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I am unique

This information has been provided by Toby's Parents

This is me
My name is Toby. I am 4 years old. I am a cheeky and happy boy!

Who I live with

I live with my Mum (Lucinda) and my Dad (Joe) and my sister (Josie)

Important people to me
My mum looks after me all day and knows me best. I love my Auntie Jane. My Nanna and Popsie look after me sometimes too. Anna is my carer.

What makes me smile and what makes me sad

I love my rabbit comforter called Peter. Stroking his ears helps to me to feel safe. I love to throw balls. I don't like loud noises like cars beeping or the hoover.

Things you need to know

I point and use facial expression to communicate. I am starting to use PECS. Try and keep my environment calm and quiet so I don't get upset.

What I get up to
I like to go to the park. Sometimes Anna takes me to soft play.

My dream is to
Make friends and run!

What do people like and appreciate about me

My cuddles and smiles.

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