100% electric bicycle

Presented by: Green Drinks @ Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
28 August 2012

Gregers Reimann

Demo + Video Same video uploaded to YouTube here: http://www.com/watch?v=TT8DVq5Cb24&feature=plcp .youtube.

speed) o 14.7 kg o 450 Watt electric motor with regenerative braking o 2 hour charge time o 0. delivery) 50 minutes (fast charger) 11.223 kWh per full charge = 8 sen o 1 year warranty RM 7.130 (incl.What? YIKE BIKE o 10-15 seconds folding time o 10 km range o 23 km/hour (max.5 kg (carbon frame) @ 82% extra cost 20 km (two extra battery packs) Upgrades Customizable color (black is standard) .

mysikal.com .my Contact person: Will Shaw hp: +60 1114615715 (Langkawi) email: willshawmail@gmail.Where? YIKE BIKE dealer in Langkawi – they deliver to your door www.

3 million annual deaths from air-pollution” World Heath Organisation (WHO) .RM 257 per year incl.Why? YIKE BIKE advantages (for me) o Fast and handy for short errands o No parking hassle o Cheap operational cost o Environmentally friendly o No emissions .20 km per day (2 full charges) . Vehicle emissions are a major contributor to air pollution in cities. Electric vehicles solve this problem.RM 57 per year .RM 0. battery replacement every 3½ years Operational cost example: Quick fact NB.16 per day . “1.

Energy & CO2 Yike Bike has significant savings in energy and CO2 emissions Sources: o Sustainable Energy .withouthotair.my) .com) o Suruhanjaya Tenaga o Electrical power measurements by IEN Consultants (www.ien.without the hot air (http://www.com.

The Yike Bike is part of the solution World average (2010): 5 ton CO2 per person . we must reduce our annual CO2 emissions to 1 ton per capita.For sustainable living.

com.my .Thank you Gregers Reimann hp: email: +6 0122755630 gregers@ien.

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