November 7 2013

Unaffordable food
Sir, The 8.5 per cent fall in spending on all food since 2005-07 is of concern (“Fruit and veg left on shelf as fa ilies tr! to cut costs", #ov $% if &e &ish to have a countr!side descri'ed '! Si on (arnes as “a nice place of ever!&here, one that &or)s for ever!one" (*ild #ote'oo), #ov 2%. +ural econo ists have used data fro the #ational ,cos!ste -ssess ent to discover that if &e full! invested in natural capital via 'etter anage ent of soils, 'iodiversit!, &ater and car'on e issions, it &ould undou'tedl! raise food production costs and add to prices. This a! 'e a sustaina'le solution for the environ ent 'ut a potentiall! unsustaina'le one for those on lo&er inco es. +o' .or)e -'ergavenn!, /on outhshire