1st NE sports festival Athletic event discuss thorow – 1st Sports highly Half-long training done #Bishnupur

municipal council without his knowledge, against a reputed politician and WON ( wasn’t interested ) served as a councilor for 5 years #Patiala (loaned and bought the machine) In 2004, built the machine – using the technology (the loom) # been a bachelor all this time 1200-3800 per day can be earned 5 people working under the guy Fish nets, cloths 5 times faster than the simple loom Begun since 1985

Capital short Trust issues with brothers Redemption with the brothers too Went to the industry dept. for financial help but didn’t work out Had a fall out with the dept. then took a stand that he won’t take any help from outside sources Loopholes in the licensing and all. Kickass character Took help from a friend Rajen from moirang Paddy thresher too, currently working on one

NIF (Natwar) ? Tricycle for the handicapped – planned to be released in January early next year Sees the normal working of stuffs and thinks of how to improve the functioning. Spends 40k per month Very optimistic about setting up an industry .

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