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Interview with: Mike Timen Conducted by: Nick Milovanovic Q: Is there a common goal within Sigma Nu Beta Zeta chapter

? What is/are they? A: There is a common goal within the Sigma Nu Beta Zeta chapter. Our common goal is to build a positive living environment for young men looking to achieve high academic grades while maintaining a healthy social life. This goal helps us develop real world skills upon graduating from Purdue.

Q: What are the major ways that you and the other brothers communicate in the house? A: Brothers mainly communicate through several technological devices and via social networking. To start, the entire house has a GroupMe, which is a mass texting list with every brother in the house, as well as an email list that is constantly updated. In addition, many of the brothers are on social media, which easily connects everyone online. Finally, with over 60 brothers living in, face-to-face communication is still very prevalent within day to day interactions.

Q: How much feedback do you receive from these major ways of communication? A: Feedback varies with the different forms of communication. Some of the highest feedback comes from chapter. When the chapter has our weekly meeting, when someone speaks, everyone hears the speaker and you can get immediate feedback. When using technological forms of communication, one cannot determine the

delivery of the message, making it difficult to get much feedback on aspects of communication.

Q: Is there any specific type of communication that yields the most valuable feedback? A: The most valuable feedback would definitely come from chapter. During chapter, everyone is in a room, and everyone has an equal voice in their opinion. It gives us the rare opportunity to get feedback from over 60 people on any verbal communication.

Q: What are some examples of the vernacular that we use in our community that is different from others? A: Some vernacular that we use would include chapter, functions, GDI

Q: Describe the “rankings” of the brothers in the community and how it is established. A: Same as what Ben Trimble explained

Q: Does the Executive Board have any other special communication processes that differ from the rest of the community? How do they differ? A: Every week before chapter, the exec board meets for half an hour. In addition, the exec board has a separate GroupMe and emailing list. The executive board has a special communication process that keeps the macro- and microenvironments

running effectively. Mainly, the exec board maintains constant communication as opposed to other areas of the house that do not communicate as much.