Water pouring down around you Your body and mind soak up t e moment T e !ee"ing o! e# i"aration In "i!e you$re a %ita" &omponent Wipe non'essentia" t oug ts &"ear Fo&us on importan&e o! your de&isions For w at you say and do Wi"" e!!e&t o! !uture missions So is t e "i!e o! a spy Espe&ia""y one as beauti!u" as you And t e "ook means e%eryt ing (ren& ing yourse"! wit wet green and b"ue )now one wou"d guess you$re a spy You a&t at a"" times so non& a"ant You !it in t e !ie"d o! rea"ity Lea%ing a"" t at %iew you in t e state o! want Your unpredi&tabi"ity Is de!inite"y your biggest asset And it is important I! you don$t want to wind up in a &asket by Tim T ayer

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