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elastic bar
elastic bar

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Published by: Haaqym Soochee on Nov 09, 2013
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First Saved Friday, October 11, 2013 Last Saved Friday, October 11, 2013 Product Version 14.5 Release Save Project Before Solution No Save Project After Solution No



N. mV.10597 kg 1.Project Page 2 of 9 Contents  Units Model (C4)  Geometry Solid ¡ Coordinate Systems ¡ Mesh ¡ Static Structural (C5) Analysis Settings Loads Solution (C6) Solution Information Total Deformation Material Data ¡ Structural Steel  l Units TABLE 1 Unit System Metric (mm. mm 15.. mm Properties 13500 mm³ 0.. s. kg.agdb DesignModeler Millimeters Program Controlled Body Color Bounding Box 40. mA) Degrees rad/s Celsius Angle Degrees Rotational Velocity rad/s Temperature Celsius Model (C4) Geometry TABLE 2 Model (C4) > Geometry Geometry Fully Defined Definition C:\Users\HP\AppData\Local\Temp\WB_HAAQYM-NB_5644_2 \unsaved_project_files\dp0\SYS\DM\SYS. Statistics 1 1 193 Object Name State Source Type Length Unit Element Control Display Style Length X Length Y Length Z Volume Mass Scale Factor Value Bodies Active Bodies Nodes file:///C:/Users/HP/AppData/Roaming/Ansys/v145/Mechanical_Report/Mechanical_. mm 30. 10/11/2013 .

.485 kg·mm² Statistics Nodes 193 Elements 24 Mesh Metric None file:///C:/Users/HP/AppData/Roaming/Ansys/v145/Mechanical_Report/Mechanical_. mm Properties Volume 13500 mm³ Mass 0.2879e-016 mm Centroid Y 16.5 mm Moment of Inertia Ip1 9..6408 kg·mm² Moment of Inertia Ip2 10. 10/11/2013 .818 kg·mm² Moment of Inertia Ip3 16.10597 kg Centroid X 6.Project Page 3 of 9 Elements Mesh Metric Parameters Parameter Key Attributes Named Selections Material Properties Use Associativity Coordinate Systems Reader Mode Saves Updated File Use Instances Smart CAD Update Attach File Via Temp File Temporary Directory Analysis Type Decompose Disjoint Geometry Enclosure and Symmetry Processing 24 None Basic Geometry Options Yes DS No No No Advanced Geometry Options Yes No No Yes No Yes C:\Users\HP\AppData\Local\Temp 3-D Yes Yes TABLE 3 Model (C4) > Geometry > Parts Object Name Solid State Meshed Graphics Properties Visible Yes Transparency 1 Definition Suppressed No Stiffness Behavior Flexible Coordinate System Default Coordinate System Reference Temperature By Environment Material Assignment Structural Steel Nonlinear Effects Yes Thermal Strain Effects Yes Bounding Box Length X 40. mm Length Y 30. mm Length Z 15.667 mm Centroid Z 7.

0 mm Inflation Use Automatic Inflation None Inflation Option Smooth Transition Transition Ratio 0..2 Inflation Algorithm Pre View Advanced Options No Patch Conforming Options Triangle Surface Mesher Advancing Front Advanced Shape Checking Standard Mechanical Element Midside Nodes Program Controlled Straight Sided Elements No Number of Retries Default (4) Extra Retries For Assembly Yes Rigid Body Behavior Dimensionally Reduced Mesh Morphing Enabled Defeaturing Pinch Tolerance Please Define file:///C:/Users/HP/AppData/Roaming/Ansys/v145/Mechanical_Report/Mechanical_. Origin Origin X 0. 0. ] Z Axis Data [ 0. 0. ] Y Axis Data [ 0. 0.272 Maximum Layers 5 Growth Rate 1. mm Origin Y 0. 1.Project Page 4 of 9 Coordinate Systems TABLE 4 Model (C4) > Coordinate Systems > Coordinate System Object Name Global Coordinate System State Fully Defined Definition Type Cartesian Coordinate System ID 0. ] Mesh TABLE 5 Model (C4) > Mesh Object Name Mesh State Solved Defaults Physics Preference Mechanical Relevance 0 Sizing Use Advanced Size Function Off Relevance Center Coarse Element Size 10.0 mm Initial Size Seed Active Assembly Smoothing Medium Transition Fast Span Angle Center Coarse Minimum Edge Length 15. 1. 10/11/2013 .. mm Directional Vectors X Axis Data [ 1. mm Origin Z 0. 0.

1.Project Page 5 of 9 Generate Pinch on Refresh Automatic Mesh Based Defeaturing Defeaturing Tolerance Statistics Nodes Elements Mesh Metric No On Default 193 24 None Static Structural (C5) TABLE 6 Model (C4) > Analysis Object Name Static Structural (C5) State Solved Definition Physics Type Structural Analysis Type Static Structural Solver Target Mechanical APDL Options Environment Temperature 22.. 1. 10/11/2013 . °C Generate Input Only No TABLE 7 Model (C4) > Static Structural (C5) > Analysis Settings Analysis Settings Fully Defined Step Controls 1.. s Program Controlled Solver Controls Program Controlled Program Controlled Off Off Restart Controls Program Controlled No Nonlinear Controls Program Controlled Program Controlled Program Controlled Program Controlled Program Controlled Off Output Controls Yes Yes No No No All Time Points Object Name State Number Of Steps Current Step Number Step End Time Auto Time Stepping Solver Type Weak Springs Large Deflection Inertia Relief Generate Restart Points Retain Files After Full Solve Force Convergence Moment Convergence Displacement Convergence Rotation Convergence Line Search Stabilization Stress Strain Nodal Forces Contact Miscellaneous General Miscellaneous Store Results At file:///C:/Users/HP/AppData/Roaming/Ansys/v145/Mechanical_Report/Mechanical_.

MPa (ramped) FIGURE 1 Model (C4) > Static Structural (C5) > Pressure file:///C:/Users/HP/AppData/Roaming/Ansys/v145/Mechanical_Report/Mechanical_. MPa (ramped) Z Component 0. 10/11/2013 .Project Page 6 of 9 Max Number of Result Sets Solver Files Directory Future Analysis Scratch Solver Files Directory Save MAPDL db Delete Unneeded Files Nonlinear Solution Solver Units Solver Unit System Program Controlled Analysis Data Management C:\Users\HP\AppData\Local\Temp\WB_HAAQYM-NB_5644_2 \unsaved_project_files\dp0\SYS-2\MECH\ None No Yes No Active System nmm TABLE 8 Model (C4) > Static Structural (C5) > Loads Object Name Fixed Support Pressure State Fully Defined Scope Scoping Method Geometry Selection Geometry 1 Face Definition Type Fixed Support Pressure Suppressed No Define By Components Coordinate System Global Coordinate System X Component 0.. MPa (ramped) Y Component -10..

5 s Display Points All FE Connection Visibility Activate Visibility Yes Display All FE Connectors Draw Connections Attached To All Nodes Line Color Connection Type Visible on Results No Line Thickness Single Display Type Lines TABLE 11 Model (C4) > Static Structural (C5) > Solution (C6) > Results Object Name Total Deformation State Solved Scope Scoping Method Geometry Selection Geometry All Bodies Definition Type Total Deformation By Time Display Time Last Calculate Time History Yes Identifier Suppressed No Results Minimum 0. mm Maximum 1. Information Status Done TABLE 10 Model (C4) > Static Structural (C5) > Solution (C6) > Solution Information Object Name Solution Information State Solved Solution Information Solution Output Solver Output Newton-Raphson Residuals 0 Update Interval 2.Project Page 7 of 9 Solution (C6) TABLE 9 Model (C4) > Static Structural (C5) > Solution Object Name Solution (C6) State Solved Adaptive Mesh Refinement Max Refinement Loops 1.. Refinement Depth 2. 10/11/2013 . s Load Step 1 Substep 1 Iteration Number 1 Material Data Structural Steel file:///C:/Users/HP/AppData/Roaming/Ansys/v145/Mechanical_Report/Mechanical_..1802e-003 mm Information Time 1.

.3 1.85e-006 kg mm^-3 Coefficient of Thermal Expansion 1.2e-005 C^-1 Specific Heat 4.47 1000 0.e+005 0 86.213 -0.05e-002 W mm^-1 C^-1 Resistivity 1.6667e+005 76923 file:///C:/Users/HP/AppData/Roaming/Ansys/v145/Mechanical_Report/Mechanical_.7e-004 ohm mm TABLE 13 Structural Steel > Compressive Ultimate Strength Compressive Ultimate Strength MPa 0 TABLE 14 Structural Steel > Compressive Yield Strength Compressive Yield Strength MPa 250 TABLE 15 Structural Steel > Tensile Yield Strength Tensile Yield Strength MPa 250 TABLE 16 Structural Steel > Tensile Ultimate Strength Tensile Ultimate Strength MPa 460 TABLE 17 Structural Steel > Isotropic Secant Coefficient of Thermal Expansion Reference Temperature C 22 TABLE 18 Structural Steel > Alternating Stress Mean Stress Alternating Stress MPa Cycles Mean Stress MPa 3999 10 0 2827 20 0 1896 50 0 1413 100 0 1069 200 0 441 2000 0 262 10000 0 214 20000 0 138 1. 10/11/2013 .106 0.Project Page 8 of 9 TABLE 12 Structural Steel > Constants Density 7.e+006 0 TABLE 19 Structural Steel > Strain-Life Parameters Strength Ductility Ductility Cyclic Strength Cyclic Strain Exponent Coefficient Exponent Coefficient MPa Hardening Exponent -0.2 1.34e+005 mJ kg^-1 C^-1 Thermal Conductivity 6.2 Strength Coefficient MPa 920 TABLE 20 Structural Steel > Isotropic Elasticity Temperature C Young's Modulus MPa Poisson's Ratio Bulk Modulus MPa Shear Modulus MPa 2.e+005 0..e+005 0 114 2.

.Project Page 9 of 9 TABLE 21 Structural Steel > Isotropic Relative Permeability Relative Permeability 10000 file:///C:/Users/HP/AppData/Roaming/Ansys/v145/Mechanical_Report/Mechanical_.. 10/11/2013 .

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