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• Introduction to Anabolic Xtreme’s Big Arms Guide • Chapter 1: Add 1 Inch to Your Arms in 30 Days! • Chapter 2: Brutalize Your Biceps into New Growth • Chapter 3: Amassing Titanic Triceps • Chapter 4: Forging Massive Forearms • Chapter 5: HOT Girls Love Big Arms

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“Pain is weakness leaving the body”
Welcome to Anabolic Xtreme’s Big Arms Guide!
If you think back to the goals you set for yourself when you first starting lifting, I’ll bet that building a massive pair of arms was at the top of your list…aside from getting more girls maybe! Let’s face it, arm development is the quintessential marker of muscularity and personal progress, and separates the dedicated from the faint of heart. When someone says “flex for me”, what do you do? You roll up your sleeves and hit a front double biceps pose! I’ve never seen someone who’s been asked that question peel off their shirt, turn around, and hit a lat spread! It just doesn’t happen. No matter what stage of the game you are in, whether you’re a beginner looking to change your physique and the way people respond to you, or you’re more advanced and have years of training under your belt, we all are constantly striving to forge bigger, thicker, meatier, and more impressive arms. Anabolic Xtreme’s Big Arms Guide takes a profound shift away from traditional arm training guides that already teach you the stuff you already know. We already know how to perform the various biceps exercises, triceps exercises, etc. We already know that perfect form is key. So why waist more time covering topics you’re already familiar with? This is a guide to help you build some BIG ASS ARMS!! So let’s get some! Inside you’ll find some of the most brutal techniques, programs, training principles, and shocking twists that you can add to your programs that are guaranteed to pack on slabs of awe inspiring, eye catching, female enticing muscle mass!

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Add 1 Inch to Your Arms in 30 Days!
Here’s the Strategy: 1. You will be training your arms twice per week. For ex ample, on Monday and Thursday.

Chapter 1

2. You will be training your biceps and triceps together in the same workout. 3. You will alternate between performing one exercise for triceps, then one exercise for biceps, then one exercise for triceps, then biceps, etc. 4. Each workout will last approximately 1 hour. No longer.
Your arms for the next 30 days will take priority. You will need to choose two days each week that you will be training arms. For example you can choose Monday/ Thursday or Tuesday/Friday. Whichever is easiest for your schedule. You will be training your arms and only your arms on that day. No abs, no cardio, nothing. These two days are reserved solely for destroying your pipes, and you’re going to need every ounce of energy for it! The workout itself will last precisely one hour. The goal during this one hour time frame is to pump the living hell out of your arms to such a staggering degree that you cannot bend your arms to wipe the sweat off your forehead! You want to flush as much blood into your guns as you can within this 1 hour time frame. To achieve such a pump though, a 1 minute rest will be taken between sets as you alternate from biceps to triceps, biceps to triceps. With that said, if you don’t have a stop watch, keep an eye on the timer on your iPod, CD player, or even the gym wall clock. Don’t lose track of time, don’t slack between sets. Growth comes from creating a novel stimulus your muscles aren’t use to receiving. So watch the clock, allow one minute between sets as your move from biceps to triceps, perform 10-16 reps per set, and remember, the goal is pump as much blood into your arms as humanly possible in one hour! The number of sets you perform doesn’t matter and neither does the weight. Use a weight with which you can always get between 10-16 reps.

Page 5 The exercises you choose also don’t matter. What I have found from personal experience with this program is that it is best to choose exercises that you can easily transition into in close proximity. For example, I like to start off with Cable Curls for biceps for 10-16 reps, rest for 1 minute, then do Cable Triceps Pushdowns for 10-16 reps, rest 1 minute, go back to Cable Curls, rest another minute and go back to Cable Tricep Pushdowns. I’ll repeat this sequence for 15 minutes, and then move on. This way, I don’t have to run from one machine to another. I can do it all in one place. Quick Recap of Execution. 1 hour workout. Alternating bicep exercise with triceps exercise. 1 minute rest between sets. Reps in the 10-16 range. Always stop 1-2 reps shy of failure. Weight used does NOT matter. Growth occurs from accumulated stimulus. • The Goal is to keep your arms engorged with blood for one whole hour. Bi & Tri Exercise Pairings for Easy Transition. • • • • Cable Curls / Cable Triceps Pushdowns Barbell Curls / Overhead Barbell Extensions Barbell Curls / Close Grip Presses Incline Dumbbell Curls / Incline Overhead Barbell Extensions • Seated Dumbbell Curls / Seated Overhead Dumbbell Extensions The pairings of bicep and tricep exercises is often dependant on the location of equipment inside your gym. PLAN AHEAD and know which pairings you will perform before going to the gym. That way, if you show up and your space/ equipment is taken up, you can easily start with another pairing of your choice! • • • • • •

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One Last Question How do I train my other body parts throughout the week with this routine? Excellent question! With these set ups, you will be targeting your back before your arm day assault. On chest/shoulders day, you will stay 100% away from all pressing movements. No bench presses, no shoulder presses. Performing these pressing movements will impinge upon your arm recovery. Focus on isolation movements for chest, such as cable flies and dumbbell flies. For shoulders, focus on lateral movements to the front, side, and rear. Incorporate cables as well into your routine. There are multiple strategies that you can employ. For those who like training 5 days a week, you can chose to utilize this option. • • • • • • • Monday: Back Tuesday: Biceps & Triceps Assault Wednesday: Off Thursday: Chest/Shoulders Friday: Biceps & Triceps Assault. Saturday: Legs Sunday: Off

For those who prefer a 4 days per week approach, you can follow this program. • • • • • • • Monday: Back (Deadlifts Only), Legs (Squats Only) Tuesday: Biceps & Triceps Assault Wednesday: Off Thursday: Chest/Shoulders Friday: Biceps & Triceps Assault. Saturday: Off Sunday: Off

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Brutalize Your Biceps into New GROWTH!
“Everybody wants to get big, but ain’t nobody wanna lift no heavy ass weight!” said one of bodybuilding’s most iconic figures in history, Ronnie Coleman. And it’s true. Let me ask you this? How long have you been curling the same 40lb dumbbells, or 50lb dumbbells? Maybe on a good day you’ve been able to hit those elusive 55’s. However, when is the last time you made a significant jump in strength, and thus overall size in your arm development? Bodybuilding is a mind game. You have to crave lifting heavier weights. Before you even set foot in that gym, you must be able to visualize and feel what it feels like to curl 55lb dumbbells, 60lb dumbbells, 70lb dumbbells, before you even attempt it. You have to be able to actually feel yourself as being stronger. You have to feel that sense of domination and accomplishment as if you’ve just grinded out a set of 10 reps with 70lb dumbbells. Gaining strength is just as much physical as it is mental. The key is imagining, feeling, and ultimately believing that you can walk in and curl 5lbs more than you did the last time, as if it were nothing, as if you own that weight. As the fitness industry has exploded over the last 20 years, many new variations on biceps exercises have emerged. With all of the choices in exercises, how do you know which ones to chose from? The thing to remember is this. The arm moves through the same range of motion, regardless of the exercise you have chosen, from extension to flexion, and back. With that being said, if you want to stimulate the most amount of mass development, you MUST chose the exercises that allow you to lift the heaviest amounts of weight. It is well known that 8-12 reps is the most ideal rep range for building raw, lean muscle mass. However, if you want to get bigger you have to get stronger. Why? Because the stronger you get, the more weight you can handle in the higher rep ranges of 8-12. Who’s going to have bigger biceps? Person “A” who can do dumbbell curls with 40’s for 12 reps, or person “B” who can do dumbbell curls with 70’s for 12 reps?

Chapter 2

Page 8 Ok then, you see my point! One of the most effective ways to increase overall muscle size is to break for three to four weeks from your standard training and focus purely on power. For this biceps-annihilating program, you will be working strictly in the four to six rep range, digging deep and tearing into those fast twitch, Type IIA fibers that are so dominant and renowned for their ability to generate explosive force. The plan is simple. All you need is four solid reps. Any more than six reps and you’re lifting too light. To keep you on track throughout this phase, it is best to pick up a logbook so that you are constantly pushing yourself to use more and more weight, each and every time. No slacking allowed!! So strap up, gear up, and let’s get ready to throw up some big plates! It’s time to force those biceps to do that one things your genetics don’t want to happen, and that’s grow….and grow BIG!!

Your Iron Arsenal!
The Barbell Curl Barbell curls are by far the most tried and true exercise for generating raw muscle mass and power. They are commonly referred to as a compound exercise, wherein multiple muscle groups assist the motion. For example, when performing barbell curls, not only are you engaging your forearms and biceps muscles, you are also heavily recruiting fibers from you anterior deltoids and trapezius muscles to aid in the movement. This is a good thing however, as you will be able to lift far more weight performing this exercise than any other biceps exercise, thus subjecting your biceps muscles to a brutal beat down. But there’s another reason why the barbell curl is so effective, and it has to do with those little 2 ½ lb plates that you see often times collecting dust on the plate racks in most gyms. Curling 65lb dumbbells isn’t easy. Making that 5lb jump to 70lb dumbbells can feel like you’re adding an extra 20lbs sometimes, regardless of how well you’ve mastered handling those 65’s. However, with a barbell,

Page 9 you can easily incorporate the use of 2 1/2 lb plates. A dumbbell jump from 65lb dumbbells to 70lb dumbbells is really an increase from 130lbs to 140lbs between both arms. However, if you’re using a barbell and incorporating the use of 2 ½ lb plates, you can now make the jump from 130lbs to 135lbs with greater ease, without risking injury, and at the same time still gaining strength. The perceived difference in weight will be barely noticeable and yet, you will be curling more weight than your biceps muscles are use to handling. And one of the single best tried and true methods to gaining mass is to force your muscles to handle a load/stressor that they are not use to handling. Before you know it those 2 ½ lb plates will add up to 15lbs more, and you’ll be shattering your old lifting records, blasting through plateaus, and on your way to gaining more muscle! Whether you prefer straight barbells or EZ Curl Barbells, barbell curls are a sure fire way to construct new dimensions to your biceps.

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Dumbbell Curls While strikingly similar to barbell curls, dumbbell curls offer up a unique advantage over using barbell curls in your routine. Simply, it requires more energy for your body to move 140lbs in one movement than it does 70lbs in one movement. Performing alternating dumbbell curls will allow you to individually subject each biceps muscle to an overwhelmingly brutal beating, as you approach each and every single rep with more gas in your tank. Preacher Curls By far one of the most effective exercises at recruiting and igniting muscle fibers into overdrive, the preacher curl is one of the most efficient exercises to include in your arsenal. Whether you chose to use a barbell and add 2 1/2lb plates, or you use a dumbbell and spot each arm with the other to bang out two to three more reps beyond failure, this exercise, when done properly, will ignite a massive cascade of intracellular muscular responses, all simultaneously screaming at your muscles to grow bigger! Performing preacher curls with dumbbells, and thus one arm at a time provides a huge advantage over using a barbell. With a barbell, when you fail, you fail, and unless you have a spotter, you’re not going to be able to get any more reps out than what your body is capable of doing. With dumbbells however, you can use your other arm to assist the working arm in grinding out two to three more reps beyond failure. Ad mentioned before, new muscle is signaled to grow when the muscle is subjected to a stressor that it is not familiar with. If you can fail at rep nine, force each arm to go to 12 with the assistance of the other.

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Concentration Curls, High Cable Curls, Spider Curls, etc Forget these during the power phase. You’re after raw mass, and frankly your muscle bellies are shaped the way your genetics have dictated they will be shaped. “Shaping” exercises won’t pack on the mass, and neither will balancing on one leg while standing on a bosu ball with 20lb dumbbells in each arm. Please, don’t misunderstand what I am saying. Pure contraction exercises such as concentration curls certainly have their place in the overall development of the biceps muscle. They are phenomenal for creating muscle-splitting pumps, which certainly factor into the growth process. But if you are after more mass to carry on your arms, stick with the basics as outlined above for the next three to four weeks. Transition back into using concentration curls in the eight to twelve rep range after this power phase, and you’ll be amazed at how much more weight you’ll be able to use to really pump those biceps up! And the more weight you use, the more trauma you cause. The more trauma you cause, the more muscle you stimulate to grow. The more muscle you stimulate to grow, the faster and bigger you’ll grow! Change it up. While three of the most effective exercises at building sheer power and size have been outlined above, not all of these exercises must be incorporated into each workout. The traditional approach is to perform four sets of a given exercise and to move on, typically utilizing three to four different exercises per muscle group. However, when was the last time you did six solid sets of barbell curls? When was the last time you did twelve sets of preacher curls? It is far more challenging to perform eight sets of barbell curls than it is to split those eight sets up into two different exercises. So, since we’re in the spirit of change, give this a shot. • Big A$$ Biceps Routine #1 • DB Preacher Curls: 6x of 4-6 reps • DB Curls: 2x of 4-6 reps • Big A$$ Biceps Routine #2 • Barbell Curls: 8x of 4-6 reps

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While this approach is quite untraditional in accordance with popular thought today, change is what yields growth. If you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got. If four weeks from now you’d still like to be curling those same old 45’s, so be it. If however you’re tired of going to gym, busting your ass, and only receiving minimal growth for all of your hard work, then it’s time for a change, and time to start growing! After three to four weeks of pure power training, you’ll be amazed at just how much more weight you can handle when you transition back to the eight to twelve rep range. More importantly, you’ll be amazed at how fast you begin growing!!

“Failure will not overcome me so long as my will to succeed is stronger”

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Weak Point Training for Biceps
Make your biceps BEG for oxygen. One unique trick that you can employ to ignite new growth is to flex and squeeze your biceps relentlessly for 20 seconds immediately following a set. HOLD the squeeze, and don’t let up. This extends the period of time in which the muscle is deprived of oxygen, thus creating a growth stimulus that signals your muscles to grow bigger. Incorporate fascial tearing. The fascia is a thin layer of tissue that wraps around each muscle to hold its’ shape and form in place. It’s like saran wrap wrapped around a ball of beef. Your fascia is the saran wrap. Many advocate that in order to allow new growth to occur, one must create tiny tears in the fascia that allow it to stretch and expand, thus allowing your muscle cells to grow bigger. At the end of doing incline dumbbell curls when you can no longer move the dumbbells up even an inch, let your arms hand down there for 30-60 seconds and feel the tremendous stretch that places on your biceps. Be VERY CAREFUL however not to hyperextend to elbow. You can also stand up and stretch out the biceps for 30-60 seconds on a bench. Doing so should create tiny micro tears in the fascia that surrounds the biceps, allowing for new room for new growth. If you traditionally train biceps after your train back, change it up and give biceps their own day where you start with biceps first and hit them when they are fresh. Doing so will allow you to train them with heavier weights and greater intensity. I don’t know about you, but I’m beat after training back and all that heavy dead lifting, and just don’t have the energy to put into biceps. So try giving biceps top priority on a separate day. Decrease your volume on biceps. If you go hard and heavy on back day, you’re likely placing a great amount of strain already on your biceps. So if you do train biceps on a separate day from back, stick to using 6-7 high intensity sets. Some people respond great to higher volume. Others do not. You need to find out where you’re at in the spectum, so play around with different levels of volume and frequency. Throw in a high rep pump-up set for biceps a few days after training them. It could be at the end of your leg workout, or at the end of your chest routine. Try incorporating 1-2 light, yet high rep sets of cable curls to really pump up your biceps and flush them with blood and nutrients. Don’t go to failure. In fact, stop 1-2 reps shy of hitting failure. Performing high rep sets will surprisingly create a nice little shock to your system, increase the blood flow to your biceps muscles, and will add a spark of new growth to your arms.

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Amassing Titanic Triceps
The triceps make up 3/5th of the entire upper arm. Being the larger of the two muscle groups when compared to the biceps, it is critical to develop thick and meaty triceps if you want to stretch your shirt sleeves to the point of ripping. The triceps are largely made up of thick, powerful, fast twitch muscle fibers. Therefore, if you want to properly stimulate the biggest growth response from them, you’ll need to train heavy. But to get maximum development of the triceps muscles, we need to slaughter the triceps fibers from 3 strategic vantage points.

Chapter 3

The Power – Stretch – Squeeze (PSS) principle is based on the notion that for any many group, there is a position for the body in which you can 1) lift the heaviest amount of weight via recruiting supporting muscle groups, 2) achieve the deepest stretch for the deepest tearing of muscle fibers possible, and 3) focus in on acquiring maximum contraction. Essentially, we are going to incorporate strategic exercises to force our triceps to grow through using some heavy ass weight, deep tissue stretching, and peak contraction.


Power movements are movements that you can lift the most amount of weight with. These are compound movements that recruit support and assistance from surround muscle groups, such as the chest, shoulders, and back muscles. These compound movements for triceps include • Close Grip Bench Presses • Weighted Dips • Lying Barbell Extensions For your triceps training, chose one of the above-mentioned exercises. We are going to perform 3 heavy working sets of this exercise in the 4-6 rep range, following the same power principles outlined in Chapter 2: Brutalize Your Biceps Into New Growth. On each repetition, you will, with control, explode on the positive and allow 5 seconds on the negative.

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Stretch position exercises for any muscle group are very traumatic to the fibers involved. By stretching the triceps muscle fibers completely, those fibers will need to generate greater force to reverse the motion, thereby tearing the muscle fibers deeply. This is a fantastic way to really maximize triceps potential for development and sweeping shape. Below are three of the most effective stretch position movements for triceps. • Overhead Barbell Extensions • Overhead Dumb Bell Extensions • One Arm Overhead Dumb Bell Extensions Chose one of the three exercises listed above for your next triceps exercise. We will be performing 3 sets of this exercise in the 8-12 rep range. In fact, aim for failure at 8 reps in your first set, failure at 10 reps in your second set, and failure at 12 reps in your third set. This activates a greater percentage of triceps muscle fibers. In your triceps, you have some muscle fibers that are capable of handling X weight for only 8 reps, some muscle fibers that are capable of handling X weight for only 10 reps, and some muscle fibers that are capable of handling X weight for only 12 reps before failure occurs.

SQUEEZE - The pump is one of the greatest tools to utilize for building greater muscle mass. Not only does a wicked pump flood the muscle with blood, oxygen, and nutrients for repair, but the burning sensation that accompanies the pump also triggers the release of growth hormone. And, growth hormone does exactly what its’ name implies…it makes you grow! But the pump is also beneficial in that it can aid in stretching out the fascia that surrounds your muscle tissue and maintains the integrity of the muscle shape. Stretching out the fascia allows for muscle cells to grow bigger and with greater ease. Below you will find 3 of the most effective exercises for fully saturating the triceps muscle with blood.
• One Arm Cable Pushdowns • Slow Triceps Pushdowns • Cable Kick Backs

Page 16 The goal when performing any of these exercises is to pump as much blood into your triceps as possible. With that said, keep your reps high in the 13-15 rep range, and don’t worry about the amount of weight you’re using. If you’re only using a couple plates on the cable stack, don’t worry about. In no time your triceps will be busting out of your sleeves because you took the time to properly utilize the weight as tool, rather than letting your ego get in the way. Of critical importance in pumping up the triceps is to pause and hold the contraction at the very bottom for 3-5 seconds. Doing so will inflate your triceps to the size of a balloon, yielding wicked pumps, and will make room for the rapid new growth spurred on by the POWER and STRETCH movements.

Weak Point Training for Triceps
If Triceps are a weak point for you, here are some tips that are guaranteed to help you thicken those bad boys up. The triceps are involved heavily when you train both chest and shoulders through the use of bench presses and overhead presses. Take this into consideration when constructing a triceps program. If your going hard and heavy on benches to beef up your chest, and hard and heavy of overhead presses to thicken up your shoulders, take into consideration the degree of damage that your triceps take on. It could very well be that your triceps are simply over trained from the heavy benching and pressing by the time you train triceps. And it could very well be that the work your triceps receive on chest and delt day is ample enough to only warrant a few heavy working sets for triceps when you directly train them.

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Find the exercises that work best for you. I was constantly told to go heavy on dips and close grip bench presses to thicken up my triceps. I tried multiple variations of these for years with very slow results. But when I switched over to doing Overhead Barbell Extensions and Rope pressdowns with a strong emphasis on spreading the rope completely at the bottom and holding the contraction, my triceps BLEW UP like crazy. Lesson to learn: What works great for most, won’t work great for all. Place a strong emphasis on the contraction. To often we get wrapped up in how much weight we can press or push down. When doing cable push downs, holding the contraction at the bottom and really flex and squeeze for 5 seconds on EACH REP. Incorporate fascial tearing techniques. The fascia is a thin layer of tissue that wraps around each muscle to hold its’ shape and form in place. It’s like saran wrap wrapped around a ball of beef. Your fascia is the saran wrap. Many advocate that in order to allow new growth to occur, one must create tiny tears in the fascia that allow it to stretch and expand, thus allowing your muscle cells to grow bigger. So incorporate some triceps stretches and hold them for 60 seconds immediately following a set when your triceps are already pumped and flush full of blood. Use partials. When you can’t do any more cable pushdowns, pump out quarter reps that only move a few inches. This will torch the last few remaining muscle fibers, guaranteeing that you’ve hit them all.

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Forging Massive Forearms!
Well-developed forearms are a true sign of grip crushing power. Whether you go to shake someone’s hand, or you’re wearing a shirt that hides your upper arms, having massive and vascular slabs of meat hanging off your forearms is a sure fire method of communicating your status of being the Alpha Male Some guys don’t train their forearms at all, and can achieve descent size and development. But to truly maximize the growth out of your forearms, you have to hit them hard like every other muscle group! Doing so will not only create a crushing vice like grip and impressive looking forearms, but it will also help you lift and stabilize heavier and heavier weights, contributing to the overall growth of every other muscle in your body! Let’s take a look at each of the forearm groups, and what exercises we can use to develop dramatic size and crushing power.

Chapter 4

The Forearm Flexors -

By far the most noticeable portion of the forearm, the forearm flexors rest on the underside of your forearm, and are the biggest of the two muscle groups that make up the forearms. The flexors are the muscle group that truly shine when you’re wearing short sleeved shirts, creating that look of thick, dense, muscle. • • • • • Seated Barbell Wrist Curls One Arm Dumb Bell Wrist Curls Loaded Barbell Static Holds Behind the Back Barbell Wrist Curls

The Forearm Extensors -

To fully achieve well balanced and thick, meaty forearms, training the extensors and brachioradialis is a MUST! Having thick forearm extensors and a thick brachioradialis muscle that snakes up into the biceps creates a truly wicked and powerful look to your forearms. Below you will find the 4 most effective exercises to use for training your extensors.

Page 19 • • • • Reverse Grip Barbell or Preacher Curls Dumb Bell Hammer Curls Reverse Barbell Wrist Curls Reverse Dumb Bell Wrist Curls

As you can see, there are a vast variety of exercises to chose from when it comes to training forearms. My suggestion to you is to find 1-2 exercises for the extensors, and 1-2 exercises for the flexors, that you like best and stick with them for 4-6 weeks. Some people will simply find barbell wrist curls to be uncomfortable, due to how their wrists are structured. Others will love them. Below is one of my personal favorite forearms routines, and is THE routine that has turned my forearms from chicken wings into beefy slabs of mass that people constantly compliment me on.

The Routine • *Loaded Barbell Static Holds Superset w/ Reverse Barbell Curls (15-20 reps): 4X • Seated Barbell Wrist Curls Superset w/ Reverse Barbell Preacher Curls (15-20 reps): 4X *To perform Loaded Barbell Static Holds, you will need to utilize an Olympic barbell. I have found that the best place to perform this is inside a cage or squat rack where heavy dead lifts and squats can be performed. Load the barbell with a weight that you can hold to for almost 60 seconds. Using an over/under grip, grab the barbell, stand up with it, and hold. Your goal is to hold onto that barbell for 60 seconds without letting go. It is beneficial to set the safety pins/bars to roughly midthigh level, so that if you do lose your grip, you can either quickly re-rack your weight, or the weight will only have a short distance to drop.

“fall down seven times.....get up eight”

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You may have noticed that the forearm exercises are performed either for an extended length of time, or through the use of high repetitions. The forearms are a unique muscle group like the calves, in that they respond to very high reps. Consider for a moment the forearms on someone who works construction all day…a carpenter perhaps who is constantly using his hammer, and by the end of the day has completed hundreds and hundreds of repetitions by swinging his hammer. The vast majority of carpenters have massive forearms and forge them through continuous repetition. This is due to the dominance of slow twitch muscle fibers found in the forearms; that is, muscle fibers that are designed for endurance. However, your forearms do contain a substantial amount of fast twitch, power oriented muscle fibers. And, each individual will find that the composition of his fibers differs from other people. So you will want to experiment with rep ranges when it comes to training your forearms. Perform some sets with 15-20 repetitions, other sets with only 8 repetitions. Here is an example of a blended rep range routine for you.
1. HEAVY Loaded Barbell Static Holds. 2 sets, each held for 15-20 seconds 2. Loaded Barbell Static Holds. 2 sets, each held for 45-60 seconds 3. HEAVY One Arm DB Wrist Curls. 1 set, 6-8 reps 4. One Arm DB Wrist Curls. 1 set, 15-20 reps 5. HEAVY Reverse Barbell Curls. 2 sets, 6-8 reps 6. Reverse Barbell Curls. 2 sets, 15-20 reps.

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Chapter 5

PAge 21

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Let’sface it.

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