The day goes, the night falls And there in the horizons Polaris rises, looks at me and twinkles

Smiles and holds on to his promises: He is always there for me. * It hasn’t been long since we kissed goodbye But void grows every second passes me by No motive, no goal, no wings to fly I like to believe you are nearby Each time I look at the sky. * My heart had been just a stray boat Striving in order not to get lost But when you twinkled in the sky Without wings I flew up high No longer did I know dismay And always found my way. * The wind breathed life into my sails Mermaids trimmed them with lace And the waves drove me in grace To your island, my most beloved place. Where fairies flock with mandolins And fiddle the strings of violins. * To you only I belong For you only I write this song I wonder what we’ve done wrong To suffer from distance all that long But, my Polaris, you still there for me And your glitter still dazzles me * Yearning ripples through me Rocks and shakes the hell out of me. I think of distance and miles I think of memories and time I think all day and all night & at the break of dawn I find That we enjoy the SAME beam of light!!

P.S. The poem is based on the idea that however circumstances put us apart from our loved ones, we still share the same sky and sun and we'll be like polaris (polar star) for each other; firm and supportive. Hope u liked it!! :)))

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