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Public Access to Court Electronic Records

Public Access to Court Electronic Records


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Published by: Shirley Pigott MD on Aug 06, 2009
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Clicking on “Run Query” produces the search results. The results may produce a listing of
persons or cases. Customers may select from this list, click the back button to enter more data,
or run another search. If more choices exist than appear in the display area, scroll bars will be
present to the right of the selection box. Either the mouse or arrow keys may be utilized to scroll
up or down through the choices. Once a specific case is selected, a new screen selection menu
will appear. This menu is the “Query” option menu and provides a variety of information
pertaining to the person or case. A brief explanation of each is described below:

Case Header - Appears at the top of the screen and consists of the following:

Case Number - The case number for the target case. The letters at the end of the

CM/ECF PACER User Manual

October 2007


case number are the initials of the judge assigned to the case.

Case Title - The case title for the case. (i.e., Plaintiff vs. Defendant ).

Judge - The judge assigned to the case.

Filed Date - The date the complaint in a civil or criminal case was filed.

Date terminated – The date the case was terminated (if applicable).

Date of Last filing - This reflects the date of the last document, hearing, or
changes to the case information.

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