Arrowhead Grill in Arizona is the Premiere Place to Host Holiday Parties and Gatherings Arrowhead Grill’s private dining

room offers 720 square-feet of space that comfortably accommodates small and large gatherings of up to 50 close friends and family members Glendale, AZ, United States, November 06, 0!" ## Hosting a spectacular holiday party for friends and family is easy at Arrowhead Grill. The popular, up-scale venue takes the stress out of planning a holiday party by providing guests with a private dining room, superb dining options and a sophisticated atmosphere that will put friends and family in the holiday spirit. Arrowhead Grill’s private dining room offers !" s#uare-feet of space that comfortably accommodates small and large gatherings of up to $" close friends and family members. %ith several options for table arrangements, get-togethers can be a &uropean-style family function with the whole family seated at one table, a formal gathering, or a charming get-together where smaller groups of family and friends can en'oy each other’s company in a more intimate setting. (torytellers and grandstanders alike can take center stage to give holiday thanks and even share stories, video clips and photo collages on the large screen T), so everyone can en'oy the best moments of !"*+. ,At Arrowhead Grill we offer the perfect setting for holiday parties for those who want to sit back and rela- while catching-up with friends and family,. said Arrowhead Grill /wner, 0hef 0harles %ade (chwerd. ,/ur private dining room is large enough to set up decorations, play games and e-change holiday gifts while all of the details of the dinner and service are taken care of by our staff.. Arrowhead Grill’s formal staff serves two private dining menu options ranging in price from 1$2.33 to 12+.33 per person. 0ustom dining options are also available. Hosts can impress guests with Arrowhead Grill’s +-course holiday dinner. Guests will start their dining e-perience with a choice of fresh 0aesar or chopped salad. &ntr4e choices include one of eight signature Arrowhead Grill selections, including the restaurant’s famous 5(6A 7rime 6elmonico steak, a savory *"-ounce prime rib, a half rack of lamb, slow roasted chicken, tender braised salmon, seasonal fish or a perfectly cooked 2-ounce filet. (ides include Arrowhead Grill’s delicious twice-baked potato, saut4ed mushrooms and onions, creamed corn or spinach, mashed potatoes or saut4ed broccoli. Guests will be delighted with dessert, which includes choices of decadent flourless chocolate cake or AG’s famous butter cake. Arrowhead Grill’s /ption * 7rivate 6ining e-perience is 1$2.33 per person. 8t’s easy to da99le dinner guests with Arrowhead Grill’s :-course holiday dinner at 12+.33 per person. This dining e-perience will delight even the most discerning holiday guests. 8t begins with a choice of appeti9er; pret9el fondue, calamari or coconut shrimp. The second course offers a choice of fresh 0aesar or chopped salad followed by a choice of one of eight delicious entr4es, one of nine sides and ends the evening on a sweet note with one of 0hef 0harles’ signature desserts. <or their entr4e, guests can select from among Arrowhead Grill’s most renown dishes, including sea bass, a !!-ounce rib-eye steak, an 2-ounce filet, a *$-ounce prime rib, slow roasted chicken, seasonal fish or a full rack of lamb. (ides like saut4ed asparagus or broccoli, saut4ed mushrooms and onions, saut4ed spinach, creamed corn or spinach, mashed potatoes, or a baked potato or twice baked potato make for perfect pairings. 0ool key lime pie, cr=me br>l4e or Arrowhead Grill’s famous butter cake ends the meal on the perfect note.

,%e create a wonderful, holiday atmosphere for our guests and take the stress out of hosting a holiday party,. said (chwerd. ,&veryone can en'oy time together and no one is left with the work.. There is no room charge for those who book their holiday party for (unday through Thursday gatherings. Throughout 6ecember, there is a food and beverage minimum of 1!,""", plus !" percent gratuity, for private dining functions. Holiday party reservations are being accepted now. To learn more about hosting a party at Arrowhead Grill or to schedule a holiday party, call ?@!+A $@@-!!!:. <or more information about Arrowhead Grill visit Bnown as one of the )alley’s best steakhouses, Arrowhead Grill is located at 2!2" %. 5nion Hills 6r. ?Coop *"* and 5nion HillsA in Glendale. To get the latest news on Arrowhead Grill’s daily specials, follow Arrowhead Grill on Twitter at www.twitter.comDarrowheadgrill or on <acebook at www.facebook.comDarrowheadgrill. Abo$t Arrowhead Grill% &stablished in !""2 by renowned )alley chef 0harles %ade (chwerd, Arrowhead Grill epitomi9es (chwerd’s two decades of steakhouse e-perience, offering )alley residents a diverse menu of top #uality steak and seafood. <eaturing all natural meats and fresh, mercury-free seafood selected especially for Arrowhead Grill, the Glendale-based restaurant offers something for everyone in a setting that’s unpretentious yet sophisticated. <or more information, please visit &ontact% Al (tevens Arrowhead Grill 2!2" %. 5nion Hills 6rive Glendale, AE :2"-@:2-* " http;