Below is the List of Mechanical PhD projects

  

Single Molecule Detection using Micro and Nano Systems BioMEMS for Cell Studies Nanocomposite material and coating design for micro-sensor and microacturator applications

 

New Materials and Processes for Micro- and Nano-Devices Microdeivces based on shape memory alloys and polymers for biological applications

     

Micro fluidic lab-on-chip device based on acoustic wave technology Carbon Dioxide Storage Statistical process control of thermal spray coatings using acoustic emission Compressor fault detection and management Investigation of lubrication and wear in engines using acoustic emission Photovoltaics and Solar Energy: Renewable-energy Powered Desalination Systems

Optimization of Low Concentrating Line-axis Dielectric Photovoltaic Concentrator

   

Heat transfer in magnetic liquids Oscillating vapour bubbles and heat transfer Design of a 5-axis micromachining centre Physics-based modelling for analysis and diagnostics

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