Sweet Corn Production Guide

September 21, 2013 AgriBusiness 2 Comments Sweet corn, table corn, or sugar corn, is one of the sweetest, most important staple crop next to rice. Scientifically, sweet corn is calle Zea mays rugosa, a culti!ar of fiel corn "#ea mays $.%. &ro uction of special types of corn such as popcorn, waxy "or glutinous% corn, high lysine'tryptophan corn, an sweet corn was foun to be !ery promising as li!elihoo for farmers. (his is because sweet corn is simpler to grow, labor)sa!ing, less prone to insect pest infestation, an is oftentimes more profitable than growing corn for grain.

Sweet Corn is monoecious, ha!ing male flowers on top of the plant an female flowers "sil*s% at leaf axis along the main stem. (he male flower, calle the tassel, can pro uce up to a million pollen grains. (he pollen begins to she se!eral ays before the female sil*s emerge, but continues to pro uce pollen an mature for many ays. &ollen mo!es by win an gra!ity. +t is for this reason that single rows of corn on,t usually pollinate an yiel as well as many rows si e)by)si e. (he ear, or female flower, is enclose in se!eral layers of -hus*. with only the fine string)li*e styles or sil*s emerging abo!e for pollination. (he o!aries are pro uce in rows along the upright axis of the spi*e or cob. After fertili/ation they e!elop into *ernels. As the plants are win pollinate they shoul be grown in bloc*s rather than rows, 01cm "12in% apart. Sweet corn can also cross)pollinate with other types of corn. +f sweet corn is plante ownwin of popcorn or fiel corn, *ernels will be starchy instea of sweet. Cross)pollination between white an yellow culti!ars will change the colors of the *ernels. 3xtra)sweet an stan ar culti!ars also shoul not be plante near each other or at the same time. (o pre!ent cross)pollination problems, sweet corn shoul be separate from ifferent types of corn by at

p&<f . or culti!ars with ifferent maturity ates shoul be plante . 4ea more at Business5iary.ph6 http6''business iary.com.least 000 yar s. ifferent types or culti!ars of corn shoul be plante at least 1 month apart.com.ph'7081'sweet)corn)pro uction) gui e'9ix//2*1:.

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