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Public Access to Court Electronic Records

Public Access to Court Electronic Records


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Published by Shirley Pigott MD

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Published by: Shirley Pigott MD on Aug 06, 2009
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This option will search the Courts of Appeals by either case number, party name, and/or a
nature of suit code. The search can be limited by region and/or date range.


If necessary, select a particular region of the country to limit the search. The
default setting is to search all circuits.


Searches can be limited to a particular date range. To search one day, enter the
same beginning and end dates. To search forward, enter a beginning date only.
To search backward, enter an end date only. The default setting will search for
cases without a date range.


More specific searches can be performed by selecting both a region and a date
range. This may help reduce the number of search results.


Either a party name, case number, or Nature of Suit (NOS) code must be entered
to perform a search. A combination of party name and nature of suit is allowed.
Other combinations of these fields are not allowed.


Select “Yes” or “No” to display results with or without case title.


Click Search.


The search produces a list of cases (if any) that match the search criteria entered.
The party name, case title (if chosen), court where the case is located, case
number, filing date, nature of suit code (for civil cases), and closing date (if
applicable) for each match are displayed. The court in which the case is located is
abbreviated. For example, 01CA is the abbreviation for the Court of Appeals
First Circuit. The first two characters are a numeric or alpha representation for
the circuit followed by the letters CA for Court of Appeals. The Court Code List
is available under the Reports option on the main menu.

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