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ARTICLE A - RECOGNITION Bargaining Unit The Hospital recognizes the Union as the sole exclusive bargaining agent of all employees of the Lake of the Woods District Hospital at Kenora, Ontario, save and except professional medical staff, graduate nursing staff, undergraduate nurses, graduate pharmacists, undergraduate pharmacists, graduate dietitians, student dietitians, technical personnel, supervisors and persons above the rank of supervisor, secretary to the administrator, secretary to the assistant administrator, secretary to the director of nursing, medical records librarians, medical records technicians, accountant, librarians, medical social workers, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech language pathologists, psychologists, student therapists, undergraduate therapists, gymnasts, practical nurses, certified nursing assistants, students employed during vacation periods, personnel clerk, payroll clerk, chief office clerk, secretary to the director of community counselling and social services, detox program director, director of detox and persons covered by subsisting Collective Agreements.

ARTICLE B - DEFINITIONS B.01 “Employee” shall include only such persons coming within the scope of the bargaining unit described in Article A, local appendix. B.02 “Steward” shall mean an employee (as herein defined) of the Hospital, duly accredited as such, by the Union following election by the employees of Lake of the Woods District Hospital. B.03 “Administrator” shall mean the President and Chief Executive Officer of the Lake of the Woods District Hospital. B.04 “Regular Full-time Employee” is an employee who works an average of thirty-seven and one-half (37 ½ ) hours per week on a regular basis and whose length of appointment is indefinite and who has completed his probationary period.

ARTICLE C - MANAGEMENT RIGHTS Subject to the provisions of this Agreement, all the rights, powers and authority of management are retained by the Hospital and remain exclusively and without limitation within the rights of management. Subject to the provisions of this Agreement, the Hospital‟s rights include: 1) the right to maintain order, discipline and efficiency and in connection herewith, to make, alter and enforce from time to time, rules and regulations, policies, and practices to be observed by its employees and the right to discipline, suspend or dismiss employees for just cause;

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the direction of the working forces: the right to plan, direct and control the operation of the Hospital; the right to introduce new and improved methods, facilities and equipment, the right to determine the amount of supervision necessary, combining or splitting up departments, work schedules, establishment of standards, and quality of care, the determination of the extent to which the Hospital will be operated and the increase or decrease in employment; the right to select, hire, transfer, assign to shift, promote, demote, classify, layoff, recall, and also to select employees for positions not covered by this Agreement; the right to generally operate the Hospital in a manner consistent with the obligations of the Hospital to the general public in the community served.



ARTICLE D - UNION MEMBERSHIP All employees of the Hospital, as defined in Article B.01, as a condition of continuing employment, shall become and remain members in good standing of the Union according to the constitution and by-laws of the Union. All future employees of the Hospital shall, as a condition of continued employment, become and remain members in good standing in the Union. Dues Deduction and Remittance and Dues List The employees covered by this Agreement shall sign a Dues Authorization form at the time of hiring in the personnel office and the Hospital agrees to deduct from the earnings of each employee any monthly dues and initiation fees, exclusive of special assessments, or special levies of any kind, levied in accordance with the Union Constitution and/or by-laws owing by her to the Union and the Union shall notify the employer as to the amount of the dues. Dues deductions shall be sent by regular, not hospital, mail to the Secretary-Treasurer of the Union not later th th than the 15 of the month, or as close to the 15 of the month as possible, immediately following that dues period. The Union agrees to defend and hold the Hospital completely harmless against all claims, demands, costs and expenses, should any person at any time contend or claim the Hospital has acted wrongfully or illegally in making such dues deduction. The Union further undertakes and agrees to refund to the Hospital any monies paid to the Union pursuant to this Article D, in error. The Hospital recognizes that the employees covered by this Agreement shall have the right to participate in the activities of the Union outside of working hours. Such activities shall not take place during working hours without the special permission of the Hospital.

New Employees The Hospital agrees to acquaint new employees with the fact that a Collective Agreement is in effect and with the conditions of employment as set out in the articles dealing with Union Security and Dues Check-Off.

ARTICLE E - SENIORITY The Hospital agrees to post seniority lists the week of January 15th, April 1st, and September 15th, of each year.

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No objection may be taken by the Union or any employee to a seniority list unless written notice of objection is given to the employer within one (1) month after the posting of the seniority list.

ARTICLE F - SICK LEAVE ADMINISTRATION Employees absent due to illness must notify the Department Manager or authorized person, as soon as possible before the commencement of their scheduled shift in order to permit the Hospital to obtain a replacement. Employees failing to report as herein provided will be treated as absent without leave unless excused by the Hospital. Any regular full-time employees sent off duty by the Hospital will be eligible for sick pay benefits. The Hospital reserves the right to have such employee medically examined by a physician appointed by the employee. Any employee may be required to produce a certificate from a duly qualified practitioner for any illness and at the discretion of the Hospital provided that such discretion is exercised in a reasonable manner. The certificate must state that such employee is unable to carry out his/her regular duties due to illness. If a regular full-time employee claims sick pay for any day prior to, or subsequent to a statutory holiday, or for any day prior to, or subsequent to their normal day off, their sick leave pay will not be granted unless satisfactory proof of total disability rendering them unable to perform their regular duties is presented to the hospital. In the event that an employee shall wrongly claim sick pay credits or abuse sick leave privileges, he shall be deemed to have been absent without leave, and all rights, if any, to sick pay shall be cancelled. Such conduct shall be considered grounds for discharge and in such event the Union shall receive notification of such conduct. Sick Leave Pay Out For regular full-time employees employed as of November 1, 1979, and who subsequently retire and/or terminate after completing five (5) years of service, termination pay allowance equal to one-half (1/2) the number of accumulated sick leave days will be paid. This clause shall not apply to employees hired after November 1, 1979.

ARTICLE G - HOURS OF WORK Scheduling Effective December 4, 1987, the Hospital shall not establish any shift of less than four (4) hours duration. Normally two (2) consecutive days off will be scheduled. Schedules may be established to provide for more than five (5) consecutive days of work but not more than seven (7) consecutive days of work. Tours of duty schedules and days off will be posted at least four (4) weeks in advance. Requests for change in posted time schedules must be submitted in writing and co-signed by an employee in the same classification willing to exchange days off or shifts or tour of duty. Such requests must be submitted to the Manager or designate at least forty-eight (48) hours prior to the shift(s) in question. It is understood that such change in tour of duty initiated by the employees and approved by the Manager or designate shall not result in overtime payment except in cases where the schedule is changed due to sickness or accident of the employee scheduled to work.

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Where practicable, an employee who requests permanent afternoon or night shifts shall be granted such request. The Hospital undertakes to use its best efforts consistent with the needs of adequate patient care to schedule work to permit all employees to receive two (2) weekends off in six (6). Where the Union proposes a schedule change, the Hospital shall reasonably consider the change, with final approval being made by the Hospital. Each employee shall advise his/her Manager in writing by October 15 as to his/her preference for days off at either Christmas or New Year‟s. If there is a dispute, the employee who received Christm as off last year will receive New Year‟s off this year and/or the employee who received New Year‟s off last year will receive Christmas off this year. If employees received the same time off last year, then seniority shall prevail. The th Christmas schedule will be posted by November 26 . Time off at Christmas will include Christmas Eve and Christmas Day unless the employee requests otherwise. Time off at New Year‟s will include New Year‟s Eve and New Year‟s Day unless the employee requests otherwise. Notice of Change of Shifts Twenty-four (24) hours notice shall be given before change of shift. Failure to provide at least sixteen (16) hours rest between shifts which are being changed shall result in payment of overtime at established rates for any hours worked during such normal rest period. Sharing of Overtime The Hospital will endeavour to divide overtime among the employees who are qualified to perform the work that is available among the employees who are reasonably available. Call-In in Order of Seniority (Part-Time) Any call-in or extra shifts will be offered to available regular/relief part-time employees within the classification according to seniority, provided they are capable of performing the available work. If an answering machine is reached, a message will be left indicating that the employee had been called. ARTICLE H - PAID HOLIDAYS The Hospital recognizes the following days as paid holidays: New Year‟s Day Remembrance Day Family Day Victoria Day Canada Day Labour Day Thanksgiving Day Christmas Day Boxing Day Civic Holiday Good Friday One (1) floating holiday within each calendar year If a holiday listed above is proclaimed on a day other than the traditional day, the proclaimed holiday will be the recognized holiday. The Hospital will give each employee a day off on either New Year‟s Day or Christmas Day unless otherwise agreed by the Hospital and the employee.

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An employee who is absent on a holiday after being posted to work forfeits all pay for the day unless satisfactory proof of total disability rendering him unable to perform their regular duties is presented to the Hospital. Where a paid holiday falls on a scheduled day off for an employee or in his vacation, the Hospital shall: 1) with the agreement of the employee, pay the employee his regular straight time rate of pay for the holiday; or 2) grant a mutually agreed working day that is to be taken within three hundred and sixty-four (364) days after the day on which the actual paid holiday falls. A full-time employee who normally works a Monday to Friday schedule and/or is not required to work on a paid holiday and who worked their last scheduled shift before the holiday and their scheduled shift after the holiday shall receive pay for the holiday at the rate of straight time his basic rate of pay for the holiday on the date that has been designated by the Hospital. Should an employee transfer to full-time status or terminate full-time status during the calendar year, the one floating holiday will be pro-rated accordingly. ARTICLE I – VACATIONS Requests for vacation time off between June 15 and the day after Labour Day shall be submitted by th th st March 15 and the vacation schedule for that period shall be posted by May 15 . The April 1 seniority list will be utilized for scheduling during the above period. Each employee within the bargaining unit shall be allowed up to four (4) consecutive weeks vacation th during the period from June 15 to the day after Labour Day. Where a dispute arises between employees in the same classification requesting the same vacation time, and such request cannot be accommodated by the Hospital, then seniority shall apply. However, once an employee has been granted a preferred vacation period, he/she may not exercise seniority rights to change the stated period. At other times of the year an employee is entitled to an unbroken vacation period. Vacation requests shall be made in writing indicating the vacation period requested. The Employer shall notify the employee within fourteen (14) days as to whether the vacation request has been granted. This notification does not apply to vacation requests for the summer or Christmas/New Years period. The Employer shall not unreasonably deny such vacation requests. An employee shall be entitled to receive his vacation pay prior to going on vacation, provided that such request is made in writing to the Hospital and at least twenty (20) working days in advance of the vacation. With prior approval, an employee will be permitted to hold over from one (1) year to the next, five (5) days of unused vacation entitlement to be taken within the first three (3) months following the employee‟s anniversary date. ARTICLE J - BULLETIN BOARDS The Hospital will allow for the posting of union notices affecting local union employees in all work sites. The Hospital may request to be furnished with copies of notices prior to their posting, and may require the Union and any employee to refrain from posting any notices which it considers objectionable.

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ARTICLE K - GENERAL Pay Days Pay day shall be every second Friday. When such pay day falls on a statutory holiday, the day prior shall become the pay day. Pay cheques shall be in the form of a direct deposit to the bank or credit union of the employee‟s choice. When an error has been made on an employee‟s cheque, he may request within three (3) banking days after deposit, that an adjustment be made prior to the next pay day. The Employer shall provide, annually, a list of addresses for all members of the Local Union. Union members who do not want the Union to have this information shall notify the Employer in writing. Medical Examinations Employees shall be required to undergo routine medical examinations from time to time as designated by the Hospital and at the Hospital‟s expense. Correspondence All correspondence between the parties arising out of this Agreement or incidental thereto, shall pass to and from the Administrator of the Hospital or his designate and the President of the Union or his designate. The Union shall provide the Hospital with a list of elected officers and stewards, all of whom must have completed their probationary period. The Hospital will not be required to recognize any representative until the Union has notified the Hospital, in writing, of the election and appointment of the representative. Education and Training When an employee requests to attend an educational session held outside the employee‟s working hours, the Hospital may pay the employee his/her straight time hourly rate for the time spent at such approved educational sessions. Such request for approval will be made to the immediate supervisor. This shall not include educational topics available for loan from the Hospital library. Workers Killed or Injured on the Job In recognition of all workers killed or injured on the job, the Hospital agrees to observe one (1) minute of silence at 11:00 a.m. annually on April 28th where practicable. Local Bargaining Committee - (6.03) The number of employees on the Negotiating committee shall be no more than three (3) members plus the president. Where the Hospital withdraws from „Central Bargaining‟, the number of employees shall be no more than four (4) members plus the president. Grievance Committee - (6.06) The Hospital will recognize a Grievance Committee composed of the Chief Steward and not more than two (2) employees selected by the Union who have completed their probationary period. The hospital agrees to provide the Union with the Hospital organizational chart that indicates the grievance step designates.

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Transfer and Seniority Outside the Bargaining Unit - (9.06) a) b) The effective date for employees transferred out of the bargaining unit will be March 21, 1985. Note: Employees outside the bargaining unit as of March 21, 1989 will be credited with whatever seniority they held under the collective agreement expiring September 28, 1984 should they be returned to the bargaining unit subsequent to March 21, 1985.

Dates re Transfer of Seniority and Service - (9.07) “Effective March 21,1985, and for employees who transfer subsequent to March 21, 1985.” Union Business - Leave for Union business - (12.02) a) Not more than four (4) employees at any one time shall be allowed leave conditional upon not more than two (2) of these employees being from the same duty area of the Hospital. The total number of days in any one (1) calendar year for such leave for each employee, shall not exceed forty (40) days.


HOODIP - (13.01) 13.01 c)(3) 13.01 d)(4) Effective date - March 21, 1985 Effective date - March 21, 1985

Overtime Premium and No Pyramiding - (15.03) Overtime rates shall apply for work as follows: On a regular work day - time and one-half for the first four (4) hours and double time after four (4) hours in any one (1) day or shift. Transfer to Lower Paying Classification - (15.10) Transfer at Request of Employee If an employee at his/her own request is transferred or redeployed to a lower classification, the employee shall immediately be paid the starting rate of the classification to which the employee transferred. Upon successful completion of the trial period as in Clause 9.05 (Job Posting) in the classification to which the employee has transferred, the employee will be paid the wage on the grid that reflects the employee‟s years of service. No Elimination [Old 20.02(b)] The Hospital agrees that there shall be no elimination of classification without prior consultation. Reprimands [Old 8.03] Whenever the Hospital delivers a written reprimand to an employee, the Hospital shall send a copy of the written reprimand to the Recording Secretary of the Union within five (5) working days. A written reprimand shall include particulars of the work performance alleged to be unsatisfactory.

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On-The-Job-Training Employees assigned by his/her Manager or designate to give “on-the-job training” to other employees shall receive an amount of $.60 per hour for the period of assignment. Managers shall designate such assignments in writing. Job Descriptions The employer agrees to draw up job descriptions for all positions and classifications for which the Union is the Bargaining Agent. Copies of such will be provided to the Union. The Hospital will maintain the right to amend all job descriptions as necessary, and such changes shall be submitted to the Union within 10 days. Copies of Agreement Upon commencement of employment, the Hospital will provide each new employee with access to the Hospital internal web site and direct them to the location of an electronic copy of the collective agreement. A paper copy will be distributed to each Department, the cost of printing same will be shared between the Hospital and the Union. Employee Contact Information When seniority lists are posted, the Hospital shall provide the Union with a list of addresses and telephone numbers of its membership, except where an employee has notified the Hospital in writing not to release this information. Employees are responsible for informing their Manager and Human Resources of any changes in address or telephone number within fourteen (14) calendar days of the change. Health & Safety a) It is in the mutual interests of the parties to promote health and safety in the workplace and to prevent and reduce the occurrence of workplace injuries and occupational diseases. The parties agree that employees have the right to a safe and healthy work environment and that health and safety is of the utmost importance. The parties agree that when faced with occupational health and safety decisions, the Hospital will not await full scientific certainty or absolute certainty before taking reasonable action(s) that reduces risk and protects employees. The Hospital shall provide orientation and training in health and safety to new and current employees on an ongoing basis and employees shall attend required health and safety training sessions. b) Recognizing its responsibilities under the applicable legislation, the Hospital agrees to accept as a member of its Joint Health and Safety Committee, at least one representative selected or appointed by the Union from amongst bargaining unit employees. c) Any representative appointed or selected in accordance with (b) hereof shall serve for a term of one (1) calendar year from the date of appointment which may be renewed for further periods of one (1) year. Time off for such representative(s) to attend meetings of the Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committee in accordance with the foregoing shall be granted and time so spent attending such meetings shall be deemed to be work time so spent attending such meetings paid by the Hospital at his regular or premium rate as may be applicable. d) The parties fully endorse the responsibilities of employer and employees under the Occupational Health and Safety Act. Accordingly, the provisions of the Occupational Health and Safety Act are incorporated into and form part of this collective agreement and the rights and responsibilities set out therein will not be diminished. e) The Hospital agrees to cooperate in providing necessary information and management support to enable the Health and Safety Committee to fulfill its functions. In addition, the Hospital will provide the Health and Safety Committee with access to all accident reports, health and safety records

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and other pertinent information in its possession. The Health and Safety Committee shall respect the confidentiality of the information. f) Where the Hospital determines that there is a risk that employees may be exposed to infectious or communicable diseases (viral or bacterial), or blood borne pathogens, employees who may be so exposed will be provided with personal protective equipment reasonably necessary for the protection of the employee.

g) An employee who is required by the Hospital to wear or use any protective clothing, equipment or device shall be instructed and trained in its care, use and limitations before wearing or using it for the first time and at regular intervals thereafter and the employee shall participate in such instruction and training. h) Where the Hospital identifies high risk areas where employees are exposed to infectious or communicable diseases for which there are available protective medications, such medications shall be provided at no cost to the employee. i) The Hospital accepts that one CUPE member on the Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committee will be trained and will act as a certified worker under the Occupational Health and Safety Act. Any costs associated with the training of a certified worker will be paid by the Hospital. The Hospital agrees to provide the employee with a copy of the Workplace Safety Insurance Board Form 7 at the same time it is sent to WSIB.


k) Meetings shall be held every second month or more frequently at the call of the co-chairs, if required. The Joint Health and Safety Committee shall maintain minutes of all meetings and make the same available for reviews. l) Protective Footwear Applies to Maintenance and Storekeeper classification. If the Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committee recommends any other classification for protective footwear, the Hospital deem them covered. m) Pregnant employees may request to be transferred from their current duties if in the professional opinion of the employee‟s physician, the pregnancy may be at risk. If such a transf er is not feasible, the pregnant employee, if she so requests, will be granted an unpaid leave of absence before commencement of the maternity leave referred to in Article 12.06. Violence in the Workplace The parties recognize that employees may be exposed to unwanted behaviour from others in the workplace and that such behaviour may result in injury and/or emotional distress to an employee. The Hospital agrees to continue its development of explicit policies and procedures to deal with such situations and shall submit such policies to the Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committee for review. The Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committee shall concern itself with those matters and shall make such recommendations as it deems appropriate. The Hospital after obtaining the employee‟s consent, will inform the Union within three (3) days of any employee who has reported that they have been subjected to violence while performing her or his work. Such information shall be submitted in writing to the Union within five (5) calendar days.

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Modified Work The Hospital will notify the President of the Local of the names of all bargaining unit employees who go off work due to a work related injury or go on Long Term Disability. The Hospital and the Union are committed to a consistent, fair approach to meeting the needs of disabled employees, to restoring them to work which is meaningful for them and valuable to the Hospital, and to meeting the parties‟ responsibilities under the law. To that end, the Hospital and Union agree to cooperate in facilitating the return to work of disabled employees. The Hospital and the Union agree that ongoing and timely communication by all participants in this process is essential to the success of the process. When it has been medically determined that an employee is unable to return to the full duties of her/his position due to a disability, the Hospital will notify and meet with a designated member of the Union to discuss the circumstances surrounding that employee‟s return to suitable work. The Hospital agrees to provide the employee with a copy of W.S.I.B. Form 7 at the same time it is sent to the Board. Hospital Intervening, W.S.I.B. The Hospital agrees to notify an employee if it intends to dispute his/her claim for W.S.I.B. benefits. Committee Representation Any employee who is asked to sit on a Hospital Committee to officially represent Union members shall be approved first by the Local Union. ARTICLE L - TERMINATION OF EMPLOYMENT Notice of Termination The Hospital shall give notice of termination of employment in accordance with the Employment Standards Act. Every employee shall give at least two (2) weeks notice of termination of his employment. ARTICLE M - SCHEDULE “A” - RATES OF PAY Schedule “A” rates of pay shall be expressed in annual and hourly figures.

DATED at ___________________, Ontario, this ___________ day of _____________ , 2011.

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The parties agree on a without prejudice basis that language concerning twelve hour shifts has been vetted central. and The compressed work week addendum will be replaced with central twelve hour shift language if/when such is agreed to.

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The parties agree that the provision of the current Collective Agreement shall apply to those employees working the twelve hour shifts except as amended or modified by the Addendum which shall be attached to and form part of the Collective Agreement.

I - TERMS OF REFERENCE i) Objective: To establish a compressed work week (12 hour shifts) for the classifications of Ambulance Attendants, Ambulance Dispatchers, Detox Unit Attendants, Switchboard Operators and Psychiatric Unit Attendants. Trial Period and Evaluation: If the Hospital and a simple majority of the employees in a unit mutually agree to implementing a twelve (12) hour shift schedule, the changes to implement a compressed work week will be in effect for a trial period of eighteen (18) weeks. Any problems or disputes arising from the required changes to implement the compressed work week program will not be the subject of the grievance procedure but will be discussed and resolved locally by the parties. iii) Employee Participation: All fulltime and parttime employees assigned to a department or unit implementing the compressed work week program will be required to participate. Only those departments or units where a continuous 24 hours work process exists will be allowed to participate in a compressed work week program. Continuation: Continuation of the compressed work week program will be based upon the support shown by the employees affected by a seventy-five percent (75%) secret ballot vote. Thereafter, the parties agree that if either seventy-five percent (75%) of the department or unit employees affected or the Employer wish to discontinue the scheduling of the compressed work week, there will be discussion at the local level as to the reasons for the change and in any event, written notice advising the other of their wish to discontinue must be given at least four (4) weeks prior to the date such party wishes to return to the work week as set out in the Collective Agreement. Should the compressed work week be discontinued in all departments or units, this Addendum to the Collective Agreement will be deleted.



II - COLLECTIVE AGREEMENT AMENDMENTS The parties agree that the following clauses of the current Collective Agreement shall be substituted with the following language to apply to employees participating in the compressed work week program: ARTICLE 2 - DEFINITIONS 2.05 A regular fulltime employee who works on an extended tour basis (compressed work week) is an employee who may work less or more than thirty-seven and one-half (37.5) hours per week on a regular basis but not more than one hundred and fifty (150) hours in a four (4) week schedule and whose length of appointment is indefinite and who has completed his probationary period.

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ARTICLE 9 - SENIORITY 9.01 Probationary Period “A new employee in a department working the compressed work week will be considered on probation until he has completed three hundred, thirty-seven and one half (337.5) hours or thirty (30) shifts within any twelve (12) calendar months. Upon completion of the probationary period he shall be credited with seniority equal to three hundred, thirty-seven and one-half (337.5) hours.” ARTICLE 13 - SICK LEAVE 13.01 HOODIP Sick leave benefits will be in accordance with HOODIP. ARTICLE 14 - HOURS OF WORK 14.01(a) Daily & Weekly Hours of Work The following provisions are intended to define the hours of work for employees working extended tours (12 hour shifts) and shall not be construed as a guarantee of hours worked per day or per week or of days of work per week. The normal daily hours of work will be eleven and one-quarter (11.25) exclusive of one (1) thirty (30) minute unpaid meal break and one (1) fifteen (15) minute unpaid meal break. An employee working less than a full extended tour shall be paid for all hours worked, less time utilized as a meal period, at his regular straight time hourly rate.

14.01(b) Parttime employees may be scheduled to work all or part of an extended tour depending on the Employer‟s staffing requirements. 14.02(a) Rest Periods “On each full extended tour the Hospital will schedule two (2) fifteen (15) minute rest periods, one (1) thirty (30) minute meal period and one (1) fifteen (15) minute meal period.” ARTICLE 15 - PREMIUM PAYMENT 15.07 Standby Where possible, the Hospital will not schedule a fulltime employee for standby in conjunction with a normally scheduled shift. ARTICLE 16 - HOLIDAYS 16.01 Number of Holidays The holidays as set out in the Local Provisions Appendix shall be converted to 90 (ninety) (12 x 7.5) hours. 16.03 Payment for Working on a Holiday A regular fulltime employee who is required to work an extended tour on a paid holiday, as set

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out in the local Appendix, shall be paid at the rate of time and one-half his regular straight time hourly rate for all hours worked on the holiday, and shall be granted a regular seven and one-half (7.5) hour day off in lieu with pay. Where a paid holiday falls on a scheduled day off, or on his/her vacation day for a fulltime employee, the employer shall pay the employee wages on the basis of a normal seven and one-half (7.5) hour tour at his/her straight time hourly rate. ARTICLE 17 - VACATIONS Vacation time shall be converted to hours (1 week = 37.5 hours) (1 day = 7.5 hours) in accordance with the entitlement as per the Collective Agreement. ARTICLE G - HOURS OF WORK Scheduling For the purposes of replacement of an extended tour, a parttime employee may be scheduled for a four (4) hour shift or any part thereafter. Normally a minimum of two (2) consecutive days off will be scheduled. Schedules may be established to provide for no more than four (4) consecutive 12 hour shifts. All schedules shall provide for at least twelve (12) hours rest between shifts. Subject to the efficient operation of the hospital, and with the agreement of both parties, vacation and paid holidays (stats) entitlement may be taken in four (4) hour blocks. ARTICLE K - GENERAL Overtime Premium Overtimes rates shall apply for work as follows: On an extended tour, time and one-half (1.5) will be paid for the first four (4) hours worked past twelve (12) hours and double (2) times for any hours thereafter.

Dated this _____ Day of June, 2011.

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