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Afirmatii Gratie si Recunostinta

Afirmatii Gratie si Recunostinta

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Published by Victor Cătălin
Afirmatii Gratie si Recunostinta
Afirmatii Gratie si Recunostinta

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Categories:Types, Business/Law
Published by: Victor Cătălin on Nov 08, 2013
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I turn my attention to all the goodness, Grace and beauty that surrounds me. I live in a field of Grace. I invoke the healing substance of Grace to cleanse my mind and release a flood of blessings in my life. Grace always descends when I call upon it. I am a channel for Grace. When I open to the unlimited flow of Grace, negativity dissolves and my life flourishes. Grace is ever-present. Wherever I go Grace is with me. I live in a field of Grace. I appreciate the beauty and perfection that surrounds me. Unlimited goodness is everywhere. The oy in my heart spreads grace and blessings throughout my life. I allow deep reservoirs of gratitude to flood my heart and transform my life. I re oice in the perfection of everything. I breathe in the divine fragrance of Grace. I am ready to savor the sweetness of life. I feel Grace as a substance animating every atom of my being. I give thanks for all the blessings that grace my life. !ivine love brings me e"actly what I need to e"perience and progress in this very moment. I embrace all of life with a tender heart and generous spirit. I release criticism, and allow the loving kindness of Grace to envelop me. I open to the higher fre#uencies of bliss and pleasure. $eavenly states are always available to me. I bless everyone, even perceived enemies. I choose to appreciate all that is good and positive the world. It%s so much easier that way. I am guided, nourished and protected by the divine presence of Grace. Wherever I go, I see beauty, abundance and generosity. There is so much to be grateful for. &veryday provides an opportunity for me to gather more Grace. The divine plan for my life awakens through Grace. I absorb the nectars of Grace and gratitude, allowing these divine energies to transform me. &ach day I am becoming more aware of the beauty and goodness that flows like a river through all of life.

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