In a Pig’s Eye

By Elton Camp Officer Bob had been insulted before Being called a “pig” he did abhor Force policy he surely did hate That forbade him to retaliate A faster speeder Bob had never seen He turned on his blue light and siren When up to the car the cop strode He saw who was burning the road He chuc led deep down in his chest As the culprit he curtly addressed “! can see from your ugly snout That you"re a pig#there"s no doubt$” “A swine li e you has no place on the road !"m arrest you and have your car towed$” “%ow let"s hear an oin from you For your driving days are through$” “A citi&en you most certainly ain"t$ 'ou"re unable to file a complaint$” “! can see no logical reason why 'ou shouldn"t be living in a sty$”

It was Officer Bob’s turn to say “pig”

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