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Visual Crossing Brochure

Visual Crossing Brochure


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Published by: Xavier Martinez Ruiz on Aug 07, 2009
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Visualize Your Business

Visual Crossing Map Services™

Maps for your Dynamic Dashboards
Bring your dashboards to life with the industryleading Visual Crossing Map Widget.  Plug-n-play component  Email via Narrowcast Server  Fully interactive maps  Selector control support  Drilling support  Full editing capability inside the control  Flash™ and AJAX maps

Visual Crossing Map Services™

Analyze Your Networks and Supply Chain
Does your business rely upon the transfer of people, goods, data or capital? Then we have the map for you!  Thresholding capability for better comprehension  Interactive route lines  True drilling support for a more detailed analysis  De-cluttering of routes for instant, presentationquality displays

The Only Complete Geographic & Visualization Solution

Built for Business Intelligence

Self-Service Editing
 Live, in-place map editing  Shorter development cycles  Intuitive web interface  Empower end-users with ad hoc analysis  No separate deployment phase or files to edit

Powerful Flash™ Animations
 Bring your maps to life and unlock valuable trends in your data  Visualize results from marketing campaigns or new product rollouts  Analyze how seasons and weather affect your business

Enterprise Server
 User and data scalable  Cache infrastructure for optimal response time  Web-based server administration  Centralized metadata and object management  Job-level monitoring  Fully configurable

BI Integration
 Superior integration  Seamlessly switch between grids, graphs & maps.  Supports true drilling, page-by and filtering.  Assign map privileges to BI users and groups  AJAX and Flash maps

Know Your Customers & Competitors
The battle for your business is won customer by customer. Why not see what your customers look like up close?  Find the best locations for your business entities  Easily import and update competitor information  Export customer lists for targeted campaigns  Overlay demographic information

Integrated Spatial Architect Suite
The Visual Crossing tool suite makes all the difference. In just hours, you can map-enable your BI projects.  Custom region creation  Automatic geocoding  Eliminates the need for GIS expertise and consulting  Free starter data included  Scripting feature for synchronized project updates

View Your Business Your Way
Why limit your analysis to  Plug-n-play component standard grids? Your  unique business deserves Export via NCS  to be analyzed in its Completely Interactive  natural environment. Selector Control Support  Full editing capability in the  control. Fully interactive  Drill to other data sets or to  Drill and page-by other reports.  Floor and shelf-level planograms  Construction sites  Warehouse and RFID locations  Utility schematics with flow rates

The Evolution of Data Analysis

Client-server Systems Cross Tabulation Graphical Report Building Grid and Graph Reports Web-based Access Multi-pass SQL Engine


Relational Access Hand-written SQL Spreadsheet Analysis Advanced Users

Presentation Graphics Instant Data Comprehension Customized Views Spatial Analysis Disparate Data Sources Animated Trend Analysis


Age of Business Intelligence

Visualization Revolution





Map Services™ Frequently Asked Questions
How long does it take to map-enable my project?
With Visual Crossing, map-enabling your Business Intelligence project is simple. Using our Spatial Architect Suite, our typical customers are viewing maps against their data in 2-8 hours. Building maps from reports, documents or dashboards will take from a few minutes to a few hours for more sophisticated, presentation-quality maps.

What special skills are needed for mapping?
None. There is no need to hire or train additional staff. If your team can build BI reports then they can build maps in Map Services™. After becoming familiar with a few basic concepts, BI users will find that building maps is typically easier than building reports.

What additional data do I need to collect in my warehouse?
Over 90% of BI warehouses already have geographic data. Since Visual Crossing Map Services was designed to work on top of the BI data you already have, there is no need to modify your warehouse. Whether you store Addresses, Cities, States, Countries, Counties, Zip Codes or Statistical Areas, our Spatial Architect Suite will geocode your data and build custom region maps from your existing data.

What maps do you provide and how expensive are they?
Map Services includes a complete set of map data. You may choose to purchase additional data if you special requirements. Our data set includes zip codes, cities, states, counties, countries, CBSA, MSA, continents and much more. In addition to this our Region Creator tool will automatically create new maps based on your existing data so that you can visualize your custom regions without the need for expensive geographic consulting.

How do I get started?
Call or email us for an evaluation copy and start running maps against your data now. All of our evaluations have free technical support to help walk you through the process should you require advice or assistance.

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