPRISONMENT – A KP ANALYSIS Sirhan Bishara Sirhan is the convicted assassin of United States Attorney General and Senator. Block 1 Janapriya Township. Kennedy. Robert F.40. 414 “Bobby” Kennedy. Since the death sentence was commuted to life in prison. 1968. Longitude 35E 10. Israel. obviously the native has to be in jail until his death. which means total “yogam for improsionment”. Sirhan Sirhan. (Cal.2d 633.22 caliber Iver Johnson Cadet revolver into the crowd surrounding Senator Kennedy in the kitchen pantry of the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles. one has to have enough courage augmented by a violent state of mind. Sirhan has been routinely eligible for parole. Nacharam PO. (birth data Source: Astro sites) IX Me Su VIII Ve VII Ke Mo VI 08-58 Sa-Ve 07-22 Sa-Ke 05-47 Sa-Me 11-15 Ra-Sa 09-57 Ra-Ju 17-18 Mo-Me 11-02 Mo-Mo 27-00 Su-Su 18-09 Ve-Ra X 11-14 Ke-Sa XI 15-29 Mo-Ju Sa 27-55 Ma-Ju Ma 02-39 Ma-Ke XII 18-09 Ra-Mo Ra I Ju II 11-02 Sa-Mo 17-18 Me-Me 24-59 Me-Ra 11-15 Ke-Sa V 15-29 Sa-Ju IV 11-14 Ra-Sa III 08-58 Su-Ve Page # 62 . Hyderabad-500 076 Mob : 9440 346 285 Home Ph: 91-40-27152868 e-mail : astrologervishy_nair@yahoo. 1972). 1969 and was sentenced to death. Kennedy was shot three times. In order to commit a gruesome crime of murder. The incident occurred shortly after Bobby Kennedy had finished addressing supporters in the hotel's main ballroom after winning the California Presidential Primary in his run up to capture the White House. Mallapur. KP Ay 22-55-53 LMTG 14-20-40 LT Corr. Sirhan fired a 0.

Mercury in turn is placed in Saturn star and Saturn in Mars star. ruled by Mercury. Ve-Venus.Sa. Moon signifies date of event On DOB Moon was in Sagittarius in Sun Star. On DOJ Sun was in Mercury sign in Virgo. Mug-shot of Sirhan Sirhan Let us now evaluate the astrological rules for violent state of mind and imprisonment. Sa-Saturn. On DOJ Sun was in Ketu star Moola and Ketu was in Sun sign Leo. Saturn is placed in Mars star along with Mars in 11th Cusp. Ma Acronyms: Cu=Cusp. OCC=Occupants. This will make the native doubly arrogant. Saturn is also conjoined Mars. Sun signifies month of event On DOB Sun was Pisces and was conjoined with Mercury. Me-Mercury. PCO=Planets in the star of occupants. Saturn star and Jupiter Sub. Ju-Jupiter. Conj=conjunction.Mo-Moon. violent and criminal natured. Jupiter signfies year of event On DOB and DOJ Jupiter was in Mercury star. Wednesday. Hence the 5th CSL is also connected with Mars. VIOLENT MIND AND THINKING 4th CSL signifies mind and peace of mind while 5th CSL signifies intelligence. Mars is the planet of arrogance. signaling violent intelligence. Saturn is placed on Mars star and hence will give the result of Mars. 4th CSL is Saturn. VERIFICATION OF BIRTH DETAILS Date of Judgement is on 17-Oct-2007. CSL=Cuspal sub lord.Ma-Mars. Ra-Rahu.Mo. Ju Sa. Jupiter is placed in Mercury star.Ju. Su-Sun. Hence the authenticity of birth details are confirmed. Ke-Ketu. Page # 63 . BL=Bhava Lord. Hence the year of bith is correct.ASTROVISION 1 PCO OCC PCBL BL Asp Ra Ke -Ju Ke 2 --Mo 3 --Ju Me 4 ---Ve ISSUE #1 5 --Sa Ma Ma Sa 6 Ke Mo Ke -Ju 7 -Ve Ra Me Sa Ju 8 Ju Me Ra Me Sa 9 ---Ju JANUARY 2008 10 --Sa Ma Ma 11 Ra Me Sa Ma -Ve 12 Ve Ra Ju Me Mo Su Sa Mo. PCBL=Planets in the star of Bhava Lord. 5th Cusp falls in Mars sign. Asp-H=aspecting the houses.Ve. violence and crime.

the KP rules as per Reader 3 are as under:-a) Malefics occupying the constellation of planets situated in 2 and 12. Venus in Rahu star. Rahu signifies 12th house by occupation and through Saturn star. besides. Mercury is lord of 12. Saturn is lord of 8th. who signifies 12th house for imprisonment. Lord of 1 and 9 connected with significators of imprisonment due to political grounds. Page # 64 . c) Evil planets in the constellation of lords of the houses 2nd and 12th. lord of these bhavas threaten imprisonment. Saturn is lord of 8th (evil house) and is in Mars star. If evil planet be lord of 1 (like Saturn for Aquarius Asc) and owning evil houses such as 6 or 12 and is in 4 or 7 or 8 or 12 connected with significator for imprisonment is combust or retrograde. 2nd and 11 show release. Jupiter himself is lord of 9th cusp. Rahu star and Moon sub.ASTROVISION RULES FOR IMPRISONMENT ISSUE #1 JANUARY 2008 As per KP Dictum. Lord of 2nd is Sun. is conjoined Mars in Mars star. Release from jail shall take place during the period of benefics connected with 2 and 11. Jupiter and Venus. but it is not a fixed sign. Saturn. Evil planets connected with houses 2 and 12 were to be in 3 or 6 or 9 or 12 and in a fixed sign duration of imprisonment will be long. Hence Sirhan Sirhan is a jail bird. 12th cusp falls in Mercury sign. Moon who is in 2nd lord Sun’s star signifies 6th house. Lord of 1 is Moon. Assassination and arrest was made on 05-Jun-1968 during Rahu-Rahu-Merc-Moon period. Sub lord is of 2nd house is Saturn. Jupiter is lord of evil house (6th cusp). who is in 6th (evil house) in Sun star. who is lord of 2nd cusp. Saturn should be treated as a malefic being lord of 8th (dush sthana). Imprisonment during period or sub period of evil planets connected with 2 and 12. Clearly Rahu being occupant of 12th house (jail) made the accused Sirhan to be imprisoned during its Dasha operated. Saturn occupies Mars star. Lord of 12th is Mercury. 3 and 12 signifies change in residence. Rahu occupies 12th bhava. Jupiter is in Mercury star. who is in Saturn star and hence signifies Saturn. after he was over-powered at the scene of assassination. There are no occupants in 2nd cusp. accused Sirhan was imprisoned for a political murder. Rahu is occupant of 12th cusp. Jupiter is in Mercury star. 2nd house shows life with family. Conviction to death was made on 17-Apr-1969 during Rahu-Rahu-Sun-Jup period. an evil house. b) Occupants of these two houses owning evil houses. one will be a jail bird. Saturn who signifies 12th house through Rahu is in a fixed sign. Clearly. Occupant of 12th cusp is Rahu who is in Saturn star and therefore signify Saturn. Benefics in constellation of significators of 2 and 11 indicate release. Commutation of death sentence to life imprisonment was made in 1972 probably during Rahu-Saturn period. Therefore. Ketu star and Saturn sub. Saturn and Mars—Murder. Sun is lord of a fixed sign. ARREST Sirhan was arrested on 05-Jun-1968. Occupants of 2nd cusp are none. 2nd cusp falls in Sun sign.

Hence the death due to weapon is not seen. Benefic planets in constellation of significators of 2 and 11 indicate release. Since Mars is an outer planet. 6th Lord Jupiter. Mars. Saturn. 8th lord is Saturn. Release from jail shall take place during the period of benefics connected with 2 and 11. 6th lord Jupiter signifying injury does not get connected to Asc lord Moon. and the result he achieved through such a meticulous divine work is accurate to the point blank. Mercury and Rahu who are significators of 2nd and 11th house. KS Krishnamurti had done numerous research in Astrology using KP method. the native dies in a battle or of weapons”. VIOLENT DEATH As per Vedic System. its aspect on Moon is very powerful. LONG LIVE KP Page # 65 . Sun and Moon are significators of 2nd house. Prof. Mars is aspecting Asc lord Moon. The Asc lord is Moon. Imprisonment during period or sub period of evil planets connected with 2 and 12. Venus and Rahu are the significators of 11th house. Sarvartha Chintamani vide Chapter VII Stanza 26 says “When the Asc and 8th are devoid of strength and are afflicted by 6th and Mars. Mercury. Saturn. Since Mars.ASTROVISION RELEASE ISSUE #1 JANUARY 2008 2nd and 11 show release. May God Almighty pardon Sirhan for the heinous crime he had committed. Hence the death sentence pronounced on Sirhan was commuted to life in prison. Mars also is not connected to Jupiter. one see no chance for Sirhan Sirhan to be freed from imprisonment.

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