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Learning Styles Lesson Plans Multiple Intelligence Activities for Hatchet Choose only one activity to complete by Nov

. 14 Multiple Intelligence Activities for Hatchet Verbal/Linguistic Menu • Pretend you are a newspaper reporter. Write the news article about Brian’s adventure, as you would want it to appear in his hometown newspaper • Pretend you are a television news reporter. Conduct an interview of Brian, his mother, and father on “Good Morning America” the morning after Brian has been rescued. • Pretend you are Brian. Write a series of journal entries as he survives his ordeal. This needs a beginning, middle, and end. Logical/Mathematical Menu • Create a timeline of the important events during the course of this story. You may include the day number and pictures. • Make a strategy game that includes Brian’s problems, feelings, and solutions. • Make a chart that includes facts you have learned about the following categories: Dangers in the woods, edible food in the woods, Animal facts, Airplane and flying facts and information, and any other categories you would like to add. Bodily/Kinesthetic Menu • Create a movement or sequence of movements in dance form to explain Brian’s adventure. • Make a model of the area that Brian lived in for nearly three months. Include items and areas that were important to his survival. • Design a new product that would have helped Brian be rescued sooner or to have survived more comfortably. Visual/Spatial Menu • Design a poster or mural of Brian’s new home and neighborhood during his ordeal. • Create a piece of art that demonstrates Brian’s feelings while he is lost. • Illustrate, draw, paint, sketch or sculpt your favorite scene or event in the book. Rhythmic/Musical Menu • Write and perform song lyrics to “Yankee Doodle” that helps others to understand the plot of the book. If you have a better tune to use, see Mrs. M. or Mrs. S. • Make an instrument that Brian could have made in the woods and demonstrate how to use it. • Sing a rap or song that explains Brian’s problem in the book. Interpersonal Menu • Create a list of rules to help Brian survive in the woods. • Retell the story from the moose’s point of view. • Work in a group to write and perform the conversations that might have occurred when Brian and his parents are back together, sitting at breakfast on the day of his return. Intrapersonal Menu • Describe and list the qualities a person must possess in order to survive a situation similar to Brian’s. Which of these do you possess? • What experience have you had in your life that could be compared to Brian’s life? Explain the situation and describe your feelings about it. • Write a journal entry about the most difficult time you have had in your life. Naturalistic Menu • How did Brian’s appearance in the woods affect the cycle or balance of nature in the woods? You may share this in either picture or written form. • Research the area in which Brian was stranded and share information about the climate, animals, plants, and environment with the rest of us.