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History of the world will include events from 18th century such as industrial revolution, world wars, redrawal of national boundaries, colonization, decolonization, political philosophies like communism, capitalism, socialism etc.their forms and effect on the society.

World History – relevant to IAS general studies paper 1
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Following are few sources that will help in understanding the topics. Start as follows 1. First download NCERT World History book that is class XI, Subject History and title ‘Themes in World History’ from here. Unzip it and go through only last unit (kehs104.pdf). First three units are not relevant as they cover pre Industrial revolution history and is not in ias mains syllabus. It cover following topics Industrial revolution Colonization of North America, Australia and Africa Rise of Japan and aggressive nationalism Rise of communism in China 2. French Revolution from NIOS material 3. Nazism from NIOS material 4. Socialism and Russian Bolshevik revolution NIOS material 5. Download OLd NCERT world history relevant to gs from here – good work by to…..I combined all pages in one pdf 6. For rest of the topics, search on wiki and google. I will add links as soon as I will cover them. Kindly reply in comments if you know any better online source. Posted in General Studies I, History of world | Tagged bolshevik, colonialism , french revolution, industrial revolution, nazism , socialism | Leave a reply 1/5

www. The intense imperialist rivalry among European and formation of military alliances (Triple entente England Russia France in 1907 and triple alliance pledging – germany. harsh and humiliation treatment to germany in the form of signing Treaty of Versailles. austria and Italy -1882) resulted in outbreak of WW I in 1914 – Assasination of Austrian Heir Archuke Francis was immediate cause of outbreak Consequences of WW I included 1. the needs created by IR. spread across Europe. China Facism – Rise of dictatorship in Italy. 4. an urge to civilize men Japan was only Asian country to rise as an imperialist power. 2. railways. 2/5 . growth in transport and communication ie invention of steam engine. breaking up of Ottoman Empire.9/26/13 IAS Syllabus | History of world notes | IAS MAINS World History – NIOS material – Industrial revolution and others Posted on June 9. Desire for power 4. setting up of League of Nation by Woodrow Wilson. telegram etc 3. 2013 by admin Following topics are covered: Industrial revolution – factors. defeated powers losing their colonies. 5. independence of Hungary and 6. Germany and Spain World war -1 World War -2 Appeasement policy League of nations and United Nations Rewriting of boundaries in Europe as consequences of World wars Key Points Main factors behind colonial expansion were 1.iasmains. 2. how it affected other parts of world and led to imperialism and other conflicts in world Colonialism – Africa. Extreme nationalism 5. Asia – Japan. major territorial changes in Europe. telegraph.

in/study_material/topics/general_studies_i/history_of_world 3/5 .9/26/13 IAS Syllabus | History of world notes | IAS MAINS Growth of Fascism in Italy led by Mussolini and Nazism in Germany led by Hitler suppressed democracy. posted by Iasmains New Pattern on 6/09/2013 (19 items) In du stri al rev ol u ti on -I In du stri al rev ol u ti on -2 Cau ses an d factors th at faci l i tated IR Coal an d Iron pl ay ed i m portan t Steam En gi n e – rev ol u ti on i zed rol e tran portati on Im peri al i sm i n A fri ca www. Division of Germany in four parts 3. Formation of UN 2. Emergence of independent states in Africa and Asia Post war situation witnessed the emergence of two super powers – USA and Soviet Union – and beginning of a longstanding Cold war which ended in 1990s with disintegration of Soviet Union in CIS. freedom. Weakening of imperial powers 4.iasmains. “Industrial revolution. UN” From World History – NIOS notes. Colonialism. world war 1. socialism and communism between 1919 -1939 Policy of appeasment by western powers toward Germany to contain communism backfired and culminated in WW II WW II consequences 1. 2. facism. 4/5 . world wars | Leave a reply World History – Questions asked in previous years from this section in History optional Posted on May 31.iasmains. To What extent did Nepoleans economic war with England became his undoing? 3. What do you understand by imperialism? State briefly its unique features in the case of Afric. History of world | Tagged fascism . Elaborate 2009 www. Europe faced peace in 1945 politically disorganised and economically crippled. Critically analyse dutch colonial policy in indonesia 4. nazism . industrial revolution.9/26/13 IAS Syllabus | History of world notes | IAS MAINS WW II UN key poi n ts Qu esti on s to attem pt Cau ses of WW I Generated by Facebook Photo Fetcher 2 Posted in General Studies I. imperialism . 2013 by admin 2010 1.

An amalgam of factors. Hitler did not really want a world war. 3. Discuss emergence on neo-imperialism in late 19th century. comment.Comment 2. The impact of French revloution was confined to Europe whereas Russian revolution was global.9/26/13 IAS Syllabus | History of world notes | IAS MAINS 1. The connection between the philosophers ideas and the outbreak of French revolution is somewhat remote and indirect. 6. world history | Leave a reply www. Critically review. By 1914. Explain 3. social. whoever say industrialism. The railways instead of serving as a catalyst of an industrial revolution as in USA and Western Europe. the face of international diplomacy has undergone metamorphosis.It was Europe itself. sick men of europe was no longer just Turkey. 3.iasmains. What was extent of industrialization in west europe by end of ninteenth century 4. Why did Vietnam go through thirty year of war after the second world war? 2012 1. The process of industrialization in some other countries of Europe were different from that in Britain. History of world | Tagged question paper. say cotton. How did Nepolean bonpart fuse the old France with the new? (asked twice in last 3 years) 5. Comment 2. Comment 4. acted in India as the catalyst of complete colonization. His intention was a small with Poland. Comment. 5. With the cold war over and the soviet union 5/5 . Any single explanation for outbreak of first ww is likely to be too simple. Comment 2011 1. How did policy of appeasement escalate problem of nazi aggrandizement? Posted in General Studies I. political and economic and diplomatic contributed to this horrifying conflict of monumental proportion. Examine 2.