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Simotas Supports Dual-Language French Program in Astoria Info session highlights importance of bilingualism
Astoria N.Y./ O% Mo%da0 Assembl0member Aravella Simotas 1as a 2eat3red 43est s5ea6er at a% i%2ormatio% sessio% 7osted b0 a 4ro35 o2 lo&al 5are%ts aimi%4 to bri%4 t7e 2irst*ever d3al*la%43a4e Fre%&7 5ro4ram to Astoria. 89ro1i%4 35 i% a bili%43al 7o3se7old I:m 1ell a1are o2 t7e be%e2its a%d 3%i;3e &3lt3ral a1are%ess 2or t7ose 17o 4ro1 35 s5ea6i%4 t1o la%43a4es < Simotas said. 8I a55la3d t7e e22orts o2 t7ese e%4a4ed 5are%ts 17o are 1or6i%4 to establis7 &ross*&3lt3ral lear%i%4 o55ort3%ities 7ere i% 1ester% =3ee%s.< T7e i%2ormatio% sessio% also 2eat3red a le&t3re b0 ed3&atio% 5ro2essor 9. Ba7ar O&t3*9rillma% o2 Mer&0 Colle4e a%d several 5a%el dis&3ssio%s o% &o%&rete strate4ies 2or 5are%ts to ta6e i% t7e &reatio% o2 s3&7 a 5ro4ram. T7e d3al*la%43a4e 5ro4ram 1o3ld 2eat3re &lassroom i%str3&tio% i% bot7 Fre%&7 a%d E%4lis7 i% additio% to a 2o&3s o% &3lt3ral a55re&iatio%. Similar 5ro4rams 7ave 5rove% s3&&ess23l i% Ma%7atta% a%d Broo6l0% b3t 7ave 0et to be establis7ed i% =3ee%s. >ia%a Limo%4i 17o is s5ear7eadi%4 t7e e22orts &omme%ted 8As a% Astoria %ative I do%:t 1a%t to move a%d m0 73sba%d a%d I &a%%ot a22ord to 5a0 5rivate s&7ool t3itio%. We alo%4 1it7 so ma%0 ot7er i%terested 2amilies are t7ere2ore so e?&ited at t7e 5ros5e&t o2 bri%4i%4 a 53bli& d3al*la%43a4e Fre%&7 5ro4ram 7ere to Astoria@LIC.< 8=3ee%s is t7e most diverse boro347 i% t7e A%ited States < Simotas &o%&l3ded. 8O%e o2 o3r bi44est stre%4t7s is t7is diversit0 a%d 5ro4rams li6e t7is o%e 1ill 7el5 to e%s3re t7at o3r s7ared &3lt3res are &elebrated a%d e?5a%ded.< BBB

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