TSE151 Datasheet

Silicon Controlled Rectifiers—TSE151
TSE151 is designed primarily application for motorcycle ignition and voltage regulator. It’s also widely used for switch control circuit, small motor controller, lamp controller, leakage current detection, lamps and lanterns relay stimulus, logic circuit driver, larger power SCR driver, and others.
T O - 22 0

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·Low forward voltage drop ·High peak repetitive off-state voltage ·High sensitivity of triggering ·High reliability ·Package:TO-220F TO-220 ·Reference:BT151

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TO -220F

1: K 2: A 3: G

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Absolute rating(Ta=25℃)
Parameter Peak Repetitive Off-State Voltage Peak Repetitive Reverse Voltage On-State Average Current RMS On-State Current Peak Non-repetitive Surge Current Junction Temperature Storage Temperature Symbol VDRM VRRM IT(AV) IT(RMS) ITSM TJ Tatg Ratings 600 600 8 12 80 110 -40~125 Unit V V A A A ℃ ℃


Symbol VDRM UNIT V Criterions Min 400 Type 600 Max Test conditions ID=0.1mA

Peak Repetitive Off-State Voltage

ADD:No.9 XiangNanYi Road ShuoFang Industrial Park.Wuxi New District TEL: 0510-80259777 FAX: 0510-82261222

1A VD=6V,RL=100Ω VD=6V,RL=100Ω 1 5 50 130 50 VDM=67%VDRM(MAX), RGK=100Ω,IGT=0 IT=20A,IGT=50mA, dIGT/dt=50 mA /µs VDRM=400V.2 ※ :The parameter is related to the operating ambient temperature Thermal performance Parameter Thermal resistance junction to mounting base Thermal resistance junction to ambient Symbol Rthj-mb Normal state Rthj-a 70 ℃/W Condition Value 1.25 10 10 1.9 XiangNanYi Road ShuoFang Industrial Park.7 20 40 10 1.2-2 TSE151 Datasheet Peak Repetitive Reverse Voltage Peak Repetitive Off-State Current Peak On-State Voltage Holding Current Latching Current Gate Trigger Current ※ Gate Trigger Voltage Peak gate current Peak gate voltage Peak reverse gate voltage Critical Rate of Rise Of Off-State Voltage Critical Rate of Rise of On-State Current Gate Current Non-Trigger VRRM IDRM VTM IH IL IGT VGT IGM VGM VRGM dV/dt dIT/dt VGD V μA V mA mA mA V A V V V/µs A/µs V 400 600 20 1.Wuxi New District TEL: 0510-80259777 FAX: 0510-82261222 .2 2 5 5 IR=0.1mA VDRM=600V IT=16A IT=0.6A,IGT=20mA VD=12V,IGT=0. RGR=1KΩ, Tj=110℃ 0.3 Unit ℃/W ADD:No.

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