Hospital management

Definition of Management
Management means purposeful and effective use of resources so management can be defined as It’s a process under taken by one or more persons to coordinate the activities of other persons to achieve results not attainable by any one person acting alone.

Function of management
 planning  organizing  directing  staffing  controlling  motivating  co-coordinating  monitoring

and evaluating

management Methods and techniques
There are many techniques are used in management.They are based on principles of behavioural science and quantative methods.

Methods based on behavioural science
 Organizational

Design  Personnel management  Communication  Information System  Function of management

Organization Design Personnel management communication Information system Function of management

Poor organization-waste resources, Should meet current demands of medical needs effective methods depends upon the existence of an effective organization Skillful use of human resources Selection,training,placement Maintain vertical and horizontal communication Day –to- Day information must be delivered to individuals Planning,organising,staffing,motivation,directin g,co-ordinating,controlling

Theory in Hospital Management
 Hospital

system are going tremendous change so understand the changes in systems,structures, their organizational services.the modern administer must use relevant administrative theories and appropriate techniques in order to cope with the changing context of hospital administration

Important of theory in HAM

help us to look into as systematic and deductive way to known the factors ,law,gain knowledge ,model to deal the problem so theory helps to represent reality and creativity

Uses of theory in HM
 Creating framework to manage the hospital

 Helps

the practitioners to look into broadways rather looking narrow way.  Providing answers ,suggestions,method to solve any situations in hospital  allowing the user to incorporate the theories knowledge produced by several discipline to solve the problems

 It

is a taxonomic,helps to collect all the relevant sources to manage the hospital  Can motivate and guide research field  Disadvantages of theories  It will restrict the administer from free judgment of situation  Short lived ,can lead to problems

Major approaches in developments of administrative theory and practice 1)The scientific Management Approach(1910 to 1935) This type of organization management theory was developed by Taylor According to him the excellence or success in management resides in “knowing exactly what you want men to do and then seeing that they do it in the best and cheapest way”.

Scientific management includes
• • • •

Scientific management includes Time-study principle:by accurate and standard time Piece –rate principle:wages should proportional to output,taking time –study into consideration Separation – of –planning – from performance principle:that planning should be the responsibility of the management and not the workers.planning should follow the time studies and other data related to production to ensure systematic,standardised operation.

 Scientific

method of work principle:that management should be responsible for the worker’s method of work which should be determined scientifically.  Managerial – control principle:that managers should be trained in the art of scientific management so that can train the workers accordingly.

 Functional

–management principle: that the industrial organization should be so designed as to avoid strict military principles in order to enhance coordination among the various specialists.  To be continue next slide