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10. The anual (2008) cost of: 4) Installation of equipment- Kensico Fluoridation (I time costo rehabilitate the entre facility) ‘was $10,932,170.00. Duawoodic Fluoridation (I time cost to rehabilitate the entire facility) ‘was $1,635,193.00. These expenditures upgraded all treatment equipment, monitoring ‘equipment and associated apparstuses orginally installed in 1965. It also addressed ‘mumerous Heath and Safty issues atthe facilities. ') Housing of matcrial- $0.00. Buildings owned by NYC. «)_ Building maintenance- See “a”, facilities rehabilitated in 2008. 4d) Maintenance and repair of equipment- See “a”, fcilites rehabilitated in 2008. All equipment ‘under warranty. ©). Repairs for corrosion- See “a”, facilites rehabilitated in 2008, 4), Gathering of samples- $12,035.00 9) Analysis- Labor included in“. Chemicals ae $1,040.00 and supplies are $3,250.00. 1) Laboratory research- Included in “.” |) Recordkeeping- Incuded in “f.” 4) Personne! salaries- (full-time) 4, Watershed Maintainers- $46,784,00/S514,624.00 ii, Supervisor of Watershed Maintenance-56,613.00/5113,226.00 1) Cost of delivery of chemicals- Included in cost of chemical 1). Cost of protective gear- $500.00 annually 1m) Other costs- Sanitary sewer originally installed in 1938 was re-lined from the Kensico Fluoridation Facility to the Westchester County connection ata cost of $482,566.10. Ifyou have any questions, or require additional information, I can be reached at (718) 595-6338. Tow ‘Aspa Capetanakis Technical Assistant to the Chief of Distribution Water Quality Operations BWS Foils Records Officer ce: M. Donecker D. Massi 8. Freud ‘files