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Tutorial Install SuSE English

Tutorial Install SuSE English


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Published by: nanangspeed on Aug 07, 2009
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The following clarifcations can help you understand this document and virtualization

• The term virtual machine refers to an instance of virtual hardware environment
and the operating system that runs on that instance of virtual hardware. A virtual
machine could be running any type of software, such as server, client, or desktop.

• The term virtual machine server or VM Server refers to a physical computer and
referred to as a host, domain 0, or privileged domain.

• The term virtual machine monitor (VMM) refers to the software layer that enables
openSUSE to host virtual machines. It is sometimes referred to as a hypervisor.
The VMM consists of software developed and maintained by the Xen open source

Virtual Machine Server 167

community. The VMM is extended for full hardware emulation with QEMU soft-

• The term VM-aware refers to an operating system that is optimized for the virtual
machine environment. It is often called a paravirtualized, Xen-enabled, modifed
or optimized guest.

• Operating systems not optimized for the virtual machine environment are often
called shrink-wrapped, out-of-the-box, unmodifed, or fully-virtualized guest.

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