How do you keep your home safe from CARBON


Complete the following checklist to help PREVENT carbon monoxide in your home.
Fuel-burning appliances (i.e. furnace, hot water heater, fireplace, natural gas range, etc.) checked by a qualified technician regularly according to manufacturers’ specifications. Last inspection (date): _______________________________ Furnace filter checked monthly and replaced (if necessary). Date last replaced: __________________________________ Indoor and outdoor vents and chimneys cleared of debris, snow and ice (if necessary). Area around fuel-burning appliances clutter free. Flame of all natural gas appliances checked regularly (it should be blue). Adequate air supply (nearby window opened) when using a wood-burning fireplace. Vehicles never idled in garage, even with the overhead door open.

What you need to know
Carbon monoxide (CO) is a toxic gas that is odourless and colourless, making it extremely hard to detect. In an enclosed space, such as a home or garage, even a small amount of CO can lead to serious illness or death.

What do all these things have in common?

They all can produce carbon monoxide in your home.
Prevent and detect carbon monoxide
Fuel-burning appliances, such as your furnace, hot water heater, natural gas range, dryer and wood-burning or natural gas fireplace should be properly installed and maintained. Walk through your house and around its exterior with this checklist to ensure your home is safe. Keep the checklist to refer back to throughout the year.

Properly installed and maintained carbon monoxide detectors will help to detect carbon monoxide.

Complete the following checklist to DETECT carbon monoxide in your home.
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CO detector(s) installed and maintained according to manufacturer’s instructions. Expiry date written on CO detector(s) with a marker. Date of expiry: __________________________________ CO detector(s) battery replaced annually, if applicable. CO detector(s) vacuumed monthly.

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