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After School Club

Behavior Plan and Policy

The After School Clubs mission is to Provide experiences in life skills and learning to enhance the lives of youth. We want the After School Program to be a safe and fun learning environment for every child. To see the After School Club and our mission succeed we will use positive incentive programs as well as a behavior plan and policy. Behavior Plan - The Card System: How it works: Each child will have a clothes pin with his/her name on it. Every childs clothes pin will be with their grade groups. There are three different cards: green, yellow, orange, and red. Each card represents the childs behavior and his/her actions. When a child is not following one of the participation guidelines/rules they will be asked move his/her pin to the next color. It is much like moving up a ladder. Most importantly this plan will start over each day. Green Card If a pin is on the green card this means the child is following the rules and being responsible for his/her actions. Yellow Card If a child is not following one of the participation guidelines/rules they will be given a warning and asked to move their pin to the yellow card and to think about their behavior and then talk to a leader. Orange Card If a childs behavior continues to be disruptive and they are not following the guidelines/rules they will be given another warning, asked to move their pin to the orange card. They will then be given a consequence for their behavior. *Consequences may vary from time outs, to missing activities, to writing goals, or to what the site coordinator feels is appropriate. Red Card If a child does not agree to the consequence or continues to misbehave or is being defiant their pin will then be moved to the red card. They will be asked to stop what they are doing and fill out an improvement plan with the site coordinator. An Improvement Plan This is a form the child will fill out and discuss with the site coordinator if their pin is on the red card. They will discuss why their pin is on the red card, what guidelines/rules were broken, and what could have been done to avoid the problem. They will then list two to three things they can work on to improve their behavior. The child will sign the improvement plan and must take it home for a parent/guardians signature. The child may return to the program once the improvement plan has been signed by their parent/guardian. If the child returns to the program without the improvement plan signed the site coordinator will call his/her parent to either bring the improvement plan or pick up the child. When an Improvement Plan has been filled out it will be recorded on a Behavior Tracking Form. If the child has had three different Improvement Plans this will result in suspension. The Behavior Tracking Form will be sent home and the parent will need to sign and date it before the child may return to the program. If behavior problems continue with a child a parent meeting will be called. This may include the site coordinator, manager, and school principal. *Please note if your child is in anyway involved in physically hurting themselves or others (example: if they are in a fight) this will automatically result in a suspension. In the After School Program we strive to keep a safe environment and encourage positive interactions and experiences. This is why will feel it is important to have a behavior plan and policy in place. We also feel that good/positive behavior should be rewarded. That is why at each of the After School Programs we have an incentive/rewards program in place for those children whose behavior is positive, they follow guideline/rules, and are positive examples for others. We encourage you to ask your child(ren) or the leaders what the positive incentive program is at their school.