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Academic: Communication Spain Brochure Spanish III Sophomore Year 2011 Write a brochure about a province of

Spain 100% in Spanish Grammatically correct How to communicate effectively in a foreign language I learned about Spain This will help me because I know how to communicate in a foreign language It will help me communicate with foreign clients/customers

Academic: Mathematics Personal Finance Chapter 6 Test Personal Finance Class Senior Year-

2013 Had to show an understanding of wages Compute monthly wages Hourly Pay Overtime Pay Compute benefits taken out This will help me make sure my pay is correct I will know how to compute my yearly salary

Academic: Problem Solving Textured Drawing 2-D Design 2013 Senior Year Identify the problem of finding

textures to draw Used a variety of shapes and colors to create texture Repeated patterns to make texture Teaches me to think outside the box Think about a variety of techniques for a common goal Use a variety of techniques to complete a project

Academic: Science and

Technology Google Documents project: Writing a Story Language Arts 12: 2013-Junior Year We used Google Documents to write a story together We used computers to access Google Documents I learned how to use Google Documents to write a story I can use this in my career Prepare write ups on Google Documents Collaborate with coworkers on the Document

Personal Management: Career

Development Hillsdale College Discount Card that you receive when you visit October 2013 Senior Year Developed a plan to achieve my goal Determined what major is best for me I now have a plan to get into Grad School I have a major picked out I have a plan to be successful

Personal Management:

Flexibility and Initiative Awards Ceremony from Sophomore Year 4-H Master of Ceremonies 2011 Sophomore Year I requested to present the awards to improve my public speaking skills I had to speak clearly so people understood This will help me present information in my career Speaking clearly in my presentations

Personal Management:

Organization McKennas Insect Collection 2013-Senior Year-Advanced Biology: Zoology Understand how insects are divided into classes Organizational skills Creativeness A firm understanding of insect classes It will help me identify insects Stay organized Organize projects

Personal Management:

Responsibility NHS Hours Log 2012-Junior Year for National Honor Society Kept a log of all my volunteer service hours Obtained signatures from adults at the event(s) Had to obtain at least 40 hours of service This will help me keep accurate records Keep information organized Be responsible and obtain information as necessary Go above and beyond in a project

Teamwork: Communicating Waterloo Clean-Up Picture 2012-Sophomore Year We planned to achieve a goal Each group had a road or area All of Waterloo was to be cleaned in

three hours We listened to everyones ideas on where people should go It helped teach me how everyones ideas should be taken into account How to solve problems efficiently

Teamwork: Contributing Most Improved Track Award Outdoor Track-2013 Junior Year Understood the goal of the team Made myself better Contributed to the teams success Scored points in meets Helps me understand team goals How I need to change myself to meet

them Contributing to a successful team

Teamwork: Membership Junior Varsity Basketball Poster 2011 Freshman Year Member of the basketball team Understanding the goal of the team Carrying out the goal throughout the

season 17-2 record that season Teaches me how to be a member of a team How to carry out the goal of the team How to work well in a group Respect for group members

Teamwork: Responsiveness Team Judging National Contest 2011- Sophomore Year Talked about each others strengths Overcame our differences Set a goal of placing in the top 3 in

the nation Studied a lot with each other to accomplish the goal Helped me understand differences in a group Every group of people is different I understood that people have strengths and weaknesses I learned how to work towards a goal