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Conclusion About Author

usiness is so slo I don+t t!in& I ill 'a&e it$ -lu season is co'in($ I+ll #robably catc! it$* T!ey don+t reali.Introduction Our ords !a"e creati"e #o er$ %!ene"er e s#ea& so'et!in() eit!er (ood or bad) e (i"e life to !at e are sayin($ Too 'any #eo#le say ne(ati"e t!in(s about t!e'sel"es) about t!eir fa'ilies) and about t!eir futures$ T!ey say t!in(s suc! as) *I+ll ne"er be successful$ T!is sic&ness ill (et t!e best of 'e$ .e t!ey are #ro#!esyin( t!eir futures$ T!e /cri#ture says) *%e ill eat t!e fruit of our ords$* T!at 'eans e ill (et e0actly !at e+"e been sayin($ 1ere is t!e &ey2 you+"e (ot to send your ords out in t!e direction you ant your life to (o$ 3ou cannot tal& defeat and e0#ect to !a"e "ictory$ 3ou can+t tal& lac& and e0#ect to !a"e abundance$ 3ou ill #roduce !at you say$ If you ant to &no !at you ill be li&e fi"e years fro' no ) 4ust listen to !at you are sayin( about yourself$ %it! our ords e can eit!er bless our futures or e can curse our futures$ T!at+s !y e s!ould ne"er say) *I+' not a (ood #arent$ I+' unattracti"e$ I+' clu'sy$ I can+t do anyt!in( ri(!t$ I+ll #robably (et laid off$* .

i# it u#$ I+' not s#ea&in( defeat into 'y future$ I+' not s#ea&in( failure o"er 'y life$ I ill turn it around and s#ea& fa"or into 'y future$ I ill declare) *I+' blessed$ I+' stron($ I+' !ealt!y$ T!is ill be a (reat year$ *%!en you do t!at) you are blessin( your future$ I !a"e ritten t!is boo& of t!irty6one declarations so you can bless your future one day at a ti'e) one 'ont! at a ti'e$ 7y !o#e is t!at you ill ta&e 4ust a 'o'ent eac! day to bless your future it! one of t!ese #ositi"e) ins#irin() and encoura(in( declarations$ If you read one declaration and story eac! day) I belie"e you ill #ut yourself in a #osition for 8od+s blessin(s$ %!en e ere loo&in( to reno"ate t!e for'er Co'#a9 Center in 1ouston so it could ser"e as t!e ne :a&e ood C!urc!) our arc!itects told us t!e #ro4ect ould cost 'illions 'ore t!an e+d ori(inally esti'ated$ I as s!oc&ed by t!e fi(ures t!ey (a"e us$ .fter I (ot u# off t!e (round) I t!ou(!t) T!at+s i'#ossible$ I could ne"er raise t!at 'uc! 'oney$ .5o) t!ose t!ou(!ts 'ay co'e to your 'ind) but don+t 'a&e t!e 'ista&e of " t!e'$ T!e 'o'ent you s#ea& t!e' out) you allo t!e' to ta&e root$ T!ere !a"e been #lenty of ti'es !ere I+"e t!ou(!t so'et!in( ne(ati"e and I+' 4ust about to say it) but I+ll catc! 'yself and t!in&) 5o$ I+ll .

T!ere is no ay t!at ill !a##en$ T!e t!ou(!ts ere t!ere) but I &ne better t!an to "erbali.e t!e'$ 7y attitude as) If I #ro#!esy 'y future I ant to #ro#!esy so'et!in( (ood$ I+' not sayin( !at I feel$ I+' not sayin( !at it loo&s li&e in t!e real orld$ 5o) I+' sayin( !at 8od says about 'e$ 7y declaration as) *8od is su##lyin( all of our needs$ 1e is <e!o"a!6<ire!2 t!e :ord our =ro"ider$ T!is 'ay see' i'#ossible but I &no 8od can do t!e i'#ossible$ %!ere 8od (i"es "ision 1e al ays #ro"ides #ro"ision$* I 'ade sure to !a"e a re#ort of "ictory and e sa t!is drea' co'e to #ass$ =ro"erbs 18>21 says) *:ife and deat! are in t!e #o er of our ton(ue$* %!at are you sayin( about your future? %!at are you sayin( about your fa'ily? %!at are you sayin( about your finances? 7a&e sure t!e ords you are sendin( out are in t!e direction you ant your life to (o$ If you+re a baseball fan) you #robably &no !o <ose :i'a as$ Durin( t!e 1990s !e as t!e star #itc!er for t!e 1ouston .stros 'o"ed fro' t!e .ut so'et!in( interestin( !a##ened$ %!en t!e .stros$ One season !e on t enty6 one (a'es and as considered one of t!e best #itc!ers in t!e lea(ue$ .

.strodo'e$ .strodo'e to t!eir ne ball#ar& do nto n) t!e fence in left field as 'uc! closer t!an t!e fence in t!e .nd of course) t!is fa"ors t!e !itters$ It 'a&es it 'ore difficult on t!e #itc!ers$ T!e first ti'e <ose :i'a ent to t!e ne ball#ar& !e stood on t!e 'ound$ %!en !e loo&ed out into left field and sa !o close t!e fence as) t!e first ords out of !is 'out! ere) *I+ll ne"er be able to #itc! in !ere$ T!e fence is ay too close$* Do you &no !e ent fro' bein( a t enty6one6 (a'e inner to bein( a si0teen6(a'e loser? It as one of t!e bi((est ne(ati"e turnarounds in .ut !e al ays !ad a ne(ati"e re#ort$ @"ery ti'e I tal&ed to !i' !e told 'e !o !ard life as and !o business as slo and !is e9ui#'ent as brea&in( do n$ 1e as !a"in( #roble's at !o'e$ One of !is c!ildren as actin( u#) on and on$ I sa !i' t ice a .stros !istory$ %!at !a##ened? 1e #ro#!esied !is future$ T!ose ne(ati"e t!ou(!ts ca'e) and instead of i(norin( t!e') !e 'ade t!e 'ista&e of s#ea&in( t!e' out$ %!en you s#ea& it out you+re (i"in( life to your fait!$ .s =ro"erbs 6>2 says) *%e are snared by t!e ords of our 'out!$* %!en I as a boy t!ere as a (entle'an !o o ned t!e co'#any t!at too& care of our c!urc! (rounds$ 1e as a "ery nice 'an) &ind and friendly$ .

nd I+' not 'a&in( li(!t of !is situation$ T!e #oint is !e as #ro#!esyin( defeat$ 1e as cursin( !is future$ 1e didn+t for #robably ten years$ I cannot re'e'ber one ti'e !en !e did not !a"e a ne(ati"e re#ort$ .ll t!rou(! t!e day e s!ould (o around sayin() *I !a"e t!e fa"or of 8od$ I can do all t!in(s t!rou(! C!rist$ I a' blessed$ I+' stron($ I+' !ealt!y$* %!en you do t!at you 4ust blessed your life$ 3ou 4ust s#o&e fa"or into your future$ If you (et u# in t!e 'ornin( feelin( .e !e as bein( snared by t!e ords of !is 'out!$ /adly) !en !e as about fifty6fi"e years old) !e beca'e "ery sic&$ 1e s#ent t!e ne0t t o or t!ree years in and out of !os#itals$ 1e ended u# dyin( a "ery sad and lonely deat!$ I couldn+t !el# but t!in& t!at !e !ad been #redictin( t!is sad end !is entire life because !e as al ays tal&in( about !o !e ould ne"er 'a&e it to !is retire'ent years$ 1e (ot !at !e as callin( in$ 3ou 'ay be in a difficult ti'e ri(!t no ) but let 'e c!allen(e you$ Don+t use your ords to describe t!e situation$ Ase your ords to c!an(e t!e situation$ Ase t!is boo& as your (uide for declarin( your "ictory eac! day$ Declare !ealt!$ Declare fa"or$ Declare abundance$ 3ou (i"e life to your fait! by !at you say$ .

t!e bla!s don+t e"er say) *T!is ill be a lousy day$ I don+t ant to (o to or&$ I+' tired of dealin( it! t!ese c!ildren$* 5o) (et u# and say) *T!is is (oin( to be a (reat day$ I+' e0cited about 'y future$ /o'et!in( (ood is about to !a##en to 'e$* 3ou s!ould send your ords out in t!e direction you ant your life to (o$ 7aybe you+"e been t!rou(! a disa##oint'ent$ .ut instead of co'#lainin( by sayin() *%ell) I s!ould !a"e &no n it$ I ne"er (et any (ood brea&s$ <ust 'y luc&$* 5o) your declaration s!ould be) *I &no !en one door closes 8od ill o#en u# anot!er door$ %!at as 'eant for 'y !ar' 8od ill use to 'y ad"anta(e$ I+' not only co'in( out) I ill co'e out better off t!an I as before$* 1a"e a re#ort of "ictory$ 1ere+s !at I+"e learned$ 3ou belie"e !at you say about yourself 'ore t!an !at anybody else says$ T!at+s !y on a re(ular basis e s!ould say) *I+' blessed$ I+' !ealt!y$ I+' stron($ I+' "aluable$ I+' talented$ I !a"e a bri(!t future$* T!ose ords (o out of your 'out! and co'e ri(!t bac& into your o n ears$ O"er ti'e t!ey ill create t!e sa'e i'a(e on t!e inside$ . relations!i# didn+t or& out$ 3ou didn+t (et t!e #ro'otion you ere !o#in( for$ .

i# u# t!e ne(ati"e ords and start s#ea&in( fait! and "ictory into your future$ I &no #eo#le !o are al ays tired and run6do n$ T!ey are constantly sayin() *I+' so tired$ I 4ust don+t !a"e any ener(y$* T!ey+"e tal&ed about it so lon() it+s beco'e a reality$ Do you &no t!e 'ore e tal& about so'et!in() t!e .I read about a doctor in @uro#e !o !ad so'e "ery sic& #atients$ T!ey !ad been treated by traditional 'eans but t!eir !ealt! !ad not i'#ro"ed$ /o !e (a"e t!e' a "ery unusual #rescri#tion$ 1e !ad t!e' say t!ree or four ti'es an !our) *I a' (ettin( better and better) e"ery day) in e"ery ay$* O"er t!e ne0t fe 'ont!s !e !ad re'ar&able results$ 7any of t!ose #atients !ad not i'#ro"ed it! traditional 'edications) but all of t!e sudden) t!ey be(an to feel better and better$ %!at !a##ened? .s t!ey !eard t!e'sel"es sayin( o"er and o"er) *I+' (ettin( better$ I+' i'#ro"in($ 7y !ealt! is co'in( bac&)* t!ose ords be(an to create a ne i'a(e on t!e inside$ .efore lon() t!ey started seein( t!e'sel"es stron() !ealt!y) and !ole$ Once you (et a #icture of it on t!e inside t!en 8od can brin( it to #ass on t!e outside$ 3ou could see your life (o to a !ole ne le"el if you 4ust .

'ore e dra it in? It+s as if you are feedin( it$ If you (et u# in t!e 'ornin( and 4ust tal& about !o you feel) !o you+re tired and !o you on+t 'a&e it) you are defeatin( yourself$ 3ou+re di((in( your o n !ole$ Don+t tal& about t!e #roble'$ Tal& about t!e solution$ T!e /cri#ture says) *:et t!e ea& say) +I a' stron($+* 5otice it doesn+t say) *:et t!e ea& tal& about t!eir ea&ness$ :et t!e ea& call fi"e friends and discuss t!eir ea&ness$* *:et t!e ea& co'#lain about t!eir ea&ness$* 5o) it says in effect) *:et t!e ea& say e0actly t!e o##osite of !o t!ey feel$* In ot!er ords) don+t tal& about t!e ay you are$ Tal& about t!e ay you ant to be$ If you (et u# in t!e 'ornin( feelin( tired and let!ar(ic) instead of co'#lainin( 'ore t!an e"er) you need to declare) *I a' stron( in t!e :ord$ I a' full of ener(y$ 7y stren(t! is bein( rene ed$ T!is ill be a (reat day$* %!en you do t!at it ill not only c!an(e !o you feel) it also ill c!an(e your attitude$ 3ou on+t (o out it! a ea&) defeated) "icti' 'entality$ 3ou ill (o out it! a "ictor 'entality) it! a s#rin( in your ste#) it! a s'ile on your face) it! your s!oulders bac&$ T!ose ords can literally !el# lift your s#irit .

and cause you to see yourself and your circu'stances in a !ole ne li(!t$ 3ou are one of a &ind$ 3ou are a 'aster#iece$ 3ou are a #ri.ed #ossession$ %!en you a&e u# in t!e 'ornin( and loo& in t!e 'irror instead of (ettin( de#ressed) instead of sayin() *O!) 'an$ :oo& !o old I loo&$ :oo& at t!is (ray !air$ :oo& at t!ese rin&les)* you need to s'ile and say) *8ood 'ornin() you beautiful t!in($ 8ood 'ornin() you !andso'e t!in($ 8ood 'ornin() you blessed) #ros#erous) successful) stron() talented) creati"e) confident) secure) disci#lined) focused) !i(!ly fa"ored c!ild of t!e 7ost 1i(! 8od$* 8et it on t!e inside$ /#ea& fait! o"er your futureB .

DAY 1 I DECLARE God's incredible blessings over ! li"e# I $ill see %n e&'losion o" God's goodness( % sudden $ides're%d incre%se# I $ill e&'erience the sur'%ssing gre%tness o" God's "%vor# It $ill elev%te e to % level higher th%n I ever dre% ed o"# E&'losive blessings %re co ing ! $%!# This is ! decl%r%tion# .

. friend of 'ine anted to attend a 'a4or uni"ersity) but !e needed a sc!olars!i# to #ay for !is tuition$ 1e a##lied 'any 'ont!s before t!e sc!ool year started$ @"en t!ou(! !is (rades ere (ood enou(! to (et into t!e sc!ool) !e as infor'ed t!at t!ere ere no 'ore sc!olars!i#s a"ailable$ /o) !e enrolled in a 4unior colle(e instead$ It loo&ed li&e !is drea' of (oin( to t!e 'a4or uni"ersity as o"er$ It loo&ed li&e t!e situation as #er'anent$ .ll t!e facts said it ould not to !a##en$ .ll t!e facts are tellin( you it+s i'#ossible$ .ut 4ust a fe ee&s before sc!ool as to start) t!e sc!olars!i# office called bac& and said so'et!in( !ad o#ened u#$ Instead of offerin( !i' t!e t o6year #artial sc!olars!i# !e !ad a##lied for) t!ey offered !i' a four6year total sc!olars!i#2 an e0#losi"e blessin($ 3ou 'ay t!in& your situation is #er'anent$ 3ou+"e been in it a lon( ti'e$ 3ou don+t see !o you could e"er rise any !i(!er$ .ut 8od is sayin( today) *3ou need to (et ready$ %!ere you are is not #er'anent$ I !a"e e0#losi"e blessin(s co'in( your ay$ I ill increase you beyond your salary$ I ill bless you beyond your nor'al inco'e$ I ill suddenly c!an(e t!in(s in your life$* T!at+s !o t!e ord e0#losion is defined$ It 'eans) .

in( you &no it !ad to be t!e !and of 8od$ T!at+s !at !a##ened to one (entle'an$ 1e sto##ed by t!e c!urc! a !ile bac& and brou(!t a "ery lar(e donation to t!e 'inistry$ It as !is tit!e$ 1e said !e !ad recei"ed an in!eritance fro' a fa'ily 'e'ber !e !ad ne"er 'et before$ In fact) !e didn+t e"en really &no t!at t!ey ere related) but t!is 'an left !i' a (ift t!at t!rust !is fa'ily to a !ole ne le"el$ 1e as able to not only #ay !is !ouse off but !e also !ad #aid off se"eral ot!er #eo#le+s !ouses as ell$ I don+t &no about you) but I+' belie"in( for so'e lon(6lost relati"es li&e t!at$ I+' belie"in( for e0#losi"e blessin(s$ I' believing "or e&'losive blessings) T!e .*sudden) ides#read increase$* T!at+s !at 8od ants to do for eac! one of us$ /uddenly$ 3ou on+t e0#ect it$ It+s out of t!e ordinary and it+s not s'all$ It+s not 'ediocre$ It+s ides#read increase$ T!at 'eans it+s so a'a.#ostle =aul tal&ed about t!is in @#!esians 2>7 Ca'#D$ 1e said t!at e ould see *t!e unli'ited) i''easurable) sur#assin( (reatness of 8od+s fa"or$* 1e as sayin( e ould see fa"or li&e e+"e ne"er seen it before$ .

ut !en you co'e to one of t!ese e0#losi"e blessin(s) instead of (oin( fro' 7 to 8 to 9) 8od ill ta&e you fro' 7 to 8 to 63 to 64$ T!at+s ides#read increaseB .In t!e real orld) it 'ay loo& li&e you could ne"er acco'#lis! your drea's$ 3ou+"e already calculated !o you+ll ne"er (et out of debt$ 3ou+"e run all t!e nu'bersE but 8od is sayin() *3ou !a"en+t seen 7y e0#losi"e blessin(s$ 3ou !a"en+t seen t!e sur#assin( (reatness of 7y fa"or$ I !a"e blessin(s t!at ill cata#ult you years a!ead$ I !a"e increase t!at (oes beyond your nor'al calculations$* I+"e learned 8od doesn+t al ays ta&e us in nor'al incre'ents$ T!ere are ti'es 1e ill increase us little by little$ %e !a"e to be fait!ful day in and day out$ .

DAY * I DECLARE I $ill e&'erience God's "%ith"ulness# I $ill not $orr!# I $ill not doubt# I $ill +ee' ! trust in .i ( +no$ing th%t .e $ill not "%il e# I $ill give birth to ever! 'ro ise God 'ut in ! he%rt %nd I $ill beco e ever!thing God cre%ted e to be# This is ! decl%r%tion# .

ut so often) because it+s ta&in( a lon( ti'e and e+"e been t!rou(! disa##oint'ents) e (et ne(ati"e and start t!in&in( t!at it ill not !a##en$ -ust bec%use !ou don't see %n!thing h%''ening doesn't God is not $or+ing# T!e reason 'any #eo#le don+t see 8od+s #ro'ises co'e to #ass is because t!ey beco'e discoura(ed and (i"e u# too soon$ .'en$* T!at 'eans if you ill do your #art and belie"e e"en t!ou(! it loo&s i'#ossible) and .ll of 1is #ro'ises are *3es* and *.@"ery one of us !as drea's and (oals in our !eart$ T!ere are #ro'ises t!at e are standin( on$ 7aybe you are belie"in( for a c!ild to turn around) or belie"in( to (et !ealt!y a(ain) belie"in( to start a business or to be in 'inistry$ Dee# do n you &no 8od !as s#o&en t!at to your s#irit$ 1e !as birt!ed it on t!e inside$ .ut 4ust because you don+t see anyt!in( !a##enin( doesn+t 8od is not or&in($ <ust because it+s ta&in( a lon( ti'e doesn+t 'ean 8od ran out of o#tions$ 3our 'ind is sayin() It+s o"er$ 3our e'otions are sayin() 5o ay$ T!e circu'stances loo& i'#ossible$ T!at doesn+t 'ean 8od on+t do !at 1e said$ 8od is fait!ful to 1is ord$ .

nd !ear 'e clearly2 I ill not fail you$ I ill not let you do n$ I ill not let t!at #roble' o"erta&e you$ I ill cause you to be t!e o"erco'er$* 8od is sayin( if e ill &ee# our trust in 1i') 1e ill al ays 'a&e a ay e"en t!ou(! it loo&s li&e t!ere is no ay$ 1e ill (i"e you stren(t! for e"ery battle) isdo' for e"ery decision) #eace t!at #asses understandin($ 8od ill "indicate you for t!e ron(s t!at !a"e been done$ 1e ill #ay you bac& for unfair situations$ 1e #ro'ised 1e ill not only brin( your .not let your 'ind) your e'otions) or ot!er #eo#le tal& you out of it) t!en 8od #ro'ises in due season and at t!e ri(!t ti'e 1e ill brin( it to #ass$ It 'ay not !a##en t!e ay you e0#ect it or on your ti'etable) but 8od is a fait!ful 8od$ It ill !a##en$ 1e ill not let you do n$ T!at+s !at 1e said in 1ebre s 13> *I ill not in any ay fail you or lea"e you it!out su##ort$ T!erefore e can say it! confidence) +T!e :ord is 'y 1el#er$ I ill not be afraid$ %!at can 'an do to 'e?+* 3ou need to let t!at sin& do n on t!e inside> *I ill not fail you$* 8od is sayin() *@"eryt!in( ill or& out$ I+' in co'#lete control$ I &no !at t!e 'edical re#ort says$ I &no !at t!e financial situation loo&s li&e$ I see t!e #eo#le !o are co'in( a(ainst you$ I &no !o bi( your drea's are$ .

drea's to #ass but 1e desires of your !eart$ ill (i"e you e"en t!e secret Dare to trust 1i'$ Co'e bac& to t!at #lace of #eace$ Fuit bein( orried) stressed out) onderin( if it ill !a##en$ 8od !as you in t!e #al' of 1is !and$ 1e !as ne"er once failed before) and t!e (ood ne s is 1e is not about to start no $ .

I DECLARE I h%ve the gr%ce I need "or tod%!# I % "ull o" 'o$er( strength( %nd deter in%tion# Nothing I "%ce $ill be too uch "or e# I $ill overco e ever! obst%cle( outl%st ever! ch%llenge( %nd co e through ever! di""icult! better o"" th%n I $%s be"ore# This is ! decl%r%tion# .DAY .

ut 1e s#ecifically instructed t!e' to (at!er u# only enou(! for one day+s su##ly$ In fact) if t!ey too& 'ore it ouldn+t last$ It ould s#oil$ In t!e sa'e ay) 8od doesn+t (i"e us (race for a year at a ti'e) a 'ont! at a ti'e$ 5o) e"ery t enty6four !ours 8od !as ne su##ly of (race) afres! ne su##ly of (race) of fa"or) of isdo') of fa"or) of isdo') of for(i"eness$ 1o ill you 'a&e it t!rou(! t!e slo or&? One day at a ti'e$ 1o ti'e$ season at ill you raise a difficult c!ild? One day at a Ever! t$ent!/"our hours God h%s ne$ su''l! o" gr%ce( %"resh ne$ su''l! o" gr%ce( o" "%vor( o" $isdo ( o" "%vor( o" $isdo ( o" "orgiveness# I !eard Corrie Ten .oo' say so'et!in( "ery interestin( on t!is to#ic$ Durin( %orld %ar II) s!e and !er Dutc! fa'ily !id <e s fro' t!e and sa"ed 'any li"es$ @"entually s!e as cau(!t and #ut .%!en t!e #eo#le of Israel ere in t!e ilderness !eaded to ard t!e =ro'ised :and) 8od (a"e t!e' 'anna eac! 'ornin( to eat$ It ould a##ear on t!e (round$ .

in #rison$ In t!e concentration ca'#s s!e sa all &inds of atrocities$ /!e e"en itnessed t!e deat!s of !er o n fat!er and sister$ T!rou(! a series of unusual e"ents Corrie as accidentally released and !er life as s#ared$ In s#ite of seein( all t!e senseless &illin(s s!e ne"er really beca'e bitter$ /!e e"en for(a"e t!e 'an !o &illed !er fa'ily 'e'bers$ /o'ebody as&ed !er !o s!e could 'a&e it t!rou(! t!ose dar& days of seein( suc! terrible acts of !atred and still be lo"in( and &ind and for(i"in($ /!e ans ered t!at 9uestion it! a story$ /!e told !o !en s!e as a little (irl) !er fat!er ould ta&e !er on train rides t!rou(!out @uro#e$ 1e ould al ays #urc!ase t!e tic&ets se"eral ee&s in ad"ance$ .ut !e ould ne"er (i"e !er t!e tic&et until ri(!t before t!ey ere boardin($ Of course) s!e as a s'all (irl) and !e as concerned s!e 'i(!t lose it or lea"e it at !o'e$ .ut !ene"er !er fat!er sa t!e !eadli(!ts of t!e train #ullin( into t!e station !e ould !and !is little dau(!ter t!e tic&et and t!ey ould ste# onboard to(et!er$ Corrie said to t!e #erson !o as&ed !o s!e could be so for(i"in(> *T!e reason you can+t fat!o' !o I could for(i"e t!e #erson !o &illed 'y fa'ily) !o I could not be filled it! bitterness and !atred) is because 4ust li&e 'y fat!er and our train tic&ets) 8od doesn+t (i"e us t!e (race e need until e+re about .

ut if you ere to e"er (o t!rou(! so'et!in( li&e I ent t!rou(! I can assure you 8od+s (race ill be t!ere to !el# you 'a&e it t!rou(! t!e dar& "alleys and still &ee# your !ead !eld !i(! and your !eart filled it! lo"e$* 7aybe ri(!t no you can+t see !o to o"erco'e an obstacle) acco'#lis! your drea's) or for(i"e so'eone !o !urt you) but understand t!at !en you (et t!ere 8od ill !and you t!e tic&et$ 1e #urc!ased it t o t!ousand years a(o on a cross at Cal"ary$ 5o !en you co'e to a dar& "alley) a difficult season) a sic&ness) don+t orry about it$ 3our 1ea"enly -at!er ill !and you t!e tic&et$ 1e ill (i"e you t!e (race) t!e stren(t!) t!e fa"or) t!e for(i"eness) to do !at you need to do$ .to ste# onboard$ .

e is %bout to rele%se % s'eci%l gr%ce to hel' e %cco 'lish th%t dre% # This is ! ti e# This is ! o ent# I receive it tod%!) This is ! decl%r%tion# .DAY 0 I DECLARE it is not too l%te to %cco 'lish ever!thing God h%s 'l%ced in ! he%rt# I h%ve not issed ! $indo$ o" o''ortunit!# God h%s o ents o" "%vor in ! "uture# .e is 're'%ring e right no$ bec%use .

ut 8od still !as e"ery intention of brin(in( to #ass e"ery drea') e"ery #ro'ise) 1e #ut in your !eart$ 3ou 'ay !a"e #ut off ta&in( t!e first ste# for a ee&) a year) or t enty6fi"e years) but 8od is sayin() *It+s not too late to (et started$* 3ou can still beco'e e"eryt!in( 8od created you to be$ .7any ti'es e #ut off !at e &no 8od ants us to do$ 7aybe do n dee# 8od !as been dealin( it! you about for(i"in( a ron() (ettin( bac& in s!a#e) !a"in( a better attitude) s#endin( 'ore ti'e it! your fa'ily$ Or 'aybe it+s a drea' or (oal t!at you &no you s!ould be #ursuin() suc! as startin( a business) ritin( a boo&) 4oinin( t!e c!oir) learnin( a ne !obby$ 3ou &no 8od #ut it on t!e inside but so often e 'a&e e0cuses t!at !old us bac&$ T!in(s li&e) *I+' too busy$ I tried and failed$ I+' not t!at talented$ T!ey !urt 'e too badly$* It+s easy to tal& yourself out of your drea's and (oals$ Too 'any #eo#le settle for 'ediocrity$ .ut you 'ust do your #art and 'o"e off dead center$ 3ou+re not too old or too youn($ 3ou !a"en+t 'issed your indo .ut t!e (ood ne s is 8od ne"er aborts a drea'$ %e 'ay (i"e u# on t!e'$ %e 'ay 9uit #ursuin( ne o##ortunities) 9uit belie"in( to o"erco'e an obstacle$ .

of o##ortunity$ T!e drea' is still ali"e on t!e inside$ You c%n still beco e ever!thing God cre%ted !ou to be# 5o you s!ould rise u# in fait! and say) *T!is is 'y ti'e$ T!is is 'y 'o'ent$ I+' not settlin( !ere I a'$ I+"e let e0cuses !old 'e bac& lon( enou(!$ .ut today) I ill ta&e ste#s of fait! to #ursue ne o##ortunities) to e0#lore ne !obbies) to brea& bad !abits) to (et rid of ron( 'ind6sets$ I &no it+s not too late to acco'#lis! e"eryt!in( 8od !as #laced in 'y !eart$* If you !a"e t!is &ind of attitude) t!e rest of your life can be t!e best of your life$ In t!e .ible !en =aul told Ti'ot!y) */tir u# t!e (ift$ -an t!e fla'e* C2 Ti'ot!y 1>6 C5IGD) !e as sayin() *Ti'ot!y) life is flyin( by$ 8et busy #ursuin( your destiny$ Ever! setb%c+ e%ns !ou're one ste' closer to seeing the dre% co e to '%ss# 3ou !a"e to stay #assionate about !at 8od #ut in your !eart$ Don+t let one disa##oint'ent or e"en a .

ut you ne"er &no 2 nu'ber one t!ousand and one 'ay be t!e door t!at s in(s o#en ide$ 8et your fire bac&$ 3ou 'ay !a"e been t!rou(! disa##oint'ents$ T!in(s 'i(!t not be t!e ay you+d !o#ed t!ey ould be$ /!a&e off your disa##oint'ent$ Create a fres! ne "ision for your life$ .series of disa##oint'ents con"ince you to (i"e u# and settle !ere you are$ I+"e learned e"ery setbac& 'eans you+re one ste# closer to seein( t!e drea' co'e to #ass$ 3ou !a"e to co'e to your closed doors before you+ll e"er (et to your o#en doors$ 3ou 'ay !a"e tried and failed a t!ousand ti'es$ .

e h%s blessed e $ith# I $ill loo+ %t $h%t is right %nd not $h%t is $rong# I $ill th%n+ .i "or $h%t I h%ve %nd not co 'l%in %bout $h%t I don't h%ve# I $ill see e%ch d%! %s % gi"t "ro God# 2! he%rt $ill over"lo$ $ith 'r%ise %nd gr%titude "or %ll o" .DAY 1 I DECLARE I % gr%te"ul "or $ho God is in ! li"e %nd "or $h%t .is goodness# This is ! decl%r%tion# .e's done# I $ill not t%+e "or gr%nted the 'eo'le( the o''ortunities( %nd the "%vor .

%!ene"er I tal& to #eo#le !o !a"e !ad life6 t!reatenin( e0#eriences) !et!er fro' an illness) an accident) or so'e ot!er c!allen(e) it!out fail t!ey tal& about !o t!ey !a"e co'e to a##reciate eac! and e"ery day 'ore t!an e"er before$ T!ey don+t ta&e a 'inute for (ranted$ T!ey see e"ery day as a (ift fro' 8od$ %e !a"e to reali.e t!at our li"es could be (one in a 'o'ent$ T!ere are no (uarantees t!at e ill be !ere at t!is ti'e ne0t year$ :earn to li"e eac! day to t!e fullest$ Don+t co'#lain$ Don+t focus on !at+s ron($ .nd really you need to li"e e"ery day li&e it could be your last$ I !eard so'ebody say) *If you only !ad an !our to li"e) !o' ould you call? %!at ould you say? .e (rateful for t!e o##ortunity to e0#erience eac! day$ You need to live ever! d%! li+e it could be !our l%st# T!in(s 'ay not be #erfect$ 3ou 'ay !a"e so'e ac!es and #ains$ 3ou 'ay !a"e so'e ad"ersity$ .ut in t!e bi( sco#e of t!in(s your life could be a !ole lot orse$ .

nd !at are you aitin( for?* Don+t ta&e for (ranted !at 8od !as already (i"en you$ 3ou 'ay not reali.s you can i'a(ine !e as de"astated$ 1e could not belie"e it$ T!en) !e ent in for sur(ery and !is doctors found t!at !e didn+t !a"e cancer$ Instead) t!ey found an unusual fun(us) !ic! t!ey ere able to re'o"e$ 1is "ision as sa"ed$ %!en 'y friend o&e u# fro' t!e o#eration and !eard t!e (ood ne s !e said) *T!is is t!e (reatest day of 'y lifeB* T!in& about it$ 1e didn+t 4ust in t!e lottery$ 1e didn+t 4ust earn a bi( #ro'otion$ 1e didn+t 4ust buy a ne !o'e$ 1e si'#ly learned t!at !e ould continue to !a"e t!e "ision !e+d al ays !ad$ .e it but e are li"in( in t!e (ood old days$ I+' con"inced t enty or t!irty years fro' no you ill loo& bac& and say) *T!ose ere so'e (reat ti'es$ I re'e'ber !en :a&e ood as o"er in @ast 1ouston$ I re'e'ber !en <oel as 4ust a youn( 'an$ I re'e'ber !en !is brot!er) =aul) still !ad so'e !airB* T!ese are t!e (ood old days$ I used to #lay bas&etball it! a youn( 'an) a stron( at!lete) !o be(an !a"in( #roble's it! one of !is eyes$ 1e ent to t!e doctor and as told t!at !e !ad a for' of cancer t!at t!reatened !is "ision in t!e eye$ ..

ecause !e al'ost lost !is "ision) seein( !as no ta&en on a !ole ne 'eanin($ 1e a##reciates it in a 'uc! (reater ay$ .1e told 'e) *<oel) no e"ery 'ornin( !en I (et u# I loo& around on #ur#ose$ I stare at 'y c!ildren$ I (o outside and I loo& u# at t!e lea"es$ I ta&e ti'e to #ic& u# an acorn and I+ll 4ust stare at it$* .

DAY 3 I DECLARE % leg%c! o" "%ith over ! li"e# I decl%re th%t I $ill store u' blessings "or "uture gener%tions# 2! li"e is %r+ed b! e&cellence %nd integrit!# 4ec%use I' %+ing right choices %nd t%+ing ste's o" "%ith( others $ill $%nt to "ollo$ e# God's %bund%nce is surrounding ! li"e tod%!# This is ! decl%r%tion# .

nd t!e (ood ne s is it ill not sto# it! you$ It ill be .%!en you !ear t!e ord le(acy you #robably t!in& of !at you ill lea"e be!ind or !o you ill be re'e'bered !en you are (one$ T!at+s one ay of t!in&in() but t!ere is so'et!in( e"en 'ore si(nificant$ T!e /cri#ture tal&s about !o e can store u# 'ercy for our c!ildren and future (enerations$ 3ou can store u# blessin(s and fa"or by li"in( a life of e0cellence and inte(rity t!at ill affect (enerations to co'e$ I &no I a' blessed today because I !ad #arents !o !onored 8od$ I also !ad (rand#arents !o #rayed for 'e and 'odeled a life of e0cellence$ 3ou are !ere you are because so'ebody sacrificed$ /o'ebody #rayed$ /o'ebody ser"ed$ .nd no 8od is !onorin( t!e' by releasin( 1is (oodness in your life$ 5one of us (ot to !ere e are on our o n$ In 2 Ti'ot!y 1>5 C5IGD) t!e .#ostle =aul said) *Ti'ot!y) t!e fait! I see in you first d elt in your (rand'ot!er) :ois) and t!en your 'ot!er) @unice) and no I can see it in you$* =aul as sayin() *Ti'ot!y) !at I see in you didn+t start it! you$ It started because you !ad a #rayin( (rand'ot!er$ T!at o'an !onored 8od it! !er life$ /!e stored u# 'ercy t!at as #assed do n to your 'ot!er) and no I can see it in you$ .

ut !en !e (re tired and #ut !is !ands do n t!e ene'y ould start #re"ailin($ 7oses reali.!anded do n fro' (eneration to (eneration$* 3ou 'ay not feel li&e you !a"e a (odly !erita(e if your #arents or (rand#arents didn+t (i"e 8od t!e ti'e of day$ .ed !at as !a##enin($ 1e as&ed a cou#le 'en to !el# !i' &ee# !is !ands in t!e air$ .ut you 'ay be rea#in( t!e re ards of a le(acy left a !undred years a(o by a (reat6(reat6 (randfat!er or ot!er ancestors$ T!ey #rayed$ T!ey !el#ed ot!ers$ It as t!eir fait!) t!eir life of e0cellence) t!at #lanted t!e seed) and no 8od is re ardin( t!e' by !el#in( you to li"e a life of "ictory$ /cri#ture tells t!e story of <os!ua and t!e #eo#le of Israel !o ere in t!e 'idst of a (reat battle$ T!eir leader 7oses as on a !ill !oldin( u# a staff of 8od in t!e air$ .s lon( as 7oses !ad !is !ands raised) <os!ua and t!e Israelites ould in$ .ut !at I ant you to see is <os!ua as do n t!ere innin( t!e battle$ 1e did not reali.e t!e only reason !e as innin( as because 7oses as on t!e !ill !oldin( u# !is !ands$ %it!out 7oses doin( !is #art <os!ua and t!e #eo#le of Israel ould !a"e been defeated$ 3our c!allen(e is .

to li"e in suc! a ay as to cause ot!ers to in$ %it! e"ery ri(!t decision you 'a&e) you are !oldin( u# your !ands$ 3ou+re 'a&in( it easier on t!ose !o co'e after you$ @"ery ti'e you resist te'#tation you are innin( for your c!ildren$ Your ch%llenge is to live in such % $%! %s to c%use others to $in# @"ery ti'e you are &ind and res#ectful) e"ery ti'e you !el# so'eone in need) e"ery ti'e you co'e to c!urc!) ser"e) and (i"e) you are storin( u# 'ercy$ It 'ay be for your c!ildren) for your (randc!ildren) or e"en a !undred years fro' no for so'ebody in your fa'ily line !o ill e0#erience 8od+s (oodness because of t!e life you+"e li"ed$ .

e is directing ! ste's# And even though I %! not %l$%!s underst%nd ho$( I +no$ ! situ%tion is not % sur'rise to God# Lie $ill $or+ out ever! det%il to ! %dv%nt%ge# In .is 'er"ect ti ing( ever!thing $ill turn out right# This is ! decl%r%tion# .DAY 5 I DECLARE th%t God h%s % gre%t 'l%n "or ! li"e# .

T!e /cri#ture tal&s about !o all of our days !a"e been ritten in 8od+s boo&$ 1e+s already recorded e"ery #art of your life fro' t!e be(innin( to t!e end$ 8od &no s e"ery disa##oint'ent) e"ery loss) and e"ery c!allen(e$ T!e (ood ne s is your story ends in "ictory$ 3our final c!a#ter concludes it! you fulfillin( your 8od6(i"en destiny$ 1ere+s t!e &ey> %!en you (o t!rou(! a disa##oint'ent) !en you (o t!rou(! a loss) don+t sto# on t!at #a(e$ Hee# 'o"in( for ard$ T!ere+s anot!er c!a#ter in front of you) but you !a"e to be illin( to al& into it$ /o'eti'es e focus too lon( on tryin( to fi(ure out !y so'et!in( didn+t or& out t!e ay e anted) 'aybe !y a 'arria(e didn+t last) or !y e eren+t (i"en a #osition e or&ed !ard for$ 3ou 'ay not understand e"eryt!in( you+"e been t!rou(!$ .ut if you+ll 4ust &ee# #ressin( for ard) not lettin( t!e bitterness ta&e root) you ill co'e to a c!a#ter in your future t!at ill #ull it all to(et!er) a c!a#ter t!at ill cause it to 'a&e sense$ 6hen !ou go through % dis%''oint ent### don't sto' on th%t '%ge# .

.le t!at didn+t loo& li&e it fit any !ere$ .le ca'e closer to bein( finis!ed t!at t!ere as a #erfect #lace for t!at *e0tra* #iece$ %!at as t!e #roble' earlier? .ll t!e ot!er #ieces eren+t to(et!er yet$ T!e sa'e 'i(!t be true for you and your life$ 3ou 'ay !a"e issues or c!allen(es t!at you don+t understand$ 3ou+re onderin() *<oel) if 8od is so (ood) !y did 'y life turn out li&e t!is? %!y didn+t I (et t!at #ro'otion? It 4ust doesn+t see' to 'a&e sense$* 3es) t!at+s true on its o n) but it+s because you !a"e #ieces to your #u.Our dau(!ter .fter tryin( e"ery o#tion e could t!in& of) #lacin( t!e #iece !ere and t!ere it!out findin( a fit) I+d usually co'e to t!e conclusion t!at t!e 'anufacturer 'ust !a"e 'essed u#$ 7aybe t!ey+d included an e0tra #iece by 'ista&e or dro##ed in a #iece fro' a different #u..le0andra lo"ed to #ut to(et!er #u..le t!at !a"e not yet co'e to(et!er$ If you ill stay in fait!) before lon( you ill see !o e"ery setbac&) e"ery disa##oint'ent) e"en a ....le$ @"ery ti'e t!at !a##ened) t!ou(!) e+d disco"er as t!e #u.le to or& on it! !er$ /o'eti'es it ould ta&e us t o or t!ree days$ In"ariably) e ould find a #iece of t!at #u.les !en s!e as a little (irl$ @"ery cou#le of ee&s e bou(!t !er a ne #u.

le fit to(et!er$ T!at #u.le 'ay not 'a&e sense ri(!t no ) but don+t be discoura(edE t!ere+s anot!er #iece co'in( t!at ill #ull it all to(et!er$ .le$ 3ou 'ay also disco"er t!at if t!is issue or c!allen(e !ad not !a##ened you ould not !a"e beco'e connected to t!e (reat t!in(s 8od !ad in your future$ 3ou 'ay not see it yet) but 8od !as t!e ri(!t #ieces to 'a&e your #u...loss) as si'#ly anot!er #iece of your #u..

DAY 7 I DECLARE God's dre% "or ! li"e is co ing to '%ss# It $ill not be sto''ed b! 'eo'le( dis%''oint ents( or %dversities# God h%s solutions to ever! 'roble I $ill ever "%ce %lre%d! lined u'# The right 'eo'le %nd the right bre%+s %re in ! "uture# I $ill "ul"ill ! destin!# This is ! decl%r%tion# .

; colle(e #rofessor too& a (rou# of students to C!ina for a field tri#$ /e"eral days into t!e 4ourney t!e #rofessor e0#erienced incredible sto'ac! #ain$ 1e as !urtin( so badly) t!e #rofessor as&ed a friend to call an a'bulance$ 1e as rus!ed to a local clinic$ T!ey ere ay bac& in a s'all to n it! no bi( !os#itals$ T!e 'edical staffer in c!ar(e noticed t!at t!e #rofessor+s a##endi0 !ad ru#tured$ =oison as s#readin( t!rou(!out !is body) but t!ere ere no sur(eons around$ T!ere as little t!at could be done for t!e #rofessor) !is friend as told$ *I can (i"e !i' so'e #ain 'edication) 'aybe so'e slee#in( #ills) but 'y ad"ice is t!at !e s!ould 'a&e #eace it! !is fa'ily)* t!e clinic staffer told !i'$ T!e #rofessor ent into con"ulsions and #assed in and out of consciousness$ ,ac& at !o'e in t!e /tates) t!e #rofessor+s fat!er) !o is a #astor) be(an to feel an incredible burden for !is son durin( a ser"ice at !is c!urc!$ T!e #astor tried to i(nore t!e feelin( but it 4ust ouldn+t (o a ay$ -inally) !e sto##ed t!e ser"ice and !e said to t!e con(re(ation) *%e 'ust #ray for 'y son$ /o'et!in( is ron($* T!ey dro##ed to t!eir &nees and #rayed$

,ac& in C!ina at t!e clinic it as t o o+cloc& in t!e 'ornin( !en one of t!at country+s 'ost ell6 &no n sur(eons al&ed inEt!e sa'e sur(eon !o tra"els it! t!e A$/$ #resident !en !e "isits C!ina$ T!e clinic staff as a'a.ed to see !i'$ *I+' !ere to ta&e care of t!e ;'erican)* t!e sur(eon said$ T!e C!inese sur(eon sa"ed t!e life of t!e #rofessor it! an o#eration$ T!e ne0t day t!e sur(eon said to t!e reco"erin( #rofessor> *%!o ere t!ose t o 'en t!at you sent into 'y office yesterday?* *I didn+t send anybody to you)* t!e #rofessor re#lied$ *I don+t &no anybody !ere in C!ina$ I+"e 4ust been !ere for a cou#le of days$* *T!at+s odd) because t o 'en ca'e in dressed in nice suits$ T!ey loo&ed li&e t!ey ere (o"ern'ent officials)* t!e sur(eon said$ *;nd t!ey said you ere a "ery i'#ortant #erson and I needed to be !ere in t!e 'iddle of t!e ni(!t to o#erate on you$* God +no$s ho$ to %+e it %ll $or+ out#### ,e is in co 'lete control#

8od &no s !o to 'a&e it all or& out$ @"en se"en t!ousand 'iles a ay 8od !ad #eo#le #rayin($ T!at+s !y you can li"e life in #eace$ 8od is in co'#lete control$ 1e &no s t!e end fro' t!e be(innin($ 8od &no s !at you ill need a ee& fro' no ) a 'ont! fro' no ) e"en ten years fro' no $ ;nd t!e (ood ne s is 1e+s already ta&in( care of you$

e $ill s'e%+ to the right 'eo'le %bout e# I $ill see E'hesi%ns .9*:( e&ceedingl!( %bund%ntl!( %bove/%nd/ be!ond "%vor %nd incre%se in ! li"e# This is ! decl%r%tion# .DAY 8 I DECLARE une&'ected blessings %re co ing ! $%!# I $ill ove "or$%rd "ro b%rel! %+ing it to h%ving ore th%n enough# God $ill o'en u' su'ern%tur%l doors "or e# .

ut !e said) *5o) I don+t ant 4ust t!at$ I ant you to be 'y #artner and e ill s#lit it fifty6fifty$* 7y friend /a'uel as really t!rilled$ *I+d lo"e to do t!at but I don+t !a"e t!e funds li&e you do)* /a'uel said$ *I can+t #ut in fifty #ercent li&e you can$* *Don+t orry about it$ I don+t need your funds)* t!e business'an said$ *T!at+s ta&en care of$ I 4ust ant to bless you because you+"e al ays been so (ood to 'e$* .7y friend /a'uel al ays drea'ed of startin( !is o n business$ 3ear after year !e as fait!ful to !is e'#loyer and !e as al ays doin( (ood t!in(s for so'ebody2 not 4ust encoura(in( #eo#le but fi0in( t!in(s at t!eir !o'es) or (i"in( t!e' rides to t!e air#ort$ 1e !as a (i"in( s#irit$ . !ile bac& anot!er friend as&ed !i' to (o to dinner$ /a'uel t!ou(!t t!ey ere 4ust catc!in( u# on old ti'es) but t!is friend brou(!t a #ro#osal to start a ne business$ T!is 'an already o ned a "ery successful co'#any) but !e anted to start so'et!in( ne $ /a'uel t!ou(!t t!at !e 4ust anted to (et !is ad"ice about it and 'aybe (et so'e encoura(e'ent$ .

business dro##ed in !is la#$ In t!e sa'e ay) 8od !as a' t!in(s in your future$ 1e !as doors t!at ill o#en ider t!an you t!ou(!t #ossible$ 1e can brin( across your #at! o##ortunity t!at+s (reater t!an you can i'a(ine$ 3ou 'ay t!in& you+"e reac!ed your li'its) or t!at you ill ne"er acco'#lis! your drea's) ne"er #ay off your !ouse) and ne"er lea"e anyt!in( for your c!ildren$ .5o /a'uel o ns fifty #ercent of a (ro in( business$ 1is drea' !as co'e to #ass$ %!at as t!at? 1e al&ed into a 'o'ent of fa"or t!at 8od !ad already lined u# for !i'$ God h%s % things in !our "uture# .ut you don+t &no !at 8od !as already s#o&en o"er you$ 3ou don+t &no t!e incredible t!in(s 8od !as co'in( your ay$ T!e .ible tal&s about !o 8od re ards fait!fulness$ 7att!e 25>21 says t!at !en you are fait!ful in t!e little t!in(s t!at 8od ill (i"e you (reater t!in(s$ %!en you re'ain fait!ful) I belie"e your #ayday is co'in($ 8od re ards t!ose !o see& after 1i'$ If you !a"e been fait!ful) if you !a"e (i"en and if you !a"e .

ll 8od !as to do is s#ea& to one #erson) and your !ole life can c!an(e for t!e better$ .ser"ed t!en 8od says> *3our #ayday is on its ay$* 1e is about to release a 'o'ent of fa"or t!at 1e already !as in your future$ .

e h%s blessings th%t $ill thrust e !e%rs %he%d# This is ! decl%r%tion# .is 'l%n "or ! li"e %s I 'ut ! trust in .e $ill give e victor! sooner th%n I thin+# .i # I $ill %cco 'lish ! dre% s "%ster th%n I thought 'ossible# It $ill not t%+e !e%rs to overco e %n obst%cle( to get out o" debt( or to eet the right 'erson# God is doing things "%ster th%n be"ore# .DAY 1: I DECLARE th%t God $ill %cceler%te .

in($ 7ost #eo#le ser"e t!e best ine first and t!en) after #eo#le !a"e !ad a lot to .In t!e first #ublic 'iracle <esus e"er #erfor'ed) !e turned ater into ine at a eddin( rece#tion$ Durin( t!is bi( celebration) t!e !osts ran out of ine$ <esus+ 'ot!er) 7ary) ca'e u# and told 1i' about t!e #roble'$ *7o') !y are you tellin( 'e t!at? I can+t do anyt!in( about it)* <esus said$ *7y ti'e !as not yet co'e$* I can i'a(ine 7ary 4ust s'iled and said to t!e or&ers) *Do 'e a fa"or$ %!ate"er 1e as&s you to do) 4ust do it$* 7ary &ne !at 1e as ca#able of doin($ T!ere ere si0 stone ater #ots nearby$ T!ey !eld about t!irty (allons eac!$ <esus said to t!e or&ers) *-ill t!ose #ots u# it! ater$* T!ey filled t!e' u#$ T!en 1e said) *5o di# out so'e of t!e ater*E !ic! as no ineE*and ta&e it to t!e !ost of t!e #arty$* %!en t!e !ost tasted it) !e called t!e (roo' o"er and said) *T!is is a'a.

nd t!at+s 4ust a"era(e69uality ine$ T!e better69uality ine ta&es bet een fi"e and se"en years to 'a&e$ .drin& and don+t &no any better) t!ey+ll brin( out t!e less e0#ensi"e ine$ .(in( it for 9uality and increased "alue can ta&e decades$ God c%n do in % s'lit second $h%t ight other$ise t%+e !ou %n! !e%rs# T!e best ine is often t!ou(!t to be t enty or t!irty years old$ 3et) in 1is first #ublic 'iracle) <esus #roduced t!e finest69uality ine in a s#lit second) 4ust a 'o'ent in ti'e for !at nor'ally ould ta&e decades to do$ /o) if you+"e orried t!at you don+t !a"e enou(! ti'e to acco'#lis! your drea's and (oals) you need to re'e'ber t!atE4ust as <esus s#ed u# t!e ine'a&in( #rocessE8od can do in a s#lit .ut you+"e done 4ust t!e o##osite$ 3ou+"e sa"ed t!e best ine for last$* I+"e read so'e on !o lon( it ta&es to 'a&e ine$ It+s a "ery len(t!y #rocess t!at be(ins) of course) it! t!e #lantin( of t!e seeds$ T!en it ta&es se"eral years for t!e "ines to (ro and #roduce (ra#es$ Once t!e (ra#es de"elo# and 'ature and are 4ust ri(!t) t!ey 'ust be #ic&ed and #rocessed to 'a&e t!e ine$ In (eneral it can ta&e t!ree to fi"e years before t!e first ine can be bottled$ .

second !at 'i(!t ot!er ise ta&e you 'any years$ 7aybe it s!ould nor'ally ta&e you t enty years to #ay your !ouse off$ .e encoura(ed2 t!e 8od e ser"e &no s !o to s#eed u# natural la s$ 1e can ta&e you fart!er 'ore 9uic&ly t!an you could e"er i'a(ine$ .ut t!e (ood ne s is 8od is in t!e acceleratin( business$ 1e can (i"e you one (ood brea& t!at ill t!rust you t!irty years do n t!e road$ 1e can turn your ater into ine$ .

9*: over ! li"e# God $ill do e&ceedingl!( %bund%ntl! %bove %ll th%t I %s+ or thin+# 4ec%use I honor .i ( .is blessings $ill ch%se e do$n %nd overt%+e e# I $ill be in the right 'l%ce %t the right ti e# <eo'le $ill go out o" their $%! to be good to e# I % surrounded b! God's "%vor# This is ! decl%r%tion# .DAY 11 I DECLARE E'hesi%ns .

re you sure you ant to (i"e t!is to 'e?* 1e said) *3es$ I+' #ositi"e$ <ust (o u# to t!e counter and (i"e t!e' 'y nu'ber> 56565$* /o s!e ent u# to t!e counter al'ost in disbelief$ T!ere ere t!ree re(isters o#en$ T!ey !ad fi"e or si0 #eo#le in eac! line$ /!e stood at t!e bac& of t!e line$ .s s!e as or&in() one of t!e 'ain #arts bro&e off and it ouldn+t or& any'ore$ /o s!e #ut t!e sander and t!e bro&en #art into a :a&e ood C!urc! ba( t!at s!e+d 4ust !a##ened to !a"e at !o'e$ /!e ent u# to t!e !ard are store$ T!is (entle'an ca'e o"er to !el# !er$ /!e s!o ed !i' t!e bro&en #art and as&ed if !e !ad it$ 1e loo&ed at !er in t!e stran(est ay) al'ost li&e t!is (la.Irene) a friend of 'ine) as or&in( at !o'e) refinis!in( a #iece of furniture it! an electric sander to re'o"e t!e old stain$ It as a tool s!e+d !ad for so'e ti'e$ It asn+t in t!at (reat of s!a#e$ .ut !e reac!ed u# on t!e s!elf and (ot a brand6ne ) to#6of6t!e6line sander and said) *1ere) I ant you to !a"e t!is$ It+s our (ift to you$* Irene !ad ne"er e"en 'et t!e 'an) ne"er seen !i' before$ /!e as totally ta&en bac&$ /!e said) *.e ca'e !is eyes and !e said) *5o) e don+t !a"e t!at #art$ %e don+t e"en carry t!at 'odel$* .

nd I &no anybody t!at (oes to :a&e ood !as to be !i(!ly fa"ored$* .ll of t!e sudden t!e lady or&in( t!e re(ister loo&ed o"er and said) *1ey) lady$ Co'e u# !ere$ I ant to c!ec& you out ri(!t no $* Irene #ointed at !erself and said) *Do you 'ean 'e?* /!e said) *3es) I 'ean you) t!e !i(!ly fa"ored o'an$* Irene as &ind of e'barrassed$ /!e didn+t ant to cut a!ead of ot!ers) but t!e lady insisted) so s!e ent u# t!ere and s!o ed !er t!e sander and said) *T!is 'an said !e anted to (i"e t!is to 'e$* /!e said) *%ell) I don+t &no as !e?* *I don+t &no Irene said$ if !e can do t!at$ %!o as 56565)* ants$ 1e+s but !e said !is nu'ber !ate"er !e /!e said) *%ell) !e can do t!e re(ional 'ana(er$* <ust as Irene as about to lea"e s!e said to t!e lady) *..y t!e ay) !y did you call 'e u# in front of all t!ese #eo#le?* T!e lady said) *I sa your :a&e ood C!urc! ba( and I atc! e"ery /unday$ .

is blessings $ill ch%se !ou do$n %nd overt%+e !ou# I belie"e t!at t!ose !o stay in fait! are !i(!ly fa"ored$ 3ou need to #re#are for an e0ceedin() abundant) abo"e6and6beyond life2 a life !ere #eo#le (o out of t!eir ay for no reason to be (ood to you2 a life !ere you (et #ro'oted e"en t!ou(! you eren+t t!e 'ost 9ualified2 a life !ere you find yourself in t!e ri(!t #lace at t!e ri(!t ti'e$ %!en you al& in 8od+s fa"or) 1is blessin(s c!ase you do n and o"erta&e you$ ill .6hen !ou $%l+ in God's "%vor( .

is %ster'iece( his ost 'ri.DAY 1* I DECLARE I % s'eci%l %nd e&tr%ordin%r!# I % not %ver%ge) I h%ve been custo / %de# I % one o" % +ind# O" %ll the things God cre%ted( $h%t .ed 'ossession# I $ill +ee' ! he%d held high( +no$ing I % % child o" the ost high God( %de in his ver! i %ge# This is ! decl%r%tion# .e is the ost 'roud o" is e# I % .

e%venl! =%ther be the ost i 'ort%nt 'erson in !our li"e# .ut 8od says) *I !a"e 'ercy for e"ery 'ista&e$ 8et u# and (o a(ain$ 3our future is bri(!ter t!an your #ast$* Let !our .ase your sense or "alue on !at 1e says about you$ %!en you 'a&e 'ista&es so'e 'ay critici.e and 'a&e you feel (uilty) li&e you+re all as!ed u#$ .=syc!olo(ists say our self6 ort! is often based u#on !at e belie"e t!e 'ost i'#ortant #eo#le in our li"es t!in& of us$ -or c!ildren 'ost li&ely t!at ould be t!eir #arents$ -or adults) t!at could still be a #arent) a s#ouse) a friend) or a 'entor$ T!e #roble' it! t!is #!iloso#!y is t!at #eo#le can disa##oint us$ T!ey can say t!in(s or do t!in(s t!at brin( !eartac!e and #ain$ If e+re recei"in( our "alue only fro' t!ose !o !urt us) e+ll li&ely feel less and less "aluable o"er ti'e$ /ooner or later t!ey ill say so'et!in( t!at cuts li&e a &nife) or t!ey ill s!o by t!eir actions t!at e+re not really t!at i'#ortant$ T!e &ey to really understandin( and 'aintainin( a true sense of "alue is to let your 1ea"enly -at!er be t!e 'ost i'#ortant #erson in your life$ .

ut 8od says) *3ou+re a'$ 3ou+re beautiful$ 3ou+re one of a &ind$* =eo#le 'ay disa##oint you and re4ect you) e"en say t!in(s t!at can ound your s#irit$ If you+re recei"in( your "alue and your ort! only fro' t!e') you+ll (o t!rou(! life feelin( inferior) insecure) it! little self6 ort!$ .Ot!ers 'ay 'a&e you feel li&e you+re not talented) you+re not attracti"e) or you don+t !a"e anyt!in( s#ecial to offer$ .e a 'aster#iece is not 'ass6#roduced? 3ou didn+t co'e off an asse'bly line$ 3ou+re not a"era(e$ 3ou+re not ordinary$ 3ou+"e been custo'6'ade$ 3ou are one of a &ind$ 8od created you in 1is "ery o n i'a(e$ 1e loo&s #ast all t!ose ot!er t!in(s and 1e loo&s ri(!t at you and says) *T!ere+s 'y 'aster#iece$ T!at+s 'y son$ T!at+s 'y dau(!ter$ T!at+s !at brin(s t!e 'ost 4oy to 'y !eart$* .ut if you ill learn to recei"e your "alue fro' your 1ea"enly -at!er and listen to !at 1e says about you) t!en you+ll feel acce#ted) a##ro"ed) redee'ed) for(i"en) confident) and secure$ 3ou ill feel e0tre'ely "aluable and t!at+s e0actly t!e ay 8od ants you to be$ @#!esians 2>10 says) *3ou are 8od+s 'aster#iece$* Do you reali.

I DECLARE th%t God is bringing %bout ne$ se%sons o" gro$th# I $ill not get st%gn%nt %nd hold on to the old# I $ill be o'en to ch%nge +no$ing th%t God h%s so ething better in "ront o" e# Ne$ doors o" o''ortunit!( ne$ rel%tionshi's( %nd ne$ levels o" "%vor %re in ! "uture# This is ! decl%r%tion# .DAY 1.

ll c!an(e is not bad$ It 'ay be ne(ati"e on t!e surface but re'e'ber) 8od ould not allo it if 1e didn+t !a"e a #ur#ose for it$ 1e ill use it to stretc! you and to !o#efully #us! you into a ne di'ension$ 3ou 'ay be in a #erfectly fine situation for years) but all of a sudden you ill see a stirrin( ta&in( #lace$ 7aybe you t!ou(!t you+d be in your 4ob for anot!er ./o'eti'es t!e "ery t!in(s t!at e fi(!t a(ainst) t!e "ery t!in(s t!at e t!in& are tryin( to #ull us do n) are actually t!e !and of 8od tryin( to #us! us into a ne season$ 8od ill stir us out of co'fortable situations and 1e+ll #ut us in situations t!at 'a&e us stretc!Esituations t!at force us to use our fait!$ %e 'ay not li&e it$ It 'ay be unco'fortable$ .ut 8od lo"es you too 'uc! to 4ust lea"e you alone$ <ust as 8od can su#ernaturally o#en doors) so'eti'es 1e 'ay su#ernaturally close doors$ 5ot!in( !a##ens by accident$ 8od is directin( eac! of your ste#s$ T!at 'eans if a friend does you ron() if you (o t!rou(! a setbac&) if you lose a lo"ed one) you can eit!er e'brace t!at c!an(e and 8od ill use it to ta&e you !i(!er) or you can resist it and you+ll end u# beco'in( sta(nant and settlin( for 'ediocrity$ /tay o#en for c!an(e$ Don+t a##roac! c!an(e fro' a ne(ati"e #oint of "ie $ .

t enty years) but for so'e reason t!e #eo#le !o ere be!ind you are not be!ind you any'ore$ 3ou don+t !a"e t!e fa"or you once !ad t!ere$ It see's li&e e"ery day is an u#!ill battle$ %!at is t!at? T!at+s 8od stirrin( t!in(s u#$ It+s easy to beco'e ne(ati"e or bitter> *8od) !y is t!is !a##enin(? I t!ou(!t I !ad 3our fa"or$* .ut a 'uc! better a##roac! is to 4ust stay o#en and &no t!at 8od is still in control$ If you ill e'brace t!at c!an(e) t!e inds t!at you t!ou(!t ould defeat you ill actually #us! you to your di"ine destiny$ Don't %''ro%ch ch%nge "ro % neg%tive 'oint o" vie$# 7aybe you are in a relations!i#) and dee# do n you &no t!e #erson is not (ood for you$ 3ou &no t!is indi"idual is &ee#in( you fro' bein( your best$ .ut you 'ay t!in&) If I 'a&e a c!an(e I ill be alone$ 3ou don+t ant to roc& t!e boat$ T!at+s !y so'eti'es 8od ill turn t!e boat o"er$ 8od 'ay force you to 'o"e for ard) not because 1e+s 'ean) not because 1e+s tryin( to 'a&e your life 'iserable) but because 1e !as suc! a (reat desire to see you reac! your full #otential$ .

/o at ti'es 1e 'ay cause a friend to al& a ay$ 1e+ll stir t!in(s u# and 'ay e"en allo a friend to do you ron() because 1e &no s if 1e doesn+t close t!at door you ill ne"er 'o"e a!ead$ T!irty years later t!at #erson ould still be dra((in( you do n) &ee#in( you fro' your destiny$ 8od ould not !a"e stirred it u# if 1e didn+t !a"e so'et!in( better in store$ Don+t fi(!t c!an(e2 e'brace it) and you ill ste# into t!e fullness of !at 8od !as in store$ .

ing( !ou %re t%lented( !ou %re be%uti"ul( !ou $ill do gre%t things in li"e#> This is ! decl%r%tion# .DAY 10 I DECLARE th%t I $ill use ! $ords to bless 'eo'le# I $ill s'e%+ "%vor %nd victor! over ! "% il!( "riends( %nd loved ones# I $ill hel' c%ll out their seeds o" gre%tness b! telling the >I' 'roud o" !ou( I love !ou( !ou %re % %.

%!en you s#ea& t!e blessin( o"er your s#ouse) o"er your c!ildren) o"er your students) or anyone in your life) you are not 4ust usin( nice ords$ T!ose ords carry 8od+s su#ernatural #o er$ T!ey release fa"or) ability) confidence) and 8od+s (oodness in e0traordinary ays$ %e s!ould 'a&e it our 'ission to s#ea& t!e blessin( into as 'any #eo#le as e #ossibly can$ %it! our ords e can release fa"or into so'ebody else+s life$ I !eard about a s'all (irl !o !ad a cleft li#$ 1er li# as a little bit croo&ed and it 'ade !er s'ile a & ard$ 6ith our $ords $e c%n rele%se "%vor into so ebod! else's li"e# %!en s!e as in second (rade ot!er students ould not #lay it! !er because s!e loo&ed different$ /!e (re u# it! t!ese incredible insecurities$ /!e 4ust s!run& bac&) stayed to !erself) and didn+t really !a"e any friends$ One day t!e sc!ool as conductin( !earin( tests$ T!e teac!er !ad eac! student al& slo ly a ay fro' !er !ile t!e teac!er !is#ered "ery 9uietly$ T!e students ere told to re#eat out loud) in front of t!e !ole class) !at t!e teac!er as !is#erin($ .

-or 'ost students t!e teac!er ould 'a&e (eneral state'ents li&e *T!e s&y is blue$ T!ere+s a cat outside$ Today is Tuesday$* T!e students ould re#eat eac! state'ent to s!o t!ey could !ear #ro#erly$ %!en it ca'e ti'e for t!e little (irl it! t!e cleft li#) s!e as ner"ous and afraid) but after s!e #assed t!e !earin( test t!e teac!er s'iled and told !er) *I is! you ere 'y little (irl$* %!en s!e !eard t!e teac!er+s a##ro"al and t!e blessin( s#o&en o"er !er) it did so'et!in( on t!e inside$ It (a"e !er a ne sense of confidence) a (reater self6estee'$ 5ot only t!at) !en t!e ot!er students !eard !o 'uc! t!e teac!er lo"ed t!is little (irl) t!eir attitudes c!an(ed$ 5o t!ey all anted to be !er friend$ T!ey 'ade sure to sit by !er at lunc!$ T!ey started in"itin( !er o"er to t!eir !o'e after sc!ool$ %!at as t!at? T!e blessin( as s#o&en not by a #arent but by an aut!ority fi(ure) and it released 8od+s fa"or in !er life in a (reater ay$ %!en s!e beca'e a youn( lady) t!e little (irl often s#o&e of t!at day as a turnin( #oint in !er life$ .

I t!in& about !at 'i(!t !a"e !a##ened if !er teac!er !ad it!!eld t!e blessin($ %!at if s!e !ad 4ust said so'et!in( ordinary? %!o &no s !ere t!at youn( lady ould be today? It+s so si'#le but it can !a"e suc! a !u(e i'#act$ T!at+s !y you s!ould (et in a !abit of s#ea&in( t!e blessin( e"ery c!ance you (et$ .

DAY 11 I DECLARE th%t I h%ve % sound ind "illed $ith good thoughts( not thoughts o" de"e%t# 4! "%ith( I % $ell %ble# I % %nointed# I % e?ui''ed# I % e 'o$ered# 2! thoughts %re guided b! God's 6ord ever! d%!# No obst%cle c%n de"e%t e( bec%use ! ind is 'rogr% ed "or victor!# This is ! decl%r%tion# .

7any of 8od+s #ro'ises are in t!e #ast tense$ In @#!esians 8od says) *I !a"e blessed you it! e"ery s#iritual blessin($* 1e says in Colossians) *I !a"e 'ade you ort!y$* In =sal's 1e says) *I !a"e surrounded you it! fa"or as a s!ield$* . lot of t!in(s 'ay be co'in( a(ainst you it! your fa'ily) it! your finances) or it! your !ealt!$ 3our 'ind 'ay be tellin( you) T!is isn+t for 'e$ 5o ay I+' blessed$ Instead) you 'ust be bold and say) *8od) if 3ou say I+' blessed t!en I belie"e I+' blessed$ 7y c!ec&boo& 'ay not say I+' blessed$ T!e econo'y doesn+t say I+' blessed$ T!e 'edical re#ort doesn+t say I+' blessed$ .ll of t!ose are #ut in #ast tense li&e it+s already !a##ened$ 5o you 'ust do your #art and co'e into a(ree'ent it! 8od$ 3ou 'ay not feel blessed today$ .ut 8od) I &no 3ou !a"e t!e ulti'ate aut!ority$ /ince 3ou say I+' blessed) 'y re#ort is I a' blessed$* God h%s %lre%d! cro$ned !ou $ith "%vor# .

ible says> *8od s#ea&s of none0istent t!in(s as if t!ey already e0isted$* .e it) but t!ere is a cro n on your !ead ri(!t no and it is not a cro n of defeat) of lac&) of 'ediocrity$ It is a cro n of 8od+s fa"or$ If you are to acti"ate t!at fa"or) you 'ust (et in a(ree'ent it! 8od by declarin() *I do !a"e fa"or$* 3ou cannot dra( t!rou(! t!e day t!in&in() %!y do I al ays (et t!e s!ort end of t!e stic&? %!y do I al ays !a"e t!ese bad brea&s? %!en t!ose discoura(in( t!ou(!ts co'e and try to con"ince you t!at not!in( (ood is in store) 4ust as an act of fait! you need to reac! u# and ad4ust your cro n of fa"or$ 7a&e sure it+s on strai(!t$ 8od !as already blessed you$ 1e !as already 'ade you 'ore t!an a con9ueror$ 1e !as already (i"en you t!at cro n of fa"or$ .ut too 'any #eo#le (o around t!in&in() %ell) I is! I as blessed$ I is! I !ad fa"or$ 5o) you+"e (ot to re#ro(ra' your t!in&in($ It says in =sal's t!at 8od !as already cro ned you it! fa"or$ 3ou 'ay not reali.%!en you (et in a(ree'ent it! 8od li&e t!at) it allo s 1i' to release t!e #ro'ises t!at already !a"e your na'e on t!e'$ 3ou can #ull it out of t!e unseen s#iritual real' o"er into t!e #!ysical) seen real'$ T!at+s !at t!e .

1o do you ta# in to !at 8od !as already done? Gery si'#le> 4ust act li&e you+re blessed) tal& li&e you+re blessed) al& li&e you+re blessed) t!in& li&e you+re blessed) s'ile li&e you+re blessed) dress li&e you+re blessed$ =ut actions be!ind your fait!) and one day you ill see it beco'e a reality$ .

DAY 13 I DECLARE th%t I $ill live %s % he%ler# I % sensitive to the needs o" those %round e# I $ill li"t the "%llen( restore the bro+en( %nd encour%ge the discour%ged# I % "ull o" co '%ssion %nd +indness# I $on't @ust loo+ "or % ir%cleA I $ill beco e so eone's ir%cle b! sho$ing God's love %nd erc! ever!$here I go# This is ! decl%r%tion# .

3ou+re ne"er 'ore li&e 8od t!an !en you !el# !urtin( #eo#le$ One of our assi(n'ents in life is to !el# i#e a ay t!e tears$ .re you sensiti"e to t!e needs of t!ose around you? 3our friends? 3our nei(!bors? 3our co or&ers? 7any ti'es be!ind t!e #retty s'ile) be!ind t!e /unday #raise) t!ere is a #erson !o+s !urtin($ /!e+s alone$ 1is life is in tur'oil$ %!en so'eone is stru((lin() reac! out$ .e a !ealer$ .ut I+"e learned so'et!in( t!at is 'ore i'#ortant> I can beco'e so'eone+s 'iracle$ T!ere is !ealin( in your !ands$ T!ere+s !ealin( in your "oice$ 3ou are a container filled it! 8od$ Ii(!t no you are full of encoura(e'ent) full of 'ercy) full .e a restorer$ Ta&e ti'e to i#e a ay t!e tears$ 3our 4ob is not to 4ud(e$ 3our 4ob is not to fi(ure out if so'eone deser"es so'et!in() or to decide !o is ri(!t or !o is ron($ 3our 4ob is to lift t!e fallen) to restore t!e bro&en) and to !eal t!e !urtin($ I c%n beco e so eone's ir%cle# Too often e beco'e focused on our o n (oals) our o n drea's) and !o e can (et our 'iracle$ .

ut I ill let you &no t!at t!e #o er of t!e 7ost 1i(! 8od can brea& any addiction and set you free$ T!at+s !at it 'eans to dis#ense (ood$ 3ou lift t!e fallen$ 3ou encoura(e t!e discoura(ed$ 3ou ta&e ti'e to i#e a ay t!e tears$ <esus told t!e story of t!e 8ood /a'aritan !o as ridin( !is don&ey and !e sa a 'an on t!e side of t!e road beaten and left for dead$ 1e #ut !i' on !is don&ey and too& !i' to a #lace !ere !e could reco"er$ I lo"e t!e fact t!at t!e 8ood /a'aritan al&ed so t!e in4ured 'an could ride$ /o'eti'es you 'ay !a"e to trade #laces it! so'eone !o is !urtin($ 3ou 'ust be illin( to be incon"enienced$ 3ou 'ay !a"e to 'iss dinner in order to i#e a ay a .of restoration) full of !ealin($ @"ery !ere you (o you s!ould dis#ense t!e (oodness of 8od$ If you (et around 'e you+d better (et ready$ 3ou ill be encoura(ed$ 3ou 'ay !a"e 'ade 'ista&es but I ill tell you> 8od+s 'ercy is bi((er t!an any 'ista&e you+"e 'ade$ 3ou 'ay !a"e asted years of your life 'a&in( #oor c!oices) but I ill tell you 8od still !as a ay to carry you to your final destination$ 3ou 'ay !a"e !ad an addiction since you ere a teena(er$ .

tear$ 3ou 'ay !a"e to s&i# or&in( out one ni(!t in order to encoura(e a stru((lin( cou#le$ 3ou 'ay !a"e to dri"e across to n and #ic& u# a co or&er !o is addicted and ta&e !i' to c!urc! it! you on /unday$ If you ant to li"e as a !ealer) you 'ust be illin( to c!an(e #laces it! t!ose !o are !urtin($ .

DAY 15 I DECLARE I $ill 'ut %ctions behind ! "%ith# I $ill not be '%ssive or indi""erent# I $ill de onstr%te ! "%ith b! t%+ing bold ste's to ove to$%rd $h%t God h%s 'ut in ! he%rt# 2! "%ith $ill not be hiddenA it $ill be seen# I +no$ $hen God sees ! "%ith .e $ill sho$ u' %nd do % things# This is ! decl%r%tion# .

lot of #eo#le (i"e u# too easily$ .ed$ 1e ould lie in bed at !o'e all day lon($ One day !e !eard <esus as in to n teac!in( #eo#le$ 1e con"inced four of !is friends to carry !i' on !is bed o"er to t!e !ouse !ere <esus as s#ea&in($ %!en t!ey arri"ed t!e #lace as #ac&ed and t!ey couldn+t (et in$ T!ey !ad (one to (reat len(t!s to (et t!ere$ I+' sure t!e four 'en ere tired$ I+' sure t!eir bac&s ere !urtin( and t!eir s!oulders ere sore$ T!ey+d tra"eled all t!at ay to no a"ail$ %!at a disa##oint'ent$ %!at a letdo n$ T!ey could !a"e easily beco'e discoura(ed and said) *Too bad$ It+s not (oin( to !a##en$* .ed 'an> !e as deter'ined$ I can see !is four friends turn to ta&e !i' !o'e$ 1e says) *5o) no$ %e+re not !eadin( !o'e 4ust yet$ I+' not lea"in( until I (et 'y 'iracle$* You %re closest to !our victor! $hen !ou "%ce the gre%test o''osition# T!is 'an understood> 3ou are closest to your "ictory !en you face t!e (reatest o##osition$ .In t!e /cri#ture t!ere as a 'an !o as #araly.ut not t!e #araly.

ed 'an do n on !is bed) all curled u#) and #ut !i' ri(!t in front of <esus$ T!e /cri#ture in 7ar& 2>5 be(ins) *%!en <esus sa t!eir fait!$$$* T!at+s 'y 9uestion for you today$ Do you !a"e a fait! t!at 8od can see? .re you doin( so'et!in( out .*<oel) I tried but t!ey told 'e no$* Tried to (et 'y de(ree but t!e colle(e *I tried to buy t!at ne 'e a loan$* !o'e but t!ey as full$* ouldn+t (i"e as *%e tried to (o to :a&e ood but t!e #ar&in( lot 4ust too cro ded$* 3ou 'ust be 'ore deter'ined t!an t!at$ 3ou !a"e to !a"e a *ne"er say die* attitude$ If you can+t (et in t!e door !y don+t you try t!e indo ? If you can+t (et t!rou(! t!e indo !y not be bold and (o t!rou(! t!e roof? T!at+s !at t!is 'an did in t!e .ible story$ 1e said to !is friends) *I+"e (ot an idea$ Ta&e 'e u# on t!e roof$ Cut a !ole in it and lo er 'e do n so I can !a"e a front ro seat t!ere in front of <esus$* %!ere t!ere is a ill t!ere is a ay$ T!ey lo ered t!is #araly.

of t!e ordinary to s!o 8od you belie"e in 1i'? It+s not enou(! to 4ust #ray$ It+s not enou(! to 4ust belie"e$ :i&e t!is 'an) you !a"e to do so'et!in( to de'onstrate your fait!$ <esus loo&ed at t!e 'an and said) *Iise$ Ta&e u# your bed and al&$* I''ediately) t!e 'an (ot u#$ 1e #ic&ed u# !is bed$ 1e ent !o'e #erfectly !ole$ ,ut it all started !en !e dared to do so'et!in( !ere 8od could see !is fait!$ T!ere ere ot!er #eo#le in t!e roo' !o did not (et ell$ %!at as t!e difference? T!is 'an #ut action be!ind !is fait!$ 8od is loo&in( for #eo#le !o !a"e a fait! 1e can see$ 5ot 4ust a fait! 1e can !ear$ 5ot 4ust a fait! t!at belie"es) but also a fait! t!at is "isible$ ; fait! t!at is de'onstrated$ It+s one t!in( to #ray$ It+s one t!in( to belie"e$ ,ut if you really ant to (et 8od+s attention) #ut actions be!ind !at you belie"e in$

DAY 17

I DECLARE bre%+throughs %re co ing in ! li"e( sudden bursts o" God's goodness# Not % tric+le# Not % stre% # 4ut % "lood o" God's 'o$er# A "lood o" he%ling# A "lood o" $isdo # A "lood o" "%vor# I % % bre%+through 'erson %nd I choose to live bre%+through inded# I % e&'ecting God to over$hel e $ith ,is goodness %nd % %;e e $ith ,is "%vor# This is ! decl%r%tion#

In t!e ,ible) Hin( Da"id needed a brea&t!rou(! !en !e faced an i'#ossible situation$ 1e and !is 'en ere u# a(ainst a !u(e ar'yEt!e =!ilistines$ T!ey ere (reatly outnu'bered$ T!ey !ad little or no c!ance of innin($ Da"id as&ed 8od for !el#) and 8od (a"e Da"id t!e #ro'ise t!at 1e ould (o it! t!e' and t!ey ould defeat t!at ar'y$ %!en Da"id and !is 'en ent out) t!at as e0actly !at !a##ened$ 8od (a"e t!e' a (reat "ictory$ Da"id as so o"er !el'ed by it) !e said in 1 C!ronicles 14>11) *8od !as bro&en t!rou(! to 'y ene'ies li&e t!e burstin( fort! of ater$* 1e na'ed t!e #lace ,aal6=era.i') !ic! 'eans) *t!e 8od of t!e brea&t!rou(!$* 5otice) Da"id li&ened 8od+s #o er to t!e burstin( fort! of aters$ 1e described it as a flood$ 1e as sayin( !en t!e 8od of t!e brea&t!rou(! s!o s u# and releases 1is #o er it ill be li&e a flood of 1is (oodness) a flood of 1is fa"or) a flood of !ealin() a flood of ne o##ortunity$ T!in& about !o #o erful ater is> t!ree or four feet of ater can #ic& u# a !u(e car t!at ei(!s t!ousands of #ounds and 'o"e it all around$ I+"e seen) on t!e ne s) bi( floods floatin( !ole !ouses do n t!e ri"er$ 5ot!in( can sto# t!e force of t!at ater$ ;nyt!in( in t!e ay is 'o"ed out of its #at!$ 3ou 'ay !a"e difficulties t!at loo& e0tre'ely lar(e)

obstacles t!at loo& i'#assable) and drea's t!at a##ear unobtainable$ ,ut &no t!is2 !en t!e 8od of t!e brea&t!rou(! releases a flood of 1is #o er not!in( can sto# it$ 3our sic&ness 'ay loo& bi( but it+s not!in( for t!e 8od of t!e brea&t!rou(!$ It doesn+t !a"e a c!ance !en 8od releases a flood of 1is !ealin($ 6hen the God o" the bre%+through rele%ses % "lood o" ,is 'o$er nothing c%n sto' it# 3our o##onents 'ay loo& #o erful$ T!ey 'ay be bi((er) stron(er) better e9ui##ed) and better financed$ ,ut t!ey don+t !a"e a c!ance !en 8od o#ens u# t!e flood(ates of 1is fa"or$ 3ou need to be ready) not for a tric&le) not for a strea') not for a ri"er$ 5o) (et ready for a flood of 8od+s fa"or) a tidal a"e of 8od+s (oodness) a tsuna'i of 1is increase$ 3ou 'ay be t!in&in( *tric&le* !en 8od !as an entire ocean to or& it!$ 3ou+re t!in&in( *strea'* !en 8od !as a tidal a"e$ 3ou s!ould enlar(e your "ision$ Dare to stretc! your fait!$ 8od ants to release 1is fa"or li&e a flood$ 1e ants to o"er !el' you it! 1is (oodness$

DAY 18

I DECLARE there is %n %nointing o" e%se on ! li"e# God is going be"ore e %+ing croo+ed 'l%ces str%ight# ,is !o+e is e%s! %nd ,is burden is light# I $ill not continu%ll! struggle# 6h%t used to be di""icult $ill not be di""icult %n! ore# God's "%vor %nd blessing on ! li"e is lightening the lo%d %nd t%+ing the 'ressure o""# This is ! decl%r%tion#

ecause 8od !as anointed 'e) surely (oodness and 'ercy ill follo 'e !ere"er I (o$* T!at 'eans t!in(s ill be easier$ %!at you used to stru((le it! ill no lon(er be a stru((le$ -or no reason #eo#le ill ant to be (ood to you$ 3ou ill (et brea&s t!at you didn+t deser"e$ 3ou ill !a"e (ood ideas) isdo') creati"ity) and you on+t &no !ere it ca'e fro'$ T!at is t!e oil 8od #ut on you$ 1is anointin( of ease$ I as once in a difficult situation I didn+t &no !o to resol"e$ I as in anot!er city far a ay fro' !o'e$ I really needed so'e ad"ice$ /o I called a friend$ 1e said) *<oel) you really need to tal& to one of 'y associates$ 1e+s an e0#ert in t!is field$ 1e+ll be able to !el# you$ .<esus said) *7y yo&e is easy and 'y burden is li(!t$* 8od ants to 'a&e your life easier$ 1e ants to !el# you !en you+re dri"in( in traffic) s!o##in( at t!e (rocery store) raisin( your c!ildren) and dealin( it! t!at #roble' at or&$ @"ery day you s!ould t!an& 1i' for 1is anointin( of ease$ T!is is !at Da"id did$ 1e declared in =sal' 23) *8od anoints 'y !ead it! oil$* Oil 'a&es t!in(s flo $ %!ene"er t!ere is friction or t!in(s are stuc&) oil is used to lubricate it and 'a&e it 'ore fluid$ T!at is !at 8od is doin( it! you !en 1e anoints your !ead it! oil$ Da"id ent on to say) *.ut !e+s out of to n for t o ee&s$* .

%ell) I didn+t !a"e t o ee&s$ T!at as li&e a lifeti'e to 'e$ 1e as&ed 'e !ere I as and I told !i'$ 1e said) *3ou+"e (ot to be &iddin($ T!at 'an 4ust left t o or t!ree !ours a(o and t!at+s e0actly !ere !e+s !eadin($* %!en !e (a"e 'e t!e address I found t!e 'an I needed ould be less t!an t o 'iles fro' !ere I as stayin($ %!en I !eard t!at) I &ne 8od as still on t!e T!rone$ 1ere e ere2 bot! of us t!ousands of 'iles fro' !o'e$ %e could !a"e been any !ere in t!e orld$ %!at ere t!e c!ances t!at e+d end u# less t!an fi"e 'inutes fro' eac! ot!er? %!at a' I sayin(? 8od is directin( e"ery one of your ste#s$ 1e !as already lined u# solutions to your #roble's$ God is directing ever! one o" !our ste's# 1e !as lined u# t!e brea&s you need$ I ant you to (o out eac! day &no in( t!ere is fa"or in your future$ T!ere is restoration in your future$ T!ere is !ealin( in your future$ T!ere are (ood brea&s 4ust a!ead of you$ If you stay in fait! you ill see fa"or t!at ill 'a&e your life easier$ .

DAY *: I DECLARE th%t I % c%l %nd 'e%ce"ul# I $ill not let 'eo'le or circu st%nces u'set e# I $ill rise %bove ever! di""icult!( +no$ing th%t God h%s given e the 'o$er to re %in c%l # I choose to live ! li"e h%''!( bloo $here I % 'l%nted( %nd let God "ight ! b%ttles# This is ! decl%r%tion# .

t first s!e couldn+t understand !y !er !usband ouldn+t really stic& u# for !er$ Ti'e and ti'e a(ain s!e ould beco'e u#set$ If t!is relati"e as in one roo' s!e ould (o to anot!er$ If !e ent outside s!e ould 'a&e sure s!e stayed inside$ /!e as al ays focused on a"oidin( t!is 'an$ One day s!e reali.ut t!e !usband did 4ust t!e o##osite$ 1e said) *1oney) I lo"e you but I cannot control !i'$ 1e !as e"ery ri(!t to !a"e !is o#inion$ 1e can say !at !e ants to) but you !a"e e"ery ri(!t to not (et offended$* .. lady told 'e about one of !er !usband+s relati"es !o as "ery o#inionated$ 1e as al ays 'a&in( t!ese cuttin() de'eanin( re'ar&s about !er$ T!is cou#le !adn+t been 'arried t!at lon($ @"ery ti'e t!ey ent to fa'ily (et6to(et!ers) t!is relati"e ould say so'et!in( to offend !er$ /!e ould (et all u#set and it ould ruin t!e day$ /!e reac!ed t!e #oint !ere s!e refused to e"en (o to fa'ily e"ents$ -inally) s!e told !er !usband) *3ou+"e (ot to do so'et!in( about t!at 'an$ 1e+s your relati"e$* /!e as e0#ectin( !er !usband to say) *3ou+re ri(!t) !oney$ 1e s!ouldn+t tal& to you li&e t!at$ I ill set !i' strai(!t$* .ed s!e as (i"in( a ay !er #o er$ It as li&e a li(!t turned on in !er 'ind$ /!e as allo in( one #erson it! issues to &ee# !er fro' .

beco'in( !o s!e as 'eant to be$ %!en you allo !at so'eone says or does to u#set you) you+re allo in( t!e' to control you$ %!en you say) *3ou 'a&e 'e so 'ad)* !at you+re really doin( is ad'ittin( t!at you+re (i"in( a ay your #o er$ .s lon( as t!at #erson &no s t!ey can #us! t!is button and you+ll res#ond t!is ay) you are (i"in( t!e' e0actly !at t!ey ant$ 6hen !ou %llo$ $h%t so eone s%!s or does to u'set !ou( !ou're %llo$ing the to control !ou# =eo#le !a"e a ri(!t to say !at t!ey ant) to do !at t!ey ant) as lon( as it+s le(al$ .ut e !a"e a ri(!t to not (et offended$ %e !a"e a ri(!t to o"erloo& it$ .ut !en e (et u#set and (o around an(ry) e c!an(e$ %!at+s !a##enin( is e+re #uttin( too 'uc! i'#ortance on !at t!ey t!in& about us$ %!at t!ey say about you does not define !o you are$ T!eir o#inion of you does not deter'ine your self6 ort!$ :et t!at bounce off of you li&e ater off of a duc&+s bac&$ T!ey !a"e e"ery ri(!t to !a"e t!eir o#inion) and you !a"e e"ery ri(!t to i(nore it$ .

DAY *1 I DECLARE God's su'ern%tur%l "%vor over ! li"e# 6h%t I could not %+e h%''en on ! o$n( God $ill %+e h%''en "or e# Su'ern%tur%l o''ortunities( he%ling( restor%tion( %nd bre%+throughs %re co ing ! $%!# I % getting stronger( he%lthier( %nd $iser# I $ill discover t%lent th%t I didn't +no$ I h%d %nd I $ill %cco 'lish ! God/given dre% # This is ! decl%r%tion# .

ible #uts it t!is ay) *Is t!ere anyt!in( too onderful for t!e :ord?* 8od says) *If you+ll ta&e t!e li'its off 7e I+ll a'a.t first s!e didn+t belie"e it$ /!e t!ou(!t s!e as too old$ I lo"e !at 8od said to !er in 8enesis 18>14> */ara!) is t!ere anyt!in( too !ard for t!e :ord?* 8od says t!at to eac! one of us$ *Is t!ere anyt!in( too !ard for 7e?* Do you t!in& your drea's are too bi( for 8od to brin( to #ass? Do you t!in& your relations!i# is too far (one for 8od to restore? Do you t!in& you 4ust !a"e to li"e it! t!at sic&ness t!e rest of your life? 5o) (et a ne "ision today$ =ut on a ne attitude$ 8od is sayin() *I a' all6#o erful$ I can turn any situation around$* It doesn+t 'atter !at it loo&s li&e in t!e natural orld$ 1e is a su#ernatural 8od$ T!e .e you it! 7y (oodness$ I+ll not only 'eet your needs) I+ll ta&e it one ste# furt!er$ I+ll (i"e you t!e desires of your !eart* C2 Corint!ians 9>869 5IGD$ One translation says) *t!e secret #etitions of your !eart$* T!ese are your !idden drea's) t!ose secret desires) .In t!e .ible) 8od #ro'ised /ara! s!e ould !a"e a c!ild$ .'#lified .

e !ou $ith .is goodness# 5o) it+s 4ust t!e o##osite$ 8od is t!e one !o #uts t!e drea' in your !eart$ I &no as a #arent I lo"e to do (ood t!in(s for 'y c!ildren$ I lo"e to 'a&e t!eir day$ I ant you to (et a re"elation of !o 'uc! your 1ea"enly -at!er is lon(in( to be (ood to you$ 1e ants to a'a.t!ose #ro'ises t!at you !a"en+t told anybody about$ It+s 4ust bet een you and 8od$ Hno t!is today2 8od ants to brin( your secret #etitions to #ass$ %ill you (et a "ision for it? %ill you #ut your fait! out t!ere? /o'eti'es e t!in&) 8od !as bi((er t!in(s to deal it! t!an 'e (ettin( t!is business off t!e (round) or ta&in( t!is tri# o"erseas to see 'y relati"es$ I can+t bot!er 8od it! t!at$ T!at+s not i'#ortant enou(!$ God is the one $ho 'uts the dre% in !our he%rt#### .e you it! 1is (oodness$ %!en you belie"e) it sets a series of e"ents into 'otion$ 8od ants to (i"e you t!e desires of your !eart$ I belie"e e"en ri(!t no ) because you+re in fait!) because you+re sayin() *:ord) I belie"e)* 8od is arran(in( t!in(s in your fa"or$ 1e is linin( u# t!e ri(!t #eo#le) t!e ri(!t o##ortunities$ In t!e co'in( days you ill see su#ernatural increase) e0#losi"e blessin(s$ .e $%nts to % %.

DAY ** I DECLARE I $ill live victoriousl!# I $%s cre%ted in the i %ge o" God# I h%ve the DNA o" % $inner# I % $e%ring % cro$n o" "%vor# Ro!%l blood "lo$s through ! veins# I % the he%d( never the t%il( %bove never bene%th# I $ill live $ith 'ur'ose( '%ssion( %nd 'r%ise( +no$ing th%t I $%s destined to live in victor!# This is ! decl%r%tion# .

y fait! you need to al& li&e a &in() tal& li&e a &in() t!in& li&e a &in() dress li&e a &in() s'ile li&e a &in($ Don+t (o by !at you see$ 8o by !at you &no $ T!ere is royalty in your D5.ut I li&e t!at sayin() *3ou+"e (ot to fa&e it until you 'a&e it$* .It says in Io'ans 5>17) *%e are to rei(n in life as &in(s$* %!en 8od loo&s at us 1e doesn+t see us defeated) barely (ettin( by) or 4ust ta&in( t!e lefto"er #ositions$ 5ot at all$ 8od sees you as a &in($ 1e sees you as a 9ueen$ 3ou !a"e 1is royal blood flo in( t!rou(! your "eins$ 3ou and I are su##osed to rei(n in life$ Do you &no !at t!at ord rei(n 'eans? It 'eans) *ti'e in #o er$* 8od said e+re to rei(n !o lon(? In life$ T!at 'eans as lon( as you+re ali"e t!at is your ti'e in #o er$ 3ou don+t !a"e a t o6year ter' li&e a 'ayor) a four6year ter' li&e a #resident$ 3our ter' is to rei(n e"ery sin(le day) to be "ictorious) to rise to ne le"els) to acco'#lis! (reat t!in(s$ .nd on t!ose days !ere you don+t feel li&e a &in() or you don+t feel li&e a 9ueen) 4ust re'e'ber to reac! do n and c!ec& your #ulse) and as lon( as you feel so'et!in( beatin( you can say) *%!at do you &no ? It+s still 'y ti'e to rei(n$* :et t!at be a re'inder to #ut on a ne attitude$ .nd so'eti'es you !a"e to do t!is by fait!$ 3ou 'ay not feel "ictorious$ It 'ay not loo& li&e you+re blessed$ .$ 3ou !a"e t!e .

blood of a inner$ 3ou ere created to rei(n in life$ Go b! $h%t !ou +no$# Too 'any #eo#le are li"in( belo t!eir #ri"ile(es$ It+s because t!eir "ision !as been clouded by #ast 'ista&es) disa##oint'ents) or !o t!ey ere raised$ T!ey don+t feel li&e royalty$ T!ey don+t t!in& t!ey could be successful and really acco'#lis! !at 8od !as #ut in t!eir !earts$ .ut I belie"e today) as I+' s#ea&in( fait! into you) so'et!in( is !a##enin( on t!e inside$ 5e seeds are ta&in( root2 stron(!olds t!at 'ay !a"e &e#t you bac& for years) e"en ri(!t no ) are bein( bro&en$ 3ou need to rise u# and say) *T!at+s it$ I+' not settlin( !ere I a'$ I &no it+s still 'y ti'e of #o er$ 3es) I 'ay !a"e ta&en a brea& for a little !ile but I+"e (ot an announce'ent$ I+' co'in( bac&$ I ill start ste##in( u# to !o 8od created 'e to be$* .

I DECLARE I % % 'eo'le builder# I $ill loo+ "or o''ortunities to encour%ge others to bring out the best in the %nd to hel' the %cco 'lish their dre% s# I $ill s'e%+ $ords o" "%ith %nd victor!( %""ir ing the ( %''roving the ( letting the +no$ the! %re v%lued# I $ill c%ll out their seeds o" gre%tness( hel'ing the to rise higher %nd beco e %ll th%t God cre%ted the to be# This is ! decl%r%tion# .DAY *.

re you ta&in( an interest to see !o you can 'a&e so'eone+s life better? :isten to t!eir drea's$ -ind out !at 8od !as #ut in t!eir !earts$ :et t!e' &no you+re be!ind t!e'$ 8i"e t!e' your a##ro"al$ Ever!one needs to be v%lued# Ever!one needs to be %''reci%ted# Ever! 'erson needs th%t blessing# If you tal& it! any successful #eo#le t!ey+ll tell you so'ebody belie"ed in t!e'$ /o'ebody #lanted a .Do you &no !o 'any #eo#le !a"e ne"er been told> *3ou are a inner*? T!ere are 'ost li&ely #eo#le in your life ri(!t no E#eo#le you or& it!) #eo#le you #lay ball it!) 'aybe e"en your o n fa'ily 'e'bersE !o are star"in( for your a##ro"al$ T!ey are cra"in( for you to s#ea& t!e blessin( o"er t!eir life$ 3ou don+t &no !at it ill 'ean !en you affir' t!e') !en you (i"e t!e' your a##ro"al) and let t!e' &no in no uncertain ter's t!at you are #roud of t!e' and you t!in& t!ey ill do (reat t!in(s$ @"eryone needs to be "alued$ @"eryone needs to be a##reciated$ @"ery #erson needs t!at blessin($ :et 'e as& you today) !at &ind of seeds are you #lantin( in your c!ild) in your s#ouse) in t!at friend) in t!at ne#!e ? .re you belie"in( in anyone? .

seed and encoura(ed t!e' !en t!ey ere do n$ /o'ebody !el#ed t!e' (et a (ood brea&$ /o'ebody s#o&e fait! !en t!ey didn+t t!in& t!ey could do it$ T!o'as @dison encoura(ed 1enry -ord$ 7r$ -ord as introduced to !i' as *t!e 'an tryin( to build a car t!at runs on (asoline$* %!en @dison !eard it) !is face bri(!tened u#$ 1e !it !is fist on t!e table and said) *3ou+"e (ot it$ .e t!e #o er e !old$ %e don+t al ays reali.nd really) e"ery one of us s!ould be so'eone else+s nu'ber one fan$ %e s!ould be encoura(in( t!e') liftin( t!e' !en t!ey+"e fallen) celebratin( !en t!ey succeed) #rayin( !en t!ey+re stru((lin() ur(in( t!e' .e !at it 'eans !en e tell so'ebody) *I belie"e in you$ 3ou+"e (ot !at it ta&es$ I+' be!ind you one !undred #ercent$* . car t!at !as its o n #o er #lant2 t!at+s a brilliant idea$* A# to t!at #oint no one !ad encoura(ed 7r$ -ord$ 5o one t!ou(!t it as a (ood idea$ 1e !ad 4ust about con"inced !i'self to (i"e u#) but alon( ca'e @dison and s#o&e fait! into !i'$ T!at as a turnin( #oint in 1enry -ord+s life$ 1e said) *I t!ou(!t I !ad a (ood idea but I started to doubt 'yself$ T!en ca'e alon( one of t!e (reatest 'inds t!at+s e"er li"ed and (a"e 'e !is co'#lete a##ro"al$* T!at+s !at can !a##en it! a si'#le "ote of confidence$ %e don+t reali.

for ard$ T!at+s !at it 'eans to be a #eo#le builder$ .

DAY *0 I DECLARE I $ill s'e%+ onl! 'ositive $ords o" "%ith %nd victor! over !sel"( ! "% il!( %nd ! "uture# I $ill not use ! $ords to describe the situ%tion# I $ill use ! $ords to ch%nge ! situ%tion# I $ill c%ll in "%vor( good bre%+s( he%ling( %nd restor%tion# I $ill not t%l+ to God %bout ho$ big ! 'roble s %re# I $ill t%l+ to ! 'roble s %bout ho$ big ! God is# This is ! decl%r%tion# .

%e need to #ay attention to t!e t!in(s e say$ I+"e &no n #eo#le !o are al ays tal&in( about !o tired and run6do n t!ey are$ T!ey say it so 'uc! it+s beco'e a reality$ T!e 'ore you tal& about ne(ati"e t!in(s in your life t!e 'ore you call t!e' in$ /o if you a&e u# in t!e 'ornin( and feel tired and let!ar(ic) instead of co'#lainin() you need to declare> *I+' stron($ I+' full of ener(y$ 8od is rene in( 'y stren(t!$ I can do !at I need to do today$* /o'eti'es !en e+"e been tra"elin( a lot and been "ery busy e+ll co'e to c!urc! and Gictoria ill say) *<oel) I a' so tired$ :oo& at 'y eyes$ Can you see !o red t!ey are?* I al ays say) *5o) Gictoria$ 3ou loo& (reat$ 3ou loo& 4ust as beautiful as e"er$* /!e &no s 'e too ell$ *5o) I don+t)* s!e+ll say$ *I &no you$ 3ou 4ust on+t say it$* Gictoria is ri(!t$ I on+t a(ree !en s!e says s!e loo&s bad$ I don+t ant to s#ea& defeat$ I ant to s#ea& "ictory$ I often onder !at s!e ould t!in& if I e"er said) *O! yea!) Gictoria$ 3ou don+t loo& (ood at all$ 3ou loo& so tired$ .re you really earin( t!at?* I+d !a"e to find a ride !o'eB /o) I stic& to tal&in( .

l'i(!ty 8od$ I a' stron( and talented$ I+' blessed$ I a' creati"e$ I ill !a"e a #roducti"e day$* .e bold and dare to say) I loo& (reat today$ I+' 'ade in t!e i'a(e of .it! !o#e$ T!e 'ore e tal& about bein( tired t!e 'ore tired e beco'e$ T!e 'ore e tal& about bein( de#ressed t!e 'ore de#ressed e+ll be$ T!e 'ore you tal& about bein( o"er ei(!t t!e 'ore out of s!a#e you ill beco'e$ / itc! o"er into "ictory$ Don+t tal& about t!e you ant to be$ ay you are$ Tal& about t!e ay T!ere is a youn( lady on staff at :a&e ood C!urc!$ /!e told our o'en+s (rou# t!at e"ery 'ornin( before s!e lea"es t!e !ouse s!e loo&s in t!e 'irror and says) *8irl) you are loo&in( (ood today$* I sa !er a !ile bac& and as&ed if s!e as still doin( it$ /!e said) *3ea!$ In fact t!is 'ornin() <oel) !en I loo&ed in t!at 'irror I said) +8irl) so'e days you loo& (ood but today you+re loo&in( really (ood$+* Encour%ge !oursel"# Don't s'e%+ de"e%t over !our li"e# I encoura(e you to be bold in t!e sa'e ay$ @ncoura(e yourself$ Don+t s#ea& defeat o"er your life$ .

DAY *1 I DECLARE I $ill not @ust surviveA I $ill thrive) I $ill 'ros'er des'ite ever! di""icult! th%t %! co e ! $%!# I +no$ ever! setb%c+ is % setu' "or % co eb%c+# I $ill not get st%gn%nt( give u' on ! dre% s( or settle $here I % # I +no$ one touch o" God's "%vor c%n ch%nge ever!thing# I' re%d! "or % !e%r o" blessings %nd % !e%r o" thriving) This is ! decl%r%tion# .

ut I don+t belie"e e+re su##osed to #ull bac& to !ere e+re not #ursuin( our drea's any'ore so t!at e don+t e0#ect increase or fa"or$ I don+t t!in& e s!ould 4ust be !oldin( on) or tryin( to 'aintain$ T!at is a sur"i"al 'entality$ Ie'e'ber t!is> as 8od too& t!e fi"e loa"es and t!e t o fis! and 'ulti#lied it to feed t!ousands of #eo#le) 1e can 'ulti#ly !at you !a"e$ 1e can 'ulti#ly your ti'e and !el# you to (et 'ore done$ 1e can 'ulti#ly your isdo' and !el# you to 'a&e better decisions$ God c%n ulti'l! !our ti e %nd hel' !ou to get ore done# ./o'e #eo#le loc& into a sur"i"al 'entality instead of a t!ri"in( 'entality$ T!ey atc! so 'any troublin( ne s re#orts t!ey decide> *It+s so bad$ 1o ill I e"er 'a&e it?* <ust li&e you can be tal&ed into sur"i"in() I ant to tal& you into t!ri"in($ I reali.e e need to use isdo' it! !at 8od !as (i"en us$ .e c%n ulti'l! !our $isdo %nd hel' !ou to %+e better decisions# 8od is in co'#lete control$ %!en ti'es (et tou(! don+t !un&er do n and t!in&) O!) it+s so bad$ If I can 4ust !old on and 'a&e it t!rou(! anot!er year$$$ .

5o) di( your !eels in and say) *I+' not 4ust sur"i"in($ I ill t!ri"e$ I+ll #ros#er des#ite t!is difficulty$* . sur"i"al 'entality ill &ee# you fro' 8od+s best$ /!a&e it off and say) *8od) 3ou #ro'ised !at as 'eant for 'y !ar' 3ou ould use to 'y ad"anta(e$ I 'ay !a"e been t!rou(! t!e fire) t!rou(! t!e fa'ine) t!rou(! t!e flood) but I &no it+s 'y ti'e for fa"or$ It+s 'y ti'e to see 'ore of 3our (oodness in 'y life$* Hee# your fait! out t!ere$ I ant you to start e0#ectin( 8od to increase you in a (reater ay$ /tart e0#ectin( t!is to be your best year so farB . youn( lady told 'e t!at s!e !ad stru((led in !er 'arria(e for a lon( ti'e$ /!e !ad done !er best to &ee# it to(et!er) but it 4ust didn+t or& out$ /!e said) *<oel) ell) at least I sur"i"ed$* /!e as !a##y to 4ust 'a&e it t!rou(!) but I could tell t!e ind !ad been ta&en out of !er sails$ /!e as a beautiful (irl) but s!e !ad lost !er fire$ /!e+d lost t!e s#ar&le in !er eyes$ I told !er !at I+' tellin( you> 3ou 'ade it t!rou(! but you can+t &ee# t!at sur"i"al 'entality$ 8od !as ne seasons in front of you$ 1e !as ne doors 1e ants to o#en$ 1e ants t!e ne0t #art of your life to be better t!an t!e first #art$ .

DAY *3 I DECLARE I $ill choose "%ith over "e%r) I $ill edit%te on $h%t is 'ositive %nd $h%t is good %bout ! situ%tion# I $ill use ! energ! not to $orr! but to believe# =e%r h%s no '%rt in ! li"e# I $ill not d$ell on neg%tive( discour%ging thoughts# 2! ind is set on $h%t God s%!s %bout e# I +no$ .is 'l%n "or e is "or success( victor!( %nd %bund%nce# This is ! decl%r%tion# .

elie"e t!e ne(ati"e$ T!at #ain in your side? T!at+s t!e sa'e t!in( your (rand'ot!er died fro'$ It ill #robably be t!e end of you$* -ait! says) *T!at sic&ness is not #er'anent$ It+s only te'#orary$* -ear says) *.-ear and fait! !a"e so'et!in( in co''on$ T!ey bot! as& us to belie"e so'et!in( ill !a##en t!at cannot see$ -ear says) *.usiness is slo $ 3ou+re (oin( under$* -ait! says) *8od is su##lyin( all of your needs$* -ear says) *3ou+"e been t!rou(! too 'uc!$ 3ou ne"er be !a##y$* -ait! says) *3our best days are still out in front of you$* ill e 1ere+s t!e &ey> %!at e 'editate on is !at ta&es root$ If e (o around all day t!in&in( about our fears) #layin( t!e' o"er and o"er a(ain in our 'inds) t!ey beco'e a reality$ T!at+s !at <ob said> *T!e t!in( I feared ca'e u#on 'e* C<ob 3>25D$ .

.ut 8od is sayin( to you> *Don+t use your ener(y to orry$ Ase your ener(y to belie"e$* It ta&es t!e sa'e a'ount of ener(y to belie"e as it does to orry$ It+s 4ust as easy to say) *8od is su##lyin( all of 'y needs* as it is to say) *I+ll ne"er 'a&e it$* . 'an told 'e t!at !en t!in(s ere (reat in !is lifeE!e+d beco'e en(a(ed) !is business as blessed E!e didn+t en4oy it$ Instead of t!an&in( 8od) !e as afraid it ould not last and t!at it as too (ood to be true$ I told !i') *3ou are !el#in( your fears co'e to #ass$ %!en ne(ati"e t!ou(!ts co'e) don+t let ta&e root$ <ust s itc! o"er into fait! and say) +-at!er) 3ou said 3our fa"or ill last for a lifeti'e$ 3ou said (oodness and 'ercy ill follo 'e all t!e days of 'y life$+* T!at+s c!oosin( fait! instead of fear$ Don't use !our energ! to $orr!# Bse !our energ! to believe# Today e !a"e so 'any o##ortunities to orry and li"e in fear$ =eo#le are orried about t!e econo'y) orried about t!eir !ealt!) orried about t!eir c!ildren$ .

Don+t e0#ect t!e re"erse$ orst$ T!at+s usin( your fait! in Instead say) *8od) 'y life is in 3our !ands$ I &no 3ou+re (uidin( and directin( 'y ste#s and I+' not e0#ectin( defeat$ I+' not e0#ectin( failure$ I+' e0#ectin( to !a"e a blessed year$ I+' e0#ectin( to (o o"er and not under$* .

DAY *5 I DECLARE I % e?ui''ed "or ever! good $or+ God h%s 'l%nned "or e# I % %nointed %nd e 'o$ered b! the Cre%tor o" the universe# Ever! bond%ge( ever! li it%tion( is being bro+en o"" o" e# This is ! ti e to shine# I $ill rise higher( overco e ever! obst%cle( %nd e&'erience victor! li+e never be"ore) This is ! decl%r%tion# .

ac& t!en I+d #ut 1a aiian Tro#ic tannin( oil all o"er 'y body to &ee# fro' (ettin( sunburned) but it turned out to !el# 'y (a'e) too$ I+' already &ind of fast) but it! t!at oil) nobody could tac&le 'e$ .8od !as e9ui##ed and e'#o ered you it! e"eryt!in( you need$ 3ou don+t !a"e to stru((le and try to 'a&e t!in(s !a##en$ It+s already in you> t!e stren(t!) t!e creati"ity) t!e ideas$ 8od+s already lined u# t!e ri(!t #eo#le$ 1e+s already (i"en you t!e brea&s you need by anointin( you it! oil) 1is blessin(s and (race$ %!en I as (ro in( u#) I+d #lay football on t!e beac! it! a bunc! of 'y friends$ .e ould (rab 'e but I+d sli# ri(!t out of t!eir !ands$ I !ad an ad"anta(e$ I as all oiled u#$ T!at+s t!e ay it is !en you al& in your anointin(> t!in(s t!at s!ould brin( you do n on+t$ 7aybe you ere laid off fro' t!e 4ob$ 3ou s!ould feel discoura(ed) but instead you stay in fait! and you end u# findin( a better 4ob$ 7aybe your discoura(e'ent is due to a relations!i# t!at ca'e to an end$ 3ou s!ould feel bitter) but instead you stay in fait! and 8od o#ens u# anot!er door to a better relations!i#$ .i( (uys t ice 'y si.

God c%n t%+e $h%t $%s e%nt "or ! h%r %nd turn it %round %nd use it to ! %dv%nt%ge# %!en you face tou(! ti'es) re'ind yourself) *I+"e been anointed for t!is$ I ill not be ne(ati"e$ I ill not lose 'y 4oy$ I ill stay full of #raise$ I &no 8od is in control) and I belie"e 1e can ta&e !at as 'eant for 'y !ar' and turn it around and use it to 'y ad"anta(e$* If you do t!at) t!en one day you ill loo& bac& on your life and reali.e t!at you 'ade it t!rou(! difficult ti'es t!rou(! t!e anointin( 8od #ut on you$ 1e (a"e you stren(t! !en you didn+t t!in& you could (o on$ 1e (a"e you 4oy !en you s!ould !a"e been discoura(ed$ 1e o#ened u# a door !en you didn+t see any ay out$ 5o you can loo& bac& and say it! 'e) *%!ere ould I !a"e been if it !ad not been for t!e (oodness of 8od in 'y life?* .

i # This is ! decl%r%tion# .DAY *7 I DECLARE th%t I $ill %s+ God "or big things in ! li"e# I $ill 'r%! bold 'r%!ers %nd e&'ect big %nd believe big# I $ill %s+ God to bring to '%ss those hidden dre% s th%t %re dee' in ! he%rt# I" cert%in 'ro ises don't loo+ li+e the! $ill h%''en( I $ill not be inti id%ted %nd give u'# I $ill 'r%! $ith boldness( e&'ecting God to sho$ .i sel" strong( +no$ing th%t nothing is too di""icult "or .

ut if you learn to #ray bold #rayers) and bi( #rayers) and e0#ect bi() and belie"e bi() it allo s 8od to do bi( t!in(s in your life$ 3ou 'ay !a"e a drea' dee# do n on t!e inside) but you+"e ne"er as&ed 8od for it$ It+s not ron( to as&$ ..ccordin( to your fait! it ill be done unto you$* T!at 'eans if you #ray little you ill recei"e little$ . lot of ti'es e t!in& e+re not su##osed to as& for too 'uc!$ .fter all) e don+t ant to be (reedy$ %e don+t ant to be selfis!$ I !a"e #eo#le tell 'e) *<oel) if 8od ants 'e to be blessed) 1e+ll bless 'e$ 1e+s 8od$* .ut t!at+s not t!e ay it or&s$ 8od e0#ects us to as&$ <a'es 4>2 says) *3ou !a"e not because you as& not$* If you+re not as&in( for 8od+s fa"or) 1is blessin(s) 1is increase) t!en you+re not releasin( your fait!$ I &no #eo#le !o do as&) but t!ey #ray suc! s'all #rayers> *8od) if 3ou+ll 4ust (i"e 'e a fifty6cent raise$* T!ey act li&e t!ey are incon"eniencin( 8od$ *8od if you t!ey say$ ill 4ust !el# 'e sur"i"e t!is 'arria(e)* 5o) dare to as& bi($ <esus #ut it t!is ay) *.

It+s not selfis! to as&$ 8od e0#ects us to as&$ I" !ou le%rn to 'r%! bold 'r%!ers### it %llo$s God to do big thing in !our li"e# T!e /cri#ture says in =sal' 2>8) *.s& 7e for bi( t!in(s$ .s& of 7e and I ill (i"e you t!e nations$* 8od is sayin() *.s& 7e for t!ose !idden drea's t!at I+"e #lanted in your !eart$ .s& 7e for t!ose unborn #ro'ises t!at 'ay see' unli&ely to !a##en in t!e natural$* In your 9uiet ti'eE !en it+s 4ust bet een you and 8odEdare to as& 1i' for your dee#est !o#es) your dee#est drea's$ It 'ay see' i'#ossible) but 4ust be !onest and say) *8od) I don+t see !o t!is could e"er !a##en) but I !a"e a drea' to start 'y o n business$ 8od) I+' as&in( for 3ou to !el#$* Or) *8od) I+d lo"e to (o bac& to colle(e but I don+t !a"e t!e ti'e$ I don+t !a"e t!e 'oney$ 8od) I+' as&in( 3ou to 'a&e a ay$* Dare to as& 8od for your (reatest drea's) your (reatest desires$ .

ing 'l%n t%+ing e 'l%ces I never dre% ed o"# This is ! decl%r%tion# .e h%s % %ster 'l%n "or ! li"e# There %! be things I don't underst%nd right no$ but I' not $orried# I +no$ %ll the 'ieces %ren't here !et# One d%! it $ill %ll co e together %nd ever!thing $ill %+e sense# I $ill see God's % %.DAY *8 I DECLARE God is $or+ing %ll things together "or ! good# .

le$ T!ere is anot!er #iece co'in( t!at ill connect it all$ It ill or& to(et!er for your (ood$ /o'e #eo#le beco'e bitter before all t!eir #ieces co'e to(et!er$ 8od !as #ro'ised a (reat #lan for you$ 1e !as #redestined you to li"e in "ictory$ %!en e"ents occur t!at you don+t understandE!ard ti'es t!at don+t 'a&e senseEdon+t let yourself be stuc& t!ere$ 8od !as 'ore #ieces co'in( your ay$ 3ou 'ay feel li&e your life is 'issin( so'et!in() ..@"eryone deals it! disa##oint'ents and c!allen(es t!at don+t see' to 'a&e sense$ It+s easy to (ro discoura(ed and t!in&) %!y did t!is !a##en to 'e? %!y did 'y lo"ed one not 'a&e it? %!y did t!is #erson treat 'e ron(? %!y did I (et laid off? I ant you to understand t!at e"en t!ou(! life is not al ays fair) 8od is fair$ .nd 1e #ro'ises in Io'ans 8>28 t!at all t!in(s or& to(et!er for our (ood$ I belie"e t!e &ey ord is to(et!er$ 3ou cannot isolate a c!allen(e in one area of your life and say) *%ell) 'y !ole life is ruined$* T!at is 4ust one #art of your life$ 8od can see t!e bi( #icture$ One disa##oint'ent is not t!e end$ 3our life doesn+t sto# because of a sin(le setbac&$ T!e c!allen(e you are facin( is si'#ly one #iece of your #u.

!et!er it+s in t!e area of your finances) your career) or your 'arria(e$ .ut all 8od !as to do is add so'e to t!e #u.le) and your life ill feel !ole and co'#lete$ T!ose ne #arts 'ay be t!e ri(!t #eo#le) t!e ri(!t o##ortunities) or t!e ri(!t brea&s at 4ust t!e ri(!t ti'e$ Don't be i '%tient# It's not over until God s%!s it's over# Don+t be i'#atient$ It+s not o"er until 8od says it+s o"er$ If you ill &ee# #ressin( for ard) one day you ill loo& bac& and see !o it all #layed into a 'aster #lan t!at 8od !ad desi(ned for our li"es$ 3ou !a"e to !a"e a dee# inner trust) a confidence do n in your !eart t!at says) *I &no 8od !as a (reat #lan for 'y life$ I &no 1e is directin( 'y ste#s$ ..nd e"en t!ou(! I 'ay not understand t!is) I &no it+s not a sur#rise to 8od$ /o'e!o ) so'e ay) 1e ill or& it out to 'y ad"anta(e$* .

DAY .is 'l%n# 6h%t .e 'ro ised $ill co e to '%ss# This is ! decl%r%tion# .e h%s %lre%d! lined u' the right 'eo'le( the right o''ortunities %nd solutions to 'roble s I h%ven't h%d# No 'erson( no sic+ness( no dis%''oint ent( c%n sto' .: I DECLARE God is going be"ore e %+ing croo+ed 'l%ces str%ight# .

re you sure it+s .nd !e said bac& sarcastically) *=ray all you ant) but I+' in c!ar(e and I+' tellin( you it ill ta&e t o years$* /i0 ee&s later t!e sa'e official called 'y friend and said) *Co'e on in$ 3our #a#er or& is ready$* 7y friend t!ou(!t it 'ine?* !e as&ed$ as a 'ista&e$ *. friend told 'e t!at !e as tryin( to resol"e a le(al situation a !ile bac& but !e ran into a (o"ern'ent bureaucrat !o told !i' it ould ta&e t o years for !is transaction to (o t!rou(!$ 7y friend as&ed "ery &indly and #olitely) *Is t!ere any ay t!at it could !a##en sooner?* T!e 'an) !o as t!e official in c!ar(e of t!at office) ans ered bac& "ery (ruffly> *I said it ould be t o years and I 'eant it ill be t o years$ T!e syste' is all bac&ed u#$ I+"e (ot so 'uc! or& in front of you$ It ill be a lon( ti'e before I (et to your #a#er or&$* 7y friend did not (i"e u#$ *%ell) t!at+s fine)* !e said) *but I ill #ray and belie"e t!at so'e!o 8od ill cause it to !a##en sooner$* T!at 'ade t!e bureaucrat e"en 'ore a((ra"ated$ ..

nd I a' so sic& and tired of t!in&in( about you$ Ta&e your #a#er or& and (o$* It says in Deuterono'y) c!a#ter 9) *Today you are about to face #eo#le 'uc! stron(er and 'uc! 'ore #o erful$* T!en co'es t!e #ro'ise> *.ut 8od ill ta&e .*3es) I+' sure)* t!e bureaucrat said$ 7y friend ent t!ere as 9uic&ly as !e could$ 1e said to t!e official) *T!an& you so 'uc!$ .ut t!e :ord your 8od ill cross o"er a!ead of you li&e a de"ourin( fire to destroy t!e'$ 1e ill subdue t!e' so t!at you can 9uic&ly con9uer$+* Al ight! God is going be"ore us( "ighting our b%ttles# 3ou 'ay be facin( a situation t!at see's i'#ossible) li&e t!e bureaucrat !o frustrated 'y friend$ It 'ay not a##ear t!at you !a"e a c!ance$ .ut I t!ou(!t you said it ould ta&e at least t o years$* *I did)* t!e bureaucrat said$ *.ut e"er since I 'et you I can+t (et you off 'y 'ind$ I a&e u# in t!e 'ornin( t!in&in( about you$ I eat lunc! t!in&in( about you$ I (o to bed t!in&in( about you$ .

l'i(!ty 8od) t!e One !o !olds our future in 1is !ands) is (oin( before us) fi(!tin( our battles) 'a&in( croo&ed #laces strai(!t) e"en causin( our ene'ies to ant to be (ood to us$ .care of your ene'ies so you can 9uic&ly con9uer t!e'$ It+s not by our o n stren(t! or by our o n #o er$ It+s because .

1 I DECLARE ever!thing th%t doesn't line u' $ith God's vision "or ! li"e is sub@ect to ch%nge# Sic+ness( trouble( l%c+( ediocrit!( %re not 'er %nent# The! %re onl! te 'or%r!# I $ill not be oved b! $h%t I see but b! $h%t I +no$# I % % victor %nd never % victi # I $ill beco e %ll God h%s cre%ted e to be# This is ! decl%r%tion# .DAY .

In /cri#ture) <ose#! !ad a bi( drea' in !is !eart) and !en !e as a youn( 'an) 8od #ro'ised t!at !e ould be a (reat leader and e"en !el# rule a nation$ .ut t!e t!in(s t!at are unseen are eternal$* T!e t!in(s e see it! our #!ysical eyes are only te'#orary) but t!e t!in(s e see t!rou(! our eyes of fait! are eternal$ 3et too often e allo te'#orary t!in(s to discoura(e us and cause us to (i"e u# on our drea's$ An!thing th%t doesn't line u' $ith the vision God 'l%ced in !our he%rt should be seen not %s 'er %nent but %s sub@ect to ch%nge# .ut before t!at drea' ca'e to #ass <ose#! !ad 'any ad"ersities$ 1is brot!ers ere 4ealous of !i'$ T!ey t!re !i' into a dee# #it$ T!ey left !i' t!ere to die$ .nyt!in( t!at doesn+t line u# it! t!e "ision 8od #laced in your !eart s!ould be seen not as #er'anent but as sub4ect to c!an(e$ <ose#! understood t!is #rinci#le$ %!en !e as t!ro n into t!e #it) !e &ne t!at !is fate did not line u# it! t!e "ision 8od !ad #ainted on t!e can"as of !is !eart$ .ut <ose#! understood !at it says in 2 Corint!ians 4>18> *T!e t!in(s t!at are seen are te'#orary$* One translation says t!e t!in(s t!at are seen are *sub4ect to c!an(e$ .

ut once a(ain !e didn+t (et discoura(ed$ 1e 4ust c!ec&ed t!e #icture and said) *5o) t!is is not !o I a'$ .t ti'es you 'ay feel li&e you+"e been t!ro n into a #it$ .<ose#! sa !i'self as a (reat leader) so !e didn+t (et discoura(ed$ 1e &ne dee# do n t!at t!e #it as only te'#orary It did not line u# it! !at !e sa t!rou(! !is eyes of fait!$ In a little !ile a cara"an ca'e by) and !e as rescued and ta&en to @(y#t$ <ose#! or&ed as a sla"e for years in @(y#t$ .ut instead of bein( discoura(ed and lettin( t!at cloud your "ision) 4ust loo& inside yourself$ 3ou ill see t!at #it does not 'atc! u# it! t!e "ision 8od #ut in your !eart$ :i&e <ose#!) you can say> *T!is is not #er'anent$ T!is is 4ust anot!er sto# on t!e ay to 'y di"ine destinyB* . sla"e does not 'atc! u# it! t!e #ro'ise 8od #ut in 'e$ T!is too s!all #ass$* 3ear after year t!ere ere disa##oint'ents) setbac&s) unfair situations$ 1e 4ust &e#t c!ec&in( t!e #aintin( 8od #laced in !is !eart$ One day t!e ri(!t doors did o#en u#$ <ose#! as #ut in c!ar(e o"er all of @(y#t$ T!is ti'e !e could finally say) *5o t!is is #er'anent$ T!is is !at I+"e seen in 'y i'a(ination all t!ese years$* %e all face disa##oint'ents) setbac&s) unfair situations$ .

Conclusion One final t!ou(!t I+d li&e to lea"e it! you is t!at if you are (oin( to li"e in "ictory) you 'ust !a"e 'ountain6'o"in( fait!$ %e all face 'ountains in life$ It 'ay be a 'ountain in your 'arria(e because you don+t see !o you+ll stay to(et!er$ 7aybe it+s a 'ountain in your finances) your !ealt!) or your drea's$ .nd yes) it+s (ood to #ray$ It+s (ood to as& 8od to !el# you$ . lot of ti'es e #ray about our 'ountains> 8od) #lease !el# 'e$ 8od) #lease 'a&e 'y c!ild strai(!ten u#$ 8od) #lease ta&e a ay t!is fear$ .ut !en you face a 'ountain) it+s not enou(! to 4ust #ray$ It+s not enou(! to 4ust belie"e$ It+s not enou(! to 4ust t!in& (ood t!ou(!ts$ 1ere+s t!e &ey> you !a"e to s#ea& to your 'ountains$ <esus said in 7ar& 11>23 CH<GD> *%!oe"er ill say to t!is 'ountain) be re'o"ed) and does not doubt in !is !eart) !e ill !a"e !ate"er !e says$* 3ou 'ay be #rayin( about t!in(s you s!ould be s#ea&in( to$ 3ou don+t need to #ray about t!at fear any'ore$ 3ou need to say) *-ear) I co''and you to lea"e$ I ill not allo you in 'y life$* If you !a"e !ealt! #roble's) instead of be((in( 8od to !eal you) .

nd I+' not as&in( you to lea"e$ I+' not sayin() +=retty #lease) do 'e a fa"or$+ 5o) I+' co''andin( you to lea"e 'y body$* I+"e learned if you don+t tal& to your 'ountains) your 'ountains ill tal& to you$ .you need to declare to t!at sic&ness) */ic&ness) you !a"e no ri(!t in 'y body$ I+' a c!ild of t!e 7ost 1i(! 8od$ 3ou are not elco'e !ere$ .e re'o"ed$ 3ou ill not defeat 'e$+* It+s not a coincidence t!at 8od c!ose a 'ountain to re#resent our #roble's$ 7ountains are bi($ 7ountains see' #er'anent) as if t!ey+ll be t!ere fore"er$ .ut 8od says if you s#ea& to t!e 'ountains) you ill disco"er t!ey are not #er'anent$ If you+"e dealt it! lon(6ter' sic&ness) de#ression) or addiction) it 'ay see' li&e it+s ne"er (oin( to c!an(e) but !en you s#ea& ords of fait!) so'et!in( !a##ens in t!e unseen real'$ 7ountains cru'ble$ T!e forces of dar&ness are defeated$ T!e ene'y tre'bles$ .ll t!rou(! t!e day) t!ose ne(ati"e t!ou(!ts ill co'e$ T!ey are your 'ountains tal&in( to you$ 3ou can sit bac& and belie"e t!ose lies) or you can rise u# and declare> *I+' in control !ere$ I ill not allo 'y 'ountains to tal& to 'e$ 7ountain) I+' sayin( to you) +.

%!en you declare not in your aut!ority but in t!e aut!ority of t!e /on of t!e :i"in( 8od) t!en all t!e forces of !ea"en co'e to attention$ T!e 'i(!ty ar'ies of t!e unseen 7ost 1i(! 8od ill stand be!ind you$ :et 'e tell you) no #o er can stand a(ainst our 8od$ 5o sic&ness$ 5o addiction$ 5o fear$ 5o le(al trouble$ %!en you s#ea& and you do not doubt) t!e 'ountain ill be re'o"ed$ 5o ) t!e 'ountain 'ay not 'o"e o"erni(!t$ It 'ay loo& 4ust t!e sa'e 'ont! after 'ont!$ Don+t orry about it$ In t!e unseen real') t!in(s are c!an(in( in your fa"or$ %!en <esus as al&in( t!rou(! a to n) !e sa a fi( tree and ent to (et so'et!in( to eat) but t!e tree didn+t !a"e any fruit on it$ 1e loo&ed at t!e tree and said) *3ou ill not #roduce fruit any'ore$* 5otice) <esus tal&ed to a tree$ =eo#le of fait! tal& to t!eir obstacles$ <esus al&ed a ay and it didn+t loo& li&e anyt!in( !ad !a##ened$ T!e tree as 4ust as (reen and !ealt!y as it as before$ I+' sure so'e of 1is disci#les !is#ered) *It didn+t or&$ <esus 'ust !a"e lost 1is touc! because 1e said for it to die but it didn+t die$* %!at t!ey didn+t reali.e as underneat! t!e (round) in t!e root syste') t!e 'o'ent <esus s#o&e) all t!e life as cut off to t!at tree$ .

ut t!ere is a ti'e to s#ea&$ 3ou don+t #ray about your 'ountains) you s#ea& to .nd s!e s#ent t enty6one days in t!e !os#ital$ /!e ca'e !o'e$ /!e and 'y fat!er ent to t!eir bedroo' and (ot on t!eir &nees$ .e'ent$ T!ey sa t!at tree it!ered u#) totally dead$ In t!e sa'e ay) t!e 'o'ent you s#ea& to your 'ountains) so'et!in( !a##ens$ In t!e unseen real') t!e forces of !ea"en (o to or&$ 8od dis#atc!es an(els$ 1e fi(!ts your battles$ 1e releases fa"or$ 1e 'o"es t!e ron( #eo#le out of t!e ay) sendin( !ealin() sendin( brea&t!rou(!) sendin( "ictory$ 3ou 'ay not see !at 8od !as done for so'e ti'e$ T!at 'ountain 'ay loo& 4ust as bi( and #er'anent and stron( as it as before$ .ut if you ill stay in fait! and 4ust &ee# s#ea&in( to t!e 'ountain) declarin( it (one) declarin( yourself !ealt!y) blessed) and "ictoriousEone day) all of a sudden) you ill see t!at 'ountain !as been re'o"ed$ 8od ill su#ernaturally do for you !at you could not do for yourself$ T!is is !at !a##ened to 'y 'ot!er$ /!e as dia(nosed it! ter'inal cancer in 1981$ .%!en t!ey ca'e bac& t!rou(! t!e to n a little later) t!e disci#les stood t!ere in a'a.nd t!ey not only #rayed and as&ed 8od to !eal !er) but t!ey s#o&e to t!e cancer and co''anded it to lea"e$ T!ere is a ti'e to #ray$ .

e re'o"ed)* and you ill !a"e !at you say$ 1ere+s t!e &ey> your 'ountains res#ond to your "oice$ I can s#ea& fait! o"er you all day lon($ 3our friends can build you u# it! t!e scri#tures$ 3ou can #ut on (ood 'usic t!at ill encoura(e and ins#ire$ .nd all t!at+s i'#ortant$ T!at+s all (ood$ .your 'ountains$ 3ou declare t!at t!ey ill (o$ <esus didn+t #ray about t!e fi( tree$ 1e didn+t say) *%ell) I belie"e it on+t #roduce any fruit$* 1e co''anded it to not #roduce fruit$ 3ou s!ould declare t!at your 'ountains 'o"e) !et!er t!ey are sic&ness) de#ression) strife) or di"ision in your fa'ily$ Declare to eac! 'ountain) *.ut your 'ountain ill res#ond only to your "oice$ %!en you rise u# in fait! and declare) */ic&ness) addiction) de#ression) lea"e 'y life$ In t!e na'e of <esus) you+"e (ot to (o)* t!e forces of !ea"en co'e to attention$ Da"id s#o&e to !is 'ountain of an ene'y 1e loo&ed 8oliat! in t!e eyes and declared) *3ou co'e a(ainst 'e it! a s ord and a s!ield) but I co'e a(ainst you in t!e na'e of t!e :ord 8od of Israel$* 1e declared to !is 'ountain) *8oliat!) t!is day t!e :ord ill deli"er you into 'y !ands$ I ill defeat you and feed your !ead to t!e birds of t!e air$* Da"id as .

nd !en I s#ea& to t!e 'ountain) 8od !as #ro'ised it ill be re'o"ed$* 3ou 'ay feel t!ere are too 'any obstacles bet een you and your 8od6(i"en drea's$ 3ou are standin( e0actly !ere Da"id stood$ It+s not enou(! to 4ust #ray about it$ It+s not enou(! to 4ust belie"e t!at you+re (oin( to (et better$ 5o 'ore t!an e"er) you need to declare) *7ountain of debt) 'ountain of addiction) 'ountain of de#ression) it 'ay loo& li&e it+s o"er) but I+' !ere to ser"e you notice$ T!is is not t!e end$ 3ou ill not defeat 'e$ 3ou co'e a(ainst 'e it! natural ea#ons$ .ut I co'e a(ainst you in t!e na'e of t!e :ord 8od of Israel$ .ut too 'any ti'es) e tal& to 8od about !o bi( our 'ountains are !en e s!ould be tal&in( to our 'ountains about !o bi( our 8od is$ T!e 'ore you tal& about t!e 'ountain) t!e ea&er it 'a&es you$ *%ell) <oel)* you 'ay say) *t!is sic&ness or t!ese le(al #roble's or t!ese 'arria(e troubles aren+t .sayin() *3ou 'ay be bi() but I &no 'y 8od is bi((er$ .nd I &no !en I call on t!e na'e of <esus all t!e forces of !ea"en co'e to attention$ /o I declare t!at you are re'o"ed$ I ill li"e and not die$ I a' blessed and I cannot be cursed$ I+' a "ictor and not a "icti'$* Incredible #o er is released !en e s#ea& to our 'ountains$ .

fter c!urc! one day a 'an told 'e t!at !is (ra#!ic desi(n business as failin($ 1e+d lost !is 'a4or clients) and .(ettin( any better$* %!en you tal& li&e t!at) all it+s doin( is 'a&in( you ea&er in fait! and ener(y$ Fuit tal&in( about t!e 'ountain and start tal&in( to t!e 'ountain$ Declare to t!at cancer) or addiction or 'oney c!allen(es) as Da"id declared to 8oliat!> *I ill defeat you$* %e see t!is #rinci#le fro' t!e "ery start of t!e /cri#ture$ In t!e boo& of 8enesis) it says t!at t!e eart! as it!out for' and "oid$ T!ere as dar&ness e"ery !ere$ Isn+t it interestin( t!at t!in(s didn+t c!an(e 4ust because 8od+s =resence as t!ere? T!e orld didn+t (et better 4ust because 8od t!ou(!t) I is! I !ad a orld$ I is! it as all in order$ 5ot!in( !a##ened until 8od s#o&e$ 1e declared to t!e dar&ness) *:et t!ere be li(!t$* T!in& about t!e ord let$ It indicates t!at so'et!in( as o##osin($ If I say) *:et (o of 'y !and)* it 'eans t!at you+re !oldin( it or you+re o##osin( it$ 8od declared in t!e 'iddle of t!e dar&ness) in t!e 'iddle of t!e o##osition) let t!ere be li(!t$ In your ti'es of difficulty !en it+s dar& and (loo'y) you s!ould s#ea& li(!t to t!e situation$ .

ban&ru#tcy see'ed ine"itable$ 1e e0#lained in (reat detail all t!e setbac&s !e suffered and !o bad it as and !o i'#ossible it loo&ed$ 1e as real (ood at tal&in( about t!e #roble'$ I told !i' !at I+' tellin( you$ 3ou s!ould tal& to t!e #roble'$ 3ou s!ould declare li(!t in t!e 'iddle of dar&ness$ I encoura(ed !i' all t!rou(! t!e day to declare> *I+' blessed$ T!e fa"or of 8od is turnin( t!is situation around$ 8od+s fa"or is brin(in( 'e ne clients$ Debt and lac& cannot stay in 'y life$ I co''and t!ose 'ountains to be re'o"ed$* I sa !i' about si0 'ont!s later) and !e as bea'in( it! 4oy$ 1e said) *<oel) I did 4ust !at you su((ested$ I started declarin( fa"or) by s#ea&in( to 'y 'ountains and callin( li(!t in t!e 'idst of t!e dar&ness$* .t !is lo est 'o'ent !en it loo&ed for sure li&e t!e business as (oin( under) !e recei"ed a #!one call out of t!e blue fro' a co'#any !e !ad ne"er done business it! before$ T!ey as&ed !i' to 'a&e a #resentation and !e 'ade it$ T!ey !ired !i' to do t!eir (ra#!ics$ 5o ) t!at one ne client brin(s in 'ore business t!an all of !is ot!er clients did co'bined$ 1e is on #ace to !a"e a banner year$ 1ere+s !at I+' sayin(> I belie"e !e ould still be .

re t!ere 'ountains !oldin( you bac& today? Is t!ere so'et!in( &ee#in( you fro' 8od+s best in your career) your relations!i#s) or your !ealt!? 3our 'ind 'ay tell you t!e 'ountain is #er'anent and t!at it ill ne"er c!an(e$ 7y c!allen(e to you is to s#ea& to your 'ountains$ 3ou+"e #rayed about it lon( enou(!$ 5o it+s ti'e to declare) *7ountain) you are re'o"ed$ 3ou ill not defeat 'e$ I s#ea& fa"or o"er t!is situation$* Ie'e'ber) your 'ountain ill res#ond to your "oice$ T!ere+s not!in( 'ore #o erful t!an you declarin( "ictory o"er your life$ 3ou #robably !a"e tal&ed about t!e 'ountain lon( enou(!$ 3ou need to tal& to t!e 'ountain$ Iise u# and declare to t!e sic&ness) or t!e strife) or t!e de#ression> *.stru((lin() 'aybe e"en !a"e lost !is business) if !e !ad not &ic&ed !is fait! into action and started s#ea&in( to !is 'ountains$ :et 'e as& you> .e re'o"ed) you are (one$* %!en you do t!at you ill o"erco'e obstacles$ 3ou ill o"erco'e obstacles t!at once loo&ed #er'anent$ 3ou ill acco'#lis! drea's you t!ou(!t ere i'#ossible$ 7a&e t!is final declaration it! 'e> .

>I decl%re I $%l+ in the blessing o" %l ight! God# I % "illed $ith $isdo # I %+e good choices# I h%ve cle%r direction# >I decl%re I % blessed $ith cre%tivit!( $ith good ide%s( $ith cour%ge( $ith strength( $ith %bilit!# >I decl%re I % blessed $ith good he%lth( % good "% il!( good "riends( %nd % long li"e# >I decl%re I % blessed $ith 'ro otion( $ith success( $ith %n obedient he%rt( %nd $ith % 'ositive outloo+# >I decl%re $h%tever I 'ut ! h%nds to $ill 'ros'er %nd succeed# I $ill be blessed in the cit! %nd blessed in the "ield# I $ill be blessed $hen I go in %nd $hen I go out# >I decl%re I $ill lend %nd not borro$( %nd I $ill be %bove %nd not bene%th# >I decl%re right no$ th%t ever! neg%tive $ord( ever! curse th%t h%s ever been s'o+en over e( is bro+en in the n% e o" -esus# .

>I decl%re the neg%tive things th%t h%ve been in ! "% il! even "or gener%tions $ill no longer h%ve %n! e""ect on e# >I decl%re th%t "ro this d%! "or$%rd I $ill e&'erience % ne$ sense o" "reedo ( % ne$ h%''iness( %nd % ne$ "ul"ill ent# >I decl%re I % blessed)> I belie"e in t!e s#iritual real' t!in(s !a"e been set into 'otion$ Curses !a"e been bro&en and blessin(s are on t!eir ay$ /tart e0#ectin( (ood t!in(s$ :earn to s#ea& t!ese ords of blessin( o"er yourself) your c!ildren) your finances) your !ealt!) and your future on a re(ular basis$ If you+ll use your ords to declare "ictory and not defeat you+ll see 8od do a' t!in(s) and I belie"e you+ll li"e t!e abundant) o"erco'in() fait!6 filled life t!at 1e !as in store$ .

'erica+s lar(est and fastest (ro in( con(re(ation$ :a&e ood C!urc! !as a##ro0i'ately 45)000 attendees e"ery ee&$ 7illions 'ore atc! <oel+s 'essa(es as t!ey are broadcast on national and international tele"ision net or&s 1e resides in 1ouston it! !is ife$ Gictoria) and t!eir c!ildren$ 3ou can "isit !is ebsite at $<oelOsteen$co' .bout T!e ..ut!or <O@: O/T@@5 is t!e senior #astor of :a&e ood C!urc! in 1ouston$ Te0as$ :isted by se"eral sources as .

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