SUMMARY OF SKILLS • 8 years of IT experience in analysis, design, development, testing and Implementation of Business Intelligence solutions using Warehousing

/Data mart design, ETL, L!" client /server applications ETL Developer | Data Informatica • Experience in using Informatica #lient tools$ "o%er #enter Designer, Wor&flo% 'anager, Wor&flo% 'onitor, (epository 'anager Ph •No: 732.646.1 2 Experienced %ith all phases of )oft%are Development Life #ycle *)DL#+ such as developing, testing, migrating, administrating, and production vina!.thota" supporting on various platforms li&e ,-I., Windo% ."//0 • Experience in gathering, analy1ing and documenting 2usiness re3uirements, functional re3uirements, designing and developing the mapping 2ased on the re3uirements0 • Experienced in implementing the 2usiness rules 2y creating transformations *Expression, !ggregate, ,nconnected and #onnected Loo&up, (outer, ,pdate )trategy, 4ilter, 5oiner, ,nion+, and developing 'appings0 • )trong &no%ledge on Data %arehousing concept, Data mart, )tar )chema and )no% 4la&e )chema modeling, 4act ta2les and Dimensional ta2les0 • Implemented Slowly Changing Dimension methodology for accessing the full history of accounts and transaction information0 • Experience in the concepts of 2uilding Fact Tables, Dimensional Tables, handling Slowly Changing Dimensions and S !!ogate Keys" • Experience in 'igration of o26ects 2et%een environments, from Local *DE7+ to Test *8!+ • Experience in %riting complex )8L 3ueries, simple stored procedures and ,nix )hell )cripting0 • 9ood experience in developing complex reports using #rystal (eports from different Data )ources0 • Excellent experience in "erformance tuning in Informatica "o%er #enter and 3uery optimi1ation0 • Experienced in data extraction, transformation and loading data using Informatica "o%er #enter :0;0 • Experienced in D#O for data validation and Informatica Data !nalyst tool0 • )trong &no%ledge on (elation data2ases li&e racle :i/;<g/;;g, )8L )E(7E(, TE(!D!T! on different platforms li&e Windo%s/,nix Linux using 9,I tools li&e T !D, )8L DE7EL "E(, )8L "L,), )8L="L,), 'I#( ) 4T 7I),!L0 • Designed the ETL processes to extract, transform and load data from multiple input sources li&e racle, flat files, DB> to target Teradata data2ase0 • Wor&ed in data Extraction, Transformation and loading from source to target system using Bte3, 4astLoad, and 'ultiLoad0 • #reated BTE8 scripts to extract data from %arehouse for do%nstream applications0 • ,sed Teradata utilities li&e 'ultiLoad, Tpump, and 4ast Load to load data into Teradata data %arehouse from racle and DB> data2ases0 • Experience in L!" tools such as Business 26ects, #rystal (eports *Designer and (eporter+0 • !nalytical and Technical aptitude %ith the a2ility to solve complex pro2lems0 • )trong interpersonal s&ills %ith a2ility to interact %ith end?users, managers and technical personnel0 • Trained and assisted End ,sers in developing !d @oc reports0 • Involved in ,nit Testing, Integration testing and 8! 7alidation • @ave experience in using Informatica Wor&flo% 'anager to c!eate Sessions, $atches an% sche% le wo!&'lows an% (o!&lets • Extensive experience in Database )e!'o!mance T ning, Imports and Exports0 • Experience in gathering 2usiness re3uirements, esta2lishing functional specifications and translating them to design specifications • @ands on experience in ptimi1ing Data2ase 3uerying, data manipulation and population using )8L and "L/)8L in O!acle, Teradata 7>(A0>, DB>, )8L )erver and )y2ase data2ases0 • Efficient in %riting S*L sc!i+ts, )L,S*L, Sto!e% )!oce% !es, F nctions, T!igge!s and )hell )cripting0



T-C./ICAL SKILLS ETL/DW@ Tools$ Data2ases$ DB')/8uery Tools$ perating )ystems$ "rogramming Lang$ BI/(eporting Tools$ Defect Trac&ing$ In'o!matica )owe! Cente! 0"1,2"3,2"4,5"4, )owe!Ma!t 6"1,6"7, O!acle8 11g, 17g, 0i, 2i 'icrosoft$ ') !ccess, )8L )erver ><<B/><<8,DB> TOAD, (apid )8L, )8L Developer, Win)8L, )8L !ssistant, )8L -avigator, "L/)8L Developer0 "' -0 'icrosoft Windo%s C 7ista, .", ><<<, -T D0<, U/I9 C )un )olaris, @"?,. )/>

S*L, )L,S*L, U/I9 Shell Sc!i+ting, T?)8L, 7B )cript, 5ava, #, #EE0 Business 26ects B0;/D0x, #ognos, #rystal (eports 80B

(ational Clea! * est *#8+, @" 8uality #enter,5ira

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