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A Commonsense Guide To

Kenneth E. Hagin

Unless otherwise indicated, all Scripture quotations in this volume are from the King James Version of the Bible.

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BOOKS BY KENNETH E. HAGIN * Redeemed From Pover !" Si#$ness and S%iri &a' (ea ) * *)a Fai ) Is * Seven Vi a' S e%s To Re#eiving )e Ho'! S%iri * Rig) and *rong T)in$ing Pra!er Se#re s * A& )ori ! o+ )e Be'iever ,+oreign on'!* Ho. To T&rn Yo&r Fai ) /oose T)e Ke! o S#ri% &ra' Hea'ing Pra!ing To Ge Res&' s T)e Presen 0(a! 1inis r! o+ Jes&s 2)ris T)e Gi+ o+ Pro%)e#! Hea'ing Be'ongs o 3s T)e Rea' Fai ) Ho. Yo& 2an Kno. )e *i'' o+ God 1an on T)ree (imensions T)e H&man S%iri T&rning Ho%e'ess Si &a ions Aro&nd 2as ing Yo&r 2ares 3%on )e /ord Seven S e%s +or J&dging Pro%)e#! * T)e In er#eding 2)ris ian Fai ) Food +or A& &mn * Fai ) Food +or *in er Fai ) Food +or S%ring Fai ) Food +or S&mmer * Ne. T)res)o'ds o+ Fai ) * Prevai'ing Pra!er o Pea#e * 2on#erning S%iri &a' Gi+ s Bi4'e Fai ) S &d! 2o&rse Bi4'e Pra!er S &d! 2o&rse T)e Ho'! S%iri and His Gi+ s * T)e 1inis r! Gi+ s ,S &d! G&ideSeven T)ings Yo& S)o&'d Kno. A4o& (ivine Hea'ing E' S)addai 5oe6 T)e God0Kind o+ /i+e A 2ommonsense G&ide o Fas ing 1&s 2)ris ians S&++er7 T)e *oman 8&es ion T)e Be'iever9s A& )ori ! 1inis ering o Yo&r Fami'! *)a To (o *)en Fai ) Seems *ea$ and Vi# or! /os 3%" S%iri &a''! Bodi'! Hea'ing and )e A onemen ,(r. T.J. 1#2rossanE:#eeding'! Fai ) 3nders anding )e Anoin ing I Be'ieve in Visions 3nders anding Ho. To Fig) )e Good Fig) o+ Fai ) P'ans" P&r%oses" and P&rs&i s Ho. Yo& 2an Be /ed 4! )e S%iri o+ God A Fres) Anoin ing 2'assi# Sermons He Gave Gi+ s 3n o 1en6 A Bi4'i#a' Pers%e# ive o+ A%os 'es" Pro%)e s" and Pas ors T)e Ar o+ Pra!er

To Be a S&##ess in /i+e Ge A#=&ain ed *i ) God 3n+orgiveness 1inis ering o )e Bro$en)ear ed >These titles are also available in Spanish. $nformation about other foreign translations of several of the above titles 6i. =rench. olish. <ussian. To Kee% Yo&r Hea'ing T)e Bi4'e *a! To Re#eive )e Ho'! S%iri I *en o He'' Ho.ers o+ (ar$ness Hea'ing S#ri% &res 1o&n ain 1oving Fai ) /ove6 T)e *a! o Vi# or! T)e Pri#e Is No Grea er T)an God9s Gra#e .!#&'&!)+.Fo'' in Praise /is en o Yo&r Hear *)a 2omes A+ er Fai )7 S%ea$ o Yo&r 1o&n ain< 2ome O& o+ )e Va''e!< I 9s Yo&r 1ove< God9s Vi# or! P'an 1INIBOOKS ..A %ar ia' 'is ing* Fai ) *or$e ) 4! /ove * Seven Hindran#es o Hea'ing * T)e Pas Tense o+ God9s *ord Fai ) Ta$es Ba#$ *)a )e (evi'9s S o'en Ho. $ndonesian.7 ma: be obtained b: writing to/ Kenneth Hagin 0inistries. . Bo2 #&!)+. ?erman.God9s Possi4i'i ! Be#a&se o+ Jes&s Ho. Bir ) * *)! Tong&es7 * In Him * God9s 1edi#ine * Yo& 2an Have *)a Yo& Sa! * (on9 B'ame God * *ords P'ead Yo&r 2ase * Ho. =innish.A %ar ia' 'is ing* T)e Ne. . Tulsa.e. To *a'$ in /ove T)e Pre#io&s B'ood o+ Jes&s * /ove Never Fai's God9s P'an For Yo&r /i+e T)e Tri&m%)an 2)&r#)6 (ominion Over A'' )e Po. To 1a$e )e (ream God Gave Yo& 2ome Tr&e T)e /i+e o+ O4edien#e God9s Irresis i4'e *ord Hea'ing6 Forever Se 'ed (on9 8&i < Yo&r Fai ) *i'' See Yo& T)ro&g) T)e 3n a%%ed Po. God Ta&g) 1e A4o& Pros%eri ! BOOKS BY KENNETH HAGIN JR.1. 15lahoma *. etc. * 1an9s Im%ossi4i'i !.1rs. Ore )a Hagin1INIBOOKS .

..........................................................-! ( ............. -( !& 8 =inal ................................................... !) ...ord...... ...................!" ......................... )..........)) # =asting in 0: @ife.............. )" * 4ifferent Kinds of =asts......... -) " Setting =ree the 1ppressed...............................Contents ! =asting/ 8 @oo5 at the 1ld Testament................................................... + ushing to E2tremes............h: 4oesnAt aul Tell Us To =astB..............................hat 3an $ 8ccomplish b: =astingB........................................................................................( ) =asting/ 8 @oo5 at the %ew Testament..... =asting and Self'3ontrol......! ......

That doesnAt mean we should not. To draw close to ?od in times of danger. -. $f the @ord la:s a fast on :our heart. <emembering this. . To minister to the @ord.Preface $n all the EpistlesCthe boo5s of the %ew Testament written to the 3hurchCnot one time is the 3hurch told to fast. The following pages will show the scriptural basis for this commonsense approach to fasting. however. do itD He has spo5en to me in this manner several times. Fas ing does no #)ange God. But fasting will change :ou. These are the scriptural reasonsE :ou donAt need to fast to defeat the devil. He is )e same 4e+ore" d&ring" and a+ er !o& +as . we can use fasting sensibl: to 5eep the bod: under. the @ord ma:. The longest $ have ever fasted. Fesus alread: won that victor: for us. nor is the 3hurch even encouraged to fast. 1r. fasting is to be done as the occasion arises. spea5 to :ou and lead :ou to fast. To la: hands on ministers to send them forth. $t is good to fast when things are pressing in upon :ou and :ou need to wait on ?od pra:erfull:. $t will help :ou 5eep the flesh under. The Bible lists these reasons for fasting/ !. The reason is. but no rules are laid down. is three da:s. ). 0ention is made of fasting. $t will help :ou become more sensitive to the Spirit of ?od.

> Chapter 1 Fasting: A Look at the Old Testament =asting has in all ages and among all nations been an e2ercise much in use in times of mourning. sorrow. 8fter $sraelAs defeat at 8i.7 $t is interesting to notice that 0oses enHoined no particular fast in his five boo5s. although the Fews did fast at other times for periods of ). Fudges )&/)+ spea5s of fasting until evening. and =irst Samuel */+ and Second Samuel !)/!+ also give e2amples ( . e2amples of fasting have been common among the Fews. $n @eviticus )-/)*. 0oses tal5s about Iafflicting :our souls.I $n Hebrew this means. 8lthough the Bible doesnAt sa: so. hours/ from the sundown of one da: to the sundown of the ne2t. and afflictions. e2cept upon the solemn 4a: of 8tonement. it was from morning until eveningE about !) hours. 6. $n other words. Foshua and the leaders la: on their faces before ?od until evening 6Fosh. it is presumed that the patriarchs of old fasted until 0osesA time. Since the time of 0oses. IGe shall humble :ourself deepl: before ?od inwardl: b: sorrow.e 5now this because there was a great deal of mourning among people of the 1ld 3ovenant. Get there is no Bible e2ample of fasting to be seen before the time of 0oses. */+7.I This fast is the on'! one 0oses enHoins. and b: Hudging and loathing :ourselvesE and outwardl: b: fasting and abstinence from all carnal comforts and delights.

And )e . minutes to 0oses.oodworth'Etter. $f :ouAre caught up in the Spirit and are in the glor: of ?od./)( sa:s. .i ) )e /ord +or ! da!s and +or ! nig) sC )e did nei )er ea 4read" nor drin$ . Gou can go without food.ords o+ )e #ovenan " )e en #ommandmen e &%on )e a4'es )e . $f :ou were on a mountain in the presence of ?od. %obod: can go without water ver: long unless he is in a supernatural condition. tal5ing to Him.B The Scripture prior to this sa:s ?od appeared to him. :ou probabl: could go without food and water . BAnd )e .& da:s on 0ount Horeb.a er. Some writers leave the impression ever:one should go on a . She would fill it up and preach without a public address s:stem.hen .Fas ing6 A /oo$ a )e O'd Tes amen ? of fasting. He could well go without food or water. but not water. was still preaching in a tent that would seat )&.&'da: fast.&&& when she was *) :ears old.& da:s. and 0oses was caught up in it. one of the pioneers of the entecostal movement. tooD E2odus -. S)o&'d 1! Goa' Be a @A0(a! Fas 7 8 mista5e man: people ma5e in teaching on fasting is pic5ing out isolated portions of Scripture and misconstruing them.& da:s probabl: seemed li5e about !. 8n: Bible subHect can be pushed out of conte2t and do more harm than good. :ou also lose all sense of time. Sister 0aria . Those . The glor: of ?od was )ere . But consider this/ 0oses was in the ver: presence of ?od. The: use the illustration that 0oses fasted .

8t the end of that time. Gou canAt use that as an e2ample of someone fasting in the natural.& da:s./! sa:s he was B'ed &% o+ .ard an )&ngered. He went in the strength of that angel food . .earil:.B There is a clue here. BAnd )e ange' o+ )e /ord #ame again )e se#ond ime" and o&#)ed )im" and said" Arise and ea C 4e#a&se )e Do&rne! is oo grea +or )ee. in one of Sister EtterAs boo5s she reports that during a tent revival in Shawnee. The onl: one whom the Bible ever said fasted .>A A 2ommonsense G&ide To Fas ing she ministered. But thatAs not a 4ona +ide a+ er. she came up shouting and preaching. :ou might be able to go in the strength of that quite a while. %aturall:. $f he had reall: wanted to die. but actuall: he didnAt. FeJebel threatened to cut his head off. . so he ran. the power of ?od often came upon her as well as upon others in the congregation. he climbed under a Huniper tree and cried. telling others of the wonderful e2perience she had had. =irst Kings !"/* sa:s. and the angels fed him. $n 0atthew . !&*.& da:s was Fesus. )e )ad +as ed +or ! da!s and +or ! nig) s" )e . he could have sta:ed where he wasCFeJebel would have accommodated himD The @ord came and ministered to him. =or e2ample.& da:s. IFust let me die.B $f an angel came down and fed :ou. 0atthew .A (iar! o+ Signs and *onders" Etter. the Spirit of ?od came upon a woman and the woman la: under the power of ?od for eight da:s. p. or an:thing else. 1hio./) we read. an:one caught up in such glor: could go without food. water. too.7 Some sa: EliHah fasted . $ would Hust as soon be deadDI But he didnAt want to die an: more than :ou would if :ou had said that. 4uring that time she did not ta5e an: nourishment.

i'derness o 4e em% ed o+ )e devi'.Fas ing6 A /oo$ a )e O'd Tes amen >> )e s%iri in o )e .B So He was led b: the Spirit and ministered to b: angels. thatAs not a 4ona +ide fast. 8gain. .

and like ise the disciples of the !harisees" #ut thine eat and drink$ 3% And he said unto them. @etAs go to the four ?ospels and loo5 at some things Fesus said about fasting. hile the #ride'room is ith them$ 35 (ut the days ill come. but none on fasting. we are not told to fast. and then shall they fast in those days) 8t one point Fesus did leave the disciples. There would have to be some 5ind of instruction to the 3hurch if it wereD There are instructions on the gifts of the Spirit.o&'d 'ead !o& o 4e'ieve. $n His commands to His disciples.eAre encouraged to pra:.)ere in )e Ne. Fesus never enHoined an: fast to be 5ept. but in connection with demon activit:. &an ye make the children of the #ridecham#er fast. hen the #ride'room shall #e taken a ay from them. healing. or an:thing else. . starting with <omans.E Chapter 2 Fasting: A Look at the New Testament No. LUKE 5:33-35 33 And they said unto him. )ere is no a sing'e re+eren#e e''ing )e 2)&r#) o +as . but He did !) . pra:ing. and giving. Why do the disciples of John fast often. Tes amen did Jes&s ins i & e an! $ind o+ +as . aul said he fasted. and make prayers. Fas ing" )en" m&s no 4e as im%or an as some %eo%'e . but in all his letters to the 3hurch.

$ held a meeting once for a man and his wife.*oreo0er hen ye fast./ +hat thou appear not unto men to fast./ . Tes amen >F come bac5. hen thou fastest. that they may appear unto men to fast 1erily 2 say unto you. #e not.e read in 0atthew + something else Fesus said about fasting/ *A++.I 8s far as ?od was concerned. $f we go around bragging about how much we pra: and .. hich seeth in secret. as the hypocrites. There ma: be certain occasions when :ou would solicit the church to fast as the @ord would lead :ou. BA%%ear No 3n o 1en To Fas B . of a sad countenance: for they disfi'ure their faces. #ut unto thy 4ather hich is in secret: and thy 4ather. But what she was doing was getting up and bragging ever: night about herself. $ wonder if there are those who will Hoin meBI $t would have helped Hust as much if she had twiddled her thumbs and said. anoint thine head. I$Am on the fifth da: of twiddling m: thumbs. because $ didnAt want to appear unto men to fast. Even though $ was fasting. a person who tal5s about how long he fasts and encourages others to fast a long time is a h:pocrite. +hey ha0e their re ard) .Fas ing6 A /oo$ a )e Ne. The pastorAs wife was also a minister. she had lost all her reward. shall re ard thee openly) $n m: opinion. and ash thy face" .3 (ut thou. I$Am on the fifth da: of m: fast.--. She got up ever: night and said something li5e. and HeAs with us toda:. $ never publicl: Hoined her.EW -:.

we canAt count that as a reference to members of the 3hurch fasting.6:36 36 And &ornelius said.i ) +as ing" )e! #ommended )em o )e /ord" on . that would mean donAt let them 5now it. 4o it as unto ?od. :our =ather.. BAnd . $t is a good thing to fast before :ou pra: for the sic5. He wasnAt saved until eter came. To me.e do have further references in 8cts !. Fesus said not to appear unto men to fast.B Here elders were being ordained. $tAs good for people to fast and miss one meal. a man stood #efore me in #ri'ht clothin')))) That was an But it .>@ A 2ommonsense G&ide To Fas ing how long we fast. But being a Fewish prosel:te. . thatAs not good. $ was amaJed at how little fasting is mentioned in the Bible. of course.)om )e! 4e'ieved. He wasnAt even saved at this time. Since 3ornelius was a Fewish prosel:te. The Bible sa:s in 8cts !& that 3ornelius was fasting. and #ehold. in secret. 8s $ studied this. he naturall: fasted because the Fews did. Fas ing in )e Boo$ o+ A# s The .ord of ?od mentions fasting again in 8ctsE nevertheless.and !. 8cts !. 8nd :our =ather who sees in secret will reward :ou openl:. there is no direction given to the 3hurch on when to fast. who told him to send for eter in Foppa to come and preach to them. 4our days a'o 2 as fastin' until this hour" and at the ninth hour 2 prayed in my house./). A&+5 .)en )e! )ad ordained )em e'ders in ever! #)&r#)" and )ad %ra!ed .

I 68cts )*/"7. and the: believe fasting helps them become more sensitive to evi' s%iri s. Tes amen >G doesnAt mean the apostles went on a long fast. 4id :ou 5now spiritualists fastB The: are in contact with demons and evil spirits. BAnd . 8mong them were Saul 6 aul7. 8gain. five prophets and teachers are mentioned.something similar happened. a'read! %as " Pa&' admonis)ed )em.or$ . because it ta5es time to fast again. GouAve got to realiJe there are man: spirits in the spirit world. But evidentl: that is not true. Kerse .as s%en " and .. . 8s these five men ministered to the @ord and fasted...hen aul sa:s the fast was over and sailing was dangerous. $t sa:s. . . That is the reason the devil gets to wor5ing on some people when the: start fastingCespeciall: when the: tr: to fast for long periods of time. .)en m&#) ime . he is referring to the second da: of the tenth monthCthe time of 8tonement Cwhich was a time of fasting. the Hol: Spirit said. .Fas ing6 A /oo$ a )e no. .e read this as though the two incidents happened together. But it did help them become more sensitive to the Hol: Spirit.)ere&n o I )ave #a''ed )emB 6v. fasting didnAt change ?od.)en )e! )ad +as ed and %ra!ed.)en sai'ing . dangero&s" 4e#a&se )e +as . BSe%ara e me Barna4as and Sa&' +or )e . $n 8cts !.B The: alread: mentioned the: were ministering to the @ord and BAnd .)en )e! )ad +as ed and %ra!ed and 'aid )eir )ands on )em. .I This probabl: too5 place over a period of time. BNo.e find two other references to fasting in 8cts )*. and Barnabas. $n the first verse. .. )7. The: too5 some time to wait on ?od.

The ship had sailed and weathered a storm.I Kerse -# sa:s. BAnd . $n the --rd and -. and aul was inferring he didnAt want them to go too long without food. and it seems the @ord would be pleased if we would set aside some time Hust to minister to Him. ra:er was more of a struggle under the 1ld 3ovenant. it might not do :ou too much good. it will help :ou 5eep the flesh under. . even though the: were born again and Spirit filled. The records we have in 8cts show that the apostles ministered to the @ord and fasted. IThis is for :our health.)en )e )ad 4ro$en i " )e 4egan o ea . But fasting will give :ou that e2tra time to wait on ?od. He verses of that same chapter it sa:s. still 5ept the traditions of the Fewish religion. because Fesus hadnAt come and conquered the devil.)i'e )e da! . $f :ou fast and donAt minister to the @ord. 8t the same time. BAnd . $ repeat/ There are no instructions given to the 3hurch to tell them to fast or not to fast. *)ere+ore I %ra! !o& o a$e some mea 6 +or )is is +or !o&r )ea' )6 +or )ere s)a'' no an )air +a'' +rom )e )ead o+ an! o+ !o&.B 8n angel of the @ord had appeared to him and told him the: were all going to be saved.)en )e )ad )&s s%o$en" )e oo$ 4read" and gave )an$s o God in %resen#e o+ )em a''6 and .as #oming on" Pa&' 4eso&g) )em a'' o a$e mea " sa!ing" T)is is )e +o&r een ) da! )a !e )ave arried and #on in&ed +as ing" )aving a$en no )ing.>H A 2ommonsense G&ide To Fas ing 0an: Fews in the Earl: 3hurch.B 1ften the Bible uses the word ImeatI to stand for food.

$Am sure the: ministered to Him li5e the Bible said/ BBe no dr&n$ .i ) )e S%iri C S%ea$ing o !o&rse'ves in %sa'ms and )!mns and s%iri &a' songs" singing and ma$ing me'od! in !o&r )ear .Fas ing6 A /oo$ a )e Ne. (on9 Fas +or Reviva' $Ave 5nown some pastors who tr: to fast for a revival. %owhere did the: fast for a might: move of ?od.)erein is e:#essC 4& 4e +i''ed . plant the seed. a revival is no more miraculous than a farmerAs reaping a crop. But as 3harles ?.ine . in writing to the 3hurch at 3orinth. The farmer has to till the ground. and Igo into all the world and preach the ?ospel to ever: creature. it seems in the %ew Testament that people fasted under these conditions/ to minister to the @ord. The: werenAt pra:ing the:Ad get somethingE the: Hust wanted to ta5e time to visit with the @ord. said/ BI )ave %'an ed" A%o''os . .hat did the: doB =irst. 6$ 5now we have irrigation these da:s. Tes amen >I Yo& 1&s Have a P&r%ose 8s mentioned before.7 <emember that aul. the: ministered to the @ord.I nobod: will get savedCand $ donAt care how long :ou fast.)ere in S#ri% &re did )e! +as +or a reviva'. -/+7. but we still need rain in the first place. preach salvation. but if :ou donAt get out there and witness to people. No. and trust ?od to send the rain. =inne: said.i ) . 4onAt fast Hust because someone tells :ou to. Gou can fast until doomsda: that ?od will save souls. or to see5 ?od in times of e2treme danger. to ordain men to the ministr:. Gou alwa:s must have a purpose.a eredC 4& God gave )e in#reaseB 6! 3or. cultivate.

and the answer would come in various wa:s.hen $ was in revival meetings $Ad spend the whole da: 6we didnAt have da: services in some of the churches7 in the church building. #/!(. . 8nd third. $f $ had a spiritual question. $ would be wal5ing up and down the aisleE reading m: Bible around the altar.>J A 2ommonsense G&ide To Fas ing o )e /ordB 6Eph. pra:ing. Second. because $ alwa:s got m: answer. $ never fasted as long as three full da:s.!"7. $f $ had an emergenc: come up. to pra:. $ would get the revelation. $ would begin to fast and pra: to get an answer. . the: fasted in Bible times to la: hands on ministers to send them forth. $ Hust set that time aside to minister to the @ord. the: fasted in times of e2treme danger. and ministering to the @ord. $ too5 e2tra time to wait on ?od. for e2ample.

He soundl: defeated the devil and all his cohorts. although he doesnAt encourage the 3orinthians to fast or give them an: direction about it. in la#ours. in necessities. Fesus hadnAt died :et. BIN 1Y NA1E s)a'' )e! #as o& devi'sB 60ar5 !+/!*7. there are no instructions telling the 3hurch to fast. :ou see. .F Chapter 3 h! "oesn#t Pa$l Tell %s To Fast& 8gain. aul. ma5es reference to the fact that he fasted. IBut donAt we need to fast to get power over the devilBI Fesus Himself said in the !*th chapter of 0atthew about evil spirits that B )is $ind goe ) no o& 4& 4! %ra!er and fasting. Gou donAt have to fast to get the %ame of Fesus. in atchin's. 5 2n stripes. =asting has no part in casting out devils !" . Fesus said. He said that. in writing to the 3hurch at 3orinth. Get he didnAt tell the 3hurch to fast.5 % (ut in all thin's appro0in' oursel0es as the ministers of . Fesus has whipped the devilD $n =irst 3orinthians weAre told these powers are dethroned powers. in fastin's) So we 5now aul did fast. in afflictions.2A:5 -:%. But. Some sa:. in tumults. He sa:s/ 7 &892:+. in much patience.od. in distresses.I Ges. in imprisonments.hen He died and was raised to newness of life.

fulfillin' the desires of the flesh and of the mind" and ere #y nature the children of rath.e are in Him< $n Ephesians. BYe are o+ God" 'i 'e #)i'dren" and )ave over#ome )em6 4e#a&se grea er is )e )a is in !o&" )an )e )a is in )e . Fesus said.hat He did is mar5ed up to :our credit./. after He arose from the dead. and He has defeated the devil. accordin' to the prince of the po er of the air. 5 E0en hen e ere dead in sins.E52A:5 7:7-5 7 Wherein in time past ye alked accordin' to the course of this orld. <emember.or'dB 6! Fohn . the spirit that no orketh in the children of diso#edience: 3 Amon' hom also e all had our con0ersation in times past in the lusts of our flesh. for his 'reat lo0e here ith he lo0ed us. $t will help :ou 5eep the flesh under. we are told we have been quic5ened together with 3hrist/ E!. BGo !e in o a'' )e . . hath <uickened us to'ether ith &hrist) 3an :ou see thatB Fesus was our Substitute.or'd" and %rea#) )e gos%e'B 60ar5 !+/!#7. ThatAs wh: the Epistles donAt tell us an:thing in this area.EA A 2ommonsense G&ide To Fas ing e2cept that it will help :ou become more sensitive to the Spirit of ?od. e0en as others) % (ut . HeAs alread: done it/ HeAs cancelled all our sins. He said to tell the ?ood %ewsE tell people :ouAre delivered from sin. %o wonder aul wouldnAt give instructions to the 3hurch on fasting. As an aid o %& ing )e +'es) &nder" +as ing )as a rea' %&r%oseC 4& as o #on=&ering )e devi' and sin" Jes&s )as a'read! done i " and .7.od. He was :our Substitute. ho is rich in mercy. $n 3olossians )/!# it sa:s He spoiled principalities and .

./*7. triumphing over them in it. aul. So. He said not to give the devil an: place in :ou. BResis )e devi'" and )e .hat are :ou going to do about itB <esist himD Stand steadfast in the faith./)*7. That means he canAt ta5e a place unless :ou let him. da:s :ouAll overcome them.I The devil might ta5e over while :ou are tr:ing to get in a position to do something. I$f :ouAll fast !. He didnAt sa:. !o& have overcome them.)e )er !o& +as or no . The Bible doesnAt sa:.)om )e ma! devo&rB 6! eter #/(7. Those are the same principalities and powers we wrestle with in Ephesians +/!)Cand He made a show of them openl:. GouAd have to have the authorit: over him or :ou couldnAt do itD . I%ow if :ouAll fast for a wee5 or two or fast three or four da:s ..i'' +'ee +rom !o&B 6Fames .hat did eter sa:B BBe so4er" 4e vigi'an C 4e#a&se !o&r adversar! )e devi'" as a roaring 'ion" . Fames said. Yo& do it. . and we won that victor: with Him. in writing to the 3hurch at Ephesus. 8nd in FesusA %ame :ouAve got a right to e2ercise authorit: over demons. said.a'$e ) a4o& " see$ing .I %o. BNei )er give %'a#e o )e devi'B 6Eph.*)! (oesn9 Pa&' Te'' 3s To Fas 7 E> powers. Fesus won a real victor:. :ouAve got a right to use the %ame of FesusD That %ame belongs to :ou . .. .

$Ad sta: in parsonages when $ was traveling in the field ministr:. .I tal5ing about husband and wife coming together so Satan couldnAt tempt them Ifor :our incontinenc:.ors and fasted the least at home." through the late A#&s. #ut the hus#and: and like ise also the hus#and hath not po er of his o n #ody. that 5atan tempt you not for your incontinency) 8nother translation sa:s not to withhold se2ual intercourse from one another. $n 5eeping a record for three or four :ears $ never could find one of them who could control his emotions. e>cept it #e ith consent for a time.@ Chapter ' Fasting and (elf)Control There is something else the %ew Testament sa:s/ .e are onl: made aware that people did fast and pra:.5 % +he ife hath not po er of her o n #ody.I ThatAs plain enough. 1ne fellow $ 5new could holler the loudest. and $ noticed something/ The pastors who shouted and hollered the most in the church 'ived )e . and ma5e the most noise of an:one when he was in )) . This is the onl: reference to fasting and pra:er mentioned in the letters written to the 3hurchE :et notice no particular fast is instituted here. #ut the ife) 5 =efraud ye not one the other. aul said. =rom !". isnAt itB HereAs something else about self'control and fasting. that ye may 'i0e yoursel0es to 4A5+2:. &892:+. e2cept it be with consent. Hump the highest. A:= !9A?E9" and come to'ether a'ain.2A:5 3:%. I8nd come together again. that :ou ma: give :ourselves to +as ing and %ra!er.

He was living in the fleshD 6%ow.M . $ want to spend a little time pra:ing. $ donAt 5now whether he Hust got wor5ed up ph:sicall: or what. L$Am Hust not eating toda:. I$ canAt miss a meal. the: would invite me to come to the table to eat. $ couldnAt enHo: his shouting to save m: life.Fas ing and Se'+02on ro' EF the pulpit. but some have never learned the difference between wor5ing something up and that real move thatAs so sweet and beautiful. but $ doubt if the Spirit of ?od had ver: much to do with it. %aturall:. He actuall: said to me. $ Hust canAt do it. there is a real move of the Spirit.I He would get upset when his wife didnAt have dinner on the table on time. $ wouldnAt sa: $ was fasting.7 $ followed m: procedure of fasting while $ was with these fol5s. but $Ad sa:.

and died as a result of it. He thought he was going to move ?od. 8nd it couldnAt be the devil. . dear @ord. The devil wouldnAt encourage :ou to fast in moderationE however. $ didnAt reall: want to fast. The:Ave never as5ed me to pra: or testif:.hen $ was pastor of a =ull ?ospel church in East Te2as.h:. $ was preparing to go one fall to a Bible conference. he might encourage :ou to go too far and brea5 :our bod: down. 6$ 5now of a pastor who went on a long fast. His idea of fasting was entirel: wrong. The ne2t da: $ went to the Bible conference.I Then $ got to thin5ing about it. I. because the:Are going to as5 :ou to pra: for the sic5 at the meeting. That couldnAt be right. because the flesh doesnAt want to fast. didnAt drin5 an: water.i ) Him and 'e Him. much less pra: for the sic5. He9s a'read! %rone o do #er ain )ings" and He9s going o do )em D&s as soon as !o& ge in #on a# . I3an that be ?odB $s it the devilB Fust who is tal5ing to meBI . $ 5new $ didnAt thin5 that up m:self. I=ast the ne2t two da:s. The Spirit of ?od said to me. 8s $ sat ). itAll be a real switch. because the:Ave got hundreds of preachers. if the: do that.7 $ 5new it couldnAt be the flesh.eAve got to learn to evaluate these things. bro5e his bod: down. 6Sometimes we as5.I $ laughed and said. He doesn9 move.G Chapter * Fasting in +! Life .7 Yo&9re no going o move God.

I=ast the ne2t two da:s because the:Are going to as5 :ou to minister to the sic5 at the Bible conference. . so weAll start earl:.e donAt want to intrude on an: of the services. and a+ er $ got through fasting. $ too5 the e2tra time that $ would have been eating to pra:. $ made the greatest spiritual strides :et in m: ministr: during that time of fasting two da:s a wee5. $t didnAt change ?odE ?od was in the healing business 4e+ore $ fasted. $ set aside two da:s a wee5CTuesda: and Thursda:Cfor m: fast da:s. $t helped m: spirit become more sensitive to His Spirit so His Spirit could manifest Himself through me. . The presb:ter said. because that was the wa: $srael did it.hen $ first went out in the field ministr:. $ fasted ). $ shut m:self . waiting on ?od. =asting made me more sensitive. I$ saw Brother Hagin come in and $ didnAt as5 an:bod:. $ wasnAt led of the @ord to do itE $ Hust fasted two da:s a wee5. $t was in their hands to do the preaching that morning. the presb:ter was spea5ing and was read: to turn the meeting over to the district superintendent.I The @ord did manifest Himself through me.Fas ing in 1! /i+e EG down. hours. but the @ord has been dealing with me to have him hold a healing service tonight. <emember. .I ThatAs the same thing the Spirit had said to me !)& miles awa:. $t didnAt prepare ?od an:C it prepared me. T)e Fas ed /i+e . fasting will not do :ou much good if :ouAre not going to spend e2tra time pra:ing.)i'e $ was fasting.eAll give him at least an hour or more to minister to the sic5.

$f we do. 5eep the bod: under. I$ 5now when we eat. wal5ing up and down the aisles pra:ing. the: are bogged down. 1ne night $ pra:ed all night long. $f $ donAt come out to eat. $f the: eat a big meal and tr: to come out and sing. I$ would be more pleased if :ou would live a fasted life. ThatAs the reason we donAt li5e to eat before we preach. $ said to m: wife.EH A 2ommonsense G&ide To Fas ing up in m: church and spent man: hours pra:ing. ThatAs all a fast is going to do an:wa:. donAt send the children after me. =asting will help 5eep the flesh under and ma5e :ou more sensitive to the Hol: Spirit. 8fter several :ears of fasting two da:s a wee5. L%ever eat all :ou want. reachers 5now that. a +as ed 'i+e7B He said.ord that did something for me spirituall:. $ also did quite a bit of pra:ing. GouAll 5now $Am going to s5ip that meal.hat do :ou mean. Keep :our appetite under. 6There was enough light from the streetlight shining through the windows that $ didnAt have to turn the lights on. $ said. Singers 5now this principle. 0an: nights $ pra:ed near'! all night long. $ .ord of ?od.I $ did quite a bit of fasting. $ spent time fellowshipping with ?od. the @ord said to me. I. we find we are uncomfortable and not so spirituall: sensitive.M 4o :ou 5now that is harder than fastingB $ changed.7 $t wasnAt Hust the fastingE it was the e2tra time $ too5 to wait on ?od and spend time in His . and $ spent that e2tra time in the . waiting on Him. 8nd oftenCbecause the church was ne2t doorC$ got up and went over in the night to pra: while ever:one else was asleep.

$f $ needed more strength ph:sicall:.I $ preached Sunda: night.AI He said.hen $ got there. $Ad start eating.I Then $ said.Fas ing in 1! /i+e EI never had an: more da!s of fasting. 6$ still do that much of the time. $Ad fast b: drin5ing a little Huice. Tuesda: night $ preached. how do :ou li5e the restaurant at the motelBI $ stopped and said. 1ne of the deacons said to me. . IBrother Hagin. Gou go ahead and run the meeting to suit :ou and $All be bac5 toward the end of the wee5. . 0onda: night $ preached.m. $ started having more results because $ more or less constantl: lived the fasted life.7 $ noticed that healings came more easil: when $ did this. $ wouldnAt eat at all. There is a sign there that sa:s A3losed. IBrother Hagin. 0onda: morning we had a Bible lesson at !& a. I$ never thought about eating until :ou . . we intended for :ou to eat there. IGou 5now whatB $ never thought about it. 0uch of the time $ ate onl: one meal a da: while $ was in meetings. $ havenAt eaten since $Ave been here. This was the third da:. $ never set an: times of fasting unless the Spirit of ?od spo5e to me. 8nd $ made greater spiritual strides living )e +as ed 'i+e. IThat restaurant is closed down.hen it came to la:ing hands on people to receive the Hol: Spirit. but $ never ate all $ wanted. Tuesda: morning $ preached 6$ usuall: carried two services a da:7. $ forgot it. I1h. 1ne time $ went to Kansas 3it: to hold a meeting. something has arisen and $Ave got to be out of town part of this wee5. $f weAd run into a hard spot and things werenAt happening li5e $ thought the: should. the pastor said.hat have :ou been doing about eatingBI $ said.

. Until then.I . $ ate ever: da: from then on.EJ A 2ommonsense G&ide To Fas ing mentioned it.hat $Am tr:ing to sa: is there are no iron'clad rules. those were the onl: three da:s $ didnAt eat. 6$ncidentall:.7 =or three wee5s of meetings. $ got hungr:.hen he said something about eating. $ wasnAt fastingE $ Hust never thought about eating. $ had been so ta5en up with spiritual things $ hadnAt thought an:thing about it. $t never dawned on me to eat. . $ still had Hust one meal a da:. .hen $ did begin eating.

Since that time $ have refused to push m:self to that e2treme. Something on the inside of meCthe inward witnessCtold me. and stopped and wal5ed off. $ rose up perfectl: healed. realiJed $ was ph:sicall: getting to that place. The poor fellow suffered so.eAll Hust pra: ?od will give :ou )" . $Ave told the people $ canAt violate m: conscience and brea5 m: contract with ?od. $All never push m: bod: to that place again. I. 1ne da: $ was wor5ing outdoors and 5new $ was getting too hot. but $ did believe in divine healing. L4ear ?od. P$shing to -.hen $ first started preaching. $Ave been right in the middle of a healing line. Someone might sa:.H Chapter . even though $ was a Baptist. $ 5new $ ought to stop. $ went right on. $ couldnAt get a thing until $ repented and said. $ had =ull ?ospel people la: hands on me and pra: for me. $t hasnAt been redeemed :et. but nobod: could help him. He was a wonderful man. and $ nearl: died. Gou see. . $ didnAt have the baptism of the Hol: Spirit. because he wouldnAt listen. Gou 5now. $ was pastor of a little church in the countr: and had an e2tra Hob on the side.tremes 4onAt be li5e the pastor who bro5e down his bod: with fasting and became so sic5 he died. 0: heart stopped. but $ didnAt listen to it.M The minute $ made that promise to ?od. and had a heat stro5e. :our bod: is still mortal. and :ou are going to have to learn to ta5e care of it. $ learned that lesson earl:. $ repent.

4id :ou ever notice Fesus again and again departed from the crowdB His bod: was also flesh.I He was tr:ing to put it bac5 on wor5sE he thought wor5s would get the Hob done. =eel free to obe: Him. and we had the greatest revival in the histor: of that church. He got Hust as tired as an:bod: did. ThatAs the thing ?od honors more than an:thing else.or$s will get the Hob done. Ta5e some time to fast and wait on ?od as )e S%iri o+ God 'eads !o&. blood. 8nd we havenAt even fasted. Sunda: School doubled and church membership tripled.I Some people have the craJiest ideas about these thingsE the: believe :ou ought to be a superhuman. $ Hust marvel at ?od moving in such a wa:. $ went to one place to hold revival.FA A 2ommonsense G&ide To Fas ing supernatural strength. 4onAt get involved in wor5s. The main thing in all the affairs of life is to be led b: the Spirit of ?od. But $ donAt believe in re'igionC $ believe in 2)ris and life in 3hrist. thin5ing . The pastor said night after night. Some people tr: to ma5e a religion out of fasting. and bone. IBo:s. But $ went believing ?od. . The: push themselves to an e2treme. ?od honors faith. @et the @ord lead :ou.

or some other time that :ouAre wasting in order to devote more time to pra:er. That is harder to do sometimes. but he did eat a little something. :ou could fast things other than food. He began to pra: at night after his famil: was in bed. too. itAs a matter of 5eeping the flesh underE 5eeping the bod: under and not letting it dominate :ou.& minutes a da:. Gou dominate it instead. @ord. So wh: wouldnAt it be all right to leave off other things that might be pleasant to usB7 8 well'5nown evangelist when he was pastoring decided to give ?od !& percent of his time in pra:er. I$ couldnAt pra: two hours and . ?od has given him an internationall: 5nown ministr:. Gou see. To do that he had to sacrifice his television time.I Chapter / "ifferent 0inds of Fasts <emember how 4aniel fasted )! da:sB He ate no Ipleasant bread. He pra:ed two hours and . -! .e need to realiJe there is more than one wa: to fast.I . 4aniel didnAt eat an:thing he wanted. I%ow. $Am going to leave off watching television and spend that time pra:ing.I 64aniel said he gave up eating %'easan 4read.I But perhaps :ou could sacrifice television time. Gou might sa:. $f :ou wanted to go a step further. Gou might sa:.& minutes each night.

BAnd 4e no dr&n$ .host said. The: werenAt pra:ing the:Ad get somethingE the: Hust wanted to ta5e some time to visit with the @ord.3:7. $t ma: or ma: not rh:me. 8 psalm is a spiritual poem or ode. $ get to going sometimes ver: quietl: in the nighttime to m:self. I%ow what do :ou mean. $Am ministering to the @ord.)erein is e:#essC 4& 4e +i''ed . $Ave done that on more than one occasion.ell. and fasted.oly . $Am sure the: pra:ed.3 7 As they ministered to the Lord. but there is an element of poetr: in it.i ) )e S%iri C S%ea$ing o !o&rse'ves in %sa'ms and )!mns and s%iri &a' songs" singing and ma$ing me'od! in !o&r )ear o )e /ord. and laid their hands on them.!". -) . and went right through the mealD Sometimes $All spea5 to m:self all night in psalms. minis ered to the @ordBI . But the Bible also sa:s in Ephesians #/!(. 5eparate me (arna#as and 5aul for the ork hereunto 2 ha0e called them) 3 And hen they had fasted and prayed. the .ine" . they sent them a ay) Gou might as5.J Chapter 1 hat Can 2 Accomplish 3! Fasting& 1inis ering o )e /ord The Bible gives us e2amples of people fasting to minister to the @ord. A&+5 .B The: began worshiping ?od and magnif:ing His name.i ) .

*)a 2an I A##om%'is) 4! Fas ing7 FF and the: Hust 5eep rolling out of me. and we would minister to the @ord. sings spiritual songs and h:mnsE something that the Spirit of ?od gives him at the moment. this doesnAt mean songs :ou get out of a songboo5. e2cept in tongues.7 $ usuall: spea5 in psalms. $n one church $ pastored. 0inistering to the @ord is worshiping Him. 8 spiritual song or h:mn was alwa:s sung. 6 aul said. 0ost of these are embalmed with unbelief. 0an: of 4avidAs psalms were given to him while he was going through tests or trials. $f $ were pastor of a church.e filled the building at night. The Bible is tal5ing about something the Spirit of ?od gives :ou on the spur of the moment b: the Hol: Spirit. not wasting an:thing. . Budd: Harrison. eople would even be out on the street loo5ing in through the doors. The: are not inspired b: the Spirit of ?od. . But Sunda: mornings we rarel: had non' members.I %obod: but believers would come. 8 psalm can be recited or chanted. The Fews chanted some of them. I$ will pra: in the spirit and $All sing in the spiritIE that is.e have !#& psalms in the 1ld Testament that were given b: the Spirit of ?od.e ought to have services in our churches where we minister to the @ord. The: were hisE the: blessed himE the: encouraged him. $ seldom sing. because $Am not a singer.hen the Bible tal5s about psalms and h:mns and spiritual songs. . The: bless us because the: are Spirit anointed. so $ made that Sunda: morning service a . m: son'in'law. in tongues. . Sunda: night was our evangelistic service. we usuall: had Hust our own people in the Sunda: morning service. $ would have services once a wee5 that $ would call IbelieversA meetings.

8nd $Am convinced ?od wants that in ever: church. .. e0ery one of you hath a psalm. The power of ?odCthe presence of ?odCwas so real :ou didnAt want to move.hatever :ou feel led of ?od to do. %obod: moved. to these services. $ said to the people. %ot a child cried. #rethren$ hen ye come to'ether.e had some of the most tremendous services. and then he would go uptown to tal5. hath an interpretation) Let all thin's #e done unto edifyin') The: went to church because the: )ad something.e sat there sometimes . But we get so ta5en up with our little form.o is it then. the presence would go awa:. . $ donAt suppose $ preached half a doJen times on Sunda: morning from !"-" to !".e thin5 we have to be out b: noon. Sometimes in these meetings we would sta: until !/-& p.m. %obod: would sa: an:thing.2A:5 . do it. $Ave never seen an:thing li5e them before or since. . Hust start singing. hath a ton'ue. . L$Am going to sit down here on the platform and turn the service over to the Hol: Spirit. Sometimes the presence of ?od would move in on us and we would all Hust sit there.F@ A 2ommonsense G&ide To Fas ing believersA meeting.&. hath a re0elation. who was saved.M $ thin5 we got the closest to what aul was tal5ing about at 3orinth when he said. chew. 1ne time he came bac5 around noon.%:77. &892:+. hath a doctrine. $f :ou feel led to start a chorus. . But now most fol5s go to church to ge something. and cuss. . whittle. Gou were afraid if :ou moved a finger.# minutes. 1ne fellow would bring his wife.

. when we come tonight. because we 5ept that place charged with the power of ?od.eAre not coming tonight to get blessed. ?od started it and finished it. Gou need to get there earl: to e2pel all the demons the people bring in. . The: might dance all through the morning service. :ou fall flat on . $ saw that happen more than once.&7. %obod: said an:thing or turned to loo5 at him. and loo5ed at the crowd. He started calling on ?od and got savedD Still. . So be ver: careful that ever:thing is done decentl: and in orderI 6! 3or. loo5ed at me. He sat down. and healed ever: Sunda: night. %o one went down to help him pra:. . He sat there about !& minutes and suddenl: began sha5ing all over. nobod: said an:thing. still sha5ing.eAre not coming tonight to minister to the @ord. $ could see him. He sat in the car but didnAt hear an:thing. .e are coming to reach the sinner. !. Before :ou 5new it. and fell at the altar. He saved that fellow. itAs for a different purpose. $n a lot of places the atmosphere is charged with deadness on Sunda: morning. Since $ was sitting on the platform. $ would tell the people. Sometimes the Spirit of ?od would move on somebod: to start dancing. %obod: said an:thingE there was Hust a hol: silence. =inall: he came inside. I%ow. filled with the Hol: Spirit. !# to -& others would Hoin him. . Then he got up and started down the aisle. but it wasnAt.*)a 2an I A##om%'is) 4! Fas ing7 FG e2pecting the service to be over.e charged that atmosphere with the Spirit of ?od.e had constant revival. He felt what we were feeling the moment he wal5ed in. otherwise./.e had people saved. $ watched him because $ 5new something was going to happen.

ye should ha0e .-75 7. The: missed ma:be one meal.e need times of worship. He was on his wa: b: ship to appeal his case before 3aesar and a storm arose. as ?od would call them.ithout e2ception. Fa#ing (e#isions and Times o+ 2risis 0an: times in revival meetings when people seemed to have difficult: getting baptiJed with the Hol: Spirit.FH A 2ommonsense G&ide To Fas ing :our face. ThatAs what it means to minister unto the @ord. A&+5 73:76 76 And hen neither sun nor stars in many days appeared. Gou will find. He spent time apart. A&+5 73:7. 5irs. all hope that e should #e sa0ed as then taken a ay) aul had perceived danger b: the Spirit of ?od before the vo:age. 0an: times before Fesus made certain decisions. times to worship an: wa: the @ord leads us. it seemed to wor5 easil:E $Ave seen times when ever: one of them was filled with the Spirit. . $Am sure the: didnAt go on a long fast. (ut after lon' a#stinence !aul stood forth in the midst of them. and no small tempest lay on us. $ would tell them not to eat their evening meal. as $Ave mentioned. and said. 8nother reason the: fasted in Bible times was to ordain men to the ministr: or to separate them. li5e selecting the apostles. that the Bible sa:s in times of crisis men fasted. 8cts )* is an e2ample of aulAs fasting during a crisis. too. .

$n a letter to some of the churches concerning his own ministr: he used the e2pression Iin fastings often. #e of 'ood cheer: for 2 #elie0e . and hom 2 ser0e.od. and not ha0e loosed from &rete. but after abstaining from food he stood in their midst. 4ear not. sirs.*)a 2an I A##om%'is) 4! Fas ing7 hearkened unto me. 7% 5ayin'.I . #ut of the ship) 73 4or there stood #y me this ni'ht the an'el of .od hath 'i0en thee all them that sail ith thee) 75 Wherefore. He told the men their lives would be spared. hose 2 am. He had abstained from food for some time and had sought ?od. !aul" thou must #e #rou'ht #efore &aesar: and. and to ha0e 'ained this harm and loss) 77 And no 2 e>hort you to #e of 'ood cheer: for there shall #e no loss of any man@s life amon' you. that it shall #e e0en as it as told me) FI $ donAt 5now how long aul fasted here. lo.od. .

which in those da:s was ver: serious.7 $ 5new nothing about what had happened. but the: gave her 9'ra: treatments. The: did not 5now whether the tumor was malignant or not. but she never as5ed for pra:er. the voice of the @ord came to me sa:ing. IThereAs a lad: here $ want to heal before :ou go toda:.I So $ spo5e it right out without thin5ing. 8ll that da:. This was in !"-". 68cts !&/-( spea5s of sic5ness as being satanic oppression. the ne2t step was the operation. She had gone to her famil: doctor. $ spo5e it right out. but the: were supposed to retard the growth of the tumor or shrin5 it. . IThe -( . the !+':ear'old girl fasted and pra:ed for her mother. ThatAs the first time a thing li5e that had happened. and the: didnAt operate on people so quic5l: then. which was a Thursda:. This was !"-". but he sent her to a specialist in a larger cit: nearb:. her !+':ear'old daughter was home 6this was in the summer7.? Chapter 4 (etting Free the Oppressed There was a woman in a church we pastored who had a large tumor on her left lung.hen $ closed m: sermon the following Sunda: morning. She pra:ed that the oppressed might be set free. $ 5new she was ta5ing these treatments twice a wee5. sa:ing. 1n the da: when she went to the cit: to ta5e her treatment. The: said the treatments wouldnAt cure her. The: lived on a farm and had to get up earl: to go to the cit:E the trip too5 a full da:. $f these treatments were unsuccessful.

$ was holding a meeting in a =ull ?ospel church in Houston. The pastorAs wife never said one word to me about her poor ph:sical condition.I she said. 0an: were being healed. a number of :ears ago.hen $ said that.hat is itBI She replied. ISheAs the one. stepped out in the aisle and the Spirit of ?od within me said. but the Spirit of ?od within me said. but she never sat down with us. I$ saw others being healed and $ fasted. Te2as. He as5ed. She started down the aisle. ISister.I $ said.Se ing Free )e O%%ressed F? @ord Hust said thereAs a woman here whom He wants to heal before we go toda:. so come on and weAll pra: for :ou.I .I 1ne night $ was ministering after $ preached.I 6She fi2ed something for her husband and me to eat. :ouAre not the one. 8fterwards.I $ told her. but still couldnAt find it. and $ had a revelation concerning her. I$All tell :ou afterwards. I. $t was gone. ISister <. :ouAre the one. and $ was sta:ing in the parsonage.7 ?od began to move in the services and bless people. a lad: stepped out.. Iand told the @ord $ 5new He could heal me.7 I$ fasted and pra:ed a couple of da:s. but healing belongs to :ou. 6She had pra:ed for :ears and never had received an:thing.I Then Sister <. and the @ord will heal :ou. because $ saw it in the spiritE the @ord told .I $ laid hands on her and pra:ed and that tumor disappeared.I He too5 the 9'ra:s and couldnAt find the tumor. She went bac5 to the specialist and told him to ta5e 9'ra:s because something had happened. ISheAs not the one. He tried ta5ing more. this pastorAs wife testified. $ began telling her what was wrong with her.

. and she received complete healing.@A A 2ommonsense G&ide To Fas ing me e2actl: what was wrong with her. 8lthough fasting in itself will not bring about healing.ord of Knowledge was in operation. it can prepare the wa: in some instances for healing to ta5e place. The .

I4id :ou send thisBI the man as5ed.! .igglesworth. he was greeted at the door b: a man holding the card. and mailed it to @aJarusA home. when the @ord said to him.hen he arrived.igglesworth. I4o :ou thin5 we believe in thisB Here.I He said to . IThe moment :ou see him. having to be fed with a spoon.ales.ales to raise up our @aJarus.I the: told him.e wouldnAt be surprised but what ?od would lead :ou down to . He was nothing but a mass of s5in and bones Cand he didnAt have an ounce of faith. ta5e itDI 8nd he threw it at . . Then the man called a servant and said.I =rom the natural standpoint. 1ne da: he climbed one of the highest mountains in . :ou will be read: to go home. .>A Chapter 15 A Final ord Smith .igglesworth wrote down what the @ord had said on a postcard. He was on top. He had collapsed and become ill with tuberculosis. The man was helpless. ITa5e this man and show him @aJarus. this was true. enveloped in the presence of ?od. 1ften this great man of faith would wal5 in the countr:side. :ou donAt . I$ want :ou to go raise @aJarus.igglesworth said there were two :oung fellows in England who saw ?odAs power demonstrated in his meetings at his wifeAs mission. Two :ears later the @ord spo5e to . I. and for four :ears had been a helpless invalid.igglesworth.igglesworth 5new when ?od has spo5en. The: e2plained that @aJarus was a man who had spent his da:s wor5ing in a tin mine and his nights preaching.I .

Fesus. FesusDAI 8s the: spo5e.e Hust stood around the bed and said. 8ll the Spirit had said to Smith was. 6He believed pra:er and fasting to be a great Ho:.igglesworth a 'i 'e more ime o . The si2th time it came down @aJarus said. I$Ave been bitter in m: heart. He left. and $ 5now $ have grieved the Spirit of ?od.@E A 2ommonsense G&ide To Fas ing give in. The: continued to hold hands and sa:.I He repented and cried out. Fesus 6all eight of them in unison7. Then he and Smith wal5ed downstairs singing the 4o2olog:. @aJarus got up and dressed himself without an: assistance.hile Smith had been fasting. ?od had told him what to do/ I4onAt pra:E donAt anoint him with oilE donAt touch him. The same man let them in. Gou see. let this be to th: glor:. Fesus. . hold hands. @aJarus testified in an open'air meeting what ?od had done and man: were saved.I ThatAs all. IFust miss two meals. FesusI and the power 5ept coming down and lifting.7 The ne2t da: the eight of them went bac5 to @aJarusA house. the power of ?od went through him. 4id that change ?odB on God ins ead o+ . AFesus. and there la: that poor fellow loo5ing li5e a corpse. ?od had alread: told him to raise up @aJarus. it gave . I1 ?od. 8ll eight of :ou gather around the bed.I So he said. Then it lifted li5e a cloud. the power of ?od fell. IFesus. but overnight rounded up seven others to stand with him in pra:er. I.I 8s he said that. That night the Spirit of the @ord told him not to eat. healing him. and repeat the %ame of Fesus. so he s5ipped the evening meal and s5ipped brea5fast the following morning.

I$ am going to ta5e this time to fast and wait on ?od and stud: m: Bible. but the Hol: Spirit. 1r. the more :ou can see how dependent we are on the Spirit of ?odE not onl: the .I . .I . That leaves it up to the leading of the @ord. as in all others. if the Spirit doesnAt tell :ou to fast. That wa: weAll be prepared for whatever He has for us to do. I$All not leave :ou comfortless. The more :ou stud:. and the Bible doesnAt give :ou specific instructions. I made )is s%iri more $een" and i made )im more s&s#e% i4'e o God9s S%iri so )e #o&'d 4e a #)anne'. That is wh: there are no instructions given b: the Hol: Spirit through aul or eter or Fames or Fohn to fast or not to fast. set aside some time and sa:.ord of ?od. %o wonder Fesus said.hen should :ou fastB $ canAt tell :ou.e need the help of the Hol: SpiritCand we have itCin this area.I 8nother translation sa:s Iorphans.A Fina' *ord @F ea ing. $ believe this is because ?od wants us to learn to be led b: His Spirit.

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