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Datospir Micro B C

Datospir Micro B C

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Once the maneuver is finished, the values of the FVC and FEV1 parameters appear on the top right

-hand of the screen, underneath the REFerence values (theoretical). If three or more maneuvers have been performed and the FVC and/or FEV1 parameters blink on and off, this indicates that repeatability criterion has been fulfilled for one or both parameters.. This criterion indicates that the two best FVC or FEV1 values do not differ by more than 150 ml if FVC is more than 1 liter or more than 100 ml if FVC is less than or equal to one liter. The device allows us to perform any number of necessary maneuvers. The DATOSPIR MICRO always stores the five best maneuvers for Forced Vital Capacity (FVC), and orders them according to ATS/ERS criteria, so that M1 is the best and M5 the worst. Press on AXES to switch from one graphic type to the other (Flow/Volume or Volume/Time). Press on PARAMETERS, to view the screen containing the data of the selected maneuver. Press on a MANEUVER, to select it. This allows you to see a graphic, consult parameters or print out a report. Press on the GRAPHIC area to delete the regular keys and enable the magnifying key and use to enlarge or reduce. Press on the same area again to return to the regular keys view. Press on the REFERENCE area to access the patient’s data. To view the second set of keys, press and to return to the first set of keys, press or

quick reference guide

Thank you for purchasing a SIBELMED spirometer. SIBELMED is a leading manufacturer of spirometry technology. SIBELMED spirometers are supplied with multiple functions that allow absolute control and maximum comfort while performing spirometry maneuvers. This is a concise guide that will allow you to perform the basic functions quickly. For maximum performance, refer to the USER MANUAL. Installation / Location The DATOSPIR MICRO is totally portable and autonomous and does not require special installation. Be careful not to use the equipment in places that: - Are not safe for the patient or can cause patient stress. - Can be subject to splashing of water or other liquids. - Are subject to strong air currents. Once the batteries have been placed correctly, the equipment is ready to operate. Use products that are certified in accordance with directive 93/42/CEE which ensure the patient’s safety and the quality of the spirometers.

Remember that the key can be used to return to the menu without losing the available information, except if a new patient code is entered or on certain other occasions, but a warning is always displayed before loosing the data. If the warnings are enabled, once the maneuver is finished, one or more WARNINGS may appear on the screen indicating that the maneuver has not been performed according to one or more ATS/ERS criteria. FP- This indicates that expiration did not end satisfactorily because the variation of accumulated volume during the last second of the maneuver was over 25 ml, or that the maneuver lasted for less than 6 seconds (in individuals 10 or older) or less than 3 seconds (in children under 10). EX- This indicates that the expiration did not start satisfactorily because the extrapolated volume was greater than 5% of the FVC or 0.15 liters. According to the ATS/ERS recommendations, this volume should be lower than 5% of the FVC or 0.15 liters, whichever is greater.

(A) Perfoming a FVC (Forced Vital Capacity) maneuver:
1. Start the equipment by pressing 2.  The MAIN SCREEN appears. 3.  Press the
511-A21-091 Rev. 1

> 1 second.

key to view the screen to enter patient parameters, (a numeric or alphanumeric


4.  Enter the patient’s parameters and press maneuver will appear.

A screen containing the axes for plotting the

5.  After having instructed the patient and the patient is ready for the maneuver, press the


and wait until a blinking arrow
Producto clase IIa según Directiva 93/42/CEE

appears on the screen.

SIBEL S.A. pertenece a www.sibelgroup.com

SIBEL S.A., Rosselló 500, 08026 Barcelona (Spain) National Sales Office: Tel. 93 436 00 08 - E-mail: comercial@sibelmed.com International Sales Office: Tel. +34 93 436 00 07 - E-mail: export@sibelmed.com After Sales Service: Tel. +34 93 433 54 50 - E-mail: sat@sibelmed.com Fax: +34 93 436 16 11 www.sibelmed.com



WARNING: The DATOSPIR MICRO always stores the five best Forced Vital Capacity (FVC) maneuvers and these are ordered according to ATS/ERS criterion, meaning that M1 is the best and M5 the worst. Therefore, to present the diagnosis, print the report or save the maneuver for POSTbronchodilation or for the internal DataBase it is recommendable to use M1, unless the technician deems it convenient to use a different one.

screen will appear, depending on the mode selected).

Male or Female. This field can be omitted if desired. Then press to view the message YOU ARE GOING TO DELETE THE MANEUVER! ARE YOU SURE? 3. Fuma. Number of cigarettes smoked per day. M1 This indicates the . between 4 and 100.  A 10-character numerical field for the code of the technician performing the test. Sur. If the patient does not begin the maneuver during this time. depending on the mode selected) 2. (E) PRINTING a maneuver: 1.  A 25-character alphanumeric field for the patient’s surname(s).  Between 80% and 120%.sibelmed. Select the maneuver you wish to delete.www.selected. depending on the patient data entered in the equipment. To facilitate navigation through the menus. for the patient’s code.com . Use or to view the remaining parameters that have been selected (C) Viewing the DIAGNOSIS: 1.sibelmed.  Press the key to access the patient data screen. Et. area to view the message MANEUVER N. Cm. press the key to view the message MANEUVER PRE N. www. press the key to view the message MANEUVER N.maneuver .  Press the key and a progress bar will appear indicating that the printing process is activated (F) DELETING a maneuver: 1. Use the. Enter the new patient data or modify existing patient data and press the key This option allows you to enter a new patient or modify existing patient data.  A 20-character alphanumeric field for the patient’s name. This field can be omitted if desired. but at step 2. and *: indicates the . indicating that the selected maneuver has been deleted.: X SAVED DESCRIPTION OF CERTAIN FIELDS Code. Weight in kg between 15 and 200.  This is a 10-character numeric or alphanumeric field. The Smoker Index equals the number of cigarettes the patient smokes per day divided by 20 and multiplied by the number of years the patient has been smoking (cigarettes per day x years smoking / 20). the patient has 30 seconds to begin the maneuver. Operation Mode Database Customization Calibration Maintenance Printing SpO2 Bronchodilation SPIROMETRY (B) VIEWING THE RESULTS of the maneuver: 1. Sex. the changes will be applied and the patient’s parameters will be calculated again.  Press on the parameters area. This factor MUST BE 100 % WHEN NOT APPLIED. (G) Para CAMBIAR de paciente: 1. This field can be omitted if desired. Press the key to view the message SELECT BASE 3. Press the key in the SELECT BASE. I. View the diagnostic of selected maneuver Print out the report for the selected maneuver Save the maneuver in the database. 2.current maneuver.  Between 0 and 200. Select the maneuver you wish to save. follow the same steps described above.com WARNING: As soon as the technician presses the key. OTHER DATA OF INTEREST The FVC and FEV1 REFerence parameters appear on the top right-hand side. the equipment is provided with a Pointer to select the icons (keys) that appear on the screen. 2. Number of years. Kg. the equipment switches to standby and the key must be pressed again.: X DELETED. This helps to calculate the COPD index parameter.  Press the key to view the screen that displays the diagnosis. depending on the customized option. The Ethnic Factor is used in populations that do not have their own reference parameters and use existing population parameters that are adjusted according to a certain percentage. 2. We recommend using the pointer to select the character (number or letter) to fill in the numeric or alphanumeric fields.  If you are sure. Name. If you have modified existing patient data. 2. . the first level of the functions tree is shown below. Technician. Information regarding the STRUCTURE OF THE SPIROMETER FUNCTIONS TREE To better understand the structure of the DATOSPIR MICRO spirometer. This field can be omitted if desired. (one of the two diagnostic screens types provided with the equipment will appear. DO NOT use sharp instruments that may damage the screen (D) SAVING a test to the DB (internal DataBase): 1.: X SAVED To save a test in PREbronchodilation for comparison with POSTbronchodilation mode. A screen containing the data of the maneuver and the following keys appears: Return to the previous screen. F. Age. C/d. Change the maneuver.  Make sure that the printer is properly connected and ready to operate and select the maneuver you wish to print. Height between 50 and 230. or key to switch between diagnoses. The structure of models B and C is characterized by graphic menus.

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