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DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY U.S. ARMY MANEUVER SUPPORT CENTER AND FORT LEONARD WOOD "320 MANSCEN LOOP STE 316 FORT LEONARD WOOD, MISSOURI 65473-8029, ATZT-PTM 18 JUN 2008 MEMORANDUM FOR SEE DISTRIBUTION SUBJECT: Command Policy # 67-05, IED/UXO Training Limitations on Fort Leonard Wood 1, REFERENCE, FLW Regulation 210-14, Ranges and Training Areas, 16 June 2003, 2. PURPOSE. To establish policy and guidelines defining limitations and coordination requirements to conduct IED/UXO training on Fort Leonard Wood. 3. GENERAL. This policy is effective for all Fort Leonard Wood units. My intent is to safeguard our installation and its Soldiers, while providing the best training possible. The IED/UXO training program will further develop Warrior Ethos and result in better trained, competent Soldiers who are confident in their abilities to identify and report IED/UXO. 4, POLICY/PROCEDURES. a. Commanders at every level must be personally involved with this program to ensure appropriate reporting measures are accomplished and that all required security requirements are met in order to properly execute this training b. No IED/UXO training will be conducted along the following roads: Missouri Avenue, Polla Road, FLW 1, FLW 8 and FLW 10. . All units conducting IED/UXO along any FLW roads must coordinate with Range Control and provide an overlay describing training aid description, location, length of time in place, and unit POC information. 5. PROPONENCY. The guidance concerning these requirements will be incorporated in the updated FLW Regulation 210-14. This policy remains in effect until the redraft of FLW Regulation 210-14 is completed. The proponent for this policy is the G3/DPTM. RANDAL’ CASTRO Major General, USA Commanding ATZT-PTM SUBJECT: Command Policy #67-05, IED/UXO Training Limitations of Fort Leonard Wood DISTRIBUTION: All Schools, Brigades, Battalions, Companies, Detachments, Tenant Units, Directorates, And Personal Staff Offices