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D “Angels” - God-created spiritual beings. They are messengers who have been given authority as rulers of regions of the earth. They are “watchers” (Da.4:17) of men. They D
E at least protect children (Mt.18:10). E
S “Demons” - The disembodied (as a result of the flood) evil spirits of the Nephilim. No longer having physical bodies, they inhabit or indwell humans so they can interact with S
R mankind. They have the ability to rouse the spirits of the dead, and foretell the future to some extent. (See Le.17:7; De.32:17; 2Ch.11:15; Ps.106:37). Warnings: R
I (Le.19:31; 20:6,27; De.18:10). Examples: (1Sa.28:7; Ac.16:16-18; Mk.7:25-30; Lk.9:38-42; Ac.19:11-16). Jesus gave believers authority over demons (Lk.9:1). It appears I
P these disembodied spirits will ultimately be destroyed forever. Demons will be restricted to the uninhabited land of Babylon (Is.13:19-22; Je.51:37; Re.18:2). P
T “Fallen Angels” - Those who follow Satan at his revolt against God. Some of these inhabited women which the Nephilim. Many were sent to the Abyss. The remainder T
O were free. Today, we ask the question whether a fallen angel can repeat Ge.6 by inhabiting women and produce the Nephilim again. We believe so. O
N “Nephilim” - (Ge.6:4; 14:5; De.2:11,20) - The offspring from the union of the fallen angels and women. These were half man and half angel. Therefore they were a hybrid N
S race. After their physical bodies were destroyed i the flood, their spirits became what we call demons. S

MAN AND NEPHILIM An angel visits Daniel to give
Flood destroys man and a message but the angel was
FALLEN ANGELS Nephilim. The flood delayed 21 days because of
These went outside destroys the physical a spiritual battle he has with
the allowed boundary bodies of the Nephilim, the prince of Persia. As soon DEMONS FALLEN ANGELS
and co-habited with but their spiritual being as this battle is over, another An itinerant Jewish The 6th angel sounds and 4
women producing lives on as what we call conflict with the prince of exorcist tries to angels, who were bound at the
the Nephilim. This demons or evil spirits. Greece will begin (Da.10:5-6, cast out a demon great river Euphrates are
appears to corrupt the 12-13, 20). The spiritual beings but is overtaken released. They kill 1/3 of mankind
line of the coming FLOOD probably do not die in battle. by the demon with fire that comes from their
Messiah Who is to (Ge. 3) Our minds are the battlegrounds. (Ac.19:11-16) mouths. Mankind is worshiping
bruise satan’s head What we think and believe is demons (Re.9:13-20). God uses
(Ge.3:15) the desired stronghold. these to fulfil His plan.


FALLEN ANGELS God casts the fallen David plays music Christ and demons Ep.6:12 “For our struggle is not
Satan falls into sin and angels, that fathered to refresh Saul, and converse. They against flesh and blood, but The 5th angel’s
some angels follow him. the Nephilim, into the the evil spirit departs begged Christ not against the rulers, against the trumpet has a
Many believe from Abyss. This is a (1Sa.16:14). to cast them into powers, against the world star (an angel) fall
Re.12:4 that it was 1/3 spiritual holding place Saul seeks a woman the Abyss (Lk.8: forces of this darkness, against from heaven
of the total angels that for these particular who has a divining 26-33). the spiritual forces of wickedness having the key
fell with him. fallen angels spirit from En-dor See examples: in the heavenly places.” Based to the Bottomless
(2Pe.2:4; Jd 6) (1Sa.28:7). Mt.17:14-21, Disciples...Not on this Paul goes right into Pit. When opened
[Misfits; halfbreeds] Mk.7:25-30, Gentile woman the armor of God (v.13-20). smoke and locusts
Lk.9:38-42, Disciples...Not! come out to harm,
Lk.13:11, Evil spirit sickness for 5 months,
Ac.16:16-18, Paul annoyed those who do not
have the seal of God
B • 2Pe.2:4 “For if God did not spare angels when they sinned, but cast them into hell and • Lk.8:31 “and they were entreating Him not to (Re.9:1-10).
O committed them to pits of darkness, reserved for judgment” Fallen angels and
command them to depart into the abyss.” demons are used by
T • Jude 6 “And angels who did not keep their proper domain, but abandoned their proper • 1Pe.3:19 “in which also He went and made A
God as instruments
O P abode, He has kept in eternal bonds under darkness for the judgment of the great day” proclamation to the spirits now in prison” B
Y of His wrath
S Tom Elseroad
E The spiritual holding place for the fallen angels who inhibited the daughters of men and some some demons. It is a place of darkness and chains. 07-12-2001
S The angelic ruler of the Abyss is named Abaddon (Hebrew) and/or Apollyon (Greek) which means “destroyer.”
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