Hamstring stretch with a rope or towel -a long time, go slow and get a deep stretch Hip stretches Thigh/quad stretch Shoulder stretch Back stretch Ankle stretch

All Squats are to the floor 4 rounds 10*side jump over blocks a little over knee high 10*back hyperextension 5rounds @40kg last round at 50kg 4*front squat 8*Back squat

10*Highpull standing up on toes as you pull

10*behind the head shoulder press with grip as wide as you can

10*overhead squat

3 rounds

. try to get five minutes.10*knuckle pushups. pushing off the ground as high as you can 10 bent over rows at 30kg 3 rounds 10/10/10 Highpull Behind the head shoulder press with wide grip Overhead squat 2 minutes superman holding as high as you can like you’re skydiving 4 rounds-empty 20kg bar in front squat grip Walking lunges-ten meters front/ten meters backwards Hang onto pullup bar as long as possible.

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