3 FADE IN: THE NEW LINE CINEMA LOGO This is not just any New Line logo. The logo is green and shimmers like one familiar mask. The classic Randy Edelman music can be heard in its glory.

DISSOLVES to Edge City: A gnarly town in day, but glamorous at night. Even though it is present day 1994, time itself seems to be a mixture of the ‘40s and the ‘60s. The methane emissions have the night sky glowing, while searchlights are swinging from left to right.


The searchlights are emulating from Edge City’s HOTTEST nightclub-THE COCO BONGO CLUB. Parking spaces are packed. Palm trees are standing high. The very catchy song, “Hey Pachuco” by Royal Crown Revue, is playing through the club’s speakers. Crowds gather behind the rope barriers as they eagerly wait for the Coco Bongo’s special guest.

Television news crews and paparazzi photographers prepare their equipments, while gigantic security guards block unwanted guests from stepping on the precious, red carpet.


A car horn, in the same tune of the Mexican hat dance, screams from the distance. Police officers on hollering motorbikes escort in front of a long, black limousine.

WOMAN IN CROWD Oh my God! It’s HIM!!!

Photographers start taking pictures and crowds lean against the ropes to see their favorite celebrity up-close.


The limousine stops and the chauffer pops out of the driver’s door. He walks up to the last passenger door and opens it.


The crowd and paparazzi goes nuts as the special guest steps out of the limo. The guest is none other than new accounts bank clerk, STANLEY IPKISS. And this time, he is not hiding behind any masks, especially a green one. Stanley is not the shy, mild-mannered man he used to be...and he LOVES IT.

STANLEY (Full of pride) Ah, my people!

Ipkiss appears as the man that he always wanted to be: Confident, popular, famous, snazzy and a bit cocky. He is now the man that every woman wants and who every man wants to be. Stanley is wearing a Humphrey Bogart-esque white tuxedo and looking slick as ever.

Stanley walks along the elaborated red carpet and heads toward the entrance. The two bouncers proudly open the doors for Edge City’s new party man.


Fifty guests were dancing and having a good time. MAYOR TILTON can be seen talking to some of Edge City’s V.I.P.s at the drinks bar. As soon as Stanley steps foot on the dance floor, all of the guests pave way for him like royalty.

Stanley walks pass a male guest.

5 STANLEY Hi Bob! Enjoy my party.

He walks pass another guest.

STANLEY Tony! Great to see ya (Stanley shakes Tony’s hand).

Stanley sees a rather large and bloating female friend.

STANLEY Betty! Hey! Did you lose some weight?

Betty giggles as Stanley stops in front of the Coco Bongo’s main stage.

The curtains lift up to reveal the club’s brand new Broadway-quality set featuring a staircase that is covered with vines and white paint. The staircase resembles something out of a Disney fairytale movie. It is not attached to anything except a platform on top. The set is beyond the club’s budget, but it is a pretty sight to look at.

TILT-UP to the top of the staircase. On the top of the staircase, lays a tropical fern. The tropical fern serves as a sliding gate door. The fern split opens and outcomes....TINA CARLYLE.

Tina is a blonde, feminie fatale with a heart of gold. And yes...she and Stanley are officially dating (Sorry boys!). Tina is wearing a red, glittering dress accompanying with high heel shoes.

Jazz classic, “I Got Rhythm” (Sang by Chelsea Krombach) plays at the background. Like Tex Avery’s Red Hot Riding Hood, Tina lusciously

6 walks down the long stairs. Everyone in the building is looking at her in awe. Stanley’s heartbeats are starting to sound like drums.

After going through countless steps, Tina is finally face-to-face with her boyfriend.

TINA (Facing Stanley) Evening Mister Ipkiss.

Acting like a proper gentleman, Stanley offers his hand for a dance.

STANLEY Care to dan….

SUDDENLY crowds gasp as a SPINNING, GREEN TORNADO smashes through the entrance door. Guests run away as the tornado heads toward Stanley and Tina. Both of them know who is behind the tornado, but they’re still not sure. Chances are it could be something from “Wizard of Oz”.


Tina and Stanley immediately hold hands. The Tasmanian Devil tornado stops. The smoke clears revealing a mischievous figure wearing a yellow zoot suit and a fedora hat.

Both Tina and Stanley’s eyes are wide open in shock. It’s…THE MASK!



How is this possible? The Mask and Ipkiss are seen together. There are two separate people looking eye to eye. One has a green smiling face, while the other is pale in fear. This is not a new character wearing the Mask of Loki. This is the same green trouble-maker that Ipkiss used to turn into. He is not just any mask, he’s THE MASK-the living essence of flair and style. Not even a certain psychiatrist can explain what the hell is going on. Mask’s huge bug-eyes glow with mischief. His nose is still bony, while his gleaming white teeth are shown through a grin. He appears as if he just came to life through a twisted, “Bizzaro World” mirror.

THE MASK You can’t have a PAR-TAY without moi!

Mask glimpses Tina.

THE MASK Evening beautiful. Is it hot in here or is it just you?

Mask starts sweating and briefly morphs into a beach tourist wearing a Hawaiian t-shirt, straw hat and sunglasses. He is standing between two open tanning booths that appear out of nowhere.

THE MASK Or is it just me?

TINA (Ignores Mask and faces Stanley)

8 I thought you got rid of it.


Mask spins back into his yellow suit.

THE MASK (Make game show sound when the player is incorrect) EEHH!!!! YOU THOUGHT WRONG, MISTER PENCIL PUSHER!

THE MASK (Continues) A furry lifeguard saved me.

The Mask turns his back and reveals that Ipkiss’ dog MILO is attached to the bottom end of Mask’s jacket. The dog’s legs are above ground as his mouth is holding onto the jacket like a yellow Frisbee.


THE MASK It would have been a lot nicer if someone gave me a lifesaver during my “river cruise”. A rubber duckie wouldn’t hurt.

Milo lets go from the Mask’s behind and runs to Stanley.

9 STANLEY You CAN’T be real!

THE MASK No honcho. I’m surreal.

Mask gets out his large, spring loaded boxing glove and KA-POW!! Mask hits his human counterpart so hard in the kisser that *WHOOSH* Stanley files mid-air and *THUMP* lands at the end of the dance floor.


THE MASK (Impersonates Rocky Balboa) AAADRRRIIANN!!!!!!!!

Stanley falls down on his rear, while Milo is barking mad. He is not unconscious yet. He could hear laughter, but it is not from his hyper alter-ego.

Stanley turns his head and sees a group of school kids sitting at a dinner table. Ipkiss recognizes them. They are all from his 10th Grade class and they haven’t aged a bit. The kids still dress up like if it is the ‘70s. Most of the laughter comes from what looks like a school bully who is wearing a black vest and has curly hair. In fact, he is the only kid who is standing up. His laughter sounds so distinctive. The punch is making Ipkiss hallucinate yet he is conscious seeing The Mask in person.

SCHOOL BULLY LOSER! *Laughs like finger nails scratching a chalkboard*


STANLEY (Dazed and confused) Chet?


Mask zips toward Stanley and looks down on him.

THE MASK We could have been a lovely couple together. BUT you are stylistically challenged. Don’t worry though, I can help…

Mask reaches down to his pocket. He gets out random junk, like Flintstone vitamins, rubber chickens, that jumping alarm clock, mouse trap, a packet of balloons. Everything INCLUDING the kitchen sink. Then finally, he got out the most precious artifact known to man…THE WOODEN MASK OF LOKI. It’s the very thing that brought Stanley trouble in the first place. The wooden mask mysteriously shimmers brightly.

Stanley is beyond confused. How did his wacky alter-ego become separate, living being? How can he be The Mask if he is holding the actual wooden mask? And why in HELL he has a picture of KELLAWAY’S WIFE in his pocket?!!?

THE MASK (Showing emotions of care and sympathy) Lighten up, babe. YOU need this more than I do.


The big-headed Mask is ready to place the actual wooden mask on Stanley’s face, while Tina and Milo watch helplessly near the stage. The bully is still laughing.


THE MASK You’ll thank me for this later. I swear! Just think about the movie rights!


Mask finally slaps the old artifact on Stanley. Ipkiss yells as the wooden mask engulfs and transforms his face.





Stanley wakes up from his weird dream…or was it a nightmare? At least he didn’t wet himself this time. Stanley jolts awake, breathing heavy and sweating continuously. He’s back in normal reality.

His “Tom and Jerry” alarm clock reads 2.45 AM. Rain can be heard splattering against his window, while lightning illuminates his dark apartment. As he sat up, shaking and unable to figure out where he was, Stanley reflexively reached for his face, fearing what exactly his nerves would tell him. Upon feeling his soft, normal flesh beneath his fingers, Stanley groans in relief and immediately drops his hands. Trying to steady his intake of air, he leaned against his bed’s backboard.


Stanley remembers his dream involving his former alter-ego and his Grade 10 school bully. He has no clue on which person scared him the most.

STANLEY (After breathing heavily) How did they get in there? C.U. MILO

After hearing his master’s distress, Stanley’s Jack Russell Terrier and canine companion, MILO wakes up from his sleeping basket. He is lying in front of Stanley’s bed. Milo starts doing his dog whimpering noises as he is worried about his human buddy.

As his heart rate climbs back down to its normal speed, Stanley swing his covers over and climbs out of bed. Stanley is wearing his pair of pajamas, with yellow fishes on them, and walks on his bare feet. He slowly crosses the room and makes sure that he didn’t step on Milo. Stanley reaches to a nearby lamp and switches it on. The light flickers dimly as Stanley comes to a halt in front of his dressor’s mirror. He examined his pale and clammy reflection half-expecting something else to be staring back at him. But no. It is normal. No tombstone-sized teeth. No wide and zany smile. No green face. Just mild-mannered Stanley Ipkiss. He breathes another sigh of relief.

STANLEY (Looks at Milo) I think I’m slipping a gear, puppy dog.

Milo stares back at him as another wave of lightning rolled by, tilting his head as if curious as to what is going on. Stanley chuckles lowly and runs a hand through his moist hair. Thank God he still has hair…unlike a certain freak that Stanley knows so well. This was getting ridiculous, waking up every night feeling the way he did now. And what was even more ridiculous was that he knows what is needed to be done if he has any hope of making these… dreams disappear

13 forever. But he couldn’t, and he didn’t know why. Maybe he might give his psychiatrist another visit.


Then suddenly, the noise can be heard again inside Stanley’s conscious mind. It’s a noise that chills his bones and quite oddly, giving him a sense of excitement. It is a Viking call. The soft, otherworldly Viking call consists of drums, grunts from Norwegian warriors and boats sailing through the waves. Stanley turns and looks over at his closet, a sort of yearning beginning to build up inside of him.


The “Keep Out” sign he had nailed onto his closet door lit up in the wake of another boom of thunder, and Stanley reminds himself why he had put it up in the first place. To reassure himself that his dream is just that…a dream, Stanley opens his closet which are consist of his clothes, shoes and valuable items. Items include Tex Avery VHS tapes, a Frisbee, a $100 note that was left behind after Tyrell’s goons raided Stanley’s closet and more importantly, a mysterious grey tin box with a lock in front of its lid.


Stanley mainly focuses on the tin box. In Stanley’s head, the Viking call came from that box. The lock is still attached and hasn’t been opened after five months. Dust and spider webs appear on the top of the lid. Stanley picks up the box and shakes it to make sure that a certain artifact is still inside. The rattling sound like something important is trapped inside. Finally, the Viking call stops. IT hasn’t been worn since Tyrell disappeared. The box is there to protect it from the wrong hands, including Stanley himself.

Milo whines as he mirrors his thoughts.

STANLEY (Frowns)

14 Well you were the one who brought it back.


Stanley puts the tin box down and shuts the door as darkness consumes the closet.

STANLEY (Looks at Milo again) Nighty-night.

Stanley walks back to bed, turns the lamp off and sleeps. He has work tomorrow.



Almost like lightning, channels were clicking in rapid speed. “The Ren and Stimpy Show”...then *CLICK*…A “Home Improvement” re-run…*CLICK*… some new cartoon titled “The Goofalotatots”…*CLICK*…The 1920 version of “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde”…*CLICK*……“Good Morning Edge City” on WEDG TV.

The channel surfing stops as Stanley wants to watch the latest news on the 1994 Mayor Election.


Stanley is already in his bank clerk suit and eating a bowl of cereal.



The news set has a “Good Morning Edge City” sign under the roof. A NEWS ANCHORMAN is sitting behind a blue background with a photo of two politicians. One is a bold African American man and the middle-aged politician on the right has a grey crew cut. The text below the onscreen picture reads “Edge City Decides ‘94”.

NEWS ANCHORMAN The Mayor election is heating up as candidates are preparing for their public debate at Edge City Hall next Thursday. Then Edge City will finally choose their new leader on the following Friday. Mayor candidate and former army colonel, Beauregard Klaxon will challenge current mayor Mitchell Mortimer Tilton as voters prepare for the polls.

The TV screen flashes footage of MAYOR TILTON shaking voters’ hands outside city hall and BEAUREGARD KLAXON kissing babies at the Edge City Hospital. Typical mayor stuff really.

NEWS ANCHORMAN (Continues) Despite accusations of visiting a gentlemen’s club, Tilton is leading the race as his “More Fluff, No Crime” campaign gains further momentum.


Stanley watches the TV until he hear ear-blasting knocks on his front door.

STANLEY (Acts sarcastically) I wonder who that can be…

16 Stanley turns the TV off and opens the front door. As predicted, it’s Stanley’s evil landlady, MRS. PEENMAN. She’s still an old loudmouth wearing hair curlers on her head. Not even cosmetic beauty products can stop her being the second bane of Stanley’s existence. Worse of all, it is pay day.

STANLEY (Pretending to be nice) Oh good morning, Mrs. Peenman.

MRS. PEENMAN CRAM IT, IPKISS! Hand in the rent money!

Milo sees Peenman and starts growling until……….

MRS. PENNMAN (Growls back like the Hound from Hell) *GROOOOOOOOOWWLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL*…..YOURSELF!!!!!

Milo gets scarred of Peenman’s animal impersonation and hides between Stanley’s legs. The poor dog starts whimpering.

MRS. PEENMAN (Sees Milo’s fear) Damn mutt.

Peenman opens her hand as a sign she wants some cold, hard cash.

MRS. PEENMAN Now, hand in the dough!


STANLEY Errr…as much I appreciate your hospitality, but I won’t get my pay slip from work until tomorrow. I’m so sorry. I really wanted to pay the rent.

MRS. PEENMAN (Grunts) Oh that’s great, Ipkiss. You work at a bank, but you hardly have cash. You really are a BUM. Next time you don’t pay me, you’ll be sleeping on concrete. YOU UNDERSTAND ME, IPKISS!?

STANLEY I will pay you next time. I swear.

MRS. PEENMAN You better be.

Peenman hands Stanley his newspaper. The only nice thing she does for anyone.

MRS. PEENMAN (Hands the wrapped rolled paper to Stanley) Here’s your newspaper. Don’t expect the paper boy to be back from the hospital anytime soon. If you ask me, he deserves it. He had no right entering my building with those muddy shoes.

Stanley gets the newspaper.

18 STANLEY Yes, ma’am.

MRS. PEENMAN And don’t be late for the neighborhood watch meeting this Wednesday night……or else!

Stanley nods and Peenman finally stomps back to her room.

STANLEY (Gets slightly mad and talks to himself) WHERE ARE YOUR FLYING MONKEYS, HUH PEE-WEE!?

Stanley takes a breath, while his temper goes down.

STANLEY (Continues) Heh-heh. I should have said that to her. Yeah, I should have said that.

Stanley looks at the recently revamped “Evening Star” newspaper with the new motto “Just the facts, really”.


The headline reads “Caught! Tilton Meets Stripper” and it is written by a familiar reporter named PEGGY BRANDT. Miss “Ask Peggy” herself. The two haven’t met again since she sold Stanley out to mobsters at the printing plant.

19 Even though he is not a grudge keeper, Stanley still feels betrayed when remembering his last encounter with Miss Brandt. He has a surge of resentment towards the sell-out reporter.

However, Stanley shrugs and throws Peggy’s paper into the living room bin.

STANLEY (Muttering to Milo) I should really cancel my subscription.


Stanley grabs his suitcase and quickly browses a framed photo of him and Tina which is next to the Tex Avery Wolf lamp. He smiles with affection. He still can’t believe he gets the girl of his dreams without The Mask’s help. Well the Mask sort of helped, but not THAT much.


Stanley checks his wall calendar and sees red writing on a Tuesday. Tina’s birthday is next week and he has to buy a gift as soon as possible.

The calendar box also has Stanley’s writing that reads “Proposal?” The question mark itself is bigger than the actual date box.

Stanley debates himself whether or not he should buy an engagement ring and propose to Tina on her birthday party.

STANLEY (Faces Milo)

20 Do you think it’s the right time to ask her, Milo?

Milo is chewing on a toy bone, now relaxed after Peenman freaked him out, and doesn’t care what his master says.

STANLEY (Continues) I thought so.

Stanley opens the door and is about to leave.

STANLEY I’m off to work now. Be a good dog, Milo.

With his master gone, Milo runs towards the TV set. He jumps and has his paws press the power button. It’s one of Milo’s fancy animal tricks. “Good Morning Edge City” is still on TV with FRITZ DRIZZEL presenting the weather forecast.

FRITZ DRIZZEL (Talks while his name can be seen at the bottom of the screen) I promise everyone that there will be sunshine tomorrow morning. If not…I will go mad *Cheesy laugh*.

Milo yawns and picks up the remotes with his mouth. His right paw switch to Channel 6.

The TV flickers on as Milo eagerly anticipates his favorite show. Too bad the commercials are about to start though.

21 TV ANNOUNCER (V.O) “Mozart the Talking Dog Show” will be back after a few messages.




Out comes a commercial featuring footage of random citizens walking in the streets of Edge City. There are also brief clips of children in schools and families having picnics at Landfill Park on a bright, sunny day. A deep-voiced, male announcer starts talking.

COMMERCIAL VOICE (V.O) Edge City. It is one of America’s most beloved cities with the population of 8,274,527 citizens and counting.

Suddenly the ad’s tone gets dramatic and cuts to archive footage of riots, disgraced police officers walking out of district courts and bank robbers shooting at police cars. There is also news footage covering the gang war at the Coco Bongo club with police officers surrounding the entertainment building. All crime footage is edited in a gloomy, black and white presentation.

COMMERCIAL VOICE However, crime and corruption is threatening our fair city, leaving countless, innocent Americans at risk.


COMMERCIAL VOICE Only one man has the experience of looking after his people in the fight for town justice.

Then the cameras face to the well-dressed Mayor Tilton who is standing outside Edge City Hall with the colorful American flag pole next to him. Tilton appears to be dignified and confident that he will get more voters on his side.

MAYOR TILTON After falling victim to a mob robbery myself, I have devoted my term in office to make Edge City the safe place that it deserves to be.

“America the Beautiful” can be heard at the background.

MAYOR TILTON (Still advertising himself) We should stop dwelling on the negatives and work for the positives together. If you re-elect me, Mitchell Mortimer Tilton, as your continuing mayor, I will increase police protection in our streets and shut down EVERY criminal organization that crawls beneath the good people of Edge City. Don’t let an inexperienced leader change something that is guaranteed to work. Re-elect Tilton and keep the FLUFF in Edge City. This is more than a slogan. It’s a promise.

The commercial ends patriotically with the Tilton campaign logo placed in front of the waving American flag.

23 COMMERCIAL VOICE (Talks fast) This ad is paid for by the Tilton organization.



The re-election commercial ends and the TV screen get sent into darkness. A mobster in his late-40s named LONNIE “THE SHARK” WARWICK saw the same commercial at his manager’s office. He owns a hotel that is lazily named the Warwick Hotel(the building with big blue neon letters just opposite to Landfill Park). He has a mole on his right cheek and greased-up hair. Lonnie wears a dark business suit with no tie.

Lonnie is a 1940s-style mobster stuck in the ‘90s. He likes to do business the old-fashioned way: throw ethics out of window, cause havoc and ask questions later. Lonnie’s mob is now the top of the crime ring after Niko and Tyrell’s gang were busted.

The Manager’s office appears to be shaded as the sun is blocked by long window curtains. Vintage 1940s’ pistols can be seen as ornaments on the wooden wall. Lonnie sits behind his desk. Also at his office is Lonnie’s bumbling right hand man, PETE. Pete is a blonde-haired, Australian thug making a living in the U.S. underbelly. He wears a leather jacket and resembles to an extra from the “Mad Max” movies.

Pete is looking at the camera surveillance at the corner of the room with Lonnie’s other henchman, TEX. BAXTER, the group’s hired safecracker, is talking to someone on the phone.

LONNIE (Acts cynical) Boys, never believe what you see on TV.


No response. Pete and the goons were too distracted by the voluptuous woman getting ready for her shower on security monitor number 3.

PETE (Speaks in a heavy cockney accent) Look at that Sheila’s….

LONNIE (Hits his fist on his desk) BOYS!!!

PETE (Finally awake) Oh sorry, Lonnie sir.

LONNIE The cameras are for security purposes only. Not as your personal entertainment. Come ‘ere for a second.

Pete walks up to Lonnie’s desk.

PETE Yeah, boss?

LONNIE Do you trust in politicians, Pete?


25 Ummmm…I don’t know sir. Depends on who’s the person in charge.

LONNIE If you are in this “business” as long as I am, leaders always make empty promises. Yet it was never their intention to fail miserably.

PETE What’s your point, boss?

LONNIE Listen stooge. Mayor Tilton is very serious about running us down after that “stunt” Tyrell pulled at his club five months back. Tilton is a publicity hound, but if he continues as Mayor, our entire empire will go up in smoke.

Pete reassures his boss and criminal mentor.

PETE C’mon, boss. Tilton has been running this town since ’89 and he’s been making the same promises in every election. Besides we are the TOP DOG in this biz. Niko’s gang won’t bother us anymore.

Lonnie gets more paranoid as he anxiously pours scotch into his glass.

LONNIE Oh yeah? If the Mayor wasn’t held hostage by Tyrell and clowns, we wouldn’t have this….


Lonnie passes The Evening Star newspaper to his “stooge”.

PETE (Reads headline) “Caught! Tilton Meets Stripper.” Who knew the mayor has taste?

LONNIE (Losing patience) Not the front page, you idiot! Page 2!

PETE (Turns to the next page and reads the article) “Under Mayor Tilton’s approval, Police Commissioner Lawrence Lorenzo will close down businesses which have connections to the now inactive Niko crime family. After the Coco Bongo hostile takeover five months ago, both Tilton and Edge City police will investigate associates who previously worked with the now deceased crime lord. Individuals under question include Niko’s former lawyer Ray Tuttle, suspected bootlegger Eugene Rapaz and Lonnie “The Shark” Warwick who is widely believed to be Edge City’s new mob boss. Niko’s murderer, Dorian Tyrell is still missing and presumed dead.”

Pete stops reading the paper and lifts his head up to see his boss shaking as he tries to drink his scotch. Some of the scotch is spilled over his desk.


27 I never liked Niko or any kingpin wannabe in this crap city. I knew having connections to Niko would lead us into trouble. Both Niko and Tyrell are backstabbers. I did the right choice to break business with them during our co-joint counterfeiting operation back in ’91. Yet we are the ones getting the blame.

PETE So what are we going to do now?

LONNIE Teach Tilton a lesson about spreading empty promises. He has no right putting his democratic feet in our turf. Whether it’s Tilton, Klaxon or the FREAKING tooth fairy, no one can take me down. According to my sources, Tilton’s money is at the Edge City Savings and Loan Bank. When the time is right, you and the boys break in and steal his loot. HELL, rob the entire city if possible. THEN we see who has a fluffy day.

Baxter hangs up the phone and walks up to Lonnie’s desk with an important message.

BAXTER I just talked to “Mister Red Eyes”. He said he found the perfect bodyguard for you. Some say he is indestructible. Do you want him to send the bodyguard over?

PETE (Confused) Who the HELL is Mister Red Eyes?

Lonnie ignores Pete’s question with an almost permanent frown on his face.


28 (Faces Baxter) How much does he wants?

BAXTER Here’s the catch. He wants sixty-five percent of our robbery income.

PETE (Stating the obvious) Now that’s a lot.

LONNIE (Gets agitated) He’s GOT to be kidding me?! Tell him the deal is OFF. We don’t want any more contacts right now. Chances are he could be an undercover cop.

BAXTER Okay, boss.

Baxter gets out of Lonnie’s sight. Pete asks Lonnie one last question.

PETE Do you think we could break in without the cops busting our arses? I heard there is now extra security after some freak robbed them awhile back.

Lonnie sips another glass of booze as Pete awaits his boss’ answer.


LONNIE Does the term “Inside Job” mean anything to you, Pete?



Return to Edge City Savings and Loan (also known as Edge City Bank for short). Stanley is sitting at his New Accounts desk and looks bored as ever. The bank’s foyer is covered with bank clerks, customers and security guards. Most of the guards were hired straight after the recent robbery at Edge City Bank. The snot-nosed bank manager, MR. DICKEY doesn’t want to risk another crisis again.

After straining his eyes from checking statistics in his bulky computer monitor, Stanley looks at the newly installed surveillance cameras on the ceiling until…….

CHARLIE Hey Stanley!

CHARLIE SCHUMACHER (Still a cocky, skirt-chasing banker) walks up to his co-worker’s desk while wearing a tiger-striped tie.

STANLEY Yes, Charlie?

CHARLIE How’s the report going?

30 STANLEY (In a bored voice) Oh just the usual. Add this; subtract that, secretly going insane after looking at the same numbers. It’s a living really. You should try it one day.

CHARLIE Sounds like you’re having a party. In speaking of parties, I just scored a date with Violet.

STANLEY Violet? Violet from Home Loans? Congratulations, Charlie!

CHARLIE Thanks. It took months of constant phone calls and improvising pick-up lines, but I finally hit the big time! Who knows? Maybe you and Tina could have a double date with us one day.

STANLEY Yeah, that would be nice. Stanley smiles a bit and quickly types on the keyboard. Charlie starts his awkward fake coughs.

CHARLIE Even though I am *ahem* the ladies’ magnet in Edge City, I need a little favour from you.

Stanley faces Charlie again.


STANLEY Err...sure Charlie. What do you want?

CHARLIE I need to borrow something. STANLEY Okay. How much? Twenty or thirty dollars? Remember to pay me back. You still owe me fifty bucks. CHARLIE (Gets a bit nervous) I don’t need any cash, buddy. Ummm...we’re still buddies, right pal?

Stanley gets a bit suspicious. STANLEY Of course we are. WHAT do you want? Stanley sees Charlie as if he is a bratty kid begging his parents to buy him a new toy. Now, Stanley knows EXACTLY what his “Ladies’ Magnet” buddy wants. STANLEY (Eye rolls) Oh-no. Not this again?!

CHARLIE (Gets desperate)

32 C’mon Stan! I need to wear it! Violet is a hard gal to impress. Can I please burrow it so she could at least talk to me again tomorrow? I’m afraid of her, Stan. She has high expectations!

STANLEY For the one hundredth time, Charlie....I don’t have it anymore. After Milo brought it back to my apartment, I returned to the bridge and threw it back to the river. It’s nothing but trouble! All of that stuff happened a while ago. It will NEVER happen again.

Charlie doesn’t believe what Stanley is saying. Deep down inside, Stanley doesn’t believe in his own lies either.

CHARLIE Are you sure, Stan? Milo can be a sneaky little runt. Chances are he might hide it under a fire hydrant or something. At least, give me my first turn.

STANLEY (Almost does a lecture about the dangers of having unspeakable power) Look, it doesn’t work like that. It’s unpredictable and no one can really control it. No one else should have it. Charlie ignores Stanley’s mini speech.

CHARLIE You want me to beg, don’t ya? Stanley becomes speechless. How low can his friend go? Charlie starts kneeling with his hands holding together. He is beyond desperate and unaware that he is making a fool out of himself.

33 CHARLIE (While begging on his knees) PLEASE STANLEY! I BEG YOU!

Charlie’s loud pleads can be heard by customers, guards and coworkers. All of them are looking directly at Stanley’s desk.

STANLEY (Gets extremely embarrassed) EASY Charlie! I DON’T HAVE IT!

STANLEY P.O.V On his left, Stanley sees his overbearing boss, Mr. Dickey walking towards his desk with a group of executives following him.

CHARLIE PLEASE! I BEG YOU! Charlie grabs Stanley’s leg.


An attention-seeking cough can be heard behind Stanley. Stanley turns his neck and as he fears, it’s Dickey and his executives losing their patience.

34 MR. DICKEY Are you done proposing to Ipkiss, Schumacher?

Charlie notices his boss and realised everyone is staring at him. He even sees his gorgeous date, Violet have a disgusted look on her face and turned her heels to leave. CHARLIE (Notices his planned date is over) WAIT VIOLET! IT’S NOT WHAT YOU THINK! HE’S NOT EVEN MY TYPE!

Charlie chases after Violet. It’s just Stanley face-to-face with his boss. MR. DICKEY If I see any more tom-foolery from you or Schumacher, expect a pay-cut and a TERMINATION notice.

STANLEY Sorry, Mr. Dickey. It wasn’t my fault.

With his confidence repressed again, Stanley had no choice but obey the very man he once stood up against. There won’t be any more “Backing off” for now.

MR. DICKEY Never mind that, Ipkiss. I want you to meet your new co-worker. Behind Dickey’s executives, out comes a new man wearing only a longsleeve shirt and tie. Pens can be seen pointing out of his right pocket. The new guy has red curly hair and freckles on his cheek. He maybe new, but he looks AWFULLY familiar to Stanley. Like someone he knows from.....


STANLEY P.O.V Suddenly, Stanley’s spine starts chilling as his mind sees the new employee briefly morph into that black vest-wearing school bully from his nightmare. It can’t be. Could it be him?

MR. DICKEY Stanley, meet Chet Bozzack. IT IS HIM. It’s CHET BOZZACK from Edge City High. He’s now an adult in his thirties with his nose still looking bulbous. Stanley looks like he sees a ghost. Like Stanley, Chet recognizes his former classmate....or alternatively, his ex-victim.

CHET STANLEY IPKISS!? Is that really you?

Stanley nods in fear. What else can he do? He is never a good liar to begin with.

CHET (With a big, nostalgic smile) My, oh, my! It has been a long time! *Weird laugh*

Chet’s high-pitched, throaty laugh is a cross between a drunken hillbilly yokel and fingernails scratching a chalkboard. MR. DICKEY You guys know each other?


CHET Yes indeed. We went to high school together. We were great pals, right Stanley Upchuck? *Weird laugh*

Chet offers a handshake. Stanley is reluctant until Dickie nudges him by the shoulder as a reminder for politeness.

A second later, Stanley shakes his former school bully’s hand. STANLEY (Gets nervous) Right, Chet.

Clearly, Mr. Dickey is nice to his new hot-shot employee.

MR. DICKEY Chet finished working at Centreville and he just moved back to Edge City. He has great credentials to work in the New Accounts division. Since we need new faces, Chet’s the right man for the job.

STANLEY (Obviously doesn’t mean it) That’ CHET (Talks cheerfully) *Weird laugh* Looks like we are going to be work buddies!


Stanley’s blood becomes cold in fear. After all these years, Chet is permanently obnoxious.

CHET (Continues) We sure had fun time together in the CRAZY ‘70s! Hey, do you remember THAT day with Vicky Pratt?

STANLEY Yes...unfortunately. Meeting Chet again has prompted Stanley to have a flashback that he would rather forget. BEGIN FLASHBACK: EXT. EDGE CITY HIGH 1978 A 16-year old Stanley Ipkiss is innocently riding his bike as his the wind blows through his then-shaggy, rough hair. He is riding across the street and unaware that there’s a car coming towards him. HONKK!!!!!! After quick thinking, teenage Stanley does a curve turn-like move and narrowly escapes from being run over by the Toyota’s front bumper. He continues riding to the school’s front yard. The driver scowls and mutters to herself.... MRS. PEENMAN-40 YEARS OLD *Grunts* Stupid punk.

Stanley arrives outside the school’s entrance. He sees the only person that motivates him to attending high school-A young, beautiful and black-haired cheerleader named VICKY PRATT. Vicky is the head of the cheerleading squad and potential homecoming queen. More importantly, she is Stanley’s first crush in his Puberty years.


Vicky is giving beauty advice to a group of valley girls, while Stanley leaves his bike next to a giant oak tree. He forgets to use the bike lock as he is allured by his sophomore sweetheart. To Stanley, there is something magical about Vicky. Stanley walks up to Vicky with a smitten look on his pimply face. Vicky faces her friends as Teen Stanley stands behind her back.

STANLEY-17 YEARS OLD (Talks like if he is voice is broken) Hi Vicky!

Vicky is still talking with her girlfriends.

STANLEY-17 YEARS OLD (Repeats himself) Hi Vicky! Stanley’s crush still doesn’t respond back. STANLEY-17 YEARS OLD (Greets louder) HEY VICKY!!!! Vicky gets Stanley’s attention as his yell nearly scared the skirt off her and she drops her cosmetic bag. She turns around and sees Stanley. She becomes annoyed as she raises her newly brushed eyebrows. VICKY (Speaks in a heavy, “valley girl” accent)’s you, Steven.


STANLEY-17 YEARS OLD It’s Stanley.

Vicky looks bored and uninterested.

VICKY Like whatever..... Despite the bad start, Teen Stanley takes a deep breath and takes part in perhaps the riskiest challenge that he ever faced in his student years: Invite Vicky to the prom.

STANLEY-17 YEARS OLD Vicky, since school dance is coming up Saturday, would you like to be my bait...I

Teen Stanley smiles nervously. The valley girls starts giggling as Vicky reluctantly talks to a type of nerd who still watches Saturday morning cartoons in his Yogi Bear pyjamas. Perhaps she’s not too far away from the truth.

STANLEY-17 YEARS OLD Please.... Vicky’s eyes twitch for a second. She later has an annoyed and almost cynical-like look on her face. Stanley awaits her reply, but deep down inside of him, he knows he won’t be Vicky’s prom king. Before Vicky is about to reply a hearty “No,” Stanley suddenly starts sweating and appears uncomfortable as something is riding up his rear end. This means one thing: a Melvin wedgie courtesy of the young CHET

40 BOZZACK. Donning his black vest, Chet is a living embodiment of anarchy and obnoxiousness. Chet stretches the back of Stanley’s y-front underwear; while Vicky and the girls start laughing. The cheerleaders were never nice in the first place, even in the 70s’. CHET-17 YEARS OLD (Hands still stretching Stanley’s underwear) HEY Stanley LIPSTICK! It’s nice of you to introduce our friend MELVIN to the cheer squad *Weird chuckle* Chet is never good in making jokes. The Melvin wedgie is so groinsquishing painful, Stanley’s face is turning red.

STANLEY-17 YEARS OLD (Talks like he is choking) *Fake laugh* That’s... *Ugh*... very funny, Chet. Can you please let me go now?

CHET-17 YEARS OLD (Giggles) Let you go!? We haven’t raised the flag yet.

C.U. TEENAGE STANLEY’S FACE His face gets spooked. Stanley knows what Chet really means (and he’s not referring to the red, white and blue). FLASH FORWARD to the school’s flag pole where Chet is hoisting a rope with a slimy smirk on his face. Instead of the American flag, poor Stanley is being raised to the top of the pole with his underwear attached to the rope’s specialised hook. The atomic pole wedgie didn’t hurt as much as his dignity shatters.

41 TEENAGE STANLEY’S P.O.V. After he reaches the top of the flag pole, Stanley looks down and sees Chet stealing his bike from the oak tree.


Before Stanley could even reply, Chet rides off with the stolen bike and leaves school, laughing similar to a jacked-up hyena. HIGH ANGLE SHOT

Stanley sees Vicky among the students who witness his biggest humiliation in his young life.

STANLEY-17 YEARS OLD (Red-faced in embarrassment) You still want to go out with me, Vicky?

With a sly smile, Vicky closes her eyes and shakes her head in disagreement.

STANLEY-17 YEARS OLD (Feeling like one big rejected loser) I thought so.



INT. EDGE CITY BANK-FOYER-AFTERNOON Return to the present at the bank where Stanley is still quivering after reuniting with his then-teenaged tormentor. The adults still have high school flashing in their minds. STANLEY (Shivers) The Ipkiss Allegiance.... CHET OH YES! The Ipkiss Allegiance! The infamous flag pole caper. Say, didn’t I return your bike back then?

STANLEY I don’t think you have.

Tired of the school reunion, Mr. Dickey steps in and wants to continue Chet’s bank tour.

MR. DICKEY Looks like you guys have LOTS of catching up to do. However, we have to start moving, Chet. Time is running out and you haven’t seen the Home Loans office yet.

CHET No problem-o, Mr. Dickey.

CHET (Faces Stanley)

43 See you tomorrow, buddy! Maybe next time, you can show me the “indoor plumbing” like the old days *Weird chuckle*

SFX. TOILET FLUSH AND BREATHING Stanley remembers being dunked into a toilet bowl by his bully. Sounds of flushing toilets and his teenage self trying to breathe can be heard inside Stanley’s head. Chet, Mr. Dickey and the executives march away from Stanley’s desk. With his head in shame, Charlie walks up to a nervous-wreck Stanley. CHARLIE There goes my six-month planned date. Bye-bye Violet. I sure made an ass out of myself.

Charlie notices Chet and Stanley has reached 10 in the tension scale.

CHARLIE Hey Stan, who’s the new guy?


CHARLIE Chet who?

STANLEY (Didn’t hear Charlie’s question)

44 He got expelled from school because of me. I remember. He’s holding a grudge! I know it! He’s going to FLUSH me.

CHARLIE (No clue on what Stanley is talking about) Okkaaaay. And I thought I was nuts today.

STANLEY My mind is full. I’m going to take my lunch break now. I GOTTA see Tina.

CHARLIE But Stan Man....

Stanley awkwardly rushes through the entrance door.

CHARLIE It’s 4 o’clock *Sigh*. CUT TO: EXT/INT. SLURP ‘N’ LUBE-AFTERNOON Welcome to the Slurp ‘N’ Lube gas station-HOME OF THE FAMOUS RASPBERRY RUSH SLUSHIE. The station opens 24 hours a day and gives out free Cornitto corn chips with every Super Mega Slurp slushie purchased. It’s just a damn shame that the Slurp ‘N’ Lube is the number one target for robbers and juvenile delinquency. Coincidentally, Slurp ‘N’ Lube is also Edge City Police’s favorite doughnut shop.



CLOSE-UP of a hairy-chinned teenager who has his head sideways against the floor. The 18-year old trouble maker has a pierced nose, long blonde hair and wears a red cap backwards. He’s a typical generation-x teen. The punk also has some Raspberry Rush slushie around his mouth as sounds of tight handcuffs can be heard clicking behind him.

DOC OW! Dude, we were only reading comic books!

The “dude” is revealed to be none other than 50-something year old tough cop LT. KELLAWAY. Kellaway wears his trademark brown suit and tie. As always, he carries his city precinct badge.

LT. KELLAWAY Yeah right. Explain why you and your pal trashed this place?

Turns out the convenience store really was trashed with nacho corn chips scattering on the floor, while shelves were tipped over. Worse of all, the slushie machine has been sucked dry YET none of the teen delinquents use a cup. Doc’s partner in crime, EDDIE (another dumb teen who has long red hair, wears glasses and dress in a grungy flannel jacket) is also handcuffed to the ground by Kellaway’s slow-witted partner, DETECTIVE DOYLE.

EDDIE (Referring to the incident where he and Doc were drinking slushie by having their mouths opened under the machine’s dispenser) UGH! Brain-freeze! This is YOUR fault, Doc! I knew we shouldn’t drink without cups.

46 LT. KELLAWAY (Looks at Eddie) Quiet FISH-FACE or you and your friend will be sent to juvenile jail.

DOC (Smiles) Ha-ha! He called you fish-face, Eddie!

EDDIE Hey I’m no fish!

LT. KELLAWAY (Losing patience) THAT’S IT! You punks are heading downtown!

Kellaway and Doyle pull the boys on their feet. Soon they start moving as they walk past LARS, the store clerk, who is behind the counter.

LARS Thanks for coming!

Eventually, they take the boys out of the store and into Kellaway’s 1970s-esque and unmarked police car. Doc and Eddie sit at the back, while Doyle sits at the front. Kellaway starts the engine and drives.


47 Doyle gets concerned about his partner’s tougher-than-usual attitude back at the Slurp ‘N’ Lube. Kellaway is a hard-as-nails cop, but usually he is not that ruthless when arresting air-headed delinquents like Doc and Eddie.

DOYLE (After eating a sprinkle-covered doughnut) Lieutenant…

LT. KELLAWAY (Still driving) WHAT!?!

DOYLE (Asks nervously) *Gulps* Why do you have to act so angry back there. They’re just dumb kids.

EDDIE (Crossed) Hey….

LT. KELLAWAY Well, Doyle. Wouldn’t you be angry too if you are forced to do double shifts in street patrol for less pay?


48 (Referencing the “Cuban Pete” fiasco) Eerr..not really. Someone has to fill in the shifts. After all, the patrol officers are getting rave reviews for their dance show at Vegas. I doubt they’ll return to work.

LT. KELLAWAY SCREW VEGAS! Those cops should hand in their badges.

For the first time in his law-enforcing career, Doyle says something that could risk his title as detective…

DOYLE You’re still mad about Ipkiss, aren’t you?

SCRECCHHHH!!!!! Kellaway immediately breaks the car unaware of the traffic behind him. Doc and Eddie jumps from their seats. They were almost scared to death. Car crashes can be heard, along with foulmouthed drivers honking. Kellaway frowns and give Doyle the evil eye. Doyle becomes afraid and regrets opening his big fat mouth. However instead of flowing in murderous rage, Kellaway sighs and answers Doyle’s question. Kellaway tells his answer, Captain Ahab-style.

LT. KELLAWAY (Talks to Doyle face-to-face) Ipkiss nearly ruined my career, Doyle. I’m in the police force for twenty-five years. During those years, I have arrested every single criminal I crossed paths with. Five months ago, I thought Stanley Ipkiss was no different. In fact, he was too easy for me to take down. I nearly had him in jail. That’s what I thought until Ipkiss pulled that “Mask” crap on everyone.

49 DOYLE But lieutenant, Dorian Tyrell was The Mask. The Mayor said so and…

LT. KELLAWAY (Interrupting Doyle) Never believe in politicians, Doyle. They can be as blind as a bat. To this day, I STILL believe Ipkiss is The Mask.

Doyle has a clueless look on his face. Obviously Doc and Eddie have no idea about what the cop dudes are yapping about.

LT. KELLAWAY (Continues) LOOK at the big picture, Doyle. The evidence is clear as air. Ipkiss lives at the same building where The Mask was first sighted. He goes to the same mechanics that were attacked by Mask. Mask robbed Ipkiss’ bank. Ipkiss EVEN pulled a gun on me at the station, but chunky Tilton got him off the hook scot-free.

Doyle is intrigued about Kellaway’s theories. Little did the officers know that Doc and Eddie are reaching for the door handles. The delinquents were ready to make their escape as they QUIETLY open the two passenger side doors.

LT. KELLAWAY Open the cabinet, Doyle.

Doyle opens the car cabinet in front of him. All he sees is a cut-up piece of someone’s sailor wheel-pattered pajamas. Doyle picks it up.

50 LT. KELLAWAY (Almost ranting) You see that, Doyle? THAT’S Ipkiss’ pajamas. I found it at the Coco Bongo club after The Mask was there. Only Ipkiss wear that piece of garbage. I PROMISE you Doyle. If that smiling green freak shows up again and when the opportunity is right, I’ll send Ipkiss to the electric chair.

Doyle nods until he sees the side mirrors.

DOYLE’S P.O.V Doc and Eddie can be seen running away with their handcuffs behind their backs. Kellaway is still yapping.

LT. KELLAWAY I wouldn’t be surprised if Ipkiss murdered Tyrell and hid his body somewhere. Maybe that lounge singer has something to do with Tyrell’s disappearance. Still, I wonder what Ipkiss’ dog carried out of the club on that night. It looks like it’s made out of wood.

DOYLE Lieutenant, the boys are getting away! I think I forgot to lock the doors.



The street is covered with Mayor Tilton’s election posters, while smoke flows out of the manholes from the ground. The two cops got out of the car, ignore the headache-inducing traffic and chased after “The Terrible Two”.



The noise of road rage is replaced with beautiful, jazzy music as the famous Coco Bongo club is open for business. Outside of the club, there are two palm trees with a red “Under New Management” banner attached between them. Crowds gather as they wait their names to be read from the guest list. CAMERA BOOMS DOWN TO REVEAL the front stage of the Coco Bongo. The light bulbs of the steps are bright as day, while the extremely talented band are playing their instruments. In front of the stage, the gorgeously stunning TINA CARLYE (wearing her glittering light green gown) sings one of her greatest hit; the 1940’s tune “Check’s Appeal.” TILT-UP of Tina performing on stage.

TINA There’s all kinds of men In this old world That seek the affections Of a beautiful girl. But of the men from Which to choose There’s only one type

52 That I... ap...aprooove.

All of the Coco Bongo’s male guests are falling into Tina’s sex appeal. However, no one is lucky as Stanley Ipkiss who’s looking much more relaxed now after leaving the “High School Reunion” at his workplace. Stanley, who has a complimentary lifetime Coco Bongo membership card, smiles and he doesn’t need any cartoon antics to appreciate his girlfriend. He is sitting still in one of the front tables near the stage. Tina sees Stanley and winks at him. Stanley cheerfully waves his hand.

TINA Don’t want to see too fanatic But dollar signs are so romantic I want a love That’s deep and real Just with a man that’s got... (Big finish) Checks ap-peaaal. The audience goes crazy. Tina takes a bow. Stanley joins the applause (Minus the wolf whistle). CUT TO: INT. COCO BONGO CLUB-BACKSTAGE The crowd cheers as the red curtains descend down in the stage. Behind the curtains, Tina looks satisfied with her performance. The new club owner, STU SPIELLER (A big, flashy Hollywood manager who wears sunglasses indoors) has good news to his star attraction. STU Tina, babe, you are spectacular as always. You wowed them out there!


TINA Thanks, Stu. But I wish the crowd appreciate my singing more. They still look at me as if I just popped out of somebody’s cake at a bachelor party.

STU Well you are the blossoming flower of the Coco Bongo.

Tina can’t help but smile after hearing Stu’s compliment.

TINA Thanks Stu. It’s good to have a boss who doesn’t have a criminal record unlike someone I used to date.

STU No worries, babe. Tyrell’s men are behind bars now. This club is crime-free. I promise!

TINA You’re starting to sound like those election commercials, Stu.

STU In speaking of the election, I’ve got BIG TIME news. The Tilton organization wants you to perform in the Mayor’s banquet on the eve of the election.


54 Really? STU Yeah. The secretary called me this afternoon and said Tilton is a big fan of yours. The party will be held at Edge City Hall and it’s gonna be one freaking awesome gig!

Tina gets a bit reluctant as she did read that “Evening Star” headline involving the Mayor’s secret pastime.

TINA (With raised eyebrows and her arms crossed) I don’t know Stu. The last thing I want is to be the Mayor’s new party girl. STU Please do it for the business, babe. It will finally bring good publicity to the Coco Bongo. You’ll prove everyone that this nightclub is the SAFEST entertainment venue in Edge City and the Mayor himself can count on us to put butts on seats.

Tina still appears to be reluctant.

STU (Using his Hollywood charm) Besides, it’s not every day lounge singers get gigs at City Hall.

After much hesitation, Tina accepts the gig.


55 You win, Stu. I’ll sing at the Mayor’s banquet. BUT only one condition...

STU Yes, babe?

TINA (Sly smile) Never call me “Babe” again. Sounds of two men arguing can be heard, along with shoes scattering on the floor. Tina and Stu turn their heads to see the commotion. The club’s BOUNCER is dragging one of the club’s visitors away from backstage. The bouncer’s wrestling opponent is none other than Stanley Ipkiss.

STANLEY Please let me go! I may have left my backstage pass in my car, but Tina Carlyle knows me.

BOUNCER *Laughs* Yeah, right and I’m Cinderella.

STANLEY Hey. There’s no need to be sarcastic.

Before the bouncer can throw Stanley out of the nearby emergency exit like an Olympic javelin, Tina protects her boyfriend.


TINA Let him go, Phil. He’s with me.

STANLEY (Looks at the bouncer and pulls a wisecrack) See you at the ball.

The bouncer grunts and takes his hairy hands off Stanley’s blazer. He stomps out of the backstage area.

STU I’ll leave you two alone. I’ve got some paper work to do.

Before he goes to his office upstairs, Stu faces Stanley with a cheesy grin.

STU (Softly) You lucky dog.

Stu put his thumbs up and walks pass Stanley as he heads to his office upstairs. Being the happy couple they are; Tina and Stanley greet each other with hugs and short kisses.


57 How’s work today, honey?

Stanley gets slightly uncomfortable as the Bozzack memories are clogging up his brain. He doesn’t want to talk about his High school humiliations in front of his gorgeous partner.

STANLEY It’s been...well....interesting.

TINA Interesting as in you didn’t like it?

STANLEY might say that.

Stanley quickly changes the subject.

STANLEY So what’s the big news that Stu was talking about?

TINA I’m going to perform in the Mayor’s banquet at Edge City Hall.

STANLEY Oh my gosh, Tina! That is unbelievable. My mind is like *pause* fully blown out with positively charged neurons right now. Looks like we now know who we’re going to vote for this month.


TINA It is something alright. It’s a rare opportunity for singers like me.

STANLEY You know what, Tina? This is like what we have been dreaming for. With your new gig, you’re now becoming a bigger star. I always believe that you are a talented artist since the day I first met you.

TINA Oh thanks Stanley. And you’re the reason why nice guys always finish first. STANLEY (Continues) I keep having this dream where you, me and Milo live together in one, big mansion. All of us live inside our beautiful home where we are free from all the bad things in life. TINA You mean free from your landlady?

STANLEY (Laughs) Believe me, she’s not the only person we want to get away from. Anyway, in this dream house, we would only get the good things in live. Like chandeliers, swimming pools, a fancy doghouse for Milo and your very own recording studio.

TINA What about the things you want, Stanley?


STANLEY Here’s the good part. I wouldn’t ask for anything more. Just being with you is the best thing that has ever happened to me. Unlike the mansion, it’s all real. TINA (Blushes) Oh Stanley. That is so sweet.

STANLEY Well it’s true. In speaking of sweet, I booked us a table at La Pacino’s for your birthday next Monday.

TINA I can’t wait for that.

STANLEY Me neither. Yep it’s just going to be you and me. Nothing will ever come between us.

Tina’s chauffer goes backstage and sees his passenger.

TINA’S CHAUFFER Miss Carlyle, your ride is ready.



(Looks back at Stanley) Well, I have to get going. It’s great seeing you again. I’ll meet you straight at the restaurant next week.

STANLEY Will do.

TINA (Blow kisses) Bye.

Tina blows a kiss to Stanley. She and her chauffer heads toward the exit, while Stanley looks on. After seeing her again, Stanley has made up his mind. Wedding bells is going to ring. He feels like the luckiest man on Earth.

STANLEY (Smiles and talks to himself) I’ll definitely ask her.

CUT TO: INT. EDGE CITY BANK-FOYER-DAY It’s Thursday at Edge City Bank. Taking a break from his accountsetting work, Stanley is browsing at a jewelry store catalogue. Still metaphorically floating on air after seeing Tina, Stanley wants to find the prettiest engagement ring for his soon-to-be fiancée… a reasonable price. After all, he has to save up his rent money for the wicked witch of Edge City Apartments, Mrs. Peenman.


Someone walks up to Stanley’s desk.

CHET HEY BUDDY! Stanley nearly falls off from his seat. He drops the catalogue onto his desk where a framed picture of him and Tina can be seen. Chet picks up the catalogue. CHET Oohhh…shiny rings! Are you going to track down Vicky Pratt and ask her to be your wife? STANLEY (Fake laugh) Good one, Chet. No it’s for someone else.

Chet notices Tina’s framed photo. He becomes impressed and almost aroused by Tina’s beauty.

CHET (Whistles) I have to admit Stanley. You sure hit the jackpot!

STANLEY (Ask politely) Is there anything you want, Chet?



Yeah, your lunch money!

Stanley’s face went blank. Chet burst out laughing to his lame joke.

CHET (Laughing) Just kidding!

Stanley sighs in relief. CHET (Gets serious) Can I burrow your stapler? STANLEY What for? CHET Gosh Stanley! I’m not going to staple your head or anything! *Weird laugh* I need it to put some files together. Mellow out, man! STANLEY Sorry about that. Stanley gives Chet his office stapler.

CHET Thanks.

63 Chet is about to leave until Stanley decides to know more about his “old friend” after high school. STANLEY Oh Chet… CHET Yeah? STANLEY Ummmm…just wondering, did you…how can I put this? Get expelled from school, because of that whole flagpole thing? Chet pauses for a moment. STANLEY (Starts sweating) If so, I want to apologize.

Chet’s frown turns upside down. CHET Oh, don’t apologize. I had it coming. I was a dumb kid back then. It’s not right to give people wedgies in front of their girlfriends. CHET (Continues) Yet again…you don’t have girlfriends back then *Chuckles.* Stanley does a fake laugh or he might reunite with Melvin Wedgie.


STANLEY So you’re not mad about the whole thing? CHET Not at all. It’s one of those moments where I could look back and laugh about it. Besides, Edge City High was a dump and Centreville was a nice place to live in. STANLEY (Finally relaxed) Glad to hear that you… Chet interrupts Stanley. He immediately sits down on a chair and faces Stanley like if he’s interrogating. CHET Yes, sir. Centreville was a fun place to grow up in. Sure it had its problems, but the Bozzacks came up on top. Yes it was hard for me to enroll at another school. My mom kept digging her ear YET she’s the only one who went to Centreville High and became a lunch lady. She was serving wax to kids, while I was stuck being the junior janitor of the Joe Blow balloon factory. *Sarcasm* WAY-A-GO, MOM! C.U. Chet’s left hand turning into a clenched fist. Stanley gets anxious as Chet continues his hard life story at Centreville. CHET I only got paid two bucks an hour during that gig. Don’t get me started about the helium fumes. While I spent endless days talking like Alvin the FREAKIN’ chipmunk, I asked myself “Chet, wouldn’t it be nice if you just NUKE everyone?’

With his face frozen, Stanley accidentally spills his hot coffee all over his catalogue. Stanley gulps as he feels he is responsible for

65 causing Chet’s unfortunate events. He fears that Chet will NUKE him right now. After acting almost traumatized and demented, Chet went back to his usual, jolly self. C.U. Chet’s left hand unclenched.

CHET (Smiling) BUT I thought positively, went to night school and became the BEST DARN banker at Centreville! Who knows? I might be the best darn banker here.

STANLEY Well, anything is possible Chet. CHET So true. I better go back to work or Dickey will fry my nut *Weird laugh*.

Chet stands up with the stapler on his hand. CHET Oh, I almost forgot. Stanley, can you please be a pal and do me a favor? STANLEY Errr… Stanley sees Chet’s hand clenching into a fist again. Yet Chet is still smiling. Maybe it’s a reluctant smile.


STANLEY Sure, Chet. I’ll do anything you want. CHET Anything?



STANLEY I really HATE doing favors. It is 5.30 PM-half an hour after closing time. All of the employees are happy to go back home for a nice, warm dinner. Unfortunately, that is not the case for Stanley. The New Accounts clerk is stuck doing extra paper work which is left by Chet. Stanley is buried under towering piles of paper on his desk. Charlie shares his opinion. CHARLIE You are one gullible guy, Stanley. STANLEY I should have seen this coming, Charlie. This is vintage Bozzack. He used to trick me into doing his homework back in the sixth grade. Can’t believe he did it again. Now I have to answer the audit forms under his name.

CHARLIE I thought the audit was Dickey’s job.


STANLEY Same here. Chet told me that Dickey wanted him to do some of the audit tonight, but he has to go somewhere. CHARLIE Do you know where? STANLEY Chet said something about meeting a group of friends or something. CHARLIE You should have said no. STANLEY The man wants to “nuke” everyone. How could I say no to him? CHARLIE You two should seriously get over your high school days. STANLEY If only it is that easy. Besides, these forms only need to be answered with ticks and crosses. I could finish them within an hour. CHARLIE Okay then. I’ve gotta go home now and prepare for my date. STANLEY Are you and Violet back together? CHARLIE No. Since you refused to help me, now I have to re-plan my strategies to get Violet back.


STANLEY You will be fine on your own. CHARLIE Hmmm…if only I could memorize the lyrics for “Cuban Pete”.

Stanley frowns. CHARLIE Just messing with ya. See you tomorrow.

Charlie and the rest of the bank staff left the building. Only Stanley and two security guards were left behind.

Stanley becomes eager to do the paper work, switches on his desk lamp and swipes a pen from his Bugs Bunny mug which is next to the talking Tex Avery Wolf bobble-head. STANLEY (Looks at the audit cover) Alright, let’s get it on! C.U. Clock The foyer’s clock changed from 5.30 to 6.45. With his blue-point pen repeatedly tapping on his desk, Stanley is stuck on question 17 of the audit. His head is leaning against his left hand and appears bored out of his skull. STANLEY (Reads the question out loud)

69 Does the Pensioner Security Account operate under the Duty of Care guidelines? Stanley looks at the dimly bright bank foyer. In fact, half of the bank is dark except for Stanley’s office. The two overnight security guards are walking backwards and forwards. They are just as bored as Stanley.

STANLEY (Returns to the question) Who cares? *Drops pencil* C.U. Clock Hours have passed. It is now 8.45 PM. Taking a break from the mind-numbing audit, Stanley gets a scrap piece of paper and scrunched it up into a ball. Still sitting in his shrivel chair, Stanley pretends to play basketball and throws the paper ball into a nearby bin. STANLEY (Sarcastic) Yeah! I’m going to Disneyland!

C.U. CLOCK It’s now 10 o’clock and Stanley has wasted roughly three hours doing nothing. Similar to a school boy sketching cartoons during an endless History class, Stanley starts drawing on a blank piece of paper with the Edge City Bank logo on top. Still smitten by his photo of Tina, Stanley draws his girlfriend with big lips and long, curvy hair. However, Ipkiss is no artist. He draws a stick figure body wearing an almost Christmas tree-shaped dress. He uses his blue-point pen to color in Cartoon Tina’s eyelids.

70 SECURITY GUARD #1 faces SECURITY GUARD #2 who is relaxing on a reception desk, where the security monitors are, and reading the Evening Star. The headline reads “HOUSE OF TOMORROW: FLOP OF TODAY?” SECURITY GUARD #1 I’m going to get some coffee.


INT. EDGE CITY BANK-CORRIDOR With the lights switched on, SECURITY GUARD #1 marches to the coffee vending machine as his tapping footsteps echo through the narrow hall. He finally reaches to the machine and place several coins into the slot. He is about to press the Cappuccino button until......

SECURITY GUARD #1 (Small scream) GAAAH!!!! BBBBBBZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!!!!! Electrical currents disrupt the guard’s body as his muscles are literally frying. A black-gloved hand moves an X26 Taser away from the back of the first guard’s neck. Due to the Taser’s neuromuscular incapacitation, the guard faints to the ground. The Taser belongs to Tex who is among a group of five bank robbers being led by Pete. Their heist begins according to plan.


71 Good work, Tex. Normally I’ll do it myself, but I might end up frying my own fingernails.

Pete gets out his cell phone and calls his boss.


Lonnie answers the phone. He already knows who is calling him.

LONNIE Are you inside the bank now? PETE (Calling from the bank) You bet ‘cha, boss. We went through the back door just like what our yuppie mate said. The key copies that he gave us worked like a charm. LONNIE Good. Now walk straight to the third room on the right. There should be a power grid that operates the entire security system. Use the key to open the lid and switch it off. PETE Cool. Pardon the cliché sir, but this will be like taking candy from a democrat.

LONNIE And Pete… PETE Yes, sir?


LONNIE Leave no witnesses. PETE Right-o. Over and out *Turns cell phone off*

Lonnie hangs up his phone. He sits comfortably in his chair and watches female guests taking showers on the Hotel’s security monitors. INT. EDGE CITY BANK-FOYER Back in the foyer, the second security guard is reading the newspaper until he sees something on the monitor. SECURITY GUARD #2’S P.O.V. Through the black-and-white camera, Pete and his fellow goons sneak to the security grid room leaving the first security guard on the floor. The guard immediately presses the alarm button. Before Pete can open the grid, the wailing siren can be heard across the building. The ear-blistering sound wakes up Stanley from his evening nap and knocks off from his chair. INT. EDGE CITY BANK-CORRIDOR

PETE (Facing the grid) CRAP! We’re too late! Look like we have to do this in the oldfashioned way mates! Pete and the bank robbers start wearing wooly ski-masks.


PETE (Squeezing his head into a giant wooly sock) I knew we should have worn these BEFORE we got here!

TEX No duh.

INT. EDGE CITY BANK-FOYER Stanley looks at the second guard who is getting his gun out. STANLEY What’s going on!?

SECURITY GUARD #2 Please stay calm sir. The situation is under control. The police should be here in any minute.

STANLEY What should I do now? SECURITY GUARD #2 Hide under your desk for cover. The intruders might be armed.

Stanley bobs down and crawls under his desk.



I hope is not that green guy again.

ANGLE ON STANLEY Stanley appears if his ears are ringing.

Pete and goons are rushing towards the safe until the second guard blocks their way.

SECURITY GUARD #2 (Angrily) FREEZE! SFX. GUN SHOT BANG! One of the robbers shoots the guard in the right shoulder, causing him to drop his gun and collapse on the cold ground. The robber is about to finish the guard off until Pete stops him.

PETE We’re running out of time. Get to the safe!

After hearing the gun shot, Stanley gets even more anxious under his desk.

STANLEY I should get paid overtime for THIS!


He instantly shuts up when he hears footsteps in the foyer.

PETE Baxter! Start cracking!

Baxter, the hired safecracker, opens his sports bag and pulls out an explosive to blow the huge bank vault open. He tinkers with the bomb, connects the blue wires with red plugs and glues it on the vault door. C.U. BOMB TIMER 15 seconds before explosion.

The gang backs away from the vault. Stanley unwisely pops his head to see what’s going on.

BAXTER (Finishing the countdown) Four……three……two……one. KA-BOOSH! A small explosion unlocks the vault door and the crooks move inside. INT. BANK VAULT ROOM The vault room is surrounded by metal drawers and shelves of money bags. PETE The bloke says Tilton’s cash is in drawer labeled “T-77”.


Tex finds drawer “T-77” and opens it. There are at least eight million dollars inside Tilton’s case.

PETE Grab ‘em all. The five men greedily grab handfuls of cash and shove them down into their sports bag.

Stanley slides back under his desk, but *THUMP* hits his head against the edge of the desk. STANLEY (Quietly) Ouch! The criminals didn’t hear him, but they certainly can hear his howling TEX AVERY’S WOLF BOBBLE-HEAD which shakes after the desk moved.


Pete and goons turn their head and sees where the sound is coming from.

STANLEY (Hiding under table) Shhh…quiet you!


Pete suspiciously walks out of the safe and head towards Stanley’s desk. The bobble-head is still shaking. Tensions are rising as Stanley is cramped under his desk’s legs space. PAN Stanley’s desk. Seconds later, the doll turns itself off. Pete checks the wolf bobblehead out of curiosity. Soon he has a long look at the framed picture of Tina and Stanley. He doesn’t know the dork on the left, but the blonde woman on the right looks awfully familiar. C.U. STANLEY’S SHOES Ipkiss’ shoes can be seen out of the desk. Pete moves the chair out of the way. He bobs down and sees Stanley quivering.

PETE Gotcha yank! Pete points gun at Stanley. Stanley nervously smiles and surrenders.

STANLEY Ummm…peek-a-boo?

Poor choice of words, Ipkiss.

SFX. Police siren.

78 Sirens begin to ring. The street is flashing red and blue.

PETE CRICKEY! The cops are here.

Pete’s pistol is pointing at Stanley’s forehead. Stanley’s forehead starts sweating and his heart is beating relentlessly. Pete is debating whether to shoot him or not.

TEX (Shouting) C’mon Pete! Let’s go! The crooks run to the corridor where they came from. All of them are carrying the stolen loot. Pete turns his head to the right and sees the police cars outside the bank’s entrance.

PETE (Faces Stanley) AWWWW…JUST STAY STILL AND DON’T BLOODY MOVE!!!! Stanley stays still, while Pete thinks what he should do next.

PETE Make yourself useful and………stand in one leg!




Stanley reluctantly lifts his left leg and stands on his right leg with his hands up. What a bizarre request. Pete catches up with his co-workers at the back exit. As he is running, his spare keys of the bank come out of his pocket and falls to the ground. Stanley couldn’t believe his luck. He could have been a goner.

STANLEY *Sigh* Thank you Chet.

Stanley loses his balance and drops to the floor. STANLEY Oofff!


INT. EDGE CITY BANK-FOYER-TWENTY MINUTES LATER Pandemics wheel the two seriously wounded guards on stretchers. Police officers investigate the crime scene and barricade the bank with yellow tape. After hearing about the emergency, Mr. Dickey arrives to the bank, only to have a MELTDOWN. MR. DICKEY (Showing no signs of sympathy toward Stanley or the two guards)

80 Twenty thousand dollars! We spent twenty thousand dollars on an army of highly trained guards, surveillance cameras and alarm systems…only to be robbed AGAIN. My dad is going to KILL me!

Dickey switches his attention on Stanley who is sitting on the edge of the reception desk. DEPUTY OLIVERAS reviews the recorded surveillance footage of the bank robbery.

MR. DICKEY Did you let’em in, Ipkiss? Answer me!

STANLEY No Mister Dickey. I was only doing the audit and... MR. DICKEY (Interrupts Stanley) THE AUDIT?! Why are you doing the audit for, especially after closing time? Me and Chet were supposed to do that. NOT you. STANLEY (Defending himself) Chet is a very pervasive person.

Dickey grunts and walks away in frustration as Stanley bows his head in shame. Ipkiss’ night cannot get any better as an eerie yet familiar voice is heard.



Well, well, well. Look who has returned to the scene of the crime, Doyle. It’s Stanley FREAKING Ipkiss.

Stanley looks up and sees Lt. Kellaway with his partner, Doyle. Kellaway is almost pleased to see his old nemesis at a recurring crime scene.

STANLEY Hello lieutenant...I’m sorry...what’s your name again?

LT. KELLAWAY (Annoyed) It’s Kellaway. Lieutenant Mitch Kellaway. I’m the guy who should have locked you up in solitary confinement five months ago. Remember? STANLEY How can I forget?

DOYLE So what exactly happened here?

DEPUTY OLIVERAS We have a mob job robbery. It’s the second time this year. All we can find is a set of keys that the criminals used to break in. The keys are identical to the employees’ key set. We suspect it’s an inside job. LT. KELLAWAY (Faces Doyle) You know what to do, Doyle.


Doyle nods. He goes behind Stanley and handcuffs him.

STANLEY Hey! What are you doing?

Kellaway cracks a smile which he rarely does.

LT. KELLAWAY There’s that saying Ipkiss....“Once a criminal, always a criminal”.

DEPUTY OLIVERAS (To the rescue) I wouldn’t arrest him, Lieutenant. If you watch the surveillance footage, Stanley is only a bystander.

Doyle and Kellaway gather behind the reception desk to see the security monitor. The recorded events are in black and white. ANGLE ON SECURITY MONITOR Footage of Pete and mobsters entering the back corridor is being shown.

DEPUTY OLIVERAS As you can see, the gang leader opened the back door by using the keys. While Ipkiss was doing paper work, the leader tries to turn the security grid off until a guard spot him and turned the alarm on. After the guards were knocked out, the thugs went to the vault and the leader holds Ipkiss at gunpoint.


STANLEY I swear to God I don’t who those guys are.

ANGLE ON SECURITY MONITOR Video shows the gang breaking in The Mayor’s money.

DEPUTY OLIVERAS Since the alarm rang, the crooks only took most of the money from one of the drawers. According to the manager, the drawer contains Mayor Tilton’s money.

LT. KELLAWAY Out of all the drawers, why would they pick that drawer?

DEPUTY OLIVERAS I don’t know, but robbing Tilton’s account could be part of their plan.

LT. KELLAWAY Hang on. Rewind back to the start and pause.

Oliveras rewind the video tape and pause when Pete is shown onscreen. LT. KELLAWAY These crooks are morons. Everyone knows you supposed to wear ski-masks BEFORE you break into a bank.

84 DOYLE *Laughter snort* Even I know that.

LT. KELLAWAY (Points to the screen) Hey I know that blonde guy. That’s Peter McGormick. He’s the right hand man for Lonnie the Shark. We booked him for grand theft auto three years ago.

DOYLE (Examines the screen) Oh yeah, it is him.

LT. KELLAWAY This is no ordinary bank job. It’s anarchy! While Doyle and Kellaway are playing detectives, Stanley decides to butt in. STANLEY Does this mean I’m not going to jail?

LT. KELLAWAY (Looks disappointed) Let him go, Doyle. Doyle removes the handcuff and Stanley is free to go. However, Kellaway has more to say to the New Accounts clerk.

85 LT. KELLAWAY (Grabs Stanley by the jacket) Listen up Ipkiss! You may be innocent for now, but I NEVER forget about your “fancy-dress” stunt that made this town a laughing stock. To this day, I KNOW you’re The Mask! When I see you turn green again, I make sure you will NEVER see daylight again! You understand me? STANLEY I’m not The Mask.

LT. KELLAWAY Do you understand me? STANLEY (Intimidated) *Gulps* Yes. LT. KELLAWAY (Releases Stanley) Good. Come Doyle. We have to notify the Mayor that The Shark is after him.

Doyle and Kellaway turn their backs, while Stanley breathes as a sign of relief.

LT. KELLAWAY (Turns his head on Stanley) And Ipkiss, DON’T BOTHER LEAVING TOWN! The two cops head back to their car, leaving Stanley alone.



INT. WARWICK HOTEL-OFFICE-SAME TIME Cash is flown onto Lonnie’s desk. Despite the main objective of stealing Tilton’s money was successful, Lonnie is not satisfied.

LONNIE You should have turned the grid off. We could have taken more money.

PETE We tried, but we didn’t have enough time. The security guards spotted us and the alarm rang.

LONNIE Were the cameras on during the entire operation? PETE I’m afraid so. LONNIE At least all of you were wearing ski-masks for the whole time.

Pete gets nervous and reluctantly tells the truth. PETE Eeerr…not exactly. LONNIE


What do you mean? PETE We *Long pause* only started wearing masks when we didn’t turn the grid off. Lonnie gets mad. LONNIE And you left the keys behind didn’t you?

Pete nervously shakes his head.

LONNIE (Exploding mad) YOU IDIOT! The cops are going to catch us, because of you!

PETE Sorry boss.

LONNIE How can we take over this city with your STUPIDITY? What are you raised by wombats!? Pete is speechless. Lonnie takes a deep breath and couldn’t be bothered yelling more.



*Huffs* Oh, just forget it. This business is not really about the money. It’s about making an impact. There must be a way to stop this “More fluff, less crime” nonsense.

Pete thinks for a moment and tries to please his boss. PETE If it makes you feel any better, I know where we can find the person you have been looking for.


PETE Tina. Tina Carlyle.

LONNIE (Interested) Do tell.


INT. STANLEY’S APARTMENT-NOON Due to the robbery crisis, Stanley (wearing a polo t-shirt) earned the right to take few days off from work. He’s not sure he will be called for work; at least he doesn’t have to face Bozzack again. Right now, he is watching the mid-day news. C.U. TV SCREEN


FEMALE NEWS PRESENTER (The WEDG-TV logo appears at the bottom of the screen) Notorious mob boss, Lonnie Warwick is wanted for questioning by police after one of his associates is seen stealing bank money which is “rumored” to belong to Mayor Tilton. The news update cuts to morning footage of police officers, raiding the Warwick Hotel. Kellaway and Doyle are at Lonnie’s office. INT. WARWICK OFFICE-LONNIE’S OFFICE While being filmed by news cameras, the office is completely deserted. Even desks and furniture have disappeared. Kellaway is fuming.

FEMALE NEWS PRESENTER (O.S) Police raided the Warwick Hotel this morning, only to find Mr. Warwick’s office empty. Authorities believe that Warwick is a serious threat to this year’s Mayor Election.


LT. KELLAWAY (Notices the camera filming him) Turn the DAMN camera off! *Covers camera lens with the palm of his right hand*

ANGLE ON STANLEY Stanley pays attention to the news report. He is more concerned about getting another visit from Kellaway and losing his job than the election itself.


SFX. Door knocks.

Stanley stands up from his couch to open the door. He thinks Mrs. Penman is going to bother him again. The knocks are so loud that it wakes up Milo from his dog nap. Stanley already knows about the neighborhood watch meeting being on tonight. He doesn’t want another reminder.

STANLEY Here we go again.

Stanley opens the door, while not looking at what is in front of him.

STANLEY (Venting) LOOK Mrs. Peenman! I’m getting a little TIRED of your…

Stanley pauses for a moment as he is not talking to his agitated landlady. Instead he is facing a young woman he hasn’t seen for a long time: Miss PEGGY BRANDT. She has gorgeous red curly hair and wearing her reporter outfit.


PEGGY (Appears innocent and almost begging for forgiveness) Stanley.


With their last encounter on his mind, Stanley rudely shuts his door. SLAM!

Peggy knocks on his door again. Stanley rolls his eyes and opens the door again.

PEGGY I take that you’re still upset about me.

STANLEY (Acting cynical) Oh how did you guess? I’m beginning to think you were dead.

PEGGY Stanley, what I did to you back at the printing plant is wrong. I knew it was the wrong thing to do, but I had no choice back then.

STANLEY (Sarcastic) Yeah right…

PEGGY Let me explain. Early that night, my creepy landlord locked me out of my condo, because I was three months behind from paying the rent. After all, “Ask Peggy” pays dick.

92 STANLEY (Impatient) Get to the point.

PEGGY Okay. Okay. Turns out Tyrell read my “Mask” stories and one of his men offered me five thousand bucks to *long pause* sell you out.

Stanley crosses his arms. He is still not satisfied of seeing Peggy again.

STANLEY Look, I’m not one to hold a grudge, but you did hand me over to people who wanted me dead.

PEGGY Just because I sold you out to the mob, doesn’t mean we can’t be friends.

STANLEY Then why haven’t you shown your face and apologize to me earlier?

There’s a long awkward science between the two former friends.



Fine! You got me. I originally wanted to interview you about last night’s bank robbery. However, I really am sorry about the whole “selling out” thing. I should have gotten help, but instead I snuck out with a suitcase full of COUNTERFEIT money and….

STANLEY You ended up getting phony money?

PEGGY Yeah. I didn’t know until I opened it. Because of that, I really did lose my condo and I had to live with my mother’s house for three months. It ain’t pretty.

Stanley pauses for a moment.

PEGGY I can see that you don’t want me here. I’ll just go now and leave you alone.

Peggy heads downstairs until Stanley’s conscience intervened.


Stanley gets Peggy’s attention. He appears to have second thoughts about letting Peggy walk away. She maybe a sell-out, but Peggy was brave enough to apologise to him in the first place.


94 (Forgives Peggy) Do you want some coffee?


Stanley and Peggy are sitting comfortably on the coach. Peggy is holding a red mug, while Stanley finished drinking coffee. There is currently no conflict between the two.

PEGGY (Smiling) I must say Stanley, this place is really…

PEGGY’S P.O.V. She scans Stanley’s apartment and sees cartoon memorabilia that only a man like Stanley would confess of being its owner. Peggy sees the Tasmanian Devil pillows and a framed picture of Daffy Duck hanging above Stanley’s bed. There is also a framed autograph picture of legendary voice actress June Foray (from “Rocky & Bullwinkle” and “Looney Tunes” fame) which is placed on his computer desk. Stanley’s rubbish bin is clearly been stuffed with countless editions of the Evening Star. All of the headlines were written by her. PEGGY You.

STANLEY Thanks Peg. A man’s home is his castle. I constantly make sure my apartment doesn’t end up being a dungeon, since I have a cold-hearted dragon as my landlady.


PEGGY (Laughs) If there’s one thing that we have in common, then that would be annoying landlords.


PEGGY (Gets her pen and notepad out of her pocket) So are you ready for the interview?

STANLEY (Hesitant in reliving one of his terrible nights of his life) I’m not sure, Peggy. I don’t feel com…I mean…my boss says he doesn’t want any more negative publicity after the break-in.

PEGGY I tell you what, Stan. You don’t have to talk about last night. I’ll just write that you said “No comment” and leave you alone.

STANLEY You’ll do that for me?

To show that she is telling the truth, Peggy THROWS her pen and notepad out of the window LITERALLY. Stanley seems impressed and luckily Milo is not playing fetch.


PEGGY Are you convinced, now?

Stanley AND Milo nod their heads simultaneously.

PEGGY However, there’s one question I want to ask you. STANLEY What would that be?

PEGGY THAT night at the Coco Bongo when you saved all of the guests’ lives, including Tilton’s. What exactly happened to Dorian?

STANLEY All I could say that your number one reader needed to relieve himself.

PEGGY He is a cold-hearted bastard, but at least he could read without skipping to the sports section.

Stanley grins and has his last sip of coffee.


97 By the way, did you managed to get your green thingamajig back from Dorian?

STANLEY It was never mine to begin with.

PEGGY I’ll take that as a “no”.

Stanley shifts his eyes and knowing deep inside, he isn’t telling the truth. Peggy glances to her watch and remembers she has to head back to her office. PEGGY Yikes! Have to head back to my office or my boss Murray will force me to write another boring baby story.

She grabs her purse and gets ready to leave until Stanley says one last thing.

STANLEY Before you go, I want to ask you something.

PEGGY Go right ahead, Stanley.

STANLEY Since you answer lot of readers’ questions, I want your opinion about this problem that I have.


Peggy seems intrigued.

STANLEY I keep getting these dreams. Actually there not really dreams. They’re more like….I’m sorry, Peg. Am I freaking you out?

PEGGY You are not “freaking me out,” Stanley. Please continue.

STANLEY Well I’m keep getting these nightmares about two people that I thought I’m free from. They used to torment me and now they’re back. One is now the new employee at my bank, while the other is *awkward pause* is crazy. What should I do?

PEGGY I personally……..

Stanley eagerly waits for her “Ask Peggy” advice.

PEGGY Recommend therapy.

STANLEY (Disappointed and sarcastic)

99 Why thank you Peggy.

PEGGY Sorry, Stan. I’m a bit rusty in the whole problem-solving thing after I dumped the “Ask Peggy” column to write real stories. But if there’s anything you need, please let me know.


Peggy heads toward the door until someone else enters Stanley’s apartment. The person is Tina Carlyle.

TINA (Faces Peggy and startles) Oh hello.

Stanley steps in between the two women. STANLEY Hi honey.

Tina immediately hugs Stanley and kisses him.

TINA Thank God, you’re still here. I saw everything on the news this morning. Why didn’t you call me after the incident?



I know. I should have called you, but police hold me back for questioning.

Tina notices Peggy who is waiting to be introduced.

TINA (Looks back at Stanley) Who’s your visitor?

STANLEY That’s my friend, Peggy. Peggy Brandt. She’s a reporter from The Evening Star.

Stanley faces Peggy again. STANLEY Peggy, this is my girlfriend Tina.

Peggy is startled. He has a girlfriend now? The women shook hands and try their best in being polite to one another. For Tina, it feels like an awkward handshake to a complete stranger. PEGGY I have to head back to work now. It was nice meeting all of you.

Milo pops out from the kitchen and sees his human friends.



See ya Milo.

Peggy reaches for the door knob.

PEGGY We should catch up again Stanley. You too, Gina.

TINA It’s Tina.

PEGGY (Laughs) Oh sorry. My bad. Anyway, I’ll see you soon.

The Evening Star reporter makes her exit.

TINA What’s her story? STANLEY You mean the last time I met her or tomorrow’s headline? CUT TO:


102 Twenty residents make their way into the basement for the neighborhood watch meeting. Mrs Peenman and her young niece, JENNIFER, are standing in front of a whiteboard and patiently waiting for everyone to find their allocated seats. Among the residents are RAYMOND NEILSON, a couch potato slob wearing bunny slippers and MRS. FORTWRIGHT, a pregnant housewife. Among the crowd is an empty seat with Stanley’s nametag lying on top.

EXT. STANLEY’S APARTMENT-STREET-NIGHT LOW ANGLE-BLACK SEDAN A mysterious black sedan drives into the neighborhood and parks opposite to Stanley’s apartment.

PETE (Sitting at the driver’s seat) The bloke says this is where Ipkiss lives.

The Shark is sitting at the back. He is covered by darkness and holding a brightly lit cigar.

LONNIE This BETTER be the place.

INT. STANLEY’S APARTMENT-MINUTES LATER Stanley pours dog chow onto Milo’s bowl and then, walks to the door.



I’m off to the meeting. If only I got one of those glasses with the fake eyeballs painted on the lenses.

Stanley is about to reach the doorknob until…THUMP!! He is aggressively shoved to the ground, close to snapping his spine on the wooden floor. Milo barks for his master’s defense. Stanley looks up and sees three thugs.

PETE G’day mate!

Stanley recognizes the accent and knows that he is facing the head bank robber. Pete is accompanied by Baxter and Tex.

STANLEY It’s you! From the other night.

PETE Good memory. I was worried you wouldn’t recognize me without my mask.

STANLEY (Muttering) At least you get to take yours off without having your cheeks stretched.





If the apartment couldn’t get any more crowded, a forth man walks out of the shadows and sees Stanley for the first time.

LONNIE Playtime is over, Pete. I want to ask the gentlemen a few questions.

Pete stands aside as Lonnie stares down at Stanley. For some reason, Lonnie’s intimidating glare turns into a friendly yet neutral face.

LONNIE Pardon my employee’s manners. They lack patience and class. Let me introduce myself, my name is Lonnie Warwick. I’m the owner and manager of The Warwick Hotel. But the media and police department calls me “The Shark.”

STANLEY *Gulp* Nice nickname. LONNIE I wholeheartedly agree. At first, the moniker sounds a bit over-thetop but it soon has a certain edge which I like. Anyway, compliments aside Mister Bumpkiss….

STANLEY It’s Ipkiss.



Whatever. It is oblivious that we are not here to offer you our accommodation deals. Instead, we want to talk to you about your encounter with my crew last night.

STANLEY Listen. I did what your associate said, but I lost my balance and…



LONNIE As I was saying, during our bank expedition, Pete here happened to see a photograph featuring a friend of ours…Miss Tina Carlyle.

Stanley’s eyes lit up.

STANLEY What do you want from her?

LONNIE We just want to say hello to her. I must say we were disappointed of not seeing her here. We thought you two lovebirds were living together.


106 We are still in the early stages of our relationship. Anyway, she won’t be coming back here anytime soon and I’ve got other things to do, so if you don’t mind….

Tex steps in and puts a cold steel pistol under Stanley’s chin.

LONNIE What’s the rush? You are not a very hospitable person aren’t you, Ipkiss? Tell me where Miss Carlyle is now or we blast your throat off.

Stanley feels the tension of his dilemma. He wants to protect Tina from Lonnie’s mob, but he will lose his life in the process.

LONNIE (Impatient) Time’s wasting. It cannot be explained but something (or someone) inside Stanley made him stand up for himself. His eyebrows were lowered and he says something that is rare as the planets aligning together.

STANLEY (Mad) Aren’t you due to get your BOLTS tighten?!

The room stands silent and the mobsters have no clue on what Ipkiss just said. Milo seems embarrassed as his right leg covers his eyes. Even Stanley’s face turns blank as he doesn’t know what came over him. If Lonnie listens closely, he could hear a cricket chirping.


STANLEY Ooops. I SHOULDN’T said that.

LONNIE Not cooperative hey? WASTE him, Tex!

Stanley closes his eyes and expects to meet his maker. Tex is about to squeeze the trigger until Milo comes to the rescue. Stanley’s best friend jumps on his loyal master and bites on Tex’s arm. Milo holds his fangs tightly. The thug jumps up on his feet and drops his gun. Tex runs around the room with Milo attached to his skin and jacket. TEX Get ‘em off me! Get ‘em off me! Both Pete and Baxter try to separate Milo from Tex’s arm.


Stanley looks at his “Keep Out” closet and quickly browses the thugs surrounding his number one pet.

STANLEY I have no choice. Stanley spontaneously grabs his keys from the coffee table and dashes through the closet. He shuts its door and he feels cramped between boxes and jackets hanging above the ceiling. Stanley doesn’t want to use it, but he has to save Milo.


The thugs were still distracted by Milo, while Lonnie is getting madder and madder. OFF-SCREEN, Stanley finds the tin box inside the dark closet. Sounds of tinkering keys can be heard outside. Baxter manages to grab Milo’s legs and pull him away from Tex’s arm. Milo’s jaw eventually becomes tired and releases Tex.

LONNIE Pete, open the closet and kill Ipkiss.

PETE My pleasure.

Pete reloads his magnum gun and opens the closet door. PETE’S P.O.V To his horror, he sees a man’s head being covered by what appears to be a carcass of a stretching bullfrog. Stanley is screaming in pain. His head throbs and expands. Pete shoots Stanley’s transforming forehead, but the wooden mask’s magic causes the bullet to ricochet, leaving a temporary glowing mark.

STANLEY (Transforming) MUUAAAHHHH…..

Finally, Stanley spins into a wild, green tornado. Papers and clothes were flying everywhere. WWHHOOSHHH!!!!! Milo knows what’s going to

109 happen and he escapes from Baxter’s hands. The smart dog dashes under Stanley’s bed.


INT. PEENMAN’S BASEMENT-SAME TIME The meeting started without Stanley.

MRS. PEENMAN (Displaying her shotgun) And THAT’S how you scare off a prowler carrying a mallet.

Her niece, Jennifer, applauds but majority residents were trying hard not to fall asleep. Before Peenman mumbles about the “No Paper Boy” policy, a rather loud whirlwind noise wakes everyone up. The sound is coming from upstairs. JENNIFER (Referring the noise) What is that? It sounds like there’s a hurricane upstairs.

MRS. PEENMAN (Huffs and puffs) Ipkiss!




Lonnie and company were standing in an emotional tri-factor of terror, confusion and awe. Pete turns his head left and right. His eyes were following the tornado that is spinning faster and faster like a gyroscope. Without slowing down, the unnatural twister stops and the gangsters no longer see Stanley Ipkiss. They are now seeing a greenfaced maniac wearing a hexagon-patterned zoot suit. It’s the very same suit he wore when Stanley first wore the artifact. The Mask feels like a top musician preparing for an encore.

THE MASK I’M BACK, BABY! Mask sees he is surrounded by a jaw-dropped mob.

THE MASK With new playmates.

Lonnie breaks the ice. LONNIE (Still in awe) Who in blazes are you? Could this guy be Ipkiss or some hero who is rescuing Ipkiss or simply a hallucination after drinking too much scotch?

THE MASK (In game show host voice) Who am I? Let’s hear from our fun-loving announcer, Frank. *Short pause* FRANK!!!

111 Pete and goons look at each other in mere confusion until they hear a strange but cheerful voice from nowhere. It’s Frank the invisible announcer. FRANK THE ANNOUNCER (O.S) Will do! It’s time to play America’s SOON-TO-BE favorite game… SPELLCHECK!!!!

The lights were automatically switched off and then back on. The Mask might have hired the fastest builders in the world, because his, or rather Stanley’s, apartment has been turned into a “Wheel of Fortune”-esque game show set consisting of a puzzle board, flashing applause signs attached to the ceiling and a small seating configuration with only Milo as a spectator. Lonnie and the mob can’t believe their eyes as they are instantly standing behind podiums. In true game show fashion, each podium has its own buzzer. In speaking of fashion, Mask is now wearing a fake hairpiece to accompany with a daggy yet flashy 1960’s suit. There’s even a cheesy ‘60s game show music soundtrack coming from nowhere.

FRANK THE ANNOUNCER Now your host, Stan… (Interrupted by Mask)

THE MASK (Impersonating Sean Connery) Just call me, Mask. The Mask.

Deep down inside, Stanley and Mask are so different that they really are two completely separate identities sharing the same body. Talk about an identity crisis.

THE MASK Before we go through the rules, is it me or are we forgetting something?


The door bursts open. Mrs Peenman steps in without noticing her building code has been violated. MRS. PEENMAN IPKISS!! I HAD ENOUGH OF YOUR… Peenman sees Mask and four random people. Ipkiss is out of her head. Penman now wants REVENGE. MRS. PEENMAN YOU!!!!!!!!! THE MASK Miss me? Ignoring the game show set, Peenman storms toward Mask, but Mask has a flowing light bulb on top of his head. He has an idea. Mask zooms up to the old bag, grabs her hand and spins her. After she stops swirling, Peenman is now wearing a purple dress, high heels and her hair is now long and brown. She’s the new lovely game show assistant… minus the beauty. Peenman is dizzy and appears if she is about to hurl. Thankfully she didn’t. She is currently standing next to the puzzle board.

THE MASK Now, the rule of the game is to guess this word puzzle. Whoever can read out the secret words before the one minute limit will win the secret prize!

A curtain opens and reveals a giant wrapped present with a bow-tie on top. The contestants were intrigued with the prize, except for Lonnie.

THE MASK (Looks at Peenman)


Mrs Peenman if you please reveal the vowels. Due to Mask’s hypnotic magic, Peenman’s body obeys Mask’s commands and turns the board. The boxes spell “_ O U A_E A_ _ _O_E_ _ _”

MRS. PEENMAN I’ll get you for this, cabbage head!

THE MASK Gentlemen, put your metaphoric thinking caps on.

Tex presses the buzzer first. The three henchmen are going with the flow as they are drawn into the game. THE MASK Yes my pretty. TEX Is it “Great Open Drive?” Not a bright answer, Tex.

THE MASK Sorry, but you’re wrong my spaghetti western friend. Baxter rings the buzzer next. BAXTER

114 “You Are In Europe?”

THE MASK Nope. It looks like we have to make this teeny-weeny easier for you guys. Bring out some consonants, Peen-nut!

The board now reads “YOU ARE ALL LOSER_!” Lonnie rolls his eyes.

THE MASK C’mon it doesn’t take a toddler to answer this.

PETE (Excited) Ooohhh…I Know the answer *press buzzer*

PETE It’s “YOU ARE ALL LOSERS!” The bell rings. Confetti, streamers and balloons have fallen to the ground. Pete is the IRONIC winner!!! Pete gets all excited and unaware of the insulting message. He’s going to open the mystery present.

THE MASK Congratulations genius! *Whispers* And bout time too. Come right down as we reveal the surprise. Like a kid in Christmas morning, Pete (almost reverting to a Manchild) stands next to Mask and anticipates for what is inside the mystery box. Peenman, Lonnie, Tex and Baxter were also curious of what Mask has in-store for the young Australian.


PETE I bet it’s a new car. KA-BOOM!!!! The present EXPLODES by itself, revealing nothing but burning paper and a red ribbon flying up in the air. Pete wets himself and Peenman is close of having a heart attack. THE MASK There’s your “surprise.” A good old fashioned bang. What do you think of that beauty, Champ?

PETE (Still “surprised” after the explosion) I think I wet myself.

THE MASK I must say you have a lovely accent. Let me guess…Pennsylvania?

THE MASK (Turns to the rest of the gang) Thank you for playing Spell-check. To make sure everyone goes home happy, every contestant will get a consolation prize. Trust me. It’s ten times cooler than a board game.

A strange button descends down from the ceiling. Everyone except Mask is clueless.

THE MASK It’s a trip to down under…


Mask presses the mystery button and a trap door opens under Lonnie’s gang. Straight out of a Road Runner short, Lonnie and goons notice there are standing on air. Following the strict laws of gravity, the crooks fall downstairs and a loud THUD is heard. THE MASK And I ain’t talking about Australia.


Mask reverts back to his hexagon zoot suit.

THE MASK If you insist.

Mask grabs his hamburger-sized wallet and *KA-CHING* gives a one hundred dollar note to Peenman. The greedy landlady examines the dough. C.U. $100 NOTE Instead of seeing an illustrated picture of a president at the middle of the bill, Peenman sees a grinning picture of The Mask looking back at her. The insanity continues as George Washington Mask moves his illustrated mouth. THE MASK (Appearing on the $100 bill)


I'm a million bucks shy of bein' a millionaire. HAW-HAW!

Can’t take it anymore, Peenman faints and the apartment goes back to normal.

THE MASK Hmmm…I guess she only accepts credit cards. In speaking of credit cards, daddy is goin’ shopping.

Mask zooms out of the apartment, leaving Milo and Peenman behind.

EXT. STANLEY’S APARTMENT-STREET Mask spins out of the street, while Lonnie’s gang escapes from the apartment. All of them were dazed and confused. BAXTER (Breathing heavily) That CAN’T be Ipkiss. Is he?

LONNIE He is certainly not human. PETE (Thinking heavily) Is it me or the back of the weirdo’s head looks like a bum crack? Lonnie and goons all scowl at Pete. The gang drives away from Stanley’s apartment before the police appear.



INT. STANLEY’S APARTMENT-MORNING Bright sun rays wake Stanley up from his sleep. His face is back to normal flesh and his hair remains intact. Noise of a taxi cab and women arguing grabs Stanley’s attention and his head peeks out of the window. He sees Mrs Peenman carrying two large suitcase and Jennifer following her.


MRS. PEENMAN Oh yes I can! This town is full of trespassing creeps and I can’t take it anymore! JENNIFER You should have at least called the police. They’ll fix everything up in a jiffy. You don’t have to move. MRS. PEENMAN HA! The cops couldn’t catch a cold. If they were so good, they would have put that lowlife in the slammer. Besides Centreville is full of suckers who want rented apartments. Peenman gets into the cab. JENNIFER Wait! Who’s going to be in charge of this place?


MRS. PEENMAN You are! Peenman slams the cab door and the taxi heads off. Jennifer heads back to the apartment.

INT. STANLEY’S APARTMENT Stanley cannot believe what he has heard. Peenman is gone for good. He should be smiling, but flashing memories from last night has Stanley worried. He has unleashed his inner-beast again. Stanley accidentally steps something sharp. STANLEY Ow. He bends down and picks up a silver ring. What’s a ring doing on his floor? Where did it come from him? He vaguely remembers. Suddenly, it hits him. STANLEY’S P.O.V. The entire floor is covered with STOLEN jewelry rings. All of them are shiny and expensive. The rings point to one thing…THE MASK. There is one ring that stands out the most. The ring is golden and has a red diamond on top. There’s also a note attached to it. Stanley picks it up and reads. The note says: “I PERSONALLY RECOMMEND THIS. TINA WILL LOVE ME-SIGNED M.” STANLEY (Remembers about Lonnie’s threat) Tina! We have to LEAVE town.


He grabs the phone and rings his soon-to-be fiancé. While he waits, Stanley stares at the wooden mask beside him.

STANLEY (Talks to the wooden mask) Don’t expect a “Welcome Back” party from me, pal. Last night is just a one night only deal. You’ll be locked up again. INT. TINA’S APARTMENT Tina lives in a posh room with soft carpet and silky curtains. TINA Hello? STANLEY Tina. TINA Morning Stanley. I hope everything is okay.

STANLEY Tina I… TINA Oh I have good news. Remember I told you about me singing at the Mayor’s banquet? Well, Stu informs me yesterday that a record producer from Five Star Music is a huge Tilton supporter and he will be at the party. If the producer likes my performance, he will give me a contract! STANLEY (Changes tone)


That’s unbelievable. TINA Yeah I know. It’s just like that dream you mentioned earlier. We cannot miss this gig. It’s an opportunity of a lifetime. I could get my own album. STANLEY Awesome. TINA So what are you about to say earlier? Stanley has second thoughts of moving town. It doesn’t feel right to tell his girlfriend that she is a mob target when everything is going extremely well for her. He can’t break her momentum. Stanley seems anxious over the phone and Tina detects it. Stanley sounds like he’s hiding something. STANLEY Ummm…just want to check if we still going to the restaurant on Monday. TINA Of course we are. STANLEY Good. See you then. Bye. Stanley hangs up and Tina becomes worried of Stanley’s behaviour over the phone. Usually he would be over the moon about the news. Instead, he talked too briefly and rushed. INT. STANLEY’S APARTMENT STANLEY


(To Milo) I couldn’t tell her. I don’t want to make her afraid.

Milo shifts his head in concern. STANLEY (Sighs) I could call the police, but I’m already on the lieutenant’s bad book. What am I going to do?

Milo does sad dog noises. After much thinking, Stanley picks up the Mask. STANLEY There’s only one person who could truly save us…but I don’t trust myself. Ipkiss picks up the Mask. He is about to throw it out of the window until he changes his mind and put it in his long jacket that is laying on a coat hanger. Milo is confused.

STANLEY I hate to say this Milo but I’m back on the saddle. But the Mask stays for emergencies only. CUT TO:

INT. POLICE STATION-MAIN OFFICE Kellaway uncuffs Doc and Eddie. The delinquents have served their time and both of their parents are picking them up from the station.


LT. KELLAWAY If I even see both of you loitering at a magazine stand, I guarantee that you two will never see daylight again. Understand?


LT. KELLAWAY Now get out of my sight. You kids are ruining the world. Accompanied by their respective parents, the two punks leave the station with their heads bowed down. Doyle rushes to Kellaway’s desk and holding a VHS tape. DOYLE Lieutenant, two of our guys investigated the jewelry store break-ins and they said that you should watch the surveillance video. LT. KELLAWAY Does this relate to The Shark’s whereabouts? DOYLE Not that we know of. LT. KELLAWAY Then why do I care? I have enough problems already. DOYLE But sir, you SHOULD really check this out. LT. KELLAWAY

124 (Reluctantly) Fine. Put it on. Doyle pops the video into the VCR. A framed portrait of Kellaway’s wife Margaret is standing next to the monitor. C.U. VIDEO MONITOR A replay of a jewelry store robbery. A blurred image of the Mask is visible as he zig-zags around the store at high speed. Mask is seen examining a ring with a small telescope, wearing some expensive ear rings (even though Stanley’s ears are covered by the actual mask), dancing with a mannequin and dress up as a high-class king who has a pointy crown on his head.

Doyle turns to Kellaway. To his surprise, his partner let’s go a scheming smile. Kellaway knows that he has one more chance to arrest Ipkiss and he is not going to screw it up.

LT. KELLAWAY (Smiles deviously) I got you now, Ipkiss. Doyle, I’m starting to like double shifts. DOYLE What about Lonnie? We’re still going to search for him. Aren’t we? LT. KELLAWAY Chances are Lonnie and Ipkiss could be working together. It’s a one big crime-spree. CUT TO: INT. WAREHOUSE HIDEOUT-DAYLIGHT A black van enters a grimy and shadowy shed. The back door opens and four thugs drag a tied-up man who is wearing a sack over his head.

125 Pete gets out of the driver’s seat. He has few band-aids on his face after his recent visit to Stanley’s apartment. The hostage yells but he is muffled by the sticky-tape on his mouth. The goons place the hostage on a wooden chair. Tex takes the sack off. The hostage is STU SPIELLER-Tina’s boss. Tex rips the sticky-tape off Stu’s lips, almost ripping his beard off. STU YEOOWWW!!!! Naturally, Stu becomes frightened to see dangerous men surrounding him. STU (Catching his breath) Where am I? Who are you guys? LONNIE (Walking out of the shadows) Calm down, Mister Spieller. We only want to ask you questions about our favourite Coco Bongo performer.

On cue, Pete and goons brought out their brass knuckles. LONNIE And we want answers now.

Lonnie’s cell phone rings. LONNIE Pete. Make sure Mister Spieller is open for conversations or we’ll open his skull. Beat the answers out of him when necessary. I have to take this call.


PETE Sure boss. He’ll spill the beans. Lonnie finds his own space, while Pete starts interviewing Stu.

LONNIE (To his phone) Shark, here.

On the other line is a man with a smooth and distinctive British accent. He is a mysterious arms-dealer known as MISTER RED EYES. MISTER RED EYES (V.O.) Hello Mister Warwick.

LONNIE What do you want, weasel?

MISTER RED EYES (V.O.) It is no secret your operations has been receiving bad press lately. LONNIE Get to the point. MISTER RED EYES (V.O.) Out of all people in this city, why target Tilton? This is the first time I heard a mob leader injecting anarchy into a busy election. LONNIE

127 It’s all about impact I guess. MISTER RED EYES (V.O.) This is just my humble opinion but why attack one leader when you can attack two? LONNIE Please explain. MISTER RED EYES (V.O.) Politicians are like ants. If you kill one, there will always be more to crush. If I were you, I would target both Tilton and Klaxon. LONNIE Sounds crazy.

MISTER RED EYES (V.O.) Listen, what I always admire about your operation is that you treat our business like theatre. Crime requires performance to work. Now we need showmanship.

LONNIE Hmmm… do have a point. We have no problems with the police, but there’s one person who is standing in our way. He’s…let’s MISTER RED EYES (V.O.) I know who you are talking about. LONNIE You do? MISTER RED EYES (V.O.)

128 I remember seeing him on television few months ago. He is not of this world. LONNIE Tell me about it. MISTER RED EYES (V.O.) I tell you what I can do. I will send one of my men to assist you in your hostile takeover. He can take on anything. This man is much more trustworthy than any weakling thug from the streets. Or bankers for that matter. LONNIE How much?

MISTER RED EYES (V.O.) Skeptical I see. I am so confident he will get the job done that I let you hire him for two weeks free. How about it? LONNIE Deal. Lonnie breathes in. LONNIE I will not allow that green headed…thing to take down my empire. It’s out there. I know it is. Nothing that powerful just goes away. Find it. Before it finds us.

MISTER RED EYES (V.O.) Trust me. With Walter, anything is possible.

129 LONNIE Trusting you it’s a risk. BUT I’ll take it *Hangs up phone*.

Lonnie seems intrigued. He returns his attention to the goons. Stu is bruised and battered. PETE He hardly says anything. But he did say she is going to perform in front of Mayor Tilton on election eve. LONNIE Talk about coincidence. On election eve, we’ll make our move. Oh and Pete, there’s new things I want you to write on our what-to-do list. CUT TO:

EXT. LANDFILL PARK-AFTERNOON Peggy is among a gaggle of reporters covering the press conference of mayor candidate, Beuagaurd Klaxon. Klaxon is on a wooden Western-style stage and standing behind a podium with microphones in front of him.

BEUAGUARD KLAXON (Speaks in heavy Texan voice) It’s ironically sad that Tilton promises to protect this city from crime yet he can’t take care of his bank account. Peggy dots down notes. Stanley manages to walk through the crowd.

STANLEY (A bit anxious) Hey Peggy.


PEGGY Oh hi Stan. It’s always good to see you but I’m busy doing work right now. STANLEY It’s an emergency…. BEUAGUARD KLAXON (Yapping like Foghorn Leghorn) As our four fathers said, we must cherish and value the land we live on.

PEGGY (Agiated) Not now, Stanley. I’m missing valuable notes here.

Stanley twitches his face and bursts his message out. STANLEY Peggy, I still have the mask!

In total surprise, Peggy stops scribbling and faces Stanley. PEGGY Why didn’t you just say so?


131 EXT. OUTDOOR CAFÉ-MINUTES LATER Stanley quietly tells his entire dilemma to Peggy. Despite their past, Stanley trusts her…for now at least. PEGGY Why didn’t you just call the police for protection? You don’t have to be The Mask again. I mean, it makes a better and refreshing story than the election coverage, but still…. STANLEY I would, but Kellaway would rather see me burn in a stake than protect me. PEGGY Does Tina know all about this?

STANLEY No. Don’t tell her. I don’t want to make her worried about us being mob targets again especially when her career is going well.

Peggy thinks for a moment. PEGGY I may not be “Ask Peggy” anymore. Neither I’m the world’s most perfect person. However, the best advice I could give you is honesty. Tell her the truth. STANLEY I should but… PEGGY Stanley. Both of you are in danger!


STANLEY I know that! But on the very moment she threw the mask over the bridge, I promised to be myself. Yet no matter how hard I move on, it will always be a part of me. While the two are talking, a taxi cab stops in a traffic intersection which is close to the café. Out of all passengers, Tina Carlyle is in the taxi and she turns her head to peek out of the cab door window. TINA’S P.O.V. Tina finds Stanley and Peggy together at the café. She appears to be both sad and jealous. After all, she hasn’t seen Stanley for awhile. C.U. TRAFFIC LIGHT The traffic light becomes emerald green and Tina’s taxi continues driving.

Obviously unaware of Tina’s presence, the two friends say their last comments before they pay the bill. STANLEY Thanks for your help Peggy. BUT promise me that you WON’T mention about me and The Mask on your articles. PEGGY Oh Stanley, your secrets are safe with me. Stanley notices Peggy’s right arm is behind her back. He reaches for her arm and sees her fingers crossed. PEGGY (Nervously smiles)

133 Errr..reflex? CUT TO: INT. STANLEY’S APARTMENT-NEXT MORNING Stanley picks up the last ring from the floor. He is about to put it inside an envelope featuring the respective jewelry store’s address. Before he could send it away, Stanley observes the ring and likes its appearance. Acting more like the Mask than himself, Stanley decides to use it for his proposal and place it in his pocket. Acting like his conscience, Milo does a small frown. A hand loudly knocks on Stanley’s doors. LT. KELLAWAY Open up Ipkiss! I know you are in there. Stanley hides the envelope and meets Kellaway. Just like old times! STANLEY Hello officer… LT. KELLAWAY It’s Lieutenant, you numbskull. I can’t believe I’m at this dump again.

Without invitation, Kellaway barges in. This time, Doyle accompanies him and he is chomping on a chocolate bar. LT. KELLAWAY Where were you on the night when all of the jewelry stores in this town were robbed? STANLEY At…home of course. I gave Milo a bath and watched the financial report. We bankers need to check if the red arrow goes up or down.


LT. KELLAWAY Don’t “financial report” me, dumbass. We saw our old friend The Mask playing dress-up through security cameras. It’s fitting that I met you again and hours later, I saw The Mask again. It’s a reunion I don’t like! Isn’t that right, Doyle? Doyle couldn’t hear. He’s too busy getting the nougat down his throat.

STANLEY (False anger) I don’t know who this Mask guy is, but I sure love to see him locked away by Edge City’s finest. LT. KELLAWAY (Disgusted) Your butt-kissing make me sick, Ipkiss. You know what? All I need is just ONE proof. If I have one proof that you and Mask are one in the same, I’ll be treated as a hero and you my friend will be picking up soap for the rest of your life. Come Doyle. This place smells like rotten ham. DOYLE Did you say ham? The cops storm out of the apartment. Stanley’s expression resembles to the one when he met Chet again.

CUT TO: EXT/INT. PSYCHIATRIST OFFICE In speaking of Chet, the new employee has a session with well-known psychiatrist DR. ARTHUR NEUMAN. Chet has been given advice from Neuman during his troubled times at high school. This is their first meeting

135 since Chet returned to Edge City. A collection of ancient masks appear on the wall behind Neuman. CHET Besides the recent robbery, work is pretty good. My boss is supportive and I got along with everyone. DR. NEUMAN (Speaks in a bored, monotone voice) Good to hear, Mister Bozzack. It is apparent that you are moving on from your anger management issues and leaving the past behind. CHET Yes! I’m finally putting away my old urges. I even met an old nerd from high school and left him alone. DR. NEUMAN It is a small world I suppose. CHET Well I really wanted to flush him but I resisted!

DR. NEUMAN (Raised his eyebrow) Make sure you keep on resisting, Chet. We don’t want to put our therapy sessions to waste. Do we?

CHET No. We wouldn’t want that at all *Sheepish smile*.


136 EXT. LA PACINO’S RESTAURANT-NIGHT Tina, wearing a pink shirt and black skirt, eagerly awaits her date to arrive. She checks her watch and learns that Stanley is ten minutes late. The couple is going to meet at Edge City’s number one Italian restaurant. It’s also the most popular place for couple to purpose or break-up. TINA (Growing impatient) Where are you, Stanley?

INT. ’89 CIVIC-NIGHT Stanley is inside his ’89 Civic car (The Loaner was bought for scrap metal) parked outside his apartment. In his car, Stanley is practicing his proposal. He is contemplating whether it’s the right to purpose to her especially with a new mob hunting them. STANLEY (Glancing himself on the rearview mirror) Tina, I have to tell you something. We are being hunted down by blood thirsty gangsters and because of them, I’m The Mask again. Do you believe it? *Awkward laugh* Will you be my wife? *Grunt* No, that was TERRIBLE! Stanley sighs and peeks at the clock watch. It’s time to go. STANLEY Oh man. I’m LATE! I should take time management classes. The key is turned and the Civic is on the go. The street is foggy and dark. The street lamps were barely on and only the apartment rooms were glowing bright. Behind the wheel, Ipkiss is whistling the tune of “Gilligan’s Island” until on the middle of the road; he sees a large object blocking the street. It could be mistaken to be a construction machine, but when the headlights got closer, the object appears to be human-like. It has a head, torso, arms and legs. The thing is just standing there. Chances are he is waiting for someone.


The odometer reads 10 mph as the Civic slows down. The automobile stops as the bumper is a meter away from the pedestrian’s leg. Stanley politely honks his horn.

STANLEY Hey buddy. I don’t want to be bossy, but can you please move out of the way? I’ve got a birthday to go to. Still covered by think fog, a fist in a size of a basketball SLAMS the front hood of The Civic. The effect of the hit temporary lifts the car up on its front two wheels. THUD! Stanley notices a potential insurance bill and steps out of his car.

STANLEY HEY! What is your problem? Didn’t you hear me say “please”?

Stanley looks up and learns that he is dealing with no ordinary punk.

LOW ANGLE-LARGE MAN The man is seven feet tall and weighs 265 lb. He is wearing a grey suit and tie, well-dressed for a monster. He has short dark brown hair with a curl above his forehead. If his size isn’t scary enough, the Gollum-like mobster has a distinctive scar running down his right eye and stitches on his right cheek. He has an angry, zombie-like stare. This man-monster is known as WALTER.

STANLEY (Sees the monster up-close) Eeep. To intimidate Stanley, Walter tilts the Civic by using one hand and without uttering one sound.



Stanley runs as fast as he could, while Walter is catching up to help.

STANLEY (Screaming) HELP! HELP! INT. APARTMENT ANGLE ON RAYMOND EATING POTATO CHIPS Local coach potato RAYMOND NIELSON is too distracted watching his favorite TV show “Pointy Peaks.” He couldn’t hear Stanley’s cries for help or perhaps he’s too lazy to look out of his window.

EXT. STREET Running like the last man in a marathon, Stanley turns his head and sees Walter reaching his arms. The mute monster grabs Stanley by the ankle. Stanley fall chest first on the road and Walter hangs him up high. C.U.-THE ENGAGEMENT RING The ring falls out of Stanley’s pocket and onto the ground.

STANLEY (Terrified)


You work for Lonnie?

Walter didn’t reply. Stanley scans the streets and there were no witnesses. STANLEY Must use the Mask for good.

Stanley digs deep into his jacket and takes out the mask. Then slap on his face. WOOOSHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stanley becomes a human tornado. Walter has to cover his eyes as the flashing lights were nearly blinding him. The hulking freak lets Stanley go and completes his transformation. The tornado twirls and stops. Mask returns wearing a striped gangster outfit. THE MASK Youse dirty rat! You should have at least book an appointment to meet me. Don’t you see I have a HOT date to go to? And I’m not in the mood for THREESOMES!

Walter mid-kicks Mask in the gut, but the rubber man quickly recovers.

THE MASK Ooooo. Touchy. Can’t handle rejections.

Because of the artifact’s magic, mask wearers are prone to injuries and Stanley/Mask recovers quickly. THE MASK There’s only one thing to do. HIT IT!


A spontaneous spotlight shines on Mask who is now dressed in what looks like what Tom Jones wear in a Hawaiian vacation. Speakers appear in thin air. Tropical music is heard out of nowhere as Mask dances to the beat.

THE MASK I like to dedicate this song to all the INTOXICATED guests from every wedding reception out there! It’s time to do THE HIPPY DIPPY SHAKE! Come on everybody. LET’S GO NUTS!

The Mask claps as Walter stands still.

THE MASK (Singing) Brriiiiiiii-HAHA!!! Rub you tummy like it got a big ache! Got a big ache! Aribba! HA HA! Then shake your hips and do the HIPPY DIPPY SHAKE! Hoping The Mask could perform his way to survival; Walter grabs one of the HI-FI speakers and bashes it over Mask’s head. The speaker didn’t break. Instead it covers Mask’s head. THE MASK (Muffled) Hmmm..must be a music hater. Whoever said music soothes the savage beast is a butthead.

INT. LA PACINO’S RESTAURANT Two hours have passed. Tina sits in a table and becomes increasingly bored. She now forgets it’s her birthday and cannot wait to tell Stanley about how he lets her down. WAITER

141 Miss, it’s nearly closing time. Your date hasn’t showed up. Can you at least order a cupcake? It’s today’s special.

TINA No thank you. I’m sure my boyfriend is caught up with work…or mingling with a two-bit redhead. He should be here soon. WAITER Okay miss. But if you don’t order anything, we’ll charge you for water and breadsticks. Tina ignores the treat and the waiter serves another table. She observes the restaurant and sees something that caught her eye. ANGLE ON BUSINESSMAN While waiting for his ravioli, a businessman is reading the late edition of The Evening Star. C.U. THE EVENING STAR The headline reads “The Mask is Back-A Peggy Brandt Exclusive” and the photo features a shot of Mask from one of the surveillance videos.

Tina becomes furious and pounds her hand on the table. TINA Of course!

She gets up and head towards the exit.


142 The full moon appears on the sky. Mask and Walter are still brawling as Mask dodges a fist. Mask morphs into a hippy. THE MASK Chill out man! I’m a lover not a fighter! But with you, I pass!

KA-POWW!!!!!!!!! The Gollum gangster punched the green one so hard that Mask is flying up the air like a jet fighter. PAN the landscape of Edge City. Hippy Mask passes above the docks and SPLLAATT!! Like a squashed fly on a car’s windshield in a freeway, Mask gets stuck on the side of an oil tanker. ANGLE ON OIL TANKER THE MASK (Resembling to a pancake) Ouch. I‘ll take an exception. THIS MEANS WAR!

Mask peels himself off the ship and swims quickly back to shore. He swims faster than any human being. He returns to face Walter in the neighborhood. Mask now wears a swim trunk and has a rubber duckie air donut around his waist. THE MASK (Takes his scuba goggles off) NOW! I’M MAD! Mask removes the duck donut and hands it to Walter who appears to be confused.

THE MASK Here! Hold the duck.


Suspiciously, mask zooms away from Walter. Walter holds the duck with two hands. Suddenly the duck instantly inflants! It gets bigger, bigger, bigger. It expands itself. FWOOMP! It becomes bigger than Walter. The duck is not a toy. It’s one of Mask’s wise-guy tricks. Walter looks worried. Mask turns his back and covered his eyes and ears (or what’s left of his ears).

BWOOM! The duck explodes! SFX. DUCK QUACK Mask returns to the wreckage. To his shock, Walter is still alive! He is dazed and his hair is messed up, but still in one piece. Mask’s jaw drops wide open and his eyes bug out. Walter shakes the ashes off and continues his cold stare on Mask.

THE MASK Whoa! Tough cookie. When cookies get tough… Mask twists and turns into an amour of a medieval knight.

THE MASK Go medieval! Walter comes closer to “Sir” Mask. THE MASK (Holding sword) I shall go forth to slay beast and make s’wounds for peaches.

The man-monster clobbers Mask on the head and canned him LITERALLY! Mask’s body goes inside the amour and turns into a tin can. Walter is about to walk away, believing he has finished his job.


ANGLE ON TIN CAN The tin can shakes, rattles and bounces. The rattling sound catches Walter’s attention as he turns his head. A familiar twister pops out of the can and Mask turns into a green Dirty Harry. THE MASK (Impersonating Clint Eastwood and holding a .44 magnum) I know what you are thinking. “What’s up with these corny movie references?” Well to tell you the truth…I DON’T KNOW! Mask spins back to his original gangster costume. THE MASK I gotta think of new material. *Has idea* Oh I know!

Mask turns into a boxer, only wearing gloves and shorts.

THE MASK We only play on my rules! This will be a fair fight. The following moves will be banned like this…. Mask continuously punches Walter on the face, stomach and even groin. His punches move so quickly in fast forward that Walter would have swore he saw Mask grow multiple arms. Not even the classic Three Stooges eye poke work. Unfortunately for Mask, Walter didn’t flinch at all. Mask suspects Walter is similar to him: They’re both invincible. Mask loses breath and sticks his giant tongue out. THE MASK (Catching his breath) Huh-Huh had enuff!


POW! Walter upper-cuts Mask with his neck stretched high and his body flies on top of a building. ANGLE ON BILLBOARD The billboard advertises anti-aging cream Rejuv-A-Lotion. Mask busts through the billboard, leaving a hole in the shape of his body. He lays flat on his back and seeing stars and birds floating above his head. THE MASK (Dazed, Talking like Popeye and grows a giant Popeye-like chin) That’s all I can stand and I CAN STAND NO MORE!

Screams from residents and sounds of earthquake-like footsteps indicate the monster is coming upstairs. THE MASK I’m too old for this…. The doorway breaks open and Walter reappears. He’s ready to cause more abuse. THE MASK Steak sauce. Walter reach deep into his pocket and gets out a line of steel chains. Only one can imagine what harm he could bring to a mere man.

THE MASK (Spits out some teeth like bullets: RAT-A-TAT-A-TAT!)

146 Hey! That’s cheating! Two can play this game…even though I prefer Monopoly!

Mask takes out his trusty mullet…a mullet wig. THE MASK (Embarrassed) Oopps. Wrong threat.

Soon he gets a real giant mallet and hits Walter on the knee. The mallet breaks in half. THE MASK Oh PUH-LESE! That would have hurt a little. Right? Walter stretches a steel chain and tries to wrap around Mask’s neck. Mask screams his brains out! He ducks from Walter’s chain and zooms behind. THE MASK (Dressed like a doctor) Oh-oh! It appears that someone is constipated!

Mask snaps his fingers and a falling kitchen sink smashes into Walter’s head. Alas, no dice.

THE MASK (Wears fake glasses and gets out a list)

147 Used kitchen sink. Check. *Ticks paper with pen*. Yep, I tried everything! Time to start my will. *Gets another piece of paper and starts writing* Give Playboy collection to Uncle Dave. Check.

Walter is about to wrap the chain around Mask’s neck until Mask gets out a blow torch and melts the chain into harmless pieces. Annoyed, Walter manhandles Mask and toss him over the building!


SFX. GOOFY HOLLER C.U. MASK’S EYE His pupil turns into an animated screaming face. In familiar territory, Mask becomes road-kill on asphalt. Flat Mask gets his thumb and inflates back to normal. He may appear to be lumbering, but Walter quickly went down stairs and returns to the street. THE MASK (Transforms into Captain Kirk and speaks Shatner) You….are…not…of…this…world…or…in…this….universe…for…that…matter.

The superhuman Walter scowls and behind him were two bright headlights. The headlights belong to out of all things a cement truck. An annoyed CEMENT TRUCK DRIVER honks and then foolishly steps out of the truck.



What is this? Street hockey? Don’t you guys know what time it is? Walter shifts attention to the driver who now regrets of losing his temper. Walter swings him arm and WHACKS the poor man into the window of a nearby Laundromat. Don’t worry folks. He’s still alive! Mask fully recovers and has a bright idea.

THE MASK (Shifts eyebrows) Opportunity knocks. He zips to the driver’s seat and does a u-turn so the mixer faces Walter. THE MASK (In builder gear) LET’ER RIP!!! Sloppy cement pours onto Walter which completely covers him. SPLOOCH!!! Mask hops out of the truck, does a “TA-DA!” pose and breathes in. He takes up so much air that his stomach expands.

THE MASK (Holding air in) HAAHHHHHH….

ANGLE ON WALTER Walter struggles to walk. THE MASK (Lets air out)

149 KWOOSHH!!!!!!!!!! Taking a page of the Man of Steel, all of the air comes out of Mask’s mouth and quick dries the cement, causing Walter to freeze into a statue. The cement becomes like a cocoon for the resident Gollum. Mask knocks on the Walter statue.

THE MASK Now that’s what I call a “hard” ass *Wacky laugh*. Mask spins out and heads to the restaurant.

EXT. LA PACINO’S RESTAURANT Mask arrives to the restaurant with a toothy smile on his face. However that smile turns upside down as the place is closed. He appears confused, but he makes an “A-HA” sound as he knows where to go to next.

CUT TO: INT. TINA’S APARTMENT-VERY LATE Tina is at her art deco home and sitting on a white couch. She hasn’t changed her clothes yet and sits still. Her face tells she is questioning her relationship with Stanley. SFX. Door bell Tina gets up and opens the door. She sees a gift box, wrapped in green paper and tied together with a red ribbon. Could it be from Stanley? She places it on a coffee table. That’s strange. There are no tags or birthday cards attached to the box. ANGLE ON GIFT BOX


The box jumps and an arm poke out to unwrap itself. Tina gasps and stands back in caution. The top opens, and defying all physics, a human being stretches himself out of a small box. THE MASK Man, those yoga classes paid off. Tina doesn’t appear to be entertained. THE MASK (Turns on by Tina’s beauty) Happy birthday Sugar!!!!

Mask twists into a Cary Grant impersonation. THE MASK You look beautiful tonight, Cherie. TINA (Not amused) KNOCK it off, Stanley. I’m upset with you. THE MASK Stanley? Why do you want him, where you can have a 100 per cent American male like me? Mask pugnaciously curls his right arm to impress Tina with his muscle, but his puny, spaghetti-like arm goes sloppy. THE MASK I better hit the gym next week.


TINA Mask. Stanley. Whatever. BOTH of you are the same guy I USED to trust. Tina sits back on her couch and crosses her arms. Mask realizes that Tina is upset and decides to bring Stanley back to face the music. THE MASK After all this time, you are still hard to get.

THE MASK (Continues) Stanley is going to HATE me in the morning. His hands reach to the back of his head. There’s a RIPPINGG sound and screams of pain. Tina can’t help but watch the transformation; however her face is still crossed. Mask transforms back to Stanley who is breathing heavily. TINA What’s happening to you, Stanley? You skipped my birthday, just so you could do your Screwball Rabbit stunts?

STANLEY (Dumbfounded) Screwball Rabbit? Don’t you mean Bugs Bunny?

TINA I thought we got rid of the mask. You promised me you wouldn’t hide secrets from me again.

152 STANLEY (Uncomfortable) I’m sorry Tina. It wasn’t my intention to wear the mask again. I can’t stand him as much as you do. It’s these circumstances where…. TINA (Interrupts) Are you going green to impress your reporter friend? STANLEY What? TINA I saw you and what’s-her-name at the café on the other day. Stanley can’t help but laugh. STANLEY You mean you thought Peggy and I…*Laughs*. No. We were only talking. TINA (Raised eyebrows) “Only talking?” Talking about what? STANLEY (Thinking is the right time to purpose) Oh. We were talking about this… Stanley searches his pocket for the engagement ring. STANLEY

153 Oh. Where is it? Where is it? It must have come out of my pocket when that big guy chased after me. TINA Big guy? STANLEY I’m not even sure he’s human. He could be an ape in cheap clothing. Tina sits impatiently, intimidating Stanley. Stanley DROPS THE PROPOSAL IDEA.

STANLEY Tina, the only reason why I keep becoming The Mask again is because of you and you only. I kept the mask because I didn’t want to fall to the wrong hands. TINA (Calms down) Stanley. If you want to achieve something, be yourself. Move on with your life. You don’t need the mask. We don’t need the mask.

STANLEY But I HAVE to in order to protect us. TINA “Protect us”? STANLEY Yeah. Remember the thugs from the bank robbery? Turns out they work for some crook named Lonnie the Shark.


Tina’s eyes lit up. She knows who Lonnie is, but she didn’t want to share information to Stanley. STANLEY (Continues) They burst into my apartment have no idea why. Hence why I had to become the mask to birthday as myself few nights ago and asked where you are. I a giant shaved ape stalked me tonight and save myself. I would have celebrated your if it weren’t for those crooks.

TINA And you didn’t tell me this earlier? STANLEY I was about to, but I didn’t want to make you upset. TINA Stanley…. STANLEY Yes Tina?

TINA As much I appreciate your concern over us, but I don’t think I could trust you anymore. Stanley is stunned. STANLEY You mean that’s it. We’re breaking up, because of The Mask. TINA


We’re not breaking up. I just think we should take a break from seeing each other.

Stanley couldn’t think what else he could say. No matter what, he will always love Tina.

STANLEY (Sad) Okay. I’ll just leave you alone then. I have to get ready for work tomorrow. But if you want to see me again, I’m always available.

Stanley opens the door and makes his exit. The door is closed behind. He is ready to walk through the corridor until Tina’s door opens. TINA Stanley…. Stanley has his hopes up. STANLEY Yes, dear? TINA You *hesitates* forgot this.

Tina tosses the wooden mask to Stanley’s hands. STANLEY (Disappointed) Thanks.


ANGLE ON DOOR Tina shuts the door. Her back is turned. She can’t help but feel sorry for Stanley. Maybe it’s not the best decision she made. On the contrary, he did wear the mask without her consent. INT. CORRIDOR Stanley walks with his head bowed down. STANLEY (Holding the wooden mask) This is YOUR fault!


INT. EDGE CITY BANK-FOYER-DAY It’s another busy day at the bank. Stanley is still in hangover mode after his Mask shenanigans last night. He forgets to shave early this morning and his Rorschach-patterned tie is out of place. Basically he’s a mess. Stanley is walking towards his desk until Charlie sees him.

CHARLIE Stan, my man. What happened to you? Did Tina press the “frappe button” yet?

STANLEY No she didn’t dump me, Charlie. I…just didn’t get enough sleep last night. That’s all. CHARLIE

157 No kidding. You look like road-kill. Get a cup of coffee ASAP. Dickey wants you to work with Chet this afternoon. Stanley gets paranoid again and behaves like a scarred little boy. STANLEY WHAT!? You got to be kidding me, Charlie. It’s bad enough that he works here, but you want me to get FLUSHED by him!? CHARLIE Relax Stanley. That was in the past. Chet is not your high school boogeyman anymore. From what I heard, he is well-behaved here. He’s a grown adult now. I suggest you act like one yourself. Stanley reluctantly agrees. STANLEY Okay Charlie. BUT if I even get one single wet willy, I’m outta here! Charlie tries to hold himself laughing after witnessing his friend’s child-like paranoia. CHARLIE (Acts sarcastic) Sure Stan. I’ll give Chet detention if he gives you any wet willies, noogies and spitballs. Now if you excuse me, I’m going chick fishing. Charlie walks away in search for his next date. STANLEY (Whispering himself) Just to think he wants me to be grown-up. At least the bank is Maskfree.

158 Stanley sits down to his desk. He is about to start paper work until he hears beating news drums from the bank’s TV set. He sees a commercial for a news/current affairs program. ANGLE ON TV TV ANNOUNCER(V.O) Tonight on Edge City Nightline with Wendy Walsh... WENDY WALSH, the same host who interviewed Dr. Arthur Neuman about his book “The Masks We Wear”, appears onscreen and plugs tonight’s episode. Wendy has blonde hair and wears a clean female newsreader suit. She is sitting in front of an Edge City background and has the picture of The Mask on the top right of the screen. On The Mask’s picture, the text reads “UNMASKED”. WENDY Who is The Mask? Is he a criminal or a vigilante? Maybe he’s just a glorified street performer? We chat to individuals who went face-toface with Edge City’s most wanted man. The TV camera cuts to Mrs. Peenman who was interviewed at her Centreville apartment. MRS. PEENMAN (Angry as hell) That freak should be behind bars! Then Ripley‘s Auto Finishing mechanics, BURT (the fat, hairy guy) and IRV (Burt’s thin and geeky co-worker), get their “15 minutes of fame” onscreen. Burt and Irv are still recovering at the proctology ward inside Edge City Hospital. After having mufflers pulled out of their buttocks, Burt and Irv are healing comfortably on their air donut cushions.

BURT The Mask ruined our business. Our butts still hurt to this day… LITERALLY.


IRV Yeah. Because of him, we have to pay $4,000 for extensive colorectal surgery. We don’t even have health care. Finally the last victims being interviewed are the alley punks who hang outside Stanley’s apartment. The six alley punks are wearing leather jackets and they are NOT as tough as they used to be. The punks’ leader, CUBBY, looks like a sad and homeless puppy dog when he tells his experience with The Mask. When remembering the awful events of The Mask turning a balloon into a killer tommy gun, Cubby couldn’t speak properly. Instead he only says small words that fittingly describe the horrific event. CUBBY (Sad and traumatized) *Sobs* Balloon…balloon…balloon…tommy gun *Sobs* Gang leader Cubby breaks down crying, while his mohawk female friend comforts him by putting her hands on his right shoulder. When seeing the alley punks, Stanley feels guilty and responsible about what his alter-ego did to the victims on TV.......even if they deserved it. CUBBY (Remembers when Mask pops his French Poodle balloon) I wanted that poodle!

After the interview clips were shown, the cameras went back to Wendy at the WEDGE TV studio.

WENDY Plus we talk to Nobel Prize winner Dr. Amelia Chronos about her theories on time and space. That’s tonight at 9.30 PM on WEDG TV.



When the commercial finished, Stanley moans and put his head on the desk. He looks like he is going to die from embarrassment. STANLEY (Whispering to himself) I should have never kept that thing. Charlie returns holding a newspaper.

CHARLIE Oh Stanley…


Stanley turns and sees Charlie holding the “Mask is Back” edition of the Evening Star.

CHARLIE (Sly smile) You got some explaining to do.





A bunch of construction workers are trying to figure out how to remove a rocky clump of concrete off the busy street. Road blocks and honking cars were evident. C.U. WALTER’S HAND Despite being turned into a humongous paper weight, Walter shows sign of life as his fingers twitch and the cement starts crumbling.


INT. EDGE CITY BANK-FOYER-AFTERNOON An already depressed Stanley is forced to work with Chet. Their desks are close together. CHET (Tries to cheer up Stanley) Hey what’s wrong, Stan? Missing Melvin? *Chuckles* STANLEY (Slightly annoyed) I’m not in the mood, Chet. CHET (Drops pen violently) WHAT did you say?



(Trembling) Yes. I DO miss Melvin. *Fake laugh* Gives me opportunity to try out new underwear.

CHET Cool. If Stanley’s afternoon couldn’t get any worse, two visitors make their return to Edge City Bank-LT. KELLAWAY and DOYLE. This time they are not alone as they brought two police officers. Stanley sees them and moans. MR. DICKEY (Sees the boys in blue) Gentlemen, is there a problem here?

LT. KELLAWAY Yes. A criminal deviant is working for your bank and we are here to arrest him. Stanley gulps as Kellaway faces him. LT. KELLAWAY As much I have a low-tolerance for lying scumbags like you, Ipkiss, but we are not here to book you...or not today at least. Stanley breathes a sigh of relief. Kellaway turns to Chet’s desk and sees his name tag. LT. KELLAWAY (At Chet) You. CHET


Me? LT. KELLAWAY You are under arrest for assisting a bank robbery and conspiring against city hall. Both Stanley and Chet can’t believe what they are hearing.

LT. KELLAWAY Boys, cuff him! Doyle slams Chet onto his desk, while the cops slap handcuffs him in front of Stanley. CHET HEY!!! MR. DICKEY What is the meaning of this? LT. KELLAWAY Doyle, tell him.

DOYLE Two hours ago, we received an anonymous call claiming he works here in this very bank. He suspects that a New Accounts clerk named Chet Bozzack has been giving inside security information to underworld figure, Lonnie Warwick. An hour after Mister Bozzack left for work, we raided his apartment and found some crucial evidence.

One of the officers brought pistols in an evidence bag, along with stolen cash money, replicated keys, a map outlining the entire bank

164 building, the security grid’s password scribbled on a napkin and a cassette tape from Chet’s answering machine. LT. KELLAWAY Roll the tape. While wearing gloves, Doyle inserts the cassette into a portable tape player. The audio didn’t sound clear, but a familiar voice can be heard.

PETE (V.O.) G’day Chet. Pete here. The Shark wants to thank you for helping us snatch some dough. It wasn’t a success as we hope for, but not a complete disaster. Hey if you free this weekend, you might have a meet-and-greet with us. The Mayor will be there if you catch our drift. Ciao *Message beep*.

LT. KELLAWAY Don’t you just love answering machines? Chet is stunned and pleading for innocent. CHET It wasn’t me! I have nothing to do with the break-in! I don’t know any Petes!

LT. KELLAWAY (Sarcastic) Sure you don’t. I know a good lawyer for you. His name is Peter Pan. At that very moment, Chet’s life is falling apart. Charlie overhears the commotion, along with the rest of the bank.

165 MR. DICKEY (Ashamed) Gentlemen, take this criminal away from my workplace now!

LT. KELLAWAY Our pleasure. After being silent, Chet couldn’t take it any longer and turns his attention to Stanley whose face is still blank. CHET (Furious as a bull) YOU FRAMED ME, IPKISS! STANLEY No I didn’t! I had nothing to do with this! CHET (His inner-bully bursts out) Yes you did NERD! You were there when the safe was robbed! You couldn’t bear to see me again so you ruined me TWICE! First at high school and now THIS!

Chet manages to get away from the cops who were holding him and grabs Ipkiss by the collar of his jacket. C.U. INSIDE POCKET Chet sees a glimpse of the inside pocket of Stanley’s jacket. He sees what looks like a wooden forehead with eye holes and a silver line for a nose. Chet then sees Stanley face-to-face. CHET


I’m going to do something I have always DREAMED of doing to you again. I’m going to FLUSH YOU!!!

The handcuffs didn’t limit his aggressiveness. Chet tries to drag Ipkiss to the bathroom, but the police got their .44 pistols out. LT. KELLAWAY Stop it Chet or we shoot the freckles out of you!

The two cops drag Chet toward the exit.

CHET (Goes psychotic) OH this isn’t over, Stanley UPCHUCK! NOT by a long shot. I don’t know how, but I’ll have my revenge! You are a dead man, BUTT-KISS!!!!

Chet is out of the building with the two officers. LT. KELLAWAY (To Stanley) Next time I see you, you won’t be so lucky. Doyle and Kellaway exits. Charlie checks to see Stanley.

CHARLIE Judging with that guy, you need to keep the mask longer.

Stanley gives him a cold look.


CUT TO: INT. POLICE CAR-MINUTES LATER Chet is down on his luck. He sits at the back of the car, while two police officers, OFFICER BUZZ and OFFICER RICK, engage in a philosophical conversation. OFFICER BUZZ I’m telling you Rick. Tyrell can’t be The Mask. He’s dead and Mask came back recently. And don’t say zombies. OFFICER RICK Okay genius. Who do you think The Mask is? OFFICER BUZZ Andy Kaufman. OFFICER RICK What are you a hypocrite? Kaufman’s dead. OFFICER BUZZ That’s what the media want us to know! Kaufman faked his own death for a publicity stunt, like the time when he freaked out on “Fridays”. I heard he’s still alive and he will come back to perform. However instead of being Tony Clifton, he is The Mask. Besides that musical number he did at Landfill Park is Kaufman-like. Do you get me?

OFFICER RICK (Eye rolls) You are the reason why I prefer to work alone. Chet’s too miserable to pay attention to Buzz’s theories on The Mask’s real identity. The ECPD car pulls over at the Slurp-N-Lube.


OFFICER RICK Let’s get some slushies. OFFICER BUZZ Great. Mind if I come inside? OFFICER RICK I don’t see why not. He’s handcuffed. He can’t go anywhere far.

INT. SLURP-N-LUBE The two inept officers went through the Slurp-N-Lube’s automatic doors, leaving Chet alone in the car.

OFFICER RICK Did you lock the doors? OFFICER BUZZ Of course I did. I’m no idiot. While Buzz and Rick use the newly-furbished slushie machine, Chet manages to escape from the car easily despite being handcuffed. The officers pulled a Doyle. POLICE DISPATCHER (V.O.) All units, be on a look out for a seven feet tall man with a scar on his right eye. He was involved in a cement accident and attacked several builders at Richardson Street. He is not armed but considered dangerous. EXT. HIGH STREET-DAY

169 Determined to get vengeance, Chet runs from Slurp-N-Lube until he sees two other police cars making their turn from an intersection. One of them is driven by Kellaway. KELLAWAY’S P.O.V. Kellaway catches the police car that Chet was in. Its passenger door was left open. He suspects an outbreak. Kellaway drives slowly. C.U. MANHOLE Underneath Kellaway’s car, a hand reaches to the lid on top of him and closes the manhole.

CUT TO: INT. THE MORNING STAR-PEGGY’S DESK The Star’s finest reporter writes about the 1994 mayor election. A visitor enters the office. She looks familiar, especially with her blonde hair. It’s TINA. PEGGY (Notices Tina) Oh hello. You’re Stanley’s girlfriend. It’s…errr…Tina. TINA Thanks for remembering. PEGGY It’s a surprise seeing you here. How you and Stanley going? TINA A bit rocky.


PEGGY (Becomes concern) What happened if you don’t mind me asking? TINA We just thought we need some time off from seeing each other. PEGGY Oh. TINA Anyway, the real reason why I’m here is…did you and Stanley ever…?

PEGGY (Laughs) Wait a minute. No of course not. I mean, he is a nice guy. Don’t get me wrong. But I found him a bit…how do I put this? Neurotic.

Tina nods a bit.

PEGGY (Serious) He may not be perfect, but at least he is not like one of the creeps I’ve met in this city. CUT TO: EXT. EDGE CITY BRIDGE-MIDNIGHT STANLEY


(Insane and facing the Mask of Loki) I HATE YOU!!!! Stanley, melancholic as ever, is at the bridge where it all began. He’s going to finish the job. This time, Milo stays at the apartment.

ANGLE ON ’87 CIVIC The front part of the car is damaged and empty bottles are lying on the floor. Stanley’s breath smells like Jack Daniel’s as he has a few drinks prior to arriving to the bridge. He is slightly drunk, but he is still in control. STANLEY You turned me into a bold freak, made me a criminal target and put me on the most-wanted list. My ex-girlfriend hates me because of you. YOU dead piece of *Hic* Norwegian wood! Stanley leans closer to the bridge’s railing. He is going to do it. He’s going to throw the mask back to the river where it came from. STANLEY So long buddy. It’s been real. Make that surreal. Like pitching a baseball, Stanley swings his arm back. He is ready to toss the artifact that changed his life (and Edge City) forever, until he pauses mid-way. C.U. STANLEY Stanley remembers why he wears the mask again: To protect himself and Tina.


172 Yet you are the only one who can protect all of us.

With his right arm still in swinging position, a large hand SNATCHES the mask off Stanley. Stanley turns his head and to his horror, he sees WALTER with the mask in his hand. A large shove had Stanley holding to his dear life as he grabs onto the railing.

STANLEY NO! The river is polluted and wavy. Ignoring Stanley, Walter (his clothes are still covered in cement powder) observes the wooden artifact. C.U. THE MASK The mask shimmers alluringly. Walter puts the mask to his huge face. Surprisingly, NOTHING HAPPENED. No wood-binding. No face-stretching. No tornado transformations. There are various theories on why it didn’t work. The mask couldn’t fit into Walter’s head, Walter had no personality to warp or the mask ITSELF chose not to work for him. Disappointed and with all his might, Walter manages to BREAK the mask in half by using his bare hands. Stanley saw everything. Knowing that Stanley is watching him, Walter put one half of the mask into a drain and the other half over the bridge. To add insult to injury, Walter kicks Stanley’s hand and the poor banker goes pummeling down to the river. Satisfied, Walter marches back home. CAMERA TILTS of Stanley falling to what could be his watery grave. He notices half of the mask splashes first. Then Stanley follows the mask and belly-flops to the river. He sinks. ANGLE ON RIVER The river LIGHTS UP under water and a small boat (named MINI-SEAMEN) pops out. CAMERA ZOOMS and we see Mask in a sea captain uniform. CAMERA sees Mask side. THE MASK

173 (dripping in water) S-s-soaking! C.U. COMPOSITE MASK What can be described as a defiance against nature, both Stanley and Mask are seen together…in half. There composited together. The left side is human Stanley and the right side is Mask (Green as ever).

THE MASK (Notices he is joined into Stanley) Hey! What are you doing here?

STANLEY (In awe) Holy cow. CUT TO: INT. STANLEY’S APARTMENT-1 AM It’s way passed Stanley’s bedtime. Stanley/Mask zooms back into the apartment. Despite the raucous, nobody wakes up to see the commotion. Without doubt, the apartment became more livable after Peenman left. The Mask is wearing HALF of his signature yellow zoot suit. STANLEY (Coughing after choking on dirt from the tornado) We could have driven you know?

THE MASK (Only half of his mouth is moving) I get better millage.


Stanley/Mask sees their distorted reflection on the round mirror. THE MASK (Talks Western) Well, split my skull and call me two-thirds of Texas! STANLEY I don’t believe this. THE MASK Neither do I. Your threads are cramping my style, babe. In speaking of babes, I could be playing “Truth or Dare” with starlets and dames if it weren’t for you! After all, I am now a swinging bachelor. STANLEY Yeah I’m alone. Tina dumped me, because of YOU! THE MASK YOU YOU YOU! It’s that all you can think about? The letter “U”? What about MY needs? It’s not nice to make Mister Mask swim with the fishes and I’m not good with rejection *Pretends to cry*. STANLEY *Grunts* Oh forget it! Milo wakes up and sees his master divided. The doggie rubs his eyes, and sniffs his half-eaten dog food in his bowl. Thinking the food made him hallucinate; Milo tips the bowl upside down. THE MASK Since I can’t PAR-TAY or risk my reputation as a cool kat, I might as well as watch some boobs. STANLEY

175 (Disgusted) Boobs?!

THE MASK Did I say “boobs”? I mean, the boob tube. TV. Television. In your language, the idiot box! Stanley/Mask ZIPS on the couch and turns the TV on. ANGLE ON TV The late-late night movie is the 1978 kung-fu classic “Mad Monkey IV: Enter the Simian.” There’s a scene where a chimpanzee punches the bad guy in his groin. THE MASK (Grabs a bowl of popcorn from his jacket) Awwww. Look at that cute little monkey! Hey Stan, is that your sister? HA-HA! STANLEY (Annoyed) I don’t have a sister, you…you…boldie!

THE MASK (Sarcastic) Oooo. That hurts. Got any “bolts to tighten”, boy?



Stanley/Mask wrestles each other. They fall off the couch and fight on the ground. Stanley’s arm tries to rip Mask’s face off. Both colliding personalities were slapping each other. Mask defends himself and gets out a rubber chicken, but it didn’t stop Stanley. Mask gets the infamous horn and it makes the AAHHOOOOGAAAA sound. In a clever move, Stanley covers his left ear. ANGLE ON BREAKING MIRRORS AND WINDOWS The loud sound breaks both mirror and windows. C.U. MILO Milo is smart enough to protect his ears too. The one-man brawl continues.

THE MASK YOU CAN’T BEAT ME! Once you put me on, you’ll NEVER take me off! We will always be together. No matter how disturbing and perverse it may sound. Stanley grab on to Mask’s noise and pulls….

STANLEY Wanna bet? RRIIPPPS. What seems to be the impossible, Mask is finally beaten by a mortal named STANLEY IPKISS. Stanley is back to his whole self.

STANLEY (Looks at the split mask) Dealing only half of you is enough, pal.

177 CUT TO: INT. SEWER Lost and confused, Chet continues to hide from the police. Perhaps going underground is not the best idea for him. Back when he was a kid, going under manholes were useful for Hide and Seek. For an adult who is on the run, he should have at least prepared a map. Sadly, grown up Chet is not one of them. The sewer is dark, cold and the condemning smell is so foul that people would question why they need noses for the first place. Chet walks through the murky water. C.U. CHET’S FEET Chet nearly steps on a knife which has the initials “D.T.” engraved on its handle. CHET (Mumbling) Should have turned left! Should have turned left! Arms crossed, Chet stops walking and does a pose that signals a breakdown. The unexpected fugitive wants to go back to his apartment, but chances are, cops will be there waiting to arrest him. He lowers his head and sees something that his feet are blocking. The object appears to be the second half of an ancient mask. It looks familiar. Chet picks it up and the mask shimmers. Chet has a closer examination. CAMERA TILTS UP revealing a CRACK of thunder and a whirlwind of light and power begin swirling. Chet’s yell for help is similar to the squeaking noise of a mouse.


INT. EDGE CITY BANK-PARKING GARAGE-EARLY MORNING Mister Dickey parks his Lamborghini at the VIP parking section. His watch reads 6.45 AM and before sunset. Dickey takes out his suitcase and strolls to the elevator. UNKNOWN’S P.O.V.


A mysterious creature is stalking the bank manager and hiding behind a pillar. Similar to a sixth sense, Dickey feels like he is being watched. He turns his head and sees nobody. However, he didn’t catch the shadow which moved quickly. He shrugs and heads to the elevator. FAMILIAR VOICE (Cheerfully) Hi Mister Dickey! Dickey knows THAT voice. MR. DICKEY Chet? There he is. Chet Bozzack and……MAN, he needs a bath. Chet is standing sideways (showing his right side) and grinning.

MR. DICKEY Aren’t you supposed to be in… CHET The slammer? No. What’s so wrong about meeting my old employee who gave me a second chance in life? MR. DICKEY Don’t you mean ex-employee? I fired you after the police booked you. You are nothing more than a traitor and a conniving rat. CHET MASK (Sounds deep and grungy) I know you are, but what AM I?


Chet steps out of the shadows and reveals his new look. Dickey’s face turns pale white. Chet is now wearing the other half of the mask on his left side. Chet Mask is the most FRIGHTENING creature of all Mask wearers. Half of Chet’s face resembles to a green, vane-popping skull and his left bulging eye is blood-shot red. While Chet is wearing he’s shirt and tie, Chet Mask wears a dark, leather jacket with spikes placed on his shoulder. This is what the devil’s advocate would look like when donning the mask. MR. DICKEY Good lord! CHET *Weird laugh* It’s one SPOOKY costume and it’s not even Halloween!

CHET MASK (Referring to Hell) But where you are going, EVERYDAY is Halloween. Dickey is about to run until Chet Mask opens his mouth and a vertically divided LIZARD TOUNGE reaches to the victim’s ankle and causes him to trip. Dickey lays on his back, helpless. CHET MASK I admit we enjoy working with you. You have always been a humble guy. Chet Mask gets out the most dangerous wet crème pie in the world. The pie has a giant cartoon black ball bomb, broken glass and pointy knives. CHET MASK Therefore you deserve some humble pie! *Evil thunderous laugh* Dickey closes his eyes. Chet Mask gets out his igniter, while Chet watches on.

180 CHET (To his bitter half) After we scare him, we look for Ipkiss right? CHET MASK Believe me freckles; everyone will be more than scared after we are through with them. Don’t forget. We will be hunting for sharks today. Chet Mask fiddles with the igniter until the SUN rises over the parking garage. The morning rays reflect on Chet Mask causing his face to melt. Chet Mask’s jacket is fading and even the humble pie dissolves in thin air. Remember the mask of Loki only works at night. CHET MASK What in the…. CHET Why are you melting? Eventually, half of the mask turns back into harmless timber and falls to the ground. Powerless, Chet grabs the mask and runs away. Dickey opens his eyes and discovers he is still alive.

CUT TO: INT. TINA’S APARTMENT-DAY Tina is talking to Edge City Police over the phone. TINA I’m left was hall worried right now. I haven’t seen my boss for a week. He didn’t a note or anything. Okay. So you will search for him? Good. What that? Oh. Thank you. Yeah I would need some police escort to the tonight. Thanks again. And have a fluffy day too. Bye. *Hangs up phone*

181 ANGLE ON FRAMED PHOTO A photo frame of Stanley and her at Edge City Beach. Tina glimpse at the photo and wonders if she should call Stanley. She picks up the phone again, but then put it down. She thought she isn’t ready to reunite with him yet. C.U. TINA’S TV A live news report is held outside Edge City Hall. Thousands of edge city citizens came to see the public debate. WEDG-TV REPORTER It’s a historic day on the eve of the mayor election. Thousands of people gathered to see a memorable debate between Mitchell Mortimer Tilton and Beaureguard Klaxon. Despite recent controversies and setbacks during his campaign, Tilton is leading the polls after promising more school funding and tougher laws against crime. Klaxon, on the other hand, did gain more approval from voters but critics believed that he was too overwhelmed by the Tilton supporters during his rebuttal. Later tonight, each candidate will celebrate before the big day tomorrow. This is perhaps the most exciting election in this town’s history. EXT. EDGE CITY HALL-SAME TIME Supporters gather to cheer for their hero, Mayor Tilton as he gains the upper hand in winning the public debate. He is standing behind an American-themed podium and speaking to a microphone. Naturally, Peggy is among the press covering the debate. MAYOR TILTON (Proudly) Thank you all! I wish every one of you to have a FLUFFY day! Crowds cheer louder. They certainly know who they are going to vote. INT. EDGE CITY HALL-PARKING BASEMENT-MINUTES LATER A disgruntled Beauregard Klaxon heads to his limo. He is accompanied by his campaign manager, DUNCAN.


BEAUREGUARD KLAXON Duncan, fire my speech writer! All he does is copy The Gettysburg Address. DUNCAN Yes sir. BEAUREGUARD KLAXON I was killed out there, Duncan. Everyone in this city has been “fluffified!” DUNCAN Is that a real word, sir? Klaxon gives him the bad eye. DUNCAN Sorry. BEAUREGUARD KLAXON This type of failure makes me wish the Confederacy won the Civil War. Back
then, nobody care much about public speaking.

The doors of white limousine opens and two bodyguards come to greet Klaxon. They’re not just any bodyguards though. They’re really TEX and BAXTER in disguise.

BEAUREGUARD KLAXON Howdy, gentlemen. The fake bodyguards nod their heads and let Klaxon into the limo.



BEAUREGUARD KLAXON Take me back to my office, son. The chauffer is not what he seems as he sees Klaxon on his rearview mirror. PETE (In the driver’s seat, has a mischievous smile on his face) No worries mate…I mean…*Does a REALLY bad American accent* pal and buddy of mine. Klaxon looks suspicious and the limo takes off. CUT TO: INT. STANLEY’S APARTMENT-AFTERNOON Stanley hired a repairman to fix the broken window after last night’s wrestling match with his hyper alter-ego. While the window is being repaired, Stanley isn’t sure whether or not he should attend the banquet. He is holding his VIP ticket which is given to him prior to the argument with Tina. The window is now replaced. REPAIRMAN Windows are fixed, sir.

STANLEY (Stops daydreaming) Oh sorry! Thanks for fixing my window *Pays repairman.*


The repairman nods and exits, leaving the door open. Stanley is about to close it, until somebody’s foot blocks it. LT. KELLAWAY Why thank you for letting me in, Ipkiss. As usual, Kellaway is accompanied by Doyle. STANLEY Why hello again Lieutenant Kellaway and Doyle. Look Milo. It’s our friendly neighborhood detectives. Milo is holding a Frisbee in his mouth, hoping Kellaway will play with him.

LT. KELLAWAY (Aggressively grabs Ipkiss by the shirt) Listen pencil-neck! Your friend Bozzack has escaped from police custody and he is on the run. He was last seen early this morning and he attacked your boss. STANLEY Oh my. He hasn’t changed from high school. LT. KELLAWAY And here’s what really GRINDS me up. Your boss said HALF of his face was wearing a big green mask. Stanley couldn’t believe it. Could his schoolyard arch-nemesis wearing the second half of the mask? LT. KELLAWAY So you are running your own cult, Ipkiss? Teaching people to become costumed criminals? Is stealing banks and stores not good enough for you?


Ipkiss couldn’t handle any longer and rationally decides to defend himself. STANLEY (Eye twitches) STOP IT HOUNDDOG! I had nothing to do with Chet’s attack. I am a human being. I make mistakes, but hurting people is NOT one of them! You guys are supposed to protect INNOCENT people like me. Instead, you are accusing the wrong *short pause* Ipkiss!!!

Kellaway and Doyle stood their quietly. Doyle himself nods gently and agreeing to every word that Ipkiss said. After a long pause… DOYLE He does have a good point, Mitch.

LT. KELLAWAY Doyle! Stanley doesn’t know what or who came over him.

LT. KELLAWAY (Scowls at Stanley) Alright Ipkiss. I won’t arrest you anymore *Handcuffs Stanley* LT. KELLAWAY Instead, you are coming to patrol with me and Doyle. I want to see if we can see you and Mask, the original Mask, together. DOYLE

186 Yeah. Come to think, we never seen Mask and Stanley talking to each other or seen together in one place. LT. KELLAWAY You know why? Stanley and Mask is the same bottom-feeding scumbag, Doyle. If I see Ipkiss do wise guy tricks, like pulling pennies out of his ear, he is… STANLEY (Bored) I know. I know. I will be behind bars.

The three men leave the building and close the door. Concerned about his master, Milo runs to the closet. It is closed shut. Milo whines and then jumps up to the doorknob. He twists the doorknob with his mouth and opens the closet. He finds the tin can. It’s locked. Milo whines again until he sees the keys lying on the table. C.U. MILO The dog has a brand new idea. Milo bounces on the coach, hops onto the table and runs back to the closet. Using his mouth, he inserts the key into the long and it opens. EXT. STREET Milo follows Kellaway’s car, holding half of the mask in his mouth. CUT TO: INT. DR NEUMAN’S OFFICE-LATE AFTERNOON Neuman is alone in his office and writing title ideas for his next book about schizophrenia. C.U. NOTEPAD One of the title ideas is “Split Personality”.


SFX. Door knocking. DR. NEUMAN Come in. EVELYN, Neuman’s shy and mousey secretary, enters the room. She has red hair tied into a bun and wears thick glasses. EVELYN (Mumbles a bit) Sorry to interrupt you, doctor. But someone’s here to see you. DR. NEUMAN Does he have an appointment? EVELYN Actually he…. A figure wearing a trench coat and hat barges into the room. CHET (Smiles) Hi doc. Sorry for not booking an appointment earlier, but I want to show you something cool. Neuman is not amused. CUT TO: EXT. EDGE CITY HALL-SAME TIME Similar to a movie premiere or a Casino Night at the Coco Bongo, guests were arriving to attend Mayor Tilton’s election eve banquet. Paparazzi were at the red carpet entrance.


A limo appears and outcomes the glorious Tina Carlyle wearing a long sleeved, black and blue-stripped dress. She looks a bit worried as she is being escorted by security guards. CUT TO: INT. RECEPTIONIST DESK Evelyn is reading The Evening Star and sees Chet’s face on an article titled “Mob Assistant on the Run.” She quietly calls the police. INT. DR NEUMAN’S OFFICE CHET Do you believe in magic, Doctor Neuman?

A mixture of emotions coursed through the young man’s body as he proposed this question. Excitement, anxiety, wonder. He stared across the office room floor, waiting for a reply, and felt a familiar twitch on his face return.

CHET Well, do you? The doctor looks up from his folded hands, his face blank, expressionless. If he held any emotions toward the tone that had been thrown at him or the question that had been asked, he didn’t show it. DR. NEUMAN No, Chet. I do not. Chet grinned and nod in mock agreement. CHET Yeah? Well it exists.


DR. NEUMAN (Bored) Of course.

Neuman takes his glasses off and examines them.

DR. NEUMAN Care to explain? CHET (Slightly mad) *Weird laugh* You want proof.

It wasn’t a question and Neuman raises his eyebrow. CHET (Nodding) Right, right. What kind of doctor would you be to believe in magic when there isn’t any proof? Chet laughs again and reaches inside his coat pocket. He eventually pulls out his half of the wooden mask. Its left side seems to be missing. CHET (Confidently) Feast your eyes on THIS! For the first time, Dr. Neuman’s face flickers with recognition. He has seen this mask before….back when it had been whole. A man…Ipkiss… had shown it to him before. Ipkiss acted similar to Bozzack.


Neuman holds out a reluctant to allow finally tossed the hands as if he has

hand. He wants to examine the mask. Chet is a bit this, but after a moment of consideration, he mask onto the desk and walked away, rubbing his touched something contaminated. DR. NEUMAN What does this do? CHET

The question is what doesn’t it do? It turns me…into…everything I have ever wanted to be…but was too afraid to be! It gives me power and… confidence! It offers me the world on a silver platter! Well before sunrise when it would melt in the morning.

DR. NEUMAN How did you come across this? CHET Now that is a very interesting question. ANGLE ON NEUMAN’S WINDOW The day is turning into night. Chet takes his jacket off and rudely snatches the mask off Neuman.

CHET Better yet. I’ll let my new friend introduce himself and answer your question. DR. NEUMAN No offense Mister Bozzack, but ever since I wrote my bestseller “The Mask we Wear,” I had several people who took my metaphor quite literally. All of them wasted my valuable time. You are no different from them.


CHET Watch me. Chet puts the mask on and dark clouds appear again. Usually emotionless, Neuman sinks down to his chair and looking uncomfortable. EVELYN’S P.O.V. Evelyn is peeking through the door and drops her jaw. CUT TO: EXT. NACHO’S BURGERS-PARKING SPACE Kellaway parks the car outside a food kiosk. He exits the driver’s seat. Ipkiss is sitting at the passenger’s seat and Doyle is at the front.

INT. POLICE CAR LT. KELLAWAY Doyle, you keep an eye on Ipkiss. I’ll get some grub. DOYLE Lieutenant, can you get me the Triple Cheese Salsa Burger with super nachos and soda? Kellaway rolls his eyes and head to the counter. Doyle looks at the side view window and sees Milo holding the mask.

DOYLE Hey Stanley, isn’t that you’re dog outside?


Stanley looks outside. He becomes shocked when Milo has the mask in his mouth. DOYLE He looks like wants to play fetch. I had a dog once when I was a kid, but he ran away to join the circus. Flapping his hands, Stanley wants Milo to scram, but the dog keeps getting closer. Stanley gives up. STANLEY He must have seen me leave without saying goodbye.

DOYLE Awww. I’ll let the pooch in. After our patrol is over, we can take both of you back home. The police band comes on and the dispatcher gives Doyle a new job. POLICE DISPATCHER (V.O.) Calling all units. Fugitive Chet Bozzack is spotted at 56A Hopper Street. He is in the building as we speak. STANLEY (Remembers) 56A Hopper Street. Doctor Neuman? CUT TO: INT. DR NEUMAN’S OFFICE-NIGHT Doctor Neuman is strapped into an electric chair by Chet Mask.

193 CHET MASK Tell me something, shrink. Am I a quack to you?

Similar to a cuckoo clock, a creepy yellow duck springs out of Chet Mask’s chest. It makes a demented quacking sound. Neuman gasps in horror. DR. NEUMAN This isn’t possible! CHET Anything’s possible if you put your mind into it *Weird laugh.*

Chet Mask’s arm reaches to the on/off lever and turns the knob from “Light” to “Medium” to “Medium Rare.” EXT. PSYCHIATRIST BUILDING The unmarked police car pulls over. Kellaway and Doyle reloads their pistols. Stanley is handcuffed to the passenger door and sits next to Milo.

INT. POLICE CAR LT. KELLAWAY You always out-do yourself Ipkiss, but getting your dog to save you won’t work. After lock you up, I’ll take your mutt to the pound. Milo growls ferociously. LT. KELLAWAY You stay inside. Doyle and I will catch Bozzack. The simpleton couldn’t hurt a fly.

194 STANLEY You have no idea. LT. KELLAWAY Let’s roll. The cops head to the building. Milo hands Stanley half of the mask.

STANLEY No way Milo. I’ll get a life sentence if Kellaway sees both of me. STANLEY’S P.O.V. Stanley sees a silhouette of the electric chair. STANLEY Yet again. He did say he wants to see me and Mask together. We all have to grow balls and make sacrifices. Minutes later, a speeding green BLUR bursts out of the car and enters the building. Milo stays behind as the passenger door is removed.

CUT TO: INT. WAITING ROOM Kellaway and Doyle enter the clinic. They see someone hiding under her desk, shivering. It’s Evelyn. Chet Mask didn’t confront her yet. Doyle puts the “Shhh..” finger in front of his mouth. Evelyn nervously nods. Edge City’s finest crept quietly to the office.

INT. DR. NEUMAN’S OFFICE Chet Mask’s places his hand on the lever.


CHET MASK Now this is what I call an electro-shock therapy! CHET Hee-hee. Good one!

Neuman is helpless. The front door is kicked open and the police arrive heroically. LT. KELLAWAY (Pointing his gun at Chet) Freeze bastard! DOYLE (Examines the composite Chet) Geez. This guy is FREAKY looking. CHET MASK Why thank you! Chet Mask turns his hand into blue cold and forms a frosty javelinsized icicle.

CHET MASK You two guys should get to the point. Suddenly, wind is gushing and out comes Stanley/Mask! Due to the transformation, Stanley is uncuffed.


THE MASK What did I miss? Half of The Mask’s face sees Chet. Kellaway, Doyle and Neuman couldn’t believe their eyes. They were all SPEECHLESS!

THE MASK (Sees Chet Mask for the first time) WOAH! Take a gander of that guy’s mug. WATCH OUT KIDDIES! You might want to check under your beds for him tonight!

Chet Mask grinds his teeth. THE MASK (Referring to human Chet) Those freckles and curly hair give me the willies! CHET Hey! LT. KELLAWAY See Doyle? I am right all along! Ipkiss is The Mask! STANLEY (Nervously) Actually I’m only half of The Mask right now.

Chet Mask chucks the icicle. Luckily, the original mask gets out his giant hair-dryer and melts the icicle mid-air, saving Kellaway and Doyle.


THE MASK (Looks at Kellaway and Doyle ducking for cover) Let us not make this a habit, boys. CHET (Facing Ipkiss) You got one of these mask things too? THE MASK There’s only one and it’s mine! Hand it over BALL-SACK!

CHET MASK No deal nerd! We’ve been waiting 16 years to get even with you. Bozzack versus Ipkiss. Mono el mono. Chet Mask leans closer to window ledge. CHET MASK Alas, time’s wasting. Too many targets. So little time. But if you want to tag along, catch us first! *Psychotic laugh*

Chet’s body breaks out of the window. CAMERA TILTS DOWN, revealing Chet has perfectly landed on his eyesore motorcycle which magically appeared on the road. The MASKBIKE has exposing pipes and the front resembles to a green skull. CHET MASK So long, meat bags! CHET

198 Yeah. Meat bags! Chet revs the engine and takes off, leaving a trail of fire on the asphalt. After all of the commotion, Neuman passes out. THE MASK After him! STANLEY Wait, we have to check on Neuman. THE MASK Alright wait here, nutcase! Stanley’s Mask side tries to run off, stretches him horizontally and SNAPS back into place. Stanley falls down in the process. THE MASK (Seeing stars) I should have thought that one through. Kellaway and Doyle intervene. Kellaway points a gun at both personalities. LT. KELLAWAY I don’t know what the HELL is going on here. I’ve dealt with schizos in my day, but NEVER like this. You are going downtown. BOTH OF YOU!

Doyle opens his mouth and says something that is intelligent for the first time. DOYLE

199 But sir. Ipkiss saved us! THE MASK Hmmfff. I’m the hero of this story, but point-dexter gets all of the credit. I should fire my agent. DOYLE We all saw what Bozzack was going to do to us. He has powers that we can’t overcome alone. It’s best we get Ipkiss to help us. After all, it takes a Mask to know a Mask.

Kellaway shifts his head from Doyle to Stanley/Mask. He reluctantly agrees.

LT. KELLAWAY Alright Ipkiss. You win. However, don’t do anything stupid. THE MASK What! Me help you? HA!

STANLEY (Being pervasive) If you help them, you can give wedgies to Chet as payback. THE MASK Sounds good, but not juicy enough. STANLEY How about the Mad Monkey VHS collection?



*Pauses* DEAL! CUT TO: EXT. PSYCHIARTIST BUILDING-PARKING SPACE LT. KELLAWAY Okay Ipkiss *Pause* and Mask. What are we going to do now? Mask scans Kellaway’s car and dress into a mechanic.

THE MASK (Holding a monkey-wrench) *Tisk-tisk* What a rust-bucket! TIME FOR AN OVERHAUL!

Stanley/Mask quickly changes Kellaway’s car into the MASKMOBILE: A green Ferrari with headlights as eyes and the bumper as a toothy mouth.

THE MASK Viola! LT. KELLAWAY That’s damaging police property, you know? THE MASK You can’t ride without style, copper. Stanley/Mask, Milo, Kellaway and Doyle get into the supped-up car. Mask now wears a NASCAR driver outfit and half a helmet.


THE MASK Gentlemen and *Referring to Stanley* LADY, START YOUR ENGINES! DOYLE Don’t forget your seatbelts, sir. Mask ignites the engine.

LT. KELLAWAY I don’t need any…WOAAHHH!!!!!!!!!

C.U. LICENSE PLATE The license plate reads “S-S-S-MOKIN’!!!!!” The car goes super-speed and chases after Chet.

CUT TO: INT. EDGE CITY HALL-BANQUET ROOM The banquet is crowded with politicians, campaign organizers and media personalities. Guests are socializing next to the buffet tables. After surviving Chet Mask’s attack, Mister Dickey enters the party. Every male guest is wearing tuxedoes, including himself. Calmed, he is finishing off his cocktail shrimp until a famous face wants to have a word with him. MAYOR TILTON Dickey. MR. DICKEY Oh, Mayor Tilton. Great speech today. I was brought into tears when…

Tilton checks if no one is spying on him and gets crossed.


MAYOR TILTON Enough ass-kissing, banker. When I’ll get my money back?

MR. DICKEY (Nervously) We have checked our insurance policy and we can now officially cover the amount to which was stolen from you. You will be completely covered when your account is back to normal next week. MAYOR TILTON It better be. If there’s one thing I hate its empty promises.

Among the invited guest, Charlie tries to hook up with a waitress. CHARLIE How ‘bout you and me go steady. The waitress SLAPS Charlie and marches off. CHARLIE Too soon?

INT. EDGE CITY HALL-DRESSING ROOM Tina is applying make-up to her already beautiful face. There’s a knock on the door. TINA Come in.

203 It’s the stage boy wearing headphones and holding a clipboard. STAGE BOY Five minutes until show time, Miss Carlyle. TINA Thank you. The boy leaves and then there’s another knock on the door. It is louder than before. TINA (Thinking it’s the stage boy again) What is it now? CRACCKK!!! The door breaks open and a mammoth of a man invades the dressing room. It is none other than Walter. Tina is too shocked to move. TINA’S P.O.V. Walter’s two large hands are slowly reaching her. He has strict orders to not hurt Tina, but to bring her to Lonnie.

INT. EDGE CITY HALL-BANQUET ROOM Everyone is having fun until mobsters burst through the entrance and holding TOMMY GUNS. Gasps echo within the hall. Behind the entrance door lays several lifeless bodies of police officers and security guards. Arrogantly, Lonnie and Pete enter the party. LONNIE Pardon the intrusion Mister Mayor, but our invitation was somehow lost in the mail.


MAYOR TILTON What do you want, Warwick?

LONNIE (Politely) If you don’t mind, we would like to give you a field trip hosted by me and my staff. MAYOR TILTON I’ll rather pass thank you. Tilton hears a click of a gun behind him. The Mayor turns his head and sees MR. DICKEY holding a pistol which is placed on the back of Tilton’s bold head. MR. DICKEY (Coldly) But we insist.

CUT TO: INT. EDGE CITY HALL-PARKING GARAGE Finished for tonight, Peggy is unlocking her car. In the distance, she could see Lonnie and goons forcing Tilton to enter their filthy truck. Dickey accompanies the gang. Plus, Walter carries Tina over his shoulder. TINA Let me go! Let me go! THUG


Shut up doll-face. She is repeatedly hitting Walter’s back with her fists, but no effect. The reporter gets into her car and follows the villains’ vehicle. CUT TO: EXT. ALLEY WAY Lug-heads, Doc and Eddie, are at it again. This time they are spraypainting a brick wall. The graffiti reads “Doc and Eddie Waz Here!”

EDDIE Righteous man! We are now legends of the street. Like totally. DOC Hmm…something’s missing. Doc opens his spray can and rearranges their artwork. The graffiti now reads “Doc and Eddie Fish Guy Waz Here!” Doc laughs like Elmer Fudd sitting on a juicer.

EDDIE KNOCK it off, Dude. That “Fish” thing is getting old. DOC Not as old as your underwear! EDDIE What does that supposed to mean? SFX. REVING MOTORBIKE Chet/Chat Mask is speeding on his bike. Doc and Eddie see the demonic bike and jumps away to safety. Both of them landed on a pile of

206 garbage. If it doesn’t get any weirder, a green Ferrari passes them by.

DOC AND EDDIE (After looking at each other) *Pause* Cool. Both vehicles are zooming across the streets of Edge City. Chet’s bike is in the lead, but the Maskmobile is close behind. DOYLE (Sitting at the back with Milo) Hey. Who’s driving here? STANLEY AND THE MASK I AM! Hands from each personality are controlling the wheel. THE MASK (In commentator voice) He may be second, but can this youngster has a chance to catch up and win the race? I certainly hope so! Two trucks (one oil trunk and a Cornittos delivery truck) are coming towards Chet. His bike is slim enough to ride between the massive vehicles. Unfortunately, the gap is too small for the Maskmobile. STANLEY WATCH OUT!!!!! Using his own hand, Stanley turns left, avoiding the trucks. The Maskmobile overturns the trucks but end up smashing a hot-dog cart in the process.


STANLEY OWW!!! Stanley discovers his own hand is caught in mask’s mouse-trap. THE MASK You stay on your side, Stan-O. Leave this to a professional, like me. STANLEY Professional? You nearly got all of us killed! THE MASK How could you have a good car chase without any sense of jeopardy? Where’s your sense of adventure. LT. KELLAWAY (Sitting next to the driver’s seat) After this is over, I’m not taking you to prison, Ipkiss. Instead, I’m taking you to an asylum! CAMERA TILTS UP revealing that the racers are heading toward the Eastenagger Tower-Edge City’s answer to The Empire State Building. CHET There’s a building in front of us. We have to make a turn! CHET MASK No way, hommie. We don’t want our friends to miss out seeing the lovely view of the city.


208 The Maskbike ZIPS forward to the tower in high velocity. Instead of smashing through the entrance door like a clumsy rider, Chet Mask defies gravity by driving up on the tower’s wall without breaking any windows. It’s another perk of wearing the mask when driving. The maskmobile also makes its way to the 102-story building. STANLEY Don’t you dare! THE MASK I don’t care! Gosh. I’m a poet and I didn’t know *Pause-Trying to think* that I can! LT. KELLAWAY Under strict regulation, I command you to SSTTOOPPPPP…. Too late. The Maskmobile climbs/drives up to the top of the building. The Maskbike drives over the antenna roof, followed by Maskmobile. Apart from Mask, everybody is screaming. Doyle looks like he wants to regurgitate after consuming two servings of nachos. Milo covers his eyes hides under the car seat. For some reason, the Maskmobile stops on the roof as the car is tilting like a see-saw. STANLEY Why we stopped? THE MASK For the view! Mask gets out of his cameras and takes a snapshot. THE MASK Hmmm…the flash didn’t appear. I’ll do it again! STANLEY


Forget the camera! GO! THE MASK *Grunts* Geez. With that attitude, I’ll never take you to the Grand Canyon.

Mask hits the pedal to the metal and the chase is back on! Chet’s bike is back on the road, along with the Maskmobile. The road heads toward Edge City Beach. The Maskmobile is finally neck-to-neck and side-toside with Chet Mask. Stanley swirls the window open and talks to Chet. STANLEY Chet. Give me the mask. Come on! It’s too powerful for you to handle. CHET Too powerful? Are you NUTS? I haven’t had much since I wedgied you in front of Vicky Pratt! Man, I sure split your ass back then! CHET MASK Hey Stanley! Nice BMW. STANLEY We’re not driving a BMW. While steering the bike, Chet Mask gets closer to the Maskmobile’s windscreen and SMASHES it with a baseball bat. The flying broken glass didn’t slow down the car as both Stanley/Mask and Kellaway block themselves. CHET MASK B.M.W. “Break My Window!” *Laugh*

THE MASK Hey laughing boy! You want to have fun? How about we play “Chicken!”


Half of Mask’s face briefly morphs into a cartoon chicken head and does clucking sounds. CHET MASK How cute! The little babies want to challenge us! We accept!

THE MASK Accepting now? You maroons are losing already *Points forward*. CHET MASK Huh? C.U. MASKMOBILE WHEELS The wheels turn into clawing hands as Maskmobile brakes onto the road. CHET MASK’S P.O.V. Due to being distracted by Ipkiss/Mask, the motorbike ends up driving along a pier, leading to the ocean of Edge City Beach. Both Chets try to brake but lost control. They were so fast that the bike ends up going over the edge of the pier. The velocity is so fast that Chet/Chet Mask loses grip of the handle and let’s go of the bike. CHET AND CHET MASK AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

KA-SPLLASSHHH!!!!!!!! Chet’s bike sinks to the fishes and Chet/Chet Mask takes a dive. Stanley/Mask, Doyle and Kellaway exit the mobile. Except for the bold Mask, everyone’s hair is stretched and resembling to the bride of Frankenstein due to the car’s speed. All of them are standing at the pier.


STANLEY So this is what I do as you. THE MASK It’s the voodoo I do. Mask ganders the pier.

THE MASK Say hello to Flipper, Chet! DOYLE Can’t see Bozzack. He must have drowned. STANLEY I wouldn’t count on that. Buzzing sounds occur from the police radio which is still attached to the Maskmobile. POLICE DISPATCHER (V.O.) Calling all cars… THE MASK (Referring to the police radio) I knew I forgot to remove something!

Mask holds the communicator, but Kellaway snatches it away from him. Kellaway responds to call.


LT. KELLAWAY Kellaway here. What is the problem?

POLICE DISPATCHER (V.O.) We got a reliable source saying both Mayor Tilton and Beaugaurd Klaxon are kidnapped and hold captive at the House of Tomorrow construction site. LT. KELLAWAY Is this some kind of a joke? I had enough of them on one night. POLICE DISPATCHER (V.O.) The source said that Lonnie the Shark is behind the kidnappings after his gang was spotted at City Hall. A female lounge singer is also kidnapped by one of Lonnie’s men. STANLEY *Gasp* TINA!

LT. KELLAWAY We will be on our way and tell the sea patrol to search for one Chet Bozzack. We believe he has drowned after driving over a pier. Thank you *Hangs up communicator*. STANLEY Please let me *Mask coughs for recognition*, I mean, us go with you. I think someone we know is kidnapped by The Shark. LT. KELLAWAY Of course, you and Mask are coming with us. Later tonight, we are going to book both of you at the station and get your head dissected. THE MASK (Sarcastic)


Oh goody! This night cannot get any better, Ip-stick! LT. KELLAWAY This time, I’m driving! The men return to the Maskmobile and drive to the House of Tomorrow site, which is only ten minutes away from the beach. ANGLE ON OCEAN Breathing bubbles appear at the ocean’s surface. Soon, the back of Chet/Chet Mask’s head pops out from under water and sees the Maskmobile leave.

CUT TO: EXT/INT. HOUSE OF TOMORROW CONSTRUCTION SITE A billboard reads “EDGE CITY PRESENTS THE HOUSE OF TOMORROW: AN EXCITING PREVIEW OF THE FUTURE!! OPENNING SUMMER 1996 CANCELLED” House of Tomorrow was set to be Edge City’s educational tourist attraction that could have rivaled Walt Disney World’s EPCOT. The house was rumored to exhibit robots running the household (Edge City experts believed it would occur in the year 2009) and basically show what the future holds for Edge City. Unfortunately, that never meant to be as the construction of the House was recently halted due to budgeting problems. The house is currently an abandoned building project. Half of it is completed, while the rest are in its metal skeleton phase. Inside the fully-built Ground Floor, Lonnie’s henchmen dominate the room. Beauregard Klaxon is tied up in a chair, along with his political rival, Mayor Tilton. Their chairs are together back to back.

BEAUREGARD KLAXON Tilton! What are you doing here?


MAYOR TILTON (Cynical) Field trip.

Walter takes Tina to Lonnie. LONNIE Why, hello Tina. TINA What the HELL you want from me, Shark? LONNIE It’s so nice and pleasant to finally catch up with you. I haven’t seen you since your boyfriend and did business together. TINA Didn’t you watch the evening news five months ago? Dorian and I are no longer a couple. LONNIE I know that my dear. That’s the reason why I wanted to see you again. Lonnie tries to touch Tina’s cheek, but she finches away. To make sure she doesn’t escape, Walter holds onto Tina’s shoulders as Lonnie gets something out of his pocket. It is an ENGAGEMENT RING. LONNIE You see darling. The real reason why I stopped working with Dorian is because I couldn’t stand that piece of trash taking care of you. Tyrell doesn’t know how to treat a lady like you. Even after his demise, I couldn’t be comfortable being an audience member and wait for you backstage at the Coco Bongo, because that place still reeks of him.


Tina lowers her eyebrows. LONNIE I know what you are thinking. What makes you so different from the other girls I met at bars, clubs, strip joints or any place where a man can have fun? Why do I want to be with you? I like you, because you have brains. You are not just a pretty face and I appreciate that. Lonnie gets out his ring. LONNIE I’m no expert in expressing true feelings, but here I go. Tina, will you be my wife? Without thinking, Tina replies. TINA (Disgusted) Fat chance. I never like you at the first place. You are as pathetic as the other sleazebags who tried to get me and fail miserably, if not more. LONNIE Fiesty, hey? That really turns me on! Like a shark who finds his prey, Lonnie tries to kiss Tina but SLAPS him. Lonnie has a deadpan expression, but deep inside, he is heartbroken.


216 Very well then. I understand you need more time to reconsider your decision. Walter. Lock Miss Carlyle in the janitor’s room upstairs. Don’t let her out until she changes her mind. Walter nods, grabs Tina by the arm and drags her out of Lonnie’s sight. LONNIE (Grunts) Women.

Pete enters the floor and holding a captive-Peggy Brandt. PETE Boss, look at what I found. This Sheila was snooping around the premise. PEGGY I don’t know what are you going to do with the Mayor, but I do know all of you are going down! LONNIE Your taunt needs more work, Miss. Tie her up with the rest of them and get out the camera. It’s time to make our address. CUT TO: INT. SECOND FLOOR-JANITOR’S ROOM Walter rudely shoves Tina into the tight room and locks the door. The bulb is dimly lit, but Tina finds her boss, Stu. Unlike Tilton and Klaxon, Stu is worth nothing for ransom money as he is in the room to rot. However, he may come in handy as a body shield during cop raids.


217 Stu! Stu is spotted with two swollen black eyes. He is tied up and gagged. He mumbles incoherently when he sees his number one employee. TINA (Takes off the sticky tape that covers Stu’s mouth) Oh my God! Are you okay? STU (Catches his breath) Do I look like I’m okay? *sighs* Sorry, I’m getting tense here. Man, I wish I was back at Hollywood. Over there, hostages get to read magazines! CUT TO: EXT. HOUSE OF TOMORROW-FRONT ENTRANCE Outside, the house is surrounded by eagle-eye henchmen. Stanley/Mask, Doyle, Kellaway and Milo are hiding behind a tree. THE MASK (Peeking through one half of a binoculars) Jinkies! That place is more secure than the Colonel’s secret recipe. Don’t you agree, Doyle-e-bird? LT. KELLAWAY Party’s over Ipkiss…*pause*…and Mask. Let the real cops take over. STANLEY (Directly at Mask) If I were you, I do what they say. THE MASK

218 But you are not me, aren’t you? Hang on. That doesn’t sound right one bit. Kellaway and Doyle are ready for action. THE MASK Nobody steals the spotlight from me! In a whirlwind, Mask stretches Kellaway and Doyle’s underwear for vintage Atomic Wedgies! Stanley looks mad. THE MASK Don’t knock the classics, bub! Stanley/Mask spins their way in, while Kellaway and Doyle struggle to escape from their tighty whiteys. Milo follows his master. LT. KELLAWAY (Free from the wedgie) I’ll get the last laugh delinquent. The SWAT team is on their way and this time they are wearing earmuffs! *Gets out Walkie Talkie*

INT. HOUSE OF TOMMOROW-GROUND FLOOR Klaxon, Tilton and Peggy are defenseless. They are surrounded by loaded thugs who command them to be quiet. All tied together and nowhere to escape. Tex and Baxter are recording them with cameras. Serving as directors, Lonnie and Mr. Dickey are standing with their arms crossed. The host of this ransom notice video is Pete. TEX’S CAMERA P.O.V.

PETE Heellllllo Edge City! This is an important message from the Warwick Hotel. Are you missing someone?

219 Tex’s camera PANS the frighten hostages.

PETE Then the good people from Warwick’s demand twenty million dollars for the release of EACH political leader. Oh and the reporter only cost $40,000 dollars. PEGGY (Mad) Hmmfff…

PETE If we don’t receive briefcases of cash by noon tomorrow at the middle of Edge City Square, well…

Pete smirks as he is holding an Australian-Made knife: Created to cut open crocodiles. PETE You get my drift. Have a “fluffy” day.

Tex turns camera off.

PETE (Confident) Isn’t that worth a Golden Globe or what, Shark? LONNIE It’s worth something alright.


Suddenly, the ground starts to shake. Light bulbs are swinging and BASSHHHHHHHH!!!!!! A gigantic bulldozer makes its uninvited entrance. Stanley/Mask is at the controls. THE MASK (Dress up as rock star and wearing a black mullet) ROCK AND ROOLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!

PEGGY (Smiles) The Mask! Peggy sees Stanley’s half.

PEGGY (Confused) And Stanley?

THE MASK You guys are RUINING my city! Only I get to do that!

Lonnie and company are on their feet. LONNIE KILL HIM! A fire of bullets target Stanley/Mask. Mask is back wearing his classic yellow zoot suit. The composite Stanley bounces and ricochets off the walls to avoid being hit. Stanley/Mask even runs on the

221 ceiling for protection. Stanley screams, while mask makes Daffy Duck “Yahooing” noises. Missed bullet holes decorate the building. THE MASK (Upside down and on the ceiling) Yo S-Man, isn’t that your Monkey boy boss? Stanley/Mask sees a frightened Mr. Dickey who rushes upstairs. STANLEY What’s he doing here? THE MASK We’ll find out. BUT FIRST……… Stanley/Mask lands safely to the ground. Mask is holding a Mary Poppins-like umbrella to break his fall. The gang ran out of bullets. Pete is the first to confront Stanley/Mask. PETE (Gets out knife) Game over mate! THE MASK This guy looks homesick. Who am I to deny his heritage?

Mask pulls out a real life kangaroo.

PETE Crickey!

222 WHAM! The kangaroo jump kicks Pete and knocks him out cold. THE MASK (Talks Australian) Thanks, Skippy. We should hang out and put shrimps on the barbie. Mask’s pet kangaroo is anything but ordinary. Skippy smiles, winks and raise his paws. He even makes a happy, clicking noise. Stanley/Mask zooms to Lonnie. LONNIE (Erupts) IPKISS! You supposed to be DEAD! You will regret the day you mess with *Chokes* Lonnie chokes because Stanley/Mask crams a bunch of cigars in his mouth. THE MASK Stanley, you do the honors. Stanley nods and gets out a flaming match. Then he lit up Lonnie’s cigars.

THE MASK Smokin’… STANLEY (Mischievous, uncharacteristic smile) Is hazardous to your health! The composite Stanley twists into a human tornado and goes upstairs. Lonnie sweats and tries to take the cigars out, but BOOMMM!!!!!!!!!

223 He’s too late. The trick cigars blew up, covering Lonnie’s face with ash and burns his entire hair off. LONNIE Uhhh……. He collapses. Instantly, the SWAT team arrives and the gang surrenders. Kellaway and Doyle appear, but they are limping after their massive wedgies. The two cops rescue the hostages. DOYLE Is everyone okay? CUT TO: INT. SECOND FLOOR Dickey opens the door and anxiously demands Tina to be his hostage.

MR. DICKEY (Points gun at Tina) You come with me. He grabs Tina and ignores Stu. STU What about me? SLAM! The door closes shut. Dickey get his arm wrap around Tina’s shoulder.

TINA Where are you taking me?


Perfectly, Stanley/Mask arrives on time. Now trusting each other, Stanley does his first one-liner. STANLEY How about a trip to Club Fed? TINA (Looks at the Stanley/Mask hybrid) Oh my God. What happened to you, Stanley? THE MASK It’s a long story, but we can tell the first half if you want!

Stanley glues his eyes on Dickey who is pointing a gun at Tina’s head. STANLEY So you are the one who is helping the mob? MR. DICKEY (Nervous) Yep. STANLEY Why? MR. DICKEY They gave me a deal I can’t refuse. They promised to give me onethirds of the profits from the bank robbery and the ransom money. STANLEY


But you’re the bank manager! Son of the bank president! MR. DICKEY That means squat, Ipkiss! My old man pays me CRAP! Even though I am better than you, does not necessarily mean I get paid better. STANLEY What about Chet? MR. DICKEY Chet is only a pawn! THE MASK Did you say “Porn”? MR. DICKEY What! No! Pawn as in chess pawn! THE MASK Only checking. Kids could be watching this, you know!

MR. DICKEY I chose to frame Chet, because he is vulnerable. He has a criminal record and repressing mental problems. Plus, he’s the new guy. There’s that saying, “When something bad happens. Blame the new guy.” I had no idea you guys had history with each other.

THE MASK (Morphs into a reporter and talks like Charlton Heston) *Holds microphone* There you have it boys and girls! A startling confession from the unexpected bad guy!

226 Mask turns into a prize fighter and wanting revenge. THE MASK Let’s get it on! Stanley/Mask step closer, but Dickey is reaching the trigger. MR. DICKEY (Shaking) Stand back! Both of you or I SHOOT!

For the first time ever, The Mask stands still and does nothing. He has a serious expression on his green mug. Both egos feel helpless. TINA Stanley!!! SFX. REVING MOTORBIKE The Maskbike bursts through the window and out jumps CHET/CHET MASK! The unlikely rescuer gets off the bike and lands on his feet. CHET MASK Did you all miss me? Dickey now points the gun at the composite Chet. CHET I guess not! *Weird laugh*


227 Chet Mask stretches his arms and steals Dickey’s pistol. Bozzack’s evil side turns his hand red hot and the pistol melts into burning liquid. Dickey drops Tina to the floor and tries to run away. Chet Mask’s arm becomes hulking muscular and RIPS the carpet. He pulls the carpet and causes Dickey to trip. MR. DICKEY Woahh!!!!! ANGLE ON STAIRCASE Dickey stumbles on each step. He couldn’t stand. He becomes like a human pinball. TILT! Almost breaking his back, Dickey lands on ground floor. MAYOR TILTON There he is! That’s the guy who kidnaps me! Police surround Dickey who groans like a sick horse.

INT. SECOND FLOOR Satisfied after seeing Dickey get punished, Chet Mask turns his attention to Tina. CHET MASK *Wolf whistle* Looks I’m getting busier tonight! STANLEY (Being brave) Leave her alone Chet! I am not afraid of you anymore! CHET MASK Come again. I thought I heard a mouse squeak?


Chet Mask realizes Stanley/Mask. CHET MASK Oh it’s Ipkiss. Where were we? Oh yes! I am going to show you what revenge means to me!

The Mask battle begins. Ipkiss versus Bozzack! One last time! Tina stands at the corner. She is going to witness one heck of a fight! THE MASK (Morphs into a cowboy) YEE-HAW! I’m going to round up a HALF-WIT! Woo-hoo! Mask swings a rope into a lasso and catches Chet/Chet Mask. The rope becomes tighter, trapping the evil Mask.

CHET Hey no fair! THE MASK You wear half of the mask, Bozzack. You gotta know THE RULES! CHET MASK (Turns into a French chef, holding a giant fork) I know ze rules! Chet Mask connects the fork into the rope and twirls it like spaghetti in fast motion. The rope becomes lose. Both Chets are free and The Mask lets go of the rope. THE MASK

229 Impressive.

STANLEY Stop fighting Chet! I know you’re innocent. Dickey is the one who framed you and started the whole mess! You are now free! CHET I don’t care what happens to me, Stanley! My life is already ruined.

CHET MASK And he’s going to ruin YOURS! Chet Mask’s arm turns into an OCTOPUS TENTICLE and grabs both Stanley/Mask and Tina! TINA AAAHHHHHHHH!!!! The tentacle throws Stanley/Mask and Tina out of the window. They both fall until The Mask gets out a comfy bed mattress for all of them to land. BOINGGG! They survive. TINA (Lying on bed, almost sleepy) When will all of this end? STANLEY Whenever you want. THE MASK Err…Stanley. Look up.


CAMERA TILTS UP and the composite Chet magically grow BATWINGS from his back and flies to the ground. The fight now takes place in a deserted land space outside the House. It is for now free from crooks and cops. Stanley/Mask stands up and ready for battle. Mask hands Stanley a mallet. THE MASK Here! Make yourself useful and take care of laughing boy! Chet Mask sees the mallet and gets an even BIGGER MALLET. Not wanting to be out staged, Stanley/Mask holds a LARGER MALLET. Naturally, Chet Mask brings out the BIGGEST MALLET which is 6 foot tall. Thinking quickly, Stanley licks his finger and gives human Chet the WET WILLY. CHET EEEWWWWWWWWWWWW……… Chet accidentally drops the mallet on his Mask ego’s foot. The pain causes Chet Mask’s eyes to pop out and back, while his foot becomes super swollen.


C.U. TINA Tina can’t help but smile and laugh. Mask shakes his human counterpart’s hand.


231 Ooo. A wet willy. A classic! This reminds me, it’s time to even the score for ALL those wedgies. YEAH!

Stanley/Mask zooms behind Chet/Chet Mask. THE MASK SOMEBODY STOP……….. Mask reaches for Chet’s underwear only to find A MONSTROUS GROWLING BULLDOG! Stanley/Mask screams and put the roaring creature back in Chet’s pants. CHET MASK STOP YA!

STANLEY What was that?

CHET MASK Anti-wedgie security system!

CHET *Goofy laugh* That bit KILLS me! Bozzack rules! Mask has a shifty smile and gets out a detonator. THE MASK Anti-anti-wedgie security system! Mask presses the button and KA-BOOM!!!!! Chet’s paints implodes inside and exterminating the bulldog.


SFX. Sad dog noises. THE MASK May I recommend the baby powder for that! CHET MASK That’s it! NO MORE MISTER SOFT PSYCHO!

Chet Mask gets out a, out of all things, a red cartoony PLUNGER! He lays it on Stanley/Mask. After one pull…RRRIPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!! Stanley reverts to his whole human self again. Stanley’s half of the wooden mask flies and lands near Tina. Chet Mask starts wearing a flame-thrower backpack and aims at Ipkiss. CHET MASK I’m going to BURN you before you reach Hell! CHET’S P.O.V. Feeling a bit guilty, Chet’s human face turns to see Tina who’s scared and frightened. C.U. CHET His conscious finally kicks in. CHET (Seriously) I am not a criminal! This has gone too far. Chet reaches to his Mask ego’s face, distracting Chet Mask. CHET MASK What the HELL are you doing?


CHET YOU ARE OUTTA CONTROL! ENOUGH!!!! C.U. CHET MASK’S TASER Chet Mask ZAPPSSS his human self out of conscious. He now drags human Chet’s body in one leg.

CHET MASK I’m going to finish you off by MYSELF!

Stanley gasps. Alone, Chet Mask is ready to press the “On” button of the flamer until one gigantic hand holds his shoulder.

LOW-LEVEL SHOT-WALTER CHAT MASK (Face stretched) No! Wait! I didn’t even get to FLUSH him yet!

Big creature, Walter PEELLLSSS the last half of the mask and Chet becomes a whole human again. His body passes out and faints to the ground. Like a discus, Walter tosses the second half. C.U. HALF OF MASK The last piece of The Mask lands next to a high-heel shoe. Tina picks the second half. She is now holding BOTH SIDES OF THE MASK. The pieces become magnetized together and join into one whole MASK. The Mask glimmers and Tina sees Stanley in trouble.

234 CAMERA RETURNS to Walter and Stanley. No Mask. Big trouble. Chet can’t help him. Walter grabs Stanley and poses if he is going to break Stanley’s back with his kneecap. STANLEY Please! No! Emotionless, Walter is about to permanently destroy Stanley until a GIANT FLASH OF TRANSFORMING LIGHT blinds the big brute and drops Stanley to the ground. Twisting toward Walter is a RED AND GREEN TORNADO. It goes up to Walter and Stanley. The twister gets slower and slower. Soon it STOPS. STANLEY’S P.O.V. He tilts his neck up and the camera PANS a long, glittering red dress. The diva is wearing a golden necklace and earrings in the shape of the actual wooden mask of Loki. Her face is bright green and there’s blue make-up on her eyelids. To top it all off, her long blonde hair resembles to Eris the Goddess of Chaos from classic Greek mythology. A star is born and her name is TINA MASK. TINA MASK (Luscious smile and winks) Hi ya sugars! Her voice is different from Tina’s human voice. She sounds sassier and saucier. Stanley is stunned! So is Walter! What else? She is the world’s first FEMALE MASK.

TINA MASK Mind if I join in? Distracted by his new opponent, Walter is still holding Stanley’s shirt. C.U. TINA MASK’S FACE

235 Her eyebrows are crossed.

TINA MASK Get away from my screwball rabbit!

STANLEY Screwball rabbit? TINA MASK Let go off the only man that I love! STANLEY Love?

TINA MASK You heard me, darling. By the way, do you like my extreme makeover? It could be the new look of the nineties. STANLEY *Hesitant Pause* Err..sure. It *Gulps* looks lovely.

Walter slowly drops Stanley and focus on the green diva. Tina Mask lands the first hit as she gets out her purse and WHACKS Walter’s arm. Nothing. Tina Mask is surprised. She opens her purse and out comes an anvil that is BROKEN IN HALF! TINA MASK He’s a hard man to please. STANLEY

236 Tell me about it. Missing in action, Chet wakes up and has a gander of Tina Mask. Thinking he’s hallucinating, Chet goes back to sleep. Walter finally uses his humongous punches and WHAM! He sees a headless woman who, for some reason, has her arms crossed. Like a turtle, her head pops back from her hiding spot.

TINA MASK (Unharmed) Hmmff. Men! HII-YYAAAAA!!!! Kirate kick and no effect. TINA MASK I’m starting to get turned off by muscular hunks. Tina Mask quickly gets a book out of her purse. The book is titled “Men Are from Mars. Women Are from Venus.” DINGG!! The good idea light bulb appears over her head.

TINA MASK Bingo. The diva spins around Walter repeatedly. The tornado becomes BIGGER and BIGGER. The formation became bigger than the House itself. Stanley has to step back. Inside the eye of the female tornado, Walter’s jacket starts to tear apart, revealing his bare chest. The not-so-natural disaster halts and Walter is now strapped into a GIANT RED ROCKET! ACME is labeled on that rocket. Tina Mask stops spinning and sees her “Monster-piece”. TINA MASK

237 (Scans Walter’s chest) I take that back! I’m hook on hunks again *Tina’s head turns into a cartoon Wolf and HOWLLSSS* She lit the fuse and TAKE-OFF. No escape, Walter BLASTS OFF to the sky! EXT. HOUSE OF TOMORROW-FRONT ENTRANCE Hundreds of Police officers and Pandemics arrive at the site. Peggy, Tilton, Stu and Klaxon are rescued and safe. Doyle and Kellaway are rounding up the villains into a prison van. Skippy the Kangaroo is taken by the Edge City Animal Care association. PETE I don’t want to go to jail. There’s no TV! LONNIE (Now bold) Shut up Pete! PETE (Defending himself) No! You shut up yank! Pete and Lonnie are loaded into the van. Dickey is next and his BANK MANAGER FATHER (67 years old) arrives to tell off his dishonest son.

BANK PRESIDENT You have disgraced the Dickey name. You’re fired! With his head shamed, Dickey joins the crew and the van is off to prison. DOYLE


So who’s going to be the bank manager now?

BANK PRESIDENT I don’t know really. A man steps over the yellow line and pushes away the media press. CHARLIE wants to know where his best friends are. CHARLIE Oh hello. Mister Bank President, sir. Do you know where Stanley is? The bank president has a brainstorm. BANK PRESIDENT NOW I know who should be in charge. DOYLE Who? The president pauses and then wraps his arms around a clueless Charlie.

BANK PRESIDENT (Looks at Charlie) SCHUMACHER! How would like to be the new bank manager?

CHARLIE (Gets excited) Me? *Pretends to think* Let me see? YES!!!


BANK PRESIDENT Congratulations my dear boy! *Shakes Charlie’s hand* The two men walk away and discuss business plans. DOYLE (Disappointed) Awww. I thought Stanley is going to win, since he’s a hero and what not.

ANGLE ON SKY Walter’s rocket flying to orbit!

DOYLE (Pointing to the sky and gets Kellaway’s attention) Hey look at that star. It’s hefty for sure.

LT. KELLAWAY It came outside of the house. It has IPKISS written all over! Let’s go!

EXT. EMPTY CONSTRUCTION SITE Tina Mask and Stanley are sitting together on a bench, admiring the stars. The couple is similar to Barbara Eden and Larry Hagman from “I Dream of Jeannie”: The man is a reluctant romantic and the girl has mischievous magical powers. TINA MASK How about that? The stars are far, far away. Yet so very, very close!


STANLEY I hope Chet recovers. He’s not really a bad guy and he save…..

TINA MASK Smooch time! Tina Mask’s lips inflates and demanding a wet, sloppy kiss. STANLEY (Turned off seeing his girlfriend having a big green head) Goodness me. What are children going to look like? TINA MASK (Suggestive smile) You want to find out? *Giggles* Stanley grabs both Tina Mask’s cheek and YANKS the artifact off. Tina’s real human face stretches away from the wooden mask and goes back to normal. She is dazed and shakes her head. TINA (Having a headache) What a rush.

STANLEY (Jokingly) I think I liked you better the other way *Smiles* TINA

241 (Plays around) Oh really? Tina takes Mask off Stanley and pretends she is going to wear it again. TINA (Talks sassy like Tina Mask) That can be arranged. STANLEY (Takes Mask back) No. No. I was only kidding.

Soon, the police and pandemics arrive to the scene. Kellaway makes his return. Stanley quickly hides the wooden mask in his jacket.

LT. KELLAWAY There you are. STANLEY *Groans* I know. Handcuff me and put away the keys.

LT. KELLAWAY Gladly. Mayor Tilton steps in. MAYOR TILTON Leave the voters alone, Kellaway. Yes we all know that this young man is and has always been The Mask. On the contrary, he’s still the same

242 person who saved us back at the Coco Bongo and he saved us again tonight.

STANLEY (Wraps arms around Tina) Thank you, Mayor. But I had some help along the way. After all, heroes need sidekicks every now and then. MAYOR TILTON I can’t thank you enough. I’m heading back home now. Don’t forget to vote tomorrow! STANLEY Will do! Have a fluffy day. Tilton waves and walks away. LT. KELLAWAY Ipkiss. It’s no secret that I HATE your guts. No matter what hocus pocus crap you pull out, I’ll always be there and waiting to kick your ass. However, I agree with the Mayor. You also saved me and Doyle tonight. Maybe *hesitate* you are not so bad after all. You’re free… for now. Kellaway makes his way out. LT. KELLAWAY Oh and Ipkiss… STANLEY Yes lieutenant? LT. KELLAWAY Be safe on the roads….and lay off the cartoons.


Kellaway leaves. Stanley and Tina then visit Chet who is placed in a stretcher and being taken care of paramedics. Chet wakes up and sees his former victim.

CHET I stared into the abyss Stanley. Right into it. STANLEY Yeah I think all of us did too. STANLEY Chet, I always wanted to ask you this? Out of everyone in our class, why did you pick me? CHET I don’t know. I think it may have been your bike. My parents never got me one. STANLEY I see. CHET I’m sorry for all the nasty things I did to you since high school. I was a jerk back then. I guess I’m a bigger jerk now. I don’t know what came over me. STANLEY I forgive you, Chet. We all make mistakes and we have the choice to learn from them. CHET Words to live by buddy. Friends? *Offers handshake*


STANLEY Friends. The two former students shake hands as a sign of truce, but Stanley’s grip is too hard for Chet’s weakened body. CHET Ow! STANLEY Sorry. The FEMALE PARAMEDIC takes Chet inside the ambulance.

INT. AMBULANCE FEMALE PARAMEDIC Everything will be okay, sir.

C.U. PARAMEDIC’S NAME TAG The paramedic’s name is Vicky. VICKY PRATT.

CHET Hey. Are you Vicky Pratt from Edge City High?

FEMALE PARAMEDIC Chet? Chet Bozzack? CHET (Smiles and eyes shine)

245 My oh my! It has been a long time! *Weird laugh* The siren is on and heads to the Emergency Hospital.

CUT TO: EXT. CONSTRUCTION SITE-PARKING SPACE The cops, ambulance and media personnel have disappeared. Stanley and Tina are at an empty area accompanied by Milo. The time is right for Ipkiss.

TINA What a crazy night. STANLEY There’s an understatement of the year. Milo nudges his master. STANLEY Oh I almost forgot. Remember the night on your birthday? TINA Yes. STANLEY I originally wanted to *long pause*

Tina places her finger on Stanley’s lips to tell him to be quiet.

246 TINA Say no more. My answer is yes. STANLEY (Excited) You mean, you will? TINA Yes! I want to marry you. The two lovebirds hug and smile. STANLEY Wait a minute! I don’t have a ring. Ipkiss then feels something in his right pocket and reaches it out. It’s his ENGAGEMENT RING. But where did it come from? There’s a tag attached to it. It reads: “YOU FORGOT THIS, SCHMUCK!-SIGNED M.” Turns out Mask has hidden a ring during his time with Stanley. Stanley couldn’t believe it. He eventually puts it through Tina’s finger and together they shared a long romantic kiss. Milo tries to look away. DISSOLVE TO: EXT. OUTDOOR WEDDING RECEPTION-NIGHT Stanley and his new bride finish their kiss at the dance floor. Everyone is cheering and sipping Champaign.

TINA Three…two…one! The new Mrs Ipkiss throws a flower bouquet and women are trying to catch it. One lady jumps and grabs the flowers. PEGGY celebrates as tradition has it, she will be the next woman to get married. Peggy turns her head and sees the new bank manager, Charlie, drinking beer alone at a table. They both smile to each other.


SFX. RATTLING TRASH CANS The noise gets Charlie’s attention. He stands up and walks out of the tent. The rattling gets louder and louder. GROWLS and SNARLS can also be heard. CHARLIE’S P.O.V. The monster gorging on rubbish is MILO MASK! The dog is donning the mask and happily rummaging trash cans. Milo Mask is also wearing a cute doggie bowtie. CHARLIE (Smiles) My chance! Without the super-dog’s notice, Charlie grabs Milo’s body and PULLLLSSS the hound’s big green face off. Back to normal, Milo yaps and scrams. CHARLIE (Holds wooden mask) At last!!! The wooden mask shines brightly as Charlie brings closer to his face until BOINKKK!!!! A piece of apple, taken from the fruit & desert table, hits him in the head. With a silly glace look on his face, Charlie collapse and drops the wooden mask. C.U. WOODEN MASK The wooden mask is being picked up by a white glove. CAMERA TILTS UP and reveals PEGGY who is now holding the mask. She looks at Charlie who is lying pathetically on the grass. PEGGY (Mischievously)

248 Now that’s a headline! With the mask in her hands, she takes off as the familiar song “Cuban Pete” is gloriously played by the hired wedding band.


INT. PRISON-VISITING AREA-A MONTH LATER C.U. NEWSPAPER A prison guard is reading “The Evening Star” featuring the headline: “ELECTION RECOUNT: IT’S A TIE AGAIN!” Both Tilton and Klaxon appear disappointed at the front page photo. There’s also a PLUS headline at the bottom that reads: “Local lounge singer lands record deal”. In addition, Tina’s photo is on the front page. Lonnie, wearing an orange inmate uniform, is waiting for his visitor. He is sitting at a booth and standing next to the telephone.

PRISON GUARD Shark! Your visitor is here! LONNIE’S P.O.V. A mysterious man is wearing a dark, purple jacket. He mysteriously wears a pair of red-tinted sunglasses and has a bizarre red Mohawk for hair. Oddly enough he is wearing a neck brace. The gentleman sits down and faces Lonnie through the booth’s protective glass. He grabs the phone and both men start talking.

LONNIE What’s wrong with your neck?


249 (Speaks in a heavy British accent) I had a terrible accident last week. Never fear though. After it heals, my neck will be more convenient than ever.

LONNIE You do realize I want a refund. Your man, Walter, didn’t live up to expectations. MISTER RED EYES He was only a prototype. Like everyone in this city, he didn’t know what he was dealing with. LONNIE No one does. MISTER RED EYES But I do….

LONNIE *Small laugh* No offense, but who do you think you are?

The visitor leans forward and does an intimidating scowl. MISTER RED EYES I am PRETORIUS. And I believe I shall take over from here.








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