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To: CC: From: Date: Re: Michael Robison: Principal Loganville High School Susanne Crowe: Media Specialist Loganville High School Janet Leahr: MEd Candidate – Georgia Southern University October 4, 2013 GA DOE 2013 Library Media Program Evaluation Rubric

On October 2, 2013 the Loganville High School Media Specialist and I conducted an evaluation of the operation of the media center using the GA DOE 2013 Library Media Program Evaluation Rubric. Below is a summary of the results of this evaluation and action steps for items ranked in the Basic category. The following abbreviations will be used to indicate ranking, ((Bas) Basic, (Prof) Proficient, (Ex) Exemplary). Please refer to the GA DOE 2013 Library Media Program Evaluation Rubric link for detailed information for each category. Student Achievement and Instruction Indicator Title 1. Information literacy standards are integrated 2. Collaborative planning 3. Media Specialist engagement in teaching roles 4. Encouragement and support of reading 5. Services for diverse learning abilities and needs 6. Assessment of student achievement

Rank Prof Ex Ex Ex Ex Bas

Action Steps N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A Media Specialist submits information literacy assessment criteria to the classroom teacher for inclusion on collaborative lessons.

Staffing Indicator Title 7a. State mandated library service requirements 7b. State mandated full-time Library Media Specialist requirement Facilities, Access, and Resources Indicator Title 8. Flexible scheduling 9. Square footage requirement 10. Streaming video throughout school 11. Print and non-print resources and access to online information 12. Efficient resource management and access to an OPAC 13. GALELIO access and instruction provided Administrative Support Indicator Title 14. County media contact liaison appointed 15. County/Administrative support of a strong media library program

Rank Ex Ex

Action Steps N/A NA

Rank Ex Ex Ex Ex Ex Ex

Action Steps N/A N/A This requirement is now obsolete due to the 1 to 1 iPad distribution to students. N/A N/A N/A

Rank Ex Prof

16. Library Media advisory committee appointed 17. County approved library media policy is current and annually reviewed 18. Library Media Budget planning and allocation

Ex Ex Bas

Action Steps N/A In order to move this ranking to Exemplary, I suggest that the County and school Administration increase the budgetary support of the media center in order for the media specialist to continue to provide an exemplary program. N/A N/A The county should increase the recently decreased budget based on recommendations from and a partnership with the library media specialist in long-range strategic planning.

Staff Development Indicator Title 19. Library Media staff professional development opportunities

Rank Ex

Action Steps N/A

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