The garbage bin from the smoking area has been removed due to fire hazard. Please dispose cigarette buds in the appropriate container installed on the wall, instead of paper cups. Timea Ivan is going to work in our home with Father Denes until March as a pastoral care worker. Please welcome her, as she is going to visit all residents for a chat to introduce herself.

We are going to celebrate the birthdays of people born in November on Thursday the 7th, 12.45pm at our common room. We are wishing many more happy and healthy years to: Victoria Conti (3) Mária Tamás (6) Gizella Ádám (13) Erzsébet Hornjik (15) Julianna Nagy (26) Attilio De Angelis (28)

Helen Szabados (12) Claire Cliffton (29)

Franciska Jorgensen (29)

On Tuesday the 5th, from 2pm, at the Hostel’s Common Room, we are going to follow the Melbourne Cup together and celebrate it with champaine at the end. You can purchase tickets for this event, in the same place, from 10am. This year also we can enjoy a number of Christmas events. We are going to visit the Lion’s Club’s Christmas celebration on Sunday the 9th, and Blacktown’s Bowman Hall on Wednesday the 27th of November. Please let Elizabeth know if you are interested in attending.

Our biggest event of the year, The St Elizabeth Fete, takes place on Sunday the 17th of November. The fete will start with mass at 10am, at the church. Family and friends are welcome!

We are planning an outing on Tuesday the 26th of November. Further details will follow closer to the date. We would like to welcome Adrienn Fejszes and Monika Sasvari to our home. We are wishing them both quick adjustment and many happy years here.


5 Tues 6 Wed. 7 Thur.

14.00 09.00 13.00 11.00 12.45

Melbourne Cup Shopping at Plumpton Bible Study - Reformed Church Pension Birthday Celebrations Lion’s Club’s Christmas Show Reformed Church Service
Father Denes’ Movie Club - Church

9 Sun. 11 Mon. 13 Wed. 17 Sun. 19 Tues 20 Wed.

11.30 14.00 13.00 10.00 09.00 12.45 13.00

St Elizabeth Fete Shopping at Plumpton Resident’s Meeting Bible Study Pension Reformed Church Service Outing—TBA Christmas Show—Bowman Hall

21 Thur. 25 Mon. 26 Tues 27 Wed.

11.00 14.00 09.00 09.00

Please provide our staff with your feedback or suggestions in regards to the running of our home.

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