By Hongdu Wang

Luzhou Medical College TCM Hospital

Scalp Acupuncture (SA)
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What is the SA? “The international standardized nomenclature of scalp acupuncture ” (1984. Japan) Manipulation

1. What is the SA?
1.1 Definition; 1.2 A brief history of SA; 1.3 Why to be effective?

is a therapeutic method to puncture specific stimulating zone on the scalp.1. also known as „head acupuncture‟. . which is mainly used to treat encephalopathy.1 Definition of SA  Scalp acupuncture. SA.

 One of them.3 Why SA to be effective  There are various hypothesis to interpret why SA is effectiveness. is very famous. theory of reflexion.1. .


WHO held a panel of experts of west pacific region in Japan to make out “the international standardized nomenclature of scalp acupuncture ”.2. “The international standardized nomenclature of SA ”  In 1984. .

   . divide the whole head into 4 regions. And 14 lines determined (left. (分区定经,经上选穴) At first. selecting the points on the channels. right and middle line totally 25 ). select the point(s).Content  Principles: divided into various regions and determined the related channels. Followed by channel on each region.







3.1.2 inserting 3.1.1 before needling 3. Manipulation 3.1 procedures 3.3 manipulation 3.2 cautions .1.

the hair is separated and the scalp is sterilized with the routine method.Preparations !  Sitting or lying position is required.5 – 2.5 cun are selected. .  The filiform needles of No. 26 – 30 and 1.

and along the stimulating area to a corresponding depth followed by rapid twirling and rotation .Inserting method! inserted quickly into the subcutaneous region or the muscular layer with an angle of about 30°.

manipulation   The index finger in semi-flexion. . repeatedly manipulation the needles for twice or 3 times and then withdraw the needle. retain the needle for 5 – 10 minutes. the palmar surface of the thumb and the radial surface of the index finger hold the needle handle. Twirl and rotate the handle quickly at the speed of approximately 200 times per minute for 1-2 minutes or use eletroacupuncture to replace twirling and rotation of the needle.

.  This treatment is given once a day or once every other day and 10 – 15 times make up one course.Advise & Course !  During the retention of the needles. the patient is advised to exercise the affected limb or doing passive movement to strengthen functional exercise. There is an interval of one week between two course of treatment.

 When withdrawing the needle.Cautions  Sterilize strictly to avoid infection. . press the punctured point with disinfected dry cotton balls to prevent bleeding.

Many clinical reports and researches have been done. this therapy was succeeded and improved. We also cooperated with Japanese scientist from Tokushima University to research SA mechanism with SHR_sp rat. such as stroke. It became very popular in the world until 70‟s _ 80‟s of last century.1. some head points were recorded for brain diseases. In <Huangdi Neijing> . The followed dynasties. My department did some works as well: we explored SA for stroke and published a serial of papers. . trembling. headache.2 A brief history    Let‟s date back two or three thousands years ago. the earliest TCM textbook.


2. .2.12:15 Start head acupuncture.020327.No.

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