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Student union Final stage of being constructed Construction work has loose wires, which are covered by waterproof

plastic covering to help the wires not seen to eye Diggers-JLG ultra boom – Handling heavy equipment and usage to the site Approximately 25 Labor workers on site finishing of the last few small requirements No design team but one construction manager, observing the assembled structure with pen and pad Signs- notifications of keep out letting the public know that the area of work is out of bounds Gates/segregation- orange plastic barriers for public walkways, metal higher barriers – Helpful pathways to get around the construction site Clothing: Reflective jackets, helmets, boots, most goggles (Protective eye equipment)

Urban outfitters Painters stenciling still on boarded exterior surface Only 2 painters working on this site Coming soon sign evident but no date so uncertainty of developments and progress – Keeping this assemble secret to the eye to perhaps reveal something special? No design team on site, on exterior meaning there could be some constructors and management team on the interior? Protective clothing high vid jackets and boots – This fro protection and to distinguish the workers from the public Boarding so people can't see visual – Secret to the eye (Element of surprise)

Methodist church hall Scaffolding is used to keep the structure upright, also whilst this is in place it is clear the assemble is in construction No workers – Dull atmosphere as if nothing is/has been done for a while – Steady process or something has happened to stop the construction No one on site – No workers and constructors to make it look like something is happening (process is moving along) Barriers are in place to suggest public should keep clear from this area Various visual instructions that there is a construction here in development and it is important to keep distant and not tamper. No design team present Signage/ Instructions to keep clear of site, barriers surrounding construction Numbers if needed to call from construction management

New central college Nottingham complex