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Articulation Scenes Answers:YesNo HD ArtikPix


Conversation Builder TapSpeak Sequence Plus

Fun with Directions HD Emotions

Speak it! Text to Speech Speech with Milo - Verbs Word Wizard Behavior Tracker Pro Sentence Builder for iPad Language Development Apps Sentence Choiceworks ChorePad HD Text-to-Speech Apps Choice Making Apps BehaviorLens Video Scheduler Behavior Tracking Apps Vocabulary Apps Echolalia Difficulty with Grammar Hyperactive Easily Frustrated Generalization Impulsive Self Control Explosive Self Management Apps Hidden Curriculum for Kids Video Modeling Apps Sequencing Apps Generalization Apps Story Creator iDress for Weather Organization Apps Difficulty with! Personal ! Management Splinter Skills Difficulty ! Summarizing Developmental! Delays Visual! Learners Limited Use! of Language Difficulty Expressing Needs Difficulty with Rigid! Language Conversations Difficulty with Poor! Receptive Vocabulary Language Conversation Apps AAC Apps Construction Apps

Apps for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders V.2
Social Express iCreate...Social Skills Stories

Between the Lines

Articulation Apps Feel Electric Video Modeling Apps Social Script Apps Lacks Common! Sense Difficulty Problem! Solving

iStudiez Pro


Visual Schedules Apps Behavior Management Apps

Video Scheduler Look into my Eyes

AutisMate Hygiene (FSS)

Social Skills Apps Sosh Eye Contact Apps Pictello Social Skill Builder Story Telling Apps Safety Signs and Words Self Care Apps Everyday Social Skills HD AutismXpress

Video Modeling Apps

Smile at Me

Reward System Apps Visual Timer Apps

Lack of Safety! Awareness Poor Eye Contact

Time Timer iPad Edition





l cia So Sa


ls kil

Difficulty Identifying! Emotions Difficulty with ! Auditory! Processing


First Words Deluxe

th! wi ! y ult nal ffic ditio g! i D ra in t arn s Concrete! Le thod Learners Me

Ne m e e d fo Ro nes r ! uti s o ne r

Organization Visual InFlexible Difficulty ! Generalizing Rigid Routines

Visual Schedules Apps Time Timer iPad Edition Video Modeling Apps Picture Schedule Apps Choiceworks ChorePad HD

Special Words StoryPals

Prefer! Sequential ! Difficulty ! Synthesizing Info ABA Apps Difficulty! Problem Solving ePub Apps Literacy Apps Math Apps Difficulty ! Generalizing Sleep Issues

When looking for apps for students on the autism spectrum (ASD), it is important to look at all educational apps and not just those that are tagged as autism apps. They have many of the same learning needs that other students have. This list was developed to provide apps based on common learning characteristics and traits that are typical for students with ASD. It is important to remember that all students learn differently and selecting apps should be based on the unique learning needs of the student.! This list is only a sampling of apps available for each skill area. This is not, nor is it meant to be a definitive list. This list is intended to give you a starting place and a rationale for picking certain apps.
Common Learning Characteristics Common Learning Traits App Categories Apps

Communication Sensory ! Sensitivity

Sequencing Apps iPrompts XL iHomework

Speech with Milo-Sequencing

Difficulty Motor! Sensitive to Over Active Processing Sound Food Sensitivity Tactilely Sensitive

Under Active Visual Timer Apps Choice Making Apps


Organization Apps

ChoiceBoard - Creator


DTT/ Autism Words

Time Apps Life Skills Apps

iReadWrite for iPad SpellBoard

Auditory Training Apps

White Noise Apps Fine Motor Apps Writing Apps

Video Scheduler First Then Visual Schedule

Medical Apps Book Creator for iPad Abilipad Brain Works Clicker Docs EASe Pro Listening Therapy Cause and Effect Sensory Light Box Autism Shelby’s Quest Relax Melodies Premium HD iWriteWords Ambiance Awareness! The Headphone App MeMoves Autism Tracker Chef Jimi Sensory Apps Visual Routine Dexteria

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